Catscratch Fever: Chapter 8 by The Raven

Two hours later I lay upon my back in a cheap double bed in a Motel 6, poorer by a hundred dollars, richer in terms of cunt. My penis stood, wet, hard and erect, as Daisy slid her cunt up and down it. My fingers played with her nipples and reached behind to grab her ass.

Her mouth made a perfect “O” as she hollered, “Oh…my, Jea-sus!” and came into her second orgasm of the evening.

She rode my cock until the orgasm fully played out, then slumped down against my chest. “What does it take to make you come, darlin’?” Daisy asked, panting hard, kissing me in between gasps of air.

“A little of this,” I replied, squeezing her buns and inserting my thumb into her anus. “Do you like it?”

“As long as I can just lay on my tummy and rest, then plug away. My lord!”

I stood up from the bed and walked around to the bathroom, almost colliding into the second bed where Trang lay, sleeping away with the help of a sedative that I gave her. Luckily, Tex and I separated the two in time, before the Fever had turned fatal. I grabbed the jar of petroleum jelly and pounced back on top of Daisy. Her beautiful back, ass, and legs, were just so sexy. I rubbed my penis against the crack in her ass, just to get it even more excited. Then I smeared some jelly onto both my penis and her anus, and breathed a sigh of utmost pleasure as I thrust my dick into her ass.

Daisy’s head bobbed up a little as it went in. “Jay-sus! That’s a mouthful I swallowed. But keep on goin’, honey!” I continued to thrust, welcoming the pressure and the tight fit stimulating my dick. I rubbed my hands over her back, grabbing her nipples. I kissed and nipped at her shoulder and neck as I continued to thrust. “I might have a better position fer ya…” Daisy said, panting again, wriggling her hips and ass.

I came then. My penis seemed to explode and send volts of electricity down Daisy’s spine, as her head jerked up again, and her legs flailed. “Oh my god…you’re so good,” I moaned after the ejaculation ended. I rolled off her sweaty backside, and lay on my back next to her.

Too tired to talk or play, we drifted to sleep almost instantly. My dreams seem to fade back to the past, to the Philippines, to musty smoke-laced bars, where lovely brown skinned Filipinas danced on top of stages, their hips swaying at me like the winking of an eye…

…and dreamed of Tara. I saw her nude body, standing on Trang’s back. Her right hand had a fistful of Trang’s hair, pulling the head upwards. The other hand had Trang’s left ankle, pulling the leg in the air. Tara’s foot was on Trang’s spine, and as she pulled, I could her Trang’s spine popping over and over, with Trang screaming and begging her to stop.

Then I awoke in the real world, but the screaming didn’t stop. Daisy was riding on top of Trang, the dildo strapped to her waist, pumping into Trang’s ass. Trang’s hands were to tied to the bedpost with rope. All this would not make her scream. What did was Daisy’s claws raking Trang’s back, sharp and deep, drawing blood.

I shot out of bed, grabbed Daisy’s hair, and pulled her off of Trang. “You can’t do that, you bitch! She didn’t submit to you in battle. There was no deal.”

“Ain’t any kind of deal ya need with them folk,” Daisy said, standing up. “They are savages. Never beat one before. Do ya know how she got that tattoo?”

“I know. You’ve seen it somewhere before?”

“Hell, the club I work at in New Orleans just imported another one of them Tiger cunts! She’s after mah hide…” Daisy trailed off, looking at the clock. “Shit. I’m late.” She started putting on her shorts and tattered shirt.

“This club of yours-is it called ‘New Orleans Knockouts?’ Where can we find it? I didn’t see it listed in the phone book.”

“Why, honey, yall can’t find a club like thet in the yeller pagers. It’s On Bourbon Street. Come and see me there, but ditch the chink.” She pulled on her tennis shoes, leapt out of the chair onto my body, wrapping her legs around me. “I’ll give ya a good ride, cowboy.” Daisy kissed me deeply for a while, then slid off and went out the door.

I was about to chase her and ask about Helen, when I heard Trang moan. “Gil…”

I had forgotten about her! I untied the ropes and fetched her some water. “I was too cocky with her, Gil. I underestimated her.”

“She sounds like she’s fought women from the Catfighters Academy before,” I replied, smoothing some salve onto her back, and massaging her muscles as well. “How could you have suspected that, in this little backwater town?”

“Tomorrow it’s going to be different,” Trang said with determination.


“We’re going to that club. We’re going to find her…and I am going to fight her in front of everybody.”

I gulped hard. I hoped for both Trang’s sake and my checkbook’s, that she was going to be able to pull it off.

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