The Misadventures of the Cats Claw: Chapter 2 by Ahna Brown

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Sector 4238 on approach to Mir ax 7….

The Cats Claw came into the busy traffic pattern to the pleasure planet of Mir ax 7. The world, the size of Earth’s Moon, was littered with seedy bars and brothels. It was a legitimate neutral world where credits ruled, not the Confederation. Here you could satisfy any kink or fetish you want. It was also a place where you could find some of the most lucrative jobs, smuggling or bounty hunting. Ewa expertly landed on the designated landing pad and we all disembarked.

“Keep your comms on,” Ewa said, “Any good job offers, let me know. Try to stay out of trouble. I do not want to be bailing anyone out tonight. Fallon, try and not get any STDs this time.” Ewa smiled.

Fallon raised her right hand and slowly extended her middle finger, “It was not an STD! I just had an adverse reaction to fake bot cum!” That started everyone laughing.

I walked off with Anastasia and Lisa. “What are you planning to do Doc?” I asked.

“Oh there is going to be a little titfight tournament at Scratches cantina I plan to enter,” Lisa said with a smile on her face as she cupped her massive tits, “Going to let these babies battle and win some money! What about you?”

“I plan to get a new dye job on this hair and bar hop,” I said combing my fingers through my dark hair. “I am going to do my best to stay out of trouble. What are you going to do Ana?”

“I have a former acquaintance here that I need to meet,” Ana said, now dressing in regular clothing as opposed to her traditional robes, “She left the order years ago and went underground. I need to stave off the order coming after me and us.”

I got my hair dyed a dark green. I walked around, smelling the acrid air with scents of street food wafting up around me. I approached a dark bar, Tara’s Last Resort. Two Ogordian bouncers flanked the door. Orgordians were large, muscular grey-skinned creatures. They had the resemblance of humanoid females but were over 7 feet tall and built for battle. They were widely used as bodyguards and bouncers throughout the galaxy. I paid the small fee to enter and went towards the door. The door slide open, I was hit by humid air and a raucous roar of a crowd. My eyes adjusted to the low lights and I went to the bar. I ordered an ale and leaned back against the bar.

A voice from a loudspeaker boomed out, “Welcome one and all to fight night! As promised we have the dirtiest, nastiest bitches from around the universe here to fight for your enjoyment! Our next bout is a true catfight! These two Karathi cats have a long standing feud and they are going to settle it here!”

Out walked two Karathi women, one with black fur and one with tan. They were both being led by a chain, with muzzles over faces and gauntlet cuffs over their hands. They wore dirty robes that covered voluptuous frames. Anger welled up in me as I watched them. Kara was Karathi, with orange and white fur, and had told me many of her clan had been taken from her world to be sold as amusement for the high and powerful and, as it seems here, for the degenerate as well.

“The black one is Zora and the tan cat is Val! Let the betting commence!”

I pushed my way closer to the edge of the pit. The two were on opposite sides. Gauntlets and muzzles were removed as their chain was linked together. The robes were removed and they sported large breasts but the fur was torn in some areas of their bodies. Neither of the Karathi did anything at the start. But the promoter, a busty human with shirt purple hair leaned her head into the pit.

“Listen you sluts,” she hissed out, “If you do not fight as hard as you did the other day, your litters will be drowned. I fucking swear it will happen.”

That seemed to light a fire under the two and they pounced. It was a blur of black and tan as Zora and Val rolled back and forth on the dirt floor. Their claws swung out as already matted fur as screeches of pain could be heard. Their large fur covered tits slammed together as tails and the chain wrapped around bodiesto hold the other in place. Their legs locked as bodies rolled furiously back and forth.

I looked up to see the purple haired woman smile and nod at the announcer and she walked back to a door at the back at the bar.

“Keep those bets coming! Who will be the victor?”

As Val mounted Zora and grabbed two paw-fulls of large breasts, I turned and moved to the door at the back of the bar. I checked the door and it was unlocked. I looked around to make sure no one noticed and I turned the knob and went through the door. I could still hear the crowd cheer as I walked down the small hallway with a closed door at the end of it. I stopped as I heard meowing from the other side of door. Then I heard a voice.

“Grow big and strong my kitties,” the woman’s voice said, “Your mamas will not last much longer and then you all will be a star attraction.”

The doorknob turned and I quickly backed up and started to stumble and sway back and forth. The purple haired woman came out and was startled to see me.

“What in the fuck are you doing here?” She cursed at me.

I put on my best-drunken slur, “Hey, pretty pretty….where is the little ladies room?”

She grabbed me by the arm, “You are not supposed to be back here.”

I straightened up and grabbed her throat, slamming her back against the wall. “So you sick piece of shit! You threaten then mothers so they fight for you?”

“AAACKKK!” She cried out. “It is all legal here.” She weakly said as I held her a few inches off the floor.

“So is being a bitch!” I said as I head butted her in the face, knocking her out. I tossed her to the ground, walked back to the room, and opened it. Inside were 10 young Karathi females, some with tan fur and some with black. The cowered as I entered. I held both hands up, “GGAARRRWWWAAHH!” I said in my best growl. Their ears twitched and they all relaxed. I keyed my comm, “Kara, can you meet me with transport at the locator coordinates my beacon is setting off?” I got a growl in reply. I turned back to the kittens and said, “You guys are not going to like what comes next.” I looked and saw the ancient fire suppression system in the room. The older models did not recognize singular rooms attached to the overall system, they suppressed everything with foam or water which was cheaper. I pulled out my mini torch that I used to light cigars and held it up to the nozzle. I could hear a few bangs and wheezes with finally a spray of old smelling water coming out of the nozzle. I opened the door and checked down the hall and it was spraying as well. There were shrieks and the sounds of people moving quickly. I ran to the end of the hallway and opened the door. A wet Zora and Val, both bleeding from claw marks on their faces and breasts stumbled to the door. They saw me and then hair literally stood on the backs of their necks. I held my hands up and moved aside to show them the unconscious purple haired woman. They rushed past me and down the hall to their children. I was smiling when a large hand came around the back of my neck and I was lifted into the air. I was turned and one of the Ogordian bouncers was staring at me. Her golden eyes bore into mine.

“What are you doing here, little woman?” The voice was lower than most female voices. She moved her head to look past me and saw her boss on a crumpled mess of the ground. “So you incapacitated Dixie?”

I did my best to nod. Her grip on my neck could easily break it if she wanted it. She held me a foot off the ground as she walked and pushed me against the wall in the hallway. She cocked her fist back. All I could do was close my eyes. Goodbye Cruel World I thought. Then SLAM!!! I opened my left eye and found she had slammed her fist into the wall next to my head and with a strong jerk, tore part of the wall down. Out dropped stacks and stacks of credit chips and new unwrapped clothing. Zora and Val stepped out of the back room and the Ogordian nodded at them. I was finally placed on my feel as she stepped back.

“When she wakes, you will have an enemy for life,” the low voice told me, “The Karathi need to get to the skiff bars on the outskirts to get transport off world. Do you have a name?”

“Anna Brown, from Zoraban,” I said rubbing my neck.

“Anna Brown, from Zoraban, I am Threasher,” the big Ogordian said, “If you will take the Karathi to the skiff bar, I will pay you.”

“Don’t you work for, Dixie?” I asked motioning to the still unconscious woman.

“Yes, but I do not approve of how she gets her fighters,” Thresasher said. “I do not approve of slavery. Nevertheless, I have a life-debt to fulfill here. It was sold to Dixie and I must be here until her death or mine.”

“I can fix that if you like,” I said.

Threasher laughed and it legit scared me, “No Anna Brown, I am glad for the offer but I must live how I am to live, for now. Go, help them.”

“Is there a back door?” I asked and the Ogordian pressed her hand over a spot in the opposite wall and it slid aside. I nodded my thanks and ushered the Karathi cats and their kittens out to a covered hover speeder with Kara at the controls. Her eyes went wide as the passengers boarded. Zora noticed that Kara was the same species and they started communicating. It was lots of high-pitched growls and throaty sounds and I was only able to catch bits and pieces of the conversation. We got them to the outskirts and waited as they found a ship to get them all off.

As the ship took off, Kara turned to me, “Thhaannkkkyooouuu,” she said in a gravely tone.

I was amazed; I had never heard her try basic before. “I am not going soft but it did not seem right to me. Let’s go back and try and have some fun.”

Anastasia made her way through the seedy underworld of Mir ax 7. She glanced every so often at her data pad, making sure she was in the right place. She stopped at a large metal door with ornate markings on it. She keyed in the code she was provided and the door slid aside.

“It has been a long time, Sister Ana,” came a woman’s voice from the shadows. “Peace be upon you.”

“Peace to you as well, Sister Mira,” Ana replied as the woman stepped out of the shadows.

Sister Mira Oracamp was a human woman of middle years. Her brown hair was streaked with grey but her figure was one Ana had remembered. The voluptuous frame was barely contained in the modest shirt, pants and jacket Mira wore. “I am glad you are here, Ana. Our work is never complete and we must leave immediately. You said you had a ship that could assist the cause, is that still true?”

“It is,” Ana answered, “Where do we need to go?”

“There is a space station orbiting the world of Doran,” Mira said, “It was abandoned by the order years ago, but they did not erase all the memory from the databanks. It may hold the keys to exposing them and the confederation to the universe. But also help us to rescue any male children they have in their grasp.” Mira led Ana down a long corridor to a small landing pad. An old Confederation transport shuttle was humming and ready to take off.

“Let me contact my ship to let them know where we are going,” Ana said and then her eyes met Mira’s. “They will be expecting payment.”

“Of course,” Mira smiled, “I have become very good at stealing from the order in the last few years.”

Ana stepped back and keyed her comm, “Ewa this is Ana. Paying job to make a pick up of me and data at the abandoned space station orbiting Doran. I will send transponder codes with docking instructions when I get there.”

“Sounds good, Sister,” the comm crackled in Ewa’s voice. “See you in a couple days.”

Ana replaced the comm in her pack, following Mira up the boarding ramp.

At the Rim of the World Brothel, Fallon was in bed with three women. Well, to be correct, she was the only flesh and blood woman, the other three were bots. Cybernetic androids who were programmed for pleasure. One was blonde with a dark tan, one was a redhead with pale skin and the last was a coco-skinned beauty with black hair. Fallon had her face buried in the blonde’s crotch while her own naked ass was up in the air. Red had a tongue and fingers playing with Fallon’s wet twat as the black bot was tonguing the rim of her glory hole. Fallon knew she could get anything she wanted at this establishment and was promised that there was new and improved bot cum so she would not have an adverse reaction this time. The raven hairedbeauty moaned in the blond bot’s love box as her body was heating up like a volcano about to explode. She found the bot’ssimulated clit and started sucking on it. The blonde grabbed two handfuls of dark hair and pulled Fallon’s face in more. Cybernetic current flowed through the bot as she was programmed to feel and react to all forms of pleasure and pain. She screamed in a high-pitched wail as she unleashed a flood of fluid onto Fallon’s faces and lips. Her own body gave into the tongues and fingers in her nether regions and she arched her back and yelled out.

“FFUUUUCCCKKK YYYEEESSSS!” Fallon screamed as she sprayed her hot girl cum over the two other bots.

She turned over and scooted up in the bed. “Alright girls, I am in need of a little more entertainment. Let’s see you bitch bots fight!”

As the command was given, the black bot kicked out with a right leg that caught blondie in her tummy, folding her in half and sending her crumpling to the floor. Red came up behind the dark skinned bot and twisted her head 180 degrees, there was a shower of sparks from the head and she dropped. Blondie had recovered and she grabbed red’s arm and pulled hard. The arm detached from the socket and the blonde dropped the torn limb from the red headed bot. Fallon’s eyes were wide in shock.

“Well that did not go as planned,” she muttered.

The door burst open and a mature grey haired woman rushed in, “DAMNIT Fallon! I have not programmed proper fight styles! Now I have two broken bots! If I would have known what you wanted, I could have programmed them in a matter of minutes.”

“Sorry?” Fallon said with a shrug. She reached into her pack and threw a credit chip at the woman. “This should about cover it. My bad, Gama.” Fallon dressed and walked out, leaving the pink haired woman cursing under her breath.

In a high-rise hotel suite, the shower poured over Ewa and Bri as they fucked under the water. The dark haired captain pressed her now yellow haired first officer and lover against the tile wall as she pumped her hips in. Their large breasts compressed as wet skin caused the large mounds of flesh to slide against the other pair. Tongues eagerly explored the others mouth, caressing, twisting and wrestling with the other. Bri pushed a foot off the tile wall and they moved a few feet with Ewa’s back now pressed against the opposite wall. Bri slapped her hips in but started a slow circular grind. Their fleshy labia, swollen with excitement and extended pressed, making the flowers part. Ewa felt weak at the knees and started to slide down but she pulled Bri with her. They sat on their gorgeous backsides as legs spread open. Long legs curled around their hips as they brought their pussies back into contact. They press cheek to cheek as breasts crushed. The grinding awoke the sex rods as clits became unsheathed and sought the other. Tongues licked as cheeks and ear lobes, they moaned in unison. Ewa clutched her legs tighter around her lover and it was answered back. There was a sucking sound as the cunts locked together, making each squeal out in pleasure.

“Cum with me, Bri,” Ewa whisper in her lover’s ear.

Bri moaned out and they both started to increase speed and ferocity. The clits slid past as they rubs and plunged into fleshy folds of skin. Arms wrapped around backs as nails created passion marks on skin. The humped and ground with moans getting louder. They reached with hands for hair as they felt the orgasms overtake them both. Heads were pulled so faces looked up as the shower water poured over them. They started to thrash against each other as they came.

“YEEEESSSSS!!!” They screamed out in unison.

The screaming women drowned out the sound of wet skin slapping against wet skin. After a minute of writhing, they rested against the other.

“I love you, Ewa,” Bri cooed.

“I love you too, Brisha,” her lover returned. “Now we need to get cleaned up and head to watch Lisa titfight.” The giggled and helped each other to their feet.

The cantina was bustling with a crowd of females. Some human or humanoid, some feline like Kara and others of completely different species. This particular cantina was known for all forms of female combat. Tonight was no exception. Kara and I walked in and found Ewa, Bri and Fallon near the cage, watching action, at the center of the cantina. We moved through crowd to them. I looked around but could not see Lisa anywhere. She was going to be fighting in the last fight of the night. In the cage, on the floor, two purple-skinned women were rolling around. They had no hair on their heads so they clutched arms around necks and backs. The Dorian women were a unique species. There were no males because all of them were hermaphrodites. I looked closer and saw that not only were their huge tits slapping together but also the large she-cocks. The hard members fenced and ground as the two grunted and cursed in their native tongue. It was hard to tell them apart as it was with every Dorian female. They could have been twins for all I knew. They grappled their way to their feet and started thrusting hips, making the flesh swords slam together. Each started yell at violent clashes of the she-cocks. Both grabbed double handfuls of large breasts as they frotted and fenced. Their heads flew back as they screamed but only one started to fall back. Her she-cock spraying gooey white fluid over her rival’s member and stomach. The victor stood with her hands raised, her big tits bouncing and her rigid she-cock tall and proud. The other was curled up in a ball, her own she-cock becoming limp. The crowd cheered. The two combatants left the cage and the mat was cleaned.

They announced it was the main event of the evening. The women entered the ring, on in a white robe that covered her head and the other in black. Lisa dropped the white robe with her long brown hair loose around her shoulders and stood naked as her huge breasts bounced as the crowd cheered. The one in the black robe turned to the crowd and pulled the robe off. The long blonde hair came to the middle of her back as she turned in a slow circle, shaking her large breasts as the crowd. I recognized her almost immediately. She was a bounty hunter by trade and went by the name Elin Hiss. She was loosely tied to Lizzy Lightning’s group, which was a rival group to ours. Lizzy and Ewa had both been allies in the war but when the fighting ended, they had a hard falling out. Elin was only slightly smaller up top than Lisa but they were of similar height.

The two women came to the center of the cage and grasped the others forearms and gently brought large breasts together. I could see the look of the initial pleasure as nipples crossed and pressed into dense flesh. The fight started slow as they pushed deeper and got closer. Lisa turned her chest and her large orbs drifted across Elin’s big tits. The breasts would get trapped momentarily in cleavage and then bounce out and rub as Elin turned her chest as well. The crowd hushed as they strained to hear the sounds of the breasts meeting. The light wispy sound of skin on skin could barely be heard. They started to increase speed and the tits now slapped back and forth. The nipples would cross, nubs would bend and spring back making each woman moan out. I could see the skin on forearms where hands gripped turn white with pressure. The y lined up breasts and slammed them together in a head-on meeting.




Sweat started to form on bare skin. They slammed together once more and wrapped arms and bear hugged. The mass of breast flesh mushroomed both up towards their chins and out at the sides. They did a slow dance as they alternated squeezing with arms to push tits in tighter. I could see the look of pain on both faces. Movement out of the corner of my eye made me turn my head. I saw Lizzy Lightning and three of her crew walking through the crowd. I nudged Ewa and motioned over with my head to the new arrivals. It always seemed where ever the two groups met, chaos ensued. Elin squeezed hard with her arms and Lisa cried out. Lisa returned the squeeze and Elin moaned. The blonde haired woman purposely tripped the dark haired Lisa and the ship’s doctor fell to her shapely ass. Lisa quickly got up and sneered at the blonde.

“Come on you little slut!” Lisa cursed.

Elin put her arms behind her back and Lisa matched her move. The rushed together and SPLAT! The bodies, tits first slammed making each scream out in pain. They backed up, cradling tits in their hands, rubbing the pain. The women put hands behind backs and charged again.


They bounced off and yelled aloud but eyes showed more anger than pain. The repeated this two more times. On the third when their tits crushed, Elin stumbled and dropped to one knee. We all cheered as Lisa raised her hands. But the crowds “Ooohed” when the blonde got back to feet and charged. Lisa was caughtoff guard and her tits pancaked against the blonde haired woman, falling back to her ass. She groaned as she got up. The two looked at the other and put hands behind backs once more. The rushed and slammed together but wrapped arms around the others back and both fell in a tangled heap on the floor. They slowly rolled back and forth; when one would obtain the top position, she would grind her large chest in. Sweat was dripping off them. Lisa was able to use her legs to straddle Elin’s waist. She ground her larger chest in and raised up to pump her big tits in. Nipples were lined up and pressed together. There was a look of defeat on Elin’s face as her nipples were inverted by Lisa’s.

“AAHHHH NO MORE!” Elin cried out in surrender.

Lisa gave her one more tit slam and rolled off. She slowly got to her feet as she raised her hands in victory. I heard a whistle from where Lizzy was standing and Elin looked and narrowed her eyes. She slowly rose and charged at Lisa. I tried to warn her but it was too late. Elin slammed into Lisa’s back and took both to the cage. She rubbed Lisa back and forth against the metal. Thatstarted the chaos. All around us fights started! It was one big bar brawl. Bottles and glasses were smashed over heads. Fist and openhanded slaps flew wildly, hair was yanked and bodies went to the dirty cantina floor.

I rushed into the cage and grabbed Elin by the back of her hair. I pulled her off Lisa and tossed her to the cage floor. I was checking on the damage to Lisa’s chest when I heard a low growl. I turned as Elin speared me with her shoulder and we went down to the floor. We tangled up in a tight catball but she had been fighting for over 30 minutes and I easily got on top.

“Come find me when you are rested, bitch,” I said as grabbed her wounded tits. She screamed out and curled up.

Ewa, Bri, Kara and Fallon fought their way through to the cage door as I pulled Lisa up and helped her out. We got to the back door as security came in the front trying to quell the brawling bitches. Kara darted up the wall and to the roof, disappearing for a moment. We got to the covered speeder as Kara leapt down next to us. She had Lisa’s clothes and backpack. We got the speeder going to the hangar where the Cats Claw was located. After getting aboard, Fallon and I tended to Lisa. Her chest was raw and red with numerous small cuts. I clumsily tried to apply the new skin to Lisa’s wounds but she got frustrated and took the bottle from me.

“I hope they can wire the prize money to me,” she grumbled. She looked up at me, “Thank you for coming into the cage when you did. I had nothing left. I barely beat her.”

“Lisa, you were on top and grinding in,” I said, “You had it in the bag.”

“No, I did not,” she replied, “I may have been on top but her tits were so dense and firm and I almost surrendered. If it would have gone on a few seconds more, she would have won.”

Even though I had challenged Elin to find me when she was recovered, I knew I did not want to go tit to tit with her. Lisa was a tough up top as they come.

The Cats Claw made orbit and we continued using sub-light engines. I walked up to the command bridge and Ewa motioned me to the jump seat.

“How is the sensors array on the Paw?” She asked in regards to the pleasure turned battle yacht we had.

“Pretty up to date,” I replied, “Why do you ask?”

“Ana got word to us she was traveling with an old friend to an abandoned space station about 20 hours away. It is orbiting the planet of Doran,” Ewa stated then she pointed to the sensor screen, “We have a tail. Started following us after we left orbit. Appears to have some sort of stealth tech because we only got a few hits on it. The preliminary report is the Talon.”

I shuddered in my seat. The Talon was a reported pirate and fighter for hire. No one knew who the pilot was but she had more ship kills than anyone did in the war. If she were hired, she would stalk you until you showed your weakness and then she would pounce. Like a true predator.

“I can launch the Paw and shadow you until you reach the station,” I said, “If she engages, I have enough firepower to fend off the attack and give you time. The shields are good.”

“If it goes bad,” Ewa said looking at me now, “We will come and get you.”

“Thanks,” I said with a smile, “I am not a bad pilot myself.” I winked. “I will get my gear and launch in the next ten minutes.”

I rushed back to my cabin and donned a grey flight suit. I packed my blasters and gear in a small backpack and rushed to the hangar. Kara was pulling fueling hoses from the Cats Paw. I winked at her as I got in. I ran a quick preflight check list and had the engines up and in the green. I brought the repulsers up and let the Paw hover a foot over the deck. Kara moved back the to the bulkhead wall and pressed a button. The deck slide aside open space. The blue hue of the atmospheric shield was under me and I dropped the Paw through. Once clear of the Claw I took position behind her and swept back and forth with jamming and countermeasure arrays up. I got faint blips on my sensor board of the Talon but she was outside of visual range. I set the maneuvering scheme in the ships computer and took my hands off the controls. If things changed, I would be able to take back control of the ship and fight if I needed to.

The space station loomed over the blue and green planet of Doran. Then the alarms started going off.

“Claw this is Paw,” I said over the comm board, “Get to the station quick, Talon is making a run at us.”

“Be careful!” I heard Ewa’s voice say over the comms.

I put on my helmet and snapped the life support system in place. If I had to make an exit out into space, the suit and helmet would protect me for about thirty minutes. I snapped the visor down and heard it lock. My hands went to the controls and I banked the Paw hard to the right and wheeled to face down the incoming Starfighter. I turned on jamming forward and throttled the Paw to battle speed. I caught a blip and adjusted my aim and fired. Talon fired too. The lazar blasts hit the forward shield and I juked the craft to the left. I saw at least one of my shots hit her and her stealth tech was down. It was black, sleek looking fighter with a nose, single cockpit and swept back wings. We went right past each other and banked hard to get around but she was quicker and more maneuverable. She got in behind me. I adjusted shields more aft and felt the ship rock as it took hit after hit.

“Hold together, girl,” I muttered.

“We are docked, Paw,” I heard Bri say over the comms.

“I am stuck now but she is focused on me and not you,” I said, “Do what you need to do and back me up with some firepower.”

Then comms cut out as the ship rocked again. The Talon was getting closer and closer. I made a dive toward Doran with the Talon on my tail. The ship started to shutter as I entered the atmosphere and another set of blasts had alarms going off in the cockpit of the Paw.

“Fuck!” I swore, “Not going to make it out of this one.” I said aloud for the audio recording. “You ladies have fun out there. Hope this will take Talon out as well. See you on the flipside.”

I slammed the throttle back, threw the Paw into a dead stop. The Talon did not have time to maneuver and we hit! The last thing I remembered was spinning out of control with the ground coming up fast. My vision was starting to go and I reached forward for the auto assist for landing…..

To Be Continued in Chapter 3

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