Corporate Catfights: Intro by The Raven

Merry Christmas Sugar Britches

The little bitch who destroyed my life arrived in a limousine.

I noticed her driver, the queen bitch’s bitch, in the cafeteria where I worked at the checkout counter. As I bent down to pick up some fallen change, I saw her behind me, staring at my ass. It sparked my catlust and my lip curled reflexively. She was a lovely Japanese-American woman, dressed in a curvaceous black suit that could not hide her firm arms and thighs. The suit and her age made her out of place in the Chico State cafeteria. She smiled faintly back at me as our eyes met.

I pegged her as a catfighter immediately.

She had left before I could break away from the counter to challenge her.

I had forgotten her by the time my shift was over.

I had no shortage of opponents. For over ten years, I had worked at Chico State, since my divorce to Buck back in 82. I had followed my daughter to the state college to get away for a while, and I wound up getting TWO jobs.

One was the campus cafeteria gig, where I got paid to run the kitchen staff and get oogled by the jocks. Even at this late period, at 46 years old, I was still in excellent shape due to a life of catfighting. The gray hairs that had perked up had been squashed down by my bottle blond hair dye.

Gig number two was being the Sorority Matron for the Cata Gamma Thi house. They paid my room and board in return for chaperoning the young little vixens who joined the sorority.

That was my official title.

My unofficial title was cat-mistress.

I seduced as many of young ones as I could into the art of catfighting. Just as I had done with Helen so many years back in Nevada.

In Chico, I had no shortage of young lesbian lovers or fighters. Few of them were able to give me a challenge, despite their youth and vigor. I was longing for a great cunt to come along to give me a real fight.

But I walked back home that cold and windy day in December with a bit of sadness. It was the last day of the semester, you see. I would be going home to an empty sorority house and an empty Christmas again. My daughter Donna was away on the catfighting circuit in Japan. My ex-husband had remarried and we no longer saw each other. I had no lovers, female or male, at that time who were even close to my age. I was somewhat worried of the future, uncertain about how much longer I could continue competing as I approached the big five-o.

Just as I was beginning to feel sorry for myself, the limo raced ahead of me and parked near the curb. The Japanababe opened the driver’s door and raced over to me.

I braced myself, but she pointed over to the passenger window. “My Mistress wishes to speak to you.”

The window rolled down, and I saw the little bitch for the first time.

Her face, like the rest of her body, was petite and delicate and lovely and very Chinese.

“Hi! My name is Allison Wu,” she said. “I’ve driven here all the way from San Francisco just to see you. I have heard a lot about your talent from several Chico State grads who work at my company. Why don’t you step inside here and we’ll discuss a little business proposition I have for you?”

The driver opened the passenger door for me and Allison scooted over. The Japanese bitch’s nostrils flared as she stared at my eyes, again with that faint trace of a smile.

I thought I knew then what the deal was: a voyeur fuck-fight. The little bitch wanted to pay me to take on the Japanese dyke and see which one of us was tougher. I liked the idea, so I entered the limo and sat down, facing Allison.

She was too small to be a catfighter. She couldn’t have weighed more than a hundred pounds, if that. The black wire framed glasses she wore made her seem all the more physically delicate.

I found her to be exquisitely beautiful. I couldn’t take my eyes off her little legs as she crossed them. Allison wore a nicely pressed white shirt, tan skirt, and white heeled shoes. The black pearl necklace whispered against her curly hair, which came down to her neckline.

I put aside my lust for a moment. “How did you hear about me?”

“Oh, from an old student of yours,” Allison replied, smiling. The Japanababe had entered the limo and started the engine again. “Don’t worry, she’s just going to circle around town. We’ll be coming back to your sorority house after a half hour or so.”

“You want me to fight her?” I nodded back towards the driver. “I charge $1000 for a fuck-fight and a day of slavery to the victor.”

Allison licked her lips briefly as she looked at my mouth. “No, it’s not Kimo. Another employee of mine,” she replied. She dug into her purse and passed me a photograph. “I’m going to pay you $2500 now to travel and fight this woman on Christmas Eve. You’ll get $2500 more if you win and make her your permanent slave.”

The photo showed a pretty, athletic Chinese woman in white lingerie staring at the camera. A topless brunette woman lay at her feet, submissive, sucking her toe.

I pictured a flower with thorns in my mind.

“Her name is Rose Chu,” Allison replied. “She was one of your students.”

ROSE CHU. The memories rushed back in. “Yes. She was one of my best students.”

“There was an incident that happened between you two, exactly ten years ago at this time. I have heard Rose’s version of the event, but I would like to hear it from your perspective. What happened?”

Usually when I retell this story, I hold back on a few details.

But the little Allison bitch had me under some kind of spell.

I told her everything.

It was Rose’s last Christmas at Chico, as she had just graduated that semester. She would be going to work in Silicon Valley right after the New Year. We ended being the only ones staying at the sorority house that holiday, so I was determined to give her a fuck-fight she’d never forget.

I was going to miss Rose, even though I would never tell her so. She was a Taiwanese beauty, strangely tall, at 5’6″, with an eclectic fighting style. Rose knew some martial arts, a form of Chinese Crane Boxing, and had some ballet training that had conditioned her leg and arms muscles. She had been wrestling since she was 13, and was one of the few Asian girls who could make me work up a sweat.

On Christmas Eve, I laid Rose’s present out for her on her bed late in the afternoon: a green and red thong bikini made out of Christmas tinsel decoration. I left a note challenging her to our last duel; the winner would get the loser for the rest of the year.

She looked so pretty and sexy, bopping down the stairway in her new bikini. I waited for her in the living room, nearly naked in my own green and silver tinsel thong. My bare feet dug themselves into the carpet as I braced myself.

“Merry Christmas, Sugar Britches!” I said, and blocked Rose’s fist. I was confidant that I would be the winner, as I had been undefeated in every encounter with her over the past 3 years.

Thirty minutes later, Rose slammed my head into the floor with a blow from the flat of her hand. She was sitting on top of my back. My legs were folded on top of my butt, and she was bending my arms up towards my neck. My eyes were stinging from the sweat and blood that dripped from a cut on my forehead. I struggled to break away from Rose, but it was useless. She had finally worn me down and conquered me.

I would have submitted to Rose even if she hadn’t start to bite my cheek savagely. “OK, you fucking bitch! I submit!”

Rose twisted my arms even harder. “What did you call me?”

“Mistress! I call you Mistress!” I yelled back. “I submit to you, Mistress!”

“Good slave.”

Rose released me and stood up. I rolled over on my back and sucked in huge gasps of air. Her foot slammed into my stomach and I knew I had a long night ahead of me.

I closed my eyes and tried to block out the pain. I heard Rose walk into the hall bathroom and the sound of water running in the sink. She came back out a few minutes later.

I rolled back over on my stomach to see Rose coming out, wearing a huge strap-on dildo.

She walked over and pulled my green tinsel thong off, raising my legs in the air and letting them thump back on the ground. Rose grabbed hold of my ass cheeks, spread them wide, and let out a wailing catcall as the dildo thrusted into my anus. She bit me, scratched me, kissed me, as she fucked my butt in her moment of dominant triumph.

The fucking continued all night and into Christmas day. On the kitchen floor, my body smeared in butter. In the shower, with tropical shampoo covering our bodies. Even in my Playboy bunny outfit, under the Christmas tree. Rose tried to cram all the revenge fucks she had stored up in her mind in one twenty-four hour period.

That was her mistake, you see. Cramming too much into one day. Rose should have spread it out over the two weeks until New Year’s.

By the end of Christmas Day, Rose was exhausted from all the fucking and torture she had put me through. She was also extremely horny and in need of a good climax herself. She brought me into the hot tub in the enclosed patio, put the strap-on dildo around my waist, and ordered me to pleasure her.

I took her firm arms, powerful but not too muscular, and raised her pelvis up and onto the dildo. I licked her neck and flirted with her tongue as she humped herself to an orgasm. She bit me as she came, and slumped onto my shoulders, nearly exhausted.

At that moment, I knew I had to teach Rose one final lesson: never give your slave the opportunity to revolt.

I slammed her into the wall of the hot tub, chest first. I pressed my breasts against her back to trap her.

“Slave!” Rose grunted. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Don’t ever let your guard down like that again, honey,” I replied, gripping her buns with both hands. “This will teach you never to forget.” I jammed the dildo into her ass.

Rose screamed. “You fucking witch!”

I thrusted the dildo and pumped her ass hard.

“What about the rules of combat and slavery!” Rose cried. She reached back to grab my hair. My hands grabbed her wrists and we struggled even as my dildo kept slamming into her butt.

My legs encircled hers, and soon Rose was helpless. “A real bitch makes her own rules.” I arched her body backward while the dildo went painfully straight up her butt.

Rose screamed, over and over, until I was satisfied.

I released her and climbed out of the tub. I felt invigorated. I pulled the dildo off and watched Rose climb shakily out of the tub.

“Merry Christmas, Sugar Britches!” I yelled, and slammed my fist into her groin.

Rose fell like a sack of mushy potatoes and fainted.

When she awoke a few hours later, I had chained her wrists to my bed frame. Rose was naked, laying on her stomach. I left her legs unchained for more maneuverable fucking later on. I let her regain some energy by holding up a Coke with a straw for her to drink. She sucked all of it down in a minute. I sat on a chair and watched her regain her composure.

“When I get out of this…” Rose got up on her knees, facing me with the chains at full slack. “I’ll be paying you back for everything you’re going to do.” Rose flicked her head, to whip the hair out of her eyes. “You’re going to be MY slave…but this time, it’ll be for the rest of your life. I’ll have a barn full of horses…”

Rose had always loved horses, and was an expert rider. I found this little fantasy of hers amusing, and allowed her to keep on speaking.

“…you’ll be cleaning the crap out of them everyday. You’ll beg me to come and fuck you…but I won’t…because you’ll just be an old…used-up…HAG…by then. Just remember…whatever you do to me now…it’ll be a thousand times worse when I finally get you.”

“Rose, look at what I’m wearing,” I said. I was naked, except for my shoes.

I saw Rose shiver as she saw my black stilletto heels, that were equipped with little silver spurs on the inside…right where I planned to scrape them against Rose’s legs.

“Even though we’re from different countries, I’ve got a lot in common with ya, Rose. I’m an old horse gal, like you. We both know what it’s like to break in untamed horses.” I walked over to the bed and pulled Rose’s hair back violently. “I’ve won a hundred fights against you Rose, I’ve dominated ya, poked and prodded ya, but I ain’t never broken you. You ain’t never felt what it’s like. You came to my class in catfighting and you’ve learned how to wrestle, how to kickbox, and how to dominate bitches from all over the world. But ya can’t ever be pass my course until you’re finally broken down. Well, honey, here’s your final exam! I ain’t gonna flunk ya!”

I kissed her and bit her tongue.

She spit blood in my face.

I smacked her cheek, pushed her head into the pillow, and mounted her from behind. She didn’t scream when the spurs kissed her flesh.

My fucking torture of Rose lasted a few week. I kept her chained to the bed almost the entire time.

On January 1st, 1984, I had my greatest success.

I unlocked Rose from her chains, bathed her, dressed her, fed her, and showed her to the front door, where her bags lay packed.

“I don’t want to go,” Rose cried. She kneeled down and kissed my feet. “Please, please mistress! Let me stay with you for another year! I’ll say I don’t want the job at HP! I’ll enroll in the masters program here and be your slave.”

I had finally broken her. I smiled, and replied: “No.”

“I’ll fight women from all over the world and add slaves to your Catpack!” Rose cried. “I’ll bring you sex and power and money. I’ll fight the Hollywood bitches you adore. Tell me who you want me to fight. Raquel Walsh? Victoria Sensisble? I’ll seek them out tomorrow if you wish!” She grabbed my hands and kissed them. “Please!”

“No,” I said to her again. “You are not fit enough to be my slave.”

“Why?” Rose asked, tears streaming down her cheeks.

I opened the door and shoved her bags outside. I dragged Rose outside. “Goodbye. Don’t come back here again.”

I didn’t even bother to kiss her.

I never had a girl quite like that ever again. Such a competent fighter, in many ways much better than I, but not as dirty or treacherous.

I’ve often thought of those times, and wondered what became of Rose.

“Rose has done very well for herself since she left you,” Allison replied. “She’s worked for three high tech companies in Silicon Valley. She’s one of my top managers.”

I’ve heard about these computer companies through my ex-students. “And Rose couldn’t have made her way to the top without fighting to get there, eh?”

The limo hit a bump. I looked outside and could tell we were near the little town of Orland.

Allison crossed her legs and I looked inside at her shapely little thigh. “That’s right. She’s an above average fighter. Rose could never stay away from catfighting, even when she was married to another Taiwanese man for a few years. Even after Rose had her baby girl, she got back in shape through boxing and wrestling in our special ‘ladies only’ health club. I think you could say she’s addicted to it. Rose’s husband found her in bed with a member of her Catpack one day. She refused to give it up even then. Rose lost custody of her daughter during the divorce that followed.”

Ah, Rose. The parallels between us continued. Just as you lost your guy, I lost my dude. Buck gave up on me when I couldn’t stop catfighting after Donna was born. He told me, “Judy, don’t even think about taking Donna away, or I’ll tell the judge you’re a bitch-fightin’ dyke.” I guess I had the last laugh on Buck when Donna became a pro catfighter, even without my “dirty influence” as a Mom.

“So Rose wants a little payback from me, eh?”

Allison smiled. “I don’t think there’s anything little about it. You’re like a ghost in Rose’s mind, holding her back, telling her she’s no good. She’s got to fight you again to get over it. I’ve just been promoted to Executive VP of Software Development, you see. Rose is my choice to take my old job, manager of one of our hottest products. But she’s got two other challengers for the job. Before she takes them on…”

“…she’s gotta fight me to get an ego boost,” I finished. “What’s in it for you?”

“Besides a videotape that Kimo and I can watch?” Allison smiled again and uncrossed her legs. I could smell her excitement. “Part of the money is not just for the fight. It’s for a favor: if you win, you have to let me spend some quality time alone with Rose in the bedroom.”

“Quality time alone, huh? You want to dominate Rose and keep her under your own control!”

Allison rubbed her thighs. “Correct.”

“What if I lose?”

“There will also be a special favor requested, one which, since you are so good at breaking the rules, I don’t think you’ll mind.”

I could read the bitch’s mind. “A little palace revolt in Rose’s Catpack, if I become a member.”

Allison pulled an enveloped $2500 in cash out and handed it to me. “Agreed?”

I dug the gig, the challenge of facing Rose again, and little Allison’s devious mind. The whole thing turned me on. “All right, honey. I’ll show this corporate catfighter of yours a blast from the past.” I put the money in my purse.

Allison kneeled on the seat beside me to knock on the window, signaling her driver. “We’ll go back to Chico now.”

Her hand rested on my leg.

Her hair whispered against my cheek.

I grabbed her arm and she looked at me.

I removed the glasses from her face.

Allison kissed me hungrily and groaned softly. We removed each others clothes and I ate her up, head to pussy to toes, on the wide, warm, velvety comfortable limo seat. It had been a long time since I made love to a woman without fighting her first. Fighting Allison was out of the question, given her petite size. I could tell she had never fought once in her life. She was a woman that other woman fought for. There was something sizzlingly sexy about her that I could not resist.

I actually thought at the time that I was fucking the little bitch. It turned out later that I was the one getting fucked.

Allison acted as the broker for the fight. The next day, I got the following message from Rose:


It’s time to settle old debts. We’ll fight to the breaking point. The winner gets both the property and permanent slavery of the loser.

This time, I’ll be the one to break you. But, just to make sure you come, my estate is worth $10 million if you manage to trick me again. You’ll love to own two horses, a Jaguar, a five bedroom estate in the Santa Cruz mountains, and ME.

What I will get this Christmas is a old blonde slave to sling horse dung in my barn.

I’ll meet you alone at Catalan Chateau in South Lake Tahoe. Bring no weapons. The time and date is the same as ten years ago.


Ain’t anything sweeter than a revenge fuck fight.

I nearly didn’t make it to Tahoe because of the snow. I was stuck on Highway 50 for a few hours, until they finally opened up the road, and some chain monkeys got my 4 by 4 rigged to drive up the small road. I drove past the casinos and found the Catalan Chateau on the south eastern side of the lake.

It was a small, luxurious, condo complex. I asked for Rose’s last name at the front desk and was given the key to her condo.

When I walked in the front door, my breath was taken away by the beauty of it. It was something out of Architectural Digest.

The wide living room was four-five times greater than any place I had ever lived in. Huge bay windows overlooked the lake. A wet bar with stools was near the doorway. A huge fireplace was glowing with logs set afire. It was so warm that I could walk naked through the room and be comfortable. The furniture had all been taken away. The carpet was covered by six huge white bearskin rugs.

Rose had set up our arena.

My catlust sparked and I licked my lips in anticipation of fighting her on the rugs.

“You’re late.”

I heard Rose’s voice, and looked around to see her. I half expected an ambush when I walked in the door.

“I’m speaking from the intercom. Are you ready to fight, bitch, or do you need to take a catnap first?”

I looked over to the white box on the nearby wall. I pressed the button and said: “I’m in heat, darlin’! I’m ready to whup your pussy anytime.”

“Go upstairs and turn right. You’ll find your room and a Christmas present on the bed.”

“Is it you, naked on the bed?” I asked her. “Giving up on me already, huh?”

“Come up and find out,” Rose teased.

I left the luggage and padded up the stairs slowly, looking all around for Rose’s attack. I entered the first bedroom door to find a old four poster wooden bed and other antique furniture. No sign of Rose.

On the bed there was a wolfskin thong bikini.

Rose’s voice came through the intercom: “It was skinned from a bitch for another bitch to wear in her final battle. Put it on.”

I closed and locked the door, got naked, and quickly put the bikini on. The white and grey fur covered my breasts and my vagina. I stood in front of the antique mirror and flexed my muscles. For a gal of forty-five, I looked thirty-five, and that just ain’t me tootin’ my own horn. My face, my muscle tone, my energy, were all those of a ten-year old woman, the benefits of exercise and catfighting. Of course, the breasts were a boob job I had eight years earlier.

I spoke into the intercom: “Nice outfit. What are you wearin’?”

“Come back downstairs and find out.”

I had to give this gal an “A” for intimidation. If I were a younger chick, I’d have been pissin’ in my thong. As it was, I was just amused by her show-womanship.

I found Rose in the middle of the living room, wearing a bikini similar to mine, except the fur was darker. She looked even more beautiful and athletic than the last time we fought. Age does that to catfighters. Her breasts also looked somewhat enhanced like mine, though not super-huge. A glass of liquor was in her hand.

“Hello, cow,” Rose greeted me. “There’s a brandy over there for you on the bar.”

I looked at the glass. “I ain’t got nervous jitters to quell down like you. I’ll drink after I make you submit.”

Rose laughed and threw the glass into the fireplace. “The brandy makes my catfire explode. Come on, sow! I’ve been waiting ten years for this fight.”

The asian bitch dug her bare heels into the bearskin rug and I advanced on her.

“Yah!” Rose screamed, and kicked me in the head. Those damn flexible legs. They flashed up at me three times in row, her foot pounded into my ear and made it ring before I could block it.

“Come on, Rose!” I yelled. “This is old. Show me something new.”

Her feet and fists flashed at me. I grabbed Rose’s wrist and prepared to twist it. Rose somersaulted up in the air, broke me hold, and wrapped her legs around my neck.

We fell on the carpet, Rose on top of my body. Rose’s legs choked off my air supply. Her ass crushed my breasts. She grabbed my wrists to force my claws away from her titties. I could smell her wet cunt. Despite her fear, the bitch had as much catlust as I did.

“Show ME something new, Judy!” Rose shouted, and squeezed her legs even tighter on my neck.

I brought my legs up in the air and encircled Rose’s chest with them. I tried to pull her away with my legs, but it was no use. She was anchored tightly to my upper body.

“Hah!” Rose snorted. “Why don’t you just lick my pussy now?”

I grunted, and brought the heels of my feet crashing into Rose’s ears. Once, twice, three times, and the bitch’s legs gave away. I chomped down with my teeth on her inner thigh and Rose screamed in pain. She tried to move her leg away, and her left hand gouged my face. I stopped biting her and used my free hand to grab her breast, squeeze it, and push her chest forward.

I quickly got on my knees and pressed Rose’s torso flat against the soft bearskin rug. Her legs ensnared my diaphragm and squeezed hard once again. Her claws reached for my breasts, but this time I caught HER wrists.

“You’re still a wet behind the ears kid,” I taunted her.

I got up on my feet, dragging her body, dangling from my waist. Rose quickly released her legs and rolled backward onto her feet. Just as she prepared to stand upright, I charged her and got her neck in an arm vice. I pressed my weight against her neck to keep from standing. Rose’s hands grabbed hold of my ass, and we waddled around the room for a minute, trying to find the leverage to bring each other down.

I spoke to her in the same tone of voice that must have given Rose nightmares: “Ever wonder why I didn’t keep you as my slave? You’re just not good enough.”

With Rose’s neck in the crook of my arm, I leapt up, and fell to the rug, hoping to smash her head on the floor. Instead, Rose grabbed my body and flipped me over. I landed hard on my back. The rug didn’t absorb any shock that time.

“Fucking bitch!” Rose screamed, and pounced on top of me. She lay flat on top of me, breast to breast, cunt to cunt. Our hands locked and we struggled against each other in a contest of pure strength.

I butted Rose’s head with my own. It dazed her long enough for me to flip HER on her back. I raised my ass into the air and slammed my cunt into her pelvis.

Rose’s leg raised up and flipped me back over. The flat of her palm shot forward and slammed into my chin. I tasted blood in my mouth. I sat up on my knees, in time to catch Rose’s hands darting for my breasts. We struggled in a contest of strength for a few minutes, swearing, glaring, grunting and groaning at each other. At one point I almost had Rose crumpled backward, but she head-butted me, and I lost my balance.

Her claw shot forward again, this time not only scraping my breast, but completely pulling off the bikini top. Rose pinned my arms against the floor and bit down hard on my nipple.

I roared with pain. My legs lifted Rose off my body and flipped her over behind my back.

“First blood is mine,” Rose said gleefully, as I stood up.

I looked down and saw a speck of red against my titty. Now I was pissed off. Rose and I circled each other, glaring into each other’s eyes. Our bodies were already sweaty from the heat of the fire. The lights were dimmed, and our shadows played across the walls and ceilings as we fought.

We started boxing again. Rose kicked at my head, I dodged. She fired a volley of blows at my body, most of which I blocked, saw for a hammering blow to my damaged nipple. I boxed back, fainted at her head, got her hard in the stomach instead. We boxed some more, and then I unleashed my secret kickboxing surprise: a blow to her cunt.

Rose stopped long enough for me to grab her by the hair. I smashed her face hard into the bay window. I pressed on her shoulders with all my weight to keep her body trapped.

“Remember the hot tub, darlin’?” I asked, and punched her kidney with my right hand. “We’re gonna have fuuuuuun tonight.” More kidney punches. Rose squealed at each one. “And every night! Give it up!” I slashed her buns with my claws and tore the bikini bottom off her. Another rake across the back took off the bikini top. Red trails marked the path of my nails.

Rose broke my hold, screamed and turned to face me. Her face was like a madwoman. A lightning kick arced upward and smashed me again in jaw. I started to fall backward. Rose grabbed my bikini bottom with both hands, yanked hard, and flipped me over. I fell onto my stomach, sans bikini.

Rose pounced again, this time trying to leap onto my back. I rolled away and she landed on her stomach against the rug instead. I rolled back over onto top of her, grabbed her hair, and smashed her face into the rug.

“Give! Up! Rose!” I yelled, smashing her head with each blow. It didn’t do much good do to the rug. I decided to shove her face into the floor and suffocate her instead. I was now laying upon her back, my vagina against her ass, both of us completely nude. Rose squirmed and tried to get away. I pressed my breasts and torso harder against her body. I did weigh about 20 pounds more than she did. I clawed her forehead and drew some blood.

Rose buckled against me and pressed her pelvis up in the air. She somersaulted, and lifted me body up, flipping me over her back. I rolled and came up onto my feet.

Rose was back on her feet too, dancing around me. I saw the cut on her forehead, blood about to drip down into her eyes. That was how she got me last time. I knew if I dragged this fight out, the blood would sting her eyes. Then I could smash her into submission.

I aimed a kick at Rose’s breasts. She blocked it and her foot crashed into my damaged nipple once again. We kickboxed for a while, Rose landing most of the blows on me, while I waited for the blood to sting her.

I saw Rose blink rapidly.

I moved and shot a punch forward to her head.

It caught her on the cheek. Her head whipped to the side and blood sprayed onto the rug.

I grabbed Rose by the hair and prepared to ram my knee into her jaw. This was my moment of triumph.

Rose surprised me by grabbing my wrist, turning it, and kicking my right arm violently with her foot. Pain rippled up arm and into my shoulders.

Rose lunged for me.

I grabbed Rose and hugged her against my body, to prevent any more kicks or blows while I recovered from the pain. Our naked bodies waddled around the room in an awkward, both us nearly exhausted. Rose’s hands clawed at my buns. She screamed, grabbed up legs, lifted my body up in the air, and slammed my body into the rug as hard as she could.

“Fucking dumb bitch!” I yelled, and my good claw bit into her breast as she sat onto my stomach.

My right hand and arm was useless.

Rose punched me in the face. “Give up.” Another punch, this one harder than the first. “Submit!”

I squirmed and tried any type of attack available, to bring my legs backward at her head, to draw blood on her breast. My body didn’t respond to my commands anymore. My strength and stamina had suddenly faded.

The punches on my face became slaps, and those were even more painful.

“Aiieeeeeeee-yahhhhhhh!” Rose screamed, and dug her claws into my breasts.

I didn’t want to do it…

…but the pain was too great.

“I SUBMIT!” I wailed, and released Rose’s titty.

Rose grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. “And who am I?”

“My mistress…” I murmured.

She jerked my head back and clawed my breast again. “YOU’RE WHAT?”


Rose kissed me and bit into my tongue. “You say it because you have to. But you don’t really believe it. Not yet.”

My Asian protégé, who was now my teacher, stood naked over me, one foot on my breast. Her hands on the side of her hips, dominant. “But I will make you believe it before the New Year comes.”

I rolled over on my belly and massaged my arm. It wasn’t broken, but it was seriously sprained.

Rose walked over to the wet bar and I heard her rummaging around with something on the floor. I watched her walk back over to me. She was wearing the stiletto heels, of course, with the silver spurs on the inside. Payback for the last time.

“You’ve got to get back in the saddle, Judy,” Rose said.

I looked up at her. She carried in her arms a brown leather saddle-made for a human back. She put it on me. There were straps that tied around my chest, and a mechanical dildo that vibrated in my ass when Rose pulled on the reins.

Rose sat on my back and dug the spurs into my thighs. “Now crawl to the bedroom!” She spanked my ass. “GIDDY-YUP!”

A week of torture, fucking, and humiliation by my Mistress Rose lasted all week. This time she never let her guard down. She locked me in the bedroom, chained to the bed, while she slept. Rose had learned quite a lot about being a Mistress since her days in Chico. She knew when to beat me, when to feed me, when to prolong my orgasm, when to let me come, and how I could safely pleasure her.

I cried, I pleaded, I submitted to Rose’s will.

But the bitch never broke me fully.

On New Year’s Day, I awoke at dawn in my bedroom to find my hands and legs unchained. I sat up and stretched, marveling at the feeling of being free. I walked over and tested the door of my room.

Still locked.

What was Rose doing? Showing a bit of mercy towards me?

If so, her mistake.

My right arm was still too sore to allow me to fight her again. But if I could escape her little fuck palace in Tahoe, I could recover and fight her again for my freedom later.

I managed to open the window. It was two stories down, but the ground was completely packed with snow. I was nude, and had no clothes at all in the room. Rose had stored my suitcase where I couldn’t get to it.

A good cunt is always prepared in situations like this.

I leapt out of the window and somersaulted. My ass landed into the snow, which was ample enough to cushion my landing. It was cold as hell and I immediately got goosebumps. I ran naked, my tits bobbing up and down, about a half mile to the area where my truck was parked. It was still too early and hardly anyone was awake, although I did run by one window, and saw a shocked elderly couple point at me as I ran past their condo.

Shivering, I reached my truck, kneeled down by the front bumper, and reached underneath for the spare set of keys I had placed there. I cursed while my left hand fumbled around and found the tape holding them there. I ripped it out, unlocked the door, and started the engine. I didn’t dare turn on the heater till the truck warmed up. Underneath the front seat, I had an extra pair of clothes stored as well as my purse. I quickly put the clothes on and hightailed it out of Rose’s fuck palace.

After I had stopped at a McDonalds for some food, I drove out to highway 50 in order to put as much distance between me and Rose as I could. I didn’t get ten miles past Tahoe when the Highway Patrol made me turned me around. The road was closed due to mudslides. They said Highway 80 was closed as well.

I suddenly felt so goddamn tired.

I checked into a Best Western, got a room, hung out a “Do Not Disturb” sign, and took a long, hot shower. The water felt so good, even over the scars on my back, which had started to heal a few days ago. I intended to sleep for eight hours and try to leave at night.

I toweled myself dry, opened the door of the bathroom, and saw Allison’s little bitch Kimo. She was dressed in black, grinning at me. Her hand grabbed my hair and her knee smashed my jaw. Kimo picked my body up and threw me onto the bed, where I landed on my back.

I was still dazed when Allison climbed up on my naked body. She was wearing jeans and a green sweater and held some kind of instrument in her hand. Kimo cuffed my arms to the bedframe and held my legs down while Allison talked to me.

“You haven’t lived up to the terms of our deal, Judy.” She touched my face with the instrument; it was cold and silver. “You can break the rules of catfighting. You can violate the terms of slavery. You can fuck with other people, Judy, but you can’t ever double-cross me.”

Allison pressed a button and a long silver blade protruded from the silver device. The blade nicked my cheek and drew blood.

“Our deal was that you either make Rose your slave, or you serve in her Catpack until I call on you,” Rose said softly. She pressed a button and the blade retracted. “You can’t even think of escaping Rose’s Catpack now that you lost, Judy. I can give you some incentive to honor this verbal contract.”

Allison slid the silver knife handle into my cunt. “My, you’re dry.”

I shivered at the thought of Allison pressing the button while the knife was in my cunt.

“Your daughter Donna is really cutting a name for herself in Japan,” Allison said, smiling, while sliding the knife up and down inside of me. “She has quite a few lovers in Japan. Some of them are friends with Kimo. One word from us, and your little honey gets fucked with this.”

Allison jammed the knife handle inside me hard and I thrashed naked on the bed.

“Donna will have the fuck of her life with this little number. Except that it’ll be the last fuck of her life, because when she climaxes, Kimo’s friend will press the button.” Allison pulled the handle out of me and popped the blade again. “And your precious Donna will bleed to death.”

I shivered again. This merciless, cold, little petite bitch, who couldn’t throw a punch or wrestle to save her life. She scared the fuck out of me.

“I will do it,” I said. “I’ll serve in Rose’s Catpack and do whatever she wants. She’ll be my Mistress.”

Allison grabbed my hair and sucked my cheek where the blood dripped out. “And you will help me to stay in control of Rose. You’ll report to me weekly: everything Rose says, everyone Rose fuck-fights, what Rose plans for the future. Or Kimo will find you.”

The little bitch climbed off me and removed her clothes.

Kimo was already nude. A dildo was dangling from her waist. She released my handcuffs. The Japanababe slid under me and wrapped her arms and legs around mine to immobilize me on the bed.

“I’ve seen your daughter fight,” Kimo whispered, “She’s so sexy. I’m gonna fight her one day, to the death.” She stuck the dildo in my butt and bit my ear. “But if you are a good little slave, I’ll keep putting that day off.” Kimo’s legs tightened and pulled my thighs apart.

Then Allison climbed on top of me and thrusted her own dildo into my vagina. She leaned over and started sucking on my breasts while Kimo pumped me from the rear.

I drove back to the Catalan Chateau in tears. For the first time in my life, I felt scared. I hadn’t been the best mother. There were lots of times I let Donna down. We had a fight the last time I saw her in Hong Kong and we stopped talking to each other. I had no idea where she was in Japan. It was impossible to locate or talk to her.

It took three bitches to break me down, but they had done it. My will, my proud will, which I had built up for thirty years, had taken a hike. All the fuck fights I had in the past, fightin’ bitches on the ranch, in cages in Hong Kong, or in the sorority house back in Chico suddenly seemed like nothing. I knew my life was over when I walked back into Rose’s fuck fight getaway.

I walked to the front door of Rose’s condo. It was unlocked. I opened the door and went inside.

It was eerily quiet and dark. Was Rose still asleep? I had a dim hope of making it back to my room without her knowing.

I took off my shoes and climbed up the stairs softly. I had almost made it to the front door of my room when I heard Rose’s voice.

“Merry Christmas, Sugar Britches!”

I fainted before her fist kissed my face.

Continued in Corporate Catfights: Chapter 1

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