Chained Heat by JB57

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Part I

Maria Jacobs gazed out the window of her chauffeur-driven limousine, not really seeing the suburbs and the passing fields racing by outside. This was her first day at her new job: taking over as the warden of McBride Penitentiary. Maria had big plans for her new assignment and was anxious to get started.

Maria broke her reverie. She settled back into the leather seat of the town car and stretched out her long, powerful, nylon-sheathed legs. She laced her fingers behind her head, pushed her neck against her hands and arched her back like a cat, giving her torso a long, luxurious stretch. Her massive, beautiful tits strained against her blouse, momentarily threatening to pop its buttons.

Maria was still a young woman, only 32, but she had joined the penitentiary system 8 years before and had risen rapidly through the ranks. As the previous warden of two other women’s prisons, she had quickly gained the attention of her superiors by proving herself adept at bringing chaotic jails under control very quickly. Her techniques were secretive; she did not really explain what she did to tame so many volatile and violent women. She had expertly sidestepped explaining her techniques to her superiors. But they never received any complaints and they could not doubt that Maria’s methods were highly effective. Now she had been given a career-making assignment: restoring order and discipline to the chaotic halls of McBride Penitentiary. Most people would have been daunted by taking on such a task. But Maria had studied the situation at McBride very carefully. She had pored over reports and prisoners’ files for many hours. And she was certain that she knew exactly how to make her assignment a success. Indeed, she believed that the situation at McBride was particularly well-suited to her unique approach. She smiled, and licked her ruby-red lips in anticipation.

The car arrived at the prison and idled for a moment as the guards checked Maria’s credentials. Then it drove up to the administration building, where a small delegation of prison officials was waiting to greet the new warden.

When the car pulled to a stop, an officious-looking man in a tweed suit stepped forward and opened the back door of the vehicle. Maria unfolded herself from the backseat, long luscious legs uncoiling gracefully from the back of the car to the sidewalk. She pulled herself to her full height and smiled with amusement as the small group of officials started with amazement and consternation as they got their first glimpse of their new warden, in the flesh. Maria was a modern Amazon. She was six-feet tall in her stocking feet; now, she was wearing three-inch heels. Her short skirt stopped halfway up her muscular thighs, offering just a glimpse of her garters under the right circumstances. She was dressed in a grey business suit and a pink blouse. The blouse did nothing to hide the powerful breasts which pushed out from her chest. The first two buttons of her blouse were undone, allowing a generous display of cleavage. Maria wore a pearl necklace and earrings. Her golden blonde hair was knotted into a series of tight buns on top of her head. Her face was remarkably beautiful. Blue-green eyes were set off by a pair of scholarly-looking rectangular glasses. Her pert, upturned nose was complemented by lush, ruby-red lips. The new warden was a gorgeous woman who clearly knew how to use her beauty to its maximum effect. But, whatever her appearance, her reputation as a strict disciplinarian and a highly effective administrator had preceded her and her new staff quickly recovered from their initial dismay.

In truth, Maria’s appearance was not a complete surprise to the people greeting her at the doors of the administration building. They had access to the internet, of course, and they had found out what they could about their new warden from the moment it became clear that she would be taking over. But they had not been prepared for the full impact of meeting this intimidating woman in person. While all of the staff was taken with Maria’s beauty, the power of her presence alleviated their many doubts about her ability to bring change to the prison.

Introductions were made all around. The officious man who had opened the door to her car was Mr. Nelson. He was in his early 50s, married with children. He had been at McBride for the past two years, which made him a veteran in an institution with a very high staff turnover rate. He was to be Maria’s second in command, the assistant warden, the person who would help acquaint her with the prison and its unique difficulties. Maria was also introduced to the head guard, a matronly, hard-bitten woman named Mrs. Barker. The prison doctor, a young woman named Dr. Martinique, was also on hand, as were a few other representatives of the various groups working at the facility.

Once the introductions were made, Maria turned to Mr. Nelson. “Mr. Nelson,” she said, “I’d like to start work immediately. Let’s go to my office and you can give me your brief on the situation here. I’ll do the tour and meet the prisoners later today.”

Nelson showed Maria to her office, a large and well-appointed room on the 10th floor of the administration building, in the most secure part of the facility. Maria placed her briefcase on the desk and pulled off her suit jacket. From the plate-glass window of her office, Maria looked out on the rest of the prison. It had both medium and maximum security components. Many prisoners lived in motel and cabin-like dormitories. The more hardcore criminals lived in an enclosed facility, which included rarely-used solitary confinement cells. The problems of McBride Penitentiary were focused in the maximum-security facility.

Nelson sat across from her and, over the next 30 minutes, gave her a status report on the prison. The long and short of it was that, over the previous four years, McBride had become a much more difficult prison to run. Strangely, violence between the prisoners had gone down. Unfortunately, violence towards the guards and other symbols of authority had become more frequent. The problem had deteriorated to the point where, in the eyes of many, the prisoners were running the prison for themselves. There were many areas of the jail where guards were afraid to go, except in force. This was an extraordinary situation for any prison, let alone a women’s prison, which were generally less violent than men’s prisons.

After Nelson’s report, Maria swiveled her chair away for a moment, crossed her legs and looked out the plate glass window onto the prison yard below. She paused thoughtfully, her foot fidgeting as she considered the situation. Nelson watched her carefully, surreptitiously examining her impressive bustline and her powerful legs. The previous warden had been nothing like this, he thought. He allowed himself the lascivious thought that coming in to work was going to be a lot more pleasant with the new warden to look at. But he quickly brought his thoughts back to the present when Maria turned back to face him, her turquoise eyes blazing.

“Tell me about Anna Bennan, Mr. Nelson,” the warden said.

Nelson started, realizing exactly how well-informed the new warden was. “Well, Ms. Jacobs, if you’re asking about Anna then you probably already know a lot about her.”

“Just what I’ve read in the file. But you give me a full brief.”

“Alright,” the man replied. “Anna came here about five years ago. She was brought in on assault and murder charges. She had been a biker babe, but that doesn’t really get at what she was really all about on the outside. She was the girlfriend to a string of leaders of the Hell’s Angels from the time she was in her early teens until her mid-20s. Around that time, something happened and she decided to get out of the life. It looks like one of her old boyfriends didn’t like her trying to get away and he came after her. She killed him and badly hurt some of his accomplices. So, she’s a really dangerous woman. She was put in prison on a fifteen-year second-degree murder charge. She was incarcerated down South for a while, but she was a really disruptive influence in her old prison, so she was shipped here. When she arrived, she was 27 and a real handful. She got involved in brawls and even beat up some of the guards. After a little while, though, she seemed to decide that the way she was doing things was not working out. She became a lot smarter. She built herself up her own gang, one that cuts across all of the usual color and ethnic lines. She has Latinas, blacks, whites, every group in the prison can fit in with her crowd. For the first year after she put her gang together, the violence here really spiked. No one got killed, but a lot of people got hurt as she consolidated her power. Today, she is the single most powerful prisoner in the place. The other gangs still exist, but they’ve all worked out truces and they try not to mess with Anna or her people.”

Maria nodded. “So, is she the source of the current insurrection in the prison?”

Nelson frowned thoughtfully. “Well, it’s hard to say. The thing is, all of the prisoners have become less deferential to the guards. They keep making demands and they seem pretty well-organized. They are a lot less likely to turn on each other. Anna is involved in this, but I’ve never seen any evidence that she is the source of all the problems or that she is the ringleader. But she does benefit from a situation where the authorities are weaker. And it is true that our problems started around the same time that she started getting hers worked out.”

Maria nodded. “Alright. Let’s go on with the rest of the briefing.”

For the rest of the morning, Maria and Mr. Nelson discussed the prison’s problems and issues. Anna Bennan was never mentioned again. However, before Mr. Nelson left for lunch, the new warden gave him an order.

“Mr. Nelson, immediately after lunch, I’d like Anna Bennan brought to my office. I want to meet with her.”

The vice-warden hesitated, then nodded. “Yes, ma’am. I’ll have her brought here at 1:30.”

Maria thanked him, and he left. Maria then ordered in a lunch from the prison cafeteria and got to work. Maria allowed herself a slight, amused smile. She smiled at the heat that was building between her legs, at the deep throb that had started in her straining tits. She looked at Anna Bennan’s file one more time, paying particular attention to the woman’s pictures. She was looking forward to this meeting.

At 1:30, there was a knock on her office door. As a security measure, the door locked automatically. Maria pressed a button on her desk; with a buzz, the door swung open. Mr. Nelson entered, followed by two guards who flanked Anna Bennan. The prisoner was tightly shackled at her wrists and ankles. She was wearing an orange prison jumpsuit.

The restraints and the prison-issue uniform could not hide the fact that Anna Bennan was a very beautiful and voluptuous woman. She was big – just as tall as Maria – and her impressive tits swelled up beneath the orange cloth of her jumpsuit. The top three buttons were undone, offering a clear view of her deep cleavage. Though her breasts were high on her chest, she appeared braless. Her hair cascaded from her head in long, thick auburn waves. Her eyes were a startling green, and her lips were red and lush. Despite the hardships of prison life, it was not difficult to see that this woman was ravishingly beautiful. Maria easily understood why Anna had been able to maintain her position as queen bee in a bikers’ gang for so long. Maria also had an inkling of why those bikers would be reluctant to let Anna go. This was the kind of woman who could easily become an obsession.

As the small party entered her office, Maria stood up behind the desk, her hands on her womanly hips and gestured to the guards to place Anna in an armless chair in front of her desk. Maria was amused to see the look of surprise, quickly followed by jealousy, that flashed on Anna’s face as the prisoner saw the new warden for the first time. Maria smiled to herself. That was just the reaction that she had been hoping to get. Clearly, Anna was used to being the most beautiful and intimidating woman in the room. Maria was a challenge to that status.

When Anna was deposited in the chair, Maria addressed the delegation that had delivered her.

“Thank you, gentleman,” Maria said. “That will be all. Please wait outside. I’d like to talk to Ms. Bennan alone.”

Mr. Nelson gave her a startled look. “Alone? Warden Jacobs, wouldn’t you like me to stay?”

“No, Mr. Nelson,” the new warden replied. Maria was gazing steadily at Anna, who was gazing back. “I would like to see Ms. Bennan by myself. Please wait outside. I’ll call you when I need you.”

Reluctantly, the assistant warden accompanied the guards out of the large office. The door locked automatically behind them.

Maria came out from behind her desk to stand in front of the beautiful inmate, her hands on her hips. The women continued to stare, to take each other’s measure. Maria let her eyes wander over the prisoner’s lush, voluptuous curves. She stared down into Anna’s cleavage and compared the other woman’s powerful tits to her own. Anna’s eyes roamed over the new warden’s impressive, womanly body. She took in the long, powerfully muscled legs, the bulging tits, and the perfectly symmetrical, beautiful face. She felt the heat of the warden’s turquoise eyes. Both women felt the deep tension and powerful attraction building between them.

“So, Ms. Bennan,” Maria began. “I’m the new warden. My name is Maria Jacobs.”

Anna said nothing, she just maintained her sullen glare.

“You seem to be the most important prisoner at McBride.” Maria smiled. “What will it take to get your cooperation?”

Anna snorted. “Can you let me out of prison right now?” The auburn-haired woman had a deep, sexy voice, though it was now tinged with bitterness and sarcasm.

The warden smiled. “No, you will be with us for another ten years or so. But I can make your stay here a lot more pleasant.”

“Well,” Anna replied dismissively, “ I think that I can take care of that myself. The reason that you are here is because your people are losing control of this place. We don’t give you any excuses to lock us down, but we also don’t respect your authority. That suits me just fine.”

“Hm.” While Anna talked, Maria watched her intently, all of her senses focused laser-sharp on the beautiful woman before her. Maria was waiting for a particular feeling, an instinctive reaction in her own body to the woman before her. Suddenly, it came: a sudden, intense rush of pure sexual arousal. It built in her pussy and flowed like hot mercury up into her tits, which began to pulse with tension. Powerful feelings of arousal rippled in her stomach and she barely suppressed a gasp of pleasure. She had rarely had such an intense reaction to another woman before, and she was relieved and excited all at once. This was the first encouraging sign that her plan could work.

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that you won’t be more cooperative, Anna,” the warden said.

Maria removed her glasses and placed them on the desk behind her. Then, unexpectedly, she reached down and unclipped her mini-skirt, letting it fall to the ground, revealing the warden’s tiny black thong and the garter belt holding up her stockings. Maria leaped forward and landed in the prisoner’s lap, her legs straddling the chair, her thighs pressed around Anna’s hips. Anna’s eyes widened in shocked surprise, and she grunted with the impact of Maria’s luscious body with hers. Their heavy tits crushed. Maria noted the look of deep, hungry lust and excitement that flashed across the prisoner’s beautiful face. Anna found her hands, shackled in her lap, pinned under the warden’s ass. Maria seized Anna’s thick hair and pulled back on the prisoner’s head. Anna yelped with pain and Maria used the opening to instantly seal her mouth to that of the other woman. She drove her mouth deep, deep into Anna’s mouth, pressing her face hard into the other woman’s cheeks, her powerful tongue scouring the inside of the prisoner’s orifice, driving into the other woman’s throat. Anna responded immediately, instinctively, and, in moments, both women were locked in a tongue-twisting kiss, their powerful pink probes pushing and struggling, hot spit flowing within their sealed mouths. The women groaned deep in their throats as powerful sexual energy coursed from their locked mouths and twisting tongues and permeated the rest of their bodies. Maria felt her nipples harden into spikes and push out at the tops of Anna’s exposed breasts. At the same time, Maria could feel the nubs of Anna’s nipples pushing sharply at her lower breasts, even through the cloth of her blouse and Anna’s jumpsuit. Between her legs, she could feel Anna’s shackled hands rubbing and caressing her crotch.

Their breath came rapidly, their hearts pounded, the women groaned like animals and sucked at each other, their eyes closed in passion as they both enjoyed this intense sexual encounter. For more than a minute, they stayed sealed in the kiss, tongues struggling, passionate moans growing more intense, until overflowing spit and the need for more air forced them to break apart. Even then, their tongues licked and stroked at each other, before Maria leaned back. Panting, nose to nose, the two beautiful women regarded each other hungrily, trails of saliva linking their red lips, until they licked the shared spittle away. Maria was ecstatic. She saw in Anna’s eyes exactly what she hoped to see; an Alpha bitch, thoroughly aroused and enflamed and sexually threatened and stimulated by the challenge before her. Slowly, deliberately, Maria licked Anna’s face; the prisoner licked back and, for a moment, their tongues pushed and fought again. Then, the warden pulled back on the prisoner’s hair, using it to brace herself as she rose out of Anna’s lap. Anna snarled at the intense pain.

Both women regarded each other, panting, their hearts pounding. Maria had dampened her thong and she could feel that her nipples had crusted up and moistened with arousal. She could see Anna’s nipples pushing at the orange jumper. Again, doing the unexpected, Maria stepped forward, reached down, and slipped her right hand inside Anna’s jumpsuit. She cupped the prisoner’s naked left tit. Anna gasped as Maria weighed and squeezed the delectable mass of thick, heavy flesh. Maria realized that the tit felt as thick, heavy and full as her own. Maria felt the other woman’s nipple punching into her palm. She squeezed the sharp nipple like a knob. Anna gasped, her eyes flashing fire. She could have used her shackled hands to knock Maria’s hand away, but she did not. Maria slowly released Anna’s tit, her gaze locked to that of the other woman. She reached down and picked up her mini-skirt where she had discarded it, and clipped it back on to her hips. Maria retreated to her desk. She folded her arms across her chest and regarded the prisoner with a cool look of appraisal.

“I think that we understand each other, Anna,” Maria said calmly, ignoring the raging heat in her loins.

“I think maybe we do, warden,” the other woman said quietly, her voice hungry and thick with uncontrollable lust.

Maria stepped forward and suddenly clipped Anna smartly across her cheek with an open-handed slap. Anna had pulled back instinctively, so was saved from the full impact of the slap, but it still stung viciously.

“You fucking bitch!” Anna gasped, enraged at the assault.

Maria hit the intercom on her desk.

“Mr. Nelson,” she said. “Please come in here, with the guards.” Maria hit the button to open her office door to the prison contingent. When Nelson and the guards arrived, she nodded at Anna.

“Ms. Bennan is not being as cooperative as I would like and has said some regrettable things. She also tried to assault me.” Maria smiled inwardly as she saw the look of hatred on Anna’s face. “I think she needs to be punished. Please take her to solitary confinement and leave her there until I tell you to let her go.”

“You cunt!!,” Anna cried, but she was already being dragged out of the warden’s office, hauled down to solitary. “You cock-sucking whore!! You’ll pay for this!!”

Maria smiled smugly as the beautiful prisoner was pulled away. Anna’s cries of fury cut off abruptly as the door closed.

Mr. Nelson had stayed behind.

“Ma’am, it’s never a good idea to be alone with the prisoners, especially someone like Ms. Bennan. She’s very powerful and vicious and she’s dangerous even if she’s shackled.”

“Don’t worry about it, Mr. Nelson,” said the new warden dismissively. “In fact, I’m ordering you not to worry about it. There are going to be several times when I will need to meet with various prisoners on an individual basis, in private. This is part of my method, and you’re just going to have to trust that I know what I am doing.”

Mr. Nelson seemed about to object, but he stopped. The new warden had been brought in to work her magic here. He decided to just wait and see how effective she proved to be. Mr. Nelson excused himself and returned to his other duties.

When she was alone again, Maria paused to check her own body. Sexual power hummed in every cell. Her thong was now soaked, her pussy lips were wet and engorged with blood. Her nipples throbbed in time with her heart. She closed her eyes and remembered the intensity of the kiss she had shared with Anna. She felt wonderful and her body ached with anticipation. Everything was falling into place. She shivered. She could hardly wait for the next step.

Part II

Maria wrapped up her first day by taking a tour of the prison and meeting most of the staff. She had made a point of reviewing everyone’s files and learning everyone’s name, so she impressed many of the staff with being able to call them by name. As part of the tour, she was led into the basement of the main prison building where the prisoners were kept in solitary confinement. She saw that every cell was monitored by a video camera. On a screen at the guard’s desk, she saw Anna sitting on a sturdy cot inside one the cells, her back braced against the padded wall. The prisoner looked sullen, but Maria understood the secret cues of body language and she could see that the other woman was also deeply aroused. Good, Maria thought.

At home that night, Maria reviewed her plans for the next few weeks. However, her thoughts kept returning to Anna. The gang leader was gorgeous, easily one of the most beautiful woman Maria had ever encountered. This fact added to the warden’s delight and her desire to begin the next stage of her plan as soon as possible.

Before bed, Maria examined her nude body in the full-length mirror in her bedroom. She was very pleased with what she saw: a tall, gorgeous, well-muscled blonde goddess, with wide, flaring hips and high, massive, rounded breasts. She cupped and weighed her tits, comparing their considerable heft with what she had felt on Anna. She was sure that her tits were every bit as big and dense as those of the prisoner, but she enjoyed the challenge, the mystery of not knowing if she could match the other woman. She stroked her thick brown nipples and groaned with pleasure as they rapidly hardened, jutting out of their coffee-brown areola. She pressed her pulsing tits together, then moved her hands down her body, sliding them along her smooth belly, feeling her taut, chiseled abdominals. She cupped her pussy, running two fingers along the damp slit. Her cunt was shaved clean, except for a thin, thatched blonde landing strip. She flexed her vaginal muscles, and watched the thick pussy lips flex and ripple. Her expert control of her genitals was a necessary skill for a sex-fighter, and Maria considered herself one of the best.

Nude, she climbed into bed and lay flat on her back, staring at the ceiling and imagining what would soon be happening. Her body was burning with heat and her tense pussy leaked juices that moistened the valley between her thighs and soon trickled down to dampen the sheet. The smell of womanly arousal filled the air. But Maria resisted the almost overwhelming urge to seek orgasmic release. She wanted to save her sexual energy for the battle that was coming.

As she lay waiting for sleep, resisting the heat burning in her blood, Maria looked back on her past. From early in her life, she had known that she had strong bisexual tendencies. While she enjoyed men, other women brought out a competitive and sexual drive in her that she could not explain. Her first sexual encounters with women were pleasant but unsatisfying. Then one night, in her late teens, she got into a vicious catfight with a biker chick at a bar. The battle was broken up by the bar’s bouncers, but Maria had been shocked and thrilled to discover that the vicious fight had left her more sexually excited than she had ever been in her life. What was more, she sensed, with absolute certainty, that the biker chick felt exactly the same way. Later that same night, both women contrived to meet again and to settle their differences in private. Their physical conflict soon became sexual and Maria and her opponent ended up fucking each other senseless long into the night. It was, to that point, the most ecstatic and exquisite sexual experience of Maria’s young life. When, hours later, she finally pulled her beautiful body off of the other women’s gorgeous young form – her body wet with sweat and pussy juice, her cunt throbbing with pleasure, her breasts sore but hot with sensation – she knew that she had awakened a ravenous hunger that could only be satisfied by sexually dominating other women.

Maria started studying law, but her part-time job as a guard and her interests in criminology soon took her into corrections. While serving as a guard in a woman’s prison early in her career, her studies of the women around her led her to understand how her own personal desires for sexual domination might be used to advance her career and satisfy her appetites at the same time. Her acute sensitivity to other people’s sexual desires and moods led her to realize that many of the criminal women she dealt with – especially many of the most powerful – expressed their criminality as part of their sexual aggressions. Maria found herself drawn to these women. Her first sexfight with a prisoner was a secret affair, where Maria had sensed the sexual attraction and excitement from a prisoner who had decided to be particularly rude and aggressive towards her. Maria settled their conflict by taking the other woman to an unused cell and fucking her brains out. They both understood that what passed between them was one woman proving her sexual power and superiority over another. She fucked the prisoner until the other woman collapsed in ecstasy, her exhausted clit soft and battered. Maria never had another problem with that prisoner again. As she worked her way up the promotional ladder, her secret ability to sexually humiliate and control key members of the prisoner population became an important part of her technique and her success. She needed to keep her activities secret, and the unwritten rules of sexfighting demanded silence from all those taking part.

Maria had made a career out of asserting her sexual superiority over other woman. But she sensed that Anna would be a challenge, even for her. She knew that Anna was probably the most powerful woman in the prison population. Humbling her and bringing her onside was essential to her plans for reforming McBride. And it was fortunate that Anna was the kind of woman who was open to sexual domination. Maria knew that she was putting a great deal on the line. She doubted she could recover from the humiliation if Anna proved too powerful for her to master. But the thrill of the challenge, the incredible pleasure that could be hers if she conquered Anna’s pussy with her own – these were enough to drive her on.

The next day, Maria went about the business of familiarizing herself with the prison and its procedures. She also made a point of checking up on Anna. Not much had changed. The prisoner was bored, but Maria could also see the signs of anticipation in the other woman’s posture.

That night, Maria made her move. She could not bear to wait any longer. At around 11:30 PM, the guard on duty at the solitary confinement facility was surprised to find the new warden striding into the guard station. The warden was wearing high heels and a thigh-length coat. Her hair was up in a loose bun.

The guard was a young woman named Virginia Dobbs. She was relatively new and inexperienced and, earlier that day, had been unexpectedly notified that her schedule had been changed to put her on the night shift on the solitary wing. She had no idea that Maria had ordered this done.

“Ma’am,” Virginia greeted Maria. “I’m sorry, Ms. Jacobs, I was not expecting you.”

“Oh, that’s fine Virginia – it is ‘Virginia’, isn’t it?” – The guard nodded her assent. “There was no reason to expect me. I am going to get straight to the point. I am involved in some delicate and secret discussions with Ms. Bennan in cell five. I am going to go in to see her right now. I need you to keep this to yourself. I also want you to turn off the surveillance camera in that cell.”

Virginia swallowed. This was all very irregular, and turning off the camera was strictly forbidden. On the other hand, she knew that the new warden was supposed to have some special methods that worked to bring prisoners into line, and she knew that Anna Bennan was a major player in the prison life. Even so, she found the whole situation very awkward.

“Pardon me, ma’am,” Virginia began, “but I am supposed to leave the cameras on at all times. Also, do you really want to go into Ms. Bennan’s cell without support?”

“Yes, Ms. Bennan is expecting me and I am in no danger. As for the cameras – well, the negotiations are in a difficult stage and Ms. Bennan does not want any record of her talks with me. I need to guarantee that I can tell her she is not being recorded.”

Virginia hesitated a moment more, then nodded. It was not her place to question the warden. She turned to her control panel and turned off the feed from the cameral for cell five. Then, grabbing her security key card, she led the warden down the hall to the solitary confinement cells.

They moved quickly, Maria’s stiletto heels tapping a rhythm on the concrete floor. The cells were sound proof, so no one could hear them coming. They reached cell five. Before Virginia opened the door, Maria stopped her.

“I will need most of the night to negotiate with Ms. Bennan.” Maria pulled a cellphone and a card out of her coat pocket. “I will call you when I want to leave. I have the number for the guard station. Otherwise, we are not to be disturbed. If there is some reason to contact me, use my cell. Here is the number.” She gave Virginia a card.

“Yes, ma’am, I understand,” Virginia replied. She swiped the key card and let the warden into the solitary cell.

Maria crossed the threshold and heard the door swing shut and lock behind her. Her eyes quickly swept the room. It was a 12 foot by 12 foot cell. The walls and floors were padded. The center of the room was occupied by a sturdy metal bed, which was bolted to the floor. Off to the side were a toilet and a sink and, in an alcove, was a shower. The shower did not possess a curtain or a door – it was simply a small, open space with the shower nozzle pointing down from the ceiling. The lights were always on in solitary, but they had been turned down just slightly to help with sleep. Solitary confinement was still a difficult punishment, but it was far more humane in the modern era than it had been in the past.

Maria took the particulars of her surroundings in at a glance. Then she focused all of her attention on Anna. The moment the guard opened the door, Anna had awoken, instantly alert. Now, she lay sprawled on the bed, braced up on her elbows, glaring at the warden over the top of her jutting tits. She was wearing a cropped white t-shirt which served only to emphasize her voluptuous curves as it strained against her chest. Her thick nipples were plainly outlined by the shirt. Her midriff was bare. She was wearing a tiny white thong. Her naked, beautifully-muscled legs stretched out endlessly from her body.

Anna said nothing. A fire lighted and flared in her eyes. Then, she pushed herself to a sitting position and, locking eyes with Maria, she reached down, crossing her hands at the bottom of her shirt, and slowly pulled the battered garment up her torso. The tight shirt peeled up her beautiful body. It rolled slowly up her massive tits, compressing the thick flesh, pulling her tits up, up, catching on her hardening nipples, until her tits finally bounced free as the shirt went over her head. Anna tossed the t-shirt into the corner of the cell. She thrust her chest out, giving Maria a moment to examine her magnificent chest. Maria licked her dry lips, her eyes fixed on the massive mounds filling her gaze. Anna’s tits were beautiful, perfect and round, high and firm, thick brown nipples and large brown areola crusting over with tension. Maria could not tell if the other woman’s tits were bigger than hers, but they certainly rivaled her own boobs in size and thickness. They were at least an E cup, Maria decided, the same as hers. God, she could not wait to test herself against this woman.

Anna waited only another moment. Then, she threw herself onto her back on the bed. She raised her hips and slipped the strap of the thong down her curving ass, before settling back on the bed, pointing her smooth, muscled legs straight up at the ceiling, and sliding the tiny garment off. She threw it into the corner, beside her t-shirt. The auburn-haired beauty was now completely nude. She sat on the cot with her legs bent at the knee and extended before her, the soles of her feet firmly on the mattress, her heavy tits pressed into the top of her thighs. Her breathing had increased noticeably and her eyes were burning with a raw, wild heat. Her green gaze locked and held with Maria’s turquoise eyes, both women joined in a complete understanding. Then, Anna spread her legs wide. Powerful thighs opened and she exposed her thick, pink gash. Her genitals were shaved clean, except for a thin landing strip running away from the top of her pussy slit. Maria found her gaze drawn irresistibly to the steaming, juicy cunt opened before her. As she watched, Anna flexed the muscles around her vagina, demonstrating her control. Already, her thick cuntlips glistened with moisture and a thin rivulet of pussy juice ran down from her twat toward her ass.

“I think that this is what you’ve come for, warden,” the prisoner murmured seductively. Anna smiled then flexed her hungry pussy again, challenging Maria’s womanhood.

Maria swallowed, her heart pounding in her ears, her blood boiling with lust, her pussy so wet that she was sure it would begin leaking down her thighs. Yes, she thought, that’s exactly what I want. It was time to begin.

Part III

Maria pulled her hungry gaze from the other woman’s beautiful pussy and locked eyes, once more, with the prison slut. Then, smiling tensely, she slipped off her coat. Maria was wearing a thin lace teddy and a thong, and nothing else. She dropped the coat beside the door, then unlaced the bindings on the teddy. Anna’s glare shifted from Maria’s eyes to the warden’s ripe body, watching the unveiling of her enemy’s flesh. The teddy barely contained Maria’s magnificent tits. Its thin, sheer material served only to accent Maria’s dark areola and her spiked nipples. The gossamer-thin garment hung enticingly from the tips of her nipples, falling like a curtain over her sculpted abdomen. Maria slid the silk material from her skin. It whispered to the ground, leaving her body naked, except for the thong. She placed her hands on her hips and thrust out her tits, giving Anna a chance to examine Maria’s massive mammaries and compare them to her own. Her nipples were hard and crusted, throbbing with heat. Then, Maria reached down and pushed the thong down her luscious hips and her smooth thighs. She bent down to push the tiny wisp of cloth past her knees and over her curving calves. Her heavy tits swung deliciously as she moved. The thong fell to her feet and she stepped out of it, then used a single heel to flick the tiny cloth into the opposite corner of the room, away from Anna’s clothing. Maria reached down and, one foot at a time, removed her pumps. She reached up and undid her bun. Her blonde mane cascaded down over her shoulders as she tossed her head, her dense tits bouncing enthusiastically in response to the sudden movement.

Maria stood tall and proud before Anna, her naked body powerful and perfectly formed, extravagant in its voluptuousness. Anna eyes hungrily devoured the warden, from the woman’s golden hair to her round, majestic tits, the stiff brown nipples jutting like spears, to her gently muscled abdomen with its deep, narrow navel, to her flaring hips that tapered into long, powerful legs. The heat of raw desire and sexual power radiated off of Maria in waves. She climbed onto the cot, her massive tits swinging, her red lips parted as she panted with desire, her green-blue eyes half-closed and glowing with lust. She turned herself around, her legs in front of her, her hands behind her body, bracing herself up. Her hard ass settled onto the cot. Her tits rocked as she arranged herself to face Anna, the powerful muscles of her belly tightened. Then, Maria opened her succulent thighs and presented her burning cunt to her challenger.

Sexual electricity filled the air as the two naked rival twats exposed themselves and confronted each other for the first time. Both women stared down into the other’s hot, wet cunt. They began to pant harder, their tits heaving with desire. They flexed their pussy muscles; cunt juice trickled down from their enflamed pussies to moisten their crotches. Maria and Anna were almost hypnotized by the beauty of the other woman’s twat. They were almost paralyzed with anticipation. Anna groaned, an animal sound of pure lust.

Finally, Maria pulled her eyes from between Anna’s legs. Her heart was pounding, her blood was burning. She was slowly going crazy with need and she knew she had to satisfy her urges on Anna’s body. She began to push herself up the bed, moving toward the center of the cot. The bedding dampened as her smooth ass pushed forward. Anna roused herself and pushed down from the head of the bed to meet Maria. But the prisoner’s gaze remained riveted to the warden’s advancing sexhole. The women hissed as their smooth, powerful legs slid over each other, right over left, as they pushed their hungry twats closer and closer together. Their powerful, voluptuous bodies seemed perfectly matched.

Finally, their hungry fuckmeat only an inch apart, the women stopped, their bodies meshed, their torsos leaning away from each other. Both women looked between their heaving tits at the tight, hot wet slits that now stood ready to mate and merge. Their swollen clits, more than an inch long on both women and still swelling with power, were fully visible. The heat from their aching cunts warmed their crotches like a furnace. Hot pussy juice flowed from their fully aroused pussies, lubricating their fuckholes, moistening their inner thighs. Small whimpers of raw lust came from both women.

Biting her lip, struggling to keep herself under control just a while longer, Maria looked up at her foe, now just inches away. “Look at me, cuntfucker…” Maria hissed.

Anna pulled her eyes up from between their legs and locked her gaze with Maria. The prisoner’s beautiful face was a study in pure lust, her eyes were glassy with desire. Maria understood this; she felt exactly the same way. They were both on the edge of sexual delirium.

“Your fuckmeat to mine, whore,” Maria growled. “Cunt to cunt, clit to clit, everything I have against everything you have. We have all night to fuck each other, to settle this. There is only room in this prison for one bull pussy, and that’s me. Do you understand?”

Anna smiled grimly. “That’s fine with me, you motherfucker,” the prisoner snarled. “I’m going to ride your little clit all night. I’ve been matching my fuckmeat to other cunts since I was a teenager. I’m going to teach you a lesson about clitfighting that you’re never going to forget. I’m going to make you my fuckbitch. I’ve worked hard to get where I am in this prison and no prissy blonde whore is going to take it from me. After I’m done with you, you won’t be able to walk for a week and we’re both going to know who is the real woman here.”

Their bodies were aching, burning up with sexual fever. They could not wait any longer. Maria knew that she simply had to consume and devour the woman before her, she had to make the steaming, voluptuous, taut, delicious womanflesh in front of her part of her own body. Her hunger rose to unbearable levels. Eyes flashing, Maria and Anna closed the final distance, sliding their taut asses forward on the bed. Carefully, they pressed their slick, hot cunts solidly together. With a sucking hiss, the wet flesh met and kissed, cunt lips to cunt lips.

It was like putting two live wires together. Sexual electricity erupted in both women. Maria jerked with pleasure. Anna threw back her head and moaned loudly. They simply pressed tight for a moment, sharing heat and wetness, smiling at each other viciously, their bodies trembling with lust, their cunts gushing with the intense arousal. They worked their hips just a little, sliding their soaked, slick pussy lips against each other, up and down, side to side, gasping with the sexual electricity that rippled out from the wet friction, then pulled apart slightly. Their pussies remained joined by thick strings of pussy juice. They pushed together again hard, their cunt lips kissing and locking and sucking, the heat in their crotches flaring unbearably. Both women gasped as unbearable heat and electricity exploded in their groins, as their most intimate body parts sealed and sucked. Then, they began to grind. Maria and Anna began using their hips, rotating around, grinding and working their cunts together harder, smearing their hot flesh together, opening and spreading each other, working their fuck holes into each other, forcing them wider, sucking together tighter, their slick cunt lips sliding back and forth and into each other, their enflamed labia meshing and melting. The heat was unbearable, the raw, delicious pleasure as they slowly fucked and mated, merging their incredible bodies, burned through them like molten lava in their veins.

“Mmmmm, mmm, fuck, fuck that’s good, so good,” Maria gasped, her head thrown back, biting her lip as she struggled to control herself, her ass and hips now working in a hard rhythm. She wanted to drive herself as far and hard and deep into Anna’s yielding cunt and hard body as she could, she wanted to become one sex-enraged body with the other woman. She was in paradise. This was the moment that she lived for, the beginning of an all-out fuckwar, where she could not be certain of the outcome, she just knew that before it was over her body would be wracked with sensual delight and she would be transported to sexual ecstasy. But, even more, she knew her enjoyment of this process would be amplified immeasurably as she consumed and mastered the luscious flesh of her opponent, as the other woman’s sexual core opened to her own and was devoured by her own ravenous sexuality.

Anna pumped back with equal fervor, her powerful ass and hips working like an engine, driven by the raw, animal desires that coursed through her body. For Anna, the fuckwar was also paradise on earth. Anna had an even longer history than Maria of engaging in sexual warfare with other women. From an early age, she had discovered the unrivaled pleasure that she gained from conquering and dominating other women with the power of her womanhood. Now, as she felt her cunt open and welcome Maria’s hungry pussy, as she felt her sex grinding and working into Maria’s cunt, she was lost in the sheer bliss of the terrible sensation of merging, joining in an unbreakable bond to the other woman’s beautiful body. They would unite into one sex-enraged body. They would fuck each other blind, drawing ecstasy and pleasure from each other until, in the end, only one of them could endure. Anna whimpered with joy. “Yes, yes, you dirty little whore, fuck me, fuck me…” she chanted.

With every thrust of their powerful hips, the women’s majestic tits rocked and bounced. Their powerful thighs were slick with pussy juice as they slapped together. The women’s muscled bellies clenched and flexed as they used all of their power to work into each other. They drove at each other with cunt-splitting thrusts of hips and asses. Their engorged clits grew to more than two inches in length and continued to swell in size. As their burning cunts flattened and sucked together, as the room filled with the sound of two juicy cunts forming an unbreakable suction as they ate at each other and merged, the women’s swollen clits came into direct contact. So far, both women had deliberately avoided matching clit to clit, but now the sexual fire burning in their cores demanded this contact. Anna deliberately slid her pulsing clit deep into Maria’s fuckhole and moaned joyfully as her clit worked into Maria’s yielding labia and caressed the underside of Maria’s bulging clit. The women shuddered and screamed together, full-throated roars of pleasure as their sexhorns stroked. Neither woman bothered to even try to stop from screaming. The room was sound proof, they could let loose with all of the animal shrieks and cries that their fuckfest demanded.

Trembling, whimpering with pleasure, Maria and Anna pressed their ultra-sensitive clits together once again, head to head, and thrust with all the power of their hips and asses. Their tits bounced joyfully as they tried to crush each other’s sex. Instead, the rock-hard, nerve-rich sex swords crushed and fused into a single pulsing mass.

“Fuck, FUCK, FUUCCCK!!!” Maria shrieked and bucked as the terrible stimulation pulsed through her body. She had never felt a clit to clit contact this intense before and she was left, momentarily, overwhelmed and sobbing with pleasure.

“Fuck, oh Jesus Fucking CHRIST!!,” Anna howled, her head thrown back, her eyes wide with orgasmic sensations and shock. She convulsed in ecstasy, the pleasure in her pulsing clit roaring through every cell in her body. Then, slowly, agonizingly, the women brought their bodies under control.

Leaning back, hands bracing their powerful bodies, their asses raised off the soaking sheets of the cot, their eyes locked and glaring over their massive, throbbing tits, the women began to fuckfight in earnest. Their pussies were completely meshed and flattened together, hot liquid squirted and squelched out from between their interlocked cunts with each delicious, powerful thrust of their hips. Their asses clenched as they struggled to squash the other’s clit, as each woman strained to force the other into a submissive orgasm. Their tits rocked and quivered. Hot sweat flowed, causing their magnificent bodies to gleam in the dim, harsh light. The raw pleasure blasting through their bodies grew ever more intense with every driving thrust, the heat within their locked crotches burned with nova intensity, their pulsing clits fused and throbbed with such force and sensual power that the women could only grit their teeth and snarl and moan at each other in hate and passion as they fucked.

Maria snarled at Anna, her white teeth flashing. She threw all of her power into the mutual fucking that she and Anna were administering to each other. At the same time, the warden was in absolute sensual ecstasy. It had been a long time since she had locked up with another woman this powerful, since she had crossed clits with such a magnificent foe. She could feel her own clit continuing to grow and swell under the unbearable stimulation of the clit to clit fuck. She could also feel Anna’s clit growing to match her own in size and hardness. Maria squeezed at Anna’s cunt with her own, she concentrated on crushing the other woman’s pussy, on sucking it into her own and eating it alive. But Anna bit back with equal strength, and their trembling pussies were soon linked in a deadlock, the battle coming down to which of them could better endure the incredible sensations they were inflicting on each other.

Anna was delirious with pleasure. She could not believe how good this felt and deep in her mind, she rejoiced to the fact that the battle was just starting. If she could get this much pleasure out of a cunt to cunt fuck with Maria now, she could hope that the rest of the night would be spent in just as much ecstasy. But she was utterly determined to force the other woman to surrender, to consume Maria’s incredible sex with her own. So far, however, they were holding each other in a grinding, bucking, heaving stalemate.

The pleasure kept building, the women kept grinding into each other, harder and harder, trying to bisect each other, trying to crush and eat the other’s sex with her own. Their pussies were now leaking prodigious amounts of juice; they were sliding and grinding in the slick, hot, fleshy forum formed by their inosculated cunts. Their clits were rubbing, grinding, stabbing, all the while swelling up to greater and greater size and sensitivity. Maria and Anna were almost delirious by now, the incredible pleasure of the mutual fucking too much to bear. Their glassy eyes remained locked over the tops of their bouncing tits, their whimpers and moans of animal pleasure turned to snarls and then screams of passion and hate. The women could feel the terrible climax building in their cores and they began working their bodies harder and harder, struggling to bring their enemy to an orgasmic defeat before the unbearable ecstasy building in their clits, boiling deep in their wombs, could break free.

“Break, you fucking, stinking whore, BREAK!!,” Anna shrieked, her hips pumping furiously, her pussy squeezing at Maria’s cunt with all of its strength.

“No, you come you dirty fucker!!” Maria screamed in reply. “Give, you fucking slut, GIVE!!”

Panting, heaving, bucking, screaming and snarling, their bodies trapped in an erotic scissors, locked between each others’ thighs, joined completely, the women rode each other to the end. Maria held out her hands; Anna eagerly took them. Their fingers interlaced, holding each other tight. Using their grips as leverage from which they could drive into each other even harder, the women fucked with all of their strength.

The end came suddenly. One moment, they were riding each other furiously, climbing the pleasure curve together, grinding their clits into a mass of ecstasy, sobbing and screaming and cursing each other in fury, their thick hair thrashing as they tossed their heads in an agony of joy. The next, their swollen clits, by now more than three inches in length, sawing ecstatically against each other, suddenly tangled and twisted together. The interlocked clits instantly swelled into a single, unbreakable knot. The pleasure was indescribable. Maria had never come close to feeling anything like it before; neither had Anna. For a moment, they could only stare at each other in astonished ecstasy as their cunts seemed to melt together, as nova-hot heat and waves of burning tensions rippled through their bodies, as they squeezed each other’s cunts and, together, crushed their clits tight.

Then, they shrieked in concert as the orgasms broke. The women released each other’s hands and fell back, shoulders to the bed, writhing and bucking furiously as orgasm after orgasm roared through their bodies, their tits jolting furiously. A dam broke inside each woman’s sexual core and hot cum jetted between their bodies, filling and mixing within their locked vaginal canals, squeezing out from between their locked pussy lips, soaking their writhing thighs and bellies with hot liquids.

“FUCK, FUCK, OH FUCKING GOD!!!,” Maria shrieked. She put her hands flat to the bed and arched her back in sheer ecstasy. Anna duplicated the action. In an instant, both women had formed a bridge over the bed as their spines curved and they drove into each other as deeply and completely as they could, each woman struggling to violate her foe as intimately as possible.

“OH, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!,” Anna screamed. Maria and Anna held each other in ecstatic tension, their spines bridging the bed, their muscles quivering, their bodies trembling as an orgasmic wave washed through them, tightening then releasing every muscle, filling them with electricity, forcing delicious pleasure to fill their tits and their cunts and their bellies, then blast out through every pore in their bodies. They collapsed back to the bed, panting and heaving, exhausted from the terrible pleasure they had forced on each other, until another sudden wave of orgasmic bliss roared through their locked bodies, forcing them back up on their shoulders, their spines arched in ecstasy, their cunts jammed and locked, their pulsing clits knotted and exploding, molten cum pumping back and forth between their merged cunts. After every unbearable orgasm, they collapsed back to the soaking bed, moaning and gasping, their bodies writhing and grinding, drenched in sweat and pussy juice, until the next orgasm took them.

This happened four more times before the sexual power their mutual fucking had created was finally dissipated. The women collapsed and lay on the bed, their chests heaving, their nipples still swollen and hard, their pussies fused together. Their clits remained twined, but they began to soften, making it possible to separate, though not just yet. Maria gasped, her right arm thrown over her forehead, her breath coming in panting heaves, her tits burning with unreleased sexual power. She was wet with sweat and pussy juice. She smelled of raw sex. She should have been absolutely exhausted but, instead, she was surprised to find that her insatiable sexual appetite was, if anything, even more intense after the incredible fucking that she and Anna had just forced on each other. Maria cupped and rubbed her own tits, and was surprised as a shock of pleasure rippled from her stiff nipples down into her aching clit. Gasping, she pushed herself up to look at Anna from over her tits. She expected to see the other woman unconscious, at least exhausted and depleted, no longer a threat. After that kind of fucking, what kind of woman could possibly still be able to continue the battle?

To her amazement, Anna was staring back at her, with a similar expression in her eyes. For a moment, the two women glared at each other in shock and anger. Then, both came to the same realization together. The incredible pleasure they had just given to each other was not over yet. The fuckwar was just starting. Anna smiled; Maria smiled back.

“That was really nice, bitch,” Anna snarled hoarsely. “You are a really good little fuck. But now it’s time to show you what a real woman’s pussy is like.” She squeezed Maria’s cunt hard with her own.

“You are one tough whore, Anna,” Maria replied as she squeezed back. “I’m going to enjoy fucking you into a coma. But your fuckmeat is mine. You’re going to be sucking my clit after I make you my bitch.”

Groaning, the two beautiful women pulled apart with a sucking pop. Hot cunt juice gushed from their naked pussies, splattering on the bed, filling the room with an even more intense scent of aroused womanhood and the sweet tang of hot sex. Moaning, Maria pulled herself into a sitting position at the foot of the bed. Anna assumed a similar position on the opposite side of the bed. Staring at each other, letting their eyes roam the other’s body, both women felt the stirrings of more sexual desire.

The war to be the top cunt in the prison would go on.

Part IV

Though she tried not to show it, Maria was worried. She possessed great skill and power as a sexfighter. But the secret to her fuckfighting success was her sexual insatiability and stamina. She had lost sex battles before, but had always been able to win the war by virtue of her body’s incredible ability to keep going. Once started, the ravenous sexual hunger that built in her core was almost impossible to satisfy and allowed her to wear down and devour almost any opponent in erotic combat. But what she and Anna had just done to each other was more intense than anything she had ever done to anyone or that had been done to her before. Normally, the fuckfight Maria had just had with Anna would have been enough to destroy any foe. But Anna seemed fine; even worse, the prison bitch seemed every bit as lustful and energized as Maria. The warden realized that, for the first time, she might be facing a woman with a sexual hunger as insatiable as her own and a body capable of pursuing that hunger to the end. She recognized the threat; but deep down, she was also thrilled by the challenge and the sexual ecstasy that this fuckwar with Anna could bring.

Maria’s pussy felt a bit tender. Given the incredible pounding it had just taken and the sheer ecstasy it had inflicted, this was hardly surprising. Maria wanted to give her pussy time to recover, time to build back its sexual strength before she took it into combat again. Her eyes settled on Anna’s fantastic tits. She wondered how those chocolate brown nipples tasted, how the dense titflesh would feel crushed and throbbing and grinding against her own. She felt her nipples tightening and pulsing as her mind focused on her desire for a titfight. She smiled, and licked her lips hungrily.

Anna felt energized, the heat pulsing in her loins feeding the pressure in her nipples and crusted areola. The sexfight she had just had with the warden had been incredible – a truly delicious meeting of cunts. It had been more intense and enjoyable than anything she could remember experiencing in the recent past, maybe in her life. She wanted to give her aching pussy time to recover, but she felt the blood boiling in her loins, filling her tits, engorging her clit. She saw Maria staring at her tits and she knew what the warden wanted. She smiled as her own gaze shifted to Maria’s chest. She was enthralled by the warden’s tits. They were as large and round as her own; were they every bit as dense and firm? Could the warden’s nipples match hers in tit to tit fuck? It was time to test her beautiful rack against that of the other woman.

Anna cupped and hefted her massive breasts and pointed the stiff nipples at Maria.

“Come on, cuntlicker,” she murmured. “Let’s see how tough your little titties are.”

Maria smiled and stroked her crusting nipples. They were moist and hard and grew even longer and tighter as she caressed them. A jolt of pure erotic electricity shot from her sensitive nips deep into her tits, filling them with warmth, tightening them with arousal, feeding the heat between her legs. Warm juice trickled down from her tight pussy. Maria gasped, her eyes glowing hotter, and bit her lip gently as the pleasure pulsed in her core.

Maria stood up on her knees, her hands on her hips, her chest thrust out in challenge. Her nipples felt harder, longer and more sensitive than she could ever remember. Anna rose to match her posture, arching her back to push her massive boobs out in response. The women walked toward each other on their knees until their breasts were only an inch apart. Their hard, pulsing nipples lined up perfectly. The women stared down at the other woman’s heaving tits. Their breasts gleamed with perspiration and other secretions. Sweat dripped from the tips of their brown, crusted nipples. Their breath came in hot pants, their eyes were fevered with lust. Their hair formed wild, unkempt manes as they contemplated each other’s magnificent rack, preparing for the conflict to come.

“Yes,” Maria breathed, a hot smile flickering on her beautiful face. “Oh, yes…”

Anna said nothing, but her eyes were glazed with desire and she licked her dry lips in anticipation.

The women moved closer, just enough to touch the tips of their throbbing nipples. A sexual shockwave rippled through the two fuckfighters, and the milk holes of their nipples sucked tight together. They gasped and their bodies shuddered at the sudden, intense sexual electricity; their breasts flared with heat and stiffened even more with arousal. Their heaving tits moved in unison, up and down, up and down, as they panted furiously, as they shared hot breath. Anna and Maria locked eyes, exchanging looks of pure hate and raw desire. Glaring at each other, challenging each other, they slowly moved their nipples around, keeping them pressed head to head, but gently, gently stimulating them, letting them tweak and push, letting them massage each other. Their nipples grew even stronger and longer under the stimulation, pushing tighter, growing into each other. Maria and Anna began rubbing their titnubs harder, letting them grind side to side, then flicking each other, sending little spasms of pain through their pulsing boobs. Their excitement built. Maria moved her hands from her hips to seize Anna’s biceps; Anna instantly returned the grip. Now, with their tits compressed between their powerful arms, the women realigned their throbbing nipples and slowly, agonizingly, used the power of their chests and the full weight of their bodies to push their throbbing nipples together.

“Yes, yes you little fuck, you cuntsucking whore…” Maria breathed as she watched, as she felt, their nipples crush and melt into one.

“Fucking cuntlicking sow,” Anna groaned in reply, “My beauties will flatten your weak little bags, you fucking whore…”

Both women trembled with pain and pleasure as they watched their throbbing nipples lock, hold each other in stalemate, then slowly crush each other back into their areola. Areola met and fused, and a terrible throbbing pain and pleasure suffused both sets of boobs as their nipples disappeared into their taut titflesh to continue their battle for superiority deep inside the women’s warring tits.

Maria moaned as her dense, spongy tits met the thick, yielding, firm flesh of Anna’s equally large pair. The prisoner’s tits were every bit as heavy and taut as Maria’s own magnificent jugs, just as she had hoped. As far as Maria could tell, she and Anna had tits exactly the same size. As their massive racks pushed tight, both women could feel the other’s heart pounding. Gripping each other’s biceps tighter, Anna and Maria rubbed their tits together, mashing the thick meat, the heat and friction from their grinding nipples and yielding, pulsing flesh sending shockwaves of pure, unadulterated pleasure racing through their breasts, heating their bodies. Their massive mammaries slid on each other’s hot sweat, but their hard nipples and rough areola kept rubbing and grinding, the delicious friction building inexorably. Buried deep within their dense titflesh, the women’s long, thick nipples slowly twisted together as Maria and Anna began rolling and rotating their tits into each other, struggling to grind each other’s tits down, to force the other’s tits to weaken and surrender to her own. The nipple to nipple, areola to areola struggle grew more painful as they drove against each other, until it felt to both women as though their nipples might be torn off. But the intense pain fed the excruciating pleasure, as their dense racks merged, liquid sweat feeding their heat, sensual power flowing from their massive, battling tits into their turgid pussies, pumping up their aching clits even more.

“Oh God, oh God, you fucking cunt…” Anna gasped, the heat pouring out of her overstimulated breasts scorching her flesh. The women were nose to nose, forehead to forehead, panting hot breath at each other, lips touching, tongues occasionally reaching out to lick and taunt. Their eyes were locked together as they searched each other for signs of weakness, for hints that the delicious pleasure was becoming too much. Their pants and cries of pain and joy grew more fervent as the titfight became more intense. They were sealed together in the intimacy of their shared hatred and lust. They wanted each other desperately, but they also wanted to master each other, to hurt each other as much as possible.

Maria suddenly released Anna’s biceps and slipped her arms around the prisoner’s naked back. Anna immediately did the same, wrapping Maria’s naked torso in her arms. They found the best grips on each other’s naked flesh. Their bodies filled with the furnace heat, the electric sensations rippling from their dense, battling tits, the women stared deeply into other, seeing the shared desire.

“I’m going to titfuck you, Anna,” Maria moaned. “I’m squeeze your weak little bags until I milk every drop.”

“Let’s see how you do against a real pair of tits, you blonde pussylicker,” Anna replied. “My tits are going to squash your bags until they are hanging down like the soft sacks they are.”

Then, Maria and Anna crushed each other with all their strength, squashing their tits together in a powerful mutual bearhug, each women trying to flatten and crush the other woman’s fantastic tits with her own. They cried out as their firm, thick tits compressed and pancaked into one throbbing mass of delectable flesh and raw erotic sensations.

Sobbing with joy and lust and hate, their nipples pulsing with heat and pleasure and pain deep in their tits, Maria and Anna began driving into each other furiously. Arms squeezing, tits compressed, they worked their chests together, rubbing and grinding, rotating their battling boobs, working dense titflesh up and down and side to side, struggling to wear the other down, to force her opponent’s tits to collapse from the pressure and the pleasure. As they squeezed and rubbed, hot sweat lubricated the grinding battle. They threw their heads back, arched their backs, and slapped their naked bellies together, then writhed in each other’s arms. Their bellies slapped and their deep navels sucked at each other, sensual flesh to flesh friction. Their powerful thighs pressed together. Their thin landing strips of pubic hair tangled and grated. Anna swung her hips and moaned as she felt her pussy lips slap against Maria’s juicy cunt.

“You whore, you fucking whore…” Maria groaned at Anna.

Anna ran her tongue along Maria’s open, gasping lips and Maria instantly sucked the probing tongue between her lips and teeth. She sucked hard, caressing Anna’s tongue with her own, opening another sexual battlefield in this war between their incredible bodies. The women locked into a deep kiss, their tongues sliding together and licking, their soft yet taut lips sucking at each other. They moaned deep in their throats as their mouths meshed, as they refused to release each other from the tongue twisting, spit swapping kiss as they struggled to overwhelm each other. They kept writhing and grinding in each other arms, rubbing and crushing tits, slapping and sliding their slick bellies, occasionally thrusting their hips forward to let their burning pussies caress and taunt and tantalize.

How long this continued, Maria did not know. Her body was being overwhelmed with the many conflicting sensations coursing through it, all of them immensely pleasurable. Her body was being stimulated and aroused to levels she had rarely achieved before. Her excitement grew. She knew it was time to take the battle to another level. Still sucking hard at Anna’s tongue and mouth with her own, she eased off on her bearhug just enough to reach up, sink her fingers into Anna’s auburn mane, and slowly pull the woman’s head back, breaking their kiss. Anna gasped, then instantly yanked Maria back by her hair. Chin to chin, glaring at each other through half-open eyelids, the women snarled and moaned. Their tits were throbbing, deep pleasure reverberating within their yielding mounds.

“Suck me,” Maria snarled at Anna. “Let’s suck each other… I want to taste your tits, cuntfucker…”

Anna smiled, panting with heat. At this moment, she wanted nothing more than to suck and eat Maria’s delicious tits.

The women pulled apart, gasping with lust. Their blood was boiling, every erogenous area on their bodies was on fire with need. After the incredible way they had fucked each other earlier, it was amazing that they could both be this aroused so soon, but neither questioned what was happening. They were too overwhelmed by hunger for each other’s voluptuous bodies.

Anna and Maria backed away from each other about a foot. Their eyes ran hungrily over the other. The women’s magnificent tits glistened with sweat and were reddened from the grinding friction of the titfight. Their nipples jutted from their battered areola like fleshy, erotic spears and throbbed with heat and painful friction. Both women were struck by a staggering pulse of lust, an overpowering need to possess and consume the other magnificent bitch. They were facing each other as two primal predators, locking together to battle over territory, a battle that could only be decided by matching the most intimate and sensual parts of their bodies and fucking each other senseless.

Anna raised her hands to Maria’s breasts, her fingers sinking into the taut, yielding flesh, Maria’s nipples punching into the palms of her hands. Maria slid her hands over Anna’s glistening orbs. Green eyes locked to turquoise, raw hate and passion flowing between them, the women slowly massaged the other woman’s fantastic jugs. They squeezed and kneaded, they hefted and weighed and stroked and rubbed, all the while forcing whimpers and cries of pleasure from each other as they expertly fondled the other, as they rubbed or caressed a particularly sensitive spot on their opponent’s massive rack. They panted and sobbed and screamed into each other’s faces, their mutual hate and lust building with every moment, with every tantalizing, infuriating caress.

“You dirty fucking cunt, you slut, oh God, you filthy fuck…,” Maria snarled at her hated enemy, whose skilful hands were now inflicting such terrible, unbearable pleasure on her throbbing tits. God, she hated this whore, almost as much as she wanted to fuck the bitch forever.

“Fucking, stinking twat, you whore, oh Christ, you jizz-eating cocksucker …” Anna moaned in response, pushing her nose harder to Maria’s, letting their lips touch as she struggled to resist the delicious sensations building and burning in her tits.

Both women squeezed each other’s nipples like knobs, then screamed, joyously, in unison. Sobbing, snarling, they finally moved to suck each other. Spreading their thighs wider apart on the cot, Anna spread her hand on Maria’s left tit and bent her head to Maria’s magnificent right tit. She licked at the long, thick nipple, she teased it with her powerful tongue, drawing a long moan from Maria. Then she sucked it into her lips, then her teeth, before encompassing as much of Maria’s huge, wet orb with her mouth as she could and began sucking, chewing at the delicious gland, feeding desperately, tasting the salt of Maria’s sweat. She ate at Maria’s right tit and nipple ravenously, even as she squeezed and kneaded at Maria’s left tit. At the same time, Maria lowered her head to Anna’s chest and sucked at Anna’s right tit with equal hunger and skill.

“God, oh God,” Maria thought, as the terribly delicious feelings in her tit reached unbearable levels, as her own enjoyment of eating at Anna’s incredible flesh filled her with indescribable lust, “don’t let this stop, let this go on forever, fuck, fuck, it’s so good…”

The padded room filled with the sound of the two women suckling each other, with the continuous muffled moans and cries and gasps as they worked each other with ravenous hunger. Maria and Anna were both crying with the raw pleasure. Their eyes were closed but the tears flowed unimpeded as they forced ever more pleasure from their bodies, as unbearable erotic tension built within their overwhelmed bodies. Their clits throbbed with desire, pulsing with every heartbeat. Their oversensitized nipples ached with heat, so sharp and rock hard, building to a nipple orgasm.

After some time sucking the other woman’s right tit, the women switched to the left tit and began the process over again. As Anna rubbed and massaged and tortured Maria’s right tit, a spasm of pure ecstasy caused a gush of cunt juice to trickle down to the bed from Anna’s twat. Anna lowered her left hand from Maria’s right orb and cupped the warden’s open, sopping cunt. Maria screamed in shocked joy as she felt Anna’s fingers drive hard up into her fuckhole, stroking her engorged, pulsing three-inch clit, sending a spasm of unbearable pleasure roaring through her entire body. In response, Maria bit into Anna’s delicious tit even harder, then ran her left hand down Anna’s belly, through the landing strip of pubic hair, until she caressed the prisoner’s open slit. Her eager fingers went up into the beautiful prisoner’s hot, wet hole, searching and finding Anna’s burning clit. Anna cried out with hitching gasps of pure ecstasy as the warden returned the clit caress.

Anna and Maria masturbated each other vigorously, viciously, finger fucking in earnest. They stroked their opponents’ engorged clit gently, sensuously, creating such terrible pleasure and pressure that they both started to sob uncontrollably with the sensations. Both women spread their thighs even wider, welcoming, encouraging the other woman’s attack. They sucked at the other’s delicious tit with ever greater force. Their muffled moans, screams and sobs of pleasure became ever louder and more intense. The sound of hot fingers working wet, sucking cunts joined the groans of ecstasy coming from both women. Their aching pussies began leaking a slow, continuous trickle of cunt juice as their probing fingers played and taunted each other’s throbbing clit.

On and on it went until both women were delirious with sexual rage, until their bodies were trembling with sexual tension and erotic power, until waves of erotic heat broke over their ravaged flesh in coruscating bursts of pleasure. They were aroused and enflamed almost to the limits of their bodies.

Anna lifted her right hand from Maria’s left tit, sank her hand into Maria’s thick blonde hair, and yanked the warden’s head back from Anna’s burning tit.

“Give me your tongue, whore,” Anna demanded hoarsely as she pulled Maria’s head towards her. Maria seized the back of Anna’s head with her right hand and pulled the prisoner in closer. The women glared at each other savagely, they rubbed their pert noses together, then they attacked each other with their tongues and mouths.

The women’s hot tongues invaded each other’s mouths, licking and lapping, sucking and swallowing hot spit. At the same time, the women pushed closer, bringing their sensitive, overstimulated, battered nipples into direct head to head contact. Their left hands continued to finger fuck, to work their eager pussies, but both women were now driven by the desire to kiss and rub tits as the focus of the mutual sexual assault shifted again. Maria and Anna wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed tight.

They groaned with delight as their heavy, meaty tits crushed each other again and resumed their nipple to nipple fucking. The sensual kiss they were joined in filled both women’s minds. Their tongues slid and pressed, stroked and pushed, sending delicious pulses of erotic electricity racing through their bodies. Maria loved the sensations of the tonguefight. She loved sliding her own exquisitely sensitive pink probe around and around Anna’s mouth, around her teeth, pushing tongues, swallowing back the other woman’s spit, she enjoyed violating and being violated in such an intimate way. The fires burning in their mouths, in their grinding tits, in their aching cunts, fed the passion in the women’s sexual cores. Every part of their bodies throbbed with heat and pleasure.

Their bodies rubbed and writhed, each woman intent on pressing every inch of sex-slick flesh on her beautiful form against that of her enemy. Anna slid her right hand down Maria’s gently curving spine to the warden’s powerful, rounded ass. She sank her fingers into one tight ass cheek, squeezing, feeling the clenching muscle. In a moment, both women had filled both their hands with the other’s rounded ass. They used the grip to pull each other closer, to thrust and grind even harder, their wet, hot bodies seeking to merge. They arched their pelvises and moaned with passion as they rubbed pubic hair, as they felt their hot cunts touch and caress. Hot clits came tantalizingly close to stroking.

Anna suddenly shifted her weight. Her thighs had been spread wide, pressed tight to Maria’s thighs, to match Maria’s v-shaped stance. Anna brought her knees together and pushed hard. Never breaking the kiss, still holding tight to each other’s beautiful ass, the women struggled briefly. Then Maria felt herself being pushed on to her back. She did not have the time to shift her weight; it was too late to resist. The women toppled over, Anna on top, her thighs pushed between Maria’s thighs, opening and splitting the other woman. Maria landed with her head just hanging over the foot of the bed, her shoulders just holding on the edge of the mattress. The women’s tits crushed with an explosion of pleasure, rock-hard nipples spearing each other. Anna pushed down with her hips and opened her legs, forcing Maria’s thighs even wider, fitting her crotch tight to that of her enemy.

Anna raised her pelvis, then cocked it forward, her hot cunt seeking Maria’s matching twat. Maria tilted her pelvis to align her hot, sopping cunt to Anna’s burning fuckhole. Anna pressed down, her thick cunt lips squashing, slapping to Maria’s juicy pussy lips. Both women groaned deep in their locked mouths as they smeared their cunts together, as they worked their hips to spread each other, as their labia melted into one, as they forced open their fuckholes to their mutual violations.

Anna pulled her ass back, then powered down into Maria’s hot cunt. Their pussies came together again with a delicious sucking splat. The women cried out, still locked in their kiss, and sank their claws into each other’s taut asses, as the rounded muscle began to clench and ripple and thrust. They pulled their twats apart with a gentle sucking pop, cunt juices holding on in thin wet strands, then powered together again, with another hard, sucking slap. They worked their hips, concentrating on separating their enemy’s cunt lips, on opening each other wider. Hot pink labia melted into one, hard three inch clits caressed length to length, forcing a shuddering, bucking, crying scream from both women.

Moaning, crying, desperate for air, Maria and Anna broke their hot kiss, spit flying as their mouths pulled apart. Cheek to cheek, they panted and moaned as their asses began pumping harder, as their hips began to buck. Their nova hot cunts caressed and tantalized, sliding slick, smooth lips together and into each other, then pulling apart in a spray of cunt juice, then slapping back together with a wet splat as they sought to merge and unite once more. Overwhelmed with raw, incredible lust, the beautiful women writhed in each other’s arms, rubbing and grinding every inch of burning flesh to every inch on their opponent. Their massive tits flattened and pulsed, nipple to nipple, fleshy erotic cushions sending constant pleasure streaming through their battling bodies as they fought for sexual domination. Pushing hard with their hips and asses, Anna and Maria felt their hot twats flatten and seal, moist, juicy pussy lips sucking and crushing, locking into a wet, meaty, unbreakable join. Pussy juices smeared and slicked the intersection of their battling crotches. Their hard, taut bellies slapped as their cunts struggled.

Anna’s three inch clit squashed tight to Maria’s equally huge, engorged sex organ. The prisoner’s clit pinned and crossed the warden’s clit within the sealed, boiling wet arena of their merged, flattened cunts. As they writhed, the women slid and crushed and grated their gristly clits against each other, rubbing side to side, head to head, sending pulses of unbearable pleasure through their bucking bodies, curling their toes and tightening their nipples with the raw pleasure. Their cunts were sopping wet, so it felt like their clitfuck was happening in a vat of hot pussy juice.

Anna pulled back and then slid her swollen clit up through Maria’s wet sex-heated gash, from bottom to top, finishing in a deliciously hard stroke up the length of Maria’s throbbing clit. The women screamed together as their clits battled. They worked their hips, driving their sexhorns against each other, sawing them up and down, back and forth, stroking side to side, forcing incredible searing sensations on each other with every delicious thrust.

They screamed and gasped, then began moaning, grunting in harmony, in perfect unison, “Unnh, unnh, unnh,” with every delicious stroke and thrust.

Anna and Maria were joined in an all-out fuckwar. Their clits were sparring, the pleasure from their clit fucking was pumping up the heat and power in their swollen nipples, which were also at war. Hard tits were grinding, taut titflesh mashing and merging, boobs trying to crush each other. Open cunts were sealed and sucked tight in a mutual effort to devour each other.

Maria realized her disadvantage. She was spread wide and open beneath Anna, mounted and in a submissive position. Her fuckhole was gaping and exposed, her swollen clit pinned and throbbing. She continued bucking, trying to match Anna thrust for thrust, but she could not find the leverage with which to push back with her full force. Anna’s driving thrusts were pushing her engorged clit harder and deeper into Maria’s soft, gaping pink cunt, driving against Maria’s hard, nerve-rich clit with greater and greater force, and Maria could not reciprocate the violation. Maria needed to reverse their positions, to take from Anna the decisive advantage of gravity. But she could not. Her shoulders were now off the bed, as Anna’s fuck attacks pushed her further back. Maria’s legs were splayed and she could not plant her heels on the narrow mattress to buck up and maybe dislodge Anna from her dominant position. Anna had spread her own legs out, to keep Maria from pushing back. Maria realized that she was slowly, painfully, deliciously being fucked into a submissive orgasm.

Maria twined her legs with Anna, she squeezed at Anna’s cunt with her cunt, trying to seal their bodies together. Anna’s cunt fought back, squeezing in response, struggling to devour Maria’s gaping sex. Anna snarled, her writhing, bucking body kept driving her clit to Maria’s matching sexhorn with incredible strength. The women’s gasps and moans of pleasure turned to snarls and growls, sobs of pleasure and effort as their fuckwar raged. The mutual heat between their beautiful bodies was indescribable in its intensity. The women writhed, sliding in their shared sweat, still holding tight to the other’s bucking, clenching ass, trying to pull each other’s bodies as deeply into their matching twats as they could, trying to eat each other alive, cunt first.

Maria knew that she was being fucked out of her mind. There was no doubt, now, as to which of them was the rider and who was being ridden. The women sealed together in another long, lustful, frantic kiss. Every other part of their bodies was already at war. They broke the kiss, their frantic panting and grunting, their animal snarls and growls now reaching a fever pitch. The constant splat of hard flesh to flesh as their bellies slapped, as their cunts wrestled and struggled, filled the room.

“I have you, I have you now…” Anna snarled, sobbed at Maria. The prisoner was almost delirious with sexual joy, her body was burning in every cell with raw lust and pleasure, but she could feel Maria’s beautiful body slowly and painfully being overwhelmed by her own. She squeezed hard with her sex, to emphasize the point, and delighted as she felt Maria squeeze back.

“Never, never…” Maria sobbed, struggling to resist the incredible pleasure building in her core, desperately trying to meet Anna’s powerful, pussy-splitting thrusts with her own. But she could feel herself giving. Her fantastic body was overflowing with sexual tension, her mighty pussy was being pounded and eaten by Anna’s glorious cunt. Their swollen, pulsing clits continued to rub and grind frantically, pumping both women full of sexual electricity, but Anna’s clit was driving and pounding Maria’s sexhorn in a steady, inexorable rhythm. Maria untwined her legs from Anna’s and spread her legs as wide as she could, opening her cunt, offering it to her foe, trying to get Anna so deep inside her that she might be able to apply even greater cunt to cunt pressure, to do something, anything, that could break the rhythm of the twat to twat fuck.

But it was too late. With a final, pussy-splitting, ass-powered thrust, Anna rammed her clit head to head with Maria’s equally huge sexhorn. Their clits held in quivering, excruciatingly pleasurable stalemate for an instant, then Maria’s clit twisted and bent under the erotic attack. Maria felt herself completely violated, her cunt completely opened and consumed. She felt her body bisected, cut in half by a thrust of pure pleasure.

It was like a nuclear bomb went off in Maria’s core. Raw ecstasy suffused every inch of her perfect body, blasted out of every pore, tightened every muscle, curled her toes in pleasure. She threw back her head, staring blindly at the wall of the padded cell, her eyes wide in astonished bliss, her hands still gripping Anna’s pumping ass, still trying to pull the other woman’s cunt as deeply into her as it could go. Through her own sexual delirium, Anna watched all of this with a savage, excited smile, even as she groaned and snarled in ecstasy, even as she continued to pull on Maria’s ass, trying to fill even more of her cunt with the warden’s sopping, throbbing twat.

Maria howled, a long, ear-splitting shriek of pure pleasure and hate.


Maria began to convulse, her body given over to complete pleasure, her flesh writhing and wriggling in sexual joy. She was being sexually ravaged and clitfucked by this hated bitch, and there was nothing she could to stop it.

“Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh, you Cow-titted Fuck, YES!!….”Anna screamed as she held Maria tight, riding the blonde whore mercilessly. Her own body was overflowing with pleasure and now, as Maria bucked and moaned and convulsed beneath her, as her clit bathed in the delicious sensation of Maria’s hot cum, Anna kept pounding, grinding, driving her aching body against the delicious body struggling beneath her, seeking the absolute release of complete union and domination of Maria’s beautiful sex. She rammed her clit hard, eagerly, desperately to Maria’s engorged member. She felt the delicious sensation build in her cunt, in her tits, in every part of her throbbing body. She drew herself back, then thrust with all her power, clit to clit, driving into Maria in one final, pussy-splitting hunch.

“OH, FUCK, FUCK, JESUS FUCK, YES!!,” Anna shrieked as the dam finally broke. An incredible orgasm roared out of her conquering cunt, saturating her oversexed body with ecstasy, sending a hard, long blast of hot cum erupting down into Maria’s bucking form.

As her victorious pussy injected its woman cum deep into Maria, Anna heaved in pleasure, riding the waves of raw sensation that pulsed through her entire body, filling every cell with ecstasy. She squeezed Maria’s cunt with her own, as hard as she possibly could. She felt answering pressure, and then it gave out and she rejoiced as her pussy finally consumed the warden’s beautiful cunt.

Anna rode Maria hard, pulling every orgasm that she could out of the warden’s defeated twat, milking every drop of cum from the other woman’s magnificent cunt. She fucked Maria so hard that she pulled the other woman’s body back onto the bed, by the power of their sealed cunts alone. Anna rejoiced as she saw Maria’s beautiful turquoise eyes finally roll up into her head as she passed out, fucked into unconsciousness, ridden into submission. Maria released one final, gasping moan, before her head lolled to the side and her body went limp.

With a final convulsive orgasm, Anna came for the last time. Her body tightened, waves of pure joy flowed through her muscles, her pussy exploded in power and cum.. Then, exhausted by the battle, overcome with her sense of satisfaction, she collapsed. She smiled, enjoying the delicious feeling of the warden’s beautiful body crushed under her own, the woman’s heavy tits cushioning her rack, Maria’s magnificent form serving as a warm, wet mattress.

Anna smiled. She had beaten the warden of this prison soundly and decisively in the most intense and delightful sexfight of her life. Soon, she would be running things at McBride. But first, the night was still young. She intended to enjoy every inch of Maria’s fantastic body for as long as she could. By the time the warden staggered out of this cell, Anna swore to herself, the arrogant woman would be her plaything, her prison bitch. Maria would learn what it meant to confront the cunt of a real woman.

These pleasant thoughts in her head, Anna lapsed into a tired sleep, looking forward to acting on her desires.

Part V

Maria returned to consciousness slowly, her awareness fighting its way back up through the cotton-fuzz of her exhaustion. She became aware of a heavy weight, a wet heat on the left side of her body, pushing down on her. The sensation was delightful, pleasurable, a warmth that included a tight but enticing pressure on her left tit. Something hard and warm was pressed against and around her left leg. Her breasts were throbbing gently, heat and small bursts of electricity rippling through them. She felt a tantalizing pressure in her cunt. These were sensations that were familiar to her, particularly after she had been fucked good and hard…

Maria’s eyes snapped open as she remembered exactly where she was and how she had gotten there. She was staring at the ceiling of the solitary confinement cell. She turned her head to her left and was not surprised to see Anna lying there, on her side, her head propped up on her right hand, her arm bent at the elbow, staring down at Maria with a self-satisfied smirk on her face. The gorgeous prison gang leader smiled, and pushed some of her wild auburn mane out of her eyes. Her body was stretched the length of Maria’s perfect form, her right tit was crushed hard to Maria’s left tit, the rest of her long body was stretched out and pressing down on Maria’s left side. Anna’s left leg was tossed over Maria’s left thigh, her inner thigh pressed up against Maria’s crotch.

The women’s eyes locked, Anna’s eyes twinkling with barely suppressed lust, Maria’s glare a hot flash of rage and shame.

“Good, I’m glad you’re awake,” Anna said with a breathy murmur. “You weren’t out long – just a few minutes. Which is good. I’ve got you with me all night, and I intend to fuck your cunt inside out for the next few hours.” She smiled, hot lust lighting her features. “God, the things I am going to do to you, the things I’m going to make you do to me… you’re a really good little fuck, and you’re going to be my bitch, whore.”

After saying this, Anna slipped her left hand down Maria’s body, to her cum-soaked crotch. She fondled Maria’s powerful pussy for a moment, a sudden contact that made the warden gasp, then she ran her index finger up Maria’s hot slit, scooping out a finger tip of wet cum. Anna raised her finger to Maria’s mouth and offered it to Maria. Maria licked at Anna’s finger easily, enjoying the taste of her cum mixed with Anna’s. Anna smiled and licked the rest of the cum off from her finger.

“That’s good,” Anna murmured, “you know just what I like. You’re going to be a good little bitch.”

Maria said nothing, but she took stock of her own body. Her pussy felt a little sore, her breasts were aching, but a strong sexual fire was still burning in her core. She had been fucked into submission; there was no denying that. But she was far from defeated. Her body still had plenty of fight left in it, plenty of sexual power. She had fought badly, allowing her desire and raw lust to put her in a disadvantageous position. She resolved not to make the same mistake again.

Maria took her right hand and, raising herself slightly, turning towards Anna’s body, she reached down and cupped the other woman’s hot cunt. Following Anna’s lead, she ran her index finger up Anna’s tight, wet cunt slit. The prisoner shuddered with the erotic contact. Maria offered her cum-slicked finger to Anna; eyes locked to Maria’s, Anna grasped Maria’s offered right hand with her left, and licked at the finger. Maria then licked her index finger clean.

Maria shifted her body so that she was lying on her left side, facing Anna. Their massive tits pushed tight, nipple to nipple; their faces were only inches apart. They gazed into each other’s eyes. Both women smiled at the intimacy of the contact.

Anna decided to lay out the rules.

“This is how it’s going to be, Warden Jacobs,” Anna said, her tone making it clear that she would not tolerate dispute. “You lost our little contest here. You are going to serve me for the rest of the night. You will do what I want you to do and you will accept it. If you ever want to cross clits with me again, that’s fine by me, but tonight you’re my fuckbitch.”

Maria said nothing for the moment. Then, she reached down with her right hand and scooped cum out of Anna’s cunt once again, then raised her wet hand to Anna’s left tit, which was pressed hard to her right breast. Maria separated their tits, then used her wet fingers to spread the cum on Anna’s areola, to tweak and squeeze Anna’s nipple, eliciting a pleasurable sigh from the auburn-haired beauty.

“No,” Maria said. “I won’t be your bitch.”

Anna looked at her sharply. “I think that you had better accept my terms, warden,” the prisoner growled. “Taking me on cunt to cunt is one thing. Trying to cheat your way out of a fair fight is different. You’re in this room with me, and I’ve got a lot of different ways to fuck you up if I want to. A prissy blonde college girl is no match for me, even if you are a fuck machine. Knowing how to fuck isn’t the same as knowing how to fight.”

Maria smiled grimly. “This is how it’s going to be, Anna Bennan,” she said. “You won the last round, fair and square. I accept that. I will suck your clit, as a sign of your victory. But that’s just one round. Where I come from, fuckfights go on until one or both of the fighters have nothing left. And I’ve got a lot left. We have at least a few more rounds ahead of us.”

The women glared at each other. Their beautiful bodies were perfectly aligned, and an observer would have noted that their forms were almost mirror images of each other, from their perfect feet, which were now touching toe to toe, to their long, powerful legs, to the equally voluptuous curves of their hips, to their narrow waists and taut abdomens, up to their matching tits, which now pushed tight and pulsed, nipple to nipple, as the tension built.

Anna offered her left hand to Maria; Maria gripped it with her right, and the women interlaced their fingers. They squeezed tight, palm to palm, in a test of strength. All the while, turquoise eyes held green eyes, rage, hate and barely suppressed lust flowing between the two Amazonian beauties.

“Suck my clit, you bitch.” Anna growled. “We’ll work out the rest later.”

Maria smiled. Releasing Anna’s hand, she turned and rolled off of her side of the bed, trying to ignore the dull pain in her aching tits and her overtaxed pussy. She rose to stand by the bed, waiting for Anna to decide how she wanted to position herself. Anna pulled herself to a sitting position, and then swung her legs over to where Maria was standing on the other side of the cot. Anna sat on the side of the bed, her feet on the ground, Maria looming over her. She looked up at the warden, admiring the underside view of the woman’s thick, majestic tits. Then she spread her legs and, looking Maria in the eye, issued her order.

“Get down on your knees, whore. I want you to suck me from where I can look down to see you.”

Maria smiled grimly, then sank to her knees in front of Anna. She placed her hands on the prisoner’s knees, then looked up to lock eyes with the woman she was about to pleasure. Maria pushed Anna’s thighs apart, exposing her naked cunt. Anna suddenly reached out and buried her hand in Maria’s thick blonde hair. She pulled at it painfully, yanking back, causing Maria to clench her teeth with the sudden pain. Anna leaned forward until she was nose to nose with Maria. Then, she spat in the warden’s face, an act immediately followed by licking up the spittle, running her tongue over Maria’s nose and mouth. Maria’s tongue darted out to tangle, briefly, with Anna’s. Anna pulled back on Maria’s hair again, then moved forward to lock Maria in a deep, tongue-twisting kiss. Anna’s nipples pushed hard into the tops of Maria’s breasts. For a long moment, the women struggled together in a savage kiss. Then Anna broke it, though she rubbed cheek to cheek with the warden, and they licked and tongued at each other ferociously for a moment more. Anna pulled back. Panting, she glared at the woman on her knees before her.

“Suck my clit, you cuntfucker. Make it good.” Anna lay back on the cot, raising her knees, spreading her thighs, opening her moistened cunt to Maria. She kept her grip on Maria’s blonde locks, pulling the woman forward toward her exposed cunt.

Maria smiled. She placed her hands on Anna’s calves and pushed the prisoner’s legs wide apart, until the gang leader was spread-eagled before her and flat on her back, her massive tits pressed tight between her arms and bulging up toward the ceiling. Then, Maria bent her head to Anna’s wide open, inviting cunt, pushed by Anna’s hand on the back of her head. Eagerly, she rubbed her face around and around in the thick, soft cunt, kissing and sucking at Anna’s labia, running her tongue into Anna’s fuckhole, licking at the dripping cum that had been deposited in the prisoner’s vaginal canal, getting her face wet with Anna’s juices. Maria placed her hands on Anna’s inner thighs, pushing the woman’s legs even further apart, then began running her tongue along every inch of Anna’s inner vaginal walls, through her labia, around and around her pussy lips. Maria avoided the woman’s clit for now, but worked on stimulating the rest of Anna’s genital area, playing with the woman’s sensitive flesh, building her up. Anna’s thick clit grew harder and longer, stretching from one inch to two under Maria’s ministrations, though still short of its three inch maximum. Even as she licked and sucked at Anna’s inviting flesh, Maria’s nimble fingers pumped and probed Anna’s orifices. She finger fucked Anna, she even drove a probing middle finger into the prisoner’s tight asshole, eliciting a groan of pleasure.

Anna groaned and cried out, enjoying the delicious licking, the tantalizing stimulation of Maria’s skilled tongue and expert fingers in her fuckhole. Finally, Maria turned her attention to Anna’s clit. She stroked the hardening sexhorn delicately with her finger, playing with the supersensitive skin around the hard little organ. She spread Anna’s lubricants around the prisoner’s clit, then lowered her head and spat onto the clit, using her fingers to spread the spittle around, mixing it with Anna’s juices. Then, Maria lowered her head and began to lick and nibble at Anna’s thick sexhorn. Anna groaned wildly, her hips jerked in raw pleasure, and she rubbed her cunt around and around into Maria’s beautiful face, even as she pushed the warden’s head more deeply into her pussy.

Anna placed her calves on Maria’s back, her feet crossed at the ankle, Maria’s face locked between her thick, muscled thighs. Maria continued to feed, taking Anna’s entire clit into her mouth, feeling the engorged organ swell up to its full three inches, and sucked vigorously, viciously, running her tongue and teeth over the excruciatingly sensitive flesh, wrapping her lips around the sexhorn and sucking as though she wanted to milk it of its juices. At the same time, Maria extended her arms up Anna’s torso and filled her hands with Anna’s magnificent tits. She squeezed the prisoner’s massive, meaty rack hard, even as she sucked ravenously on Anna’s pulsing clit.

The gang leader shrieked in absolute bliss and began bucking her hips, working her ass from side to side, pulling Maria’s face as hard into her cunt as she could even as her powerful body writhed in ecstasy. Her legs thrashed out, her toes curling and pointing, her ass rubbing hard into the sheets of the cot.

“Yes, you cuntfucking whore, you filthy little fuck, yes, eat me, eat me, do it harder, harder, YOU BITCH!!” Anna screamed, as the raw pleasure build inexorably in her core. She bucked and thrashed, she rammed and rubbed her pussy into Maria’s face, pulling viciously at the warden’s golden mane. Maria kept sucking and feasting on Anna’s clit with a grim determination. She kept her right hand on Anna’s left tit, kneading and squeezing the dense flesh viciously. Her left hand she looped around Anna’s thigh and used to pull just enough of Anna’s inner thigh aside that she did not suffocate in the woman’s cunt. She felt like she was drowning pussy juice, she felt overwhelmed by the thick scent of burning sex.

Even as she devoured Anna’s womanhood, even as she squeezed the prisoner’s tits mercilessly, even as she brought incredible pleasure to the auburn-haired beauty, Maria burned with humiliation. Anna was claiming this pleasure from her not as an equal, not as part of a battle to decide who was the greater woman, but as a supplicant. She was giving this ecstasy to this bitch because she had been beaten, because she was, at least for the moment, the other woman’s fucktoy. That will change, she swore to herself.

Maria lost track of time as Anna bucked and writhed and cursed, raising herself up from the cot in pleasure, then dropping again, squeezing Maria’s head between her tight thighs, grinding Maria’s face into her cunt. The warden took it all, seeming to embrace it enthusiastically. She sucked and licked and probed at every part of Anna’s nether regions, while concentrating on sucking the other woman’s clit, pulling Anna all the way up the pleasure curve.

Finally, Maria wrapped her lips and tongue around Anna’s engorged clit, she bit into it gently with her teeth, and she sucked with all of her strength. At the same time, she seized Anna’s bouncing tits with both of her hands, kneaded them hard, then grabbed the pulsing nipples on both of Anna’s breasts and squeezed. Anna shrieked and bucked harder, she yanked at Maria’s hair until the warden was sure she would lose handfuls of her golden mane, torn out by the roots.

“FUCK, FUCK, OH YOU DIRTY FUCKING WHORE!! YESSSS!!,” Anna screamed, howling at the top of her lungs. Her back arched, she momentarily lifted Maria’s body up in a hard jerk as her hips bucked and held. Anna exploded in a delicious orgasm. Hot, steaming cum erupted from her cunt and soaked Maria’s mouth and face, dampened her blonde hair, flowed down her chest and splattered her tits. Maria swallowed as much of the cum as she could, trying to avoid drowning in it, trying to keep from suffocating as the prisoner locked her head between her powerful thighs and squeezed mercilessly. Maria continued sucking Anna’s throbbing clit, trying to pull more orgasms out of the woman’s cunt, she kept squeezing Anna’s nipples. Anna bucked several more times and gushed once more. Then, her tits heaving with her pants, her body fell back to the cot. She continued to hold Maria’s head tight between her thighs.

“Fuck, oh Fuck, that was good, that was so good…” Anna panted. Maria groaned, still trapped, slow realization beginning to dawn on her. Her hands remained planted on Anna’s tits and her tongue sought Anna’s still engorged clit, getting ready for the battle she knew might be coming.

Suddenly, Anna tightened her grip around Maria’s head to excruciating, painful levels. Maria screamed, her cries muffled by Anna’s crotch, and instinctively pulled her arms back to Anna’s thighs, trying to pull the prisoner’s legs apart. This was a mistake. Her tits freed, Maria firmly gripped by her powerful thighs, Anna suddenly rolled on the cot. Maria tried to resist, but she could not; her head was caught in a vise. She was forced to turn her body too. Suddenly, she was caught again, her shoulders on the cot, but the rest of her body stretched out away from the cot, her back curved painfully, her ass on the ground, no easy way to gain leverage. Anna reached out and grabbed the opposite side of the cot frame and, using it for leverage, pulled her body slightly higher on the bed, dragging Maria with her. Anna looked down on Maria’s beautiful face, savouring the look of fear, pain and humiliated rage now filling the warden’s eyes. Maria’s hands reached for Anna’s tits, but Anna grabbed the blonde’s hands, interlaced their fingers and pushed Maria’s arms down to the bed.

Smiling, Anna rubbed her wet cunt around and around in Maria’s face. She slid her ass higher, rubbing her asshole into Maria’s face as well, forcing the warden to accept her humiliation. She settled her cunt back over Maria’s nose and mouth and squeezed her pussy lips tight.

“Now, Maria,” Anna said. “Let’s have that discussion I talked about.” The warden groaned something, a curse muffled and lost in the depths of Anna’s cunt.

“I see your position, Warden Jacobs,” Anna began, in a conversational way. She rubbed her wet pussy around and around Maria’s face, she leaned back a bit, so that Maria’s pendulous tits could be crushed just a little by her ass, “ but I disagree. Where I come from, when one woman gets fucked so hard she passes out, that pretty much ends the fight right there. Now, don’t you agree?”

Anna smiled down at Maria, then raised her pussy off of the warden’s face just enough to allow an answer. Maria gasped, sucking in air.

“Fuck you, you dirty cunt!,” Maria screamed. That was all she had time to say. Anna’s thick pussy slapped back over her face, then ground wetly into her face, before settling over her nose and mouth. Maria struggled to breathe, getting just enough air to stay conscious, but knowing that it would soon be over for her. If she could not find some way to extricate herself from this situation, she would either have to surrender completely and agree to be Anna’s bitch for the rest of the night, or she would be suffocated into submission – either way, a decisive defeat that she could not ever recover from. Her career would be ruined. Even more, she would have to live with the horrible humiliation of having been completely fucked and humbled by another Alpha bitch. Her pride, her confidence, might be shattered irrevocably. Please God, she thought to herself, there’s got to be some way out of this.

Anna smiled viciously. “Why, warden, I think you’re kind of impolite. Well, no more talking from you. From now on, I want you to just lick my pussy – two licks for ‘yes’, one lick for ‘no’. Do you agree?” She grinned at the fear and rage in Maria’s eyes. “Remember, one lick or two.”

Maria struggled to stay calm and to consider her situation. She could use her teeth on Anna’s pussy, but that would be escalating the fight to a level that could be vicious and very dangerous. If she lost the resulting battle, the consequences could be fatal. On the other hand, she was almost ready to take her chances. She hated Anna passionately. A violent, bloody struggle with this woman was something that a part of her wanted desperately.

Maria felt her body again, she tried to figure out any possible out. Then, suddenly, she had it. It might work or it might not, but it was her only other chance. She began licking Anna’s clit enthusiastically, expertly. The gang leader looked surprised, then smiled in triumph.

“Why Maria,” she cooed. “Is that your way of surrendering? That sure feels nice.” Her smile turned vicious. “Get used to it, fuckmeat. I’m going to be riding that clit of yours for a good long time.”

Maria made her move. She forced her feet onto the floor, then raised up her entire body until her entire torso and thighs were parallel to the floor. At the same time, she arched her back as hard as she could. It was a superhuman effort, but it was designed to do no more than pitch Anna ahead. At the same time, Maria increased her grip on Anna’s hands. The maneuver worked, to a point. Anna was thrown forward, unexpectedly. On a regular bed, she simply would have fallen forward, then caught herself. On the narrow cot, however, she suddenly saw herself dropping off the other end. She tried to use her hands to catch herself on the edge of the cot, but she found that Maria’s hands were holding hers in place. Maria arched her back even harder, screaming with the effort. Anna pitched forward and, with a howl, went flying off the side of the bed. She flipped herself so that she landed on her back. Maria released her hands at the last moment, but she still fell heavily on the padded floor.

The instant she was free of Anna’s body weight, Maria gasped, and turned herself around, so that her tits pressed into the cot. She collapsed against the cot, her legs curled beneath her, gasping for breath. Her hair was disheveled, her face was glistening with sweat and cunt juice. But her eyes were blazing with rage and hate.

Anna pulled herself to her knees and faced Maria. Her eyes were also burning with rage. She crawled to the other side of the cot, placed her elbows on the mattress and reached across to sink her fingers in Maria’s hair. Maria instantly returned the grip. Savagely, snarling with hate, the women pulled their faces closer, as they rose up on either side of the bed. Maria spat in Anna’s face; Anna spat back. Their hot tongues lapped at each other, then tangled and twisted and locked them both into a savage, biting kiss. Their tits, pressed tight together between their elbows, crushed hard nipple to nipple.

The women at last broke the kiss. Nose to nose, panting in each other’s faces, they glared into each other’s eyes.

“I still think that a fuckfight isn’t over until one of the fighters is flat on her back and isn’t getting up, Anna,” Maria hissed dangerously. “Until someone has had her cunt sucked inside out. Why don’t we try it my way for awhile?”

Anna smiled viciously. “I’m up for that, Maria,” the prisoner snarled back in response. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

The fuckwar between the warden and the inmate entered a new and dangerous stage.

Part VI

Anna’s blood was boiling. She was determined to fuck Maria until the whore’s cunt caved in, until she sucked the warden’s twat dry with her own hungry pussy. The sexual heat in her body demanded that this fuckfight be settled cunt to cunt and tit to tit. But the gang leader was enraged at the warden’s arrogance, at the slut’s willingness to violate the rules of sexfighting. She was going to mess Maria up a little first, she decided. There was no way that this blonde bitch could be a match for her in a real, savage catfight.

Maria was equally enraged. She had never been so close to abject defeat before. Anna had fucked her into submission, she had almost broken her, had almost suffocated her in her cunt, had forced her to submit and be a fuckbitch. No one had ever done that to Maria before. She was determined to master Anna cunt to cunt, to prove that her pussy was more powerful than that of the prisoner. But she also wanted to hurt the other woman, to weaken her, to inflict some real pain on her instead of just conquering her through overwhelming pleasure.

The two women tightened their grips on each other’s hair and dragged each other painfully to the end of the bed to confront each other in the one place in the room where there was space to unleash their anger on each other. When they reached the foot of the bed, both women tore free of their tormentor. The two beauties crouched, facing each other, their wild manes a wet, tangled mess, their hands extended, their massive melons swinging from their chests, their nipples jutting like spears, their eyes blazing with fury.

“I’m going to make you pay for that little stunt, you cocksucking whore,” Maria growled at her enemy. “I’m going to fuck your stupid little brains out. But first, I’m going to beat the shit out of you.”

“You prissy cuntlicking sow,” Anna breathed. “A college girl like you is no match for a woman like me. I’m going to kick your fucking ass, then I’m going to fuck you blind.”

“Let’s see, slut,” Maria snarled and lashed out with her right hand. Anna’s head snapped back beneath the force of the open-handed slap, her cheek stinging with the impact of the blow. The biker chick cried out, then clenched her teeth in rage and struck back, landing a solid slap to Maria’s left cheek. She followed it up immediately with a savage left-hand punch to Maria’s massive right tit. The warden groaned in agony and fell back; but as Anna pursued, Maria blocked her next blow and sent a punishing uppercut into her chiseled abdomen in response. Anna gasped, the breath knocked out of her, and staggered back. Maria punched her again, hard, in her left tit as she retreated, and the prisoner gasped with the shock of pain. But she lashed back and struck Maria a full blow in her muscled belly, forcing the warden to back off.

Panting, tits heaving, heat raging between their legs, the women felt the pain from their short but vicious exchange. Maria and Anna glared at each from just a few feet away. The brief violence had hurt them both, but the brutal contact had also fueled a raging sexual heat in both Alpha bitches as well. Each blow, each infliction of pain, had sent a pulse of sexual power and desire coursing through the erogenous zones of both women. The violence, the pain, fed their growing arousal, their mutual, overwhelming desire to destroy each other sexually.

Neither woman could take it any longer. With incoherent shrieks of anger, the two voluptuous beauties leaped at each other, their naked bodies shining with sweat, taut with rage. They crashed together, tit to tit, in a hard, heavy, delicious slap. Their tits crushed, their bellies slapped, their legs twined and struggled for position and advantage. Their arms wrapped around the other’s back, their hands moved immediately into each other’s hair and, taking firm grips, Maria and Anna pulled savagely at the locks of the other beauty. Their hard nipples scraped and pulsed together, their solid tits squashed, their sweaty bellies slid and rubbed. Screaming, snarling at each other nose to nose, they lost their balance from their tangled, straining legs and crashed to the padded floor, Anna on top for just a moment before Maria pulled her enemy’s head and hair viciously and started their twined bodies on a roll. One hand still locked in the other’s locks, the women scratched and clawed at each other, they pummeled each other as much as their awkward, intimate positions would allow. Their heavy tits were squashed tight, sweat flowed to cover their hot bodies.

After a few rolls, their bodies thrashing, fighting for position on the floor, Maria succeeded in kicking Anna away. They leaped to their feet and went for each other again. Each woman grabbing a handful of beautiful hair, they punched and slapped and clawed at each other with their free hand even as they pulled and jerked each other around the room by their wild manes. They crashed into the padded walls and fell over the bed, before regaining their feet and continuing their vicious battle. So far, neither woman had lost much hair, despite the furious beatings they were administering to each other, but it was just a matter of time before someone lost part of her scalp.

Maria punched and slapped Anna’s exposed tits and face repeatedly, even as she pulled with all her strength at the thick, resilient hank of Anna’s hair that she was holding onto. Anna punched back, dragging Maria’s head painfully to one side. Both women concentrated on assaulting the other’s prominent tits, on battering at the beautiful face they had come to know so intimately and hate so much. So far, however, they had not been able to inflict too much damage on each other. Their continual hair pulling kept their bodies off-balance and prevented them from delivering blows that did much more than reddened their fantastic tits and lovely, hate-filled faces. Every blow sent a flush of erotic electricity through both women, feeding their desire, pumping up their voracious sexual appetites with even more hate, pain and lust.

For more than ten minutes the women battered and dragged each other around the cell, tearing at the other’s scalp, punching and slapping, screaming with rage, pain and inarticulate desire, punishing each other, unleashing their full hate upon each other’s beautiful bodies. Maria finally saw an opening and suddenly, savagely, grabbed Anna’s hair with both hands and pulled the prisoner’s head down at the same time she sent her knee rocketing up. Anna managed to avoid having the knee smash her in the face, but her heavy tits caught the painful blow. She gasped, screamed with agony. Maria followed up the attack instantly by snapping her foot hard and directly into Anna’s sopping wet cunt.

“Oh, Jesus Fuck!!,” Anna sobbed as the pain exploded in her core. Maria shoved her away and she staggered to the other end of the small cell, holding her lower abdomen protectively, seeking support. She fell to her side. Maria advanced on her rapidly, eager to press her advantage. But Anna summoned all of her will and strength and, as Maria advanced, lashed out with a powerful leg. Her kick caught Maria directly in the crotch.

“Fuck!!,” Maria gasped, her eyes widening with the sudden agony. She dropped to her knees beside Anna. Forcing back her own agony, Anna punched Maria hard with a right fist to the side of her head that sent the warden sprawling, almost hitting her head on the side of the cot. Anna pounced, filling her left hand with Maria’s hair and using her right hand to choke her foe, who was now prone on the floor. Anna’s thick right thigh pressed hard against Maria’s aching, wet twat. Maria thrust her thigh into Anna’s womanhood and used her right hand to seize Anna’s throat and her left to yank at Anna’s hair. But she was rapidly losing air and she knew she had to act quickly. She saw Anna’s pendulous tits rocking, hanging down towards her own. Instantly, she released Anna’s hair and seized Anna’s right tit instead. She sank her fingers into the perfect orb, squeezing with all her strength.

“Oh shit, fucking SHIT!!,” Anna screeched and instantly released Maria’s throat and hair and tried to pry Maria’s attacking hand from her tit. Maria used the opportunity to sink her other set of claws into Anna’s remaining tit. Anna screamed, then instantly returned the grips with both of her hands. The women screamed in agony, then glared at each other hatefully through their tears of pain. They staggered to their knees, mauling each other’s tits, neither one willing to let go. They pressed forehead to forehead, leaning into each other, screaming and cursing each other. They leaned away from each other, throwing back their heads to scream and sob as they continued squeezing tight, pushing their lower bodies forward so that their pubic hair tangled, their throbbing cunts slapped and rubbed, if only for a few moments.

Maria sobbed, the excruciating pain in her tits almost more than she could stand. Anna cried just as hard, but neither woman wanted to be the first to give up, to admit that she could not stand the tit mauling. But Maria knew this could not go on more than a minute; soon, they would do terrible damage to each other, and she was not prepared to accept damage to her beautiful, flawless tits. Similar thoughts passed through Anna’s mind. Still, they squeezed and squeezed, their enemy’s beautiful titflesh bulging up from between their fingers, sobbing and screaming, finally leaning into each other, cheek to cheek, the back of their hands pressed tight by the weight of their burning tits.

“Cunt, you filthy fucking cunt…,” Anna moaned in Maria’s ear, before inserting her tongue.

“You cum-sucking sow,” Maria groaned back, licking, kissing at Anna’s cheek.

Finally, in desperate pain, Anna shoved Maria away, brutally. Maria gladly disengaged as she staggered back, grateful to be free of the tit squeeze.

Groaning, each woman cradling her aching tits, the combatants glared at each other from across the room. They lowered their arms, allowing the other to see her reddened tits. Both women had left finger and nail marks in the other’s dense titflesh, but their tits seemed to have survived the vicious encounter intact, still high and hard and now starting to pulse, once more, with erotic power.

Maria and Anna glared at each other from across the length of the cell. Their arms at their sides, both women thrust their tits at each other. They allowed their hungry eyes to roam the fantastic body of the other gorgeous woman. Their bodies glistened with the sweat of their exertions, making it look like both women had been dipped in baby oil. Their hair was wild, bushing out on all sides. Long strands of hair were now scattered all over the cell from the women’s vicious battle, but they both still sported full heads. Their heaving tits were reddened and blotched with bruises and scratches, but still unspeakably beautiful and erotic, maybe even moreso now that they showed the signs of battle. Their nipples and areola stood stiff and strong. Their torsos were covered in blotches, bruises and scratches, and their thighs showed the same indications. Small bite marks were scattered around their bodies, but particularly around their necks and shoulders. Their naked pussies were reddened with the flood of arousal. Pussy juice trickled down their inner thighs from their throbbing cunts.

As Anna took in the spectacle of Maria’s voluptuous battle-scarred body, the constant heat flaring between her legs blazed into a raging inferno. She wanted this woman. She wanted, needed to break Maria’s sex, to feel that delicious body surrendering to her own, once again, to feel Maria’s cunt opening and spreading and giving in to hers, to feel Maria’s clit bending and crushing beneath her own, to feel the flush of final victory as Maria was fucked into unconsciousness in her arms. Her tits tightened with arousal, her nipples grew even harder, her cunt drooled in anticipation.

Maria drank in Anna with her eyes. She was consumed by pure lust. The heat exploded in her crotch, in her tits, it suffused every inch of her perfect body. She had not yet felt the glory of conquering Anna’s sex with her own, but she knew that she wanted that sensation, she needed it. This battle was about two Alpha bitches fighting to see who had the stronger sex. It was really about nothing else.

Anna and Maria crouched, their hands extended, their tits swaying, their burning bodies ready for more intimate, savage contact. They hurled themselves at each other, screaming with rage and lust.

“Fucking twat!,” Maria cried.

“Cuntsucking tramp!,” Anna shrieked.

Their bodies crashed together and the women struggled for control and domination. Arms wrapped around their powerful backs, they pushed at each other in a test of strength. Their faces pressed cheek to cheek and they exchanged breathless obscenities as they fought. Their sweaty feet slipped on the floor padding, but Maria succeeded in holding her balance well enough to shift her weight and slam the other woman against the wall. They writhed against each other, grinding their sweaty bodies together, feeling their massive tits slide around and over each other, letting their hard bellies rub and ripple. Anna twined her left leg through Maria’s right and, pulling on the warden’s hair, succeeded in tripping the other woman. They fell to the floor, their bodies still tangled together, and proceeded to roll back and forth, clawing and scratching, gasping and moaning as they fought for purchase, as each woman tried to gain the advantageous, dominant position from which she could fuck her foe into submission. They slid apart, kicking each other away. Then, almost rabid with sexual heat, with the desire to conquer each other, they threw themselves together again, panting with anger and lust.

The women fell in a violent heap, their oversexed bodies thrashing and struggling, falling head over heels as they rolled and struggled for position, sliding and slapping at their enemy’s sweat-soaked body. Somehow, they ended up facing each other’s pussy, their arms wrapped around their bodies, but in a perfect configuration for a 69. There could not have been a clearer sign. Eagerly, viciously, the women hurled themselves at the cunt of the other. Maria rubbed her face deep into Anna’s twat, then began licking and nibbling the other woman’s labia. She looped her arms around Anna’s hips, spread her fingers on the woman’s buttocks, and drove her tongue against Anna’s three-inch clit, a target impossible to miss. At the same time, she plunged two fingers deep into Anna’s steaming cunt and another into the woman’s tight, puckered asshole. Working Anna’s cunt and ass, Maria wrapped her lips around Anna’s clit and sucked with all of her strength. As she did this, she felt Anna violating her in the most intimate ways. Fingers moved deep up her ass, others fingers explored the depths of her vagina and then her cunt nearly exploded with sensation as Anna began sucking and nibbling viciously at her engorged, enflamed clit. Both women pressed their heavy, massive tits into the belly of the other and could not help wriggling and grinding in lust as they forced each other higher and higher up the pleasure curve.

Anna and Maria both screamed deep into the other’s twat, as they began this desperate mutual violation. They rolled several times, still eating each other ravenously, before settling on their sides, their powerful thighs wrapped around the other woman’s head. Both women drove their faces and their tongues deep, deep into their enemy’s cunt, devouring as much of each other as possible, enjoying and rejoicing in the waves of sensation that roared through their oversexed, overstimulated bodies. Their fingers moved expertly inside their vaginas, seeking each other’s most sensitive inner pleasure spots. Anna occasionally squeezed and massaged the other woman woman’s clit with her fingers. Maria returned the favour, occasionally freeing a hand to reach down and squeeze at one of her enemy’s throbbing tits.

The room filled with an erotic symphony of sounds; fingers pumping up and down inside sopping wet cunts and asses; the sucking sounds of mouths, tongues and lips working swollen, throbbing clits; the animal moans and muffled screams and sobs of two women driving each other insane with lust and pleasure as they worked and stimulated each other to higher and higher peaks of sexual ecstasy. Hanging over it all was the delicious smell of hot, wet pussy, of fully aroused womanhood.

On and on, Anna and Maria feasted on each other. Maria worked three, then four fingers of her right hand deep into Anna’s cunt. Anna did the same to Maria’s twat. With their left hands, they pumped each other’s ass. Their lips and tongues remained locked around their enemy’s clit, licking, sucking, stimulating. Both women forced greater and greater pleasure on each other as they expertly devoured the swollen, gristly nubs, causing three inch clits to slowly swell to even greater size. They sobbed uncontrollably with the indescribable pleasure, their tears adding to the lubrication of their already soaking wet pussies.

How long they ravaged each other, neither woman knew. The tension grew unbearably and their bodies trembled with erotic power. Both women felt terrible orgasms growing and burning deep in their cores, filling them with aching, burning pleasure. Maria sank her claws into Anna’s rounded ass, holding on, struggling to control herself as she sucked Anna’s clit desperately. She could fill the quivering deep in the prisoner’s muscular ass, she could feel Anna struggling to control her own orgasm. Maria sucked even harder, knowing she was only moments from her own explosion, feeling the unbearable suction of Anna’s lips and tongue on her clit grow even more intense. Suddenly, Anna reached down her body, seized Maria’s hair and pulled viciously, trying to yank Maria’s head back from Anna’s pulsing clit. Maria resisted and, instead, redoubled her efforts, sucking harder, using her sharp teeth to rub along the sides of Anna’s engorged clit, using her tongue to lap the full length of the prisoner’s throbbing, convulsing pussy. Anna screamed, still locked deep in Maria’s cunt and increased the frantic pace of her own assault. But it was too late.

With a convulsive cry, Anna’s pussy flexed, her clit pulsed like a nuclear bomb, and her cunt gushed a stream of hot fragrant cum into Maria’s waiting face and mouth. Maria swallowed the discharge happily, eager to continue sucking Anna’s clit, eager to pull as many more excruciating orgasms as she could out of the other woman’s cunt. Anna bucked her hips and trembled in ecstasy, she sobbed and screamed in frustration and pleasure, but she did not stop sucking at Maria’s burning clit. A few moments later, Maria felt her own body hitting the peak of pleasure. Throwing back her head and howling in ecstasy, Maria felt her clit expand to fill her with an unbearable heat, felt her pussy contract and then the hot, delicious release of warm cum jetting out of the depths of her body and into Anna’s face. The prisoner gulped back the cum, lapping hungrily at Maria’s core, desperate to keep the warden’s orgasmic release going. The women bucked hard and discharged into each other’s faces twice more, until their hair was streaked with sexual juices and their necks and tits were wet with pussy cum. They held each other tightly, licking and lapping, until the immediate wave of orgasms passed.

Maria and Anna rolled on to their backs, side by side, gulping for air, their massive tits shaking, their perfect bodies quivering with desire and sexual power, struggling to bring the raging beasts in their cores back under control.

For several minutes the women rested, each regaining her bearings, both preparing for the next attack from the other that they knew was coming. Anna finally pushed herself into a sitting position; Maria rose to meet her.

“Are you ready to keep going, cuntfucker?” Maria sneered. “Or are you ready to give up and be my bitch?”

Anna smiled grimly. “We keep it going until one of us gives out, cunt,” she replied. “Isn’t that what you said? You’ve been lucky so far, but I can keep this up all night. I’m going to suck your cunt out your asshole by the time I’m done with you.”

Anna pushed back from Maria, her slick ass sliding over the padded floor, until she had a bit more space. Then she spread her thighs, opening her cunt to her foe. Maria trembled as she glared down into Anna’s succulent, reddened pussy, the naked flesh wet with juices, the thick cunt lips swollen with heat and blood. Maria turned and spread her legs to match Anna, so that they were sitting with their arms bracing their bodies, toe to toe, legs wide, cunts confronting each other.

“Are you ready to finish this cunt to cunt, you cocksucking whore?” Maria snarled, her body hot with desire, her clit trembling with power.

“Not quite yet, Warden Jacobs,” the prisoner replied, with a cool smile. Then, Anna leaned forward and gently stroked Maria’s gaping, hairless pussy. She ran the warm fingers of her right hand up the woman’s sex-slick pussy slit. Then, she formed a knife with her hand and slipped the longest four fingers into the inner lips of Maria’s boiling pussy, and shoved her hand into the warden’s cunt, up to her thumb. She pressed harder, driving her whole hand into Maria’s amazingly tight, taut slit, all the way up to the wrist.

Maria gasped, her eyes wide with shock at the sudden invasion, her twat completely filled, her vaginal walls and cunt lips slipping around and gripping Anna’s hand like a glove. Involuntarily, Maria’s inner muscles squeezed and sealed to the invader tightly. Then, Anna closed her fist and thrust hard, and Maria shrieked with the delicious sensation of being stretched wide.

“Oh God, you filthy fuck!!,” Maria screeched, her ass bucking wildly, slapping the wet floor.

“Come on, cuntlicker, fight back!” Anna smirked. She flexed her pussy lips in challenge and drove her fist even deeper into Maria’s sucking pussy.

Fighting the incredible sensations pouring out of her violated pussy, Maria knifed her right hand and drove it savagely up into Anna’s welcoming twat. She shoved her hand all the way in, feeling it instantly soak with Anna’s pussy lubricants. Anna’s slit was deliciously tight and the prisoner’s inner vaginal muscles seized the invader and squeezed. Maria thrilled to the feeling and closed her fist, then opened it, then closed again. She rotated her fist inside of Anna, forcing the woman’s inner walls to expand and strain. Anna shrieked in ecstasy, then did the same to Maria, forcing a cry of pleasure from her blonde foe.

The women spread their legs wider and pressed ever closer, until they were tit to tit and nose to nose, looking deep into each other’s eyes. Their tongues lashed out to play and taunt. All the while, their hands worked viciously in each other’s cunts. They felt stretched to the breaking point, their enemy’s fist moving around inside, filling every inch of their inner cores, grinding and pressing at all of their internal pleasure spots at once. Their swollen clits were crushed and throbbing, constantly stimulated as they were forced to ride the women’s invading hands. The room filled with new sounds; the sucking, squelching sound of hot, wet cunts filled to overflowing, the gasps and sighs and screams of two women fist-fucking each other to the brink of ecstasy.

Anna and Maria leaned into each other, tit to tit, hard nipples holding each other and throbbing in unison, the soles of their bare feet and toes pressed hard together as they spread their legs wide, wide. Their foreheads pressed tight, they shared hot breath and desperate curses as their wrists and fists worked inside of each other.

“Unh, unh, unh… oh, you dirty, filthy fucking twat…,” Anna murmured, groaned at her enemy, as her cunt came close to exploding.

“Fuck, fuck, you whore…,” Maria panted back.

They worked each other harder and harder, clenching and unclenching their fists, pumping back and forth, stretching each other’s cunts, crushing clits, sending spasms of pleasure rippling through their battling bodies.

Maria thought she could not hold out much longer. She had just come off a clitsucking battle that had left her body suffused in absolute bliss. She had come back down a little, but now the full-fledged invasion of her cunt, the delicious and overwhelming erotic feeling of having her enemy deep inside of her, working her vaginal walls, filling her to overflowing, was driving her crazy with lust and erotic heat.

The women licked at each other, then locked in a hot, hungry kiss, pulling each other in by the back of their heads with their left hands. Their bare feet flexed against each other and the women pushed tighter, tits pressing hard even as their hands and arms moved ever more frantically and brutally inside of their pulsing, struggling cunts. Their tongues worked feverishly against each other, both women grunting and gasping, their pants and snarls growing ever more frantic and desperate as their pumping hands moved ever faster and harder.

Anna felt her insides expanding, she felt like she was being churned inside out by Maria’s attacking fist. She felt herself on the verge of orgasm, a huge, terrible, building orgasm that was in danger of exploding out of her womb, filling her cunt, driving her over the edge. She kept pumping Maria’s cunt, kept sucking Maria’s tongue, even as her body shuddered with suppressed tension and the tears began flowing freely from her eyes. Maria was in a similar state, gasping and sobbing with pleasure.

Shuddering, trembling with erotic tension, the women slowly broke their biting, licking kiss. They glared at each other. Anna and Maria could both see and feel that they were both on the verge of massive orgasms. They had fucked their bodies to the point of almost no return, they had beaten and battered and violated each other in every way that they could. They pumped more frantically still, hands and fists almost vibrating inside of their ravaged cunts and, suddenly, it came to an end.

“NNNNN, oh JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!,” Maria shrieked as her pussy exploded. Her inner muscles convulsed and strained against Anna’s fist, struggling to crush and meld to the invader. Pussy juice gushed out of her twat, squeezing past Anna’s wrist, soaking the prisoner’s arm, creating a pool of clear cum on the padded floor. Anna held Maria as the other woman bucked uncontrollably, as her hips jerked and her body worked to drive itself even deeper and harder onto the arm of the bitch violating it. Maria thrashed and writhed in ecstasy, slapping her hard ass to the soft floor, feeling one excruciating orgasm run its course only to be followed by another.

As she bucked in the throes of ecstasy, however, Maria continued to drive her hand deep into Anna’s cunt. Anna could not take the stimulation any more. With a cry of unrestrained ecstasy, Anna finally came. Her clit felt like it expanded to fill her loins, to saturate her belly with incredible heat and driving pleasure. She howled like a banshee, incoherent shrieks of pleasure. Maria and Anna both leaned back, toe to toe, their bodies perfectly paralleled. Their pussies were sucked and sealed around their invading fists, the powerful muscles of their rippling cunts holding them up. They heaved and bucked in unison until, finally, their gasping moans trailed off. Gulping for breath, panting, tits heaving, bodies glistening with sweat, their thighs and bellies coated with cunt juice, they pushed back into a sitting position, and faced each other nose to nose.

They looked into each other’s eyes, they saw the mutual hate and lust. Slowly, carefully, Anna and Maria pulled their soaked hands out of the other woman’s twat. Their pussies gushed uncontrollably, leaving them sitting in a spreading puddle of cunt juice. The women brought their wet hands together, interlacing their fingers, squeezing tight. They raised their intertwined hands to their faces and licked at each other’s hands, their tongues touching as they lapped up the pussy juice.

Maria looked deep into Anna’s eyes.

“Let’s finish this,” she murmured.

“Yes,” Anna replied. Her heart was pounding, her body was taut and pulsing with sexual charges, she felt aroused to the point of near transcendence. She knew that she and Maria had worked each other to this point. Their cunts were hotter and wetter than ever. Their clits were swollen up as hard and bigger than they had ever been. Their tits were burning with need, throbbing with the erotic power pumping up their sexual organs. Their nerves were alive with power and sensation.

“Cunt to cunt, until one of us can’t go on. Clit to clit, until we can’t take it anymore,” the prisoner whispered to the warden, her eyes burning with raw, pure lust.

“Yes,” Maria sighed, and smiled. Now, she and this slut, this prison whore, would pit everything that they had against each other and finally decide which of them would be the fuckbitch and which the mistress. Maria felt the thrill of fear. So far, Anna had met her thrust for thrust, sex to sex. Her insatiable sexual appetite was still burning strong within her core, but it was matched by the equally ravenous sexual hunger of this woman. Maria did not know who would win, but she knew that she wanted this. She prepared herself for the final showdown.

Part VII

Anna smiled, but her heart was uncertain about the outcome of the coming battle. Anna was used to wearing her enemies down, of fucking her sex competitors into comas, then ravaging them even more. The biker babe reminded herself that she had already fucked the blonde beauty into submission once. She could certainly do it again; it was just a matter of getting the other woman into the right position.

Anna felt the heat in her body. Her pussy was a volcano nested in her core. Her clit felt pumped up beyond belief, and pulsing with power and sensitivity. The tips of her nipples sparked with sexual electricity, her tits were hard and strong, their dense flesh throbbing with sexual power. Anna and Maria had fucked each other mercilessly, but the mutual sexual abuse had served to enflame their voracious sexual appetites and feed their need to dominate and control the other. The women glared at each other with undisguised hunger. Each beautiful Alpha bitch wanted to consume the other woman, to devour every inch of her opponent’s delectable body.

The women touched their bare feet together, pushing the balls of their feet and their toes against each other. They enjoyed the brief, erotic contact before they slid their legs past each other and moved to scissor their enemy’s voluptuous body. Maria slid her hand down her belly, through the strip of pubic hair above her pussy, and reached between her legs to finger her hot, wet, slick twat. She used her index and middle fingers to spread her pussy lips wider, allowing her throbbing clit full freedom. Her clit was huge and hard, more than three inches long and rippling with power, burning with sensitivity.

Anna reached between her legs and spread her cunt lips wider. Her clit popped free and rose to meet its challenger. Her eyes were half-closed, her eyelids heavy with lust and anticipation, her body both craving and fearing the excruciating clit to clit contact that was only moments away. But her hunger, her desire to break and master and devour Maria’s sex was greater than anything. She had never been as aroused, as sexually voracious as she was now.

The women pushed closer, keeping their torsos almost vertical with the floor as they braced themselves with their arms. They could feel the heat in their crotches as their wet thighs meshed and their boiling cunts came within inches of contact. But it was the tips of their throbbing nipples that touched first, sending a thrum of pure erotic power through the two interlocked women. Anna gasped; Maria groaned. Then, smiling viciously at each other, they pushed harder until their nipples pushed back into their tits, until their heavy tits crushed tight. Between their spread thighs, their clits came within centimeters of touching.

“I’m going to fuck your little clit out your ass, you bitch,” Maria whispered to Anna, her sweet breath coming now in hot pants as her excitement rose. “After this, we’ll both know who’s the top cunt in this prison.”

“Bring it, you cocksucking sow,” Anna replied. “You won’t be able to cheat your way out of this, you dirty little fuck. I’m going to squash your little nub of a clit into mash and then I’m going to fuck every inch of your body until you beg me to stop.”

“Oh, I promise, I won’t be the one begging, you pussylicker,” Maria breathed back.

“Enough talk,” Anna snarled. “Let’s fuck, slut. Let’s fuck each other’s cunts off. Let’s see what’s left after we’re done with each other.”

Anna reached behind Maria and filled her hands with the warden’s broad, round, muscled ass. Maria instantly returned the grip. The women locked each other in place, making sure that neither of them could escape from the fuckfight to come. Then, signaling with their eyes, they drove their clits and their cunts together with all of their strength. Their protruding clits struck first, head to head, holding for a moment in an excruciating stalemate, before slipping side to side and driving deep into the other woman’s open fuckhole. Thick, juicy pussy lips slapped and sucked. The women’s long, incredibly sensitive clits were locked side by side, trapped inside the women’s merged, sealed cunts, locked into the hot, wet sexual arena formed by their sucking twats.

Maria and Anna both shrieked with unbearable pleasure as their clits crushed, then slid and fused, locked together and pulsing with sexual sensations. Both women squeezed each other with all the strength in their powerful cunts, their inner muscles contracting, forming a wet, hot vise. The action crushed and mashed their rigid, throbbing clits into one steaming mass of pulsing, erotic flesh.

Anna and Maria stared at each other in wide-eyed astonishment as terrible sensations of ecstasy boiled through their conjoined bodies. The women began to sob, then scream in unison, their cries of erotic bliss and shared hate harmonizing. Then, fighting off the waves of coruscating pleasure, they both pulled hard on the other woman’s ass, their legs spread wide, each woman trying to pull the other’s cunt as deep into hers as it could go. They leaned hard together, crushing nipples and tits then, forehead to forehead, tongue to tongue, they began to grind, bucking and jerking their hips, sliding and sawing their clits against each other, squeezing and crushing each other’s sexhorns with their powerful cunts. They locked into a deep, driving kiss, tongues twisted into a knot, swallowing each other’s sobs and screams of pleasure. Even so, tears streamed down their faces and their guttural moans and cries of raw joy continued to fill the small cell as their hips bucked, their asses thrust, and the clit to clit grinding went on and on, filling both battling Amazons with unbelievable sexual pleasure, pumping their muscles up with power and tension.

Maria thrust a middle finger up Anna’s tight ass; Anna immediately returned the gesture. Locked together, pulling on each other’s asses, the women worked every inch of their voluptuous bodies against each other. Their back muscles undulated at they rammed and rubbed their tits as hard as they could, raw nipples catching and struggling, hard areola grating. Naked bellies slapped and writhed, navels sucking. The women broke the kiss then threw back their heads, chin to chin, and groaned in an agony of sexual bliss, their hands pulling on their asses even harder, each woman trying to swallow the other’s cunt with her own. Anna bit Maria hard on her neck and shoulder, sucking up a hickey. Maria bit back. Their bodies continued rocking and thrusting, the raw pleasure kept building. Their screams of joy tailed off into moans and sobs of even greater pleasure, growing and building and filling their cores. The women squeezed and squeezed their cunts, even as their throbbing, nova-hot clits kept grinding and rubbing, twisting together into an unbreakable knot of pure ecstasy. Maria and Anna, still sobbing uncontrollably, under assault from the incredible sexual pleasure they were inflicting on each other, locked into another probing kiss.

Neither woman would release the other’s ass. Their bodies were twisted into an erotic knot, straining muscles twined with muscles, tits flattened and grinding against tits, legs wrapped over rounded hips, locking each other in place. The women anchored themselves by holding to the other’s ass, sinking in their claws, rubbing the slick flesh. If either let go, she feared that she would soon find herself flat on her back, her enemy on top, fucking her into submission.

Maria and Anna rocked and thrust harder and harder, the incredible heat in their sexual cores building to unbearable levels. They panted and sobbed and screamed in rage and sexual joy as the fucking went on.

Suddenly, Maria stiffened. She could feel her clit, so hard and strong, burning like an erotic furnace in her cunt, suddenly begin to throb and grow uncontrollably. She felt the impending orgasm, building, expanding, exploding, impossible to stop.

Maria locked Anna in another deep, furious kiss. The women kissed ferociously, biting, drawing blood. As Maria felt herself slipping out of control, however, she felt the deep trembling in Anna’s body and knew that the other woman was only moments from her own explosion. Maria jerked her hips just a little harder, squeezed their knotted clits with all the power of her cunt. Anna squeezed back with all her strength. They exploded together, the orgasms coming so close that it was impossible to tell who went first.

An eruption of pure, unbearable pleasure detonated deep within the women’s locked clits, filling their cunts, flowing out into their lower bellies like a nova of raw sensation. The intensity of the mutual orgasm was incredible, rolling through their bodies in waves, pumping up their battling tits, sending tides of pure pleasure blasting through their skin, making their bodies sizzle with erotic power. The women jerked and spasmed in their enemy’s arms, crushing each other tight, riding each other as the orgasms tightened every muscle then released them in a flare of intense pleasure, before tightening them again.

“God, oh God, OH JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!,” Maria shrieked, her body dissolving and exploding with joy all at once.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, FUUUUCCKK!!,” Anna howled, lost in a sexual frenzy.

Deep in their cores, their sexual muscles convulsed and hot cum jetted out of both women, mixing and melting inside their joined vaginal canals, flowing from one gaping fuckhole to the other, pumping back and forth between the women, filling them with a warm, delicious heat. Maria and Anna both enjoyed the incredibly erotic feeling of violating and being violated at this most intimate level, as they shared their inner juices with each other’s body. The hot cum squeezed out from between their sealed cuntlips, soaking their crotches, riding up their rubbing bellies, trickling to the floor.

Anna and Maria locked into a deep, probing kiss, spit flowing between them, tongues lapping and licking, as wave after wave of sexual bliss spread through them. They screamed and snarled and howled like wild animals as raw sexual power raged through their battling bodies. They clung to each other, riding the waves together, until their bodies were slick with sweat and damp with cum, until the scent of raw womanhood permeated the air of the cell.

Finally, the orgasms subsided. Panting, gasping with heat and pleasure, the women clung to each other, heads on the other’s shoulder, their faces buried in the other woman’s wild mane, gradually recovering from the incredible fucking they had administered to each other. After several minutes, Anna and Maria pulled their heads back to gaze at each other through glassy eyes.

Maria felt the strength leave her limbs and her body begin to shut down pushed, finally, to its sexual limits. The orgasm had roared through her, almost crippling her with pleasure. With a groan, exhausted, she felt her body falling onto its back, away from Anna. She was, for the moment, too overwhelmed to care that she was leaving herself open to attack. But, to her amazement, Anna collapsed across from her. Still pressed cunt to cunt, the women lay on the padded floor, their bodies soaked in sweat and cum, their tits red and sore from the constant tit to tit grinding, heaving and jiggling as the combatants gasped for air.

Anna and Maria were physically exhausted. They had fucked each other mercilessly but, as yet, to no avail. Their bodies continued to meet and match each other in every way. But, in both women, the desire to destroy, to conquer the other bitch was far too great to deny.

Maria pushed herself up from the wet padding and looked over her tits at her foe. She was delighted to feel the sexual power lighting in her core once again, preparing for one final sexual battle. She did not know how much she had left, but she knew that she would go down fighting. Anna pushed herself up. Their eyes locked and both women saw each other draw on her final reserves of sexual strength.

Anna pushed herself up to a sitting position, then reached between her legs to her wet, hot, cum-soaked cunt, and began to stroke and caress her powerful clit. The majestic organ rose again, pumping up with power. Her beautiful body rippled in the light, her massive tits jiggled and trembled with her shuddering breaths, her nipples tightened. Somehow, from somewhere, her body was drawing the sexual power to become fully aroused, to ready itself for the final act in this fuckwar with Maria.

“Come and get it, you whore,” Anna whispered, her eyes burning, her body glistening with sweat and pussy juice. “I’m not done with you yet.”

Maria slid forward, stroking her own clit, feeling it harden and strengthen again, raw pleasure coursing through her in response to the delicious stimulation, burning sexual power rolling up into her sexual weapons from the core of her being.

The women scissored each other, right leg over left. Maria rubbed Anna’s taut belly and stroked her inner thigh with her right hand, while bracing herself with her left. Anna reached out and tweaked Maria’s hot, hard nipples and then moved her hand down, to rub at Maria’s lower belly and pubic hair. Maria arched her back, pressing her cunt forward, so that it could mate, once more, with Anna’s twat.

The women pushed closer, then sighed with pleasure as they felt their heavy tits crush, as their nipples met and kissed and then locked together again in confrontation.

“This is the final fuck, you little cunt,” Anna whispered in Maria’s ear. “This time will decide it.”

Maria did not reply. Instead, she slid her engorged clit into Anna’s waiting cunt, sliding her sexhorn through Anna’s soft, wet labia, sliding her clit up Anna’s fucktrough until it stroked deliciously against the prisoner’s equally swollen, pulsing clit. Anna gasped, throwing back her head to moan with pleasure. She then drove her own clit deep into Maria’s fuckhole, sliding it against the other woman’s clit. They moaned together in absolute bliss, their eyes closing in passion, both women biting their lower lips and smiling with delight, then opening their eyes to glare deeply into each other.

“Let’s see what you have, whore,” Maria whispered.

The women drove their drooling cunts together with all their power. Solid fuckmeat slapped to fuckmeat and meshed, melded into a wet furnace of sexual sensation. Their hips and asses pushed and thrust with all of their strength, locked together in a familiar dance. They stroked clit to clit, then squeezed their rubbing, throbbing clits with their powerful vaginal muscles, causing their bodies to shudder with the sudden ecstatic pleasure.

The women leaned back so that their massive, rocking tits could bounce free, so that their bodies’ hips and asses could gain a bit more leverage, and so that their access to each other’s cunts was unimpeded. Then they fucked, their asses lifted off the ground as they bucked at each other, their hips rotating powerfully as each bitch tried to drill her cunt as deep and hard into her enemy’s welcoming twat as she possibly could. Their swollen pussies crushed and flattened against each other, pussy lips thick and wet, sucked together, locked in a cunt to cunt kiss. Hot pussy juice flowed, lubricating their grinding, sucking cunts constantly, sealing them together, the excess liquid dripping down to the padded floor in a continual flow from where their fuckmeat intersected and joined their bodies in erotic battle. Their powerful, throbbing clits ground together mercilessly, crossing like thick, fleshy swords, caressing each other, rubbing and grinding head to head, struggling to destroy each other, to conquer each other for the final time.

The women pulled apart, thick strands of pussy juice linking their twats, then slammed together, with a thick, wet slap of meat to meat. They ground together mercilessly, throwing back their heads, their wild hair thrashing, animal groans and shrieks of pleasure and hate erupting from their mouths, before they pulled apart, then slapped together again, and resumed their relentless grinding. Their beautiful tits rocked and bounced frantically, hot sweat spraying in every direction. Their powerful abdomens rippled and flexed as they used every part of their fantastic bodies to drive their cunts together, to devour each other.

“Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!! You stinking, jizz-eating CUNT!!,” Maria screamed as her hips pumped, as her ass flexed, as she held her body up on her straining arms and drove her cunt and clit as hard and deep into Anna’s fantastic body as she could. Her teeth clenched in a snarl of hate and unimaginable lust. She squeezed at Anna’s cunt with all the power of her raging cunt, even as her engorged clit sawed remorselessly against Anna’s throbbing sexhorn.

“FUCK!! Fuck, you filthy TWAT!!,” Anna screamed back, her beautiful face a mask of hate and pure lust, her body rocking and thrusting and grinding back against Maria’s with equal fury, her cunt eating and sucking at Maria’s pussy with equal rage.

Physical tiredness finally forced the women to drop their bodies to the padded floor, but they continued to grind, working each other as hard as they could. With their pumping asses on the floor, both women braced their bodies with their left hands, then reached out with their right and seized a handful of the other woman’s hair to hold to as they bucked into each other.

“Give it to me, you bitch!!,” Maria squealed. “Come on, you whore, Fuck me!! FUCK ME HARDER!!”

“Take it, cunt!,” Anna screamed, “Give me everything you’ve got! GIVE IT TO ME, FUCKER!!”

Their panting, heaving, bucking bodies pulled each other higher and higher up the pleasure curve, building to ecstasy. The women rode each other’s clit, each other’s cunt, as hard as they could, opening and spreading each other, working their cores together, straining to unite into one bucking body. Their clits were harder than they had ever been, pumped up to full size and strength by the constant fucking, drawing on the final reserves of the women’s sexual power to fight this decisive battle.

Lining their clits head to head, Anna and Maria began smashing their sexhorns together. With each head to head impact, they gasped and shuddered, moaned and screamed, but they threw all the power of their bodies into the battle. As they began pounding their clits, struggling to crush each other’s sexhorn, the battle began to build in intensity. Their asses worked harder, their bucking hips drove faster. Their grip on the other woman’s hair grew tighter and more savage. Suddenly, Maria released Anna’s hair, placed her right hand on Anna’s right thigh, and began driving her clit harder to Anna’s clit. Anna did the same, releasing Maria’s hair and seizing Maria’s thigh for leverage as she pumped back with all of her strength. Once again, the room filled with the sound of hard flesh slapping to flesh, of hot cunts sucking. The women began to raise their powerful bodies off the padded floor, their pussies working and grinding against each other furiously, their tits bouncing rhythmically, their clits going head to head and struggling to crush each other back.

“Give you fuck, Give, Give, GIIIVVVE!!,” Anna shrieked, her body burning with pleasure, her muscles throbbing with building sexual power. She drove her throbbing, swollen clit into Maria’s clit with everything she had.

“You cunt, you cunt, you cunt, YOU FUCKING CUNT!!,” Maria howled as she pumped back with her final strength.

Their clits met head to head three, four, eight times. Each impact was excruciating in its pleasure, sending shockwaves of unbearable ecstasy through the battling women, carrying their mutual fucking to the next level of sensation.

It was on the ninth thrust that Anna felt, for the first time in her life, her magnificent clit suddenly bend and crush. Her eyes opened wide, staring in disbelief as her swollen clit suddenly twisted and bent before the onslaught of Maria’s clit. A moment later, Anna’s sexhorn squashed completely, exploding with a sudden flash of power. Anna stared wildly as unbearable pleasure erupted in her core, as the most sensitive, ultra-stimulated, nerve-rich part of her sex squashed tight against Maria’s clit, sending a pulse of unbearable pleasure blasting through her perfect body.

Anna shrieked incoherently. She fell flat on her back and her belly rippled powerfully as her cunt convulsed, hot cum pumping out of her core in copious quantities, bathing Maria’s pounding clit in warmth. Anna writhed on the ground, her massive tits flopping and rocking from side to side, her legs fully extended and straining with tension, her toes curled in passion, as she suffered through one terrible, excruciating orgasm after another.

Anna’s pussy juice flowed up into Maria cunt, it coated their intermeshed groins. Maria continued to fuck Anna’s coming cunt, driving her clit deep into the other woman’s conquered pussy, working her pussy around and around in Anna’s pussy juice, mashing their cunts tight. Maria followed Anna down to the ground and mounted the other woman, crushing her tits to Anna’s matching rack, driving her pussy hard onto Anna’s cunt, trying to spread and eat Anna’s cunt with her own.

Maria’s body was on the verge of an orgasmic explosion, but she wanted to be sure that she finished Anna off, that there was no way the other woman would be able to recover from this defeat. Anna kept coming, an orgasmic dam breaking deep inside of her. Maria rode her mercilessly, her sobs and screams of pleasure harmonizing with the animal groans of the prisoner.

Anna passed out, her head lolling to one side, her body going limp as the pleasure of her explosive orgasm grew too much for her to take. Maria groaned as she continued to pump Anna’s delicious twat, bathing her throbbing clit in the warmth of Anna’s cum, in the heat of Anna’s defeated cunt.

Gasping, Maria knew she needed a final orgasm. Weakly, she disengaged from Anna’s cunt, sucking apart with a spray of cunt juice, and crawled up Anna’s prostrate body. She kneeled over Anna’s face and began rubbing her cunt around and around in the prisoner’s face, using the other woman’s nose to rub into her clit, smearing her pussy juice all around Anna’s beautiful visage. It took only a few moments until Maria’s cunt, already on the verge of exploding, erupted in passion and heat. A long stream of pussy juice gushed out to cover Anna’s face, hair and tits. Maria held herself there, moaning as the excruciating pleasure pulsed through her body, causing her to gush again and again.

Finally, the pleasure too much, her body pushed to its sexual limits, Maria allowed herself to fall forward, over Anna’s body. Her face fell between Anna’s legs, and she eagerly licked and sucked at the woman’s defeated clit, before she rested her face on Anna’s pussy and allowed herself to pass out.

Over the next half hour, Maria faded in and out of consciousness but she slowly regained enough energy to pull herself off of Anna’s defeated body. Maria looked down at Anna, at the beautiful, incredible body that she had finally succeeded in fucking into submission. She admired the round, hard tits, the curving belly, the wide, womanly hips. She restrained herself from sucking at Anna’s defeated boobs, or licking the woman’s pussy. She had won, but she knew she had to act quickly to consolidate her victory. Or else Anna might recover and she might soon find herself being fucked into unconsciousness a second time under the prisoner’s pumping cunt.

Maria pulled herself to her feet and made her way, somewhat unsteadily, toward the door of the cell, where her coat and her meager clothing had been carelessly discarded. She kneeled beside the coat and reached into the left hand pocket and removed two thin coils of padded nylon rope. She threw one coil at the foot of the bed and the other beside the bed, near its head. She walked back to Anna, who had not moved. Maria reached down and grabbed a handful of Anna’s thick hair. She dragged the prison bitch a few feet, toward the bed. As Maria pulled Anna by the hair, the intense pain and pressure on her head caused the beautiful woman to stir.

“Unnngh,” Anna groaned, reaching for her head, the terrible pain cutting through her stupor. Maria had already gotten her to the cot. Maria grabbed Anna under her arms and hefted the woman up on to the cot. Anna lay sprawled across the narrow part of the cot for only a moment before Maria pulled her body around, placing her head at the top of the cot, her feet pointing toward the foot of the bed. Grabbing the rope near the crown of the bed, Maria straddled Anna’s body, after first pulling the prisoner’s hands over her head. Maria tied the rope securely around Anna’s right wrist, looped the rope over and under the bedhead directly above Anna’s head, then secured the binding around the woman’s left wrist. The rope bound Anna’s wrists tightly and was strongly attached to the bedframe, but it also allowed for considerable movement from the prisoner. Anna could turn over easily if she were ordered to do so. The rope would move with her. Maria smiled. Anna was now, unequivocally, her prisoner.

Anna was stirring, coming back to life. Maria moved quickly. She grabbed the rope at the foot of the bed, expertly tied it in two separate loops around Maria’s ankles, then secured the rope to the bedframe directly at Anna’s feet. The prison bitch was a big woman, and she stretched out almost the length of the bed, but there was still enough space for Maria to work.

“What have you done?” Anna demanded, her eyes blazing with fury. She tested the ropes, was surprised to see how loose they were. She turned over on her stomach, her arms pulled up toward the top of the bed, got on her knees, but then found she could go no further. She understood. She was tied just enough to allow her to move and shift position on the bed, but she did not have enough freedom to lash out or reach her bonds. She flipped back over on her back, her massive tits bouncing, and glared hatefully at Maria.

Maria, standing at the foot of the bed, watched the display with amusement. The ropes worked perfectly. But then, she had a lot of experience with this kind of thing.

“Don’t bother struggling, you whore. I know what I’m doing,” Maria said, her voice a low growl. She walked back to her coat and reached into the right inner pocket. She extracted a thick, 14-inch, two-headed dildo. She turned back to Anna, brandishing the sextoy, and smiled at the expression on the other woman’s face; intense lust mixed with fear, rage and burning humiliation. Anna understood just what was going to happen.

Maria pulled her cell phone out of her inner coat pocket and checked the time. “Well, it’s only 2:30 AM, cuntfucker. Do you know what that means?” She chuckled. “It means that I have three and a half hours to make you my fucktoy.” Anna said nothing, but her eyes radiated hate.

Maria walked back to the bed and sat down on the cot, to Anna’s right side. She placed the dildo on Anna’s left. She smiled at her captive.

“You’re a good fuck, Anna, but the best cunt won.”

“Like fuck, you ass-sucking sow,” Anna retorted. “You’re a cheat. I fucked you senseless hours ago. Some day, we’ll cross clits again, and I’ll fuck your clit until it pops out your ass.”

“Mmmm,” Maria replied, smiling lazily. “Maybe you shouldn’t have made me eat your clit. Maybe having that little bit of extra sexual power would have kept you going a bit longer. But trust me – I was going to fuck you into hamburger meat eventually.”

Maria ran her hand up Anna’s torso, until she cupped the prisoner’s massive right tit. She squeezed the nipple hard, eliciting a cry from her enemy, before running her hand back down Anna’s ripe, voluptuous body to her cunt. Maria dipped her index finger deep into Anna’s hot cunt, rubbing the woman’s defeated clit until it began to swell like a balloon, until Anna could not help but buck her hips and rub her ass into the wet sheets of the cot.

“Nnnnnnn, fuck, you dirty fuck!,” Anna gasped, as Maria pulled her wet hand away.

Maria smiled and used her wet fingers to tweak Anna’s right tit nipple, before lowering her head to Anna’s breast and sucking hard on the hard brown nub, chewing slowly and carefully, then taking as much of Anna’s tit meat into her hungry mouth as she could. Anna bucked and screamed once more, then thrashed around. Maria just held her more tightly and sucked harder, until Anna’s cries turned to moans of pleasure.

Maria smiled again, smug and arrogant, now completely in control. She raised her head from the prisoners beautiful tit and looked into Anna’s burning eyes, relishing the fight between the hate, humiliation and pure lust that she saw there.

Maria pulled the pillow from beneath Anna’s head, then placed it under the woman’s hips, elevating her pelvis and raising her cunt. Maria then climbed on to the bed and straddled Anna. She placed her thick-lipped cunt directly on to Anna’s pussy. She grinned and closed her eyes in pleasure as she wriggled her hips, smushing her soft, juicy cunt down on to Anna’s slick, thick, wet twat. Anna groaned, then bucked hard, opening her legs a little more, pushing her cunt up into Maria’s, inviting further violation. Maria reached down and took Anna’s magnificent tits into her hands. She kneaded the massive glands, enjoying their heft and tautness, their spongy warmth. She leaned forward on Anna’s body, until she was directly over Anna’s face. Anna glared up at her. Maria let a slow trail of saliva drip from her mouth; Anna opened her mouth and received it. As Anna’s lips licked up the spittle, Maria descended on her, locking her into a luscious, passionately, lustful kiss. Maria wrapped her arms around Anna’s back and rubbed her majestic tits hard into Anna’s matching rack. She writhed and rubbed and wriggled her body along the entire length of Anna’s beautiful form. Then, panting with heat, she stopped, pulled herself back into a sitting position, cunt to cunt with Anna, her hands running up and down the prisoner’s luscious torso.

“I’m going to fuck you, Anna. I’m going to ride your little pussy all night long. I’m going to clitfuck you and eat you and I’m going to make you eat me. I’m going to take this,” Maria held up the two-headed dildo, “ and I’m going to do things to your ass with my ass and things to your pussy with my pussy. I’m going to shove my fist so far up your cunt that I’ll have pussy juice on my elbow. I know that you’re going to enjoy it. But before we get started, I want one thing from you.”

“What’s that?” Anna asked, though she was certain she knew. Still, her nipples were turning to stone, her pussy was already as wet as a lake, her blood was boiling with lust. She hated this whore, she hated Maria passionately, but her body wanted what the warden was offering.

“I want you to say that I’m your mistress. And I want you to admit that you’re my fuckbitch.”

Anna paused only for a moment. “Never,” she spat.

Maria smiled. “That’s alright. I guess you don’t need to say it. You’re the one who’s tied down and about to get ass-fucked by my dildo. We both know who is top cunt here, and that’s all that matters.”

Maria spread herself over Anna’s magnificent body, lining her body up tit to tit and cunt to cunt with the prisoner. She grapevined her legs through Anna’s legs, pulling them slightly more open. She pushed her face down to Anna’s, so that they were nose to nose, their eyes glaring directly into each other, locked together in intimacy.

“I will make you pay for this someday, Maria,” Anna snarled. “I will…”

Maria cut her off. “But not today,” she whispered, and drove her tongue down Anna’s throat, wrapped her arms around the other woman’s body and squeezed tight, rubbed her tits into Anna’s tits and drove down with her cunt, working her clit into Anna’s twat, spreading the beautiful woman beneath her, until their clits began grinding deliciously. It was time to enjoy her victory.


At 6 AM, Maria’s phone alarm went off. Maria needed a moment to shake the fuzz out of her head before shutting it off. Then she flopped back down onto Anna’s body. She was lying on top of Anna, her body slightly angled, her breasts pushing into the curve below Anna’s shoulders, her right thigh hard up between the prisoner’s legs, crushing into Anna’s buttocks. She wanted desperately to sleep; she was completely exhausted. But the guard shift changed at 7 AM and she needed to be gone by then.

Maria pulled herself off of Anna’s splayed body. As she sat up, the dildo slowly slipped out of her pussy. The other end was buried deep inside of Anna’s tight ass. Maria smiled, then extracted the sextoy. Anna barely stirred.

Maria staggered to the shower stall and turned on the hot water. Her pussy and her ass throbbed; she had used both vigorously, in combination with the dildo, to ravage their counterparts on Anna’s body. Her tits ached, her nipples burned painfully. She washed quickly but carefully, cleaning away the sweat and the pussy juice that felt like it covered her entire form. She soaked down her hair, washing away the cunt juice that had crusted in it. She examined the many bruises, scratches and bites all over her voluptuous body, but she did not mind them. They were badges of honour. She dried herself with Anna’s towel, then pulled a brush out of the inner pocket in her coat and brushed out her hair.

Anna still had not awakened, but Maria was not surprised. She had worked the other woman as hard as she could, and that had been very hard indeed. Maria had established that she was the Alpha Bitch. She had no doubt that Anna would challenge her again, but she would do so from a disadvantageous position. Once a woman’s pussy was conquered by another, the element of uncertainty was always a problem.

Maria did not bother to put on any clothing. Instead, she stuffed her teddy and thong into her coat pocket, then retrieved and washed the dildo before sticking it in her inner coat. She carefully untied the ropes binding Anna to the bed. The padded ropes left little in the way of ligature marks. Anna remained motionless, dead to the world. Maria pocketed the ropes too.

Marina phoned Virginia at the guard desk. “Ms. Dobbs, I need you to come and let me out of cell five. Thank you.”

While Maria waited for the guard to arrive, she tied the coat over her naked body, then pulled on her three-inch pumps. She hoped that she looked presentable, but there was no mirror in the cell, and she had forgotten to bring one with her. Her one oversight, she decided. She would know better next time.

Ms. Dobbs opened the cell door, then suppressed a gasp when she saw Maria. The warden’s face was a little blotchy from places where light bruises were rising and it was obvious from her appearance that she had just had an exhausting night.

“Ms. Dobbs, please come in here,” Maria said to the guard, stepping aside. The guard stepped in to the cell cautiously. She looked around. Maria could see the young woman taking in the sight – the room strewn with hanks of hair, the padded floor sporting numerous wet spots, the smell of sweat and sex that permeated the air. The guard’s gaze shifted to the bed, where Anna sprawled on the disheveled cot, nude and clearly utterly exhausted. The prisoner’s body was marked with scratches, bite marks and bruises. The padded rope had not left any harsh ligature marks, but there were fading red abrasion marks around her wrists and ankles that indicated what had happened in the cell.

The guard’s eyes returned to the warden, who had been watching her with an amused expression.

“My negotiations with Ms. Bennan were more difficult than I had thought they would be,” the warden explained, her eyes mischievous. “It took a lot of convincing to get her to see things my way.”

Virginia did not know how to respond. She knew what had happened here; she was just puzzled that the warden did not seem to mind that she knew.

“Let’s go, Ms.Dobbs,” Maria said. “I think that you and I need to discuss a few things.”

“Um – what about the prisoner,” asked the guard. “Is she alright?”

“She’ll be fine. She just needs some rest.”

The warden and the guard walked down the hall back to the guard post. Dobbs was very conscious of the beautiful Amazon towering over her in three-inch spike heels, who had just spent an entire night engaged in a physical and sexual contest with the most powerful prisoner in the jail.

“Now,” Maria said. “First things first. Let’s get rid of that security tape, shall we?”

The guard started to stutter a protest.

“Please,” Maria said. “You’re smart and you’re savvy. You turned on that security camera as soon as I was in that cell, just in case I did something illegal. You wanted to cover yourself. I know that you’ve been watching all night. Besides, you weren’t nearly as surprised as you should have been when you opened that door. You’re not a very good actress.”

Virginia paused, then reached into the desk drawer and pulled out a DVD, on which she had made a record of the digital security file. “The original security file has been erased, but this is the copy,” she said. “It’s the only one.”

“Thank you.” Maria took the DVD, slipping it into her coat pocket, next to the dildo. She would look at it later, for her own amusement and stimulation.

“Here is the second thing. You have seen how I deal with problem prisoners. My methods are…unorthodox. I need someone I can trust who will assist me in situations like this. I’ve chosen you. I’ve reviewed your file. I know that you are smart and ambitious. If you stay with me, your career will go places very quickly. All you have to do is open some cell doors in solitary and look the other way while I do what I can to make this prison a better place by asserting my authority. And you have to be able to keep my secrets.”

Virginia did not have to consider the offer for long. She had been looking for opportunities for advancement for some time, but had been stymied by the head guard, Mrs. Barker. “I’m your girl, Ma’am,” she said smartly.

“Good.” Maria smiled. “We’ll work out the details later. First, I’d like you to do me a favour. My car is in parking lot D, behind the building. It’s a silver Audi.” She handed Virginia the keys. “I’d like you bring it around to the side door here, so I can leave without too many people seeing me.”

“Yes, Warden Jacobs,” Virginia replied. She took the keys and headed down the hall.

While she waited, Maria sat in the guard’s desk chair and watched Anna through the security camera. While she and Virginia had talked, the prisoner had regained consciousness. Maria watched her now as she sat up on the bed, looking around the room, while she rubbed her wrists. Maria could read the sheer rage and sexual frustration evident in Anna’s body language. Maria smiled as she crossed her long, muscled legs.

“Don’t worry, Anna,” Maria murmured. “You’ll have another shot at me. And I’ll have another shot at you, someday.” Maria felt the pulse of heat between her legs. “But for today, we both know who is top cunt.”

The End

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