The Misadventures of the Cats Claw: Introduction and Chapter 1 by Ahna Brown

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The year is 2542. The known universe consists of hundreds of planets. Some inhabited by humans, some by other humanoid species and some are barren wastelands. The Civil War between loyalist and resistance worlds ended 2 years ago and the survivors are still reeling. The loyalist government, the Galactic Confederation of Planets was created out of the chaos and has made power moves to crack down on any civil unrest. Those of us on the losing side have had to cow to the mistresses of the government. All the amenities of life are hard to come by. Food is scarce, good parts for ships are hard to scrounge, and medicine is almost nonexistent on poor worlds. Space was filledwith derelict ships who smuggle, steal and try to survive. In eachof the worlds, females are the dominant species. In the first years of the war, the Confederation released a toxin that killed most males but did not affect females. Babies are created artificially using DNA sequences and carried by host mothers. Most babies are born female but if a male is born, he becomes property of the government.

My name is Ahna Brown. I am human and was raised on a now dead world, Zoraban. My ancestors were some of the first space explorers from Earth. The war destroyed my home and killed my family. The Zoraban government tried to remain neutral but were forced to defend themselves when the loyalists came for bodies to replenish their ranks. I was thrust onto an overfilled shuttle while my family; father, mother and my younger sister Rihanna, boarded the one behind mine. I watched as their shuttle was destroyed from planetary strike weapons of the loyalist cruisers. I became a resistance fighter. I learned how to use weapons of all kinds and was schooled in the way of how we fight. During certain battles, when our ammunition ran dry, we would engage in hand to hand combat with the Confederation troops. Hair pulling, clothes ripping, clawing and biting body to body brawls was the way we all fought. It had been that way for hundreds of years. During the Battle of the Rain Valley on the tropical world of Trieste, I met the friends and compatriots I am with today. Ewa Sarrant served as an officer in the resistance. She came from Earth and first served in the Confederation star fighter command until she saw the brutal tactics they used. She had distinguished herself as a cagey fighter who could fight as well as she could fly. Brisha, or Bri, Siyo is her second in command and Ewa’s lover. Bri hailed from the world Viannace. The woman there were humanoid in appearance but their skin color different from woman to woman. Bri’s skin is pale but her hair color changes with her mood. I have learned firsthand not to mess with her when her hair is black. Our medic was Lisa Lake. Lisa grow up, like Ewa on Earth, and had a promising career as a surgeon. She used her medical expertise to assist those fighting against the government. Her fighting prowess was using her very large breasts to fight another woman. Fallon Foster was from Zoraban, same as me. Like me, her skin was a tapestry of artwork. For Zorabanians, tattoos were a way of life. She was our smart-ass intelligence and science officer. But like she would say, “Fire first and let the science work itself out.” This was the core of our crew. We love and fight with each other like only real friends do.

After the war ended, we were able to find a dilapidated VFX-101 light freighter. Round in design with the cockpit on the right side and weapons station on the left side of the forward part of the star ship. Two ION Drive sub light engines powered her. The cargo bay was large enough to hold a few small star fighters if we had them. The engines were old but had the capability to add faster than light capabilities with the correct type of drive. When we first started out, the ship, called Cats Claw, was barely holding together. We found ourselves stuck on a junkyard like world that did not have a name but just a designation, World 401. We found a stowaway the first night. She was a Karathi female, a feline humanoid in appearance. Her speech was mostly growls and hisses. I had learned some of the Karathi speech as a child, so I did my best to translate for the rest of the crew. She did not have a name so we called her Kara. She was dirty and needed food. What we found out was she was good with mechanics. It took a few weeks but we were able to scrounge enough working parts to make the Claw a real ship. We were now fully weapons capable though we did not have any ammunition. We had a shield generator and a faster than light drive, though there was not enough fuel rods to make both work at the same time. The hull was patched and sub light engines worked just fine.

That was almost two years ago. Over this time, we had built a reputation for stealing and smuggling. The Cats Claw became not only our home but also a well-maintained and well-armed battle freighter. The cargo bay now held two rebuilt racing skiffs and a stolen Oreck pleasure yacht. The small ship could hold three crew comfortably and was armed to the teeth. Kara had redesigned the armament and shields to make the Cat’s Paw more of a fighter than a pleasure yacht. Our crew was loyal to each other. We were reliable. We made enemies on both sides of the fence, both with the Confederation and will rival pirate outfits. Foremost was the Lightning Strike. Led by Lizy Lightning, this band of busty bitches liked to try to steal as much as they could. Lizy had once been an ally of Ewa, when they were in the resistance. However, the quest for money can split alliances.

I woke from the shudder of the ship coming out of hyper speed. I turned on my lamp and nothing happened. I flicked the bulb with my index finger and it came to life. My cabin was small and smelled of gun oil. I sat up in bed and let the covers drop off my naked body. I put my feet on the cold metal deck and stood. I walked to the small sink in my cabin, turned the water on, and splashed my face. I slicked my long dark hair back. I turned to the pile of clothes and picked up a worn pair of tight grey canvas pants with holes stitched shut. I rooted around and found a blackt-shirt. I gave it the old smell test and put it on. My heavy breasts pushed the t-shirt out at the front with my already hard nipples tenting the fabric. My job was to find the bounties that would net us the most money. We all got a share after getting food, fuel and parts for the ship. I sat back on the small bed and flipped open my data pad. The target’s name was Anastasia Nomorov. She was from Earth and part of a religious organization that had remained neutral during the war. She was a holy woman or nun. Most all of the sect were also warriors like in Earth’s history of the Crusades. Anastasia had departed the order and they wanted her back. Moreover, they were going to pay good money for me to do it. I pulled on a pair of worn combat boots and stood. I put on my gun belt. The DS-11 personal assault weapon was originally a loyalist-designed blaster. It had the standard settings for fire and stun but Kara had modified it for quick draw from a hip holster. I put on a shoulder rig that held my holdout blaster. The experimental blaster was designed to go through armor. It was my last ditch weapon because it was a kill shot every time. I grabbed a long brown duster style coat to wear over my ensemble. I stepped out of my small room and into the grey passageway. Leaning against the bulkhead or wall, was Kara. Her orange and black stripped feline hair was spotted with grease. Her breasts pushed forth from her tattered t-shirt.

“Grrrrarruuggghh!” She growled at me.

“Kara, this isn’t some shopping trip I am going out on,” I said exasperated. “I don’t have time to stop and get you fresh milk.”

She pushed herself off the bulkhead, “Rawerrrrggrrruuuh!”

“Oh,” I said smiling, “Well if you are going to modify my weapons then if I come across any, I will bring it to you.”

She purred and nuzzled against me.

“Oh get a room!” I heard from behind us.

I did not even turn as I recognized the voice. “Good morning, slut!”

Fallon walked up to us, “If we get back to the brothel on Mir ax7, I will show you what a slut I can be!”

“So,” I said as we walked towards the small bridge or flight deck, “Anything I need to be watching out for on this outpost?”

“The Confederation does not patrol out here much,” Fallon said, her large breasts bouncing in the tight t-shirt as she walked beside us, “On the outpost though, you need to watch out for the Sanctuary Ladies of Underground Terrestrial Youths, groups six and nine.”

I heard Kara snicker. I stopped, “Wait! SLUTY 69? Are you serious?”

“Duh!” Fallon said as she leaned against the feline mechanic and laughed. I glared until they both composed themselves, “Seriously though, the locals are mostly aligned with Francine Bridger’s outfit. They like to shoot first, second, and when everyone is dead, and then they ask questions.”

Francine Bridger was the lady boss of crime in this sector. A tall and busty green-skinned female from Viannace, like Bri. Nothing and I mean nothing happened without her knowing about it and without her approval. She and Ewa had history, like naked, sweaty, clawing and biting history. Mostly over Bri. Francine was one who thought Viannace women should not mix with other races.

I swore under my breath. I figured the captain knew about who ran this sector and still we were going. We reached the bridge and looked out the viewport to the small blue and green orb in front of us.

“Welcome to Epsilon Alpha 8,” Ewa said from the pilots chair. “Strap in for entry to the atmosphere.”

The ship shuddered and rocked as we descended from space down to the small planet. It was nighttime on this side of the planet and we flew dark with no running lights or lit markings of any kind. Ewa listened as Bri directed her where to land. The Cats Claw touched down about three clicks from the outpost where we believed our quarry would be.

“Bri will pilot the skiff and drop you off near the building she is supposed to be at,” Ewa said in the small hangar that held two beat up skiff racers, a two person craft known for speed and agility but not armament. “Fallon and Kara will set off a diversion on the other side of town, something big, to draw any guards or lookie loos away. Bri, once you drop off Ahna, park somewhere dark and quiet until you get her extract transmission. I will bring the Claw in close to town limits and you all get onboard as soon as possible. Doc Lisa will be standing by if any of you are scratched!” Ewa smiled, “We need to get out before anyone is the wiser. Savvy?”

We all nodded our heads.

Bri and I flew on a few feet off the ground as we accelerated to the some outpost town. The noise dampeners on the skiff made it silent. We slowed and waited in a darkened alley. All of a sudden the sky to the east of town lit up. It was followed by a large BOOM!

“That is our signal!” Bri shouted as she pulled the yoke and the skiff started to rise. We got to the roof height and I unstrapped and leapt onto the roof. I rolled and got to my feet, sprinting to a hatch leading down. The lock on the hatch was electrical. I removed a small circuit board from my pack and attached lead to the lock. A few seconds later the lock clicked open. I opened the hatch and dropped into darkness. I crept down through empty hallways until I got to a corner. I did a quick check and noticed one guard. She was a red-skinned Orthani woman. Orthani females had red or crimson skin and instead of hair, they had flesh tentacles like Medusa’s snakes on their heads. They were very dangerous. I tossed a small pebble against the far wall and heard the Orthani moved down the hall towards me. I tensed and when I saw her shadow, I readied. Once I saw the outline of her body out of the corner of my eye, I swung a kick out that caught her in the belly. She folded in half and I followed up with a knee to her face. She went down, out cold. I moved quickly to the room she was guarding. I checked the door and it was unlocked, so I entered. One a small bed in the corner of the room was a woman dressed in black and white robes. Her hands were tied behind her back and her mouth was gagged, but she sat up as I entered. I walked to her, pulled out a small sensor devise, and held her right eye open, scanning it. The devise beeped and I looked down smiling.

“Hello, Sister Anastasia,” I said, “So glad to meet you.”

I brought her up to her feet and she offered no resistance. I noticed a full bottle of milk in a bowl of ice and grabbed it. I keyed my comm chip on my collar. “Extract!” I called out. I pushed the nun down the hall to the main door and waited until I heard the skiff pull up. I pushed open the doors and tossed Anastasia in the back. I hopped in we took off.

I heard Ewa’s voice over the comms, “Everyone back her now! We have company!”

Bri hit the accelerator and I was pushed back in seat. Our skiff and Fallon’s came up to the back of the Claw at the same time. We went in the hangar with Kara leaping from her skiff to hit the switch and the doors started to close. Lisa was waiting in the hangar for us.

“We can secure her to the bench in the main salon,” Lisa said as I brought the nun out from the skiff. “I need to give her a few shots and do a quick exam.”

“You are the doc,” I said as pushed the bound Anastasia forward. I tossed the bottle of milk to Kara who purred at me. We got to the salon, which was an open area with a bolted down table and benches that were secured to the deck.

“Undue her bonds and secure her to the bench please,” Lisa said.

“Got it,” I replied.

On the flight deck, Ewa brought the Claw up over the clouds and pushed the throttle forward, pushing the ship through the atmosphere and into space. Bri dropped into the copilots chair as Fallon stood behind them. All of a sudden, a Karrak Class Confederation cruiser dropped out of hyperspace in front of us.

“FRAK!” Ewa swore out as she put the Claw into a dive.

“GORAM CONFEDS!” Bri cussed as her body was slammedback against her chair.

“FRAK? GORAM? Will you pussies just use the word FUCK!” Fallon yelled at the two as she held onto the back of their chairswith her feet lifted off the deck.

I had just cut Anastasia’s bonds and Lisa was getting ready to give the nun a shot when the gravity shifted violently. Lisa was thrown back hard against the bulkhead and Anastasia was thrown against me. I felt her body crush against mine as we were pinned between the bench and the table and her tits were massive. Her hands reached up and she latched onto my hair. I yelped in pain and tried to pull her hands from my long hair.

“HOLD HER!” I heard Lisa call and I painfully turned my head to see Lisa move slowly towards us, the artificial compensators slowly kicking in after the violent maneuver by the ship. It was as if she was walking in thick mud because her steps were slow and with great effort. I felt the nun try to pull away and I wrapped my arms around her to hold her in place. Lisa had just about reached us with syringe in hand when the ship maneuvered again. Lisa was catapulted out of the salon and down the passageway. I heard a loud THUMP and a curse.

“Release me!” Anastasia commanded.

“Fuck that, Sister!” I answered back as we struggled with each other.

“If you will not let me go, then I will make you,” she growled back.

“Try it, Bitch!” I snarled.

Hands went for hair again and pulled the head covering off and she had long black hair. I wrapped my fingers in it. The compensators were kicking in again and we found movement easier. We rolled from the bench to the floor. She slapped me hard across the face, which caused my hands to let go of her hair. Anastasia scrambled to her feet and tried to steady herself. She rushed for the hatch leading out of the salon but I grabbed the back of her robes and yanked her back. I could hear the robe rip even with the alarms going off and items banging around as the ship maneuvered. She was pulled back and to the bare metal floor in on the skimpiest of black panties. Her body was gorgeous! Her breasts were large, firm, and sat high on her chest. Her hips and ass were wonders to behold. My eyes must have been a little wide as she got to her feet and crouched. I rushed at her but she sidestepped and caught my t-shirt and it tore. I never wore a bra anyways, so now I was topless. I got to my feet as she made another try for the exit but I wrapped her up from behind and we hit the bulkhead hard. She kicked back with her bare foot and it tripped me but I took her down with me.

Ewa banked the Claw to avoid a barrage of laser fire. Bri put extra power into the shields just in time as the ship rocked with a hit.

“FUCK!” Bri yelled out as she quickly worked the computer to fix jump points.

A woman’s voice came over the ship to ship comms board. “Cats Claw, this is your last warning. Heave to and prepare to be boarded. Your cargo is wanted by the Confederation.”

“How about fuck off!” Ewa replied and expertly maneuvered to avoid a hit. She pitched her voice to Bri and Fallon, “So how does the Confederation know about our new passenger???”

Fallon finally was able to strap into the jump seat. “My guess is that fat titted whore, Mother Superior spilled the beans. Fucking church ladies!”

“Bri, are we able to jump yet?” Ewa yelled over the noise.

“Two minutes to jump!” Bri answered back.

“Well FUCK!” Ewa exclaimed.

The jukes and turns had Anastasia and me literally flying around while fighting. We went weightless for a second and slammed our big tits together. I felt gravity come back, we hit the back of the bench, and I ended up on the bottom. She tried to pull away but I wrapped my legs with hers and hit the switch for the auto webbing. Suddenly her body and mine were crushed together as the secure webbing locked us in place.

“Ain’t going nowhere, sweetie!” I said through gritted teeth.

“I must get away,” she growled.

Our bodies were locked so tightly I could feel her heart racing. Our breasts were painfully mashed and ballooning out our sides. Her hard nipples stabbed into mine, as I knew mine were stabbing into hers. I felt her hips grinding into mine and I let out a moan. She heard it and we locked eyes. She started to grind faster and I did my best to answer hers with ones of my own. I would have much rather preferred skin on skin but this clothed dry humping would have to do. I wiggled my fingers through the tight webbing until they reached the top of her ass and I dug my nails in. She screamed out but it also caused her to hump faster.

“Ten seconds!” Bri called out. “Give us a steady course!”

Ewa stopped maneuvering and throttled the ship, as fast at the sub light engines would go. “Everyone hold on, preparing to jump!” She called out over the ships intercom.

“Jumping!” Bri called out!

The stars turned from dots in the view port to lines as the Cats Claw went into hyperspace.

Ewa sagged in the pilots chair, “Well that sucked! And not in the good way!”

Bri suppressed a laugh. “You need to have a chat with the nun. I got this.”

Ewa unstrapped and nodded at Fallon and they went aft. When they walked into the salon, both started laughing hysterically at the sight of Anastasia and me secured topless and grinding bodies in the webbing. Lisa stumbled in after them.

“Nice fucking flying!” She swore, “I about died!”

Ewa rolled her eyes at the busty doctor. “Get them loose. We need to have a chat with the good Sister.”

I actually did not mind being locked up with that, she had a great body. We got Sister Anastasia secured to the bench and took seats around her.

“Ok, sister,” I said, “Why do you need to get away?”

“The order is going to silence me,” she stated, “They will kill me for what I found out.”

“Found out what?” Ewa asked, “And I would like to know why the Confederation is after you. The order is neutral, always has been. All lot are supposed to be off limits.”

“The order has been secretly working with the Confederation and before that the loyalists,” Anastasia went on, “Now they are trafficking in male DNA. They identify male births on all of the worlds and give the information to the CONFEDS. It has been happening for years.”

Fallon looked shocked, “How did you find out? And why hasn’t anyone spoken out before?”

“Most of the nuns do not know,” Ana, said, “It is the higher members of the order that orchestrate this. Before, if someone found out, they would disappear. I even found some recordings of members of our order being tortured to death by Mother Superior herself. I have discovered a small organization who is sheltering males born of all species. They are actively fighting the Confederation and my order.” She turned to Ewa, “Captain, I request sanctuary on your ship.”

“Lady,” Ewa replied, “I don’t even know you. Hell other than big tits and,” Ewa tilted her head to look at the nun’s body again, “A great ass, you don’t have much to offer.”

“I can lead you to a safe house where my order has stashed weapons, supplies and more important, credits,” Ana said.

Fallon chimed in, “How many credits?”

“A few million,” Ana answered.

A few million credits would go a long way for us. I knew it and so did everyone listening.

Ewa chewed on her lower lip, “Ok, Sister. However, you pull your weight. You do jobs with us and you will have my protection. We will empty the safe house. The weapons go to our armory, the supplies to our hold, and the money, well half goes to the ship, for parts, fuel and essentials. We split the rest seven ways. Now, if you please the coordinates?”

“We have to head back to Epsilon Alpha 8,” Ana said, “The safe house is in a remote part of the mountains there.”

“What about Bridger?” Fallon asked Ewa.

“Let the green skinned slut come,” Ewa said with a smile. “The Claw can out shoot and out run any ship she has.”

The ship dropped out of hyper space on the far side of the closest moon.

“No more CONFEDS on the scanners,” Bri said as Ewa set the course for the safe house.

I walked up behind them. “Who do you want going? I am not sure how many trips it will take in the Paw to get everything back here.”

Ewa thought about it, “It may be risky, but we will take the Claw in and land next to the safe house. Sister Ana said there is a landing spot big enough for the Claw.”

The ship banked and landed softly next to the abandoned outpost. We all went aft to the cargo bay and Kara opened the doors. Ewa and Ana walked down first to the front gate as Fallon, Kara and I got the hovering cargo sleds moving. Ana punched in a few number and the gate hissed with the door opening, expelling stale air. The lights came on inside automatically. What we did not know was when Ana punched in the codes, an alert was sent to office of Mother Superior.

On Earth….

The young nun burst into Mother Superior’s chamber. “Mother Superior, an alarm has been triggered at a safe house on Epsilon! The cameras show Sister Ana and a few others there.”

The mature yet stunning woman sat up in her bed, “Who is the closest Sister to that area?”

“Sister Alicia is twenty two hours from the closest jump point. There is another alternative,” the young woman said.

“I am all ears, Sister Constance,” Mother Superior said as she pinned her flaming red hair into a tight bun on her head, “But this better be a good solution.”

“Francine Bridger holds sway over all crime in that sector,” the golden haired nun said, “If she was given some monetary encouragement, she may be helpful.”

“I like the thinking,” Mother Superior said as she eyed the younger woman up and down, licking her lips, “Can you get a live transmission to her?”

“Already set,” Sister Constance beamed, “Just key it in here.” Pointing to the view port.

Mother Superior adjusted her heavy breasts in her nightshirt and keyed the communication.

A green-skinned woman with large bare breasts came into view. “Well, well. It is not every day I get a call from the clergy. What do you want?”

“I see that your forwardness is as correct as your beauty, Francine,” Mother Superior said, laying it on thick.

“Do not blow smoke up my twat,” Francine answered tersely.

“I require your services,” Mother Superior said.

Francine started laughing, “Bitch please! You think I am going to work for you?”

“There is a million credits up front and you can keep any supplies, weapons or left over credit chips that you find,” Mother Superior spoke without the hint of offence to the quip.

Francine stopped laughing. “What is the job?”

“A rogue nun and her accomplices are currently on your planet at a safe house,” the older woman went on. “You may know the party with the fallen sister, The Cats Claw?”

“Fucking Ewa Sarrant,” Francine cursed and started to dress. “Comm the coordinates and the money now. What do you want me to do with the nun?”

“She never leaves your planet,” Mother Superior said in a low growl, “I hope that is clear.” She pointed at Sister Constance who punched a few keys on her data pad.

“Crystal clear,” Francine replied as she heard the chirp of her data pad and looked down. “Nice doing business with you, Hera.”

Mother Superior bristled as she heard her true name, “Do not ever call me that again, you do not want to make an enemy of me.”

Francine smirked as she shut down the communication. She stood and strapped a bandolier of knives and ammo across her large chest. “Get the girls; we are going to get into a fight tonight!”

Back at the safe house, I was in awe at the armory. They had every new rifle, blaster, energy blade and grenade a girl could want. I started loading the arms on my sled. In the supply room, Kara and Fallon filled their sled with provisions and fuel rods. Kara was able to get a brand new set of tools and Fallon grabbed a box of new and untraceable data pads.

“I swear this organization is more like an intricate spy network than a religious order,” Fallon muttered.


“You know sweetie,” Fallon said cocking her hip, “I have no clue what you just said, but if you want to purr later, come by my cabin.”

“PURRRRRR,” Kara said as her tail twitched and her nipples grew hard.

In the control room, Ana pulled out a box of credit chips in all denominations. “There is about 5 million here. It feels strange to be stealing from the only group I have ever known.”

“They betrayed you,” Ewa said, “Steal away. But I am curious, how did you become a nun?”

Ana leaned against a table, “I was chosen from birth to be in the order. My childhood and teenage years were spent learning scripture, languages and how to fight. Oh and the myth about us being virgins is not true. We were encouraged to sex with other sisters and with those nuns training us.”

“So you are smart, sexy and can fight?” Ewa asked smiling, “You will fit in just perfect!”

I finished pushing the hover sled up the ramp to the cargo bay and strapped it down. I walked back down as Fallon and Kara past me, walking up with their sled to secure it down. Ewa and Ana walked out and suddenly the sky lit up with lights. We all froze.

“Well, Bitch,” came a growling voice over a speaker, “I told you what would happen if I ever caught you in my sector. Now Brisha is mine!”

Ewa stared up at the hover ship. She extended her right hand and let her middle finger fly, “Fuck off, Francine! Why not you get your green ass down here and we can settle it the right way. Unless you are scared, you will get more of what you got last time!”

The ship slowly landed and the ramp came down with Francine leading three other heavily armed women, including the red-skinned Orthani female I knocked out earlier.

“I should just shoot you now and be done with it,” Francine sneered at Ewa, “I take this beautiful ship and your lover for my own.”

“The only way you could best me is to shoot me,” Ewa challenged, “You know you could not beat me in a fight.”

Francine fumed, “Fine Slut! Like before then?”

Ewa started to undress, putting the discarded clothing in a pile at her feet. Francine did the same. Francine’s hair was black and red, which showed her feelings for Ewa Sarrant. The green-skinned woman had a couple of inches in height on Ewa and their chests were similar in size. The Orthani woman kept eyeing me.

“You got a problem, Red?” I asked, my fingers tapping on my blaster.

“Hisssssss,” she answered, “My name is Shiva, not Red. I owe you pain for getting the jump on me.”

“Let us let the Captains fight,” I said, “You and I will find some time!” I saw her hair move in anger at me.

Ewa and Francine rushed and slammed together. Hands grabbed at hair as large breasts slapped together. Ewa twirled her fingers in the red and black locks of the green-skinned woman. Feet started stamping down over feet in order to trip the other. Francine’s right foot slammed down hard on Ewa’s left, causing the busty woman from Earth to cry out and stumble. The pair crashed to the dirt and quickly locked legs and started to roll. All of the women around started cheering for their captain. Bri inched down from the cargo bay to watch her lover and the woman from her planet fight it out.



Dust kicked up around the rolling pair as hands started getting grabby. Francine locked her claws into Ewa’s big breasts. She screamed out and raked her own nails down a green-skinned back to the fleshy ass. Ewa nails made crisscross marks in the green skin. Francine cursed out in her native tongue and rolled them over again. Ewa got her feet in between them and pushed, sending Francine a few feet away and onto her wounded ass. As the woman from Viannace started getting to her feet, Ewa pounced, taking them back down to the dirt. Legs locked from calves to thighs as upper bodies pressed in tight. The slow catball had both raining down slaps and scratching naked skin. Francine spit into Ewa’s face but my captain sent her forehead into the green woman’s nose. I heard the crunch and every woman winced. The green blood seeped from Francine’s nose and her eyes glazed over. Ewa roll them to a stop with her on top. She pulled her body up and slammed her large breasts down onto the equally large pair of Francine. As Ewa reared up again, the Viannacian woman moved her head and chomped down on Ewa’s left breast. The scream hurt my eardrum as Francine rolled her over chewing on the tit. Ewa was not out of the fight and rammed a knee in between Francine’s legs. She let go of her bite, which gave the earthling time to grab both of the green bitch’s tits. I could see her hair starting to lighten and turn white from pain. However, Francine grabbed back and pressed her thumbnail into the bite marks on Ewa’s left tit. Both women screamed in pain!

Lisa appeared next to Bri with her medical bag. “If they keep this up, I am going to have to create new skin to cover the marks.” Bri had a worried look on her face.

Tit flesh oozed through fingers as the two fighters twisted and turned the mounds in their grips. They turned to their sides and arms locked out straight. Francine was the first to relent and she spit green blood into Ewa’s eyes. The green-skinned woman rolled away and held out her hand to the Shiva, who slapped a blade into the palm. Bri drew her blaster and sent a stun bolt into the naked chest of Francine. That started it off. Shiva drew and so did I. We fired at the same time. I was using stun bolts, she was not. My shot hit her in chest and it took her off her feet. Her blaster bolt caught me in the thigh and I screamed out and fell. I could smell burnt flesh. Fallon made quick work of the last of Francine’s goon squad.

Bri rushed to Ewa and helped her to her feet. Ana gathered the clothes and walked behind them into the ship. Kara and Fallon helped me to my feet with each under an arm. Lisa ran up and jabbed a sedative into my thigh. I suddenly felt like I was on psycho sticks, an illegal drug in the galaxy. Once Ewa and I were placed into sickbay, Bri and Fallon rushed to the flight deck to take off. Even in my haze, I felt the ship take off and accelerate. I passed out.

I awoke a few times to weird hallucinations. I would look over and see a naked Bri and a naked Ewa writhing in a ball of fast fucking in the bed next to me. But they would never do that with me in the bed next to them, would they?

I finally woke without the drug-induced haze and sat up. Lisa was in sickbay and checking my left thigh. I looked down and it looked normal.

“The skin is regrown and there is no infection,” Lisa said as she slapped my thigh and I yelped. “Good the nerves work too.”

“Do that again and I might slap back!” I glared, Lisa smiled and shook her large tits at me. The last time I went tit to tit with Lisa, she overwhelmed me with those massive globes.

Anastasia Nomorov walked in. Lisa smiled and stepped out.

“I want to thank you for shooting Shiva,” Ana said as she stood next to the bed.

“Well, she and Francine cheated and got what was coming to them,” I said back, “I just wish she had been using stun though.”

“She….did things to me when I was their captive,” Ana said looking away. “She always kept me tied up. She whipped that tentacle hair across my bare chest until I screamed out. So even though you just stunned her, I owe you this.” She leaned down and kissed me gently on the mouth. It was a long, soft kiss.

“MMMMMM” I moaned in the kiss. My arms reached up and I pulled her down on top of me. “Let’s do something where we can owe each other.”

Our concentration was broke by Ewa’s voice over the ships speakers. “Well done ladies. We are now on our way to High Ground shipyard where the Claw and Paw will be getting some new upgrades. We will also be Mir ax 7 so Fallon can learn to fuck properly.”

I heard Fallon yell out down the passageway. “FUCK OFF EWA!”

“Again, I cannot be prouder of this crew. Your accounts are a little of three hundred and fifty thousand credits heavier. Do not spend it on catnip, Kara!”

I heard a growl and giggle from the doorway. Ana turned my face to hers.

“Now where were we?” She cooed.

My hands found her breasts as we kissed harder. I could sure get used to this!

To Be Continued in Chapter 2.

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2 thoughts on “The Misadventures of the Cats Claw: Introduction and Chapter 1 by Ahna Brown

  1. Giannis says:

    Hot, well written, with interesting plot. I hope for more.

    I also hope you did not stop wild western wildcats (WWW) the story that turned you a so popular and so famous writer here, with many fans. I ask because i did not notice any ” END ” word in the latest chapter you posted. Two big novels at the same time ? Or you stopped WWW ?

  2. 2763ecoff says:


    The auto webbing is sexy hot brilliant, wow.
    I could picture it in my mind clearly.

    May be ya could add this again. Maybe during a multi woman
    orgy cat/sex fight. Where all the sexy hot busty women get
    caught in the webbing – together.
    And when the webbing has been removed, the women STAY
    all knotted up together in one hot sexy pile.

    Thanks Ahna


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