Boarding School Queen – Part 15 by Ragnar0k

Amita Kaur could hardly bear to watch as Mhairi MacGregor squatted on her haunches, thrusting her cunt into Helen Brodie’s face; her friend’s spread-eagled legs still thrashing impotently against the mat; her dripping, defeated alpha bitch pussy exposed for all the other girls to see. Mercifully, it was all over quickly as the dominant new girl threw her head back and screamed lustily, her body jerking as the powerful victory orgasm shook her.

Shaking her head in disbelief Amita took in the sensuously callous expressions on the sweat-sheened faces of many of the girls in the room. The mean bitches had been frigging themselves silly as they watched her friend go down in defeat!

In the cabin’s cloying, pheromone-laden atmosphere, it was only to be expected that each girl would start attending to her own intimate pleasure as the fight between the two alpha bitches reached its crisis point. Then, as Mhairi had climaxed noisily over her rival, a string of ragged, drawn out gasps had been audible around the room as each of the watching girls found her own sexual release.

Helen’s humiliation reached a new level as Mhairi rocked her hips back to reveal the glistening mess her pussy-smothering had made of her rival’s beautiful face.

“I said all along your weak cunt would surrender to mine, didn’t I?”

Mhairi sneered as Helen turned her head sideways, coughing out the slimy wad of sexual residue she had just been force fed.

“I actually thought you’d give my pussy a better fight tonight, but… whatever…”

“G-get off me, bitch.”

“Now, are you going to say the words? ‘Mhairi, I submit, and I surrender my crown to you, my new queen?’ ”

“Get off me bitch – NOW!”

Although Helen was proving difficult there was no way she could escape now with her rival’s full weight pinning her shoulders and Mhairi clearly enjoyed taunting her victim as she settled her smothering pussy down on the other girl’s face again.

“Now, surely that’s not the correct way to address your new queen?”

But, although she began gagging until Mhairi shifted her weight again to allow her to breathe, Helen still refused to submit verbally which started to annoy the dominant girl who seemed ready to lash out any moment. Sensing that things might get out of hand, Janice Mearns encouraged the victor to get to her feet and stand up astride the deposed queen for a final victory pose before being presented with her silk winner’s sash.

In the febrile, sexually-charged atmosphere Amita could sense the awe and admiration in which Mhairi MacGregor was now held as many of the girls stood spontaneously to applaud her victory: the assured way in which the challenger had deposed her powerful and once popular predecessor, would now guarantee her top billing and a massive fan club around college.

For Amita the final straw was overhearing Susan Walkerburn calling Helen a ‘sad fuck and a sorry loser’ behind her back. All hell suddenly broke loose as the Sikh girl snapped and launched into her rival taking her to the floor where they rolled over and over, their hands ripping at each other’s long hair.

It eventually took six other girls to break up the cat-ball and haul both spitting rivals to their feet, while keeping them apart.

“Ladies,” Janice Mearns reminded them both tersely: “you can settle this matter, and take all out your frustrations on each other when we meet here again for your official fight in precisely one week’s time!”

“I’ll make you suffer then, bitch – you’ll be screaming for mercy!” hissed the fiery Sikh girl at her rival, tossing her long, shiny black mane over her shoulder as she turned away.

But the sarcastic blonde enjoyed perhaps the best put down of their exchange:

“Huh? Well, if you fight as well as your friend did tonight I won’t have much to worry about, will I?”

“Slut!” Amita shouted, showing Susan the middle finger over her shoulder as she strode away without looking back.

The much anticipated grudge match between Susan Walkerburn and Amita Kaur was almost postponed due to the curious matter of Amelia Turner’s disappearance. Oddly enough, the English Literature teacher was reported missing on the very morning after the climactic title contest between Mhairi MacGregor and Helen Brodie.

There was widespread relief around the college when the popular teacher stumbled out of the woods two days later, suffering from amnesia; her shredded clothes and a nasty cut on her forehead testifying to some mysterious trauma she had endured during her disappearance.

After a few days in bed, the teacher seemed to make a good recovery and returned to teaching her lessons, but Amelia was still unable to account for anything that had happened to her during the days she had gone missing. The school nurse simply recorded it as an unexplained case of amnesia.

Amita Kaur was determined to go some way towards avenging her friend’s crushing defeat by wiping the smug smile off the face of the new sex-fight queen’s friend, lover and confidante, Susan Walkerburn.

As a practicing Sikh, Amita was not supposed to cut or shave her hair and her long, shiny jet-black hair reached all the way down her back to the cleft between her buttocks. And as all the girls already knew she was also endowed with a mighty black bush that gave even Helen Brodie’s a run for its money.

In the betting stakes many girls had Amita down as the narrow favourite to defeat Susan on Thursday, reasoning that the blonde’s lighter, fleecier pubes would put her at a disadvantage in a straight-up pussy-banging fight. Another intriguing feature, and the cause of some speculation before the match, was that both contenders were endowed with the largest and heaviest breasts in the entire Sixth form; some girls secretly hoped that a breast battle might erupt despite the fact that full-on tit-fighting was generally looked down on by the more refined young ladies at Cardugan.

Helen’s advice to her friend before the fight took full account of the Sikh girl’s natural advantage in the bush department:

“Be as rough as you possibly can going into the early shakedowns. Try and wear her down bush-to-bush before getting more intimate: Susan’s pussy might not look as intimidating as yours but you’ll soon find out she’s as tough as they come if she manages to get her fuck lips in under your bush too quickly…”

Although Helen was not looking forward to meeting Mhairi face to face again so soon after her defeat she felt duty bound to support her friend by serving as her handmaiden in the forthcoming contest.

“I won’t let you down on Thursday, Helen.” Amita assured her. “I’ll take the bitch down – you will see.”

While Helen admired her friend’s pluckiness she knew that defeating Susan would still be no easy matter: Mhairi would also undoubtedly be coaching her lover to win the key contest to decide second place overall in the Cardugan sex-fight rankings. The thought of Mhairi and Susan sharing the top two rankings was really too much for Helen to contemplate: the mere thought of it making her feel sick.

It was while they were having sex two days after Mhairi’s victory that Susan confessed to her friend how intimidating she actually found Amita Kaur’s big, dark bush.

Mhairi stretched back luxuriously on her pillow and gave the matter some serious thought while Susan went down on her and started lapping around her fragrant alpha pussy. Eventually she had the germ of an idea, round about the same time that Susan started sucking on her big, tumescent clit.

“Yessss… aahhhhh… yess… I think I know how you can beat her…”


“Ooohhh… but we’re g..gonna have to train solidly…..aaahhhh… every night until Th…th…thursday… aaaaah… fuckkkkkk…if it’s gonna work!.”

“Mmmmm mmmmmmm!”

“Unnnnnnnnnn… fuckkkkkkkk… Cummmmmmmming!”

“Oooh yes,” drooled Susan as her sticky face finally emerged from between Mhairi’s sweating thighs. “It’ll be sooo good to watch the expression on Helen’s face when her friend loses the next fight to me…”

To Be Continued in Chapter 16.

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