Boarding School Queen – Part 13 by Ragnar0k

A massive cheer had erupted from Mhairi MacGregor’s corner as the challenger saved the match by breaking Helen Brodie’s controlling pussy pin with only a second to spare.

In sharp contrast, all Helen’s supporters could do was sulk angrily while Amita Kaur tried frantically to appeal that the judges had been counting down too slowly while Helen still had her opponent pinned. But Janice Mearns was having none of it, waving the reigning sex-fight queen’s second away imperiously as she conferred with her fellow judges over how the contest should be restarted.

As no breaks were permitted even after an orgasm under CATS rules, the girls were instructed to get themselves into a sitting position, not even separating their conjoined pussies, so that the contest could restart immediately.

From their considerable experience both Helen and Mhairi knew full well that a girl’s second orgasm often rapidly followed her first in a sex-fight so gaining the advantage in the next few seconds would be absolutely critical. As they pressed together again they quickly began to flex their tired pussies, probing diligently for any as yet undiscovered weaknesses that could help them to secure final victory in this closest, most evenly-matched of cunt fights.

As they locked their mouths together in a deep, sucking kiss, both girls hands began grasping for purchase on their opponent’s wet buttocks, drawing each other in deeper as their tumescent clits continued to swell and press into each other. Sliding her hand down further as they kissed, Mhairi let her fingers trace the slick pubic hairs fringing her rival’s bum crack, pondering just how easy it would be to take Helen by surprise; taking full advantage of what Susan Walkerburn had secretly revealed to be Helen Brodie’s one major weakness: anal penetration drove her completely wild!

Her fingers hovered perilously close to the moist, puckered hole until Mhairi accidentally caught sight of Susan out of the corner of her eye making lewd gestures as if imploring her to thumb spike her opponent and finish her off right now. For some reason, Mhairi held off taking up that option. Later on, she rationalised to herself that she would never have felt entirely satisfied unless she managed to defeat her bitter rival in an equal fight without resorting to the unexpected shock tactics Susan had flagged – she wanted to win this match her way – and her way alone.

Whatever the source of her motivation, the fact of the matter is that Mhairi moved her arms up suddenly taking Helen in a powerful bear hug instead. As the raven-haired girl reciprocated strongly, both girls gasped audibly, flinging their heads back in pain as the pressure on their trapped breasts and lungs increased.

For close to a minute the two mighty alpha female arch-rivals swayed together, locked in a fearsome struggle as each tried to overpower the other and take her down to the mat in order to finish her off.

Fortune now seemed to favour the challenger as Mhairi’s flawless breasts forced their way more under Helen’s perfect breasts so that the latter’s erect fighting nipples pointed uselessly upwards, like battleships whose main guns had been spiked, leaving the brunette’s hard, pointy nips free to rake the soft fleshy undersides of her rival’s breasts.

The sex fight queen’s back arched suddenly as the other girl’s erect nipples dug deeper into her vulnerable tit flesh, the extra combination of pleasure mixed with pain tormenting her already overloaded synapses. Sensing her rival’s growing discomfort, Mhairi was on Helen in an instant, sealing their hot mouths together again and driving her tongue in deeper and harder than she had been able to before.

At this point, the watching girls started noticing a distinct realignment in the contest between the two struggling alpha bitches. While the challenger was working her tongue deeper into her throat, Helen was starting to sag backwards perceptibly, enabling Mhairi’s big hairy mons to bulge menacingly over Helen’s, giving the distinct impression that her thick, bristly dark brown bush was finally starting to hungrily devour its dark and thorny rival.

Susan Walkerburn was among the first to shout out excitedly to further encourage her mentor, and her call was quickly taken up by Mhairi’s growing band of supporters:

“Come on Mhairi! Take her down!”

“You’ve got her, girl!”

“Fuck her senseless!”

Looking ashen with worry for her friend, Amita Kaur also tried to fire up the rival faction with less success:

“Fight back Helen!”

“Don’t let her get on top of you!”

“Come on Helen! Fight back!”

But even the sex fight queen’s most loyal supporters could see that the momentum was now with the challenger as she called on her remaining reserves of strength to overpower and ride her arch-rival to the floor.

The level of excitement in the room reached a crescendo as both girls hit the mat with a deliciously wet slap of flesh on flesh, Helen flat on her back, trying desperately to turn over and avoid being pinned as Mhairi fought furiously to consolidate the hold.

“Omigod -what a street fighter that girl is” Janice Mearns breathed admiringly, watching the new girl force a brutal arm bar under her opponent’s chin while squeezing Helen’s right breast mercilessly with her other hand as she fought to hold rival her down. Meanwhile, the brunette was rocking her hips against Helen’s urgently, spreading the sex juices around their hot, sealed cunts as she sought to tighten her grip on the struggling sex fight queen.

By now many of the girls around the room had surreptitiously slipped their hands down their panties, and were pleasuring themselves unashamedly as the finale of the title fight unfolded. However the sound of close to a dozen wet cunts furtively slurping on their owners slippery fingers was nothing compared to the dirty, wet sucking sounds now emanating from the mat in the centre where Helen Brodie knew that her only hope now lay in overturning the pin before she became trapped in a crushing cunt lock by Mhairi MacGregor.

A source of Helen’s growing discomfort, she had realised much too late, lay in the struggle for dominance between the powerful sexual pheromones that both girls’ cunts had increasingly been giving off as they wrestled. Back when she had acquired her rival’s panties after the showdown in the showers, Helen had started to suspect that Mhairi’s vaginal scent was slightly stronger and saltier than her own but had still found it a thrill to wear the other girl’s panties until that alien scent ultimately faded beneath her own.

Now, Mhairi’s distinctive pussy musk seemed to be surrounding Helen and hemming her in, threatening to overwhelm her own familiar scent. And each time Helen rammed her hips upwards, bucking and twisting in an effort to escape, Mhairi responded by pounding back into her even harder; spraying more aphrodisiacal cunt juice into the air as she splatted her opponent’s cunt back down on the mat.

For Helen it felt devastating to finally admit that Mhairi’s fighting cunt exuded greater potency than her own, with all that signaled now that the battle between them had reached its final critical stage. Having notched up so many crushing victories against tough opponents in the past Helen was truly shocked that her own vagina might finally have met its match in the powerful vagina of the new girl who had not only stolen her best friend away but now wanted to usurp her crown, to dominate and humiliate her.

Sensing that Helen was not fighting back quite as strongly as before, Mhairi leaned harder into her opponent, her powerful buttocks driving forward as she worked to spread the sex fight queen’s juicy cunt lips still wider, seeking to dominate and penetrate her cunt.

The delirious scents and smells of two alpha bitches-in-heat engaged in rampant, unrestrained sex-fighting flooded Mhairi’s nostrils, and she was reminded of how delicious a turn-on it always was when a close contest finally started tipping in her favour, as seemed to be happening now. Mhairi was getting massively aroused by the potent pheromones present in her rival’s salty-sweet woman scent, but she sensed that her own powerfully ripe pussy musk was having an even stronger aphrodisiacal effect on the other girl by now. Mhairi had rarely, if ever, gone up against another girl whose fighting musk could rival her own when she was fully in heat, and it seemed to her now that the posh, rich girl struggling beneath her was still not going to be any exception to this.

Feeling her confidence growing by the second, Mhairi ground her cunt powerfully into Helen’s again, rotating her hips as she did so to really stretch her rival’s thick, juicy lips against her own. Then, Mhairi heard – and felt – something truly exquisite happening. The first sign was when Helen gave a sharp, stifled cry of pain that was unlike anything she had heard in the match before. Then the brunette felt something incredible happening through her highly sensitive pussy lips as she hissed in triumph:

“Yesss – oh fuck, yessss!!!!”

For Helen Brodie, perhaps the cruellest shock of all came with the sudden revelation that, while her own labia were now straining at full stretch, her hated rival’s cunt lips still had girth to spare. Back during the initial stare down, before they had even started fucking, Helen had noticed how Mhairi’s labial lips looked a little more pronounced and flap-like than her own, but had quickly dismissed any worries this might have caused as they started the fight. Now though, although she tried hard, she could not stifle a sudden desperate sob as her tired brain took in the full significance of what she could feel was starting to happen to her cunt lips.

The significance was not lost on Mhairi either, as she relaxed the controlling throat bar, and eased herself back up slightly while relying on body weight and the strength of her cunt alone to keep her rival pinned beneath her. Gazing down into Helen’s confused but still defiant eyes almost tenderly, Mhairi murmured loudly enough for the audience to hear:

“Well, your majesty, do you want to save time and surrender now, or wait for your weaker cunt to surrender to mine in due course?”

“You may as well save your breath, bitch – I’ll never surrender to you!”

“I was hoping you might say that,” Mhairi grinned. “It’ll be more fun if you try and fight it – but you still won’t win.”

“We’ll see, won’t we?”

After that, a desperate tug of war started between the girls’ muscular vulvas as Mhairi began squeezing hard, taking full advantage of her newly discovered advantage to start turning Helen’s straining fuck-lips outwards, gradually exposing more of her opponent’s vulnerable, succulent pussy meat to intimate, penetrating attack. The fact that their conjoined fuckholes were now effectively sealed inside their own mini vacuum only increased the force that the challenger’s cunt was able to exert over the sex-fight queen’s.

As the suction being exerted by Mhairi MacGregor’s cunt over her own reached alarming levels, Helen Brodie’s eyes suddenly blazed with fear, much as a terrified mare might look the instant a mighty stallion penetrates her more deeply and roughly than she has ever been taken before.

And, as the raven-haired girl’s breathless pants gradually morphed into plaintive, keening cries, all the girls in the room were left in no doubt that Mhairi had all but won the desperate tug of war between the two most powerful cunts in the sixth form. But the brunette was also gasping and whimpering herself, as sweat poured from her face, running in rivulets down her pendulous breasts as they shuddered from the monumental effort it was taking to suck enough of her rival’s cunt meat into her own victorious twat.

The end came as Helen Brodie’s head flung back abruptly, her mouth forming a perfect soundless ‘O’ as her pussy contracted powerfully and her back arched violently off the mat… and then she screamed shrilly as her cunt exploded from its very core …

Still riding her bucking rival’s trapped pussy as it shot its precious load of girl cum deep inside her, Mhairi MacGregor threw her head back, cupping her flawless breasts in her hands and moaning with pleasure. Pinching the same rock hard nipples that had helped to turn the fight in her favour, the brunette basked in the total euphoria she always felt when a tough opponent finally submitted to her superior cunt.

It took fully twenty seconds for Helen’s initial orgasm to subside but, as she started coming round, she found her arch-rival had already peeled their sticky cunts apart and was kneeling heavily on her shoulders, pinning her in the supine and submissive position that Helen was more used to inflicting on other girls.

Helen realised that more humiliation now awaited her as she stared up into the maw of Mhairi’s big, victorious pussy that was suspended over her face, dripping steadily with her own cum. The feral intensity of her rival’s pussy so close up was almost making the former sex-fight queen swoon but she knew what she was now required to do, according to tradition, and steeled herself for what was coming next.

Sighing in resignation as Mhairi eased herself down on to Helen’s face, the raven-haired girl extended her long pink tongue and began licking the sticky folds of the other girl’s battle-worn vulva, lapping at the pungent cunt juice until she could feel stray hairs catching in her teeth. As Mhairi moaned and shifted her weight slightly, Helen began circling the thick, juicy cunt lips that had just defeated her own with her tongue, before finally turning her attention to the base of the other girl’s massive clitoral shaft.

Started to suck gently on her rival’s big clit, Helen tried to console herself with the thought that she had come agonisingly close to beating her bitter rival earlier that evening even if she had been thoroughly outclassed in the end. But it was small comfort however: after such a humiliating defeat it would take the best part of a term before she could work her way back up the rankings to secure a rematch: and in the meantime she would revert to being a subordinate bitch in the eyes of all the girls; a prospect that filled her with dread and disgust.

As Mhairi felt the delicious suction on her tumescent clit increasing she knew that it wouldn’t take her much longer to climax and, just to help the process along a little, she settled herself down more heavily until she was frigging herself by thrusting her wet, steaming pussy against the other girl’s squirming, contorted face.

For Helen, this was the final ignominy and, under the circumstances, it was almost a relief to hear her conqueror start to scream like a banshee; to feel the other girl’s cunt clenching powerfully and taste the stream of pungent, womanly liquor that unloaded suddenly on her face.

To Be Continued in Chapter 14.

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