Boarding School Queen – Part 2 by Ragnar0k

Before she had even stepped under the soothing hot jet in the shower Helen Brodie had felt a pronounced hot flush – and she knew this was down to more than just her recent strenuous exertions on the sports field.

The only way it had been possible for Helen to reign as Cardugan’s resident alpha bitch for so long was by dealing with every threat and challenge to her authority as soon as it arose. According to this mantra, Mhairi MacGregor’s actions today heralded a clear and present danger that would have to be dealt with swiftly and firmly; in short, the new bitch would have to be put in her place.

Just to make sure she wasn’t missing anything, Helen replayed today’s provocations in her calculating mind once more while she started lathering her voluptuous body with soap. First, there was the matter of the new bitch going out of her way to challenge Helen physically on the sports field and – even worse – getting the better of her in a one on one: a situation that Helen could hardly let go unpunished. Second, the other girls could hardly have failed to notice how the new girl stood brazenly right next to Helen in the shower queue, flaunting her unshaven pussy which, on cursory inspection, looked every bit as hairy as Helen’s own pride and joy. Cardugan Girls reigning sex-fight queen had even caught Janice Mearns that nosy cow staring as she compared them both side-by-side.

The third provocation came soon enough as Helen glanced around while lathering her full breasts and under her armpits: and caught her friends stealing furtive, admiring glances at the new girl as she showered. When Helen caught them with her best frosty stare their expressions said it all: this new girl is a potential alpha bitch and Helen you need to do something about it quickly before your authority is called into question.

Seeming oblivious to the admiring audience, Mhairi MacGregor meanwhile was nonchalantly shampooing her hairy bush with one hand while directing the shower jet so that it gushed over her upturned breasts, coursing down her flat, muscular belly to flush the foamy suds from her slicked down pubes.

Helen continued watching the new girl surreptitiously as she began soaping her own crotch, feeling her dormant clit growing pleasingly tumescent as she started imagining what it would feel like to match their hairy vaginas in an all-out struggle for sexual supremacy. Without realizing it, she moved seamlessly from lathering to massaging herself with rather more vigor than required for the simple sake of cleanliness. Time seemed to slow down under the hot sensuous shower jet and then Helen started suddenly and became aware that the new girl was now watching her in return. “Oh shit” she mouthed silently to herself, realising that her fingers had absently parted her slick bush and were now gently massaging her swelling labia. The worst of it was the knowing glint in the new girl’s eyes and her cruel smirk as she massaged her own crotch vigorously in a manner crudely suggestive of Helen’s unconscious faux pas.

A swift glance on either side confirmed what Helen feared: most of the other girls in the shower had already caught them both staring at each other with their hands on their pussies and were waiting open-mouthed to see what would happen next. It was now abundantly clear that the new bitch was making a deliberate play against her, and Helen knew she would have to face the threat down immediately or risk losing all credibility with the other girls. So, controlling her rising anger, she smoothed her bush back into place and stepped from under the shower, water still streaming off her lithe body as she padded lightly across the wet, tiled floor towards the new girl.

Even before Mhairi MacGregor found out that Helen Brodie was Cardugan’s resident sex-fight queen she knew instinctively that they would end up fighting each other, having begun studying the other girl surreptitiously already. To Mhairi’s experienced eye, the raven-haired girl certainly had the look of an arrogant, self-satisfied bitch needing to be broken and tamed, both physically and sexually and taught her true place in the greater scheme of things.

At Mhairi’s previous school, the rough east coast Morrison High, the tough brunette had been forced to fight exceptionally hard to make her mark, but had risen on her own mettle to become the dominant alpha female of her year group. Having tasted the fruits of success after many a victory, the brunette was loathe to go back to subordinate bitch status again at a different school – especially as a consequence of having been forced to move on as a result of the unfortunate incident with Phyllis Chalmers.

Mhairi knew that the quickest route to the top at her new school lay in decapitating Cardugan’s existing hierarchy soon after arrival by challenging and on defeating the year group’s dominant alpha female. The much less appealing alternative would be to work her way towards the ultimate goal by taking on goodness knows how many lower-ranked females before finally being allowed a shot at the title by whatever committee had appointed itself to organise Cardugan’s sex-fights. So, although Mhairi had already made some discreet enquiries it was plain simply from her own observations that Helen Brodie was the girl with the target on her back – or on her vagina perhaps – as the brunette joked to herself afterwards.

Mhairi’s confidence in her own sex-fighting prowess was founded on three key attributes that together had allowed her to enjoy an almost unassailable advantage over most of her previous opponents: firstly, an exceptionally hairy bush that could be wielded as an abrasive weapon against another girl’s tender pussy lips while protecting her own labia from all but the most penetrating attacks; secondly, a muscular vagina rigorously trained to lock on with a ferocious grip until most rivals were simply overpowered; lastly, a large and voracious clit, capable of delivering the final coup de grace once an opponent’s most intimate feminine citadel had been breached.

As she showered after the hockey match, Mhairi was feeling exceptionally pleased with how the day was unfolding. She had successfully out-played Helen Brodie on the pitch and riled her opponent by scoring the winning goal at the end. Then, when the two girls had met naked for the first time in the changing room Mhairi had stood side by side with her rival, showing that her bush was the equal of the alpha bitch’s in a clear challenge that had not been lost on the other girls present.

Mhairi had to admit that the sight of Helen’s exceptionally hairy bush had dented her confidence slightly, as rarely before had she fought a girl who could match her pube for pube. However, she quickly rationalised that it was okay : even if the contest was closer than she had first imagined, it would make her ultimate victory all the more convincing, helping her to win the allegiance of the other Cardugan girls more readily.

The final piece of good fortune had come when the silly bitch had absently started playing with herself while watching Mhairi showering. What a perfect opportunity this had presented to goad Helen by performing a parody of the alpha bitch frigging herself in front of the watching subordinate girls! And now Mhairi was treated to the sight of Helen stepping out dripping from under her own shower and stalking across the room towards her. It was all working out exactly as the new girl had planned…

To Be Continued in Chapter 3.

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