Boarding School Queen – Part 5 by Ragnar0k

With just three days to go before the fight with Mhairi MacGregor and her title still on the line, Helen was anxious to find out what her good friend Susan Walkerburn had gleaned from sharing a room with the new girl.

Unfortunately, it had been hard to pin Susan down of late but Helen finally managed to grab her friend as they were leaving choir practice together. Taking her friend by the arm, Helen propelled her into the nearby toilets, the girls occupying adjacent cubicles in the time-honoured fashion so they could chat uninhibitedly, while listening out for anyone else entering.

“So, what’s it been like living with the MacGregor bitch?”

“Helen! Omigod! She sure is taking your fight seriously!”

“What do you mean? How do you know?”

“Well, get this. The very first night she must have desperate for me to nod off because soon after lights out, when I pretended to be asleep, she started doing something under the covers.”

“Doing what under the covers?”

“Well, from the wet sounds I kept hearing, she must have been wanking like it was going out of fashion. I swear it must have gone on for over an hour – no joke!”

“An hour.” To Helen it sounded like her opponent was working on building up her vaginal stamina and tolerance to orgasm before the fight. Just as well, then, that Helen had been putting in some serious training herself, night and day.

“So what happened after that?”

“Shit! By then I was getting so turned on just lying there listening to the juicy sounds that I had to start attending to my own needs.”

“What?! You were lying in bed wanking together with Mhairi MacGregor?!”

“Well not together exactly, but what would you have done? In the bed next to me, it’s like suck-suck-squelch, suck-suck-squelch at full blast. So I’m gently rubbing my quim to avoid making too much noise. When I heard her gasping as she came I had to turn on my front and bite the pillow to stop making too much noise myself!”

“So, we can deduce that the new girl’s taking her fight training very seriously. Any sign of her doing other exercises?”

“Well, if she is then she’s keeping it very private. But there was one thing…”


“The other morning I accidentally knocked over the bin and found a pretty big zucchini which had been left under a pile of tissues. Of course I examined the vegetable more closely and it was a bit slimy. Yuk! Then I noticed that it had regular rings around it that had severely bruised and indented the skin.”

“Hah! That’s an old trick I often use myself”, Helen laughed. “Mind you, a big enough cucumber can do the job just as well.”

“The only other thing I can report is that I’m convinced she’s stopped washing herself because at night the room’s starting to smell of pussy – and it’s definitely not mine ‘cos I know how mine smells!”

Helen nodded without replying. Just like Helen, Mhairi also seemed to understand that nice girls who washed, shaved, and coiffured their perfumed cunts rarely performed well in sexual combat against rough girls who ignored such feminine niceties.

Allowing for the relative strength and experience of the protagonists, cunt fights were won more often than not by the first girl to establish a clear psychological advantage over her opponent. Having experienced at first hand the edge an unwashed vagina laden with powerful female pheromones gave her over many an opponent, it had been Helen’s iron rule to impose a washing ban on herself in the days immediately prior to a contest.

She was also aware of another practical side to this strategy: having been taught by an older mentor that allowing her natural oils to exude freely actually protected her vagina by providing a lubricating defensive barrier, which was especially effective combined with the protection offered by her thick, well-oiled pubes.

It was time to leave so Helen got up flushed the toilet thanking Susan for the valuable intel on her rival.

“Three days to go until I fight her! You will come and tell me if anything else significant happens?”

“Of course! We can’t let a brand new girl – from an east coast school of all places – simply waltz in and upset the natural order of things here at Cardugan!”

On her way back to her room Helen stopped by the kitchens and after checking that no one was looking made off with a large, fresh zucchini.

Susan turned her reading light out early that evening after informing Mhairi MacGregor that she had a slight migraine. The new girl carried on reading for a bit then turned her own light out and the darkened room soon became silent apart from the sound of the autumn wind rattling the windows.

After ten minutes or so, Susan modulated her breathing to give the impression of falling asleep and fairly soon she could hear Mhairi’s bed creaking again as it had the previous night. This time new girl seemed to have thrown away any semblance of caution, throwing her quilt off and lying naked beneath her top sheet while making an intriguing repertoire of lascivious wet sounds with her pussy in the dark.

Susan had begun gently stroking her blonde bush as she lay listening then, feeling the wetness welling up inside of her, had quickly moved on to fingering herself with growing urgency as Mhairi’s masturbatory tempo increased. Before long, Susan was struggling to control her breathing as she continued deep fingering her vagina which was becoming well lathered with the blonde’s salty-sweet pre-cum juices.

So focused was she by now on reaching her own climax that Helen’s spy-in-the-camp had become oblivious to what the new girl was getting up to in the bed a few feet away. Oblivious that is, until her bed covers were ripped off and she stared up in wide-eyed surprise at Mhairi MacGregor, looming over her in the semi-darkness, naked and menacing.

“Looks like you’re doing well for self-service, sweetie,” taunted the new girl, “but it’s gonna be far better if we pool our resources from here on in!”

“ No! I… ahh!”

The blonde’s blurted protest was cut short as Mhairi leapt on to the bed, using a sharp knee to prise Susan’s thighs apart as she mounted the surprised girl in a sexual frenzy. Both girls gasped and moaned as their sensitive, swollen cunts united in full fleshy contact, Mhairi having parted their pubes with her fingers just before impact to allow both girls full, uninhibited access to each other’s sex.

On a good day Susan Walkerburn was a strong and accomplished sex-fighter but, having been taken on her back while already close to orgasm, she didn’t really stand a chance against her roommate’s surprise assault. After some tense minutes of cunt to cunt struggle, with their thick, engorged labia rolling and rubbing and sucking together loudly, Mhairi gradually took control, grinding down brutally enough on the blonde to secure her in a dominating cunt lock.

Both girls knew Mhairi’s victory was assured when she managed to hoist Susan’s leg high on her shoulder, forcing the blonde’s vagina wide open to facilitate the brunette’s final deep, penetrative clitoral attack.

With the dominant girl’s strong sexual scent hanging over her, Susan was quickly overwhelmed and soon felt her pussy begin to clinch and contract hard.

“Oh fuck! Nooooo! Ahhhh!”

Mhairi drove her clit in hard as the other girl arched her back and started to orgasm, feeling the delicious warm wetness as the blonde’s ejaculate spurted deep inside her vagina before running down both girl’s interlocked thighs.

“Owww! Ahhhh! Uuuggh! Nnnnggh!”

Susan quivered and squirmed beneath Mhairi for a good ten seconds or longer before finally relaxing submissively, her powerful orgasm spent, along with any thoughts of putting up further resistance to the dominant alpha female who had just taken her apart sexually. It had been Mhairi’s plan all along to force Helen’s spy to yield to her, and now she was able to turn the victory to her advantage by cross-examining the blonde about Helen’s likely movements the next day.

It turned out that the catfight queen went for daily runs in the early morning while preparing for a fight; and the route always took her across country, through nearby Masons Woods, before ending up at ‘the Eerie’, an abandoned Victorian tower situated on a hill four miles beyond the school grounds.

Pondering her next move, Mhairi turned the light on briefly and selected a powder blue running top and shorts from her clothes drawer. These she left folded on the bedside chair, before settling down diligently to finish her nightly pre-fight training regime.

A few feet away, Susan Walkerburn was still wondering what, if anything, she ought to tell her good friend Helen about the evening’s most unexpected turn of events. Closing her eyes, the blonde turned on her side and gradually fell into a blissful sleep, her body still bathed in its warm, post-orgasmic afterglow.

To Be Continued in Chapter 6.

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