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Boarding School Queen – Part 3 by Ragnar0k

“Its high time you and I became better acquainted.” Helen made sure to put a suitable edge of quiet menace into her voice as she padded towards Mhairi, who had stopped soaping herself by now and turned around, squaring up to the raven-haired girl as she approached.

“I can hardly wait,” retorted the brunette, injecting exactly the right sneering tone into her reply.

“New bitches like you have to learn their place – or be put in their place”, Helen replied coolly, stopping in front of her rival who had moved out from under her shower so that both alpha females now stood inches apart, their naked breasts and slick wet bushes lined up directly facing each other.

By now the other girls had excitedly formed a loose circle around the two rivals, and all were on tenterhooks. Decades of Cardugan protocol dictated that a new girl arriving at school was not allowed an immediate shot at the title unless the reigning sex-fight queen issued the challenge herself, personally. And that was what Helen Brodie seemed about to do, in what was surely a high risk strategy when the challenger Mhairi MacGregor remained such an unknown quantity.

“Huh?” laughed the brunette, “You’re going to teach me? Don’t think so! And you certainly look far too weak to even think about putting me in my place”

“Oh yes?”

“Yeah, absolutely right!”

Both girls had been sizing each other up during their verbal foreplay but it was Helen who moved first, stepping back a pace and reaching out with her left hand spread wide, inviting Mhairi to interlock their fingers. Welcoming the prospect of a test of strength in front of the other girls, the brunette flexed her right arm ostentatiously, revealing a well-toned bicep as she brought her own hand up with its fingers outspread. Cautiously, the two girls interlocked fingers but, when Mhairi brought her other hand up, Helen’s free hand suddenly shot low and the brunette yelped in pain as she found herself being grabbed roughly by the pussy hair.

The other girls whooped with excitement; Mhairi having quickly established a reciprocal grip on Helen’s magnificent bush both girls were now shoving each other around angrily, their feet skidding slightly on the slippery tiled floor.

“Eeyyargh!” Mhairi screamed as Helen’s fingers anchored themselves in her pube roots and, with a sudden, callous twist of the hand, the reigning queen forced the challenger up on to her tiptoes.

“Nyyaaargh!” Helen yowled as Mhairi retaliated by yanking her pubes so hard that both girls were now teetering on their toes, each desperately trying to relieve the pressure on her own assailed bush while gouging her opponent’s.

“Get your hand off my pussy, you little skank!”
“You let go first, bitch!”
“No fucking way!”
“Fuck you then!”

Having reached what Janice later described rather aptly to friends as a “Mexican bush-gouging stand-off”, Helen and Mhairi finally had to loosen their grip by mutual consent and collapsed sideways against the wall, gasping for breath but still eyeballing each other menacingly.

“Girls, what’s keeping you in the shower?” It was the sports mistress, Miss Dent, calling from the changing room.

A ripple of disappointment spread through the shower room at this unwelcome interruption but as Miss Dent called out a second time the other girls started filing out, reluctantly, leaving Helen and Mhairi behind. By now each girl was hot and flushed, feeling her own enlarged clit throbbing under the pressure of the other’s fingers, and could see that her rival was also becoming sexually aroused.

“Are there any girls left in the shower?” Thankfully Ms Dent’s sense of decorum precluded her poking her head round the door to find out.

Knowing that they would soon have to leave, Mhairi and Helen locked eyes again, their facial expressions showing a sudden mutual understanding: each girl urgently felt the need to explore her opponent’s sex before separating: to discover what she would be going up against when they next met in full, unrestricted sexual combat.

Seizing the brief opportunity, Helen and Mhairi urgently dug their fingers into each other’s bushes, not tugging this time but spreading the voluminous pubes apart until they could touch the moist, full cunt-lips hidden beneath the mass of pubic hair.

Mirroring each other’s movements, they traced their fingers lightly from the tip of the vulva – where the labia minora join at the top to enclose the clitoris – all the down to the perineum as if measuring the vulva along its entire length (which was, in fact, exactly what their practised fingers were now doing).

Stopping at the anus, Mhairi and Helen inserted their leading fingers directly inside each other’s vulva, noting the thickness and suppleness of the labial lips before moving their hands slowly back up again, peeling the lips apart on the way up until their fingertips came to rest at the base of the clitoris.

Having explored her rival’s unquestionably large, hairy vagina, it came as no final surprise to either girl to discover the strong, sturdy, oversized clitoral pearl that lurked inside. Mhairi and Helen now felt each other’s wetness growing, welling under their fingers, and the realisation dawned on both girls that their coming sex-fight would be the toughest and most competitive of their young lives by far.

“Time to go bitch” Helen hissed as she pulled her hand away, ripping a few of Mhairi’s dark brown pubes out in the process and causing the new girl to yelp in pain. A millisecond later Helen squealed too as Mhairi sneered back “Fuck you, bitch!” and returned the favour before both had to rush back into the changing room to rejoin the other girls.

To Be Continued in Chapter 4.

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