The Captain’s Woman by JB57

Part I

Minerva stood in the bow of the great wooden ship, looking out at the ocean. The ship was anchored in the port of Strontia, an ancient city bordering the warm Western seas. The ship’s captain was awaiting a delegation from the city and, while they waited, Minerva contemplated how her life had brought her to this point.

The wind caught Minerva’s dark auburn hair and played with her billowing skirt, occasionally lifting the garment to expose her long, smooth, powerful legs. She was wearing a pair of short boots. Around her thrusting chest she wore a tight halter, which pushed up her massive cleavage and did not quite extend far enough to cover the underside of her perfect breasts. Her midriff was naked and tautly muscled, adorned only by a flashing silver pendant in her navel. Her torso curved into an entrancingly narrow waist then flared out into delectable, womanly hips. Her skirt hung from the widest part of her hips, then dipped low on her pubes, revealing the light trail of hair that ran from her navel down to her pussy. Small silver earrings hung from her earlobes, and a silver chain looped around her neck.

As a child, Minerva had been captured and taken from her home by slave traders. She was bought in the markets of a coastal city by a merchant to be a household servant. As she matured and became more and more gorgeous, however, the merchant’s wife became justifiably concerned about having such a tempting beauty beneath her roof. The matron forced her husband to sell Minerva again. In short order, Minerva ended up on a ship, purchased by a man who was a procurer for a high-class brothel in another distant coastal metropolis. The procurer always had his eyes open for young, beautiful women who could be successful courtesans. Minerva clearly fit into this category. Fate intervened, however, when her ship was stopped and boarded on the high seas by the vessel “Indomitable,” under the command of Captain Arella. Arella seized the ship’s cargo, including the slaves.

Arella was a beautiful woman who captained her own ship, a rarity among the regular fleets of the great trading nations. Arella sailed as part of the fleet of Captain Reynald, a famous and accomplished mercenary sailor who provided security and stability to the smaller states of the region. Reynald’s ships controlled the seas of this coastal region, and while he had started his career as a simple pirate, his shrewdness and ambition had led him to construct a formidable fleet of mercenary ships which provided safety, for a price, to the regional states. This arrangement saved the small local states from spending precious resources on navies of their own and guaranteed their security.

Minerva soon gained Captain Arella’s special attention. The young woman was smart and industrious, and Arella was as entranced by her beauty as any man. Minerva learned the ways of the ship and was trained in the arts of the sailor. She was soon being schooled by the captain in other ways. Arella took Minerva to her bed and taught the young woman a great deal about sex, including how to please men as well as women. After spending a year with Arella, Minerva attracted the attention of Captain Reynald himself and found herself transferred to the fleet’s flagship, the “Northstar”, as a gift from Captain Arella to her commanding officer. Minerva was now the mistress of Captain Reynald. She reveled in her position as the first woman of the fleet. She enjoyed power and a status that she had never had before in her young life.

The Northstar was an enormous vessel. Built from teak and more than 200 meters in length, it was easily the largest ship in the fleet and maybe the world. The ship was a floating city, Captain Reynald’s embassy on the ocean. It had a dozen decks and housed hundreds of sailors, warriors, scholars and others who were necessary to the conduct of Reynald’s business. It also contained cargo holds full of the treasure he had collected from his client states. The Northstar protected its passengers in comfort and luxury, while also serving as the most formidable battleship on the high seas.

A barge pulled up to the great vessel. The delegation from the port arrived, among them rich merchants and leading government officials. As Minerva watched, something – rather, someone – suddenly caught her eye. In the midst of the group of bustling merchants and officials were a number of servants carrying goods and gifts and among these was a young woman. She was covered head to toe in a crimson traveling cloak, but Minerva had the sense that the cloak was concealing some very impressive bulges and curves. Moreover, she could see from the young woman’s face that she was very beautiful. Minerva’s senses were suddenly alert. She detected a threat to her own position. She decided to investigate, immediately.

She strode down the deck, her long, sun-bronzed legs flashing, her luscious breasts bouncing, attracting the admiring glances of the men and women working on the ship. She entered the large, luxurious stateroom where the captain was meeting his guests. Captain Reynald smiled at her as she walked in; her sudden presence caused a considerable stir among the assembled men, who certainly had not expected to see a beautiful and voluptuous woman, with so many of her charms so prominently on display, suddenly in their midst. Minerva smiled at them, then took a seat behind the captain’s shoulder, from where she could watch the proceedings. She leaned forward, drawing the eyes of the men facing her to her impressive cleavage. One of the merchants was talking.

“Captain, we are grateful for your visit and for the protection that you have afforded our city. We are honored by your presence. As a token of our esteem, we want to present these gifts to you.”

The servants proceeded to lay out numerous expensive goods – rich tapestries, beautiful jugs and dining sets, golden cups and blazing jewels. Silks and other luxurious fabrics abounded. Some of these the captain would keep; many he would sell or trade for other items in other ports. Minerva watched the presentation of these gifts with interest, but she kept her eye on the woman in the delegation. The young woman did not look at Minerva; she kept her eyes down and appeared removed from what was going on around her. She remained covered in her cloak, but Minerva was now certain that the woman was a very voluptuous specimen.

Finally, the merchants came to their last gift. They looked at Minerva somewhat nervously, confirming the auburn-haired beauty’s worst fears.

“Finally, captain,” began the lead merchant. He stopped, looking at Minerva with some consternation. However, after some hesitation, he made the decision to proceed. “Finally, we are offering to you this young woman. Her name is Darielle. She is a skilled courtesan, and truly beautiful, as you can see.”

At this, the woman stood up, fixed everyone with a calm gaze, then removed her cloak, revealing a mocha-colored body of breathtaking beauty. She was wearing a jeweled halter which barely contained her majestic, thrusting breasts. The dark brown edges of her areola were just visible and her hard nipples pushed into the rich cloth. Her navel was adorned with a glistening jeweled ring, which supported a thin, glittering golden chain which looped around her narrow waist. Her abdomen was beautifully muscled, chiseled from taut, smooth flesh and rippled when she moved. The skirt that she wore was studded with glittering stones and hung low on her hips, revealing most of her belly almost down to her pubic hair. One leg thrust out, naked and perfect, from the slit in her long skirt. She wore slippers, and her exposed ankle sported a golden chain matching the one around her waist.

The woman was black haired, with startling blue eyes, skillfully emphasized by gentle makeup. Jewels hung from her ears, and a small golden choker was fixed to her throat, complementing her other golden adornments.

“Please do with this young woman as you see fit. She can bring you a handsome price in any market on the coast.”

Reynald smiled, his eyes gleaming with lust. Minerva glared, her eyes blazing with rage. But she did not say anything. She knew that she did not have the right to prevent her captain from claiming another woman, and she knew that he could not turn down such a gift without insulting his guests. Even so, she knew that her valued position as the captain’s mistress was under threat.

As she glared murderously at the young woman, the slave girl glanced up and met her gaze. Minerva was struck by the challenge in the girl’s eyes, and the sudden blast of heat that traveled between them. Her pussy suddenly, powerfully contracted; her nipples hardened into spikes. Her sex was powerfully aroused, and she realized that this new woman was challenging not only her status as the captain’s woman, but her womanhood itself. Their eyes locked and held for a long, intense moment, as the two she-cats silently bared their claws at each other, before the slave girl resumed her demure pose. Minerva could hardly keep herself from snarling.

“Thank you for your gifts, gentlemen,” Reynald said, graciously. “I truly value all of them, and I am grateful that I am able to provide so many services to such a fine city as yours. Please, stay with me and share the early evening meal. I have asked our ship’s cook to prepare a feast. I am sure that Minerva,” and here he gestured to the auburn-haired beauty by his side, “will agree to grace us with her presence.”

Minerva smiled, her beauty and sexual power dazzling the men in the room. “Of course, milord,” she said in a sultry, confident voice. “I will be delighted to assist you in entertaining our valued guests.” She rose to help lead the delegation to the ship’s formal dining room.

Reynald smiled at her, then turned to Darielle. “Perhaps, Darielle, you will consent to join Minerva and me, along with others of the delegation, at the head table? I would be very interested in hearing your story.”

Darielle looked up, her eyes shy but (to Minerva, at least) clearly hiding a cunning mind. “Thank you, milord,” she replied. “I would be honored to share your table.” Her voice was deep and melodious, and Minerva saw immediately the courtesan training at work. She resisted the spike of jealous anger that shot through her. “However, I do not have any formal clothing readily available. I will need to unpack my trunk.”

“Oh, formal wear is not necessary,” Reynald began, but then he remembered that the people of this city were quite sticky about such things. While the merchants and officials were dressed in fineries that enabled them to attend the meal, the slave girl’s outfit was more for display than formality. “However,” he continued, “if you do feel the need to change into something more appropriate, I am sure that Minerva would be willing to let you borrow one of her outfits. You and she look to be the same height and build.” Indeed, the women’s bodies were remarkably similar in their incredible voluptuousness, a fact that had not been lost on anyone, least of all the women themselves.

Minerva’s first instinct was to object, but then she saw the opportunity to quickly establish her dominance in her relationship with the slave girl. “Please,” she smiled, “come with me. I have many things that you can wear, which you may feel are better suited to the occasion.”

Minerva led Darielle out of the room and into the corridor. They were in the part of the huge vessel reserved for the captain and his delegation. Minerva’s hips swung enticingly as she walked, and she made sure that she put an extra wiggle in her ass for Darielle’s benefit. She could feel the other woman’s eyes on her back, examining her, measuring her and comparing their bodies. Minerva was confident that Darielle was impressed with what she saw.

She led Darielle to the deck below, then past a number of cabins until she came to her own.

Darielle stopped her, and pointed at a large door just next to Minerva’s cabin. “Is that the captain’s cabin?,” she asked curiously.

“Yes,” Minerva replied.

“Where do you think mine will be?” Darielle asked.

Minerva was instantly aware of what the other woman was implying. Minerva’s cabin was, at present, right next door to the captain’s, giving each of them easy access to the other. Darielle was suggesting that her cabin would also need to be close, maybe even that she would need Minerva’s cabin.

“I don’t know,” Minerva said, frostily. “That’s something that the captain will need to decide.” She opened the door to her room and let the other woman in.

Minerva’s cabin was exceptionally large, almost as large as that of Captain Reynald. It was linked by an interior door to the captain’s cabin, meaning that the captain and his mistress did not even need to enter the corridor to get to each other. The room was well appointed. Thick stateroom windows let the sun in and provided an unobstructed view of the majestic ocean. A large, opulent bed was bolted to the floor and fit against one wall; on the opposite wall, a series of wardrobes contained Minerva’s numerous outfits. Priceless rugs adorned the polished floor, and thick mahogany paneling covered the walls. It was a beautiful room and Minerva considered it the surest sign of her position on the ship and in the captain’s bed.

Darielle gasped. “What a wonderful room!,” she exclaimed. “You’re a very fortunate woman. It is good to see that the captain treats his woman so well.” Again, Minerva perceived a hidden challenge in the black-haired beauty’s words, but she decided to say nothing, at least for now.

She threw open one of her wardrobes and allowed Darielle to examine the many formal robes and gowns that she possessed. It quickly became apparent that Darielle did not want any garment that would conceal her voluptuous beauty. She wanted something formal that would still allow her to display all of her feminine charms. She found an outfit which consisted of a silken halter which looped around the wearer’s neck and cupped her breasts but left them mostly naked. The halter was held together between her thrusting tits by a single large, golden ring. The halter was accompanied by a luxurious burgundy skirt. The outfit left the wearer’s back and midriff naked, and enabled Darielle to continue wearing her belly ring and waist chain. Darielle decided that she wanted this ensemble. She took it out of the wardrobe, then began to strip out of her courtesan’s costume.

Darielle turned toward the watching Minerva. The women locked eyes. Darielle carefully, languidly reached up to her neck and untied the strings holding her halter around her neck. The skimpy garment fell to the floor and her huge, beautiful breasts bounced free. They were perfect, dark and round and hard, glowing with power. The areola were wide and dark brown, ridged with bumps. Her nipples were long and hard and stiff. Darielle smiled, then moved her torso from side to side, gently rocking her beautiful tits, giving Minerva a show of her womanhood. Minerva glared angrily, but could not help but stare at Darielle’s magnificent breasts. She felt her own nipples crusting over and tightening, and a deep tension begin to build in her loins. As she continued watching, Darielle unhooked the clasp holding her skirt to her womanly hips and let the garment fall in a heap at her feet. She was now nude, except for her belly ring and waist chain, her slippers, and a few pieces of jewelry. Darielle’s pussy was covered by a thick, well-shaped triangle of black fur. Her pussy lips glistened with moisture.

Darielle placed her hands on her hips and cocked her pelvis forward, thrusting out her crotch, presenting her hairy, glistening cunt, inviting Minerva to respond to her lewd display of womanly power. There was no longer any doubt of the challenge that Darielle presented to Minerva, there was no longer even the pretense of hiding her sexual ambitions. The women’s instant enmity was now out in the open.

Minerva looked the beauty in front of her up and down, her eyes lingering on the other woman’s breasts and moistened cunt. Then she slowly reached up and untied her halter where it was knotted between her jutting breasts. Never releasing her gaze from Darielle’s eyes, she slowly peeled the garment away from her glorious tits. Darielle’s gaze fell to Minerva’s chest, drinking in the incredible tits confronting her own. Minerva’s breasts were golden and perfectly round, hard and taut and throbbing with womanly power. Her nipples were a light brown. Her areola matched Darielle’s for size, and her nipples looked harder than steel as they swelled with arousal. Darielle was impressed. She had planned to intimidate Minerva with her tits. Instead, she found herself having to accept that she was confronting a pair of tits capable of challenging her own.

Minerva let Darielle ogle her breasts for a moment more, then reached down her naked torso and unhooked her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Her pussy glistened in the light, the vaginal lips wet and strong, her cunt fur thick.

The women faced each other from across the room, their nude, magnificent bodies on full display, the tension boiling between them. Minerva crossed the room and walked right up to Darielle. She stopped when her hard nipples were only inches from that of the slave girl. Darielle did not flinch; she thrust her chest out, eager to meet whatever Minerva had to give.

The women’s eyes fixed and locked. The sexual heat burning between them was overwhelming and, as she gazed into Minerva’s green eyes, Darielle felt her cunt contract and the tension in her core build to a shocking intensity. The confrontation she knew that she would have with Minerva from the moment that she first saw her had, apparently, arrived already.

“Do you want to fight, girl?,” Darielle murmured at the beauty in front of her. “Because I’m ready for anything you have. Anything,” she emphasized, her eyes burning with lust. She moistened her ruby red lips with her tongue.

Minerva was torn. She wanted nothing more than to drive her nude body into that of this slut and fight to the finish. She wanted to crush tits, grind cunts, lock clits with the other girl and fuck this whore into absolute submission. Moreover, she had brought the other girl here to her room just so she could establish her dominance. Now, however, seeing Darielle nude, staring into the other girl’s eyes, Minerva knew that any confrontation with this bitch was going to be an all-out struggle that could take a long time to decide, time that they did not have at this moment. Minerva did not want a battle right now, but she did want this upstart to know that she was prepared to face Darielle in any way that the black-haired whore wanted.

Minerva took one final step. Her steel-hard, terribly sensitive nipples crushed tight, head to head, with Darielle’s matching nipples. Pure sexual electricity coursed through the women’s dangerously aroused bodies; their magnificent tits tightened with the sudden heat. Minerva and Darielle gasped in concert, their hot cunts lubricating powerfully, tension pulsing in their cores. Their nipples crushed each other back into their taut titflesh, their sexual sensitivity so great that both women felt their nipple holes sucking tight.

Gasping, moaning into each other’s beautiful faces, Minerva and Darielle pushed hard enough to force their ridged areola to eclipse each other and crush. Then they stopped, panting at each other in hate and anger, sharing hot breath, pushing their foreheads together so they could gaze hatefully into the other’s gorgeous, glowing eyes.

“Not now,” Minerva whispered to Darielle, the pulsing heat in her tits driving her crazy with lust. Her lips almost brushed Darielle’s as she spoke. Both women were quivering with tension, the sexual heat between them built up to incredible proportions. “We’ll have lots of time later. But we will settle this, and soon.”

Staring deeply into Minerva’s eyes, panting with lust, Darielle finally nodded. Slowly, the women disengaged. As they pulled back, both women suddenly twisted to the opposite side, flicking the other’s hard nipples with her own. Minerva and Darielle inhaled sharply at the sudden intense stimulation they had inflicted on each other, then exchanged glares of murderous rage as they pulled their bodies back from the impending confrontation. After a few moments, they both calmed down enough to finish the business that had brought them here.

“I think that I will change into something more formal, too,” Minerva murmured. She reached past Darielle and into the wardrobe and began to pull out a highly abbreviated decorative outfit. The whole time, her eyes remained locked to Darielle’s blue orbs.

Several minutes later, the two women arrived at the dining hall. Darielle was wearing the revealing ensemble she had chosen earlier. Minerva was wearing an equally revealing outfit, consisting of a tight halter which cupped her tits and revealed an enormous amount of her cleavage. Her belly was completely naked, her navel ring glinting. A luxurious black skirt hung low on her hips, just barely concealing her pubic hair. A long slit ran all the way up the right side of the skirt, allowing her gorgeous leg to swing free. She had changed into some light slippers. Her body was as fully displayed as in her previous outfit – perhaps moreso in this more formal arrangement – but the design of the dress and the quality of the material marked it as more fitting for an important engagement.

The room was crowded and noisy with many guests from numerous other delegations which had already paid tribute to Reynald. The captain’s table was crowded, but the two women had been saved seats side by side, at the right hand of the Captain. Reynald smiled at them as they took their chairs, which had been pushed close together. He enjoyed having the two beautiful women side by side, their spectacular bodies offered up to his lustful gaze. He enjoyed comparing the women and their bountiful assets, and could do so more easily with them forced to sit so close together. Minerva and Darielle both understood what was happening, and neither wasted any time in leaning close over the table, displaying as much cleavage as possible for the Captain and anyone else who cared to watch.

Reynald was quick to engage Darielle in conversation. Minerva found his obvious interest in this new beauty incredibly annoying, but she held her tongue.

“Darielle, where are you from?” the captain asked, as he sliced into a leg of lamb.

“I am from Madrigar, my lord,” the beautiful young courtesan replied. “Or, my parents were. They moved to Strontia when I was young. My father fell into financial difficulties and ended up selling me to a local pleasure house about 10 years ago.”

“I see,” the captain replied. Darielle’s story was not uncommon. Many beautiful young women ended up as courtesans as a result of financial misfortune. In places such as Strontia and the surrounding kingdoms, where slavery was still allowed, selling a child into sexual commerce was considered to be an acceptable option, one that often provided the child with opportunities that he or she may never have received otherwise. What was obvious was that 10 years in a pleasure house would have provided Darielle with the training and skills to be a truly formidable sexual partner. Minerva had received a wonderful education from Captain Arella, but she was not certain that she could compete with someone who would have had so many years of formal training in the seductive arts.

As the conversation continued, Minerva picked at her food, her attention focused on gathering what information she could about her new rival. Her right leg, bare and luscious, was extended out under the table. Suddenly, she started; Darielle’s beautiful left leg, smooth and sleek, had moved to press against her right and now rubbed, slowly and sensuously, flesh to flesh. Minerva almost gasped with surprise and the sudden shock of delicious bare flesh pressed to her own. Her pussy burned and became soaked with juice; her nipples hardened into spikes. Darielle had removed her left slipper, leaving her foot bare. Now, she shifted, rubbing her shin into Minerva’s calf, then she slipped her bare foot down Minerva’s leg and pushed Minerva’s slipper off her right foot. The women’s bare feet now touched and wrestled, even as their hot legs twined together. Minerva was just adjusting to this battle of bare flesh when, suddenly, she felt Darielle’s left hand move up to stroke her vulnerable thigh; in moments, the slave girl’s hand had moved onto Minerva’s inner thigh and was working its way towards her naked cunt.

Minerva closed her hot thighs hard around the invading hand. Darielle continued rubbing her gorgeous leg against Minerva’s bare leg. A lull in her conversation with Reynald, who was distracted by the man to his left, allowed Darielle to lean in close to Minerva. Her breasts pushed into the auburn-haired beauty’s arm, and she whispered “Don’t be afraid, Minerva. I just want to feel what you have. You can feel mine.”

Minerva turned her head to look the other girl in the eye. Darielle’s blue eyes burned with lust and amusement. She was taunting Minerva, challenging her to deeper and dirtier and riskier levels of competition. But, clearly, she also wanted Minerva’s attentions. Minerva was amazed and a bit frightened at how aggressive this slave girl was. Clearly, she knew what she wanted and she knew that Minerva was the only obstacle in her way. Minerva refused to be cowed, however; no slut of a dark-haired tramp was going to take everything away from her.

Minerva opened her thighs as wide as she could on the chair, then suppressed a groan as Darielle’s probing hand moved up to cup and fondle her wet, aching cunt. At the same time, Minerva took her right hand and plunged it down between Darielle’s legs. Darielle also pulled her thighs apart to allow easier access. In moments, both women inserted index and middle fingers into the other’s hot, wet pussy and began to explore the other’s aching core. Their fingers hooked around and pushed at soft labia and the opening, sensitive muscles of the vagina. Hot liquid trickled out of both burning pussies. Both women quickly used their probing fingers to find and stroke the other woman’s growing clit.

The first finger to clit contact caused Minerva to jerk up, rigid with the sudden flash of raw pleasure, her eyes wide one moment, then slowly closing, her jaw clenched, as she struggled to control herself. An instant later, Darielle jerked, gritted her teeth, then bit her lip, her body quivering, in a desperate effort to keep from screaming out.

Reynald noticed the sudden movement. “Darielle,” he asked with concern. “Are you alright?”

“I am well, milord,” the beautiful courtesan replied. “But I do think that the gentle rocking of the ship has upset my stomach, just a bit. I think I may need some time to find my bearings on the sea. Perhaps Minerva would be kind enough to show me to where I can go to quiet my belly?”

“Yes,” Reynald replied. “There are potions we use to help soothe the stomachs of those unfamiliar with the sea. Minerva can find some of this for you, I am sure.”

Both women still had their probing fingers lodged in the other’s dripping cunt. As Darielle spoke, Minerva continued to tweak and caress her throbbing clit, trying to force the other women into an embarrassing scream or gasp.

“Yes,” Minerva replied to the captain’s request. She was barely able to suppress a gasp of pleasure as Darielle stroked her clit. “I will take Darielle to find some medicine.”

Minerva pulled her right hand out of her enemy’s hot pussy. She reached into her lap and pulled Darielle’s left hand out of her cunt. The women laced their wet fingers together and rose, hand in hand, to leave the table. Fingers intertwined tightly, each woman squeezing the other’s hand as hard as she could, the two beauties left the dining hall together. To an observer, it would appear the two women were becoming fast friends. In truth, they tested each other’s strength as they marched stiffly down the hall, looking for a place to continue and intensify their battle.

Minerva pulled Darielle into a luxuriously-appointed washroom at the end of the hall. She pushed the dark-haired beauty deeper into the room, then turned to lock the door. The women exchanged glares of hate and pure, unadulterated lust. Then Minerva threw herself at the other woman, pushing Darielle back against the wall. Pinning the courtesan, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, green eyes locked to blue. Their heavy tits crushed deliciously, their hard nipples catching and grating through the thin material of their halters, their overflowing titflesh rolling and squashing, exchanging heat. Both women groaned with pleasure at the tit to tit contact.

Burying her left hand in Darielle’s thick hair, reaching down with her right to shove aside the courtesan’s meager dress, Minerva thrust two fingers of her right hand hard up Darielle’s burning cunthole and began pumping the other woman in earnest. At the same time, Darielle’s questing right hand sent three fingers driving up into Minerva’s tight, hot sexhole even as her left hand sank into Minerva’s auburn hair and yanked painfully. The room soon filled with the wet, squelching noises of two cunts being viciously fingerfucked, and the hot sighs and groans of two enraged bitches in heat.

“You dirty cunt,” Minerva whispered and gasped at her foe, her forehead pressed tight to that of the courtesan. “I don’t care how much training… Oh God,” she almost sobbed, as Darielle stroked her clit with her finger nail, causing a blast of excruciating pleasure. A tear tricked down Minerva’s face.

“You cow, you filthy slut,” Darielle moaned quietly at her foe. “I’ll make you come like the whore you are…” She had to stop and bite her tongue to keep from screaming as Minerva launched a particularly delicious assault on her clit.

Both women were rigid with pleasure, their pussies gushing with juices, dampening their skirts and trickling down their smooth thighs. They pressed their faces closer, panting hot breath into each other’s mouth, whimpering and licking at each other, tongues teasing and tantalizing, as their expert fingers sent spasms of pleasure rippling through their beautiful bodies.

Darielle finally started to quiver, then whimper with barely contained pleasure. Minerva worked her cunt even harder, even as she struggled to tighten her will against Darielle’s incredible assault. With a quiet gasp, Darielle finally broke off. She pulled her fingers out of Minerva’s dripping pussy and used that same hand to pull Minerva’s probing fingers out of her cunt. Then, she shoved the auburn-haired beauty away. Minerva caught herself on the wall. She panted hard, her tits shuddering, her eyes glowing with heat, her torso and breasts red with arousal.

“You’re a weak bitch,” Minerva whispered at her foe. At the same time, she raised her dripping fingers to her mouth and licked off Darielle’s fluids.

Darielle licked Minerva’s juices off her fingers in return, then snarled, “You’re good girl, but I’ll prove better in the end. I always like a good challenge.”

Still, Minerva could tell that Darielle was deeply angry over having been forced to retreat.

“We’ll see, you cunt,” Minerva replied.

Silent now, but still exchanging hot glances and glares of hate and challenge, the women straightened their hair and tidied themselves before returning to the dinner. Reynald greeted them warmly and they spent the next hour sitting side by side, both conscious of the other and their growing rivalry, but both engaged in conversation with the captain and other man around the table.

An old man came up behind Darielle and tapped her on the shoulder. He introduced himself as the purser, the sailor responsible for assigning quarters. Darielle’s cabin was now ready for her, and he needed to show her how to find it.

Darielle excused herself and left with the purser. With Darielle gone, Minerva did not see much reason for her to continue staying. She sought and received the captain’s permission to leave. Before she departed, however, she was careful to see to the evening’s arrangements.

“I assume you would like to see me tonight, Captain?” She gave him a lustful grin, her eyes conveying her intention to take him on a long, hard ride. He smiled at her, his hot gaze sweeping over her thrusting tits, her nipples rigid with arousal, her hard, smooth belly, and down to her hot crotch. She could see what he was already imagining doing to her, and she smiled wider.

“Of course, my dear. I will be in my room all night, once I am finished here. Come by when you are ready. I will be waiting for you.”

Minerva smiled, kissed him lightly on the lips while being sure to press her breasts into his body so that he could feel her hard nipples, then left to go to her cabin. The moment she entered her cabin, she locked both doors (including the one leading to the captain’s chamber) and stripped herself naked. It took only a moment to shrug off her halter and unhook her skirt, letting it drop to the floor. She kicked off her slippers, then threw her voluptuous, nude body onto the bed. She lay for a few minutes on her back, fondling her right tit, lightly squeezing the nipple, caressing it. Her left hand slid down her hard belly, past her navel ring, and buried itself in the thick fur between her legs. Slowly, she began stroking her own clit, which was already plump with her arousal. As she stirred her clit to life with her thumb, she forced her index and middle fingers deep into her vagina, searching for her pleasure spots. In moments, she was groaning, shuddering with heat and the delicious sensations rippling up from her core.

As she masturbated, the images that raced through her mind were those of Darielle. She had just met this dark-haired bitch, but already she was becoming obsessed with her. As her pleasure built, as the tension increased in her core, Minerva rolled over onto her stomach. She rubbed her belly into the soft bedclothes, she ground her massive tits into the mattress, enjoying the hot friction. Her left hand worked hard between her legs, her right hand sank its claws into the pillow and held on. She gritted her teeth and moaned like an animal as she climbed higher and higher on the pleasure curve, her mind blazing with images of Darielle’s body, her imagination on fire with what it would feel like to have that delectable, delicious body locked to her own, thrusting, grinding, sweating, merging, fucking. Finally, she reached her climax. “God, Oh God, OH GOD!!,”she cried, shuddering with pleasure as her orgasm exploded. Her hand was soaked with her vaginal juices as she came, hard. With a moan and final fluttering of her eyelids, she collapsed into a deep sleep, disturbed only by erotic images of Darielle’s breasts and cunt.

Some time later, Minerva woke up. She stretched languidly; she felt completely rested. As she stretched out her legs, straining her toes, she suddenly realized how late it was by the growing darkness outside. Her promise to visit the captain came back to her. She smiled. She was not that late, and she began to gather herself, preparing to spend the night engaged in some deeply satisfying sex. The captain was a very good lover, and she had a few tricks that she planned to try out tonight.

She climbed off of the bed and then padded over to her wardrobe and pulled out a gossamer-thin robe, one that only barely hid her enticing curves, and revealed tantalizing hints of her dark nipples and thick bush. She tied it on then walked, barefoot, to the door connecting her cabin to the captain’s. As she approached the door, she began to detect distinct sounds. Frowning, she wondered what she was hearing; then, with a thrill of rage and fear, she knew exactly what it was. It was the sound of a man and a woman locked together in sex.

Enraged, Minerva threw open the door and found that her nightmare had come true. On the bed, Reynald and Darielle were fucking like animals, ramming at each other as though they wanted to drive through each other. Reynald was on top, his powerful ass pumping hard, his arms wrapped around Darielle’s straining body, squeezing her tight. His chest had crushed down on her firm breasts which ballooned out but still resisted his weight. Their bellies slapped together rhythmically. Darielle’s powerful thighs were wrapped around his hips, her ankles crossed just below his thrusting ass, locking their bodies into one. Her golden anklet winked as they pounded at each other.

They were locked in a deep kiss when Minerva first saw them, but now they broke the kiss and resumed making animal cries and groans of pleasure. Clearly, Darielle was using her skills as a courtesan to use her inner muscles to work Reynald’s shaft even as it was lodged deep inside her body. As Minerva watched, Reynald bucked wildly, then let loose a groan of sheer pleasure. He convulsed, lost in a powerful orgasm that wracked his body. For her part, Darielle continued holding on, her hips bucking stronger and faster until she howled out her own pleasure, arching her back and lifting Reynald’s heavy body off of the bed in the throes of her ecstasy.

Minerva gritted her teeth in rage and barely kept herself from shrieking in fury.

Gasping, the two lovers collapsed together, exchanging light kisses and panting whispers. Reynald continued to kiss and lick at Darielle. He was spent, he had clearly just experienced an intense orgasm, but it was also clear that he wanted much more. Minerva snarled; she thought she was the only person who could make the captain so aroused. Darielle kissed back, laughing quietly, seemingly equally enthusiastic about continuing their sexual encounter, despite the appearance that the two had already been at it for some time. Minerva decided it was time that she intervene.

“Reynald!,” she called, loudly but carefully. She had to make sure that her hurt and anger were not conveyed in her voice. The last thing that Reynald would find attractive was a jealous mistress, and Minerva was now very aware of the fragility of her position.

“Ah, Minerva!,” he called, turning his head to see her, his eyes lighting with lust. “I was wondering when you would come. When Darielle came knocking at my door, I first thought it was you. As you can see,” he smiled, “we decided not to wait. But I am glad that you are here now. I think that the three of us can have a very interesting time.”

Minerva understood now; Reynald wanted a threesome, and probably had from the moment he saw Darielle. She glanced at Darielle. The dark-haired beauty had been staring at her with a smug, triumphant expression up until that moment. Now, her look became more circumspect; she had not conquered the captain as much as she had thought. He was still very interested in having sex with Minerva. But Darielle was very interested in having sex with Minerva too, and the new situation was introducing interesting new possibilities.

Minerva smiled, then walked carefully towards the bed, her hips swaying, reaching up to her shoulders to pull back her robe, letting the gossamer garment whisper down her magnificent body and fall to the deck as she walked. Reynald smiled lustfully, and pulled himself off of and out of Darielle beneath him, disengaging his cock from her pussy with an audible sucking pop. Minerva noted that his cock was still hard, despite his orgasm. His shaft seemed to be hardening each moment. He crawled on the bed toward her, then sat on the edge of the bed to wait for her, reaching for her as she drew near, his cock at full attention. He reached up to stroke and squeeze her massive breasts, to run his hands over her hips and belly. She smiled and reached down to seize his massive cock, to rub and caress the shaft, still slick with Reynald’s cum and Darielle’s juices. Reynald groaned, then buried his face in Minerva’s tits. He began licking and sucking at her gorgeous breasts, even as she squeezed and worked the tip of his shaft.

Darielle was watching all of this with interest, from her position lying back on the bed. Now as she and Minerva locked eyes over Reynald’s shoulder, she began to move to get up and get involved. Before she could, Minerva gently pushed Reynald away from her breasts, then fell to her knees. She took his enormous, hardening shaft into her mouth and throat, and began feasting on his erection. She tasted Darielle’s juices on the shaft, as she took as much of it into her throat as she could. Reynald gasped, burying his hand in Minerva’s thick auburn hair. Darielle came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his chest, pushing her massive tits into his back. She ran her hands down his belly and kissed his back.

Despite the women’s ministrations, Reynald was still not as rock-hard as he usually was. It was evident that the tremendous orgasm he had experienced with Darielle still had him somewhat drained and not quite ready to resume his sexual athletics. Still, under Minerva’s expert sucking, he soon became rock-hard again, and he was soon panting and groaning as Minerva feasted on his shaft, playing with the tip, stroking his balls, licking around his scrotum, taking almost the entire shaft deep into her throat. During this entire time, Darielle rubbed her incredible body into his back, grinding her tits and cunt against his solid muscle, her hands roaming over his muscled chest, occasionally dropping down to stroke Minerva’s head as it bobbed against the captain’s crotch. After a few more minutes of intense stimulation, Reynald began to groan, then, with a cry, came hard in Minerva’s mouth. He bucked, driving his shaft as far up her throat as he could, pulling her down on him by her head, his hand buried in her hair. Minerva resisted, pulling back slightly, but continued sucking him, using his cum as lubrication, drawing everything out of him that she could, leaving him gasping and spent. With a smile, she released his softening cock, and kissed the tip of the shaft. Reynald, still gasping, smiled at her in satisfaction.

“Wait a few more minutes, my love, my cock will come back. For now, I want you and Darielle to do something for me.”

“Anything, Reynald,” Minerva replied. “Of course, milord,” said Darielle.

“I want you to lie down side by side. I want to see you two together.” Reynald smiled, raw lust lighting up his features.

Part II

The two women looked at each other, a shared look of pure lust and mixed apprehension. Then Darielle smiled and lay back on the bed, stretching herself out in her nude beauty, her arms extended above her head, her long, muscled legs stretching out until her toes pointed down to the foot of the bed. Her massive tits swelled up, beautifully firm, the nipples hard and thick and fully aroused. Thick liquid trickled away from her juicy pussy, her cunt fur was matted with drying cum. She looked absolutely magnificent, the personification of sexual magnetism. Her dark hair spread out behind her head like an aura.

Minerva took in her beautiful rival with an angry glare, then crawled out on the bed, turned around and stretched herself out beside Darielle. Her body was equally beautiful, though not quite as aroused yet. Her powerful tits pushed to the ceiling, her hard nipples stood at attention. She looked down her body at Reynald and smiled her sexiest smile, doing her best to encourage his attentions. She felt the burning heat of lust between her legs, and she opened her thighs just wide enough to show the pink of her wet cunt. She flexed her powerful pussy lips. But she was not sure if she was feeling lust for her captain or for the gorgeous woman stretched out beside her.

Reynald smiled, then said, “No, I want you two closer together. Get right side by side, so I can see you at the same time.”

Minerva and Darielle inched over until their delicious bodies touched; both kept pushing. Their bare thighs and hips crushed together. Their hands were over their heads, and Darielle reached up and interlaced the fingers of her left hand with Minerva’s right; Minerva squeezed back tightly. One beautiful tit on each woman – Minerva’s right, Darielle’s left – pressed up against each other, flattening. Their massive tits, despite being hard and firm and jutting from both women’s chests like small mountains, still swayed over to the side under the influence of gravity and ended up bracing each other up, pushing each other higher. Both women inhaled sharply at the contact, but then tried to stay as still as possible as Reynald examined them. He looked at them closely for a few minutes, studying each beauty in exquisite detail, running his hands down their bountiful chests, over their naked stomachs and down to their thick pubic bushes. He cupped both women’s pussies, running a finger over their smooth pussy lips, causing Minerva to gasp with arousal and Darielle to moan with lust. Finally, he smiled. “You are both equally beautiful,” he said. “Both of you are perfection. I am a truly fortunate man.”

He leaned forward and tightly grasped Minerva’s right tit and Darielle’s left; he squeezed both, then crushed them together, rolling the thick flesh into one. The women gasped as their taut flesh, already deeply sensitive and engorged with arousal, crushed and merged with each other. Minerva writhed, rubbing her breast even more firmly with Darielle’s; the dark haired beauty writhed back. The women’s hips and thighs rasped together with a hot friction. Reynald lowered his head and sucked first at Minerva’s swollen nipple, then Darielle’s. He then released their breasts and ran his right hand down Minerva’s belly to her cunt, which he cupped and squeezed. He did the same with Darielle, using his left hand. Both women groaned and wriggled on the bed, gasping in the sudden explosion of pleasure as he inserted a digit into each woman’s twat and rubbed their clits. The women moaned, each rubbing her hard ass into the bed, their hips and breasts grinding as they writhed beneath the man’s ministrations. Each woman tightened her grip on the other’s hand. Their massive tits jiggled, bouncing into each other as the women rocked. Reynald watched this, his eyes lighting with pleasure, his desire building to new levels.

“Minerva, Darielle, I am not yet ready to take pleasure from you, but there is something you two can do to help me get to that point.”

“What is that, milord?,” asked Darielle, innocently.

“I’d like you to make love to each other. I think I would enjoy watching that and I suspect you two would enjoy it too. Would you do this for me?” His eyes were burning with hunger.

Minerva barely had time to react to the captain’s request before Darielle, flashing the captain a lustful smile, rolled her magnificent body on top of Minerva’s equally gorgeous form. The women’s heavy tits crushed hard, firm flesh yielding and melting together, sending a spike of delicious pleasure burning from their tits to their wet pussies. Their pebble-hard nipples caught and twisted together, digging into each other’s taut titflesh. Their hot bellies flattened to each other, deep navels sucking as they rubbed into each other. Darielle wrapped her beautiful arms around Minerva’s back, grabbing the other woman’s auburn locks and pulling hard. Minerva gasped with the sudden pain and suddenly found her mouth invaded by Darielle’s probing tongue, forcing its way down to Minerva’s tonsils.

Minerva struggled, fighting back with her own tongue, even as heat and unbearable lust exploded through her body. Incredible tension and desire flowed from her belly into her soaking cunt. She writhed, her magnificent body wriggling against Darielle’s firm flesh. Minerva refused to be dominated so easily, even though she had been caught off guard. She pulled viciously at Darielle’s black hair, she twined her powerful legs through Darielle’s matching pair. The women’s bodies trembled as they strained against each other, the beautiful calves of their perfect legs matching strength to strength.Their thick pubic bushes crunched and intertwined and Minerva felt the heat and wet from Darielle’s steaming, dripping crotch burning down onto her belly.

Minerva and Darielle’s tongues fought slowly, sensuously, within their locked mouths. Their tits rolled and struggled, sending blasts of erotic heat rippling through their bodies. The women broke their passionate kiss with a gasp, panting cheek to cheek. Darielle’s tongue snaked out, slipping onto Minerva’s lips from the side. Minerva bucked up and clawed at her enemy’s flawless back. “Cunt, you fucking cunt…,” she whispered beneath her breath.

“You’re mine, whore…,” Darielle groaned into Minerva’s ear, being sure to hide her words beneath their gasps and groans, not wanting Reynald to hear their rivalry.

Minerva was determined not to be mastered and dominated by Darielle. But the incredible lust burning in her body demanded satisfaction. Almost involuntarily, she found herself untwining her legs from around Darielle’s pair and spreading her thighs wide, opening herself, inviting her enemy to invade her wet, hot cunt. Minerva’s hands gripped Darielle’s rounded ass and pulled the other woman down to her eager, hungry twat.

Darielle slid her thick, wet, juicy cunt down onto Minerva’s steaming pussy, their slick, moist pussy lips sliding electrically on each other. The women cried out in unison as their womanhood met and mated. Their cries turned to shuddering moans. Their erotic moaning grew louder and louder as they continued to fight, rubbing and sliding and grinding cunt to cunt, back and forth and up and down, their erotic duel growing more and more intense with each moment. Their hot cunts kissed and sucked, juicy vaginal lips flattened and merged into one, then pulled apart, trailing strings of pussy juice, then splatted together again to eat at each other. The women concentrated on the struggle, working their cunts into one sensitive mass, trying to spread each other’s pussy lips, trying to bring their swelling clits together into battle. Minerva and Darielle locked together tongue to tongue once again, both women forgetting Reynald as they fought to dominate the other, to fuck each other into submission. Minerva twined her legs back through Darielle’s legs, her hands fixed to the black-haired woman’s pumping, clenching ass, her own body bucking up to meet every one of Darielle’s cunt-splitting thrusts.

On and on they fought, their hips working in hard circles, drilling their hungry cunts together, their torsos writhing, rubbing their massive tits into one. They both refused to break the passionate kiss they were locked into, their tongues thrashing powerfully within their mouths. Their long, hard clits rose up, slipping out from between their wet vaginal lips, finally ready to meet in the ultimate erotic confrontation.

Suddenly, however, Darielle pulled off of Minerva. Minerva gasped, confused by the abrupt end to the intense sexual stimulation. She looked up; Darielle was straddling Minerva’s body, on her knees. Reynald was cupping and squeezing one of Darielle’s massive breasts. Reynald was on his knees behind the black-haired beauty. His other hand slid down her flat belly, through her thick pussy fur, to insert a powerful finger into her sopping wet cunt. Darielle moaned loudly, a cry cut off as Reynald pulled her head around and thrust his tongue deep into her open mouth. As Minerva watched, Reynald pulled Darielle aside. Minerva was confused; her perfect body was aroused beyond all measure and she watched what was happening with Darielle and Reynald through the haze of her lust. But her heart also cried out with anger as she watched her lover turn, once again, to her rival.

But this lasted only a moment. Reynald gently lowered Darielle to the bed beside Minerva. Then he turned his attention to his auburn-haired lover. Minerva’s eyes filled with the figure of Reynald looming over her. The captain’s eyes were blazing with lust and his manhood was thick, hard, and jutting out from his groin like a club. He grasped Minerva’s ankles, pulling her legs wide apart. He aimed his pulsing shaft at her thick, pink womanhood, placed the tip of his cock just inside of Minerva’s steaming pussy lips, and wet the head of his penis with her juices. Minerva reached out for her captain even as he thrust hard with the power of his hips and ass.

He impaled Minerva on his massive cock, plunging deep and strong into her very core in one hard thrust, separating and driving all the way up her tight vaginal canal, all the power of his body shoving his manhood up to the hilt in the tight, wet, heat of his mistress’ steaming twat. Minerva whooped, shrieking with pleasure as she was penetrated and filled to the brim, her pussy walls contracting powerfully around Reynald’s massive cock. She gripped the invading shaft with her internal muscles, massaging its thickness, squeezing and releasing, working the shaft with all of her skill. She bucked her hips and rotated her ass, using all of her abilities to drive Reynald crazy with lust and pleasure, even as her own body sought ecstatic release. Reynald released her ankles and dropped forward on to Minerva’s voluptuous body, his rock-hard chest squashing her firm tits, his flat belly slapping her equally taut midriff as he pounded his cock into her twat.

Grunting and panting, moaning and straining, Minerva and Reynald fucked harder and harder, pulling apart, almost letting his cock slip out of her body, then ramming together, slamming belly to belly, Reynald’s sword sheathing itself all the way inside of Minerva’s welcoming cunt. Minerva’s claws sank into the captain’s hard, pumping ass as he pounded at her, her breasts throbbed with pleasure as his weight ground and massaged her rolling tits, her hard nipples wore a tattoo into his muscled chest.

As the pleasure built, as she felt the heat inside of her sexual core reaching unbearable levels, Minerva wrapped her legs around the captain’s hips, locking him in place as her burning cunt continued to suck and pull at his rock-hard member. Her engorged clit rubbed and slid along the top of his massive shaft, sending delicious spikes of pleasure dancing through her body. Minerva now moved with Reynald, squeezing and working his throbbing shaft with her cunt, pulling him up the pleasure curve as her body neared the peak.

The man came in a spasm of ecstasy, crying out in pleasure as his seed exploded deep inside Minerva’s hot body. Feeling Reynald’s release, Minerva let herself go and groaned in sheer joy as an intense orgasm burned through her core. Her pussy gushed uncontrollably, her toes curled in pleasure, every muscle in her body stiffened with intense sensation, then released. She felt Reynald going through the same process, shuddering as she squeezed his shaft with her cunt, then relaxed her grip, allowing him to gush some more. She took him up the pleasure curve, prolonging his orgasm even as she bucked and groaned through her own ecstasy until, finally, he collapsed in her arms.

For some time, Minerva and Reynald lay together, their arms wrapped around each other, their legs tangled, their bodies wet with sweat as they panted hard. Minerva felt a soft hand delicately trace her left thigh. She forced her eyes open, fighting her sexual bliss. Darielle was stretched beside Minerva and Reynald. She was stroking Minerva, but she quickly turned her attention to Reynald.

Darielle rolled the captain’s prone body off of Minerva’s form. Reynald’s wet, flaccid cock pulled out of his mistress’ wet cunt. Darielle wasted no time. She straddled Reynald upside down. Her knees on either side of his body, her juicy cunt waving enticingly in his face, she lowered her head to his crotch and began to gently lick at his balls, lapping the cum off his member, taking each ball into her mouth and sucking gently. The captain groaned in pleasure. Darielle took the softening penis into her mouth and, in moments, was sucking and licking and stroking Reynald’s cock from stem to stern. The spent organ quickly began to harden as it stirred back to life. Reynald placed a rough hand on Darielle’s round ass, which was almost in his face, and began to probe her asshole and her pussy with his questing fingers. Darielle raised her head from her work on his cock only long enough to smile back at him, then resumed her expert ministrations.

After a few minutes, Reynald’s cock was back to its full length and thickness, standing up rock-hard from his groin. Smiling, Darielle shifted, turning herself around until she faced the captain, then straddled his body again. Her calves pressed into either side of his thighs, she lowered her wet, hungry cunt down onto his thick pole and impaled herself, sliding him all the way in. Then, she lifted herself up carefully, only to drop back down, her rhythm increasing as she began riding the man below her with growing passion. Reynald reached up and filled his hands with Darielle’s bouncing tits; the black-haired beauty moaned as she rocked up and down on the man’s cock, reaching up to run his fingers through her wild mane, her head thrown back, her eyes closed in the intensity of her pleasure, pausing from time to time to squeeze Reynald’s cock with all the power of her raging cunt.

Minerva watched all of this from beside the two bucking bodies that were now straining together in sex. She gave herself a few minutes to recover from her love-making with Reynald, to let her own sexual power return with her arousal. She rose to her knees beside Darielle and Reynald, then she positioned herself at Reynald’s head. At first, the captain did not notice her; his eyes were closed, his hands were vigorously kneading Darielle’s tits, his body was burning with sensations. Minerva began kissing him, however, and he soon began to respond to her attentions. They exchanged a deep, passionate upside down kiss. Then Minerva moved a little lower on his body, kissing his chest as her own tits swung down into his face. Reynald sucked lustfully at her chocolate nipples, until Minerva raised herself into a sitting position, placed her knees on his shoulders, and lowered her wet, hot cunt down to his face. Immediately, Reynald began licking and sucking at her fragrant twat. He released Darielle’s tits, then looped his arms around Minerva’s hips, his hands splayed on her round ass, holding her open as he licked and sucked at her womanhood.

Minerva moaned with pleasure and leaned forward. She and Darielle were face to face, both sitting on Reynald, both being pleasured by his body. They were tit to tit, their hard nipples pushing together, throbbing with heat and arousal. The women offered each other their hands and interlaced their fingers, squeezing hard. Green eyes locked to blue, the look of shared hate and lust passing between them sending a spark of fire burning down into their cunts. They pushed their faces close, touching lips and noses, touching hungry, sensitive tongues, before turning their heads and sliding into a long, deep kiss. Their tongues swirled together in their locked mouths, their arms struggled for control, their throbbing tits crushed tight and burned with delicious friction as the women continued to rock their bodies as they fought on top of Reynald. The captain was too lost in his own pleasure to notice what was going on between his two bed companions. His cock continued to burn and throb with intense pleasure, his tongue, lips and fingers were expertly engaged in licking, sucking and stroking Minerva’s long, thick clit.

The heat and lust between the two women continued to build even as their cunts were serviced by the captain’s skills. Minerva and Darielle wrapped their arms around each other, trying to crush each other’s tits, even as their kiss became ever more ferocious, their tongues ever more aggressive as they fought. Darielle felt the incredible pleasure building in her twat as the captain’s shaft worked in her core. Minerva was groaning with passion as the tension in her pussy built to unbearable levels, as Darielle’s tongue and tits twisted and ground against her own.

On and on the struggle raged, the women riding the captain, using their bodies against each other until, suddenly, Darielle broke their vicious kiss by grabbing Minerva’s auburn hair and pulling her head back. Minerva instantly returned the grip but, as she watched, Darielle’s beautiful face suddenly contorted in sexual agony.

“Fuck, fuck, Oh God, FUCK!!,” Darielle cried out as her cunt exploded in an intense orgasm. A moment later, Reynald bucked and thrashed beneath the women, almost bucking them off, as his body erupted in another spasm of ecstasy. Minerva smiled, taking advantage of Darielle’s momentary weakness to crush the other woman to her hard body in a bear hug and force her tongue into Darielle’s mouth. A moment or two later, however, Reynald’s clit sucking of Minerva reached a sudden peak and Minerva found herself erupting in a gusher of passion. She screamed, her pussy blasting hot cum into the captain’s face. She continued the kiss with Darielle, even as she felt her strength seep out of her muscles as the sexual release rushed through her.

Darielle and Minerva held each other, pressed cheek to cheek, panting furiously, as they struggled to recover from their orgasmic experiences. Beneath them, Reynald was completely spent, his powerful body finally exhausted by the intense sexual marathon he had managed to engage in for the past hour or more. But it was clear that he was finished, at least for now. He turned his head from Minerva’s dripping cunt and collapsed into a deep sleep.

Minerva pulled Darielle to the side and both women fell off of Reynald, Darielle’s twat slipping free of the captain’s thick pole. They lay gasping on their sides, bodies pressed tight, arms wrapped around each other and their beautiful faces panting into each other. They lay that way for a few minutes, each woman gathering her strength.

Darielle threw her right leg over Minerva’s left hip, and struggled to push Minerva over on to her back. Minerva resisted, but only for a moment; she was still too tired to offer any great resistance. In a moment she was flat on her back, Darielle mounting her, twining their legs, and spreading Minerva’s delicious body beneath her own. Darielle grabbed Minerva’s hand and, interlacing their fingers, pushed Minerva’s hands down to her side. Darielle slapped her wet pussy down onto Minerva’s matching twat and rubbed it around and around, speading Minerva’s pussy lips, drilling herself into her enemy. She forced an open-mouthed kiss onto the auburn-haired beauty. Minerva returned the kiss eagerly, her tongue wrapping and pushing against Darielle’s invading probe. Darielle broke the kissfight after a few more moments.

“Now we finish what we started,” Darielle murmured to her beautiful enemy. She began to rock, bucking and grinding her cunt down onto Minerva’s soft, thick pussy, riding the auburn-haired beauty mercilessly.

“Fuck you…,” Minerva began, but Darielle’s mouth locked with her’s once more, their tongues twisted and struggled, and the sexual battle began in earnest.

Darielle’s belly slapped rhythmically with Minerva’s taut stomach. The black-haired courtesan drove her raging cunt hard against Minerva’s equally voracious twat. Juicy pussy lips slid and rubbed against each other deliciously, sending erotic electricity burning through the battling beauties. Their massive tits rubbed and rolled continuously as they writhed, nipples twisting together into pleasurable knots, hard titflesh pulsing with delectable sensations. They soon had to break the kiss as their raging battle demanded that they both be able to breathe. Cheek to cheek, panting and sobbing, they rode each other with all of their remaining strength. Minerva matched every one of Darielle’s thrusts with thrusts of her own. The room soon rang with the sensual sound of taut flesh slapping together in a growing rhythm. The women slammed their drooling wet cunts together in ecstasy, their erotic moaning growing and harmonizing as they fucked each other mercilessly. Incredible heat rippled away from their struggling cunts, filling their bodies, feeding the pleasurable tension that continued to build in all their muscles but which seemed to concentrate in their breasts.

Their cunts were now tightly sealed, locked together in a wet kiss that mirrored the earlier battle between their mouths. Minerva felt her engorged clit push free, rising up to slip into Darielle’s hot pussy. Darielle glared hatefully, lustfully down into Minerva’s eyes, shifted her body, freeing her clit to bring it into confrontation with Minerva’s sex rod. Eyes locked, panting with lust, the two women slowly and deliberately brought their throbbing clits together, head to head.

The explosion of pure pleasure that erupted in their bodies was unbearable and caused them both to throw back their heads and screech in ecstasy.

“NNnnnnn, Fuck!!,” Minerva gasped. She had had her clit stimulated many times before, but somehow this touching of clit to clit was more intense than anything she could remember.

“Gods, oh godsssss…,” Darielle moaned, her eyes squeezed shut, her mind struggling to hold back the raging sensations rippling up from her superbly sensitive clit.

The women began sawing their clits against each other, grinding them hard even as they sobbed and snarled with the raw sensations. Their wet cuts splatted together and sealed, their raging bodies ground together relentlessly. Powered by the incredible pleasure burning out of their stroking, caressing clits, the women’s desire to consume each other continued to grow. Darielle began long-clitting Minerva, driving her clit hard and deep, stroking it all the way up Minerva’s fuck trough, before grinding it hard against Minerva’s matching sexhorn. Minerva fought back, but her disadvantaged position on the bottom of their battle gave her less room to maneuver. She thrust back, bucking and hunching, rubbing her clit to Darielle’s sex as hard as she could, but she knew that she was slowly being overwhelmed. Minerva freed her hands from Darielle’s grip and placed her hands on the courtesan’s rippling ass. Darielle grabbed Minerva’s ass and the two women began pulling the other as deep into her own cunt as they could, their bodies struggling to the end. The room filled with the pants and groans of desperate sexual combat, the gentle whisper of taut flesh sliding and merging, the wet sound of hot cunts sucking, the grating sound of pubic hair meshing.

Minerva felt the heat in her breasts and her crotch suddenly explode in a nova-intense blast of pure pleasure.

“No, no, no, NNNNOOOO!!!,” Minerva shrieked, her body convulsing as erotic electricity flowed through her muscles. Her cunt contracted powerfully and she felt a gusher of hot woman cum jet from the depths of her sex up into Darielle’s conquering pussy. Darielle moaned and sobbed in pleasure, but she continued grinding, pounding her pussy down into the depths of Minerva’s aching, grasping twat. Minerva continued to buck and grind her aching clit into Darielle’s matching sexhorn. Darielle jerked hard then moaned in pleasure as her own orgasm finally detonated deep in her body. Hot cum flowed down from her and into Minerva. The women’s drooling cunts exchanged copious amounts of pussy juice as their pussies devoured each other. They shuddered together as multiple orgasms chained through their bodies.

After some time, Darielle finally pulled her exhausted body off of Minerva. The woman lay side by side for a brief while, their shining tits heaving as their breath came in hot pants of satisfaction, their smooth flesh slick with sweat and pussy juice, their long legs damp with cum, their pubic bushes matted and gleaming with wet.

Darielle finally propped her head up on her right elbow and leered down at Minerva, her beautiful face smug with satisfaction, her wild hair bushing out around her head like a mane, her blue eyes shining with sexual fever.

“First blood, to me, you little whore. I’m going to suck your cunt inside out by the time I’m done with you,” she promised.

“Fuck you, cunt,” Minerva replied, her green eyes shining with rage. “This isn’t over yet, bitch. I’m going to grind your little clit into mash by the time this is done.”

Before Darielle could reply, Reynald began to stir. The black-haired courtesan quickly lowered her mouth to Minerva. The women shared a long, savage kiss, and squeezed each other’s tits. Then, eyes still blazing with hate, they turned their attention back to the awakening sailor king. The rest of their battle would need to wait for another time.

Part III

The next morning, the three lovers woke in a tangle of beautiful limbs and succulent, sweat-damp flesh. The two women were on either side of the captain, but their long, tanned legs were entwined across his body and their arms were interlaced on the captain’s barrel chest. Minerva opened her eyes, to stare directly into Darielle’s startling blue eyes. From opposite sides of the captain’s body, the two women studied each other, their mutual hostility growing with every passing moment. Minerva moved her left leg, which was overlapping Darielle’s right leg, to rub and caress the other woman’s supple flesh. Darielle stroked back with her leg. Their bare feet caressed. The women twined their fingers together and squeezed, testing their strength, locking their palms. Neither said anything, but their hearts began to pound harder. Their eyes blazed with hate.

Reynald began to stir, and the women released each other immediately. Minerva shifted her body, pushing herself up onto Reynald’s chest, her left leg slipping down between his legs. She kissed him on the side of his lips and, as he smiled with pleasure, his eyes still closed, she moved to mount his naked body. Before she could do so, however, she felt Darielle’s voluptuous body pushing tight against her own, the courtesan’s powerful right leg pushing and then tangling with her left leg between Reynald’s thighs. The dark-haired beauty had no intention of letting Minerva claim the first fuck of the morning, at least not without a contest. Darielle began gliding her powerful body up the other side of Reynald’s body, pushing her tits into the captain’s chest and side, rubbing herself against the man like a cat even as she slid up his body, going in for a kiss.

Minerva had had enough. Placing her left hand on Darielle’s shoulder, bracing herself with her right elbow, she shoved the beautiful woman as hard as she could. Darielle was not expecting the move or Minerva’s strength. She went flying, rolling away from Reynald before she could fully register what had happened. She got on her knees in a fury, prepared to rip into Minerva, prepared to fight for Reynald’s affections. But it was too late. Minerva used the momentary victory to slide her wet, hungry cunt down the length of Reynald’s hardening shaft, deeply impaling herself on the captain’s cock. She squeezed his shaft with gentle undulations of her internal muscles, teasing and caressing him, feeling him expanding to his full size and hardness while deep inside her core, his growing cock pulsing against the tight, elastic flesh of her vagina. She squeezed him harder and harder, and smiled with delight as he groaned with pleasure.

Darielle watched in a rage. She knew that dislodging Minerva from her position would be very difficult.

Minerva straddled Reynald and enjoyed the feel of his powerful spear lodged deep and tight and filling up her cunt. She worked her hips and continued massaging his manhood with her deep internal muscles. She did not want to do too much bouncing on top of him. She was afraid that Darielle might use one of her upward movements, when Reynald’s cock was not fully lodged in her pussy, as an opportunity to shove her off and take her place.

Reynald smiled and moaned. He reached up and filled his hands with Minerva’s beautiful tits. The auburn-haired beauty smiled and moaned with ecstasy. Minerva ran her fingers through her thick, luscious hair and arched her back like a cat. She placed her hands on the Captain’s chest and rocked her hips and ass gently as she squeezed and massaged his shaft vigorously. Minerva groaned with pleasure as the growing tension in her core fed the erotic sensations radiating out from her overfilled cunt.

Even as Reynald and Minerva strained together in ecstasy, Darielle considered how to make her presence felt. Reynald was caught up in the delightful pleasures of Minerva’s beautiful body. He would certainly not appreciate having his enjoyment of the auburn-haired beauty’s flesh interrupted. Darielle smiled wickedly. Quickly, she moved behind Minerva’s rocking body, as she straddled Reynald’s gently bucking form. Darielle sat on Reynald’s legs and pressed herself into Minerva’s sculpted back. Darielle pushed her magnificent tits into her rival’s back. At the same time, she slipped her hands down Minerva’s taut belly and into the thicket of her dense pubic fur. The black-haired beauty slid two fingers up into Minerva’s tight, wet slit, feeling Reynald’s thick shaft where it filled Minerva’s cunt to overflowing. Minerva’s marble-sized clit was rubbing vigorously against the top of the Captain’s cock. Darielle began rubbing and stroking her rival’s throbbing sexhorn in earnest.

Minerva moaned and cried out as her body was suddenly exposed to far more pleasure than she had expected. The coruscating ecstasy of being impaled on the Captain’s thick, hard shaft was already overwhelming. The Captain was kneading her massive tits rhythmically. Darielle’s sudden assault on her clit was almost too much for her to take. Minerva began gasping and heaving as her body’s pleasure centers became overwhelmed with the sensations being forced onto her. Minerva reached down and attempted to wrestle Darielle’s hands away from her pussy, but Darielle dug her fingers more deeply into Minerva’s twat and crushed her clit. Minerva continued to work Reynald’s shaft, knowing that Darielle was trying to drive her to an orgasm before she could satisfy her lover. Minerva reached back to try to strike at Darielle, but the beautiful courtesan freed one of her hands and grabbed Minerva’s head instead, twisting Minerva’s face around until she could lock the auburn-haired beauty into a deep, probing, violent kiss.

Reynald opened his eyes and saw Darielle and Minerva locked mouth to mouth and Darielle’s fingers inside of Minerva’s tight, wet cunt. He smiled, delighting in the mistaken belief that the women were quickly adjusting to his desire to share his bed with both of them.

“Are you enjoying each other, my beauties?” Reynald laughed. He placed his hands on Minerva’s gently rocking hips.

The women broke their angry kiss. Minerva did not retaliate; her body was too wracked with ecstatic sensations and all she could do was pant and groan in response.

Darielle wrapped her arms around Minerva’s chest and squeezed hard, then slipped her right hand down to resume stroking Minerva’s swollen clit.

“Oh yes, milord,” Darielle groaned, her beautiful face lit with a hungry smile, “we are enjoying each other so much. Minerva is so beautiful and giving…” Saying this, she attacked Minerva’s clit savagely, rubbing Minerva’s sexhorn vigorously, smiling viciously as her auburn-haired rival bucked and trembled in a struggle to keep from exploding prematurely. Minerva groaned in fury, her body on the verge of betraying her yet again in her growing war with Darielle.

Minerva panted feverishly, her beautiful face a mask of agony as she fought to control her body. She stared down into Reynald’s excited face through half-open eyes and silently cursed the Captain’s obliviousness. She and this savage bitch were fighting for him, for control of his bed and all the status and advantages that came with it, and the idiot seemed completely unaware of what was going on, of how much power he really had over both of them. In that moment, despite the incredible pleasure she was receiving from his massive, throbbing cock, Minerva despised the Captain even more than she hated her gorgeous sexual rival. Still, Minerva sensed that even if they did not have to fight for the Captain’s favor, she and Darielle would probably still hate each other. There was a primal quality to their mutual antagonism, the tension that would always exist between two beautiful, sexually voracious women trying to establish which of them was the dominant bitch.

Overwhelming pleasure built in Minerva’s core as the sensation of being rammed full of Reynald’s meat combined with Darielle’s viciously effective stimulation of her burning clit and throbbing tits. Reynald reached up and filled his rough hands with Minerva’s boobs once again and began squeezing and kneading the heavy titmeat, delight and lust shining in his eyes. Darielle used the opportunity to slide one finger up Minerva’s ass, even as she redoubled her assault on the other woman’s clit. Minerva sobbed and groaned. She undulated her deep cunt muscles up and down Reynald’s dick, desperately trying to bring him to his climax before she exploded herself.

Reynald moaned and bucked so hard that he almost threw the two women sitting on him. All three of the lovers worked their bodies more frantically. Darielle could see the danger signs, she could tell Minerva was close to getting Reynald off. She bit Minerva’s shoulder; she pulled her fingers away from Minerva’s cunt only long enough to spit on her hand, then returned to the attack furiously. Reynald increased the pressure of his grasping hands on Minerva’s massive tits. He suddenly shifted his grip, reaching up to grab her shoulders and pull her closer to him. He raised his upper body and, at the same time, pulled Minerva’s magnificent right tit to his hungry mouth. The Captain licked his lover’s nipple exuberantly, then suckled hard at her swollen tit.

“Fuck, oooohhhhh…..FUUUCCCKKKK!!!!,” Minerva howled as this final delicious stimulation broke her body’s orgasmic dam. Throwing up her head, she shrieked with passion and came hard. Darielle smiled, watching with satisfaction as a hard gush of pussy juice flowed down the part of Reynald’s cock that was not disappearing up into Minerva’s thick-lipped fuckhole. The gush of liquid coated Reynald’s crotch, matting his thick pubic fur, and soaked his thighs and belly.

Darielle grabbed Minerva’s body and pulled her back, falling back off of the Captain. Minerva tried to resist, even as her body rocked and convulsed in orgasm. Her cunt squeezed and locked on the Captain’s thick dick; the man groaned with pleasure as Minerva’s cunt clamped on his burning shaft.

Darielle refused to let Minerva have the Captain’s cum. She wrapped her arms around Minerva’s waist and then placed both her feet on the bed on either side of Reynald’s writhing body. With a grunt, the black-haired courtesan literally lifted Minerva straight up and off of Reynald’s fully aroused member. Minerva separated from the Captain with an audible pop as his dick slipped free; hot juices gushed from her open hole. Darielle’s move caught Minerva, still in the throes of her passion, completely by surprise. She may have been able to tighten her cuntgrip on Reynald’s cock if she had anticipated what Darielle was about to do. But she was too shaken with the orgasmic energy rippling through her body to think strategically. Darielle fell to the side, taking Minerva with her. Minerva was momentarily stunned by the sudden separation from Reynald. Darielle threw herself across Minerva’s body and rammed her tongue down her enemy’s throat. Minerva groaned in surprised pleasure at the sudden attack. Darielle pulled free and glared down into Minerva’s face, her blue eyes blazing, her black hair wild around her gorgeous face.

“Let me show you how it’s done, bitch,” Darielle whispered savagely. She lowered her face to Minerva’s chest and licked and then sucked ravenously at Minerva’s left tit. Minerva gasped as the spike of pleasure ripped through her. Then Darielle was gone, turning quickly to Reynald.

The Captain was lying flat on his back, his cock fully engorged, still waiting for its release. Darielle grasped the massive shaft in both of her hands and began to rub and stroke it teasingly, tantalizingly, drawing groans of sheer pleasure from the prone man. The black-haired courtesan quickly descended on the throbbing cock with her mouth, covering the head, using her teeth to gently stimulate and abrade the sensitive flesh, before sucking hungrily on the thick meat. She began taking the shaft as deeply into her mouth and down her throat as she could, giving Reynald head with all of the skill of years in the brothel. However, she did not waste too much time on this tactic. Darielle did not want to risk being attacked by Minerva. Even as the auburn-haired beauty regained her bearings, Darielle grasped Reynald’s dick, raised herself up, and then lowered her ravenous pussy down onto his rock-hard spear. Reynald and Darielle groaned as one as their bodies locked together, Darielle sliding all the way down on his shaft, her soft, yielding fuckmeat swallowing Reynald’s manhood whole. In no time, the two lovers were rocking together, Darielle squeezing and working Reynald’s massive cock. She knew he was only moments away from exploding. She rested her tits on his heaving chest and rubbed furiously, grinding her hard nipples into his pectoral muscles, even as she worked her hips and ass. Reynald filled his large hands with her clenching, pumping ass. With a cry of pure pleasure, Reynald came in an explosion of passion. As Minerva watched, Reynald bucked high and hard, but Darielle was wrapped around his body like a snake, her own body thrashing and grinding against the man’s with absolute passion. Darielle turned her beautiful face, which was delirious with pleasure, towards Minerva. Darielle and Minerva locked eyes. The black-haired courtesan smiled viciously and triumphantly as she rode the Captain through his volcanic eruption.

Minerva raged in silent fury. It was only with superhuman self-control that she resisted throwing herself at Darielle in blind hatred and trying to tear the other woman apart. As Minerva watched, Reynald rolled Darielle over onto her back, their bodies still sealed together, and kissed her passionately. Darielle threw herself into the kiss, her own pleasure not yet satisfied. Minerva saw her opportunity to get back at her enemy.

Quickly, she threw her body onto the other two lovers, rubbing her breasts into Reynald’s arm, drawing the Captain’s head around and locking him into a delicious kiss. Reynald turned to Minerva and, with a bit of effort, she was able to insert her body between the Captain’s muscular mass and Darielle’s voluptuous flesh. The three lovers rolled about on the bed, a twining, sweaty mass of interconnected, grasping, gasping flesh. Minerva succeeded in getting Reynald’s cock to pop out of Darielle’s hot body. She fell on the Captain’s shaft and was soon sucking and swallowing as much of the thick, rigid meat as she could. Darielle joined her and soon the two women were sharing the task of giving their Captain the most spectacular blow job he had never enjoyed, even as they fought for possession of his dick. When he finally erupted, nearly screaming in release, the women fought for the right to claim his cum. They were both left messy and sloppy from his discharge.

Reynald gasped with exhaustion. The two women collapsed on either side of him. All three lovers were panting furiously. Reynald wrapped an arm around each woman and squeezed a tit on each of them roughly. He could barely move in the immediate aftermath of his orgasm, but his strength slowly returned. As much as he wanted to stay and continue to enjoy the affections of these two magnificent women, he knew that he had duties that could not wait any longer. With great reluctance, he called an end to the morning’s lovemaking.

“I am sorry, my beauties,”he said. “I need to leave and begin the day. But we will resume tonight where we left off this morning.” He smiled, his expression a little dazed. Even a man like the Captain did not often enjoy this kind of erotic attention from two such incredible women.

“Darielle,” Reynald said, “Minerva will show you where to clean up. If you have questions, talk to her. I am sure she will be happy to help you settle in. In the meantime, I am sure that she will be happy to give you a robe and any other assistance you’ll need to get to your cabin.”

The women smiled at the Captain. Minerva was boiling with rage. But she had no choice but to conceal her anger.

“Of course, Milord,” she replied. “I will be happy to help Darielle settle in.”

Minerva and Darielle crawled off of the Captain’s bed. Minerva picked her robe up off the floor and slid into it gracefully. As she watched, Darielle gathered up some scraps of clothing that were strewn about the room. Minerva realized, with a flash of rage, that the clothing was the outfit she had lent to her enemy the day before.

Taking their leave of the Captain, both women kissing him passionately in turn, the two mistresses left his cabin through the door to Minerva’s cabin. The moment they were in the privacy of Minerva’s room, the two beautiful women dropped all pretense.

Minerva’s tits trembled inside her robe as she spun around to face her enemy. “You fucking whore,” Minerva snarled, her beautiful face contorted in rage.

“Cunt,” Darielle shot back. The black-haired beauty was every bit as furious as Minerva. The fact that Minerva had kept her from her own orgasm was eating at her, as she struggled with the intense frustration of being powerfully sexually aroused with no release.

With a snarl, Darielle’s right hand lashed out and caught Minerva solidly on her left cheek. Minerva gasped and fell back, her robe falling open and her breasts spilling out. Darielle threw aside the scraps of cloth she was holding and threw herself at her redheaded enemy. Minerva and Darielle sank their finger deep into the other woman’s hair and began pulling viciously, even as they held each other at arms’ length. They growled and snarled and spit at each other, but they both resisted shrieking with the rage and pain that they felt; neither woman wanted to alert Reynald to what was happening in the next cabin. After staggering around the room for a few minutes, Minerva and Darielle shoved each other away. Panting, Minerva stripped off her gown and stood nude, waiting for the next attack.

Crouching, hands opening and closing, heavy tits falling and jiggling deliciously on their chests, the two women confronted each other, murderous rage shining in their eyes. They examined each other’s beautiful bodies with a critical eye, each woman looking for flaws and weaknesses in the other that she could exploit and attack. The women examined each other’s massive tits, their narrow waists and curving hips, their long, powerful, perfect legs. Minerva and Darielle sneered angrily at the other woman’s perfect cunt, the thick pubic fur, the juicy cuntlips. To the frustration of both, they realized they were equally beautiful and voluptuous. The only advantage that one would have over the other would be her skill in bed, a skill that could only be tested in intimate combat.

Both women were shining with sweat and sexual secretions. Spots of the Captain’s cum dotted their flesh. Snarling with hate, Minerva and Darielle hurled themselves at each other, prepared to unleash their full sexual fury on each other. Their naked bodies came slapping together. They twined their arms around each other, crushed their massive tits tight to each other, and struggled savagely, each trying to control and overwhelm the other. Their long, powerful legs tangled and twisted together, muscles straining. Darielle and Minerva pressed their faces close, nose to nose, and snarled at each other in fury. Only a fear of escalating their battle into dangerous extremes prevented the women from biting at each other’s beautiful faces.

They cursed and gasped at each other as they tightened their grips, each woman trying to overpower the other. Minerva was amazed that the courtesan was as strong as she was; she could not imagine why a whore like Darielle should be so strong. But a part of her was delighted in the challenge. She intended to destroy Darielle and she did not want it to be an easy fight. Minerva felt Darielle’s claws sinking into her back and buttocks. She immediately returned the grip, her strong nails indenting Darielle’s firm ass.

At that moment, there was a knocking at the door linking Reynald’s cabin to Minerva’s.

“Minerva,” Reynald called out. “Don’t forget my love, I need you to help me with the delegation of dignitaries arriving this morning. They will be here soon, so please hurry.”

“Yes, my Captain,” Minerva replied in her sweetest voice. “I just need to clean up and then I will join you.”

Darielle and Minerva stood frozen for a few moments, giving the Captain time to move away from the door.

“We will settle this later,” Minerva hissed. “for now, get out of my room, you fucking whore.”

“Bitch,” Darielle shot back. But the dark-haired courtesan knew that now was not the time to take on Minerva. “You were lucky just now. But I am going to get you alone sometime soon, where there will be no interruptions. Then, I am going to fuck your clit out of your ass. I’m going to milk your tits until they are empty little bags. I’m going to destroy every part of your body, starting with your filthy cunt. Reynald is never going to look at you again once I am finished with you.”

“You cuntlicking slut,” Minerva growled. “I’m going to destroy you and every inch of you with my body.”

The women pushed close until they were almost nose-to-nose. They glared intently into each other’s eyes, drinking in each other’s beautiful face. They panted at each other with a growing lust. Darielle felt the unsatisfied heat in her body flare to new levels of arousal. Minerva felt an answering tension in her cunt and tits.

With a snarl, Darielle pulled back. She reached down to the floor and picked up Minerva’s gown where the auburn-haired beauty had dropped it. Darielle slid into the gossamer garment. It left nothing to the imagination; her thick nipples were fully visible under the sheer cloth. Nonetheless, it was enough. Turning on her heel, the black-haired beauty walked, barefoot, to the door of Minerva’s cabin. Just before she left she turned back to exchange one final glare of hate and lust with her beautiful rival.

“We will find time to be alone together very soon, Minerva,”she promised. “Then, I will show you what I have learned after 10 years in a brothel.” She smiled savagely, then left the cabin, closing the door gently behind her.

Minerva trembled, her naked body feverish with desire, shaking with adrenaline. She felt a touch of fear at the courtesan’s threat. There was no question in her mind about her own skills and natural abilities as a lover. But Minerva had not spent 10 years in a whorehouse, refining her sexual powers, training her sexual organs and her body to give and receive pleasure in all of its forms. She did not know if she was capable of defeating Darielle in an all-out sex war. But she knew that she would soon find out. She and Darielle had to determine which of them was the dominant mistress, the Alpha bitch.

Minerva entered the small washroom just off her main cabin and began to wash herself, careful to clean up all the signs of lovemaking. She gave herself a thorough sponge bath, then put on some delicate perfume. She brushed out her hair and then selected a revealing jeweled halter top and a long dress with a thigh-high slit which left both her long legs exposed and flashing as she walked. Part of her duty as the captain’s mistress was to meet and greet his guests. But now she started to wonder how long she would continue to have this responsibility.

She pushed these thoughts out of her mind, dressed herself quickly, and then examined herself in her full-length mirror. She saw a fantastically beautiful and voluptuous and desirable woman, whose sexual assets were on full display. But doubts about herself and her power as a woman continued to gnaw at her mind.

Darielle had to be confronted and stopped. And soon. With a final grim nod at her image in the mirror, Minerva left her room to assume her duties.

Part IV

Over the next few weeks, Minerva and Darielle’s sexual war continued. But it was a shadow war, a frustrating conflict without resolution, fought furtively in the darkness of the captain’s cabin after a hard night of sex with Reynald. The women would struggle quietly, trying to dominate each other without waking Reynald. But neither woman could unleash her full power and skill, so no one emerged from these struggles truly victorious and these sexual skirmishes simply served to increase the growing frustration of the two beautiful rivals.

If Darielle had hoped that the psychological and sexual warfare would gradually erode Minerva’s confidence, she was mistaken. Instead, Minerva thrived on the competition. Rather than being shaken by Darielle’s constant efforts to undermine and intimidate her, Minerva found herself welcoming the conflict as an exciting distraction. Her natural power as an Alpha bitch emerged full force.The auburn-haired beauty began to find ways to strike back against her black-haired foe. As the senior woman on the ship, Minerva had the responsibility of seeing to Darielle’s training.

Darielle was the Captain’s concubine, but she was still expected to know her way around a ship and contribute to the running of the vessel, when she was not satisfying Reynald’s desires. Life on board a battleship, even one as large and powerful as the Northstar, required that everyone pull his or her weight. Minerva assigned Darielle the hardest jobs. At the same time, she did what she could to keep Darielle away from her own responsibilities. To Minerva’s dismay, Darielle proved to be a quick and able student. If Minerva refused to be unnerved by Darielle’s sexual attacks, Darielle refused to surrender to Minerva’s efforts to break her.

When they were in front of the rest of the crew, the women gave every impression of getting along, indeed, of being fast friends. When they were alone, their mutual hatred came out like cats unsheathing their claws. The women sexually molested each other, thrusting eager fingers into wet pussies, squeezing and clawing at delicious tits, exchanging vicious slaps and hot, hungry, savage kisses. They were two Alpha bitches in heat, fighting over their mate, fighting over status, each determined to master the other, yet neither able to satisfy their need to fight. The constant pressure kept them both on the edge of sexual rage and desire.

Still, they kept their daytime anger in check. They both knew how easily they could end up rolling around on the deck in a hair-pulling fury, and that would reveal to everyone how they really felt about each other. The captain could not tolerate serious discord on his ship, particularly not in his own bed. The revelation of their true feelings for each other would require the captain to get rid of one of the women. While both women wanted the other gone, neither was so sure of her position that she could risk provoking a public confrontation. It hurt Minerva to come to the realization that, despite all that she did on the ship, she could not be sure that Reynald valued her enough to choose her over Darielle. And, despite her best efforts to keep Darielle away from her own tasks, Minerva knew that Darielle was capable of handling the many accounting and other financial responsibilities that she performed for the captain. Courtesans were given very good educations in every way and it was obvious that Darielle was an excellent student.

Minerva and Darielle bided their time, waiting for the chance to get together and ravage each other, to fuck and fuck until one of them was forced to submit to the stronger pussy. Their mutual anger, hate and unsatisfied lust continued to build. Their mutual abuse and subtle attacks on each other, in and out of Reynald’s bed, grew more numerous. But the resolution both women needed – the chance to meet in all out, uninterrupted sexual warfare –was denied to them. Even on a ship of this size, there were too many people around. They could not find a place that was private enough to guarantee them the time they would need to really decide their rivalry. Both women began to fear that they would not be able to keep their shared animosity from spilling over into outright physical combat much longer. Nearly four weeks after Darielle arrived, the tension between the beautiful women had reached a fever pitch.

The Northstar was on the high seas, traveling between the continental mainland and a distant island chain called the Marottes. The flagship was accompanied by three other ships, all of substantial size. Reynald planned to do a lot of trading with the Marottes, while he toured the coastal areas looking for pirates.

Minerva worked in captain’s office, contained in the massive, three-storey sterncastle on the upper deck, which housed the ships’ officers and most of its luxury rooms. Reynald had taken his captain’s barge over to one of the other fleet ships that morning. It was unlikely that he would be back before the end of the day.

Minerva sat at the captain’s massive oak desk, pulled a key out of a secret compartment, unlocked the side drawer, and pulled out a massive ledger. She tried to focus on her task of updating the ship’s records. She went through the records, then made notes on a number of items that were supposed to be in the ship’s holds. There was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Minerva called. The first mate entered the cabin.

“Milady,” he said, bowing from his waist.

“Yes, Einar?” Minerva replied. She liked the man and she appreciated the respect that he showed to her.

“Captain Reynald has signaled from the Indomitable,” Einar explained, naming the ship that the Captain had gone to visit that morning. “He has indicated that he will be spending the night on the Invincible, discussing business matters with Captain Arella.”

Minerva smiled. Captain Arella was the woman who had rescued Minerva and who had first initiated the auburn-haired beauty into the pleasures of sex with a woman. Minerva had no doubt that Reynald’s “discussions” with Arella were of a very carnal nature. Minerva loved Arella, and she did not mind when Reynald occasionally enjoyed sexual relations with his fellow officer. But she expected that Darielle would be very angry.

Suddenly, Minerva realized what Reynald’s absence meant. For the first time since Darielle had arrived, Reynald would not spend the night with his two mistresses. Minerva felt a spike of quivering anticipation and lust fill her pussy and radiate up to her tits. Tonight, she realized, she could finally settle her war with the black-haired courtesan.

“Thank you, Einar,” Minerva replied with a dazzling smile.

That evening, when Darielle came to the dining hall for supper, she was surprised to find that Reynald was absent.

“The Captain decided to spend the night on the Indomitable,” Minerva informed her rival. “He and Captain Arella have… “business” to discuss.” Minerva’s green eyes glowed with heat.

A flash of anger crossed Darielle’s face as she understood the implications of Reynald’s overnight visit. But, a moment later, the larger implications of Reynald’s absence came to her. Minerva was gratified to see the other woman stifle a gasp of arousal as her body suddenly and intensely reacted to the realization that, this night, the Captain’s two mistresses would finally have the chance to meet in all-out sexual warfare.

Darielle locked eyes with Minerva. An erotic charge passed between the women. The moment that they had both been craving for more than a month was almost upon them. Their hearts pounded and their nipples tightened in anticipation. Their breasts swelled with blood and heat as the sexual glands flooded with arousal. Both women shifted their legs under the table, squeezing their thighs tightly as they sought to relieve the heat building in their pussies. The meal passed in silence, but neither woman could look away from the other.

Darielle finished first and, without a word to Minerva, left the table. Minerva took a bit longer, savouring her meal, enjoying the sexual sensations rippling through her body as it prepared itself for the combat to come. After the meal, she consulted with the ship’s first mate on a few minor ship-board matters, then retired to her cabin. She ordered that a hot bath be drawn for her in the main bathing room and she soon found herself immersed in hot water, letting her body relax, preparing her mind and her sex for the conflict to come.

She was not surprised when, just a few minutes after she had started bathing, the bathroom attendants began to fill the tub next to her with hot water and perfumes. A few minutes later, Darielle walked into the room, clad in a gossamer-thin robe. The two beautiful women locked eyes. Then Darielle slipped off her wisp of a robe, hanging the smooth silk beside the tub. She stood perfect and nude before Minerva, whose hungry eyes devoured every delectable curve and enticing bulge on the courtesan’s flawless body. Darielle climbed into the hot water of her tub and settled in. A few minutes later, Minerva rose from her hot bath. She stood in front of Darielle’s bath, her sleek body dripping with wet, and raised her hands over her head to squeeze out her long hair. Her magnificent tits rose and swelled, visions of incredible erotic beauty. Minerva toweled herself down, wrapped her hair in a towel, then pulled on her robe and left the bath without a backward glance. Inside, however, her heart pounded, her cunt burned, her breasts throbbed.

Minerva returned to her room and immediately discarded her robe after she pushed the door closed and bolted it. She stood in front of the full-length mirror in her room and ran her hands over her naked body. She cupped her round, heavy tits and squeezed the engorged nipples gently, smiling at the shiver of pleasure that arced through her. She ran her right hand down her smooth, flat belly, through her thick pubic fur, and shoved her fingers deep into the tight slit of her twat. At the same time, she squeezed her brown nipple even harder. Her inner eye filled with the images of Darielle’s voluptuous, perfect body. She remembered the sensations of Darielle’s flesh pressed and grinding against her own. Minerva moaned softly as a hot shot of lubrication suddenly saturated her throbbing cunt. She was ready to meet her black-haired rival in sexual warfare.

Minerva reached for her robe, slipped it back over her voluptuous beauty, and waited for the darkness, when it would be easier to go down the hall to Darielle’s room without being seen. She curled up in a chair and tried to read a book, but she was distracted by the heat in her pussy, the deep tension in her thick nipples and pulsing breasts. After an hour of trying to read, she heard a whispering sound. She looked for the source, then saw a sheet of paper lying on the floor just inside her door.

Minerva crossed the polished wooden deck and retrieved the paper. It was from Darielle.

“Meet me in the cabin at the end of the hall, across from my cabin, in one hour,” the note read. It then indicated the time. Minerva understood. Darielle wished to confront her in neutral territory, in a cabin that belonged to neither of them, so no one would have the advantage of more familiar surroundings.

The next hour passed with agonizing slowness. Minerva fought to stay calm and centered. At last, the time came. Clothed only in her robe, she opened her cabin door and looked out. Seeing no one, she padded down the hall on her bare feet to the appointed room. She opened the heavy door carefully. A light was glowing against the far wall. Otherwise, the room was dark. A large bed was anchored to the floor and a thick rug lay beside it. The room’s windows were uncovered, looking out on the sea. Only the glow of the moon could be seen, however; the darkened windows acted like a mirror of the room in the dim light.

Darielle was standing looking into the window, watching the cabin in its mirrored surface. She smiled as the door opened and Minerva stepped soundlessly into the room. The black-haired courtesan watched as her auburn-haired rival closed and locked the door. Then, Darielle turned around to face her enemy, her prey. Darielle smiled with anticipation as she felt her heavy tits sway on her chest as she turned. Her boobs were thick and swollen with lust; her nipples felt harder than steel. The heat in her cunt was raging. Every inch of skin on her voluptuous body was rippling with electricity. Darielle could not remember the last time she had felt so aroused and she was looking forward to directing all of her sexual power against Minerva. She had absolutely no doubt that she would soon dominate and crush the auburn-haired slut. Darielle had already reviewed the many ways in which she planned to humiliate Minerva and destroy her foe’s self-confidence once she had broken the bitch. She planned for this to be a very memorable night.

Darielle despised Minerva, but more because Minerva was an obstacle to her greater ambitions than for anything else. She admired Minerva’s magnificent body and she intended to enjoy her rival’s voluptuous flesh every chance she got once she had established herself as the dominant bitch. Darielle had even developed a grudging respect for the other woman’s strength of mind. But this would not prevent her from crushing her rival mercilessly. Once she had shattered Minerva’s confidence, she knew it would be an easy matter to gradually take control in Reynald’s bed and supplant Minerva in his affections.

Darielle and Minerva stared at each other from across the room, Minerva’s green eyes locked to Darielle’s blue. Both women appeared calm, but the erotic power and tension between them continued to build, a torrent of force raging just below the surface.

At the same time, reading an unspoken signal, both women reached up and slowly, seductively, slid their thin robes off their beautiful shoulders. The garments landed in puddles of silk at their feet. Darielle and Minerva stood before each other, completely naked. No adornments distracted from their raw, awesome physical perfection. The flickering torchlight played across their luscious bodies, emphasizing the gentle ridges of their muscled bellies, the thin slits of their perfect navels, the graceful curves of their womanly hips. The light disappeared into the deep valley between their succulent thighs, protected by the thick pubic fur of both women, but the glint of wet cuntlips caught the light. Their round, heavy tits and sharp nipples and pebbled areola glowed in the fire. Their long, powerful legs swept down to the floor. Darielle and Minerva examined each other minutely, drinking in every inch of the other’s voluptuous flesh. Both women had to admit that the other woman was her physical equal in every way. But their battle would be decided not by beauty but by sexual power and skill.

“I hope you know that you don’t stand a chance, little girl,” Darielle murmured, her blue eyes glowing with heat. “You are beautiful, Minerva. Your body is nearly the equal of mine. But I have been trained by the greatest courtesans in Strontia. I have spent ten years mastering the power of my cunt, marshalling the strength of my tits. I have fucked more men and women than you can imagine. I have fought many of the most skilled whores in the kingdom with my pussy and my tits. You are nothing to me. I will destroy your sex and claim you for my own. And then I will take Reynald, as is my right.”

Minerva felt rage building inside of her, a raw hatred for her beautiful enemy. “You fucking bitch,” she snarled. “You arrogant cunt. I may not be a trained whore, like you are, but I have matched my pussy to other women. And I am not going to let you take what is mine.”

Darielle smiled viciously and began to walk across the cabin towards Minerva. Her hips swung gracefully, her heavy tits rocked gently. “What you have you gained by luck, girl,” Darielle whispered. “I have fought and trained to be what I am. I am made to give pleasure to powerful men and women. The gods have given me the beauty and body to gain the world. I will not let a stupid little slave girl keep me from my destiny.”

Minerva could not help herself. She was enraged beyond measure. With a snarl, she lunged forward to meet Darielle. She lashed out with her right hand, slapping Darielle viciously on her left cheek. The black-haired beauty gasped as her head whipped to the side and she jerked back, faltering before Minerva’s attack. Minerva drove her left fist deep into Darielle’s right tit. Darielle grunted in pain, tumbling back to the windowed wall of the cabin.

“You cunteating little bitch!” Minerva snarled. “You’re just as much a slave as I am! And you’re not going to find your destiny by destroying mine!”

Darielle growled with hate and threw herself at Minerva. The women locked hands and struggled hard in a test of strength. Gasping and panting, they staggered around the cabin, holding each other at arm’s length, their tits jiggling and their bodies straining. They freed their hands to slap and punch at each other, before locking up hand-to-hand again.

“Bitch! Fucking cunt!,” Darielle snarled at her foe, slapping Minerva viciously across her face.

“You dirty whore!” Minerva gasped, tearing at Darielle’s beautiful black hair.

Minerva and Darielle shoved each other away and stood a few feet apart, panting. They glared at each other hatefully, their massive tits heaving, their flawless bodies glistening with sweat. The pain and anger of their brief brawl fed their mutual hate. But it also fanned the fires of their growing lust. As the women glared at each other, their eyes feasted on the other’s beautiful form. Their hot cunts grew hotter and tighter, sweet juice dripped from their lubricated twats and leaked down their inner thighs. Their sex-engorged breasts swelled with erotic arousal.

“Enough of this,” Minerva growled, bringing herself under control. “We settle this tit to tit, cunt to cunt, clit to clit. Woman to woman.”

“Yes,” Darielle smiled viciously. “Every part of me against every part of you. We fuck until one of us can’t stand it anymore.”

“Good,” Minerva nodded. She smiled, her eyes burning with desire. She licked her dry lips.

Taking a deep breath, Darielle walked towards Minerva, her hands on her hips, her chest thrust forward, her powerful tits jiggling gently as she moved. Her nipples were engorged with power and as hard as fleshy nails. Minerva moved to meet her. Both women felt their hearts pounding, their pussies growing wet with lubrication. The battle they had both craved for so long was finally to be joined.

The women stopped when they were just inches apart. They examined the other’s beautiful tits, their sweaty melons shining in the orange light, their taut nipples covered in a liquid sheen of perspiration. Their tits were unspeakably beautiful. Darielle and Minerva locked eyes. They were breathing heavily as their excitement built. Then, slowly, carefully, the sexual rivals brought their thick nipples together, head to head. Erotic power flared irresistibly as their hot, aching nipples made contact, as they stabbed into the other woman’s pulsing, deliciously sensitive flesh. Their nipple holes sucked together briefly, sending a shock of exquisite pleasure racing through the gasping Amazons.

“Oh fuck, fuck, yes,” Darielle moaned, gritting her teeth as she struggled to stay in control, as the incredible sensations poured through her dense tits and into the raging heat between her legs. “Oh gods, so good, so, so goooooood…” she groaned, her tits throbbing with power.

“Ummmmmmmm,” Minerva groaned, unbearable pleasure rippling through her meaty tits, sinking into her abdomen, flowing into her thickening clit. She gasped with erotic joy, her body exploding with pleasure.

Slowly, carefully, their eyes locked and their breath coming in hard pants, Minerva and Darielle moved their wet, fleshy nipples around and around each other, constantly in contact, constantly titillating and enflaming each other. The unbearably sensitive knobs rubbed deliciously, occasionally hooking up and struggling to bend each other. Sweat dripped from the tips of their nipples and the lubrication added a delicious slickness to their fencing, their mutual caressing. The fleshy cylinders crushed and then slipped past each other, cutting directly into the other woman’s puffy areola, tracing the sensitive pebbled flesh, before locking and stabbing like swords once more.

Darielle and Minerva released shuddering sighs, cries of raw pleasure, as their nipple fencing continued, as the tantalizing pleasure built. They gasped, and each woman placed her hands on the other’s shoulders. They leaned forward, their foreheads touching, their hair mixing as they panted hard. The tips of their nipples pressed tight and crushed each other back, the erotic electricity flaring. Minerva wanted to push the other woman away, to give herself some relief from the terrible power and erotic sensations building in her core. Instead, she slipped her arms around Darielle’s wasp waist and pulled the other woman in closer. At the same time, Darielle wrapped her arms around Minerva’s shoulders and squeezed her in tight.

The women moaned and gasped in each other’s faces as they slowly began massaging their thick, round tits into each other. Rock-hard nipples grated against each other or slipped and stabbed at burning, dense titflesh. Erotic power flowed like electricity through every cell in their burning bodies. The women moved nose to nose and forehead to forehead, beautiful eyes half-closed in ecstasy, their gazes locked. They rotated their shoulders and back muscles and slowly, agonizingly, mashed their heavy tits into and through each other. Taut titmeat crushed and meshed, while resisting compression. Quivering breasts flattened and bulged and rippled as they pressed against each other.

Darielle squeezed harder and began dragging her tits from side to side, grinding her massive, dense titflesh into Minerva’s matching mammaries. Groaning with pain and pleasure, Minerva dragged her tits the other way, even as she thrust at her foe, trying to drive the hard spikes of her nipples deeper into Darielle’s burning boobs. The women wrapped their arms around each other, they rested cheek to cheek, and they crushed hard as they struggled to squash and conquer the other’s tits. Their smooth bellies slapped and slid together, their muscled thighs rubbed and rasped, and they felt their thick pubic bushes crunch and start to tangle.

“You fucking slut,” Minerva groaned into Darielle’s ear.

“You little bitch,” Darielle whispered. “You think you are any match for me, girl? I’ve been sexfighting since I was a child. I’m going to break every part of you.”

“Give me everything you have, whore,” Minerva groaned. “I can take it all!”

On and on, the women rotated and ground their tits together. Their massive boobs grew slick and slippery with sweat. Their racks mashed and meshed, their wet flesh sliding and slipping in and out and around. Their meaty breasts shoved and thrust. Their hard nipples stabbed into rough areola and taut titflesh, or tangled and fenced against each other. They rubbed them back and forth, up and down, around and around each other. They continued to squeeze each other, to crush tits harder, to thrust their burning boobs into one mass of meaty pleasure until neither woman could tell where her tits ended and the other woman’s began.

Minerva swung her hips and slid her slick belly and her thick cunt fur into Darielle’s matching body parts. Darielle thrust back. Slowly, gradually, almost unconsciously, the women began to thrust and rub at each other, crotch to crotch, cunt to cunt. They began to rotate and grind their hungry pussies, tangling and meshing their thick pubic hair. Moaning, Darielle and Minerva slid their cheeks apart and resumed resting nose to nose, forehead to forehead. They slipped their hands down to spread their eager fingers out on each other’s round, quivering asses. They compressed their tits between their biceps, pushing out their massive melons, keeping them crushed and wrestling, nipples and titmeat struggling, even as they leaned back, angled their pelvises forward, and began to slide and rub their slick twats together.

Panting hard, groaning and moaning like the bitches in heat that they were, the women worked their hips and asses harder, their hands spread on their flexing buttocks. They felt their swelling cuntlips gently touch, sizzling with heat and electricity. Gasps of pure pleasure broke from Darielle and Minerva as their twats caressed, as their pussy lips kissed and shared thick, slick lubrication. Minerva pushed harder, sinking her claws into Darielle’s clenching ass, leaning back and thrusting her hips, struggling to grind herself deep into her foe, struggling to spread Darielle’s labia and bring their throbbing clits together. Darielle thrust back, working her hips and ass just as hard. Slowly, deliciously, the women penetrated each other, spread each other’s labia, grinding into each other in a delicious stand-up fuck.

Their engorged clits swelled up from their cunts, growing like balloons, long and hard and thick. Their clits pulsed with erotic power. Minerva was almost delirious as she felt her clit push out from her pussy, seeking the heat of Darielle’s twat, seeking the ecstasy of Darielle’s clit. Darielle groaned as she felt Minerva’s thick sexhorn lick and slide along the lips of her hot, hungry fuckslit. She spread her legs slightly more, just enough to let her engorged clit pop free.

Glaring into each other’s beautiful eyes, watching each other intently, the Amazonian warriors swung their hips. Minerva and Darielle touched clits, head to head. They shuddered and screamed together at the ecstatic contact. “FUCK!!!,” the women shrieked in concert. Unbearable pleasure pulsated through their bodies. But they kept their clits pressed together, head to head, and began to gently rock and undulate their hips and asses, rubbing and corkscrewing and twisting their clits into knots. Tears of pleasure trickled down their beautiful faces, but they still kept their eyes locked, each desperate to see any signs of weakness and defeat in the other.

Minerva sobbed uncontrollably as the erotic force filled her body and threatened to overwhelm her senses. The pleasure was unbelievable. Darielle gasped and cried out, struggling to maintain her control. So far, she was confident that she was winning this erotic combat. But she was shocked at how aroused Minerva made her, at how deeply she wanted to fuck Minerva for the sheer pleasure of doing so, at how hard it was to maintain her control. She was also surprised at how, so far, Minerva had managed to hold her own.

Their bodies crushed tight, tit to throbbing tit, hard bellies slapped and sliding, thick clits stroking and rubbing and twisting, Minerva and Darielle fucked and fucked. Their gasps and moans of ecstasy became muffled as they locked their mouths together, their hot tongues sliding into each other, their thick pink probes lapping at each other, swallowing back each other’s spit, their hot breath coming in pants of joy.

Slow and hard, they fucked relentlessly, their beautiful flesh undulating, their asses and hips moving in a shared rhythm, their bodies grinding and sliding and rubbing, giving off so much heat that they seemed to melt into one incredible voluptuous flesh. Both women lost all track of time. Nothing mattered except their tongues and cunts, their pulsating tits and the electrical stroking of their swollen clits, radiating raw pleasure to every cell in their beautiful bodies.

After more than an hour of incredible pleasure, their flesh slicked and dripping with sweat, their tits sliding and pulsing, their nipples aching and burning, their clits knotted together in ecstasy, Minerva began to feel something overwhelming building in her core. Her powerful abdomen rippled against Darielle’s stomach. Their navels, sucked tight with sweat, popped apart. Gasping, Minerva suddenly jerked her head back, breaking their kissfight.

“Fuck, you fucking cunt!” Minerva gasped. She felt her legs, already aching from the strain of standing and fucking, grow weak as waves of pleasure began to wash over her, radiating out from her nova-hot twat.

“Yes, yes, you fucker!!,” Darielle moaned. The black-haired beauty pushed down on Minerva, forcing the other woman towards the floor. As her legs collapsed under her, Minerva fell back. Darielle rode the other woman’s shuddering body down. Sobbing, the women spread each other out on the rug, their interlocked cunts sinking deeper into each other, gripping harder.

“Now, you bitch, now…,” Darielle groaned. She pushed Minerva’s back to the rug and swung her right leg over Minerva’s left; at the same time, Minerva raised her left leg and placed it on Darielle’s shoulder. The women’s legs meshed together like scissors. Their thick fuckmeat slapped together and, with a hard thrust, Darielle drove her cunt deep, deep into Minerva’s yielding twat. Minerva bucked up hard to meet Darielle’s thrusts, to keep their ravenous pussies glued together.

“Oh, Fuck, yessss!!,” Minerva groaned. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, you cunt!!,” The women began to pump, meeting each other’s thrusts. They started out slowly at first, but soon they were driving deep into each other, bisecting each other, struggling to grind as far into each other’s core as they could, trying to fuck each other in half.

“Yes, yes, yessss,” Darielle moaned, her head thrown back, her hair bouncing, her powerful ass and hips thrusting, her engorged clit buried deep in Minerva’s twat, locked and grinding furiously with the auburn-haired beauty’s enflamed sexhorn. Her massive tits jolted enticingly with each powerful thrust.

Minerva thrashed her head from side to side. She still had not come, but her body was aching, almost overflowing with erotic power. She was holding onto her control, her sanity, by a thread. She was being fucked out of her mind and she could not resist. Her massive tits bounced and rocked from side to side as she writhed on the thick rug. Darielle reached down to seize and squeeze Minerva’s massive tits. The black-haired courtesan kneaded the taut flesh desperately. Minerva screamed, the assault on her tits almost too much to bear. But she reached up and filled her hands with Darielle’s magnificent bouncing jugs and squeezed hard, her palms caressing Darielle’s swollen nipples.

Darielle’s ass ached as she powered herself into Minerva’s delicious cunt. She squeezed the auburn-haired woman’s twat with her own quim, determined to eat her rival’s cunt alive. But, even caught in the throes of sexual agony, Minerva’s cunt fought back, squeezing and locking with Darielle’s pussy, sucking in the courtesan’s labia and clit even as it was sucked. The women were melting together, the impossible heat from their joined, grinding clits too much to bear.

Minerva felt she was balancing on a wire, desperately holding back a flood of raw ecstasy. Her body was shuddering deep inside, but she could feel that Darielle was trembling with erotic power, too, and she knew that her enemy could not be that far from an orgasmic release. Minerva fought with all her strength and will to hold on.

“Come, you little fuck, come!!,” Darielle snarled at her enemy. She could not understand how Minerva could be fucked so hard, so deliciously, and still manage to keep from coming. Darielle was struggling with the incredible pleasure almost bursting in her own core and she did not know how much longer she could last. Her clit felt like it was a furnace of erotic power and she feared she was only a few hard thrusts and delirious strokes away from an uncontrollable orgasm.

“Oh, oh, oh……FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!,” Minerva suddenly howled. Her eyes shot wide and her fingers sank deep into Darielle’s massive tits as her body convulsed. She arched her back, lifting Darielle off the ground and driving her twat all the way up into Darielle’s eager cunt, mashing her throbbing clit with Darielle’s sexhorn and squeezing with all her power. An orgasm of incredible force exploded out of Minerva’s core. Copious amounts of hot cum jetted from her convulsing pussy up into Darielle’s hot sex. Minerva screamed and writhed as she came harder than she ever had before.

Feeling Minerva’s orgasm, feeling her throbbing clit bathed in the redhead’s steaming cum, Darielle could not last a moment longer. With a groan of pure joy, she let herself go. A delicious orgasm exploded through her body and she rammed herself down, squeezing Minerva’s tits just as hard as she had been squeezed, driving her hips and ass, penetrating her bucking, writhing foe as deeply as she could. Hot cum flowed between the women, shooting back and forth, coating their lower bodies, as they exchanged shuddering orgasms.

“Yes, yes, oh fuck, YEESSSS!!,” Darielle cried out, even as she rode Minerva with all her strength.

The women moved together, thrusting and grinding, gasping and moaning, sweat flying and cum bubbling up from their meshed cunts and trickling down between their locked thighs, soaking the rug on which they struggled. Minerva clung to Darielle’s tits, squeezing mercilessly. Darielle arched her back and ran her hands through her thick black hair, moaning with pleasure as she threw back her head in ecstasy. She covered Minerva’s hands with her own, she grabbed Minerva’s right leg, still resting on her shoulder, and held the other woman in place, as she rode Minerva’s twat.

Finally, their multi-orgasmic climaxes rolled to an end. Momentarily spent, soaked with sweat and cum, Darielle leaned forward, pushing Minerva’s leg all the way down to her shoulder. Darielle crushed her tits to Minerva’s rack, she forced her tongue into her enemy’s mouth. Minerva wrapped her arms around Darielle’s back and pulled her nemesis down harder. The women kissed, slowly but hungrily. Minerva freed her leg and wrapped her thighs around Darielle’s hips.

Darielle broke the kiss and smiled down at her defeated enemy.

“You’re a good fuck, girl, but I’m better. You’re mine now.”

Minerva snarled in rage. “You’ve just won the opening skirmish, cunt. We still have a long way to go before this night is over.”

Darielle smiled wider, her smoky eyes burning with heat.

“Then let’s get started,” she purred. Her mouth descended on Minerva’s, her arms wrapped around the other woman’s back, and the battle began again.

Part V

Darielle forced her tongue down Minerva’s throat, an assault that the auburn-haired beauty met eagerly. Ferociously, the women sucked and lapped at each other, giving their bodies time to recover from the vicious mutual fucking they had inflicted on each other. Their deep, probing kisses fed the fire between their legs and in their breasts. Their hands explored and stroked the silken flesh of the other, moving deliberately toward their most erogenous zones. They began to wriggle and writhe against each other, sweat and cum-slicked bodies sliding and rubbing, heavy tits squashing and mashing deliciously.

Darielle consciously forced her body to relax, she forced back the lust and building heat in her sex. She was very impressed with Minerva’s performance. The girl had surprised her. Darielle was sure that she would easily dominate her enemy. Instead, she had found herself so aroused by Minerva’s body and skills that the other woman had come a bit too close to outlasting her. Darielle was also impressed by Minerva’s stamina and control. She could see that if Minerva had just a little more experience and training, she could become one of the best sexfighters in the kingdoms. She clearly possessed great natural talent and ability. But Darielle knew that she was the better sexfighter and she determined to pace herself, to fight a good, controlled, strategic battle against her enemy.

Darielle shifted her lower torso and felt her hungry cunt disengage from Minerva’s sodden twat. Their thick pubic bushes were wet and tangled and their wet inner thighs slid electrically together. With a groan, Minerva broke their kiss and turned her head aside, gasping for air and growling as the erotic sensations in her body began rapidly building up once again. Minerva placed her hands on Darielle’s shoulders and shoved her black-haired nemesis off of her. Grunting, Minerva rolled away on the rug, which sported a large wet spot from where the women’s many secretions had soaked in.

Minerva and Darielle pushed themselves up into kneeling positions and glared at each other from a few feet away. Their bodies glistened with moisture, their hair was wild, their heavy breasts hung taut and firm from their chests. Their eyes shone with sexual heat. Darielle’s eyes were calm and bright. She was fully confident of her sexual skills and she knew that her conquest of Minerva’s body was only a matter of time. Minerva’s eyes were feverish with lust, but also burning with anger and uncertainty. She had lost the battle so far and Darielle’s confidence was beginning to eat at her own. Still, she was sure that she and the courtesan had fought a much closer battle than the other woman had expected. Minerva was sure that she still had a chance to win, if she could just outlast her opponent.

With a smile, Darielle rose to her feet. Minerva rose to match her, preparing for the other woman to attack. Instead, Darielle continued smiling and turned to walk across the cabin, her hips and ass swaying seductively in the dim light. She approached a table on the far side of the large bed. For the first time, Minerva saw that a bottle of rum and two glasses were sitting on the table.

Darielle poured rum from the bottle into both glasses, replaced the bottle, and turned back to Minerva, carrying both glasses. She extended one glass to her foe. Minerva took the glass hesitantly, unsure of how to understand this sudden civility.

“Let’s toast to our captain,” Darielle murmured, “and to our friendship. When we are done here, we will be very good friends, Minerva.” The black-haired beauty smiled contemptuously. “You will just be much more obedient to me. You will come to understand which of us is the better woman.”

Minerva smiled back, just as nastily. “Yes, we will be very good friends, Darielle,” she replied. “I will enjoy having you eat me whenever I order you to do so.”

The women sipped at their rum, their eyes locked, their mutual hatred growing. Darielle drank just a little of the liquor. Then, slowly and deliberately, she poured most of the drink over her round, taut tits. The rich liquid rolled between her golden orbs, dripping off her swollen nipples, and flowed down her sleek belly, saturating her thick pubic bush and trickling down to glisten on her juicy cuntlips. The rum continued down Darielle’s luscious body, sliding over her columnar thighs and calves toward the floor.

Minerva poured the rum more slowly and carefully over her tits and down her chest. The cool liquid coated her thick titflesh, dribbled off her nipples, slid down her belly, tickled her bush and her pulsing cunt before sliding down her legs.

Darielle took Minerva’s glass from her and slid both glasses out of the way, under the bed. Then the two women slowly approached each other. Their eyes locked, Darielle and Minerva reached for each other. Darielle slid her hand over Minerva’s thick right tit. Never breaking eye contact, the black-haired courtesan cupped the beautiful gland and lowered her head. Her tongue reached out and lapped gently at the sensitive, swollen nipple. Minerva shuddered as her foe slowly started to suck at her incredibly sensitive brown, fleshy cylinder, sucking at the rum taste, feasting on Minerva’s overheated flesh.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Darielle moaned, genuinely enjoying herself as her tongue expertly flicked and teased Minevera’s sensitive nipple. She sucked lustily at the woman’s hard, pebbled cylinder, running her tongue on the rough areola, biting gently at the hard brown flesh, before opening her mouth to take more and more of Minerva’s throbbing tit into her mouth.

Minerva gasped and cried out, momentarily paralyzed by the intensely pleasurable sensations burning up from her chest. She kneaded Darielle’s right breast, squeezing and caressing and twisting the engorged nipple. Then, groaning with need, she lifted the heavy gland and bent her body, lowered her head, and began to feast hungrily on Darielle’s tit, lapping at the taut flesh, sucking and biting, enjoying the taste of the rum as she sucked.

As the women suckled at each other’s right tit, they kneaded and teased and massaged the other’s woman’s bulging left tit, their fingers sinking into the dense, throbbing flesh. But Minerva soon slid her right hand down Darielle’s slick belly, through the courtesan’s thick black bush, and began to rub and caress her wet, smooth cuntlips. Darielle’s moans intensified and she immediately returned the favour. In moments, both women were vigorously finger-fucking each other, hot digits driving up into wet, tight slits. Minerva resisted the urge to simply pump her foe’s cunt. Instead, she drew on everything Arella had taught her. She gently, carefully, stroked and teased and massaged Darielle’s pussy, her fingers sliding delicately on the other woman’s growing clit.

Darielle groaned harder. She was impressed by Minerva’s finger-fucking technique. But she was well-versed in these techniques herself. Her nimble fingers explored the inside of Minerva’s vagina, seeking out the most sensitive spots inside the walls of her pussy. At the same time, she gently manipulated Minerva’s burning clit, sending waves of unbearable pleasure radiating through her enemy.

For a long time, Darielle and Minerva stood on the wet rug, their voluptuous, perfect bodies swaying back and forth, the only sounds in the room the wet sound of fingers pumping cunt, the heavy breathing of the two aroused Amazons, and their moans and muffled cries of pleasure as one or the other hit some particularly ecstatic spot inside the other’s twat. After a time, the women switched over to suck the other breast of their opponent, but the battle continued.

Minerva’s twat was soaked and dripping like a faucet onto the rug. She was sure that she was only a few deft strokes away from another humiliating, excruciating orgasm but, somehow, she managed to hold back the climax building in her core. She was dizzy with the wild sensations burning up from her cunt. But she concentrated her utmost on relaxing her insides, on collecting and flowing with the incredible erotic pleasure that Darielle was forcing on her. At some point, she realized that she was crying with the intensity of the feelings, but still she fought on.

Darielle found herself growing more and more frustrated and she had to fight to maintain her own calm, to relax her core and let the waves of pleasure wash over and through her. She had fought experienced prostitutes and sexfighters who had not lasted as long as Minerva. Darielle realized that whatever training Minerva had received, she had learned her lessons well. The beautiful courtesan could feel the trembling in her core as Minerva sucked and finger-fucked her. It was almost too much to take. But her fingers were inside of Minerva’s cunt and she could feel the quivering in the other woman’s twat. She knew that Minerva was close to exploding. At least, she hoped this was the case.

Gasping, moaning with pleasure, Darielle and Minerva finger-fucked each other furiously, they feasted on each other’s tits until the sensitive glands ached with erotic sensations. They were leaking copious amounts of cuntjuice. Both women’s hands were soaked with the secretions of the other. Slowly, Darielle and Minerva sank to their knees on the rug, the strength of their legs giving out as the erotic tension built in their beautiful bodies.

Taking one last, desperate chance to push her enemy over the edge, Minerva thrust all five fingers of her hand up into Darielle’s sopping wet pussy, and then pushed up as far as she could into the incredibly hot, tight fuckhole. Darielle gasped and whooped in joy as she was so deeply violated. Then Minerva carefully clenched her fist, twisting her hand and arm, drilling into Darielle’s body, stretching the elastic tissue of the courtesan’s incredible twat around her pumping fist. Darielle screamed and sobbed,her entire body heaved with the incredible pleasure radiating out of her reamed cunt. She concentrated with all of her strength and fought back the impending orgasm that now threatened to explode. At the same time, Darielle drove her own fist as far up into Minerva’s rigid twat as she could, twisting her wrist, pumping back and forth.

Minerva howled, sobbing uncontrollably, as Darielle penetrated her to the core. She gasped as she felt her inner vaginal walls constrict and contract around Darielle’s thrusting fist and wrist, squeezing the invading arm tightly . Unable to hold back a moment longer, Minerva screamed as her body erupted in an intense orgasm. Her belly rippled and her ass and hips jerked, almost like she was a hand puppet, controlled by the fist now churning up her pussy. Hot, wet cum flowed out to coat Darielle’s arm and drop to the rug, to course down Minerva’s inner thighs. The auburn-haired beauty groaned miserably as she tried force her own hand further up into Darielle’s twat. She could feel the other woman trembling inside and she knew that Darielle was close to coming. But Darielle worked her fist inside of Minerva even harder and the young beauty found the strength of her legs giving out completely. Crying, sobbing with pleasure and rage, Minerva fell on her back on the rug once more. Darielle followed her down. Both women still had a fist lodged inside of the other’s twat, but Darielle used the opportunity to pull back her hips. Her cunt slipped free of Minerva’s fist with a loud popping sound, hot juices spilling free.

Pushing Minerva into the rug, Darielle lay beside her writhing, bucking foe and continued to probe, to manipulate her arm inside of her screaming enemy. She licked and sucked at Minerva’s bouncing tits. Darielle’s body was also trembling with pre-orgasmic pleasure, but she managed to hold herself in check as she ravaged Minerva. She was amazed at the amount of cum that the other girl was spewing. Minerva’s hips rocked, her belly tensed, the woman gasped and screamed as she struggled futilely to control the orgasmic power flowing through her body, forcing explosion after explosion out of her core.

“No, No, Noooooooo!!,” Minerva moaned miserably. Darielle smiled.

“Yes, you bitch, yes, you little cunt!” Darielle hissed at her enemy. “I told you I would fuck you out of your mind, and that’s just what I’m doing!”

Saying this, Darielle felt the heat in her body build to uncontrollable levels. She was going to orgasm, and she wanted to be riding Minerva cunt to cunt when she came.

With a snarl, Darielle pulled her soaked hand and wrist out of Minerva’s struggling, sucking cunt. Minerva screamed and a gusher of cum flowed out as the dam was unplugged. Without waiting, Darielle threw herself on top of her beautiful enemy. She quickly tangled and aligned her body with Minerva’s body, tit to tit, belly to belly, cunt to spasming cunt. She thrust down with her hips, driving her burning, engorged clit onto Minerva’s rock-hard, throbbing sexhorn. The women screamed in concert as their cunts rammed tight, cunt lips splatting together and sealing. Their massive clits twisted together and Darielle and Minerva glared hatefully into each other’s beautiful eyes as they felt their orgasms align, as their thrusting asses and hips joined their incredible bodies in an explosion of ecstasy.

Darielle screamed and bucked as a delicious orgasm erupted from her core. Her body went tense, every muscle going rigid with pleasure, her back arched as her hips and ass drove down into Minerva’s inosculated cunt. She pumped her victory cum down into Minerva’s body. The women’s cum mixed within Minerva and then shot back up into Darielle as the woman below her spasmed in multi-orgasmic fury. Minerva’s body went as stiff as a plank as another climax roared through her muscles.

Nose to nose, panting and snarling with hate, furious eyes locked, Darielle and Minerva shared the deepest intimacies possible as their bodies exchanged orgasms and cum, as Darielle rode Minerva mercilessly. Their heavy tits ground and slipped together, in and out and around each other, soaked in sweat. Their sweat and cum-slicked bellies slapped, their legs twined into unbreakable knots. Both women were gripping the other’s ass, their claws sunk into the taut muscle of the other, pulling each other in deeper. Darielle reached behind her and seized Minerva’s hands. Twining fingers, she shoved the other woman’s arms over their heads, out to the sides, and pinned Minerva as the women writhed and rubbed against each other furiously.

Minerva’s orgasms finally began to tail off, even as Darielle felt hers’ rising to a crescendo. Rearing up, driving her pussy to Minerva’s twat, spreading Minerva’s cunt, thrusting with all the power of her ass and hips, Darielle penetrated Minerva as deeply as she could even as she screamed out a final, tremendous orgasm. Her pussy injected her gushing cum into Minerva’s twat. Minerva spread her legs wide in sexual surrender, her body accepting its abject defeat.

For many minutes, the exhausted young beauties lay this way, Darielle lodged between Minerva’s splayed legs, their perfect bodies covered in sweat and cum, panting and gasping into each other’s hair, their bellies flat against each other, their throbbing tits crushed tight, aching nipples locked. Finally, Darielle stirred.

“Yes,” Darielle whispered in Minerva’s ear, “Yes, you little fucker, this is how it will always be. Your body surrendering to mine, your cunt devoured by mine. Are you ready to accept that I am the better woman?”

“Never, never,” Minerva moaned. Tears streaked her face, but her eyes still shone with anger. “I swear to the gods, before this night is through, I will make you sorry you ever fucked with me. I will ream your cunt until I suck it dry.”

“Little bitch,” Darielle breathed just before locking her mouth to Minerva’s. The women’s tongues tangled and twisted, spit flowed between their sealed-together lips.

After a while, Minerva broke the kiss. She freed her hands from Darielle’s grip and, placing her palms on Darielle’s shoulders, shoved the black-haired courtesan off of her yet again. For a moment, the women lay side by side, recovering their energy, their beautiful bodies almost perfect reflections, their tits heaving as they breathed.

Darielle rolled onto her side, propped her head up on her hand, and grinned down at her beautiful enemy. She ran her free hand down Minerva’s slick, wet torso, from her magnificent tits to her twat. Darielle used a finger to scoop out some cum from Minerva’s pussy. She licked her finger clean as she smiled.

“Mmm, you taste good, girl,” the courtesan murmured. “I’m going to enjoy eating you.” She grinned maliciously. “Let’s do that right now.”

Languidly, Darielle rose up from the rug and walked to the bed, her wet body glistening in the firelight. She arranged two pillows, then climbed onto the bed, lay back with her head supported by the pillows, and spread her powerful legs. Minerva had turned over to watch what Darielle was doing. Now, she stared into Darielle’s hungry pink twat, mesmerized by the juicy lips shining with wet.

“Come, Minerva,” Darielle smiled, gesturing with her hand. “Let us feast on each other. Let us see how good you are at eating cunt.”

Gathering her strength, Minerva rose from the cabin floor, from the wet rug. Her eyes were burning with fury. Inside, part of her despaired. Darielle was beating her, was fucking her out of her mind. The black-haired courtesan seemed to possess a limitless supply of sexual energy. Minerva knew that Darielle planned to exhaust her and to break her cunt, break her will. Yet, even so, a larger part of Minerva’s mind remained confident that she could win. Despite the incredible amounts of cum she had spewed so far tonight, despite her defeats, she still felt energetic. Indeed, the sexual combat actually seemed to be feeding her in some way, making her stronger. She might be losing, but she did not feel that she needed to give up the fight. In the end, the winner was still going to be the woman who lasted the longest.

Slowly, seductively, Minerva walked up to the bed, her hips swinging, her big tits rocking gently. Her green eyes were locked to Darielle’s blue. Minerva climbed onto the bed. Carefully, she turned her back to her foe, her eyes still locked to Darielle’s over her shoulder, and swung one leg over Darielle’s body. She was now on her hands and knees, facing down Darielle’s body. She maintained eye contact with Darielle for a moment. Then she carefully spread legs and pushed her ass back toward Darielle, offering the other woman her open cunt, even as she lowered her face to the delicious maw between Darielle’s spread thighs. Both women looped their arms over the other’s hips, spread their hands on the other’s powerful round ass, and brought their hungry mouths and eager tongues to bear on each other’s cunts.

Minerva buried her face in Darielle’s fragrant, cum-sotted twat, rubbing her nose and face into the soft, wet flesh, inhaling the delicious scent, covering her cheeks in the wet, feeling her face tickled by Darielle’s course, wet fur. She began to lick and suck, cleaning out Darielle’s twat, running her tongue around and around the thick, muscled ring of the woman’s vagina, sending her pink probe plunging into the depths of her enemy’s cunt. She teased around and around Darielle’s massive red clit, but left it untouched for the moment as she tantalized her foe.

Darielle smiled and sighed with pleasure as she felt Minerva’s ministrations to her cunt. Delicious electricity burned up out of her core, suffusing her body, tightening her tits, filling her belly with delectable tension. Smiling, she kissed Minerva’s pussy delicately, gently, then began exploring it with her tongue and teeth. She cleaned out and swallowed the sexual juices, teasing and caressing. Then she wrapped her soft lips and expert tongue around Minerva’s thick, pulsing clit and began to suck vigorously. Minerva immediately began to lick and suck at Darielle’s throbbing clit in return.

The women moaned in ecstasy as they devoured each other. Soon, both women’s nimble fingers were probing each other’s cunts and assholes, thrusting and scouring, teasing and tantalizing, trying to find any way to inflict even greater pleasure on the other. Minerva and Darielle settled in for a long, luscious cunteating contest. Both women struggled to relax their insides, to let the pleasure they were forcing on each other fill them like a liquid in an empty bottle, struggled to resist the incredible tension fed by their mutual sexual stimulation, to keep it from building to an overpowering orgasm. On and on, they ate each other and played with each other’s twats and assholes, probing and pumping, sucking and licking. Their twats leaked prodigious amounts of cunt juice, soaking their faces and hair, soaking their bellies and thighs, soaking the bed. At some point, groaning and sighing with pleasure, the women rolled onto their sides. They wrapped their thighs around each other’s heads and continued to feed on each other. Darielle fisted Minerva first, gently driving her hand deep into Minerva’s aching twat, even as she continued to suck hard at the auburn-haired beauty’s enormous clit. Sighing, sobbing with pleasure, Minerva returned the gesture, sliding her hand as far into Darielle’s quim as possible, clenching her fist and gently rotating her arm, massaging the courtesan’s inner vaginal walls. Both women cried quietly as the excruciating pleasure built and built.

Minerva slid her hand down Darielle’s beautifully formed back, pulling at her black hair, slipping her hand around to Darielle’s chest to grope and massage her massive tit. Moaning, Darielle returned the grip. It was finally too much for both women. Quietly, sobbing uncontrollably with the ecstasy, Darielle and Minerva erupted simultaneously. Both pulled their hands free of the other woman’s cunt and buried their faces in her enemy’s gushing pussy. Their twats pumped rhythmically, jetting hot cum with each orgasmic convulsion. Darielle and Minerva covered each other’s cunts with their mouths, moaning in pleasure as they sucked and swallowed what they could. Their hair and faces grew wet with ejaculate.

The orgasms rippled on, deep waves of pleasure radiating out of their cores, breaking over their bodies, pulling pure ecstasy out of their voluptuous flesh. Darielle and Minerva continued to suck slowly and deliberately at the other’s clit, both women almost delirious with pleasure, moaning and sobbing in joy, but still determined to force the other to sexual surrender.

The women sucked each other into delerium, riding on waves of bliss. Their orgasms gradually subsided. After a time, their grips on each other’s bodies loosened. Darielle groaned and pulled back, lying flat on her back. Gasping, Minerva rolled on her back. Her clit still burned with unrelieved pleasure, her body throbbed with heat. Groaning, she rolled onto her hands and knees over Darielle’s body and began to crawl down the bed, lost in her own world of sexual rapture.

Darielle sat up, rousing herself from the blissful ecstasy of the sexual power reverberating through her flesh. She reached out and grasped Minerva’s auburn mane, yanking the beautiful woman’s head back. Minerva groaned with the pain. Darielle placed her other hand on Minerva’s hip. Minerva’s thighs were on either side of Darielle’s hips. With a gasp, Darielle fell back on the bed, still holding Minerva in place by her auburn hair, and raised her thighs, wrapping her legs around Minerva’s waist from below, crossing and locking her ankles between Minerva’s shoulders. Darielle bucked up, driving her hips upwards, smashing her naked, dripping cunt directly into Minerva’s drooling twat.

Minerva screamed in pleasure as Darielle’s throbbing, engorged clit rammed directly into her own sexhorn. Minerva grasped the steel support at the foot of the bed to anchor herself and responded by driving her pussy down onto Darielle’s hungry twat. Darielle grabbed the headboard for leverage and bucked up with all her strength, lifting Minerva’s body as their twats smashed together. The women’s sopping cunts sealed and sucked, fusing together upside down to each other. Their engorged clits slipped and twisted into one, like two interlocking horns.

Gripping opposite sides of the bedframe, their bodies twined in reverse, Minerva powered down into Darielle’s dripping cunt with all her strength even as Darielle rammed up into her. The two women screamed and screamed as their cunts ate and ground at each other, vaginal muscles squeezing and contracting, as their massive clits locked and fused into one. They rubbed and rubbed cunts, their hips and asses bucking and grinding as they pumped each other powerfully. Darielle’s magnificent tits bounced furiously; Minerva’s tits crushed into the bed and burned with delicious friction as she writhed on the rough bedding as she drove herself into her enemy.

“Yes, yes, fuck, fuck, yesss!!” Minerva moaned, her body trembling with the incredible erotic power that suffused her flesh.

“Gods, gods, fuck, fuck, fuck!!,” Darielle cried, her control completely lost, her only desire to keep grinding and fucking with Minerva until both of them exploded in ecstasy.

On and on, Minerva and Darielle fucked, their bodies slick with sweat, the heat in their voluptuous flesh growing to feverish intensity, their swollen clits squeezing and locking harder and harder as the matching sexhorns swelled with blood and erotic electricity. Minerva was sure that she was being fucked to death, but she no longer cared. All she wanted was the unbearable pleasure waiting at the end of this mutual fuck. Darielle still maintained some sense of the battle. Her body craved Minerva’s body, her lust to completely unite her burning, voluptuous body with that of her enemy overwhelmed all her senses. But, deep in the back of her mind, part of her struggled to regain some control, to hold back just enough to claim the sexual victory that she needed.

The women fucked and fucked, driving each other insane with lust as they rode to ecstasy together. For more than 20 minutes, they ground together mercilessly, their bodies saturated with sexual power, their flesh burning. Dimly, Minerva and Darielle knew that they could be only moments, only a few more grinding thrusts, away from orgasmic nirvana. Bracing her pumping, bucking body with one hand on the headboard, Darielle suddenly rammed two fingers deep into Minerva’s exposed asshole. Maybe this made the decisive difference.

“Oh, oh, oh, ooooooohhhhhhhhh, FUCKKKK!!!, Minerva howled as the incredible pleasure building in her core suddenly overflowed and overwhelmed her. She exploded in the greatest orgasm of her life. Her sexual dam burst. Her pussy began convulsing and contracting, pumping copious amounts of hot cum down into Darielle’s receptive body. Cum overflowed and almost blasted out from between the women’s locked pussylips, coating and spreading around their lower abdomens as they writhed together, soaking their intermeshed pussy fur.

Darielle locked her ankles tighter between Minerva’s shoulder blades, she grabbed the headboard again with both hands, and she rocked her hips and ass powerfully, determined to fuck every drop of cum that she could out of Minerva’s convulsing cunt. Minerva continued to orgasm over and over again, her body going rigid, straining with power as her deepest core spasmed with unbearable pleasure. Sobbing, gasping, Minerva’s body slowly went limp as she lost consciousness, as her sexual power drained away with the liquids flowing out of her gushing quim. Both women were soaked with cum almost up to their breasts by the time Minerva’s body finally went limp.

Darielle’s teeth were clenched in effort as she strained to hold back the incredible orgasm filling her core. She needed to know that she had defeated Minerva completely before she dared to let herself go. Moaning, she twisted their interlocked bodies, turning Minerva onto her back, turning herself onto her hands and knees. Slowly, agonizingly, she pulled her cunt away from Minerva’s. Their twined clits separated with difficulty, unlocking with excruciating pleasure, Darielle’s clit still throbbing and burning with pleasure and need, Minerva’s clit still remarkably hard, despite the multiple orgasms it had generated.

Darielle pulled away from Minerva’s body, freeing a gusher of cum that leaked onto the soaked bed, which formed a puddle of liquid between Minerva’s legs.

Moaning, Darielle turned around and repositioned herself between Minerva’s spread thighs. She separated Minerva’s fat, juicy cuntlips with her fingers, letting the auburn-haired woman’s clit spring free. Slowly and carefully, Darielle slid her swollen clit, head to head, with Minerva’s sexhorn. Even in unconsciousness, Minerva stirred as the ecstatic contact resumed. Darielle wanted her clit to conquer Minerva’s sex from on top, from a perfect match of like to like. She grasped Minerva’s round, taut breasts and squeezed. Darielle’s hips jerked as she slid and rammed her aching, throbbing clit, grinding it against Minerva’s. But the attack did not last long. Throwing back her head, running her hands through her black locks, her massive tits bouncing and spraying sweat, Darielle howled in ecstasy as she finally came, her victorious pussy erupting in a fountain of cum. Darielle’s pussy juice coated Minerva’s lower body, pooling in her navel, splattering her tits, covering her thighs. Darielle’s belly rippled as she pumped her cum onto her defeated enemy. All the while, she smiled in blissful joy as she enjoyed her victory fuck. The war was over. Minerva’s cunt was beaten. Darielle was finally victorious.

Part VI – Conclusion

Darielle finally collapsed on top of her defeated enemy and lay there for some time, her body mashed to Minerva’s, enjoying the heat and intimacy of her conquest’s glorious flesh. Both women were now almost covered, head to toe, with their shared cum.

After a while, Darielle stirred and then rolled off of Minerva and rose from the bed. She reached for the bottle of rum on the side table and took a deep swig, enjoying the rush of heat in her belly. She felt bone-deep exhaustion. Minerva had proven to be a truly incredible enemy. Darielle could not remember ever having fought such a close sexfight before. But she was confident that she had finally broken her foe. When Minerva awoke, Darielle was sure that the redhead would accept the fact that she had been tamed by a woman with a superior set of sexual skills. The black-haired courtesan already knew how she planned to humiliate her auburn-haired rival and reinforce her dominance. Now, she began to plan for how she would use her superiority to assert herself in Reynald’s bed.

Darielle heard a sound behind her and turned to see Minerva stirring. She smiled as Minerva sat up, a dazed and confused look in her eyes.

“So, you little cunt, are you ready to accept me as your mistress? Or do I have to keep fucking your brains out?” Darielle smirked, her eyes glowing with heat. To her amazement, she felt her clit stir as she took in Minerva’s sensual beauty. Even in defeat, the auburn-haired vixen was incredibly erotic.

Minerva was covered in cum, her hair was wet with sweat and pussy juice. But the redhead’s eyes cleared and seemed to shine with rage and power.

“You dirty whore,” Minerva snarled. “This isn’t over until one of us is fucked completely senseless. Get your fat ass back over here and spread your fucking legs. We’re going to go cunt to cunt and clit to clit until only one of us can walk.”

Darielle’s smirk disappeared. She did not understand how Minerva could be so defiant, how she could seem to have so much energy after all she had been through. But, as she watched, Darielle could see Minerva’s massive clit swelling out of her labia, growing in power and hardness. Darielle pushed aside her doubts and fears. Minerva seemed to have almost superhuman sexual stamina, but that was Darielle’s gift, too. In the past, she had beaten sexual competitors who were more skilled than she was just by wearing them out. Darielle had never lost a sexfight, and she did not intend to start now. She concentrated, summoning up her power. She was gratified as she felt her clit swelling again, the insatiable sexual desires of her body rippling out of her core, powering her beautiful body.

“If that’s what you want, fucker,” Darielle growled. “I’ve defeated you every time we’ve matched clits tonight. Nothing is going to be different this time or the next or the next.”

“All that matters is who wins the last fuckfight, you cunt,” Minerva spat. “Get down here and let’s get started.”

Darielle climbed onto the bed, rage and lust blazing in her heart. Her erogenous zones burned with need, she felt sexual energy charging her tits and her cunt. She was going to eat this whore alive. Her body was already aching for the excruciating sexual pleasure she knew that she and Minerva would inflict on each other.

The women faced each other, legs spread, thick pink cunts engorged and leaking with juice. Their hard, round tits heaved and jiggled as their breath came in excited pants. Their nipples were huge and thick and pointing like spikes. They leaned back, their magnificent bodies supported by their powerful arms. Their hair billowed out around their heads like erotic auras. The air of the room was suffused with the overpowering musk of womanly arousal, the distinct scent of both women’s juiced cunts mixing and merging and creating an exotic aroma of sex. Green eyes locked to blue. The women smiled at each other, their mutual lust and hate at a fever pitch.

Darielle and Minerva pushed up to each other, smoothly sliding right legs over lefts, until their hot, wet, tight fuckslits were perfectly aligned and only a whisper’s distance apart. The heat radiating out of their cunts warmed both women’s inner thighs. Smiling grimly at each other, they pressed their swollen, pussies together gently, letting their twats kiss slowly, teasing and taunting each other. They held their slick quims together like that for a moment until the erotic electricity built up to unbearable charge. Both women gasped together as their juiced up pussies suddenly lubricated in a hard gush, pussy juice spraying out and coating their cuntlips and inner thighs. Slowly, tortuously, Darielle and Minerva rubbed their wet cuntlips together, mixing the lubricant, spreading it around their hot, wet crotches. They bit their lips as each woman struggled to control herself, to keep the incredible sensations from overwhelming her restraint.

“Enough, slut,” Darielle moaned, her voice thick with effort. “Let’s fuck.”

Her eyes shining, Minerva said nothing. But she drew back her hips. Darielle did the same. Signaling with their eyes, the two sexual combatants rammed their hungry cunts together with all of their strength. Their thick cuntlips flattened together, their succulent labia met and mashed. The women screamed uncontrollably, but both began grinding and shoving as hard as they could with their hips and asses, struggling to grind deep into each other, to spread and penetrate each other completely. Their engorged clits smashed together head to head, sending pulses of unbearable pleasure burning through every inch of their voluptuous flesh. They squeezed each other’s cunts with all of their strength, mashing their clits and labia into one, straining to devour each other twat to twat.

“Oh, you dirty fucking whore, you filthy CUNT!!,” Darielle screamed at Minerva, her eyes blazing with hate and lust, tears streaming down her beautiful face.

“Bitch! Fucking, cunteating SLUT!!,” Minerva screamed back, her gorgeous face a rictus of sexual agony as she fought to control the pleasure radiating from their locked cunts.

The women fucked mercilessly. They threw back their heads, braced their arms and ground into each other with all their power. Their tits bounced furiously, spraying sweat. Their abdomens rippled with effort. Darielle and Minerva pounded at each other, pulling apart and smashing their cunts together again and again, driving their clits together, before locking up again and resuming the head to head, clit to clit grind. They threw all of their sexual power at each other in a final, desperate effort to prove which of them was the better woman, the stronger cunt.

Minerva and Darielle fell back on their sides. Their legs remained scissor-locked, their twats continued to suck and grip each other tight. Lubrication flowed from their locked pussy lips like water. Their clits stroked and ground relentlessly. Each woman grasped the other’s thigh and used it for leverage as they battled on.

The battle seemed to go on forever. Neither woman relented. Beautiful eyes locked, breath coming in hot pants, the room filling with their moans and growls of pleasure, gripping each other’s thighs tightly, Minerva and Darielle fucked slow and hard, their hips and asses moving powerfully and deliberately. They kept their rock-hard, swollen clits grinding head to head, excruciating pleasure pulsing through their bodies with each exquisitely ecstatic stroke. The world ceased to exist for both women. The only thing they saw were each other’s eyes; the only things they felt were the unbearable sensations radiating from their locked clits. Their intermeshed genitals seemed to swell to fill them completely. Both women slowly came to understand that the sexual tension that had built up in both of them over the course of the past month, the unrelieved pressure that had driven them to this point, remained unabated and was now struggling for release.

The end came suddenly. Darielle felt it, a growing sense that a dam had broken deep inside of her. An incredible pressure, an exquisite wave of pleasure, came rippling off her clit, burning through her skin, inflaming the heat in her back, firing all the nerves in her body. The familiar sense of no return suddenly washed over her like a tidal wave of sensual delight.

“No,” Darielle groaned, her eyes widening with shock and fear. “No!!” she cried as she felt the intensity of the orgasm coming with ferocious force. “Oh, FUCK, NOOOO!!” she screamed.

Minerva smiled viciously, not saying anything but pumping her cunt harder and harder, ramming her clit with greater force against its counterpart on Darielle.

“NOOOOOOO!!!,” Darielle shrieked as the most incredible orgasm of her life detonated deep in her core, flooding her body with nova-hot heat, overloading her senses, washing her away on a tsunami of sexual bliss. She fell flat on her back, her body writhing uncontrollably, her hands reaching blindly for the ceiling as her pussy exploded. Her belly rippled as her pussy pumped hot cum, which leaked out from the seal of the women’s quims.

Smiling savagely, Minerva rode the other woman powerfully. She kept her clit mashed tight to Darielle’s sexhorn, determined to fuck every drop of cum from her enemy. Minerva had already experienced this same overwhelming wave of pleasure. She had barely survived it, and she was going to make sure that Darielle could not recover from this defeat.

Darielle writhed and screamed, her screams fading to desperate moans. Her magnificent tits jiggled enticingly, so taut with sexual arousal, their nipples so hard and tight, that they actually hurt. Minerva leaned down and licked and nibbled at one of Darielle’s nips, provoking another round of agonizing orgasms from the black-haired bitch.

Finally, Darielle collapsed, her writhing body grew still, her gasps of unimaginable pleasure turned to the exhausted pants of a spent woman. Darielle’s beautiful blue eyes rolled up into her head and she passed out, finally fucked into absolute submission. Minerva continued to pump her enemy, provoking a number of orgasms from the unconscious courtesan.

Minerva slowly, painfully, pulled her twat free of Darielle’s beaten pussy. Her clit throbbed with unbearable heat and tension. She knew that she needed relief. She feared that another orgasm as intense as this one felt might kill her, but she had no choice.

Gasping, Minerva crawled up Darielle’s body. She mounted the other woman’s left tit and slowly, deliberately, rubbed her rock-hard clit into Darielle’s rock-hard nipple. She used the courtesan’s breast to titfuck herself, moaning in pleasure as she felt the taut, thick flesh bulge up into the slick maw of her twat. After a few minutes of writhing, grinding bucking, Minerva screamed in relief as her body exploded. Cum covered Darielle’s tits, splattering her face, flowing down into her deep cleavage.

With a final cry, Minerva collapsed beside her foe, totally exhausted. She had nothing left. But, for this moment at least, she did not need any more. Darielle was defeated. Smiling with satisfaction, Minerva slipped into a dreamless sleep.

Epilogue I:

Hours later, Darielle woke to find herself alone in the abandoned cabin. The light of the early morning sun was streaming in the stateroom window. The room stank of sex and cum, the thick musk of womanhood was in the air. Dry cum and sweat crusted on her body. She felt sore all over, especially in her twat and breasts.

Darielle rolled off of the bed and staggered across the cabin to find her robe. As she pulled it on, she looked around for any note or any other message from Minerva. But she did not see anything. The message of her defeat was, evidently, the only thing that Minerva needed to say.

Darielle’s eyes burned with tears, but she kept them in. She had been defeated. Her body, her sex, had been overwhelmed by those of another woman. She had never been more humiliated in her life. She swore to herself that this would not be the end of it, that she would not allow herself to submit to Minerva. But she could feel, deep inside, that her womanly confidence had been badly shaken. Her destiny had been subverted. She did not know what to do.

Darielle opened the cabin door carefully. No one was about. She quickly crossed the hall and entered her cabin. She locked the door, dropped the robe to the floor and approached her bed, intending to throw herself into the bedclothes, to lose her shame in the balm of sleep. To her surprise, however, she saw a note on her pillow. Sitting on the bed, she opened the envelope. She knew, of course, that it was from Minerva. She expected a taunting, vicious letter which reinforced the new order between them. Instead, she read:

“When you are ready, come and see me. I have an interesting proposition for you, one that may help both of us realize our destinies. Minerva.”

Intrigued, Darielle carefully folded the letter and put it back in its envelope. She did not know what to think. But she felt a new sense of energy. There might be a way for her to salvage her future, after all.

Epilogue II:

Reynald yawned and stretched luxuriously. It was late for him to be getting up, but he and Arella had spent an exhausting night renewing their carnal acquaintance. As much as he enjoyed his two mistresses, he also appreciated the variety offered by other beautiful women.

Captain Arella came out of the adjoining washroom. She was naked, her magnificent body glistening with wetness. Evidently, she had been washing herself up, cleaning up some of the mess of the previous night. She swayed across the room, her majestic tits rocking, her womanly hips see-sawing, her long, strong legs smooth and taut. Arella was a woman from the far south, her skin a dark chocolate hue, her eyes a golden brown. Long, wild black hair crowned her head. She slipped into bed beside Reynald, pressing her chest into his. Reynald slipped his arm around her and rested one hand on her hip. The other hand he used to fondle her nearest tit, kneading and caressing the thick flesh. He smiled as he felt Arella’s nipple instantaneously harden.

The dark-skinned beauty kissed the man gently.

“When do you plan to return to the Northstar, milord?” Arella asked.

“Later today, my dear,” the captain replied. “No need to rush. I want to give Minerva and Darielle as much time to work things out as possible.”

“Hm.” Arella appeared thoughtful. “Do you still think that Darielle will have conquered Minerva?” she asked.

“Well, it is the logical assumption,” Reynald replied. “Darielle has been trained in sex her whole life. Minerva has only had the lessons from you and me. I don’t doubt your skills as a teacher, Arella – indeed, I have enjoyed everything that you taught her – but I don’t think she has the experience to defeat a trained courtesan.”

“All very logical,” Arella admitted, “but I think that Minerva may surprise you. The girl has some remarkable abilities in bed. But there is something else.”

“What is that?” the man asked. He had begun to stroke Arella’s smooth skin. The woman had begun to stroke his thickening cock.

“Don’t underestimate Minerva, or treat her as a child. She has great potential and she will not always be satisfied to be the mistress of the Captain of the fleet. Think about grooming her for her own ship. No matter how her battle with this courtesan works out, she is not a resource to be squandered or ignored.”

“Hm,” Reynald replied. His cock was rock-hard now and the blood was pounding in his veins. He pushed Arella over onto her back, and he slowly mounted her, enjoying the feel of her massive tits pressing into his chest, her hard belly flattening to his own. “You really think so?” he asked. He slipped his shaft deep into Arella’s tight slit and thrust hard, impaling the woman with pleasure.

Arella gasped, then smiled lasciviously as she wrapped her legs around Reynald’s waist. “Oh yes,”she murmured. “Remember, you gave me my ship to keep me from being a threat to you. You were smart to do that. Don’t be foolish when it comes to Minerva.”

“My love, I will think about what you have said,” Reynald promised. But his hips were already jerking with pleasure and his cock was being squeezed and massaged by Arella’s deep vaginal muscles. As the man and the woman rode each other into bliss, the conversation slipped his mind as he was overwhelmed by the sensations of the moment.

Grunting and heaving, Reynald and Arella fucked long into the morning. On the Northstar, Minerva and Darielle began to plan their own destinies.

The End

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