Boarding School Queen – Part 14 by Ragnar0k

As she set out into the woods that evening Amelia Turner was mildly astonished at how easy it was to find her way along the trail leading to the Eerie thanks to the bright moon rising in a cloudless sky. Although she had sensibly brought a torch it now seemed less likely that she would need it.

Notwithstanding the fact that she presently earned a living as teacher of English literature at Cardugan, Amelia’s true interest lay in the occult: she was secretly an adept of an old and esoteric witchcraft cult that, amongst other things, worshipped the supernatural power of the female orgasm. Born and raised in Wiltshire, a rural county in the south west of England, Amelia had applied for her current teaching post to continue pursuing her studies into ancient Celtic myths of female ascendancy.

Specifically, Amelia was hoping to find evidence to prove her theory that in the matriarchal Celtic societies young women had frequently fought with one another sexually to maintain the natural hierarchy of power. Amelia believed that one possible source of ancient sexual power might reside in the lost stone megaliths that were rumoured to be located near the Eerie, the Victorian tower standing on a hill several miles beyond the school boundary, and Amelia intended to keep a vigil on this night of the full moon when the power would be at its height.

Although the teacher had visited the Eerie in daylight several times, her preliminary surveys disappointingly had failed to reveal any evidence of the fabled Celtic stones. At the same time however, Amelia had gathered the impression that there was something distinctly odd about the shape of the hill that the Victorian landowner had built his folly upon: uniformly round and conical, it was almost too perfectly-shaped to be a completely natural phenomenon. But then, who in prehistoric times would have had the energy and the motivation to create such a huge mound artificially using the power of human hands alone, and for what purpose, Amelia asked herself as the outline of the Eerie loomed ahead in the moonlight.

As she approached, Amelia became aware that the moon was shining down directly on the hill, illuminating multiple shapes that she had not noticed in the daylight. Some shapes resembled soft depressions or tracks, fringed with stones that shimmered faintly now with a blue light that seemed to be radiating inwards towards a central point, almost like the navigation lights on an airport runway. Amelia could barely contain her excitement as she stumbled on up the hill seeking the source of the blue light which she had now determined was more than simply the reflection of the clear moonlight on the stones.

Still following the blue lights that seemed now to flicker and dance crazily in front of her eyes, the spellbound teacher stumbled into a deeper depression half way up the grassy mound that she could have sworn had not been there before. Perhaps it only revealed itself on nights of the full moon she told herself, before dismissing the idea as completely crazy.Hidden under the grass was an even bigger surprise in the form of a big, smooth flagstone and, pushing against it, Amelia was surprised as it gave way, opening inwards as easily as a door on well-oiled hinges.

Barely able to contain her excitement, the teacher shone her torch into the void below and saw a tunnel stretching downwards into the depths of the hill. Without hesitation, Amelia swung her legs over the lip of the hole and launched herself down, landing lightly on her feet at the top of the passageway.
Guided by the blue lights Amelia made her way along the tunnel marvelling at the clean, untainted air that rose to meet her; air that carried no hint of weakness or decay… magical air Amelia whispered softly to herself.

Arriving at the end of the passageway, Amelia found herself in a sort of antechamber. The air down here in the depths of the mound was remarkably pristine and fresh, almost as if some kind of air con was at work she mused before dismissing the thought as foolish. The antechamber’s walls were carved with intricate runes and scenes representing figures engaged in many different activities. Amelia’s heart leaped as she recognised the ancient Celtic designs and motifs present in the work which was astonishingly detailed and well-preserved considering its undoubted age. Some of the carved scenes depicted warriors engaged in battle, either duelling together in pairs or facing, in larger groups, fighting behind their respective shield walls.

Amelia was especially intrigued by a sequence of carvings depicting two fearsome looking warriors, clearly women by the shape of their chainmail byrnies, who fought initially with axes but, in a later image, discarded their arms and armour in order to lock up in what appeared unmistakably to be a prehistoric representation of a tribbing contest. In the final part of the sequence one of the warriors was standing bare-breasted over her stricken opponent, her hands raised in what clearly represented a victory pose.

A heavy, unadorned bronze door was set in the opposite wall below a massive stone lintel. Amelia was no longer surprised when the door swung open easily as she leaned her shoulder against it. The large chamber inside had the appearance of a crypt and Amelia noticed that the blue light she had followed into the hill had reached an almost dazzling intensity here. Laid out in concentric rings around a central dais were rows of stone sarcophagi, each one carved with its own unique set of runes. She counted forty four in total and realised that she could contain not contain her curiosity for a second longer: Amelia absolutely had to find out who, or what, might have been entombed here so long ago.

Approaching the nearest sarcophagus, Amelia traced her fingers over the embossed runes which pulsated with the same unnatural light. The teacher wondered what strange energy was creating the eerie glow, and what the source of its power might be. Surely it could not simply be to do with tonight’s full moon, although Amelia was aware that the moon’s gravitational power worked in mysterious ways, for example strongly affecting the intensity of her own menstrual cycle.

As she began tugging the heavy sarcophagus lid aside, Amelia could hardly have been aware of the occult forces being unleashed at that very moment by the intensity of the sex-fight that was reaching its climax in a cabin nearby.

Amelia’s mouth fell open in shock as she looked down into the sarcophagus’ coffin-like interior: lying inside was the definitive, naked form of a female warrior in repose; shining, pristine arms and armour laid out on either side of her; her long auburn hair coiled into a braid beside her head. The woman was clearly in fine physical condition: her long limbs toned and muscular; her pale breasts rounded and full; her mound broad and powerfully hairy. Blue tattoos adorned her body and, although sallow in hue, her skin looked healthy enough considering an incarceration that may have lasted aeons. However perhaps the most remarkable thing, Amelia realised, was that the woman’s chest was rising and falling slowly: she was actually breathing!

At that precise moment close by, Helen Brodie’s cunt lost its battle with Mhairi MacGregor’s and began exploding from its very core. As Helen’s powerful ejaculation started pumping into Mhairi’s victorious cunt, the sarcophagus runes started pulsating wildly in time with Helen’s surrendering movements… and the warrior woman’s cat-like green eyes snapped opened suddenly, and locked with Amelia’s.

To Be Continued in Chapter 15.

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