Boarding School Queen – Part 1 by Ragnar0k

NOTE from Ragnar0k

For the uninitiated a boarding school is type of British school where the students are residential. They charge fees and are mostly very expensive. The sixth form are the oldest year group in the school. To be on the safe side, any characters represented here are vouched to be 18+.

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Helen Brodie was the undisputed queen of the secret sex-fighting sorority at Cardugan Academy, an independent girl’s boarding school located on an isolated bay on the west coast of Scotland. The tall, studious, raven-haired girl had won ten out of the twelve contests she had been placed in, and her unbeaten record over the last seven contests was unparalleled in the long history of sex-fighting at Cardugan.

It was well-remarked among the other girls that Helen never bothered shaving her pubic bush, and had even gone so far as to cultivate her lush, dark pubes into a thick, tangled hedge that formed a spiky, protective barrier; an intimidating and feral lair inside which lurked a powerful, well-conditioned fighting vagina.

Opponents who found Helen’s pubic bush intimidating at first sight were even more discomforted to discover what a shockingly abrasive effect it could have on their tender labial lips in the heat of battle; and – when invariably those lips were penetrated – the exposed, highly sensitive clitoris and soft vaginal flesh inside. In fact, three of Helen’s contests had failed to go the full distance when her opponents yielded early, unable to withstand Helen’s grinding attack any longer, her thick, wiry pubes scraping their traumatized vaginas and all but rubbing them raw.

But even a girl who could match Helen pube for pube (and there were few who could) still had to reckon with the champion’s exceptionally strong pussy grip; and the bludgeoning power of what was reputed to be the thickest, hardest clitoris wielded by any girl who had ever joined the ranks of Cardugan Academy’s sex-fighting sorority.

Helen had proven time and again she had the sexual stamina to wrestle vagina to vagina for upwards of an hour, which was, incidentally, the longest it had ever taken her to overcome the challenge mounted by any previous female opponent. She particularly loved the indescribable feeling as her muscular fighting vagina gradually took control of the match, prising its struggling rival open like a juicy clam to enable Helen’s big, thick clit to attack and ultimately capture the throbbing pearl inside.

Once the other girl’s weakening clit was pinned back helplessly inside its protective hood, Helen’s final, dominating top-grinding attack could drive her flailing opponent to an intense orgasm submission in a matter of seconds.

Many of the girls who lost to Helen in this way confessed afterwards that the orgasm they experienced in defeat was one of the most the most intense of their lives. Certainly, as the alpha female of her peer group at Cardugan, Helen became accustomed to dealing with a steady procession of opponents who all seemed to end up in the same unfortunate position: writhing submissively beneath Helen while in the throes of a massive, squirting orgasm.

Mhairi MacGregor was a newcomer to Cardugan Academy, having transferred from an East coast private school after getting into a serious fight that ended with the other girl hospitalised. Although only the school authorities knew the real reason for the new pupil’s arrival, the enforced school move was the price paid when the parents of the other girl agreed not to press charges. Apart from this one violent episode, Mhairi remained a straight A student, popular with teachers, and the recognised alpha female for many of the girls in her year, who were sorry to see her leave.

As the head of the Sixth Form student council, Janice Mearns was asked to show the newcomer around the school and local area. Observing how easily the tall brunette turned the heads of the local boys, Janice told her friends on the council afterwards that there would have to be a sex-fight between Helen Brodie and Mhairi MacGregor very soon as it was clear that another alpha female had joined the academy.

A few days later the girls in Janice’s form were involved in a particularly tough hockey practice match. Helen and Mhairi had been placed on opposing teams and clashed repeatedly in mid-field before the new girl shouldered past her opponent aggressively and ran on to score the winning goal of the match just on the final whistle.

Cardugan’s resident alpha female eyed the newcomer coolly after this unequivocal challenge to her authority, and Janice Mearns noted with satisfaction that Helen’s scathing look was levelly returned by Mhairi.

When the girls returned to the changing rooms Helen and Mhairi seemed to be keeping as far apart as possible, taking their places at opposite ends of the communal area. Hardly anyone noticed anything different as the girls started stripping off and making their way to the showers to wash off the mud and sweat as usual. Janice was deep in conversation with Shona Finlay about the next debating society meeting when Shona nudged her friend urgently. Turning round, Janice followed the other girl’s eyes and saw they were fixed directly on the groin of Mhairi MacGregor, who was just straightening up after stripping off her panties.

“Oh my…” Helen breathed. Even at this distance she could see that the new girl had a wild, unkempt dark brown bush of legendary proportions that was undoubtedly a close match for Helen Brodie’s. As Mhairi moved to take her place in the shower queue Helen also joined the line and the two tall, leggy girls were forced to stand side by side, studiously ignoring each other for the moment.

Janice noticed immediately that both girls were still sweating from their recent exertions, the sheen of perspiration on their lithe, toned bodies clearly visible. But what she couldn’t help staring at were the droplets of sweat that even now were now beading on the long, damp curlicues of pubic hair hanging down from each girl’s copiously hairy crotch.

Coincidentally, Helen and Mhairi both looked down at each other at the same time and Janice realised that each girl could hardly have failed to register the other’s highly prominent bush pointing right at her, which for any alpha female was tantamount to an outright sexual challenge. But before Janice could register any obvious reaction on the girls faces both had skipped into the showers.

As soon as Helen and Mhairi left the room Shona turned to Janice. “Shall we check out our contenders’ panties first, hon?”
“Oh aye, lets!” her friend replied vehemently.

It was Shona’s idea first to subject both pairs of panties to the sniff test. Unsurprisingly, as well as being damp with sweat, both skimpy cotton undergarments had more than a few long, stray pubes sticking to their insides. The gussets were slightly crunchy with dried-in crotch residues, and the odour given off by each was tangy and feral.

As Janice and Shona took turns to sniff hard, it was abundantly clear that Helen and Mhairi each had her own signature sexual scent. But although, on the evidence of the panties alone, Mhairi’s scent was perhaps slightly saltier and Helen’s possibly slightly sweeter, neither Janice nor Shona could make up their minds whose scent was stronger or more sexually intense overall.

“One thing’s for sure. This is going to be a cunt battle like we haven’t seen in a long time,” Janice confided in her friend as they quickly finished their furtive activity and joined the other girls in the shower.

As Mhairi’s discarded panties were unmistakably black and Helen’s conspicuously white, both girls suspected that the furtive substitution just made would lead to some rather wicked consequences once the two alpha females returned and started putting their clothes back on.

To Be Continued in Chapter 2.

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