Corporate Catfights: Chapter 3 by The Raven

Kimo had fought in all kinds of fuck-fight arenas all over the world during her six year career as a catfighter.

Cages of rusted steel in Tokyo. She made her first kill in one of those.

An arena made out of glass in Las Vegas. Lots of rich old white guys got off on that one.

An eight foot deep circular pit dug in the ground on the outskirts of Bangkok. She and her opponent went at it like wild animals and fought to the death.

A arena lit by candles in the Mediterranean island called Catalan, where she fought and dominated many Hollywood actresses.

The circular arena at Catsport in Manila. Where she suffered her greatest defeat in 1992.

None of them could compare to the fuck-fight palace that Barry Kosmos had built in the basement of a $20 million mansion in the San Francisco neighborhood called Seacliff.

As she fought in it for the first time on Tuesday night, Kimo had to supress her awe and concentrate on the match. Kimo circled around the Filipina she had fought earlier in the week: MaryAnn was her name. They were both totally naked. Kimo was sweating lightly, but uninjured. Blood was running down MaryAnn’s nose and dripping into her mouth.

Kimo had just shattered it by slamming her head against the floor a half a dozen times. She smiled as she watched the Filipina get up off the floor, still defiant.

This bitch is just too stupid to live, Kimo thought. If she had stayed down…

The Filipina circled around Kimo now. From floor to ceiling, every part of the arena had a mirrored surface. As MaryAnn circled around Kimo in her bare feet, you could see her cunt in the reflection on the floor.

Barry K’s personal design. Along with the cameras and microphones installed along the ceiling above, to be edited later for his private female fuck fight video collection. Allison had told Kimo not to worry about noise; the room was totally soundproofed.

Kimo could see her bare ass in the mirror ahead, a reflection of a reflection from the mirror behind her. She knew Barry had to be behind one of them, watching the fight. The stakes were simple: win the fight and work for me at the Company; lose and go home with a measly $1,000 cash. Allison had brokered the deal with her boss Barry: payback for scaring that old cunt Judy Buck half to death in Lake Tahoe. The Filpina had agreed eagerly, for the money, and to teach Kimo a lesson for stealing a john last month back at the Kit Kat Klub.

This was the break Kimo had waited for all of her life. She wasn’t going to blow it.

“Whhhoaare!” MaryAnn screamed, and snagged a hold of Kimo’s thighs. She dropped Kimo to the floor and pounced on her. Her claw dug into Kimo’s breast. She bit into Kimo’s lip hard and screamed like a wild cat.

Kimo had misjudged the Filipina. Breaking her nose had only enraged her and sent all the adrenaline pumping through her body. The Japanababe struggle to push MaryAnn off her, but could already taste the mingling of her own blood with the Filpina’s in her mouth.

A sense of Deja Vu washed over her: Catsport 92. Just like that fucking Trang bitch!

Kimo gouged MaryAnn’s eye with her thumbnail, and started to bite the Filpina’s neck.

The Filpina roared in pain and tried to back away. Kimo bit harder into her neck and forced MaryAnn on her back. MaryAnn started to panic, sensing Kimo was about to expose her jugular vein. She lifted Kimo off her body and slammed the Japanababe down behind her, hard on the floor. The Filipina somersaulted backwards, quickly stood on her feet, and jabbed the heel of her foot hard into Kimo’s cunt.

Kimo screamed: to psyche herself up for a comeback. She flipped upward, almost flying to her feet, the way Bruce Lee used to in his movies. Her face was an iron mask of will and hatred.

“You are gonna die now!” Kimo yelled. She quickly steadied herself on one foot, shifted her body, and did a spin kick that connected with MaryAnn’s head, almost knocking it off. The Filpina stayed upright while Kimo did another spin kick, this time whipping the bitch’s head to the other side. Blood spurted away from MaryAnn’s face and splattered on the mirror behind her.

MaryAnn put up her arms to block another kick.

Kimo moved in and fired a series of rabbit quick punches to MaryAnn’s naked breasts. She drove the Filipina back against the mirrored wall with her furious attack, repeatedly punching and kicking MaryAnn’s breasts, her stomach, her face, and her cunt.

The Filpina suddenly lost her strength and slumped against the mirror. “STOP!” she wailed. “I SUBMIIIIITTTT!” Her butt sagged to the floor and tears streamed down her face. “I suuubbbmiiiitttt….”

Kimo paused, only her iron discipline could make her stop now, despite every iota of her being that wanted to kill her opponent. But it wasn’t her decision-it was Barry’s.

“You’ll be my slave!” Kimo shouted at the Filpina, grabbing her hair and forcing her to her feet. Kimo forced her to bend over her knees.

“Yeessssss!” MaryAnn wailed in reply. Blood was dripping off her face and onto her own reflection on the floor.

“Lick my cunt!” Kimo ordered. She stood over the Filpina and stretched her legs, bringing her foe’s head to her vagina.

MaryAnn’s tongue caressed her new dominatrix’s vagina as if her life depended on it. And it did.

A voice boomed over speakers that were set up on the ceiling: “VERY GOOD MATCH.” It was electronically disguised, enhanced with a heavy bass to make it sound like Darth Vader.

Barry’s voice, Kimo mused. That fucker ain’t taking any chances gettin’ caught with his own voice on the videotape!


“This was nothing!” Kimo shouted at a mirror and hoping it was the one Barry was behind. “I can beat women who have trained at the Catfighter’s Academy! This wench…” She pulled MaryAnn’s head back with a jerk. “…is just an alley cat!”

The electronic voice boomed with laughter. “THEN WE’LL HAVE TO FIND YOU A VALLEY CAT TO PLAY WITH. YOU’RE HIRED.”

Kimo twisted MaryAnn’s head back towards the wall, arcing it behind her back with both hands. “What about my slave?”


She jerked her arms violently and snapped MaryAnn’s neck.

The Japanababe didn’t hesitate for a second after she heard Barry’s command.

MaryAnn didn’t even have time to pray to God for her soul.

“Don’t worry about the police, miss,” Barry K’s ghostly old English male servant had said as he escorted her up the stairs. “The blood will all be gone by the morning; wiped clean by sprinklers in the ceiling. We have our own cremation system just next to the arena. Your opponent’s ashes will be scattered in the sea by the Captain of Mr. Kosmos’ yacht.”

He had given her a towel to wrap around her body. She wasn’t tired after the match. The adrenaline still roared through her as they went into a bedroom on the second floor. Two bathrooms along either side, one for Barry that was off limits, and one for the women who wandered in and out of his life. The bathroom was bigger than most of the apartments Kimo had rented throughout her life. A beautiful blue silk kimono hung from the closet.

I’ve done it! Kimo thought. I’ve finally hit the jackpot! Without having to win the Catsport, I can be one of the richest catfighting cunts in the world!

“Mr. K will be with you soon. I’ll leave you to your shower. Congratulations again on your splendid victory.”

“Thanks, Bubba!” Kimo whipped off the towel and stood naked in front of the shower.

There was no reaction from the butler, other than a bow, and an exit from the bathroom. His gonads are dead, Kimo thought, or he’s gay.

Kimo climbed into the wide shower, turned up the water high, as hot as it could go, and let the tension ease out of her body. She replayed the fight in her mind, this time substituting that bitch Trang Ho in place of MaryAnn. Watching the blood fly out of Trang’s mouth as Kimo spin kicked her to death.

Trang Ho. The woman who destroyed Kimo’s rise to glory back in Catsport 92.

It had taken Kimo three years of training and catfighting to get to Catsport. Lots of wrestling, lots of martial arts, some caged catfights in Vegas and Kyoto. Five deaths, now six with MaryAnn, knotched on her stiletto heels that she used in lethal catfights. Going into Catsport favored to win, hoping to face Tara the Terror in the finals.

But Kimo didn’t even get to the semi-finals.

The newcomer Trang had surprised her. No one in the world of catfighting had ever heard of her. The Chinese-American bitch just came flat out of nowhere. She fought Kimo in one of the opening matches of the tournament. It lasted fifteen minutes. At the end, Trang broke Kimo’s right arm, and stepped on it untill even Kimo had to beg her undying servitude.

Kimo was Trang’s slave for one month after the tournament.

She bought her way out of slavery with her life’s savings: $25,000.Trang let her walk across the border, from Cabo San Lucas, into California. Kimo arrived back in the US with her passport, an arm still in a cast, and $1,000 to get started. That was three years ago.

Three years of healing, working first in a supermarket, then in stripper clubs. All the while training to get back into shape. Just when she was ready to get back onto the international catfighting circuit…

….Allison came along. One night after an amateur fight at the Kit Kat Klub. Allison said she had a client who would pay big money to watch Kimo fight. If she was good, and wanted to be retained on a long-time arrangement, she could make as much money as you could earn for the top prize in Catsport. All Kimo had to do was to win, and to win regularly, month after month, against corporate catfighters. In order to get the gig, Kimo had to help intimidate Judy Buck…

The door to the shower clicked open.

“Good. You like it hot. So do I.” It was Barry K., stark naked.

Kimo was prepared for what he would look like. She had seen his picture in Fortune magazine, though she didn’t understand at all what he did for a living. Barry Kosmos wasn’t a nerd like Bill Gates. He was a pretty handsome, muscular guy who stayed in shape, and looked much younger than his 50 years of age. And he had almost as much charisma as he had money.

Kimo looked at his dick: big and erect. She was horny too. Fighting and winning always made her hungry for sex. A kill made her ravenous.

“Come here!” She grabbed Barry and wrapped her leg around his ass.

Barry kissed her mouth and grabbed Kimo’s buns. He turned her around so that the water was hitting his back.

“I was fucking Allison in the ass while you were fighting that bitch,” Barry gasped. “I came so hard when you had MaryAnn up against the wall.” His dick was rigid and hitting the surface of Kimo’s wet pussy.

“Sit down,” Kimo gasped back, and pulled Barry down to the shower floor. “I’m gonna fuck your brains out tonight, Barry.” She lowered herself down on his lap and inserted the dick slowly into her cunt. “Ahhhhh. I’ll kill any bitch you tell me to.”

Barry came and the pleasure echoed throughout Kimo’s tiny firm body.

Kimo put on the kimono and left the bathroom, to find Allison sitting on Barry’s bed, dressed in another robe. She stood up and hugged Kimo excitedly.

“I knew you’d beat that bitch!” Allison squealed, and kissed Kimo’s lips. “You’re IN, baby! Let me get you a drink.”

Barry sat in a lounge chair, nursing a bourbon on the rocks, watching Kimo tease Allison’s hair.

“So, Barry…” Kimo teased. “I can’t type and I don’t know anything about computers. What do you want me to do for…your Company?”

“Never hurt any Executive Assistant before.” He waved his drinking hand as he straightened out his robe. “Keep both the bastards and the bitches in line,” Barry said, sighing. “There’s a lot of good women I want to see you take on. In the Spa, at my house, and at some other places in the world that I may take you to, if I feel you are good enough.”}

“Spa?” Kimo asked. She took a sip from the champagne that Allison had poured her.

“You know,” Allison replied, “the women’s only health club, where all the corporate cats fight. It’s Barry’s second arena, stocked with secret cameras and fighting cunts hand-picked by Collette.”

“The brunette who lives in Los Altos?” Kimo asked. Allison had asked her to follow Collette one day last week to observe her movements.

“Yeah, she’s a good gal, Collette,” Barry said. “But she’s gettin’ a little old. Not the catfighter she used to be. Needs to be replaced, and replaced by my choice, or we’ll lose control. I can’t have some uppity catfighter runnin’ the Spa like it was hers.”

“So, I’m supposed to take out Collette.”

“Frighten Collette,” Allison corrected.

Kimo hated that: Allison being the bitchy boss. She was about out of the rope that she was giving Allison in order to get this gig.

“We gotta get Collette to retire as the cat-mistress,” Barry said, slugging down his drink. “Allison’s got a plan for that. Shouldn’t be too hard. We don’t need to kill her to do it.”

“Collette interviews every woman who applies for work at the Company,” Allison explained. “Even if Barry orders that a woman be hired, Collette demands that she get to test the bitch in battle before she joins. It used to be a way to make sure we got good fighters at the Company. Lately, we’ve begun to suspect that Collette’s been keeping out the good cunts who may be a threat to her leadership or popularity.”

Kimo took another sip of her drink. “A real cagey cat.” I admire her already. “So is she gonna approve of my being a secretary?”

“You are starting work Monday as my assistant,” Allison corrected her again. “You’re not a secretary. But you will need to meet with Collette on Friday. I’ll arrange it for you to have a private little lunch at her home…”

“And that’s when I’ll show her there’s a new mistress in town. Why me? Why not use one of these bitches that’s fighting to take Collette’s place?”

Barry sighed. “Things are gettin’ too complacent at both the Company and at the Spa. I want to shake things up a bit and have a major reorganization at both places. We got a contest going on Thursday night at the Spa to select Collette’s replacement. Allison tells me most women expect one of the upstarts to become the mistress. But I’m gonna teach ’em all a lesson about competition: you should never let your guard down. I’m bringing you inside the Company, and I expect you to fight Collette’s successor here in my arena.”

“Either the blond or the Taiwanese woman I told you about,” Allison said. “Nanette or Rose.”

“I don’t know the blond. Rose, she’s that uppity rich chink that Allison’s talked about, the one with the horses, eh?” The one who keeps resisting your offers of trading sex for power. And the one that Judy Buck is gonna betray when the time is right.

“Yep!” Barry stood up. “Make the winner of the match on Thursday submit to your will forever and I’ll do better than the $70K salary I’m gonna give you. Whip the Queen bitches ass, bring her to my bed a whipped little submissive slave, and I’ll give you a slice of my own reserve of premium stock options.”

“Stock options?” Kimo asked, a little disappointed. She wanted cold hard cash.

Allison whispered into Kimo’s ear: “These stock options Barry’s talking about are currently worth over $100,000!”

Kimo dropped her empty glass on the carpet. “I’ll fight both of them tomorrow!”

Barry threw his head back and laughed. “I’m out of town for a week. You’ll see them when you start at the Company on Monday, but keep your claws off until I can get you back in my arena. Enough business talk.” He stood up and dimmed down the lights in the bedroom. “Now strap on a dildo, Kimo, and fuck Allison like you would have fucked MaryAnn if I had decided to let her live. I want to see how you dominate other women in bed.”

It was Allison’s turn to drop her glass. “Hey, we had an agreement–“

Kimo merely smiled and slapped Allison with the palm of her hand. “Barry, it’ll be my greatest pleasure.” Turnabout is fair play, honey.

She tore off Allison’s robe with her claws and threw her former mistress onto Barry’s bed. Kimo could smell the fear quivering in Allison’s naked body. It made Kimo hot and horny as she took off her own robe and quickly strapped the dildo on her waist.

When Allison screamed as Kimo plunged the dildo into her ass, then Kimo finally knew she had guessed right about the bitch. Allison could dish it out, but she couldn’t take it.

Continued in Corporate Catfights: Chapter 4

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