Corporate Catfights: Chapter 4 by The Raven

The dreams echoed the beating that Rose had just endured.

She dreamed that she was in the Catsport tournament, facing the famed La Matadora. A recurring dream of a long suppressed fantasy that Rose had, of fighting to the death. Something Rose would never dare to do, when there was so much to live for, so much money to make, that such a risk of stepping into a lethal arena would not be justified.

The Mexican had Rose backed into a corner, whizzing at Rose’s face with razor sharp claws. A foot stabbed at Rose’s cunt and she fell to the floor. Matadora jumped on top of Rose’s nude back and punched her hand inside Rose’s ass. Rose screamed and begged for mercy, but Matadora kept ass fucking her again and again while the crowd thundered in ecstasy…

…and then Rose woke up in a strange bedroom.

It took her a few moments to realize it was not her bedroom. It wasn’t a room she had seen in either Collette or Nanette’s house. It definitely wasn’t a hotel.

Rose moved her body and groaned. The pain made her recall the fight with Nanette. She was laying on top of a queen sized bed, totally naked except for her running shoes and socks. Rose sat upright, and took inventory of her injuries. Her ribs were bruised, but not broken. Her asshole was sore as hell, and when she lifted her butt off the bed, Rose saw spots of blood on the bed sheet.

She felt her throat, which was raw from the choking that Nanette had done to her.

Her first thought was of her match with Nanette on Thursday. I’m going to stay home from work, Rose thought. I’m going to rest for two whole days before I go into the arena and beat that little dyke to a pulp! Fucking Collette! I bet the ambush was her idea.

Rose looked around the room. A poster of Kianu, the ESPN2 Asian fitness babe and secret catfighter, adorned the closed door. A 1996 calendar of bodybuilder Cory Everson hung from the wall. Rose was stunned to see a framed picture that hung on another wall: La Matadora, from Superwomen of Wrestling. Her hands punching the air towards the viewer, with the bold words: DETERMINATION underneath her image.

All the pictures looked familiar to Rose. She couldn’t place where she had seen them before. One thing was certain: a man had rescued her. A very horny man who liked female wrestling and fitness babes.

She stood up slowly and walked over to the bathroom.

When she looked in the mirror, Rose saw the bandage on her cheek.

“Shit!” Rose yelled, remembering Nanette’s claw digging into her face. She slowly lifted the bandage up. The scar was a one-inch long, not deep enough to require stitches, but would definitely be noticable for at least a month.

Whoever Rose’s mysterious savior was, he had cleaned the wound and disinfected it. She replaced the bandage on her cheek and ran some cold water over her face. It ran down Rose’s nude body and revived her a bit.

She found some oversized clothes in a closet: a checked shirt and shorts. Rose pulled the string tight to make the purple trunks stay tight to her waist. She walked to the door and paused before opening it.

OK, gird yourself, Rose thought. You aren’t hurt that bad. You can fight whatever pervert picked you up if you have to.

Rose slowly turned the doorknob and opened the door without making a sound. She saw a small hallway, lit with fading sunlight. The distant sound of a whirling fan and someone typing on a keyboard. Walking softly, she peered into the doorway of a second bedroom.

It was her own employee, Mitch. Rose started to feel sick in her stomach.

He looked up with a start at her. “Rose! You’re awake!” Mitch said. “Thank god. I was about to take you to the hospital! Please sit down. Do you want something to drink?” He motioned towards an oak chair across from his computer desk.

Mitch saw me naked, Rose thought. He put his hands on my body while I was unconscious to bring me here…had to have grabbed my ass to haul me up…touched my breasts…my…my…

Rose ran back to the bathroom and vomited.

“How did you find me?” Rose asked. It had taken ten minutes and a glass of cold water to regain her composure. Every part of her wanted to run screaming out of Mitch’s apartment. Was this another part of Collette’s plan to humiliate her at work?

But she had to find out exactly what Mitch knew. She sat on the couch facing him.

“I know where you go riding,” Mitch said, crossing his leg underneath him. “You’ve told me enough times. I had checked out the trail before.”

“So, you’ve been stalking me?” Rose asked, trying not to cough. “How long?”

“I wouldn’t call it stalking, Rose. Technically, stalking is where a guy is so obsessed with one woman he can’t leave her alone. I’m spread my attentions to many girls, so it isn’t just you. There’s also Bunny. Leilani in marketing. Katy Tong in sales. Ms. Shimizu, our Apple vendor. Kianu–“

“I know you’re a dirty old man,” Rose replied, cutting him off. “So, if you don’t follow me around 24 hours a day, why did you follow me today?”

“I saw you walking out of the ladies room after you changed clothes. I always liked how you looked in those tights,” Mitch replied, smiling.

Rose could almost believe him. But she had to make sure. “You’re a nerd. But I kind of like you anyway. Come over here on the sofa.” She patted the cushion next to her.

Mitch jumped up to join her. “I did rescue you from Nanette. Don’t I deserve a reward? I promise not to tell anyone at work.”

“Yes.” Rose leaned her face, about to kiss Mitch’s lips.

Mitch leaned toward her, unable to believe his luck…

…when Rose’s hand found his crotch and squeezed his balls hard.

Mitch groaned and tried to break away, but Rose held him tightly.

“Liar!” Rose screamed. “Now tell me how you knew to follow me today or I’ll bruise you so bad you won’t be able to jerk off for a month!”

“Ok! Ok!” Mitch gasped. “It was Collette!”

Rose released him. “What did Collette do?”

“I was breaking into e-mail files. Collette found out and blackmailed me. To save my job, I had to spy on you. I had to read your mail and tell her when you went riding today.”

Rose had suspected he was breaking into e-mail for some time. She never wrote anything to sensitive in e-mail for that reason. “So you smelled something fishy…”

Mitch massaged his balls. “…and decided to follow you today. I watched Nanette attack you. I never saw anything like that before!” She could see him salivate again. “I took pictures of the whole thing with my digital camera. When she started to choke you, I figured I ought to try and help you out.”

“What!” Rose cried, and reached for Mitch again. This time he was too quick and got away from her. “You photographed me?”

“Fighting Nanette in the woods…getting torn to shreds by that blonde bitch…and laying naked on my bed.” He paused. Mitch smiled and his eyes rolled upwards deviously. “I’ve put your pictures on the my World Wide Web site.”

Rose stood up to punch him, but Mitch quickly grabbed a chair to block her blow.

“I haven’t linked up the pictures to any web page just yet. They will remain unlinked…as long as you do me some favors.”

“Favors, huh?” I’m too weak to beat the crap out of him now, she thought. Better play along until after the fight with Nanette. “Blackmail is against the law, Mitch. I could call the police and have them arrest you for those pictures.”

“Yeah! But it would be quite a scandal, wouldn’t it? All over the Internet and maybe even the TV by the time I’m done.

You’d lose a lot of prestige that you built up in the valley. You’ll go into meetings and every man there will know what you look like naked. You’ll be just another babe to them. Hell, I don’t even know if you could win the Director’s job after that.”

Rose stepped back a bit. Mitch had thought this through quite well. You wouldn’t have known he had it in him through his lackluster performance at the Company. “You made some good points, Mitch. I almost admire you. Maybe we can arrive at a…compromise?”

Mitch let the chair down and took a deep breath. “I want you to wrestle a woman. An asian woman, here in my apartment.”

“Whoa!” I’ve got to keep a straight face, Rose thought. Can’t let him know about the Health Spa. On the other hand…what if Collette spilled the beans somehow? “Kinky bastard!”

“You’ll do it?” he asked excitedly.

“First, tell me who.” I bet he would love it if it was Bunny versus Me.

“She’s a lap dancer from the Kit Kat Klub. Her name is Kimo.”

Rose laughed. “You hang out in the classiest places in the Valley! Why do you want me to fight her?”

“You’re an Asian megababe and an athlete. I get off on female wrestling. Two Asian babes plus fighting equals sex. Simple equation.”

“You’re hot right now, aren’t you?” Rose asked, staring into his eyes. She looked at the bulge in his crotch. “Well, I’m a little kinky, too. OK, I’ll do it, on these conditions–“

“I SET THE CONDITIONS!” Mitch roared angrily. “You’re always trying to dominate every deal we make, Rose! You think I don’t know how you use your sex to manipulate me like a lap dog? Now you’re gonna take my terms, you cunt! Or my pictures are gonna get spread all over the world, and I’ll make damn sure everyone in the Company will see them! I might get fired, I may get sued, but I’ll take you all down with me!”

Rose gulped hard. She’d never witnessed Mitch lose his temper so thoroughly before. The man was a mess of hurt feelings and self-destructive obsessions. He’s a powder keg ready to explode, Rose thought. I’ll have to deal with him permanently before this gets too out of control. But not today.

Rose sat back down on the couch and crossed her legs. “All right. What are your terms?”

“ONE: You’ll wrestle Kimo here on Saturday, at midnight, while I film it with my camcorder.

“TWO: You’ll fight her in your underwear. Make sure you wear just white thong panties, no lingerie allowed.

“THREE: The winner is determined by three out of five pins or submissions.

“FOUR: If you lose, you’ll have sex with both me and Kimo until midnight Sunday.

“FIVE: If you win, you get the film in the camcorder, my hard drive with today’s set of pictures, and the username/password to my web site where you can delete everything.”

Rose sat quietly and stared at Mitch. Her lip quivered, which Mitch might have interpreted as fear, but for Rose it was pure anger at being at Mitch’s mercy. “I guess I have no choice other than to accept your terms.” She paused and reflected. Some cheap floozy from that lap dance palace, eh, Mitch? I’ll be making her beg for mercy in ten minutes. I’ll destroy all your fucking computer equipment. I’ll scare you so bad you’ll wish you never met me. If this Kimo isn’t a total slut, I might take her back home for a gang bang with Judy. “But listen to this, Mitch: If you ever tell a soul at the Company about what happened between me and Nanette, or whatever happens between me and this slut Kimo during this weekend, then pictures or no pictures…”

She stood up quickly and did a spin kick in the air. “…I’ll kill your fucking fat white ass.”

Rose could see Mitch gulp hard. “It might be worth it,” he replied, “to see you fight Kimo.”

“Take me home. I need to rest for the fight.” Rose stated, although she was thinking more of Nanette than Kimo. She stood up from the couch. “How much are you going to pay this bitch?”

“That isn’t the question,” Mitch replied, walking to the door. “The question is: How much wouldn’t I pay to see you fight that bitch?”

Continued in Corporate Catfights: Chapter 5

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