Cavewoman Weekend by Lumberjack66

Chapter One

Sharon was still flush from her tit to tit victory over the radical red-head liberal Kyla even though the battle had occured almost 6 months earlier. Sharon and her husband, Jack, still watched the video of her victory at least twice a week with each viewing being followed up with a marathon lovemaking session. Other nights, the couple had slipped into the habit of fantasizing about Sharon’s “impending battle” with her new “opponent”, Deb.

When Sharon had first suggested challenging Deb to a titfight, it had seemed like such an easy proposition. Deb and her husband Rob were two of the only people that knew about Jack’s interest in women fighting. While Deb was not as pretty as Sharon, they did have very similar bodies. Sharon was 35 years old, had short brownish blonde hair (bottle blonde to be honest), a very pretty face with well applied makeup, and always wore the latest fashions. She stoood 5’5″, sported a magnificent 36DD-25-37 figure, and weighed 135 lbs. Deb was 37 years old, had shoulder length brown permed hair, had a plain face with a minimum of makeup, and she rarely dressed up for anything. Sharon knew for a fact that Deb stood 5’7″, had a 37D-27-37 figure, and weighed 145 lbs. Sharon also knew Deb had a wild side that very few people knew about. Jack had assured Sharon that Rob would probably enjoy their battle almost as much as Jack did.

The problem really came with how to bring it up. It wasn’t like Sharon could stop over to Deb’s for a cup of coffee and just blurt it out. “Wow, Deb. This is great coffee. Is it fresh ground? It is? That’s great. So would you like to titfight me?” And it wasn’t exactly something that just came up in casual conversation. The girls had discussed sex fairly often, but Jack’s catfight interest just hadn’t come up in the last couple months. Jack and Rob had talked about Sharon’s public catfight with Kyla, but Sharon had sworn Jack to secrecy regarding the titfight. Besides, Sharon didn’t like the idea of the guys setting up the match. She didn’t want to give up the sense of control she had in setting up the match herself. But at the same time, she just didn’t know how to bring it up.

Then as if by magic, the opportunity presented itself. The guys had gone out to a sports bar to watch the play-offs. The girls were having a quiet night at Deb’s house watching TV. They had mixed up a batch of Margaruita’s and had watched the latest “Chick-Flick” and were flipping through the channels when they stumbled across a strange caveman movie. The girls poked fun at the skimpy cave-babe costumes and the cheesy story line. They were having enough fun (and were drunk enough) that they kept watching the show. At a commercial break, they learned that the movie was called “10 Million B.C.” Sharon rememberd Jack had mentioned the film’s famous catfight scene. She realized that this would be her chance. She got her thoughts together as they watched the show through 2 more comercial breaks still cracking jokes with Deb. Sharon was beginning to worry that they had missed the scene, when a brunette cave-babe decided that she wasn’t going to share her territory with the sultry buxom red-head cave-babe. Instead it was a fight to the death. The two women were almost completely silent as they watched the entire scene. When the red-head allowed her beaten rival to live, Deb scoffed, “Yah right… the bitch tries to kill her and she just wants to make friends.”

“Yeh, I doubt many fights like that back then would end in a make up session,” Sharon laughed.

“More like a mating session for the winner,” Deb quipped. Both women laughed. “What is it with guys and catfights?”

Sharon thought for a moment and replied truthfully “I just don’t know. But Jack sure loves them.”

“I am pretty sure Rob likes them too,” said Deb thoughfully. For several minutes neither woman said anything watching the movie again. Then Deb broke the relative silence. “You know, I am just a little jealous of you.”

Sharon was surprised. “Of me? Why would you be jealous of me?”

Deb hesitated a moment before replying. Sharon could tell Deb was trying to pick her words carefully. “You know that catfight you had on the news?” Sharon nodded yes. “Well, Rob and I saw the fight first on the 6 O’Clock news. Rob made sure that we watched it again on the 10 O’Clock news. He never watches the 10 O’Clock news. I am sure part of it was we know you and Jack and he was worried about you. But….” Deb hesitated, then plunged on. “I think he was also turned on. I mean you and that red-head were just so sexy to start with and then fighting like that…. We had sex that night… and it was great… but I just… I just… I just kept wondering if he was thinking about me… or about you?” Deb started sobbing.

Sharon quickly moved to her friend to console her. She wrapped her arms around her hugging her tightly. ” Oh honey, oh don’t cry… it’s O.K… I’m sure he was thinking about you….”

“I don’t think so… I don’t think so…” Deb continued to sob. Deb pushed Sharon away gently, stood up and walked over to the corner of the room. “I saw how hard he was watching that newscast…. He wanted you.” Deb continued to cry. Sharon didn’t know what to do. “Tonight, before he left, he told me…. he told me… he told me… to not piss you off. He didn’t want to come home and find me uncounscous on the floor.” Then Deb pulled herself together a bit and looked directly at Sharon. “If we weren’t such good friends, I’d fight you right now. Win or loose I’d at least be back in Rob’s Fantasies…” With that Deb burst into uncontrollable sobbing.

Sharon went quickly to her friend embracing her with a hug. Sharon felt bad for Deb, but at the same time, she wanted this titfight to happen. Feeling her breasts pressing into Deb’s made her want it even more. As they hugged, an idea formed in Sharon’s mind. “I’m glad,” she whispered into Deb’s ear, “that you decided not to yank out all my hair for Rob.” Both women laughed a little, Deb laughing through her tears. The laughter made both women’s breasts jiggle together. Sharon’s nipples rose instantly in an uncounscious challenge. Sharon liked the feeling, but self -consciously pulled back from Deb a bit fearing her friend might feel her nipples even through the several layers of clothing. Sharon looked into Deb’s eyes and spoke quietly trying to re-assure her. “You know, Deb, there might be some less painful way to take control of Rob’s fantasies.”

“What do you mean?” Deb looked puzzled and confused with tears still streaming down her face.

“Well….” Now it was Sharon’s turn to pick her words carefully. “You know that fight I had on the news…. well that wasn’t the end of it.” Deb looked surprised so Sharon proceeded to explain the aftermath of the fight with Kyla: sitting in Jail, the taunts between the two groups, getting out of jail and returning to the hotel, the phone calls, and finally the verbal challenge to titfight.

As soon as Sharon said the word titfight, Deb stopped her. “Titfight? What the hell is a titfight?”

Sharon laughed. “I didn’t know what one was either, but of course my pervert husband, Jack, knew right away. According to him, there are two kinds, mauling and tit to tit. In mauling, the two women basically tear with their hands or whatever at their opponents tits until she can’t take it anymore.”

“Ouch!” Deb visibly winced. “And the other kind?”

“Well that’s what Jack thought I should try to do, tit to tit that is. Basically we bang our tits together until one of us can’t take it any longer. It takes longer, but it is the only way to really show which woman has the best tits.”

“And you titfought this Kyla?” Deb was clearly amazed. She had always thought of Sharon as a bit of a prude.

Sharon blushed a little and answered, “I not only fought her… I beat her!!!”

“And Jack watched?”

“Jack and her boyfriend video taped the whole thing. As the winner, I got to keep both tapes.” Sharon carefully watched her friends face as she revealed “Jack made the tapes into a compilation DVD, a real labor of love…” Deb chuckled just a little. “We watch it at least 2 times a week followed with a massive love making session. Any time I want my man hard, all I have to do is whisper in his ear about me titfighting another woman… and bam instant love machine.” Deb was listening to Sharon speak with a look somewhere between awe and complete confusion. “And you know, I think for Jack, it wouldn’t have mattered if I won or lost. He still would have loved it.”

“And you want to do this again?” The quizical look on Deb’s face was so funny Sharon had to surpress her laughter.

“In the last 6 months, Jack and I have had the most amazing sex of our 15 year marriage. And the fantasy has been almost as good as the tape itself. Plus the ‘fight’ itself is pretty sexy… I mean battling with your breasts… how could it not be sexy??? Of couse I want to do it again.” Sharon paused again watching Deb’s face carefully before continuing. She thought she could see the spark of the idea forming in Deb’s mind… that she was considering it. It was time to pop the question. “And, I am pretty sure Rob would be as turned on by US titfighting as much as Jack would.” Sharon said it quietly, but she felt like she had just laid a hand grenade on the nearby coffee table. She watched in near terror to see what would happen.

It took Deb nearly a minute to figure out the implication. “You mean…you mean… you and I titfight?” Sharon nodded her head yes slowly. “With the guys watching?” Sharon continued nodding her head slowly. “Topless?”


“With the guys filming us?”

“Maybe.” Sharon was sure she had her convinced.

Deb’s face was lit up… she was happy… convinced she would secure Rob’s fantasies for sure… then suddenly her face dropped into doubt. “But what if I lost? Then every time Rob and I had sex, I’d know he’d be thinking about you again, how your tits are the best.” Deb started to cry again.

Sharon hadn’t thought about that, so she thought fast. She went to console her friend hugging her. She was sure this time both of them were aware of their breast contact, each secretly wondering if her tits were the best. The thought seemed to have a calming effect on Deb. Finally Sharon pulled back a little so that she could look into Deb’s eyes, but their tits still were lightly touching. “Hon… this is about turning our guys on… about ruling their fantasies. It isn’t about whose tits are the best… well at least not between you and me. If you want, we could stage the whole thing. I’d let you win. “

Deb looked just a little pissed as she replied “You think I couldn’t win on my own?” She emphasized her words with a little titshove to Sharon.

Sharon grinned mischieveously as she replied with a gentle titpress of her own, “We could find out right now, but I’d rather have the boys here for it.” Sharon was sure she could feel Deb’s nipples rising in challenge even through both their bras and blouses.

Deb broke it off. She turned anxiously and walked to the couch and sat down. She was surprised and even a little uncomfortable with Sharon’s forwardness about this. Deb was used to being the wilder of the two encouraging Sharon to try new things. This role reversal was new and a little strange to her. “What if I don’t want Jack seeing my tits? Or for that matter having Rob see yours?”

Sharon walked over, sat down on the couch next to Deb, and put her hand reasuringly on Deb’s hand. “We could titfight in lingerie… matching bikini’s… wet T-shirts… hell we could titfight in sweatshirts or snowmobile suits and I am pretty sure it would drive the guys wild. The point is, it is completely up to us. We can do whatever we want. Whatever we agree too.” Sharon smiled a little bit, looking Deb right in the eyes and said “I once heard that if you are worried about your man straying, you just have to make sure you are the queen of his dreams.” They both smiled at this as it was advice that Deb had given Sharon a couple years earlier. “Hon, if you think your man is fatasizing about two women fighting, just make sure you are one of the two women he is fantasizing about.”

Just then they heard the sound of the front door opening. “Deb, I’m home!!!” Rob called out. That meant that Jack was sitting out in the car waiting to take Sharon home. Men have the absolute worst timing.

Sharon gathered her stuff together, put her coat on and walked to the door. Deb escorted her. At the door the two friends embraced. Rob watched the embrace a little suspiciously. He had seen that embrace before. It was the kind of embrace women gave each other when they had been talking about important things, too personal for them to discuss with mere men. Rob wondered what might be going on. He knew for sure Deb wasn’t going to tell him, so he wouldn’t even ask. As the girls embraced, Sharon whispered into Deb’s ear, “Just think about it… O.K. Hon?” Sharon emphasized the thought with a little stronger embrace mashing their breasts together.

With that Sharon turned and walked out the door. Jack was waiting in the car. Sharon thought about telling Jack about their conversation thinking it would mean another incredible night of sex, but she decided not too as she didn’t want Jack disappointed if the titfight didn’t happen. Instead when they got home Sharon slipped into her sexiest negligie, popped the “Clash of the Titans – Sharon vs. Kyla” DVD into the player, and slipped into bed with Jack. Jack was a little surprised just because it was so late, but if Sharon was in the mood, he wasn’t about to argue. Jack NEVER argued with that mood.

Chapter 2

Almost a week had passed and Sharon was a little worried. She and Deb hadn’t talked about titfighting at all. In fact, they had barely spoken at all. Sharon was worried. Maybe she had pressed Deb too hard. Maybe she had freaked her out. Maybe instead of adding to her fantasy life with Jack, she had merely ruined a good friendship. Sharon had decided to give it one more day when Deb called.

“Sharon,” Deb began. Her voice sounded excited and a little shaky. “I need to you come over here quick… I’ve got something to show you.”

“What is it?” Sharon asked.

“I can’t tell you. I have to show you. Please… can you come over right now?”

Sharon was worried and tried to get Deb to tell her what was going on, but her friend was insistant. Sharon said she would be right over, hung up the phone, got her things together and jumped in the car. All the way over to Deb’s house Sharon’s mind raced. What could be so important? Why was Deb so insistant? Was this about their earlier conversation? Or maybe it was about Rob? Was he sick? Maybe he was cheating? What if Deb had found something and had to show it to Sharon? Should she defend Rob? Maybe she had found something out about Jack? What if Jack was cheating? Sharon was a worrier by nature. She was very good at it. And all the way to Deb’s house, Sharon worried.

When she arrived at Deb’s house, Sharon practically ran from her car to the door. “Come in Sharon, the doors unlocked,” came Deb’s muffled reply to the doorbell.

Sharon opened the door. “Deb?” sharon called.

“I’m down here!” Deb called back from the rec room in the basement. Sharon quickly walked down the flight of stairs to the basement. Deb began talking very quickly with a mixture of haste, excitedness, and nervousness clear in her voice. At the same time she was rushing around the basement, picking up items from an apparent sewing project, turning on the computer, etc. “O.K… so I was thinking all week about what we had talked about. I wanted to titfight you for Rob, but I didn’t want to show my tits to Jack, but I didn’t want to seem like a whimp and I wanted it to be sexy and I was cleaning the basement and I found this old bear skin hide that Rob bought at an auction and I was going to throw it out…” Deb walked into the bathroom. Sharon could hear Deb moving around in there like she was changing her clothes. “But it got me thinking that movie we watched and how sexy that fight was…” Sharon was thrown a little for a moment thinking of the chick flick they had watched, but then remembered the fight in “10 Million B.C.” and was right back with Deb… well sort of back with her. Deb continued rambling “and I remembered that deer Jack shot and how you were pissed he kept the hide instead of giving it away, and that got me thinking about a TV report I saw about unique bed’s and breakfasts in the area… and I got on the Internet and did some searching and came up with the perfect place. So then I started sewing. It took me three tries, but I think I finally got it right.” With that, Deb opened the bathroom door and steped out into the rec room. Sharon’s jaw dropped. Deb grinned wildly. Deb was dressed in what could only be described as a bear skin bikini. The bottoms appeared to be almost a loin cloth very similar in appearance to the cavewomen loin cloths from the movie, but was really made from a black g-string panties with scraps of bear fur sown into the band. The top was the part Deb was most proud of. She had made it from a single piece of the Bear skin with only a single modern clasp at the back. It was then pulled up over the head in an almost halter top style except the “straps” were wider than most halter tops. The neckline of the bikini punge as the same time pushing Deb’s 37D’s up into the void for inspection The neckline plunged so low, Sharon was sure she could almost see edge of Deb’s areola. It actually reminded Sharon more of an outfit from an Old Star Trek episode Jack had made Sharon watch one time. It was just so fuzzy. But whatever genre the outfit best fit into, it was about the sexiest thing Sharon had ever seen.

Deb giggled and grabbe Sharon by the arm practically dragging her to the computer. She sat Sharon down in the chair, then reached around Sharon to click the mouse. Sharon was intensely aware of Deb’s bulging breasts practically looming above Sharon’s shoulder. Deb clicked on her favorites button, then selected “Dakota Caves”. Then she picked the “Lodging” section. Up popped the “Cave House.” “Isn’t it cool?” Deb Bubbled. “It is a cabin you can rent with and attached 3000 square foot cave complete with sand floors and a fire pit… so what I was thinking is we make an outfit like this from that deer hide Jack has, and of course matching loin clothes for the guys… ” Deb grinned mischeivously. “You and I write our own script like that 10 Million B.C. Movie, except instead of a catfight, you and I have a Titfight. Jack and Rob film the whole thing and Jack makes another DVD for us… except that each of us gets a copy. What do you think?”

Sharon sat stunned for a moment amazed by the swiftness of all of this. Then she pulled herself together and answered with a grin “I think you should have told me to bring the Deerhide with me. I’ll go get it and we can start sewing!!!”

Chapter 3

The girls soon learned that sewing their costumes and coming up with their script were the easy parts of their plan. Several times during the next couple weeks, they considered scrapping the entire idea. They had the costumes done in a day, but while they were trying them out, Sharon learned that the deer hide was not as supple as she had first thought. It chaffed at her sensitive skin and wasn’t very form fitting at all. With some searching she found a company that treated the skins to make them soft and supple without chewing the leather (as Native Americans and probably cavewomen had). Even then, the hide rubbed uncomfortably on Sharon’s skin. Finally, Sharon struck on a moment of inspiration and turned the deer skin bikini inside out so the soft fur was comfortably (and admittedly erotically brushing against her skin. Deb also complained about the feel of her bear skin bikini, but she liked the look of the fur being out so much that she decided to endure the discomfort (Deb felt certain the furry top made her breasts look two sizes larger and just that much more confident as well).

Next they got to the script writing. Both women thought this would be the easy fun part, but surprisingly this too turned out to be difficult. Both women were headstrong and opinionated. While the theme was pretty simple, the two often conflicted about which way the script should go. Once, the good friends nearly came to blows over what would be the initial cause of the fight, a love triangle (Sharon’s idea), or a conflict between tribes (Deb’s idea). They had bickedered back and forth on the topic for the better part of an evening of script writing, and then another hour over the phone after they had parted company. Finally, they had simply flipped a coin (Jack’s idea).

After that, the girls decided that they wanted the cave people to talk in cave people language. Jack could subtitle the film afterward. So they changed their whole script to a new cave man language.

Then they had trouble securing the cabin. Apparently this cavewoman thing was a popular fantasy as the cave/cabin was booked out almost a year in advance. After much searching the girls had found a suitable alternative, a privately owned cave 60 miles from their home. This was a real cave, not some tourist attraction. Most of the cave was muddy or cold hard rock. However, there was one small area a mile into the cave with a small underground stream running through it that had deposited a considerable sand beach on one side of the creek. The fact that it was a mile into the cave had presented significant problems for the making of their little film, but once the guys found out about the plan, they were able to overcome any obsticles. They arrived at the cave 2 days before “shooting”. They had worked together to cart in small generator, Gasoline, food, camping equipment, lights, camera’s, their clothes and costumes, and firewood for warmth and the filming. Everybody had to learn a little caving and they had spent about $400 for specific equipment. Fortunately, for this trip, no special rappelling equipment was needed.

When the girls arrived, the men led them back to their new weekend retreat. By now the men knew the path to the cave beach well, but still it was difficult to make the trip and when they arrived at the beach 2 hours later, they were all dirty, muddy, and tired. The original plan was that they would clean up and get to filming that evening, but the ladies had a better idea. Cave people were dirty. This would make their little film even more authentic. So they changed right away in the little tents that the guys refered to as the “Loveshacks”. This was the first time the men had seen their women in their cavewoman costumes and it was all Sharon and Deb could do to fight off their advances. Quite often during the filming, when things just got too hot, the guys would ask for a “Loveshack break” where the couples would retreat to their tents and do whatever hit them. When the couples emerged from the tents 45 minutes later both men’s loin cloths could scarcely contain their bulging erections. To distract themselves (and hide their embarassment) both men set to getting ready to film. They built and started the fire, started the generator, turned on the lights, set up the camera’s, and got into position. The cave was spectacular with it’s shiny bumpy limestone walls and smooth soft sand floor. It was perfect, much better than the civilized cave they had originally found.

And with that, the two couples started to film.

4 Weeks Later….

Jack, Sharon, Rob, and Deb laughed and joked through dinner. All of them tried fruitlessly to hide their enthusiasm as they ate. They had gathered together tonight to watch the result of their little labor of love. Even though they knew the outcome of the movie, Rob, Deb, and Sharon couldn’t wait to see the finished product and Jack couldn’t wait to show it to them. They had decided to treat the movie screening like it was the premier of a major motion picture blockbuster. Jack and Rob wore their tuxedo’s. Sharon wore a sexy black dress with a plunging U shaped neckline and a push-up bra which really accented her cleavage. Deb wore a strapless red dress with a great built in underwire bra which thrust her breasts out before her like the bow of a ship. They went to the most expensive resturant in town. Both women loved the envious looks they got from men and women at the resturant. They all laughed as the waiter lavished extra attention on the women and practically ingored the men altogether.

After dinner, they climed into Jack’s Chrysler sedan and drove to the “theatre” laughing and joking the entire way. When they arrived at Rob and Deb’s house, the men blindfolded the women and led them down the stairs to the “theatre”. When they pulled away the blindfolds, the women were delighted. The men had decorated just for this special event. A red carpet was rolled out through the rec room and led into the TV room with balloons and streamers adorning the rec-room. In the TV room, the men had done their best to make the room look like a luxiourious theatre. They had huge deep red tapestries on either side of the room completely covering the walls (Deb was pleased to note that they had hung the tapestries on Curtain rods so they could be pulled back to expose the windows again)(She was afraid at first that they had simply stapled the material into her walls . The men had there arranged two loveseats to either side of the projector located at the back of the room and had draped the loveseats in a rich red valour material so they matched. Instead of the cheesy tripod movie screen both women were expecting, there was an actual screen that lowered from the ceiling. There were two bottles of expensive champagne chilling between the two loveseats. The men poured each lady a glass, then raised their glasses in a toast to their amazing, spectacular wives. After they drained the glasses, the men refilled the glasses, Rob lowered the lights, the couples settled into the loveseats, and Jack started the movie with the DVD Remote.

The movie started with scrolling line of screen text. “Somewhere in Northern Europe, 7 Million B.C…. It is a time of war among the tribes. The powerful Wolf tribe, 63 warriors strong, has decided it is time to claim the entire valley for itself. They wage war on the weaker tribes, killing their men… stealing their territory, food, women and children. Already they have destroyed the Elk tribe and the Fox tribe. On the verge of extinction, the leaders of the Deer tribe and the Bear tribe now meet secretly in a cave. They know that the only way they can survive is for their two tribes to join as one. They meet to discuss how that will occur.”

The screen text faded away and slowly the black screen faded in to show the two men sitting by the fire. They both wore their wives long wigs (everybody agreed that Jack looked more like a klingon than a caveman… but maybe that would be their next movie!). Jack wore a loin cloth made from deer hide. His muscular frame looked great in the dim firelight. Rob wore a Bear Skin loin cloth. He had a much smaller frame that Jack, but he was much leaner. Even his curly grey chest hair seemed to add to his image of being a cave man cheif. Powerful but wisened with age. Both sported short full beards. Rogk (Rob) spoke first.

“(Our Tribes must join, Jarl, if we are to survive!)” Rogk said emphatically.

“(Speak for yourself, Rogk. I have 21 warriors. Wolf tribe wouldn’t dare attack us)”, Jarl(Jack) responded casually. “(My scouts tell me that you, on the other hand have only 8 warriors. It seems to me that you need the Deer tribe more than Deer tribe needs you!)”

“(Your scouts are correct, Jarl. But we have 17 adult women. And they fight as fiercly as any man.”) Rogk responded. “(My scouts tell me your tribe has only 8 women. Do they fight for you as well? Or do you fight for them?)”

“(The women go to the strongest… as it has always been.)” Jarl responded angrily.

“(In my tribe, the strongest warriors go to the most fertile woman, the woman with the best breasts to best feed his sons)”, Rogk said emphasizing his comment by cupping his hands before his chest as if he had huge breasts himself.

Jarl looked at Rogk’s woman, Degk. She knealt nearby preparing the chieftans meat for their meal. Her dirty skin gleamed a golden hue in the flickering light of the fire. He considered her breasts. Two glowing golden orbs of flesh barely contained in her bear skin top with a plunging cavern of cleavage between them. Jarl returned his gaze to Rogk. “(Shar’s breasts are bigger,)” Jarl said quietly.

Rogk considered Jarl’s woman, Shar, across the fire from him preparing a bowl of plants for their meal. She was a statuesque blonde beauty, her bulging breasts barely contained within her tight form fitting deer skin outfit. The pale deer skin almost perfectly matched the color of Shar’s pale skin. “(Shar’s may be bigger,)” Rogk conceded, “(,but I said the best breasts. The Largest and Firmest.)” Again Rogk emphasized his words cuping his hands in front of his chest except this time adding a squeezing jesture with his hands. Jarl looked puzzled. “(When a woman of our tribe wants to mate with a warrior, she challenges his woman to the Gronock, the mating battle. If the challenger is considered acceptable to the warrior, the women’s hands are tied behind their backs, and they fight with their breasts.)” Jarl still looked puzzled. “(They bang their breasts together, breast on breast. The woman with the larger AND firmer breasts will cause more damage to her ‘weaker’ rival. The first woman to surrender looses. The winner then mates with the warrior and continues to be his woman until there is another challenge.)”

The camera panned between the faces of the two women. They had both clearly overheard the conversation. They both looked at each other with hatred in their eyes, each clearly confident she was the better woman and eager to prove it.

“(So the women fight for you, instead of the warriors fighting for a woman?)” Jarl said with wonder on his face. “(Sounds like I need to kill you and your warriors and take your women.)” Jarl and Rogk both laughed. They both knew it was a good idea but impossible to achieve.

When the laughter died, Rogk replied, “(No my friend… that is where we go wrong. We fight amonst ourselves for scraps. We simply make ourselves weaker and easy prey for the Wolf tribe. When you killed Doln to take control of Deer Tribe, did Deer tribe become stronger or weaker?)” Jarl did not reply. “(Deer tribe may have a stronger leader now… but you also have one less warrior. Your second strongest warrior no less. Wolf tribe gets stronger and stronger because nobody would dare challenge Karoc for leadership of their tribe. Not even his second. None could defeat him, so why bother with the challenge?)” Jarl nodded slowly in agreement. “(When the Wolves come for you, I am sure you will wish Doln was there to fight with you.”)

“(I did not want to kill Doln. But I wanted Shar. She is the best of our tribe. And the fool wouldn’t give her to me. He knew I was stronger, but he wouldn’t give her to me. So I killed him.)”

Rogk moved closer to Jarl, practically whispering in his ear, “(Wouldn’t it be better, my friend, to have beauties like Degk and Shar fighting to mate with you than you fighting to the death to mate with one of them? And not a fight to the death. The women can fight again and again. Degk has fought for me dozens of times since she first won me 4 years ago. I have given her three sons and a daughter. And she has lost me twice in those 4 years. And I have enjoyed her losses as much as her victories. I have given each of her rivals a son in reward for her victory.)” At that moment, the women brought the food over for the men to eat.

For the next several minutes of the film, nobody spoke. The camera simply focused on one character at a time, messily eating their meals, watching each other. The women glaring at each other. The men checking out the women, thinking about the differences in their tribes. Finally dinner was over and the women set about cleaning up the stoneware bowls in the stream, still glaring at each other. The men sat quietly digesting their food.

Finally Rogk broke the silence. “(Listen my friend. My tribe’s cave is well defended. It is on high ground and can only be approached from below. I have created weapons that would allow my people to fend off all but the most determined attack. Three times the warriors of the wolf tribe have attacked us and every time we have repelled them without the loss of a single tribe member. But Wolf tribe has grown stronger as they have consumed their foes. Every tribe that falls, a few warriors survive and they add their strength to Wolf tribe. If Karoc decides that he wants my cave, he wants my children to serve him, he wants my Degk to add to his brood… he can take them from me. His tribe is strong enough to do that. I think all of us know that.)” Jarl nodded thoughfully. “(But if he did that, he would loose many of his warriors… too many. He wouldn’t have enough left to defeat Deer Tribe. If Karoc wants to control the whole valley, he must attack you next. It only makes sense. My scouts say he has over 100 women. I think he will try to lure your warriors away using these women. Surely your warriors would rather go to your stronger enemy to be given a woman than fight you man to man for Shar. Or to die at your side without a woman to even morn his loss.)”

Jarl nodded again, “(I thought of leaving myself before fighting Doln. And I think two of my warriors that have disappeared now serve Karoc, probably for that very reason.)”

Rogk continued, “(I believe Karoc will attack you very soon. I have a spy in Karoc’s forces that tells me that Karoc will attack you within a moon. It is the reason I asked for this council.”)

“(My spies tell me the same thing… which is why I agreed to have this council.”)

Rogk continued, “(I have a plan. When Karoc attacks Deer tribe, he will bring out most of his warriors except a few he will leave to guard his women and his slaves. While he fights the Deer tribe, Bear tribe will attack those few guards. We will kill them or capture them. We will then take Wolf Tribes women, children, food, everything back to our cave to add them to our own. When Karoc hears, he will break off the attack on Deer tribe to race back to his home. When he finds that it is Bear tribe has stolen his women he will move to attack us with everything he has.”)

Jarl looked as Rogk suspiciously (“It sounds like you have this all figured out, Rogk. What do you need me for?”)

Rogk had a twinkle in his eye as he replied “(I don’t need you. I need your people. Before the fight, you send your women to my cave. My women will teach your women how to fight… not the Gronock. They will teach them how to kill men with the weapons I have made. They will help to guard the Wolf clan women and prisoners and to fight the wolf clan warriors. I will go with you and your warriors. I will teach you to use the same weapons. I will help you find a more defendable location where you can hold wolf clan off without loosing your warriors. When wolf clan retreats, instead of your warriors returning to their homes, they will come join us at the Bear tribe cave. There we will fight wolf tribe together to the finish. With our tribes combined, I am certain we will be victorious and with us holding Karoc’s women and children, we can be assured that it will be a fight to the finish.”)

“(And what is to stop you, once you have all the women and food in the valley, from betraying me?)” Jarl asked, still suspicious.

“(Deer tribe is the key to the valley. Without your warriors and women added to my own, Wolf tribe would win both battles. If I let him attack you and I do nothing, Karoc will destroy you and eventually will destroy me. If you join wolf using the weapons I will give you, your victory will be overwhelming. True, Karoc would likely take Shar from you, but I am sure he would have other women for you… perhaps my own Degk…. You could always challenge Karoc for leadership of Wolf tribe… he would certainly kill you, but you could do it. The point is, we need each other equally. You need me to stop Karoc’s attack on you. I need you to help me defend the Bear tribes cave. If we don’t join, our tribes will eventually fall to Wolf tribe one way or another. And that way, we both know our people will loose. They will not become members of the Wolf tribe, they will be its slaves. I don’t think either of us wants that.)” The men regarded each other, and then their women. Both women had lost the look of hatred of each other and simply looked worried about the future. They both rushed forward toward their men needing the comfort of their arms.

Shar pressed into Jarl’s side and whispered to him, “(I do not want to be Karoc’s woman, not even as a tribe member. I am your woman.)”

Degk’s voice was fierce as she said to Rogk, “(And I am your woman… I would kill myself before serving Karoc.. or Jarl.)”

Jarl thought for a long minute. “(Then it is agreed. Our tribes will Join. The only question that remains is which of us shall lead this new tribe? Shall we fight now, or after Wolf Tribe is defeated?)”

Rogk replied quickly, “(We must find a new way to determine leadership. Fighting to the death for leadership of the tribe only results in the loss of the tribes second best warrior. After Wolf Tribe is gone, there will be other tribes, those beyond the mountains who want our valley, or remnants of other tribes or even splinters within our own tribe. Beyond that, these fights do not determine the best leader, only the best warrior. In my tribe, I am certain there are warriors that could take control of my tribe. But my warriors respect my wisdom and have not challenged me. In your own tribe, Doln was a terrible and cruel leader whose schemes cost many of your warriors their lives as well as resulting in the loss of many of your women. He was a great warrior, but a terrible leader. Since you have become chief, you have not been challenged because your warriors know you are better than Doln, both as a warrior and a leader. I know for my part, I would much rather fight along side you than to fight against you.)”

“(So what would you propose?)”

“(I believe the Gronock is the answer… or at least part of the answer. The Gods have made women attracted to those with the best qualities for leadership: strength, intelligence, preserverance, even luck. The best leaders have the best women to mother their children. Look at yourself, you believe Shar is the best woman of your tribe?”) Jarl nodded yes. “(And I know from the Gronock that Degk is the best woman in my tribe. We are the leaders and we have the best woman in our tribe. In some ways, that tells me that the women select the leader and the Gronock selects the woman. Besides, I know that many times it is the women’s ambitions that their men to fight for leadership. I know in my case, one of Degk’s rivals was the one that talked me into challenging our tribes leader…)”

“(Salja)”, Degk hissed the name with Venom in her voice.

Rogk nodded. “(She talked me into challenging Camik. I killed a good leader. A better man than me. Degk’s man. Within the week, Degk had challenged Salja in the Gronock and defeated her. Again, Degk belonged to the best leader left in the tribe. If Salja had wanted to be the chief’s woman, should could have just challenged Degk, but she would have been defeated. She has been defeated every time they have fought the challenge before I was leader and after. I think she thought my killing Camik would remove Degk from the picture as well, bypassing the Gods plans.)” Degk was now weeping quietly. “(If there had been no other path for Salja to become the Chiefs woman other than the Granock, Camik would still be alive and Chief of the Bear Tribe. In your tribe, if you practiced the Gronock, Shar would have chosen you. As she is the best in your tribe, she would have defeated Doln’s woman and you would be chief.)”

Jarl spoke slowly, “(So you are saying that we should have our women fight with their breasts… and whichever woman wins the breast fight is the best woman… and whoever has the best woman… is the best leader… and whoever is the best leader should rule our tribes?)” Rogk nodded. Both women watched each other, venom in their eyes. Jarl started laughing. “(That is the craziest thing I have ever heard!!!”) Jarl continued to laugh. Rogk, Degk, and Shar watched Jarl fearfully. At any moment Jarl could attack Rogk intending to kill him. Slowly Jarl stopped laughing. “(But, my Shar is the best woman that walks this valley.”) Shar smiled at Jarl. “(And I would like to see her prove it in this Granock against Degk.)” Degk looked coldly at Shar. Shar returned her gaze just as Coldly. “(But regardless, it is as good a way to pick a leader as a death match between us… and I would much rather fight with you against Karoc than against you now or after.”)

“(Excellant,)” said Rogk loudly. “(Let us prepare!)”

The scene faded to black. The sound of woman’s breathing filled the room. Two women’s breathing… sometimes synchronized, sometimes not. The screen remained black. Then it faded back in to the two women facing each other silouetted by the fire. Then faded back out. Fade in to Rogk approaching Degk from behind, pulling her arms behind her causing her breasts to thrust out like rising mountains. Fade to Rogk binding Deg’ks arms behind her with a length of Deer Hide. Fade to Black. Fade in to Jarl approaching Shar from behind, pulling her arms behind her, Shar thrusting her massive breasts out straining against the Deer Hide Bikini. Fade to Jarl tying Shar’s arms with a length of Deer Hide. Fade to Black. Fade in to Rogk behind Degk, his hands cuping her ponderous breasts, bear fur spilling between his fingers. He was kissing at her neck, whispering in her ear. Degk was obviously caressing Rogk’s shaft under his loin cloth. Fade to Jarl and Shar doing much the same thing, Jarl cupping Shar’s breasts adding to the strain in the deer skin. The bone white skin was so close to Shar’s skin color it almost appeared that she was naked. Shar was so aroused by the combination of Jarl’s big hands and the soft deer fur caressing her breasts that you could clearly see her nipples stand out even through the deer hide bikini even in the Dim firelight.

They had planned for the battle to be topless, but at this point in the filming, Deb got cold feet and decided that she didn’t want Jack to really see her tits, let alone have them on film. So the women decided to proceed with the filming with the girls battling in their animal skin bikini’s. The women were worried that it might reduce the sexieness of the film, but watching what Jack had done with it, they both felt it couldn’t have been any hotter if the women were both Naked.

The Camera faded back again to a view of both couples, facing each other silouetted by the firelight. The guys were both still caressing their squirming women. The women, hands bound behind them were still stroking their shafts, hidden by the loin cloths but still very obvsious in the firelight silouette. (The guys had asked at this point of filming for one of their frequent “loveshack” breaks, but the women had refused wanting to titfight while they were at the height of arousal). Fade to the women alone standing still and straight, facing each other silouetted breasts jutting out toward each other like torpedoes ready to go to war. The women’s ragged breathing slowly faded away, replaced by a slowly growing african tribal song, Jack had found on the Internet. The song was mostly banging drums and wailing women, but went well with the primative scene. Then in slow motion both women charged toward each other simultaneously slamming all four tits in a titantic tit slap. Both women stumbled back and recharged raming their tits into each other. With that the movie returned to real time.

The women slammed their tits together again and again leaning forward into each other each trying to get her breasts under her opponents and then thrusting upward trying to thrust her opponents tits painfully into the air about once every 3-5 seconds. Each slam was followed by a slowly growing grunt from the women with the exchanges loser stumbling backward a step and then diving back in. The battle was completely even. Neither woman could seem to get an advantage in this “Double Titlift” Contest. However as the battle progressed, both women’s breasts appeared to swell as a result of the combination of battery and arousal.

It was Degk that changed the battle first after almost 7 minutes of repetitive battle. After a successful titlift, Degk followed with a blistering right tit-cross, raking her tits painfully across Shar’s. Shar gasped and stumbled off balance. for a moment. As she glared at Degk, Degk smiled.

“(You bitch!!!)” Shar hissed.

“(Is that all you got?)” Degk smiled sweetly. “(I expected more from you!!!)”

Shar yelled a war cry and attacked again swinging her ponderous orbs from side to side. Degk met her swing for swing. Right Tit Cross. Left Tit Cross. Right Cross. Left Cross. Right Cross. Left Cross. Again there was a blow once every 3-5 seconds with neither woman backing off. This continued for what to the women seemed like hours, but in reality, it was only another 6 minutes. As the battle wore, it was apparent that Degk was taking the worst of it. With her bear hide bikini fur side out, Degk’s top roughly rubbed against Degks titflesh. With Shar’s top fur side in, the fur gently coushined each blow and carressed Shar’s skin.

Degk stepped back gasping for air. Shar whispered “(Your tribe actually has women with weaker breasts than yours?)” Degk howled with rage and attacked again. Both women uped the pace of their blows to 1-3 seconds per blow. Right Cross, Left Cross, Left Jab, Double Upercut, Right cross, Left Jab, Right cross. Both women were swinging wildly no longer simply matching blows screaming in a combination of primal rage and exertion determined to inflict damage on her oponent, ignoring any pain in her own breasts, determined to win.

Then it happened. As Shar delivered a double tit uppercut, she caught Degk’s massive right tit as crossed with a Right Cross. The upper cut thrust Degk’s tit out of the bikini top. It was clearly red, sore, and raw from the rubbing on the bear skin. As the breast burst free of it’s constraining bear skin bikini, the bikini snapped in behind it painfully pressing Degk’s right breast over the top of her left breast. Shar wasted no time attacking the exposed breast. Right Tit Cross, Right Tit cross, Right Tit cross, Right Tit cross… each blow raking Shar’s sticky Deerhide bikini across Degk and painfully folding Degk right tit across the top of her left. Degk tried to retreat, tried to wiggle her body so the exposed breast fell back inside the bikini top, but it was hopeless. Shar followed relentlessly continuously hammering away with the right tit cross. Degk stumbled and fell to the sandy floor of the cave. Shar wasn’t sure what to do so she yelled “(Get up! Get up!)”

Rogk stood up and cried “(It is over. She is finished. Enough!”) He rushed to his woman’s side. Shar collapsed on the floor near her beaten rival, exhausted. Jarl moved to his woman kneeling above her, stroking soft blond hair. In all the titfight had in reality lasted about 12 minutes. With the two camera’s footage and some extra outtake action that Jack had added, the on screen battle had lasted almost 23 minutes.

Finally, when he was sure Degk would be O.K., Rogk stood and walked over to Jarl kneeling before him and said “(What is your command my chief?)”

Jarl smiled at him and said “(Tend to your woman. Tonight we make love to our women, the finest two woman to walk the valley. Tommorrow we make war on Karoc and the Wolf Tribe.)” Rogk returned to Degk, replaced her wounded right breast into her Bear skin bikini top, and untied her hands and looked longingly into her eyes. He then picked her up and gently led her off the screen.

Jarl gently untied Shar’s hands, cupped her face lovingly in his hands, and he led her off the screen toward the fire.

Then the screen faded to black. The credits began to roll, then finally the room went dark. Nobody moved for a long time. Finally, Rob reached over and turned on the light switches. Deb had switched positions during the movie so that she was laying on the loveseat flat on her back, head on Rob’s lap, breasts floating upward like two gentle hills on a plain of red material. Sharon and Jack had moved around as well. They now sat sidways on the couch with Sharon sitting between Jacks legs. It was obvious from her displaced dress and erect nipples that Jack had been fondling her breasts during most of the film.

Deb blinked wildly at the light sheilding her eyes with her right hand. Groggily she said “So what happened to the love making footage?” The couples had agreed that after the fight they would film a love making session. The titfight winner got to go first. The looser went second.

Jack replied “I put them in the extra’s section of the DVD. Your DVD has your love making session. Ours has our love making session.” Jack looked seriously at Deb, “I got rid of the original footage… I know how you felt about me seeing you.”

Deb sighed. “That was just so stupid of me… I mean you got to see my tits in the sex footage anyway, and even in the fight. That stupid bikini cost me the whole fight. It was just stupid.”

“Come on Deb,” Sharon laughed. “Are you saying the only reason you lost was that my bikini was better than yours?”

“For titfighting,” Deb replied dryly, “yeh, you had the better titfight bikini. And that is why you won.”

“And not because my tits are better?”

“No… your tits aren’t better than mine.”

Sharon chuckled “Well, any time you’d like a tit on tit rematch, you just let me know.”

Deb paused for a minute, then reached to the top of her dress and pulled it down folding the underwire over backwards. Her pendulous breasts spilled out, dark nipples standing erect. “How about right now?” she said stairing into Sharon’s eyes.

Sharon wasn’t going to stand for a challenge like that unanswered. She yanked her dress down a bit, unhooked her front fastened bra and arched her back. Her breasts sprang out of the dress like a bear trap. “Sounds good to me. How about we go up stairs and change while the guys get the basement ready?”

“Excellant,” Deb replied. She stood up and walked over to the door. “After you!”

Sharon stood up and walked over to Deb. “Thank you,” she said crisply. Then she turned to walk out the door raking her nipples across Deb’s as she turned. With a giggle Sharon sprinted out the door and up the stairs with Deb right behind her.

Left behind, the guys looked at each other with wonder in their eyes. “Well,” Rob finally said, “Better get the room ready for a titfight.”

Jack grinned broadly and said “Absolutely!”

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