Boarding School Queen – Part 7 by Ragnar0k

Standing at the window of her study on the second floor of the main school building, Amelia Turner was absently twisting her long, flame-red hair into loose braids as she stared out at the forbidding sky overhead.

Frowning into the distance, the new English teacher could just make out the outline of the Victorian tower known as ‘the Eerie’, enveloped in dark, malevolent storm clouds. The storm had already passed over Cardugan and was now unloading torrential rain directly on top of the tower on the hill, punctuated by occasional crashes of thunder and shafts of lightning.

As a secret occultist and adept of a little-known ancient and esoteric witchcraft cult, Amelia was steeped in ancient myths and wondered idly to herself what might have happened to bring the wrath of the old thunder gods down that on that isolated hill right now. She had recently become intrigued about ‘the Eerie’, having learned that the tower was believed to have been built on the site of a much older structure, a megalithic stone circle dating back to ancient Celtic times, perhaps even earlier.

Amelia had been excited to discover, through painstaking research, that such ancient stone circles featured prominently in the rituals of a pre-Christian Celtic society. A society which she already knew was matrifocal and matriarchal in nature, with women playing a dominant role. From reading of her sources, Amelia had long suspected that the old traditions still persisted in far flung parts of Alba, even though ancient Celtic mythology had become subservient to the patriarchal consciousness associated with Christian ideology in most places in what was now modern Scotland. That was one reason why she had applied for the post at the isolated girls boarding school as it would bring her much closer to the source of her investigations.

Stepping back from the window, Amelia sat at her desk and found the key passage in the book she had been studying before the storm had drawn her to the window. Among ancient Celtic peoples, she read, descent was traced through the mother where women “…were highly honoured, female symbolism formed the most sacred images in the religious cosmos, and the relationship with the motherhood was the central element of the social fabric, the society was held together by common allegiance to the customs of the tribe loosely organised around the traditions of goddess” (Condren, 1989).

As the sacredness of Celtic females was not connected to love, but instead to their twin role as goddesses of fertility and war, Amelia had developed a theory that young Celtic women must often have fought with one another sexually to establish, and maintain, the natural female hierarchy of power.

Soon after arriving at Cardugan, Amelia was excited by the rumours of a secret senior girls society that seemed to confirm her theory; perhaps in formalising their feminine disputes through the medium of sex-fighting, modern Cardugan girls were simply following a sacred calling that had ancient mythological Celtic antecedents.

Amelia had enjoyed the recent cat spat between Helen Brodie and Mhairi MacGregor in her English literature lesson immensely. She felt sure that the animosity between two of the two finest alpha female specimens she had ever taught was building to crisis proportions and she would dearly love to be present when they finally fought.

Amelia was no mean sex-fighter herself as it transpired, having fought numerous successful duels against other initiate witches both during and after her induction rituals into the cult. After several sexually inactive months, the tall, fiery redhead could feel her clit aching impatiently for new challenges, and it seemed she had just found a couple of exciting ones in her English Literature class.

Helen Brodie and Mhairi MacGregor were still battling in the doorway beneath the tower at the precise moment that Miss Turner had looked across; by now the new girl had the sex-fight queen trapped against the wall, and was driving her sex-slimed fingers rapidly in and out of her gasping foe’s juicy cunt in a desperate attempt to finish her off.

But though it felt to Helen as if her dam could burst at any moment, in truth both girls had reached the end of their tether, and the raven-haired girl could hear Mhairi’s sexual moans increasing in intensity as she forced her strong fingers deeper inside her rival’s wet, yielding vagina.

The blood was pulsing so loudly in the girls’ temples that even the loud crashes of thunder overhead seemed to have faded into the distance. The smell of sex rising from their embattled genitalia was intoxicating, feral and intense; the dank, close air reeking of competing female pheromones and acrid body sweat.

As their final fingering attacks intensified, both girls’ vaginas struggled and strained, emitting a lascivious medley of sucking and smacking sounds. The pre-cum juices that were freely flowing lathered all around their stretched labial lips and either soaked into their thick, matted bushes or dripped down on to the ground. Both exhausted girls sensed that their first trial by combat was rapidly coming to an end as they pressed together ever more closely, open-mouthed, gasping for breath in pre-climax mode. It was time…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Suddenly Mhairi emitted an intense, surprised gasp that was music to her rival’s ears. Feeling the new girl’s strong vagina muscles start to clench around her splayed fingers, Helen forced her foe backwards, trying to pin her against the opposite wall, but realised by then it was just too late.

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Oooooooohhh!” Helen moaned as her own vagina started contracting powerfully and she stumbled against her rival like a wounded animal.

“Aaaahhhh! Fuucckkk!”

“Aaaarggghh! Nnnnnahh! ”

Caught by the unexpected intensity and ferocity of their shared orgasm both girls’ legs buckled simultaneously. Falling to their knees in the leaf-strewn passageway, Mhairi and Helen threw back their heads and howled as their aching pussies erupted in unison, soaking their fingers with hot girl cum, the strongly-scented liquor splashing down their thighs and spraying the ground below.

Time seemed to stand still as the trembling girls clung together helplessly in the throes of a massive orgasm, the synapses of their brains’ pleasure centres completely overloaded.

Finally they both started to come round and, realising where they were, quickly broke their tight embrace and slumped back against opposite walls. Outside, the storm was over and in the sudden quietness the girls could hear each other’s panted breaths as well as the sound of raindrops dripping from the roof of the porch.

“Owww! You fucking slut!” Helen said angrily, moving her hand gingerly towards her tender vagina.

“Never expected a draw bitch ….I’ll give you that,” was Mhairi’s icy response as she started examining her swollen pussy gently with her fingers.

“What do you mean, you cheeky cunt? You know full well that you started coming before I did!”

“I don’t think so,” Mhairi shot back. “In any case, it was far too close for any referee to call in a match. No wonder the rules say that the winner of the fall has to be the one ‘in control’.”

“Well there won’t be a problem next time, ‘cos you’ll be laid out flat on your back while I’m fucking you into oblivion!”

“I don’t think so.”

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Helen had suddenly glanced at her watch. It was now 7.45 am and if they didn’t leave immediately they would be late for lessons.

“It’s stopped raining. We need to go back now if we don’t want to miss French.”

“Always the good little girl, aren’t you?” Mhairi sneered, getting to her feet and examining her soiled body and clothes with a practiced eye. She was going to need a good hot shower before she could be seen again in public.

“So what? I do enough to stay on top, that’s all.”

“Not for much longer.”

“Shut up bitch!”


Mhairi and Helen had separated on the way back through the woods and somehow managed to re-enter college without their ragged appearance drawing too much attention.

In fact the only person who guessed correctly what might have transpired between them was none other than their English teacher who had watched in fascination as the two dishevelled girls returned across the playing fields. She would have to probe further into this intriguing situation she told herself, perhaps by inventing a pretext to ask both of them to stay behind after her next English lesson.

Turning abruptly away from the window, Amelia Turner felt a distinct moistness in her panties as she contemplated the exciting new possibilities opening up to her at Cardugan. Life suddenly felt very good again, and she knew that she would be in a position to make another offering to the ancient Celtic sex goddess very soon.

To Be Continued in Chapter 8.

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