Boarding School Queen – Part 4 by Ragnar0k

Although nearly a week had elapsed since Helen Brodie and Mhairi MacGregor’s thrilling confrontation in the showers, the Cardugan Academy Tourney Society (CATS) had not been idle.

As head of the student council, Janice Mearns also chaired the steering committee of the CATS, the secretive and somewhat quaintly-named sixth form society that held the monopoly rights to organise sex fights at Cardugan. Fortunately, three out of six committee members had actually been present to witness Helen Brodie grabbing hold of Mhairi MacGregor’s bush, a brazen enough act to trigger an automatic title match according to CATS rules.

Janice had subsequently briefed the full committee, and an early date for the crucial contest between Cardugan’s reigning sex fight queen and the new challenger was agreed unanimously. After the meeting Janice went looking for the new girl to explain the rules and to discuss all the necessary arrangements.

Mhairi was taking the air in the school grounds when she noticed Janice Mearns striding purposefully towards her across the freshly mown lawn.

After her very satisfying first encounter with Helen Brodie in the showers, the new girl had waited impatiently all week for the CATS to contact her. She knew that a proper sex-fight to decide the two girls’ differences was the only possible outcome now, and she had already had to put up with a degree of hostility from several of the other girls who were either Helen’s close friends, or else wanted to have a crack at the title themselves and were bitching that the new girl had so effortlessly jumped the queue in front of them.

When Mhairi had returned to the changing room that day and started dressing she discovered that some clever bitch had swapped her panties with Helen’s for a laugh. However, rather than causing a scene in front of Miss Dent, Mhairi had simply smiled wryly to herself and slipped Helen’s panties on, finding that they fitted her perfectly. She didn’t see Helen getting changed, but assumed that her rival must have done the same and ended up wearing Mhairi’s panties around school for the rest of the day.

As Mhairi finally got back to her room later that day she was in such a state of sexual arousal that she had to undress and lie down on the bed immediately with the twice-soiled panties draped over her face. Inhaling her own odour mingled with the scent of the girl whose sex-fight crown she soon intended to steal, Mhairi’s mind rushed feverishly back to the moment when her fingers had parted Helen’s thick black bush to explore her rival’s big, juicy cunt for the first time; tracing the thick, rubbery cunt lips before inserting themselves inside her warm wetness, feeling the big, erect clit pushing back aggressively against her finger. Jesus, conquering that girl’s strong cunt with mine will bring me such indescribable pleasure Mhairi told herself as she masturbated long and hard until surrendering finally to one of the most intense and pleasurable orgasms she had experienced in a long, long while.

Janice was explaining to Mhairi the CATS rules governing approved sex-fights at Cardugan as they continued on a circular route through the school’s outer grounds.

“Although CATS rules state that both contestants must start off sitting on the mat in the ‘classic scissor position’, once their – ahem – vaginas have made contact, girls are then free to try and force their opponents into different positions in order to… erm, gain the advantage so to speak.”

“Ah, that’s interesting,” Mhairi interjected, “I was going to ask about how a submission is scored at Cardugan.”

“Well, for an orgasm to count as a submission, a majority of the three scoring judges have to agree that one girl’s vagina is fully in control. Now, this is usually beyond doubt if one girl has successfully pinned the other in what we call the top grind position.”

“Mmmm… definitely my favourite position,”.

“Quite, and it’s certainly a position in which it’s much better to give than to receive – if you intend to win that is!”

Janice had been looking straight ahead as they walked but she glanced sideways now to gauge the new girl’s reaction to her next question.

“So, did they go in for sex-fighting a lot at your last school?”

“Oh yes,” grinned Mhairi, slightly sardonically, “It was practically all we ever did to amuse ourselves on those long, dark winter evenings…”

“And you, yourself …. did well in those contests?”

“Aye – you could certainly say that more often than not I was the luck girl who ended up in the top grind position.”

Janice could tell that the new girl was being a wee bit coy here as if she didn’t want to give much away, and was suddenly minded to try to contact someone at her previous school to find out more.

“Now, when two contestants are evenly matched we often find that neither will be in control for much of the match, due to them either fighting on their backs or sometimes while sitting in an upright clinch. In this case when either (or both) of them starts to orgasm, the winner is judged to be the first girl to force the other into the control position – and pin her there for a count of ten.”

“That’s an interesting rule, but hopefully one I’ll not need to rely on against the likes of Helen Brodie.”

At this, Janice stopped walking and stood appraising the new girl for a moment. “Oh, I wouldn’t underestimate our Helen – she’s a fighter alright. I’ve see how she took apart the other girls in her last seven contests.

“Alright, go on then.”

“Now, and this is the last important bit, the underneath girl, who otherwise has yielded control, has occasionally been known to force the girl on top to orgasm first. As you might expect, this can’t count as a submission. However, on rare occasions, the judges will still rule in her favour if she manages to get on top of her opponent quick enough, and pin her pussy down for a count of ten. That’s about it – any questions?”

“Yes I do have one or two actually.”

“Fire away”

“Okay, I’d like to understand better how the rules deal with manual stimulation?”

“Ah yes, I forgot about that. As I explained already, the CATS rules were devised many years ago to help settle all disputes among Cardugan girls through trial by sexual combat. I won’t dwell on the parallels in the animal kingdom but when two rutting stags lock horns it’s usually the bigger and stronger who wins the alpha status. So too, in feminine combat, we hail the girl with the stronger vagina as the natural victor, the alpha female if you like. And the loser, by submitting sexually to her vanquisher, accepts her future role as the subordinate female – unless and until she manages to stage a successful challenge some time in the future. In this way everyone learns their place and the natural order of girls here at school is established, until…”


“Until an outsider – such as yourself – comes along to upset the natural order. Now you will agree that because of the desired outcome of what is effectively trial by vaginal combat, manual stimulation to orgasm cannot ever count as a full surrender. There is a big ‘but’, however, in that wanking your opponent’s pussy is not exactly deemed verboten, and some girls do in fact employ it as a technique for weakening an especially stubborn opponent before going in for the kill.”

“Thanks, that’s very interesting,” mused Mhairi.

“Indeed. And your second question?”

“Yes – about Susan Walkerburn, the girl I just got transferred in with. Isn’t she supposed to be a close friend of Helen’s?”

Thanks to the high fees paid by their parents Cardugan girls were privileged enough to be accommodated in twin study bedrooms rather than the dorms that most other colleges offered. It had long been thought that it was much better for the girls’ social development if they shared rooms with a peer, and it was accordingly rare for a girl to be assigned a room by herself.

As a new girl, Mhairi had been allocated a temporary single until a place in a double room became available. Then, just two days after the shower incident, Mhairi had been informed that she would be moving in with Susan Walkerburn, a tall, attractive blonde who she had seen hanging around with Helen Brodie, thick as thieves.

Janice gave a strange little laugh as she pondered how to answer the new girl’s question.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about Susan. It’s not like you’ll be discussing your battle plans with her, I’d imagine!”

Not discussing her battle plans perhaps, Mhairi thought bitterly, but the blonde bitch was definitely in an excellent position to spy on her for the enemy camp as she reached a critical stage in her preparations for next week’s contest.

To Be Continued in Chapter 5.

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