Corporate Catfights: Chapter 6 by The Raven

For Bunny Li and Rose Chu, the Saturday morning sixty-nine was a ritual, but in the two years of their relationship, it had never become stale.

Bunny lay on top of Rose’s body. Rose caressed her ass and played with Bunny’s butt-hole while she licked her slave’s vagina. In return, Bunny’s tongue played with Rose’s clitoris. After they came, Rose flipped Bunny over on her back and kissed her lips passionately.

“You taste so good…” Rose panted.

“…so do you…” Bunny gasped. Rose’s breasts touched hers and she felt aroused again.

“I love you,” Rose said, and kissed Bunny deeply. “Why won’t you leave Vic? There’s nothing between you except the kids…”

“I can’t leave the kids,” Bunny replied, pushing Rose away. “I’m not like you!”

Rose rolled over to her side.

“I’m sorry, Rose!” Bunny said, wrapping her leg around Rose’s thigh. “I didn’t mean that. I love you, too. Isn’t it better to have me like this…every few days in secret…rather than to have me all the time and to get bored with each other?”

“I used to think so,” Rose sighed, while Bunny played with her breast. “But now I am beginning to see things more clearly. The older we get, the harder it is to hide ourselves. The fights at the club are getting more intense. It’s only a time before Vic finds out.”

True, after Bunny’s last fight with Nanette, Rose had to create a cover story about an all-nighter at work for Bunny to tell Vic. He believed it after Rose had telephoned him personally, never suspecting that his wife Bunny loved to wrestle, loved to catfight, loved fucking women, but kept it all a secret from her husband.

At some point, Bunny knew, she would have to choose between Vic and Rose. Between a placid life with her family and an exciting, passionate life with her lover. Someday…where the day kept getting pushed off the older she got…

“Let’s have some breakfast!” Bunny chimed.

“Yes. I am hungry!” Rose hit a button on her intercom: a signal to her slave that she should bring it inside. “Let’s shower before she gets here.”

Sixty-nine, a shower with Rose, breakfast made by a slave, a husband who thought she was working on Saturday…how could life be any better? Bunny thought.

Rose put aside the paper, crossed her leg, and finished the last of her coffee before announcing: “Mitch saw me fight Nanette in the woods on Tuesday.”

“What?” Bunny exclaimed. She had just finished the scrambled egg and ham omelet and was contemplating the new sale at Macys. “I knew he lusted after us…but I didn’t know he’d go so far as to follow you around!”

“Collette tipped him off.”

Bunny gasped. “She broke our covenant?” Never let a man know about the corporate catfighting scene.

“No. She blackmailed Mitch into spying on me, so he could let Nanette know when I would be riding my horse. Mitch guessed there something strange about to happen…and saw us fighting. He took pictures of the whole thing and now HE’S blackmailing me to fight a stripper.”

“God!” Bunny slapped her bare thigh. She was wearing panties and a loosely buttoned oversized shirt. “What are you going to do?”

“I’ll play along with him a bit. I’ll wrestle this little cupcake tonight. After I win, I’ll scare the fuck out of that bastard and destroy his equipment. I’ll give him a choice of transferring to Seattle or quitting the Company.”

“That won’t work. You’ll frighten him at first, but he’ll keep coming back to you. You’ll just make him want to see you fight more!”

“Well, I can’t kill him just for being a nerd with an Asian wrestling fetish!”

“No! I didn’t mean you should kill him! You should let me handle him.”

“Why?” Rose asked. “He’ll just melt in your hands?”

“You can get away with more by pretending to be weak and stupid…didn’t you tell me that was how to handle most guys at the Company?”

Rose laughed. “I did. But I can’t back out of this now.”

“Don’t let him find out anymore,” Bunny warned.

Rose agreed. There was a knock on the bedroom door. “Come in, slave” she commanded. It was time for her to remove the breakfast dishes.

Nanette entered the room, in a lacy see-through night gown shirt that came down to her hips. Black thong panties were plainly exposed underneath. Black high heels adorned her feet.

Bunny slipped off the bed and stood up. She unbuttoned her shirt and threw it on the floor as Nanette put the dishes on a tray.

“Oh, slave!” Rose chimed. “There’s something on the floor behind you.”

Nanette turned, saw the shirt, and bent over to pick it up.

Bunny kicked Nanette in the ass. The blond went sailing into the carpet.

“Get up, Nanette,” Bunny commanded, “Fight me now in front of our mistress.”

“Yes, Nanette!” Rose squealed, kneeling on her bed. “Take off the shirt and shoes and fight Bunny. Show me who is the better wrestler!”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Nanette replied, and whipped off her shirt. She met Bunny in the lower half of the bedroom, which had most of the furniture already cleared away for catfights.

Bunny and Nanette’s breasts smacked together hard as they came together to fight for dominance in Rose’s Catpack.

Thirty minutes later, after a grueling, sweaty session of wrestling, Nanette submitted to Bunny. The blonde’s legs were wrapped up in a figure four leg lock.

Rose let Bunny have control over Nanette for the rest of the day and night. She ignored the screams and murmurs from the guest bedroom as she slept, exercised, and prepared herself for the battle at midnight with the stripper named Kimo.

Mitch didn’t believe that the fight would really happen, didn’t really believe he could get both ladies to show up, until five minutes before midnight.

That’s when Kimo knocked on the door of his apartment: sweaty, in jeans and ruffled t-shirt, her face hard and impatient.

“Where is she?” Kimo asked.

“Uhhh, she’s not here yet,” Mitch replied. He closed the door and handed her some cash. “$1000, just like we agreed.”

“Yeah. Thanks.” Kimo stuffed the bills into her jeans, not even bothering to count them. “You’re sure she’s gonna be here?”

“I’m sure.” Mitch gulped hard, because he wasn’t sure. But it was exciting enough just to have Kimo here in his apartment.

“Shit!” Kimo exclaimed. “Look at that fucking TV!”

Mitch had done a pretty good job of clearing the furniture out of his living room for the fight. Only the sofa remained, over in one corner where he could watch and tape the fight safely. But the thirty inch television set still remained in the room.

“I couldn’t move it,” Mitch replied.

“Hell, there are even wheels on that stand! I’ll do it! I can’t risk breaking my head on that thing!”

Mitch hurried to unplug the TV. Kimo pushed the TV stand and set into the kitchen.

“Sorry,” Mitch apologized.

They heard footsteps on the stairs to Mitch’s apartment.

“I’m gonna go change!” Kimo whispered, and hurried off into the second bedroom.

Mitch opened the door just as Rose was about to knock. She was dressed in a white polo shirt and tight black athletic pants. She carried a gym bag with her-a change of clothes, perhaps, after a night of fucking with me and Kimo? Mitch wondered.

“You made it!” Mitch exclaimed, shutting and locking the door.

“Where’s your trashy friend?” Rose asked, looking around the room.

“She’s getting ready. Why? Nervous about fighting her?”

“Maybe it’s a little too exciting,” Rose said coyly. “Where can I…”

“Change? In the bathroom down the hall.”

Mitch felt himself growing hard as he anticipated the ladies coming outside for their match. He fiddled with his camcorder, making sure for the fifteenth time that he had placed the charged battery on the device; that his backup battery pack was charged; that a fresh tape was in the camcorder; and that he had four more blank tapes in case the event tonight was longer than he thought.

He sat on the couch and took a deep breath. This is it. My dream come true.

He heard a door open from the hallway. Light footsteps walking down the carpet. Awesome, buttery, familiar legs walking into the light…

…white thong panties and bra…

…Rose, in the flesh, or the most flesh he had ever seen on her since last Tuesday.

Mitch dropped the camcorder on the sofa.

“I’ve got to do some stretching,” Rose announced. She proceeded to lay down on the floor, straightened her legs, and stretched her hands to her toes.

Mitch gawked at the sheer babezonian awesomeness of his lady manager, almost stoned by his lust for her near naked body. He fumbled for the camera and started filming her, to record this even forever.

Rose looked over her shoulder back at him. “I’m just going to take it away from you, you know.”

Mitch laughed. “We’ll see. Kimo is tough.”

Rose stood up straight, bent over, and touched her toes. “I’m tougher.”

Out of the hallway: a bare leg extended quickly, and the foot kicked Rose’s ass while she was bending over. Rose almost went sailing into the carpet…but she recovered by somersaulting and coming back up on her feet.

“Hah!” Kimo laughed, stepping into the light. She was dressed in black satin bra and panties. Mitch’s camera went over her tiny muscular thighs, back, and supple breasts. “If ya really were so tough, chinky, you wouldn’t have let me sneak up on ya!”

Rose put her hands on her hips. “So, you’re the infamous Kimo.”

“So, you’re the not so famous Rose! Who got her pretty little ass kicked by a Barbie doll!” Kimo taunted back. “Ready for more?”

“I’m ready,” Rose replied, crouching down. “Ready to kick your cheap ass!”

Kimo snorted and met Rose in the center of the room. The two women locked hands and started out by testing their strength. Rose started to press Kimo’s hands downward…

…then, Kimo grimaced fiercely…

…and drove Rose’s arms up over her head!

Rose’s mouth was trembling. Spittle was flying out of it as her arms trembled against Kimo’s strength.

Kimo wrenched Rose’s arms upward, and yanked them behind Rose’s back. Kimo’s leg hooked under Rose’s thigh and she made Rose fall to the floor, face first. In a matter of seconds, Kimo had Rose’s arms locked, her right leg locked by Kimo’s thigh. Kimo’s butt rested on Rose’s head and shoulders to pin them against the carpet. Rose buckled her body to throw Kimo off, but it was too late. Kimo had Rose pinned.

“1001…” Mitch counted, “1002…1003! Kimo wins with a pin!”

“Hah!” Kimo laughed, rubbing Rose’s head into the carpet. “You ain’t so tough after all, chinky-dinky!”

Mitch watched Rose get up shakily and look at her opponent with newfound respect.

The fight lasted longer than Mitch would have guessed: almost an hour. Kimo won the first bout in five minutes. Rose won the second in ten minutes. Kimo won the third after twelve minutes, making Rose submit in a wheelbarrow pin (shoulders on the ground, legs in the air, Kimo’s foot grinding into Rose’s cunt). Rose looked done for, but came back to win the fourth bout in nine minutes, practically choking Kimo into unconsciousness with her powerful thighs before the Japanese wrestler submitted.

After four bouts, they took a break and studied each other across the living room, sipping and dripping ice water down their bodies. The carpet was wet, but Mitch didn’t give a fuck. He just tried to get everything that was happening between the women on tape.

“Where did you learn to fight?” Rose asked.

“In the harem of a motorcycle gang,” Kimo laughed, and toweled off sweat from her forehead. “This is the big one, honey. If I win, I get ya all day tomorrow. You know the terms?”

“I do,” Rose replied, standing up.}

“Let’s get ready for it, then.” Kimo removed her bra and panties, and stood naked in the living room, her nipples erect with excitement. “Good thing our nails are blunted.”

Mitch didn’t think that Rose would go for it. Her eyes darted along Kimo’s body. Mitch saw Rose’s lip curl upward for a moment.

Then Rose removed her bra and panties, too.

“Ding, ding,” Kimo said, as if he chiming a bell.

They circled each other, completely naked, very wary and respectful.

Mitch’s hard-on was intense, but he couldn’t play with himself, as he needed to operate the camera. He tried to get all of Rose’s body, her toned ass, her supple breasts, the muscles in her calves, the sexy little feet.

Kimo kept slapping at Rose’s thighs and waist, trying to sneak her out for a hold. “C’mon Rose!” Kimo kept taunting.

Finally, Kimo bent down and lunged for Rose’s stomach. Rose leapt up, and her arms went around Kimo’s back. She hugged Kimo’s body and her fist pressed into Kimo’s diaphragm. Rose grunted, lifted Kimo completely up in the air, and pile-drivered Kimo’s head into the carpet, hard.

Kimo grunted as her head hit the floor. Before her legs could fall, she grabbed Rose’s neck with her thighs, squeezed, and brought her enemy down on the floor beside her. Kimo steadied her hands against the floor to exert more pressure with her legs against Rose’s throat.

“Give it up, Rose!” Kimo commanded.

Rose dug a hand in-between Kimo’s thighs, and reached for her vagina.

Kimo broke the choke hold and sent her foot crashing into Rose’s face.

Rose rolled away and came back on her feet.

Kimo did the same, but raced over to Rose before her opponent could turn around in the tiny apartment. Kimo executed a nelson grip along Rose’s arms and shoulders, locking them down.

Mitch saw the grimace again on Kimo’s face as she struggled against Rose. They were both formidable competitors and this match was far better than anything Mitch had seen, in person or tape.

“I’ve got ya!” Kimo exclaimed.

The Japanababe hopped on Rose’s back, maintaining the nelson. Kimo’s thighs wrapped around Rose’s legs and squeezed…then Kimo leaned backward…

…and both of their bodies fell onto the carpet. Rose was on top of Kimo, but Kimo still had Rose’s limbs locked down.

Rose squealed and tried to get away from Kimo, but the Japanababe’s hold was too tight.

Kimo spread Rose’s legs apart wide with her thigh grip. One hand of Kimo’s was able to squeeze Rose’s breast.

“You ain’t got nowhere to go, Rose!” Kimo said. “Give up!”

Rose squealed again and squirmed her ass, trying to buckle Kimo’s hold.

Kimo replied by just spreading Rose’s legs wider. Mitch heard a bone pop.

“I can keep going, or you can submit, cunt!” Kimo whispered, and dug her blunted claws into Rose’s breast harder.

“You’re my Mistress!” Rose gasped. “I submit!”

Kimo cried out then, and her body threw a spasm, stretching Rose even more with a wrench. Kimo’s body trembled, her ass rose in the air up and down, rocking Rose’s body violently.

“Stop it! You’re hurting me!” Rose cried.

Finally, Kimo calmed down, released Rose, and pushed the Chinese fighter off her body. The Japanababe rolled over to her side, panting heavily.

“What’s wrong?” Mitch asked, stopping his taping. “Are you hurt?”

“Fuck no,” Kimo gasped. “I just came…like a cat on fire.” She looked over at Rose and slapped the Chinese babe’s butt lightly. “Multiple orgasms. What a great fucking bitch!”

Continued in Corporate Catfights: Chapter 7

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