Denwar by Lumberjack66


Sharon had first discovered titfighting battling another woman over all things, politics (Lefts & Rights). The fight had begun with a catfight that was featured on TV News Casts. Deb and her husband Rob had seen the footage. Of course Rob was turned on by the fight. Deb was jealous. When Sharon shared what had followed (the titfight), Deb was immediately inspired. Deb felt her tits were better than Sharon’s so she challenged Sharon to a titfight for their men’s entertainment. Both women were so inspired by the idea, they came up with a plan to make a little private movie out of it based on a struggle between Caveman tribes and their women. Deb lost that battle and the entire thing was on tape. Immediately after the couples watched their movie, Deb challenged Sharon to a Rematch (Cavewoman Weekend).

Jack and Rob hurried to get the basement den ready for the upcoming battle as quickly as they could. They were both worried that they wouldn’t have the funiture cleared away by the time the ladies returned. They had just completed watching the mini movie they had made staring themselves and their wives as cave people who decided to settle their conflict the old fashioned way… with a titfight between their well endowed cave women wives. The project, clearly a labor of love, was an overwhelming success. So much of a success that their wives had decided to have a rematch immediately. Sharon and Deb had moved upstairs to Debs room to find some more suitable titfight attire than the formal party dresses the women had worn to their movies Debut showing. That left the men to ready the room for combat.

As it turned out, they shouldn’t have hurried so much. They had the room prepared and camera’s ready to shoot the battle in less than 15 minutes. Jack and Rob anxiously listened to the women preparing upstairs, trying on various outfits, laughing outrageously at various costumes, giggling like school girls almost continuously. The men knew that the women wanted the rematch almost as much as they did, but still they worried that somehow the women would change their minds and they would be left in the den together with uncofortable bulges in their pants thinking about the battle to come.

Half an hour later, Deb called Rob upstairs. Jack was a little jealous that he got to preview what the ladies were wearing. A minute later he came back down the stairs with CD and popped it into their Stereo system. He quietly informed Jack that the girls had actually made the CD on the computer upstairs and it was going to be the sound track for the match. “By the way… they still havin’t picked out what to wear yet,” Bob informed Jack in a hoarse whisper.

Another half an hour dragged by. Rob broke down and cracked out a couple beers for the guys while they waited. Finally Sharon called down the stairs that the guys should get the camera’s rolling and start the music. The men obediently started the music CD got behind their respective camera’s and started filming the doorway to the den. The CD started with the soundtrack from 2001 Space Odessy They could hear the girls stifling their laughter for a minute before Deb called out… “Gentlemen… introducing the current reigning titfight champion with a record of 2 and 0, sporting an awesome 36DD-25-37 figure, Sugar Mountains Sharon!!!!” Sharon burst through the door and Jack and Rob cheered loudly while panning their respective camera’s up and down the “Champion”. Sharon had fairly short blondish brown (bottle blonde) hair. She weighed about 135 lbs and normally stood 5’5″, but now she was wearing a pair of Deb’s 3 inch black stilletto high heels making her look like she was about 5’8″. Jack was surprised Deb owned heels like that as he had never seen her in even a modest 1″ heal. Sharon was wearing a white terry cloth robe. Jack could hardly wait to see what she had selected for underneath.

When Sharon had reached the far side of the room, walking just a little gingerly in the towering heels, she pulled a little slip of paper from her pocket and began to read. “And now Gentlemen, let’s welcome the challenger. She disputes her only loss to the champ due to equipment malfunctions and can’t wait to face her again. This up and coming contender has a magnificant 37D-27-37 figure. Let’s give it up for Dynamite Deb!!!!” Deb sprang into the light of the room. Jack and Rob again cheered loudly while making sure to film every inch of Deb. She was just a little taller than Sharon, normally standing 5’7″, but like Sharon wore 3″ stilletto heels, this pair in a fire truck red. Jack was amazed that Deb had two pairs of the unusual shoes. He made a mental note to ask Rob about it later. Deb was a little heavier than Sharon at about 145 lbs. Deb also wore a robe, this one a black Silk robe, concealing what lay underneath. Deb did a little shimy for the camera’s before Jack panned back to his champion, Sharon, while Bob kept his camera trained on Deb. Both girls seemed a little self conscious as they waited for the “Odessey” music to end as if they had planned for the introductions to take a little longer.

Then the music paused briefly before a voice called out loud and clear “Let’s get ready to RRRRUUUMMMMMMBBLLLLLLLLE!!!!” The loud thumping base kicked in full force in a techno rock as both women seemed to spring back into action gyrating wildly to the music. Seconds later both girls seemed to lock into the same rythm (they had obviously practiced this part) as the anouncer called out “5…” both women parted the robe briefly just enough to see the hint of their cleavage but nothing else then closed the robe quickly. “4…” again a flash of cleavage. “3…” another flash. “You know the rest.” Both women pulled their robes completely open at precisely the same moment revealing the treasure they had concealed beneath, but still not completely removing the robes. Sharon wore shiny leather panties and matching corset tied very tight narrowing her waist and giving her massive chest the appearance of being even larger. Sharon again began gyrating to the music. Jack was transfixed watching his wife dance in a way she never had before… well at least dressed like this. He especially liked the parts where the singer said “Jump Jump” and Sharon responded with a little jump heaving her breasts up and down to the music. It was another complete chorus of the song before Jack even glanced over at Deb. He was surprised to see Deb wearing a similar shiny leather corset & panty combination only hers in red matching her stilletto heals. Jack noted that Deb appeared to be a better/more experienced erotic dancer than his wife. He again made a mental note to ask Rob about all this later.

As the music drew to a close, both women ceased their dancing and slowly seductivly walked toward each other, robes draped just off their shoulders allowing their breasts to thrust forth out of the robes. Both women’s nipples were fully erect. Their eyes were locked on their rivals eyes. As they closed the gap, both women allowed her robes to fall silently to the floor. They continued to keep their breasts thrust out before them each doing her best to will her breasts to their maximum size, placing their hands firmly on their hips arms winged back. Finally they met at the center of the room. Their breasts and nipples gently contacted each pressing erotically but not painfully on the others. They stared into each other eyes trying to feign hatred. Both were breathing heavily from their wild dance and each breath pressed their breasts tighter together. The effect was heightened as their breathing synchronized after only a few seconds. Each breath bulged their breasts with flesh spilling over from the contact. Both women gazed hungrily into her opponents eyes. They would both say that this battle was soley for the entertainment of their men, but deep down inside, the truth was they wanted it as much for themselves as for their men. They were the best of friends, but they were also still women. The primative woman inside each of them still wanted to be the best, the most desired, the alpha female. As each breath pressed her titflesh into her opponent, each woman was quietly confident that her breasts were the best, and each woman couldn’t wait to show it to her man and to her rival.

Without a word, each woman slowly turned her upper torso to her right, slowly dragging her nipples accross her rivals. They turned slowly until each womans left breast slipped between her rivals breasts. As their breasts sprang free from direct contact, the women slowly came back again, dragging their mounds into their rivals bulging their flesh away from the contact, then forcing them together, until they finally sprang free on the Left side. Then back again grinding their breasts to the right. Grinding to the Left. Grinding to the Right. Grinding to the left. Grinding to the right. The women grunted slightly with each pass. Grinding Left. Grinding right. Grinding Left, Grinding Right. Each pass was a little faster a little more forceful. Grinding Left. Grinding Right. Grinding Left. Grinding Right. Grinding Left. Grinding Right. Already just 3 minutes into their battle each woman’s breasts were slightly swollen with a combination of arousal and torment. Grinding Left. Grinding Right. Grinding Left. Grinding Right. Grinding Left. Grinding Right. Grinding Left. Grinding Right.

Almost in synchronization, both women doubled the range of their torso rotation. This resulted in a double grinding of their breasts. Sharon’s right breast met Deb’s Right breast, then both sets of breasts met up perfectly, then Sharon’s left breast swept across Deb’s left breast. Then both women rotated to their left repeating the process. Double Grind Right. Double Grind Left. Double Grind Right. Double Grind Left. Double Grind Right. Double Grind Left. Double Grind Right. Double Grind Left. Each sweep became more intense. Double Grind Right. Double Grind Left. Double Grind Right. Double Grind Left. The women’s grunts had turned to empassioned squeels. Double Grind Right. Double Grind Left. Double Grind Right. Double Grind Left. The women’s arcs slowly increased in ranges and speed. Double Grind Right. Double Grind Left. Right Double Tit Cross. Left Double Tit Cross. Right Double Tit Cross. Left Double Tit Cross. Right Double Tit Cross. Left Double Tit Cross. Right Double Tit Cross. Left Double Tit Cross. The sound of their tits contacting was now making a slapping sound, louder when their tits first met, softer as each met her foes second tit. Their squeels grew louder and louder. Right Double Tit Cross. Left Double Tit Cross. Right Double Tit Cross. Left Double Tit Cross. Right Double Tit Cross. Left Double Tit Cross. Right Double Tit Cross. Left Double Tit Cross. Right Double Tit Cross. Left Double Tit Cross.

Suddenly Deb stepped back slightly and delivered a devastating double tit upper cut. Sharon was caught completly unprepared. Her tits flew high in the air as Sharon stumbled backward awkwardly in the 3″ stilleto heels. On the third step, Sharon stumbled even further painfully twisting her right ankle. She painfully righted herself, glaring at Deb. “Bitch,” Sharon hissed under her breath. Deb beamed. Sharon charged Deb and delivered her own double upper cut. Deb’s massive tits flew up into the air, and she stumbled back but just one step. Deb lept back in at Sharon. This time both women were prepared each trying to deliver an upper-cut, but resulting in what could best be described as a double tit bump. Their breast met directly each crushing her opponents breasts into her ribcage. Again they burst into each other. Jack would later comment that he was certain filming the confrontation that each blow like this would result in one woman’s skin rupturing like a balloon. Each blow pressed their titflesh so tightly it seemed the buldging skin around the sides would just split like over-ripe melons.

The battle changed again, both women now swinging their swollen breasts wildly at each other. There was no synchronization between the women. No strategy on either side. Each woman simply swung her weapons as hard as she could into her rival. Both women were scoring points on their rival, each fierce blow echoed a small painful cry from the reciepient. Left Double Tit Cross. Right Double Tit Cross. Double uppercut. Double Bump. Grind Right. Uppercut. Grind Right. Double bump. It was impossible to say who was winning. Their bodies crashed against each other again and again, like waves in a stormy ocean crashing against the shore. Again and again they crashed together. In each exchange it appeared one woman or the other won that collision. But then just as often she lost the next collision.

The women battled on like this for almost another 10 minutes before they began to slow from the combination of exertion and pain. Their swings became less powerful and exaggerated. The tit bumps lasted longer and longer until finally, both women simply pressed her tits into the flesh of her rival. Both women leaned in, stilettoed feet trying to find traction on the carpeted floor. This was it. They would press until one of them couldn’t take it any more. Both women were sweating, grunting with the effort. Their breasts drove into each other. Neither’s titflesh seemed ready to collapse under the pressure.

Finally after almost two minutes of constant pressure, the exhausted women began to stumble. It was slight at first. Then a bigger stumble. It wasn’t deliberate on either woman’s part. Simply a side effect of their exertion combined with the 3″ heels both women wore. Neither paid much mind to the stumbling other than to try to stop it. The only thing that mattered to either woman was her tits crushing her rivals tits. Then it happened. One larger stumble, Sharon missed getting her foot underneath her. Her Right ankle painfully twisted again. Sharon collapsed to the floor. Deb almost tumbled after her, but at the last second released Sharon letting her tumble to the floor. For a moment Deb stood over her rival, like Ali towering over a fallen Frazier. She looked magnificent in her red leather corset. Deb’s breasts were an angry red but had swollen a full two cup sizes. Sharon later admitted looking up at the statuesque brunette had been a little intimidating even for her.

Sharon too looked gorgeous on the ground in her black leather corset and panties. She rolled over to regard Deb directly. As swollen as her breasts were, they stood straight up toward Deb as if stretching to rejoin the battle. Her breasts had also swollen two full cup sizes. To Jack it appeared his beautiful wife wasn’t beaten at all. Just angry that she had stumbled. Sharon began to get back up, wincing visibly as she put weight on her right ankle. Sharon’s Massive breasts were not the only things swelling. Her ankle was probably sprained, and badly. Still she wouldn’t give up. She stood up straight and proud although visibly placing most of her weight on her left leg. She place her hands firmly on her hips and nodded her head to Deb signalling that she was ready to begin again.

At that moment, Deb wasn’t concerned at all that her friend was hurt. She only saw that her rival had been weakend. Deb placed her hands and her hips and charged toward Sharon, slamming her breasts into Sharons in a mutual double tit uppercut. Both women stumbled back, but Deb pressed back again, while Sharon could only wait for her. Deb charged in with a double tit bump, followed by a left tit cross, a right tit cross, and a double tit uppercut. Sharon tried to meet her blow for blow, but each time balancing herself on her one good leg left her unable to charge back into Deb. Each brutal blow drove Sharon further and further backward until her back was literally against the wall. And still Deb attacked. Each time she drove her tits into Sharon, Sharon bounced off the wall, but at least she wasn’t stumbling any more. Sharons face was a mask of pain and determination as she met each of Deb’s blows. Double tit uppercut, left cross, right cross, left cross, right cross.

Sharon was literally between a rock and a hard place. More literally between two rocks and a hard place. Deb’s heavy swollen breasts crashed time and again into Sharon’s own swollen rock solid breasts. The pain was excrutiating for both women, but neither woman was ready to stop. Deb could taste her impending victory. Sharon was just too stubborn to submit even though she was nearly helpless before Deb’s onslaught. Deb began double tit bumping Sharon over and over for all she was worth determined to finish Sharon off. Every 3-4 Seconds Deb slapped her tits into her friends tits each time grunting with the effort, Sharon tried to slide to the side to escape, but Deb just followed her continuing to attack. A little over two minutes into the attack, Sharon let a small moan escape her lips as their breasts collided. On the next blow, Deb grunted a little louder pressing a little harder and was rewarded with a little louder moan from Sharon. Deb redoubled her attack each grunt getting louder with each moan from Sharon getting louder as well. Sharon tried to silence the moans, but just couldn’t. “Grunt moan… grunt moan… grunt moan… Grunt moan… Grunt moan… GRunt moan…GRUUUNT Moan… GRUUNT MOoaan… GRUUUUNTTT MOAN…. GRUUUNT MOOOAN!!!!” The women were loud now practially yelling their gutteral sound. “GRUUUNNNT MOOOAAN!!! GRUUUNNNT MOOOAAN!!! GRUUUNNNT MOOOAAN!!! GRUUUNNNT MOOOAAN!!! GRUUUNNNT MOOOAGGRRRRGGGHHH!!!” Sharon’s moan changed into an angry scream completely masking Deb’s Grunts. “ARRRRRGGGGHHH!!! AAARRRRRGGGGHH!!! AARRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!”

Sharon’s face was a mask of pain, Deb’s a mask of glee. Everybody in the room knew how this was going to end. Sharon was just in too much pain. She couldn’t manuever with the twisted ankle. Couldn’t mount any kind of attack on Deb. All she could hope to do is outlast Deb. Every blow was hurting Deb too. Less than Sharon of course, but it still hurt. Jack considered throwing in the towell for his lovely wife, but knew she would be furious with him if he did. Besides, he was surprised to admit, seeing his wife being defeated was just as exciting as seeing her victory.

Sharon couldn’t take anymore, As Deb crashed into her again, Sharon released her hands from her hips and wrapped up Deb with her arms around Deb’s shoulders in a crushing tit to tit bearhug. Both women agreed before the match that the bearhug would be illegal as they thought the men would consider this move boring, but in her victory exctasy, Deb didn’t even think to call Sharon on it. Deb just wrapped her arms around Sharons waist squeezing with all her might at the same time pressing Sharon into the wall with her stilletto’ed toes crushing her breath out of her. For three full minutes they concentrated on nothing but crushing their opponent with all their might. Their titflesh bulged above their arms, skin stretched to the point of rupturing. Their breath came in rapid shallow gasps as their lungs struggled against their opponents arms and bodies.

Jack was entirely focused on Sharon. He was worried… not that she might loose. He was pretty sure at this point that would happen. She was in pain from the ankle, trapped between Deb and the unmovable wall, and could barely breath. Jack was worried Sharon could be hurt in this final struggle… that Deb might literally squeeze the life from his lovely wife. When he saw Sharon’s eyes flutter, her arms release from Deb, and her body slump into uncounsiousness he was ready. He immediately dropped the camera and rushed to the combatants. Deb wasn’t letting go of Sharon. She would later admit her blood was racing too fast, she wanted to actually hurt Sharon. Her primative response to the battle was too strong. Jack literally had to pull his uncounsious wife away from Deb and pry her python like arms away from his wifes body. Finally, overpowered by Jack, Deb released her rival and Jack gently lowered his wife to the floor. Finally the battle lust left Deb. The snarl vanished from her face and she was overcome with a combination of guilt for her loss of control and concern for her friend. She crouched down beside Sharon and Jack.

It was only a matter of seconds before Sharons eyes fluttered and opened, but to everybody in the room it felt like an eternity. When they opened, at first Sharon’s eyes were unfocused and wild with panic, but they quickly calmed and focused in on Jack. She knew she had lost. She looked at Deb and smiled, “Good Fight, Deb.”

Deb smiled back for a moment, then stood. She was going to get Sharon something to drink, but Rob interrupted her thought. He slid up behind her and placed Deb in a bearhug of his own. He crossed his arms around her grabbing one engorged breast in each hand. Deb visibly shuttered as she felt Rob’s Cock press through his pants between her butt cheeks. Her eyes were closed as she panted “We going to our room now… if you want you can use the guest room up the hall.” She grabbed one of Rob’s hand, spun away from his grip, and practically dragged him upstairs to their room.

Sharon smiled as her friends left the room, giggling like high school kids. Then she reached up gripping her own man’s rock hard erection. Sharon smiled at Jack lovingly. She had been worried that seeing her loose might be a turn off to Jack. That perhaps she might loose him to the victor, emotionally if not physically. It was a silly thing to worry about, she knew, but she worried about it none the less. Now laying here defeated, seeing Jack’s attention focused completely on her, as well as his physical arousal to her even in defeat, Sharon was pleased to find out her worries were about nothing. She sat up and hugged the man she loved pressing her swollen breasts into his chest with all her might. She whispered into his ear, “Can you help me get to the bedroom, Honey?” Jack pulled back just a bit, grinning from ear to hear. Without a word he scooped his wife up off the floor and carried her down the hall to the guest bedroom.

Within minutes the house filled with sounds of passion as the women engaged in a new contest. A battle to see which of them could get her lover to cum the hardest. They all won that battle.

The End

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