Checkmate: The Initial Feud by Susanoom

The Cordis bedroom in Hong Kong was a show even with the light turned off. Half of the suite was completely hidden by darkness. The huge bed, the adjacent luxurious coffers and a fully stocked minibar were only vaguely visible. It was like an unexplored world, something unknown – mysterious. But thanks to the light of the sun that came in through the window, the only source of light, we are allowed to see the details, even in the dark. But if one half was hidden, the other was in plain sight. Truthfully, there wasn’t much to see, or rather nothing was quite really interesting….

That was because there was a woman on the other side of the room, illuminated by the light. Her skin seemed to be covered with diamonds as the light touched her.  Her naked back was long and sinuous as she looked at herself in the mirror.  She ran her hands gently through her long black hair, letting it fall over her narrow shoulders.  All the while, a smile was drawn on her sensual and severe face. Slowly, her hands continued their journey along the curves of her body, passing through the hollow of the neck then to reach the most feminine of all features, of which she was most proud: her magnificent 32G breasts.

The woman rested her hands on her tits and followed the contours, admiring them as if viewing them for the first time. If there was one thing that got her where she was now, it was what Mother Nature had blessed her with.  With those breasts, she went forth, never caring about who or what was in her path. Only once was she afraid. It was a fight, launched by herself. The rival she was fighting against had the same measurements – or maybe even larger than herself, if she recalled correctly. After a hard and sweaty battle where her breasts and that of the other woman clashed mercilessly, after three hours of pain and anger, her tits had flattened those of her rival. The battle lasted an hour, with neither of them giving up. But in the end, the rival gave in and submitted to her. She had to admit that this was the longest day for her. At the same time, it was thanks to that battle that she became who she was now – Elena, Queen of Europe.

In those years, democracy had failed miserably, leaving an entire world without control. The only option was to return to the rule of monarchies, thus seeking the heirs of the royal family. But when everyone expected to find the last heir, they found two. Two girls at the time.

A huge burden weighed on them. One of them had to ascend the throne and perhaps rebuild the largest empire the world had ever seen before. Both wanted the role of queen but only one could fulfill her wish. Thus, they decided to place it between them.  In a fair and regal manner. Locked in their rooms, they fought with their bodies, without respite, until one of them had prevailed.

And so it all started. From the first queen, others came out. Daughters, grandchildren, aunts, cousins. Who belonged to the royal family, had to reign. And the rule of the firstborn had now been canceled. The one who reigned had to be the strongest, the best. Within the royal family, therefore, there were numerous internal battles.  Yet, they all allowed to always have a queen sitting on the throne.

But soon, they rose up against the rule of the royal family. Why was it only they could govern? If the role of queen was discussed through a struggle, why not allow other women to fight too? And so it was. A queen, very proud of herself, allowed a simple peasant to face her in combat. In case of victory of the plebeian, the role of queen would have passed to her, while in case of loss, her life would have ceased forever. A life of wealth and power for a humble life. The queen had been used to winning against her family for generations, what could a simple peasant do? But it was just at the moment when her regal tits were flattened against her chest by the peasant’s bigger breasts, after a long battle, to make her understand that pride was the enemy of success.

From there began the long battles for power, which continued over the years up to Queen Elena, the current queen of our times.

And now, she was there, in that suite of a luxury hotel in Hong Kong, to face a new challenge.

The battle had lasted relatively little. In that small room, where only one carpet had been placed above the floor, the queen had completely destroyed her opponent. Yes, it was presented as combative and for the first few minutes, the young Chinese woman seemed to be a worthy opponent. But when they hugged each other in such a way as to allow their breasts to do battle, Elena’s tits had completely and quickly eclipsed her opponent’s smaller tits.

“You shouldn’t pretend to be a woman, if you’re not really a woman,” said the Queen, as she smothered the woman with her breasts.

When she was sure the opponent was unconscious, she dropped her to the ground without giving her the slightest glance. The battle had bored her.

“Next time, if you want to have at least a chance to win” the queen started saying, “make sure you bring me a real woman … or here in China, are there only little girls with small tits?”

Elena looked intently at the camera on the wall in front to her. She knew she was talking to someone important, but if this was the best she had to offer, it wasn’t worth her to her maids anymore.

“Really incredible, Her Majesty,” answered a metallic voice. It was a woman’s voice, but the speaker disguised the exact intensity of it “I would like to meet you in person. I think I underestimated her, but I promise that it will be the last time I make a mistake like that … “

But the voice was now talking to the queen’s back. She had already decided. She would not dwell a second longer in this place. Still, the metallic voice had caught her attention.

“… Always if you are not afraid to face someone stronger.”

The queen stopped abruptly, but she did not even turn around. Those words stirred something inside her. Curiosity. Greed. A competitive fighting spirit. Her decision suddenly changed.

“Cordis Suite. After dinner. I don’t like to wait,” said the queen before she left the room.

The interlocutor smiled. Her red lips were in stark contrast to the whiteness of his teeth. Madame Shi sat back in her chair and closed her laptop on the table in front of her. She had just challenged the queen, but wanted to test her skills first. Thus, she had therefore taken an ordinary woman in the street, and after convincing her with a sum of money, had made her clash with Elena.

“Really unbelievable …” murmured Madame Shi as she bit her lower lip.  She immediately began ordering her men, “get the car ready. I have an appointment with His Majesty, and I don’t want to be late.”

The two women took an instant dislike towards one another from the first moment they saw each other. Both were seated on one side of a small table, playing a game of chess.

Elena was in an elegant white evening dress, suitable for meetings of a certain size. Her legs were exposed to the knees, while her breasts were in plain sight from the window in the center of the chest.

Madame Shi, instead, wore a red dress which hung from only one side, leaving only one leg uncovered. Her breasts, unlike the queen, were perfectly concealed, which caused Elena to be extremely frustrated. She saw two large breasts but could not fully understand its validity, given the scarcity of exposed skin. The women were completely alone.

“So, Madame Shi, what did you want to talk to me about?” The queen started moving her chess pieces first.

“First of all, I wanted to congratulate you on your victory. It was truly exemplary, “replied the woman, moving in turn.

“Oh, simple routine. But thanks anyway “

Yes they exchanged pleasantries of this kind, while the pawns moved without stopping on the chessboard. That was until Madame Shi made her move.

“… Let’s talk seriously now.” The Chinese woman’s tone suddenly became serious. “I know a person who would be really interested in … working in the overseas territory. On your territory, to be precise.  For the first time, she moved her queen forward.

A simple square on the chessboard but it was also more. And Elena had understood that.

Over the years, as mentioned above, the normal rules have changed. And chess was no exception. Only one thing has changed: the role of king and queen. Now the most important piece of the board is the queen and no longer the king. Their movements remain unchanged. But only if the queen falls, the army falls.

“I fear, Madame Shi, that this is not possible,” Elena began, moving forward the same pawn as the Chinese woman did by two squares “In my territory, what comes from overseas is not well received.”

Elena smiled, raising her hand from the Queen. She saw that Madame Shi was staring intently at her breast, and was delighted. The charm of her tits was irresistible even for women.

“I will try to be clearer, as I fear I did not explain myself well” Madame Shi moved the queen forward a new box “This person does not accept a no as an answer” and gently lifted his finger from the piece, staring at the queen with an air of challenge.

“No offense … but this person,” Elena pushed forward again her queen piece, “but what has this person to offer?  You dare to ask this of me without anything in return?”

Madame Shi smiled as she bent down to move the queen.

“More than an exchange, actually.  This person thought of a bet. A bet on a fight. Given her ability, she would like to face you in person. ”

Elena smiled back, stepping forward with the queen, “Interesting. But the last time a woman of your kind ran up against me, she came to a bad end.  How will this person convince me otherwise? ”

The Queen moved the piece forward, but did not withdraw. She remained bent over, looking at the woman in front of her while with her finger, she held the piece fixed in place.

The Madame approached, until she was a few inches from Elena’s face. Both could smell the other’s hair and the femininity driven power of the woman sitting in front of them.  Madame Shi finally pushed her queen forward and now both pieces were in adjacent squares. One in front of the other – as in a battle, as in a duel. Both eager to see the other fall. The white queen and the black queen.

“This time, it will be completely different,” replied Madame Shi, with a confident smile on her face.

They remained like that for a few seconds, without speaking. Their eyes investigated the souls of others, hoping to slow down time until they stood there, still and perfect. Two queens, ready for battle. Only one would have fallen.

“Checkmate,” they both said as they pulled themselves up, smiling.

The smile on their faces never disappeared for the rest of the evening, even though their meeting had ended not even five minutes later. Elena smiled because she would have had a proper fight against a woman who could match her. Madame Shi smiled because she had achieved what she wanted, and now there remained only the last obstacle to overcome. On the chessboard, the pieces were placed on the side like two enemy camps anxiously awaiting the end of the war, among the only pieces left over from their battlefield: their queens.

And that was how the day came. Elena and her man, her husband by title but in the end was a simple boytoy, who, according to her, never complained about her “job” since  all he had to think about was the pleasure of the queen, were accompanied to one of the mansions of Madame Shi.

While sitting in the car, they could admire the manicured gardens that opened on either side of the cobbled street. The green mixed with the blue of the fountains scattered here and there, where the birds drank thirsty. The villa they entered was splendid. The white walls perfectly matched the dark roof. Even from the outside it was possible to see that the building developed upwards towards more and more levels, parallel to the ground. The inside was very luxurious. The queen expected the usual decor devoted to Oriental tradition but found the place completely different from expectations. The rooms where she entered, from the door to the living room, were modern in keeping with the times. There was the magnificence of the latest technology, a unity to the elegance of luxury furniture. It was no different from where she lived, only here she was directly at the enemy’s house.

They were taken to a room on the ground floor. It was a sort of huge dressing room, inside which there were numerous clothes of various kinds. Inside, a woman was waiting for them.

“You must be our guest. The lady ordered me to help her in the…” woman began to say once the door closed behind the queen, but was immediately silenced by the latter with a gesture.

“I do not care. Get out. I don’t need a Chinese to change me! “Elena replied dryly.

“But the lady gave me-” the woman tried to answer but without success.

“I told you to leave!”

The woman, frightened by the queen, bowed her head and left the room, leaving the queen and her man alone.

“You were a little sharp,” the Man said.

“I don’t need a Chinese. I can handle myself. Instead, pass me the dress. First, I will destroy my adversary.  Then, we’ll go home, “replied the queen.  Her tone was no longer arrogant as with the woman. Now she had a sweet note, a sign she truly cared for that man. If things had been different, they probably would now be married like two normal people.

The man passed her a black dress, long and tight. On Elena, that dress was like a second skin. It was her favorite dress. The curves made her feel good, slimming her down even more than she was while also raising her breasts in a provocative way.  When she wore it, she felt invincible and desired. The looks were always on her. But above all, that dress was a gift from her man. After the first battle she fought for him, she found herself a gift over the bed. When she opened it, she found herself in front of this beautiful dress, with a note attached. “To my lioness”. And from there, she continued to use it in special meetings.  From the duels for the role of queen to the fights over her man, that dress was always with her at important moments. And today, she felt she had to wear it. And so she did when he left the room.

“I’m ready.”

The man accompanied his queen upstairs to a door. There, Elena had to part from her man.

“Go and show everyone who the queen is,” the man encouraged her.

She smiled at him and walked through the door.

Elena found herself in a normal living room. The furniture had been moved to the sides of the room, so as to have enough space in the center.  She started looking around as she waited for her opponent to appear. Her heels rang on the parquet as she moved.

Then, a door opened.

The queen turned her back but when she heard the sound of the other woman’s heels, she smiled enthusiastically. Her moment had arrived.

“At long last! I was wondering how long you would take, my dear Madame,” Elena said, turning slowly, “Shi…”

Her voice trailed as she looked incredulously in front of her.

There was no one in front of her as she expected.  There was no Madame Shi.  In a thin red dress, with thin straps and down to the knees, there was a young girl.  Judging from her facial features, she should have been in her twenties.  The queen’s eyes studied her immediately.  She was a little shorter than her and smaller than a man.  Her breasts, on the other hand, were large but not quite like hers.  Yet the queen was instantly resentful.  Although she could see them, although she knew she had the larger pair, she was still jealous.  And the girl seemed to notice, as she placed her hands on top of her tits, smiling.

“Who are you? Where is Madame Shi?” The queen asked, looking up.

“She will not make it today. I am here for you,” replied the girl confidently, “My name is Mei Lin and I am the daughter of Madame Shi. You must be Elena.”

The queen looked at her suspiciously.  She could not understand.  When Madame Shi and her spoke, it was clear that they would be confronted by one another.  She wanted to crush Madame Shi’s tits with her own, affirming her superiority.  So why was there someone in front of her who claimed she was her opponent’s daughter?

“Are you mocking me?” Elena started shouting angrily. “You promised me a worthy fight!  And what did you bring me?  A little girl!”

The walls seemed to tremble as the queen screamed.  Her anger at not being able to face Madame Shi was uncontainable.  But the biggest thing that made her most furious was the smirk on that girl’s face.  Mei Lin looked at her smiling the entire time as she barked.

“Madame Shi knew you would react like this” the girl started talking while Elena started to calm down “She told me to calm down … but I won’t. I’m not going to calm down to a loser like you.”

The words hit her in full. Elena’s eyes widened, not believing what she had just heard. But the girl continued without problems.

“I don’t know what my mother sees in you. I only see a whore posing for no reason,” she grinned wickedly.

“Excuse me?” The queen asked, still incredulous.

“And you are also deaf!  Old age is felt, eh?  Bagui! “

Elena didn’t understand the last word, but she knew it wasn’t a compliment.  She approached the girl threateningly, with a grim look on her face, “Stay in your place, little girl.  You’re talking to the Queen of Europe!  And you, stupid brat, you should be honored to even be able to breathe my own air! “

Elena screamed in the girl’s face.  But she continued not to lose her smile. On the contrary, she went even closer to the older woman.  For the first time, their breasts met.  They immediately felt one another’s firmness but they did not glance one bit.  They had to hold the gaze of the other.

“Then I will feel honored when I slam your flabby ass out of here,” spat Mei Lin, supporting the queen’s gaze.

It happened very quickly.  Elena’s hand hit the girl’s cheek perfectly.  The slap rang in the room as Mei Lin backed away a few steps, still looking at the ground. It was the start signal.

Mei Lin turned around, glowering at the woman who had struck her.  Elena smiled at her, as she had done before insulting her.  Mei Lin smiled in response and charged her slap.  The queen did not move.  Indeed,s he waited for it and the room filled up again with the sound of a new slap.

The queen took a step back, then pulled herself together.  Both were smiling, but no longer so as to tease the other woman.  Now it was a wicked, evil smile. Both were imagining the most atrocious things to do to cause pain to the other and this made them smile. That was the signal of….

“I’ll kick your ass, bitch,” Mei Lin smiled, raising her fists.

“Words too big for such small tits,” Elena replied in reply, imitating the pose.

They looked at each other for a few minutes, turning around without looking away.

“Are you ready?” Asked the older one, without losing her smile.

“Oh, sure!” Mei Lin acted quickly, pulling a left hook against the face Elena backed surprises “I’m more than ready!”

Mei Lin continued with a right hook against the stomach of European, who felt the air go out from her lungs.  The girl meant business.

“For Christ sake!” Elena moaned as she resumed her position.

Mei Lin pounced on her opponent again but this time the woman managed to dodge the Asian’s hook and hit her with a right hook at her stomach, followed by an uppercut that caused Mei Lin to retreat.  Elena smiled when she saw that her rival had lost her smile. 

The woman was not a newbie, Mei Lin stood up, warning himself.  She had anticipated a strong resistance from the woman.  The Chinese girl charged Elena, pushing her with her shoulder.

The Italian woman stepped back a few steps, losing her balance.  The Chinese girl then prepared to strike again.  A direct hit on the stomach and a kick against the European’s ribs made Mei Lin grin.  But as the Chinese girl was gloating at the sight of the bent woman, Elena shook herself and grabbed the girl from below, taking her by surprise.

Mei Lin felt grasped on her thighs, and pushed upward.  The European woman raised her legs and pushed them back with momentum on her side.  This caused Mei Lin to land on her ass, smashing her head against the wall behind her.  When she felt the pain in her head and realized that there was no more space behind her, she knew he had to get out of that situation before it was uncomfortable.  She looked up to see Elena approach and grab her.  When she was on her feet, Elena quickly fired two fists against her stomach, causing grunts from the girl.

“Stupid gir-,” the words crumbled as Mei Lin suddenly jerked her head forward, hitting Elena in the forehead while she loaded a third punch.

The European woman was stunned for a few seconds, but it was enough for the Chinese girl to grab her opponent’s waist and position herself beside her and with her free arm, she began to repay her rival with the same payback.  Mei Lin’s right breast came into contact with Elena’s left breast for the first time.  The Chinese girl immediately noticed the difference in cup size.  Her tits were smaller than the European whore, and that bothered her.  She was jealous!  Two, three punches directed against the stomach made the European moan and cough with each stroke.

“Ugly bitch!” Elena shouted, stopping Mei Lin’s last punch.

The European queen hit the Chinese girl in her face, causing her to lose her grip.  Within seconds, the women were face to face again.  The Chinese noticed the smirk on Elena’s face and touched her own lips.  She was bleeding.

“You … how dare you make me bleed?”

“And we’re just beginning, bambina!  It’s just the beginning.”

Elena hit Mei Lin on the face again while the Chinese girl managed to place two more strikes against the Italian woman’s stomach before grabbing her hand as before.  In this position, Elena felt the firmness of the girl’s right breast.  She had smaller tits than hers but they were damn hard.

“How does she have such big tits?”

Mei Lin hit the European’s face first, then her stomach, causing more grunts.  Elena realized that if she continued like this, she wouldn’t go far.  She began to hit Mei Lin with strong bumps against her stomach. They continued this endurance race for a few more minutes.

After a few taunts, Mei Lin hit Elena’s face again, taking her by surprise.  The European woman was too focused on resisting the stomach attacks that the attack on her face had caught her off guard.

Mei Lin smiled.  It was time to change. The Chinese sent a powerful uppercut which caused the European woman to fall to the ground.  Elena’s eyes widened when she felt the floor against her back.  But she didn’t have time to move since Mei Lin was already on her, sitting on top of her stomach.

“Fuck! Get off me! “


The Chinese girl hit Elena with a slap.  The European woman couldn’t believe what the girl had just done.  She looked at her with a mixed look of hatred and disbelief.  But from her position, Elena only saw a young girl towering over her with a cruel smile.  After a few seconds, a second slap arrived, and another.  Elena had to close her face with her arms to avoid further damage.  She felt the girl’s blows trying to create a gap in her defense.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” was all Elena thought.

When Mei Lin charged her next blow, the woman went on the attack.  Her fist struck directly against the girl’s throat, making her cough suddenly.  By doing so, Elena managed to push her opponent away from her.

The Chinese girl found herself on her knees, looking with shiny but hate filled eyes towards the woman who was rising at her direction, panting.  Although Mei Lin tried to avoid it, Elena’s next punch hit the Chinese woman in the face, knocking her onto the ground.  Now it was Elena’s turn to be on top. 

The slaps echoed in the room, followed by the girl’s yelps.

“Do you like that, bitch? Eh? Do you like that?” Elena shouted as she continued to slap the girl below her.

“Ni hui si de biao zi!”(You will die, bitch!)

“I don’t understand when you speak your shitty tongue!”

Mei Lin spat in the woman’s face while also managing to grab her arms.  Elena tried to break free but the girl’s grip was like iron.  Using her abs, Mei Lin began to rise slowly, while Elena was pushed back, despite her efforts to keep the girl in her place.  When she was able, the Chinese suddenly released the arms of the woman who reeled back too forcefully in an attempt to break free.



The two women hurried to their feet. Mei Lin tried to hit the woman with a hook, but Elena managed to avoid it and move away from the girl, backing off.

With their guards up again, the two fighters kept circling around, waiting for the opponent to move.  This time it was Elena who started first, throwing a direct strike to Mei Lin’s face.  The Chinese girl deflected the blow with her arm and tried to counter-punch in return but when she was about to hit the target, she was stopped abruptly.  The European woman’s attack was not over: when she could, she grabbed Mei Lin’s hair and pulled her down. This stopped the Chinese girl’s attack, causing her to grind her teeth in pain.

“Ahiiiiii!”  Mei Lin yelped, grabbing Elena’s hand with her own. Elena smiled wickedly.

“What?  Did I hurt you by any chance?” The woman asked innocently.

“Leave them!  Let them go, putt … ” Mei Lin didn’t finish the sentence because Elena pulled her rival’s hair again.

“Oh, did I do it again?”

Mei Lin looked at the woman in front of her with hatred.  How dare this woman touch her beautiful hair?

“I’ll play your game then!” said Mei Lin, grabbing European hair with both hands.

It was Elena’s turn to whimper in pain.  Mei Lin smiled as she looked at Elena with mischievous eyes.

“Little bitch!” Elena yelled, grabbing the Chinese girl’s black hair with both hands.

They started moving around the room, grunting and groaning in pain.  A few strands of hair fell here and there as both fighters circled the room.  They shoved each other while pulling hair, occasionally hitting each other with a punch in the stomach.  They paced back and forth, hitting whatever was between them.  But at some point, the floor beneath them began to fail. 

During the fight, the two women had moved out of the room, opening the door that led to the corridor before hitting one another towards the stairs that led downwards to a fountain room.  Then, they rolled down the soft red carpeted stairs.

On the ground, the women clung to each other, still gripping their hair.  They rolled around the room grunting and moaning, ending up in the middle of the room, in front of the sumptuous fountain.  Mei Lin rose slowly, without letting go, followed by the European woman.  They continued to pull the other woman’s hair relentlessly as they tried to bring down her rival.  Mei Lin attaches herself to Elena, pulling the bottom of her dress, ripping it brutally, revealing part of the thong that rested on her upturned ass.

This infuriates Elena, who grabs Mei Lin and tries to throw her into the water, taking advantage of the height differences to bend the Chinese girl downwards.

The Chinese girl decided to change tactics, hitting Elena first on her legs and then on her side.  The woman let go and staggered back.  Another kick made her back away again.  Mei Lin smiled, waiting for the woman to face frontward.  For a few minutes, they circle around, until Mei Lin reached out with a hand over their heads.

It was clearly a test of strength.  Elena smiled trustingly and accepted the test by blocking her hand with that of Mei Lin and offering the other.  When the other hand became locked to that of its rival, the two combatant’s arms suddenly dropped with both women trying to bend the other’s fingers – proving to demonstrate who was the strongest.  After a few pushes, their hands moved closer to their sides, causing their breasts to clash directly between them.  Their faces were inches away, twisted by the effort to bend their rival.  Neither of them wanted to lose.

After a few moments of effort and thrust, Elena’s height advantage gave her the right amount of reward.  The Italian woman’s breasts began to swallow Mei Lin’s smaller chest, especially as she was starting to bend the Chinese girl backwards.  The smile of the European woman was already a hard thing to accept for the Chinese girl, who felt pushed back. 

Mei Lin groaned, trying to avoid defeat.  The Chinese girl managed to stop the advance of the older woman, grunting with effort.  They stalled for a few minutes before Mei Lin pulled Elena’s arms towards her, causing the Italian to lose her balance.  Their breasts pressed together for a few seconds before the Chinese girl suddenly raised her arms and forced Elena to lower down on her knees.  The Chinese girl had frustrated Elena’s height advantage, causing the Italian woman to grunt with effort in an attempt to get back on her feet.  As the Chinese girl was beginning to gain an increasingly definite advantage, the queen continued to moan from the effort.  Soon, Elena’s fingers were slowly and painfully pushed back.  Her arms burned and the Chinese girl had no intention of stopping.  Elena simply kept losing ground and now she had lost.  Both knew it, with Mei Lin smiling down as Elena tried to free her hands.  Mei Lin pushed again, eliciting a groan from the woman. 

Realizing that the showdown was lost, Elena managed to break free from the fingerlock and hit the Chinese girl in the gut.  Mei Lin suddenly bent down, groaning.  But the European woman wasn’t finished.  Since the Chinese girl was beginning to gain a definite advantage, the Italian suddenly grabbed her opponent by the dress and pulled her to the side, dropping her into the fountain and breaking part of her dress.

The Chinese girl soon found herself completely wet, with her dress torn at the waist.  Elena entered the fountain immediately after her as the Chinese girl stood up, looking at her dress.

“What is it, little girl? Did I ruin your dress? “

“That was one of my favorites, bitch! “

Mei Lin pounced on the woman, trying to snatch the Italian’s dress to immediately repay the wrongdoing.  The Chinese girl grabbed both shoulders of Elena’s dress and tried to force it down, revealing the European woman’s big pair of tits.  Elena attempted to pull back but Mei Lin succeeded in her goal.  The Chinese girl breaks her opponent’s dress, forcing Elena to cover her breasts with her hands.  But her tits were too big to cover so Elena countered with another attack.

The European woman was not finished, continuing from where she stopped.  Splashes of water and pieces of clothing flew into the room from the fountain.  Both women now had little covering their bodies, with Mei Lin’s red lingerie and Elena’s black lingerie visible in broad daylight.  When the clothing was just a memory, the assault abated suddenly. 

Elena tried to get out of the fountain, aware that if she had been there any longer, it would have been more difficult.  But the smaller Mei Lin was faster than her and grabbed her, making her slide to her knees.  In a matter of seconds, the European woman found herself face to face with the Chinese girl’s pair of breasts.

“Oh no …” Elena thought to herself.

Mei Lin smiled, grabbing the back of the European woman from the back and pulled her opponent towards her.  Elena felt the flesh of the Chinese girl’s tits rubbing against her face as the oxygen around her suddenly disappeared.  She was in a bad situation, and she knew it.  Never once thinking of being on the other side, Elena was the woman who kept the heads of her adversaries in close contact with her breasts – not vice versa.  She had to get out.  The Italian started getting agitated, while the oxygen in her lungs started to decrease quickly.  Despite her efforts, Mei Lin held her close, not allowing her to breathe.

“Come on, Queen of tits!  Come on!  Aren’t you the one usually smothering your opponents with tits?  Bet you feel useless right now!”  Mei Lin taunted as she smiled at seeing her opponent struggle to get out of this situation.

Elena grumbled something but the Chinese girl’s breasts made it impossible to understand what was being said.  Mei Lin smiled, continuing to hold the woman tight.  She felt Elena’s saliva and sweat strain and wet her cleavage.  It was a truly wonderful feeling.  She had tried it more than once before but now it seemed the best thing of all in the world. 

But the girl’s smile didn’t last long because Elena suddenly reached in and grabbed her vagina, squeezing as hard as she could.  Mei Lin, taken aback, let Elena go, tending to her wounded area.

“Nooooo,” Mei Lin screamed as she fell to her knees.

Elena leaned against the edge of the fountain, breathing deeply.  She had seen it bad, and this only ignited his anger.  How dare this girl abuse her like this?  A movement of the water made her whirl around.  Mei Lin had recovered quickly, and managed to get out of the fountain, starting to run towards a corridor.

“Where the fuck are you running away to, bitch!?” shouted Elena, who started in pursuit.

The queen ran through the corridor, full of open doors.  In her mind, Mei Lin could leap out from any side but Elena knew that it was not possible.  Being still wet from the fight in the fountain, the Chinese girl had left a trail of drops leading straight into the door ahead.

“I’ll make that Chinese bitch pay,” Elena thought as she smiled wickedly.

The queen entered the room where Mei Lin was supposed to be standing guarded.  The room presented itself as a tea room, filled with upholstered sofas and a staircase leading to the upper floor on the right.  She noticed the creamy white floor was wet shortly after entering the room.  Still, the queen stopped perplexed by the last drop of water in front of her bare feet, when she felt herself being grabbed from behind. 

Mei Lin had waited behind the door for her rival to enter the room, focusing everything on the queen’s blind spot.  The girl knew that Elena would follow the water trail and used that to her advantage.  Now she had the queen’s head caged in his arms, while the European desperately tried to break free.

“Now we have fun!” Announced Mei Lin.

But Mei Lin was in trouble.  It was hard to contain a woman taller than her.  As a result, she used her foot and pushed it behind the queen’s knee, dropping her to her knees. Elena felt the pressure on her head becoming stronger, and the oxygen started to fail.

“Not again …”

Elena knew she had to get out of that unpleasant situation quickly.  She was fatigued by the struggle and the lack of oxygen now became more urgent, especially after the rush to reach the room.  But Mei Lin was not going to let go.

“Oh, poor darling. How does it feel to get beat by a little girl?  How does it feel knowing that a Chinese beat you?” The Chinese girl began to say as she smiled at seeing her rival increasingly in difficulty.

“You’re … just a … coward …” Elena managed to say through her efforts.

“What?  How dare you?  We are an honorable people!  Don’t you dare talk like that about me!” Shouted Mei Lin.  But the queen didn’t answer, given the little oxygen she had left, “Coward, eh?  Let’s see then, cow tits.  Let’s play your game!”

With this, Mei Lin let go of the queen’s head and knelt behind her, grabbing both of her defenseless breasts with her hands.  Elena’s eyes widened when the Chinese girl’s hands began to twist her breasts mercilessly.

“Cazzooooo!” Elena shouted in agony.

Immediately, the queen grabbed Mei Lin’s hands, trying to tear them away from her precious possessions but the more she tried, the more she suffered.  She started pulling at the girl’s black hair, trying at the same time to tear the rival’s hands from her prey.  With enough strength and effort, she managed to tear away one of the girl’s hands.

“Ugly bitch!” Elena shouted, pulling her head back and hitting the girl in the face.

Mei Lin yelped as she fell back. Elena stood up and walked away a few steps quickly while rubbing her aching tits.  The Chinese girl had pulled herself up and was smiling at the woman who was inspecting the damage dealt to her.

“Hey, flabby cow!  Don’t you tell me you’re already finished? ” asked a smiling Mei Lin.

Elena gave her a stern look, ceasing to rub her precious mammaries.

“Oh, I’m just started, you spoiled brat,” Elena replied, as she approached, “I’ll make you pay dearly for it!”  She squealed before sending a slap towards the smaller woman.

“Give it a go!” the girl retorted as she grabbed her opponent’s arm halfway, followed by two quick punches to the queen’s stomach, taking her by surprise. Elena took the shots but retaliated with a straight shot into the girl’s right boob, which was still miraculously protected by lingerie.

They moved around the room continuing to hit each other relentlessly, trying to hurt their rival more than they had already done.  With each movement, the four breasts covered in lingerie danced on their breasts, while the two women kept hitting each other relentlessly.  They grabbed each other’s hair again, pacing back and forth, kicking and punching when they had the chance.  Grunts and groans filled the room.  At one point, Mei Lin returned on the offensive.  She struck Elena’s face with a slap and immediately pounced upon the queen’s big tits.  The European whined but this time, she had her hands free and immediately imitated her rival.

The grunts and moans increased immediately as they writhed, pinched, clawed and wrung the beautiful jugs of the other woman in front of them.

“They can’t be real. They’re too big!” Elena thought tentatively as she squeezed Mei Lin’s tits.

The Queen was used to meeting women with smaller breasts than her own, and when it came to Chinese women, their tits were considerably smaller than her own.  This girl was different from the others.  Like Madame Shi, this girl had a pair of noteworthy breasts.  And all this, the queen hated, as she had to question what she knew.  This girl had to be put in her place, immediately! 

The fight continued for a few minutes, with both women continuing to moan but not giving up.

In a desperate attempt to break that stalemate, Mei Lin pushed forward forcefully, trying to bring down the queen.  Feeling a sudden pressure on her breast, Elena did the same, trying to ease the oppressive weight of the Chinese girl’s hands on her breasts.  Both grunted with the effort, but remained stuck in another showdown.  But it was destined to end very quickly.

Thanks to the sweat and to the fact that now they were only trying to push rather than claw, both women lost their grip and slid forward.  Without the possibility of avoiding it, the two women banged their heads against each other’s, effectively falling backwards. 

Both fighters ended up on opposite sofas, panting nonstop.  As they stared at each other hatefully, for the first time, they felt the weight and fatigue of the entire struggle.  Sitting on those sofas, they now began to feel all the damage and fatigue hitting their bodies.  Both women tried in every way to recover their energy so they could continue fighting.

Elena was the first to speak.

“Are you tired already, Mandorlina?” The queen smiled.

“Not as tired as you, spaghetti eater,” the Chinese replied with difficulty.

They continued to insult themselves for a while, as they recovered.  With each breath, the women’s breasts lowered and rose without pause.  Elena still watched that girl’s tits in disbelief.  How did she get them so big?  And that firmness was that which she had felt with her hands?  Were they firmer than her own?

Mei Lin seemed to notice all the attention so she started rubbing her breasts with her hands and smiling, “What’s the matter? Have you ever seen tits like mine? “

“Never mind that!  What did you put in those plastic balloons?  Rice?” Elena smiled.

“It’s all nature, Grandma.  What?  Are you jealous?” Mei Lin smiled in response.

“Jealous?  Me?  Bitch, I’m the queen!  My boobs are the best in the whole kingdom.  They have never suffered a defeat!”

The queen started caressing her breasts as she explained the superiority of her breasts to her rival. 

But for Mei Lin, that was not good enough.  Throughout the fight, she was eager to ruin those huge tits.  It was the queen’s pride, and she knew she had to destroy it.

“There is a first time for everything, bitch,” challenged Mei Lin.

Elena looked surprised, “Oh?  Are you saying you want to challenge me?  You?  With those pathetic bags?”

“Was that fear I hear in your voice?  Are you afraid of a Chinese girl’s tits?” Replied Mei Lin, leaning forward, her tits remaining fixed on the chest.

“I’m not afraid of anything!” Replied the queen.

“So what do you say about ending our duel this way?  My tits against yours.  It continues until one of them gives up,” the girl smiled.

It was a challenge Elena wanted her deep down, as did Mei Lin.  The queen had to find out if that girl’s tits were as firm as hers.  And the same was true for the Chinese challenger.  She wanted to feel the firmness of the opposing breasts against her own.  And now it will be exactly what they will do.

“I permit this,” Elena said as she stood up, “but don’t cry when you find pancakes instead of tits!”

Mei Lin smiled as she got up, “We’ll see just who will cry in the end.”

The Chinese girl got up from the sofa while Elena followed her with her eyes.

“Come, bitch. I have the perfect place for the grand finale,” Mei Lin hissed as she climbed the stairs.

Elena followed her accordingly. As they climbed that marble staircase, the European queen did not fail to notice Mei Lin’s firm ass as she climbed the stairs. The toned legs and the muscles of the ass were pulled at each step, and she suddenly felt jealous.  That girl looked like her when she was young.  The firm and firm breast, flat stomach, firm seat and toned legs.  Somehow, that girl reminded her of old times.  But as it should be, the past must be overcome and she would succeed by defeating this girl.

They finally arrived in a new room, passing a corridor.  It was a bedroom, with golden walls and the floor covered with a luxurious and soft red carpet.  Statues of Roman origin lay bare on the sides of the room.  Elena recognized Atlas, Aphrodite and the bust of Jupiter at Versailles.  If they were copies, they were made really well.  But the attention of the room was taken by the huge four-poster bed at the back of the room.  Upon a single glance, one could tell the white sheets were finely worked by hand.  The top of the bed was provided by a gilded sheet hanging from the ceiling, fixed to hooks connected to two narrow columns of white marble on the sides of the bed.  The two women entered, the sound of their steps muffled by the carpet. 

Mei Lin closed the door behind her, and reached the center of the room.  Elena looked around again, then planted a stern look at her rival.  They were standing only a few steps away from one another.  Their breasts rose and fell with their every breath, still inside their lingerie and whatever pieces of their dresses still miraculously attached.  Filled with jealousy, it was Elena who interrupted the silence

“We are in the presence of statues depicting the merciful Gods.  You should kneel, like the plebeian you are, in front of such great magnificence,” the queen began to say, moving her arms to indicate the various statues.

“Oh, are you calling yourself a goddess now?  I didn’t know there was a Goddess of Bitches,” Mei Lin retorted venomously.

“You dared ruin my precious body. You dared to question my strength. And now you dare to defile the divine?” Elena closed her eyes, breathing deeply, “Here, in this room.  In front of the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite.  I, Elena, undisputed queen of Europe, I will put an end to our fight.”

Mei Lin pretended to be frightened, only to laugh at the situation.

“So many words, few facts.  If you think you can win, why don’t we take off our inhibitions and end this fight?” said Mei Lin, pointing to her lingerie.

Elena smiled, “So be it.  But don’t say that I didn’t warn you beforehand.”

The queen’s gaze suddenly softened.  She knew it was time to reveal that she was better than her opponent.  Many were the women who could boast of having seen what was enclosed in the Queen’s lingerie, but none could say that they were a comparison.

Slowly and sensuously, Elena reached the back of her bra, unhurriedly unhooking it.  When she dropped it, her huge breasts stirred on her chest – as threatening as they were splendid.  Her pink nipples had already started to harden and now they were aimed at the Chinese girl, silently challenging her.  Mei Lin did not want to look down, but the temptation was stronger than her resistance.  When the Chinese girl’s gaze settled on the European queen’s tits, an involuntary sigh of surprise escaped her.  She had never seen such large breasts.

“I pity you.  They can’t reach these dimensions in China, can they?  These are the boobs of a real woman, after all,” Elena said smugly about the effect her breasts had on her rival.

Mei Lin tried to look up, though with difficulty.  She stared at the queen who smiled back mischievously, gazing back at her as she raised her breasts with her hands.

“N-They’re not that big!” Mei Lin convinced herself, trying to relax.

“Ah!  As if you could have better!” the European taunted her opponent as she put her hands on her hips and waited for the Chinese rival’s move.

Mei Lin took a deep breath, then smiled.  Slowly she removed her bra, but left it there, hanging against her breasts.  After a few seconds, just before Elena could speak, she quickly shook his chest, and the bra fell off.

Elena immediately looked down, and opened her mouth in surprise.  The tits in front of her were different from the breasts of all the Chinese women she had faced.  The girl’s tits in front of her were bigger, much bigger than any Chinese breasts she had run into.  The queen again began to doubt the actual size of Mei Lin’s tits.  At first glance, they seemed smaller than her’s.  Yet why did she continue to think otherwise?  Now that she had them in front of her, she had to be sure but the sense of insecurity continued to be there. Those breasts, on such a slim body … could it be just an illusion?

“What is it?  Now that you’ve seen what you’re up against, you don’t want to go on anymore?” mocked Mei Lin, suddenly bringing the queen back to reality, who shook her head in dismay.

“You would like that, wouldn’t you?  I was merely thinking about how much it cost you to build tits like that,” Elena insinuated.

“They are real.  Very real, bitch.  More real than yours,” retorted the Chinese girl, obviously annoyed by the comment.

“Oh really?  I strongly doubt that.  But either way, it doesn’t matter.  Real or not, they will be food for my beauties!”

“In your dreams, bitch! “

Without saying anything else, the two women moved forth with a smile.  Elena and Mei Lin stared at each other with hatred, jealousy and malice, both sure of themselves and of what they possessed.  During their previous fight, both had felt each other’s firmness, and now both were eager to know which of them would boast of having the better boobs. 

Elena was incredible in titfight.  Since she first came to power, she has had to vanquish many challengers in an effort to maintain her position.  Ladies, waitresses, mercenaries.  She always had to fight with all of her strength to be what he was now.  And she never lost.

Mei Lin, for her part, was no different.  She had recently come of age, but managed to make her way into the best clandestine fighting clubs.  Being the daughter of an important Triad boss, Mei Lin was expected and able to confront many other families.  She won all sorts of battles since learned to fight, never once losing.  Her only teacher was only her mother, teaching her as an example to follow.  One day, perhaps, she could have challenged her for the role of Boss.  But now, she had to win against the woman who stood before her.

And so, it was about two women who had experience in fighting with their large and firm breasts.  They knew what would happen shortly thereafter, and they didn’t expect anything else.

“Ready, princess?” Asked the European with a wicked grin.

“Get bent, grandma,” replied Mei Lin confidently.

Without hesitation, they approached and slammed their tits together with strong blows.  The momentum and the strong impact of the first blow caused both women to back off a step only to return forth and slam their tits together.  For a few minutes, they kept beating and banging their unbelievable tits without stopping until they both lowered slightly, grabbing each other in an attempt to pull their rival closer – arching their backs in the process.

As they pressed together ever so tightly, their tits squeezed against one other, spreading in all directions with their thighs snapping together.  Each woman could feel her rival’s warm breath on her face and the pressure of her body as they pushed.  They felt their soft skin rub against that of their rival, feeling their muscles flex as they pushed for supremacy.  These sensations made both feel even more excited, making their nipples grow and press inside the flesh of their opponent’s breasts.  Nipples met from time to time and each woman felt a chill down her back.

The initial blows had an effect on both women, who felt the firmness and density of the other’s breasts for the first time, in a real clash of tits. They chose to hug, they needed to hear what the other woman could offer before engaging in a violent one-way dance.  They wanted to take time to slowly destroy the rival’s determination.  Then they huddled together to feel their tits resist and pull against one another.  Both women stared into each other’s eyes, searching for a sign of fear or uncertainty.  Determination, pride, arrogance and a deep-rooted confidence in their breasts were the only things the two fighters felt.  Their feminine, seductive jealousy of their rival’s breasts made them all the more eager to win this fight.

The Asian and the European embraced at the same time, rolling their shoulders in circular motions and leaning forward to squeeze their breasts together further.  The notion that both women being unbeaten in this type of competition made them even more competitive.  At the end of the fight, only one would keep the series of victories.  Each of them thought they were the best, and now they had intended to prove it.  They continued grinding their breasts for roughly ten minutes.  Their boobs rubbed and slid over and under, imprisoned between their arms.  Elena could feel her breasts swell upward, while Mei Lin could feel her boobs being forced down, and back again seconds later.

Their foreheads were pressed with their gazes fixed beneath them.  Their lips continued to brush against one another for their duel, opening occasionally to let soft moans.  With their knees bent slightly, their smooth bellies rubbed with each movement.  They hugged each other further, increasing the pressure on their breasts, rubbing them and pushing them together while their now turgid nipples stabbed the tit flesh maliciously.  They arched their backs in turn to crush their tits forward, but with no tangible results.  Neither pair of breasts showed signs of giving way to the other.

“What is it … bitch …?  Didn’t you say … that your boobs … would eat mine?” Mei Lin asked among the sighs.

Elena looked at her with hatred. This girl was challenging her, and despite everything, her tits resisted the pressure exerted by the queen’s bigger breasts.

“Don’t worry … brat.  My tits … will devour yours,” Elena answered, moaning.  The struggle was more difficult than she believed.  The girl’s tits offered resistance that she did not expect.  She was not like the other women she had faced.  Usually, around this time, her boobs would have already begun to take advantage of the other woman.  Instead, her breasts were currently pushed back just as soon as she gained any ground.

After a while, they started pushing harder, trying to push their rival back.  Once again, Elena’s height advantage allowed her to push harder.  Slowly Mei Lin started to back away, grunting as she tried to force the European woman backwards.  After a few seconds, the Chinese girl felt the cold wall behind her back.  Elena smiled as she roughly pushed forward, slamming her opponent.  Mei Lin had lost her grip and Elena was quick to grab her wrists before bringing her arms up high, allowing the taller woman’s breasts to ram the girl’s smaller tits.

With a greedy smile on her face, Elena started violently banging her tits against those of her rival, who remained pressed against the wall.  The queen utilized her full body by standing back and slamming into Mei Lin’s breasts repeatedly, each time arousing moans from the Chinese girl.  With each stroke, the girl’s tits were thrown around by the force of repeated blows.  After a hard slap, Mei Lin threw her head back, grinding her teeth.

“Noo …” Mei Lin moaned as the pain spread deep inside her breasts.

“Oh, that sounds delicious.  Looks like my tits are having Chinese for dinner tonight!” Elena smiled, preparing for another shot.

But Mei Lin suddenly hit the European queen, pulling a headbutt.  Elena had to let go and take a few steps back while the Chinese girl could finally move.

“The kitchen is closed, bitch!” Mei Lin hissed.  The Chinese girl grabbed the woman by her hair, pulling her toward the wall.  Now, the situation was reversed.  Elena soon found herself with her wrists locked, while the younger girl pushed her tits against the woman’s bigger ones.

“It’s my turn, Granny!” Mei Lin hissed maliciously.

“Ah!  Let me hear what h … Argh!” Elena broke off when the girl’s tits stabbed her.  Mei Lin’s nipples had impacted Elena’s flesh deeply, causing the woman to grunt.

“Can you feel that?  Can you feel my nipples pierce your skin?  Don’t you feel like crying just thinking about your tits losing against mine?” Mei Lin spat out venomously.

“Shut up … bitch.”

Elena forced her breasts to slide on the Chinese girl’s tits.  Mei Lin groaned, but kept pushing her breasts forward.  Their tits continued to slap each other, sliding and rolling over one another.  For several minutes, Elena continued to grunt and moan while Mei Lin came up with only breathless breaths. 

The European queen felt that the girl’s arms were shaking with tremendous effort in their attempt to hold her up against the wall so she started trying to push her arms free.  Her boobs were being struck repeatedly so if she didn’t get rid of her opponent’s arms, she knew she wouldn’t ever get out of her current situation.  With great effort, Elena managed to free a hand from the girl’s grip.  Mei Lin’s tits threw one final stab before Elena managed to free her other hand and push the girl away.

Mei Lin stepped back slowly, still watching the Italian woman massaging her breasts.  She knew she had done good damage to her and so, she stared at her opponent with a smile. 

Elena narrowed her eyes, hissing. Her arms snapped down and she quickly approached. 

When their tits met, the sounds of their breasts slapping filled the room followed by the Chinese girl’s moan.  They staggered back, but quickly recomposed themselves.  It was Mei Lin’s turn to unload against the woman, making her moan with each blow.  They began to unload their tits against one another, their breasts flattening together with each stroke, before both women were thrown backwards by the momentum. 

Despite this, both fighters continued to charge forward, without respite.  The sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed throughout the room with both women feeling encouraged by the screams and moans that came from their rival.  Their tits squeezed together as they began to push harder.  Soon, the breasts became swollen, slipping between them as they found out they could not completely flatten the opposing pair of tits.  With a brutal determination, Elena and Mei Lin continued to slam their tits, forcing them to moan with each stroke.  Their breasts were shattered between them, banging together violently, while the women began to feel anger, pain and fear.  But they continued forth incessantly, trying to damage their rival.

Elena ultimately delivered a strong blow, shoving Mei Lin back.  Behind her, the queen noticed one of the columns by the bed.  Smiling, she started forcing the Chinese girl towards the column.  With one last push, Elena successfully sent the Chinese girl up against the column.

Mei Lin was slammed against  her back, grabbing the column behind her. The European queen immediately pressed her body against that of the girl, crushing her breasts against her chest.

“Why don’t you go back home and cry to mommy?” Smiled Elena.  The woman’s tits began to swallow the girl’s smaller breasts as the pressure increased dramatically. 

Mei Lin moaned.  Her eyes started to become shiny.  But she was too proud to cry.  Elena continued to push forward, devouring the girl’s tits without mercy.  The Chinese girl found herself in trouble.  Her tits were losing ground without the possibility of retaliating and if she continued like this, she knew she would lose. 

The Chinese girl wrapped her arms around the woman’s neck, grabbing a handful of hair.  The Chinese girl, then, started pulling down to ease the pressure on her breasts.  But the woman was immovable.  And that smile she had on her face as she forcefully pushed against Mei Lin’s tits was intolerable.  Mei Lin wanted to wipe it off her face but could only moan as she tried to break free.

Their tits continued to grind each other and as the women moved their shoulders to roll them together. Elena noticed that the longer the fight went on, the more her boobs expanded to the sides as she pushed her breasts forward.  But as she looked down, Mei Lin’s slid outward.  The advantage of the column was that, being smooth and because she was sweating from the battle, Mei Lin could slip outward without too much trouble.  When Elena noticed what her Chinese rival was trying to accomplish, she pushed forward strongly.  But it was too late.

When Elena pushed forward, Mei Lin slipped sideways, avoiding the blow.  The European woman’s large breasts crashed into the cold column, eliciting a groan from the queen.  Mei Lin rushed after the woman, grabbing her hair and pulling her to the ground.  Elena fell over, landing on her bottom as Mei Lin pushed her to the ground with her foot before laying down on top of her and blocking her from rising.

“Shit!”  Shouted Elena as she looked up at the smiling girl.

“Get ready to cry, fat cow!” Stated the Chinese girl as she licked her lips.

The two pairs of tits pressed together, with the Chinese girl’s tits doing far more damage due to their dominant positioning.  They were hurting each other, but it was the European woman who kept moaning most.  Their tits continued grinding together, while the nipples battled inside where the flesh pressed together.  Mei Lin sighed on Elena’s face, smiling, as the queen tried to turn the situation upside down.  The European woman raised her legs so that she could turn.  Mei Lin tried to resist, and initially seemed to succeed but eventually, she had to settle down to her side.  Still, the tits kept fighting each other down the middle with both women trying to squeeze their rival’s back. 

The European woman’s strength was still greater than that of the Chinese girl, and Mei Lin’s arm began to lose ground as the women grunted with the effort.  But this time, instead of continuing to push in the opposite direction, the Chinese girl used the strength of her rival in her favor.  By favoring the European woman, the two women began to roll around the room, slipping around and moaning with battle damage.  The momentum gradually diminished until they stopped, with the Chinese girl still at the top.

Elena couldn’t believe what had happened.  She had been played by this girl and now, she was stuck on the ground again.  Mei Lin held out her arms to the side of their naked, compact bodies.  They were perfectly aligned from head to toe.  Their foreheads were pressed together and both women felt the other woman’s warm breath.  Their breasts still in contact, still firm despite all the damage they have suffered while their bellies and legs connected together, as if wanting to merge into one unified object.

For what seemed an eternity (in reality, only a few minutes) they remained in that fixed position.  Neither of the two women uttered a word, much less surrendered to their rival.  But suddenly, Elena started pushing with her right arm, pressing her palm firmly against the Chinese girl’s.  The European woman tried again to push her rival away, perhaps trying to push her on her back.

Mei Lin immediately responded to that pressure with all the energy left inside her, fighting with her left arm to push off the woman’s hand.  But it wasn’t enough.  Every second that passed, Elena’s arm rose higher and higher, away from the floor.  The woman was not only lifting Mei Lin’s arm, but also her body, starting to make her fall to the side.

In the end, when it seemed that the Chinese girl had been pushed aside so that Elena could climb to the top, the Chinese girl continued to fight relentlessly.

“You … you won’t you… bitch …” Mei Lin hissed between her efforts.

“Stay down … bitch …” was Elena’s strangled reply.

They struggled for words as both felt their muscles burn with exhaustion.  And Mei Lin felt it inside herself that she was going to be thrown to the side.  She had managed to fight up to that point, destroying her rival’s tits, fighting her strength and her body.  And now, she was about to lose ground again.  The Chinese girl was aware that if the European woman had climbed to the top, she would no longer have a chance.

But Elena suddenly collapsed.  The woman’s body surrendered as she fell back to the floor, unable to push her body against that of her rival a second longer.  Mei Lin began to smile.  The woman she was fighting could not move and now, it seems she her’s to grab.  The Chinese girl moved perfectly over the woman’s body.  They stared at one another for a long moment and for the first time, Mei Lin saw fear in the eyes of the European queen.  For the first time, Elena had failed to reverse the situation, remaining at a disadvantage. 

But it wasn’t over yet and both knew it.

They began to roll and crush their tits together.  So far, Elena had witnessed Mei Lin’s tits resisted her own.  And the Chinese girl was used to feeling the firmness of Elena’s breasts breaking down her attacks.  The contact between their breasts reached the peak of violence.  And the closeness of these two incredible bodies, which slipped back and forth, and the intense visual contact between the two women made them forget their fears, anxieties, and worries – allowing them to fight with an ardent abandonment.  Their blows were fierce, trying to bash tits with nipples, ensuring their beauties fought on even ground.  No woman tried to avoid her rival’s tits.  Both wanted to end their fight on their terms, as a direct competition of their breasts, and fought evenly.

Their eyes were full of anger and pain as they continued to grind their tits together in a trance.  Nothing mattered anymore other than the struggle between breasts.

They both looked down, seeing their breasts banging together, spreading, swelling and then rubbing against each other. But their breasts continued to crush evenly.

At one point, a grimace of pain was drawn on Mei Lin’s face, while Elena looked at her triumphantly. Uncaring, they continued to grind their tits together, until the Chinese girl groaned.

“Oh, it hurts isn’t it?”  Elena smiled, “Did you hear that?  Did you hear what my nipples did to yours?  Did you feel my nipples push back your pathetic nipples?  Can you feel real nipples pushing your tits back, you child? ”

As she spoke, the queen slid her nipples around Mei Lin’s fleshy tits, pushing them directly against her nipples, making the Chinese moan harder.

“Oops, it happened again. I know you heard it.  You can’t hide anything from me, I can hear everything. Your tits are failing. I can feel your nipples becoming less and less combative, and getting smaller.  And they’re not pushing mine as before.  Looks like my boobs are better than yours, aren’t they?  Looks like I’m the better woman, after all,” Elena declared with a grin.

The Chinese girl’s breathing increased more and more as she continued to moan during the grinding.  Then something happened in between the clashing tits.  Mei Lin had not yet given up and yet, after a few pushes with their breasts, it was Elena who began to moan loudly.  The European woman looked down in surprise as the Chinese girl panted with a smile.  In the midst of their boobs, Mei Lin’s nipples started to erect upwards again, catching up and pushing back the queen’s nipples.  It was Elena who began to grunt with effort.

“Feel what my nipples are doing to yours.  Watch what my big and strong nipples are doing to your precious assets. You feel your nipples losing ground against real nipples,” Mei Lin began to say.  Her voice quivered as she heard the woman below her start to moan, “I know you feel them.  I can feel it too.  I can feel my nipples topple over and flatten yours.  And you call yourself a woman?  A real woman would have preferred to die rather than see her nipples lose a fight against those of a … bam-bi-na.”

Mei Lin spelled the last word sensually.  The Chinese girl had turned the whole fight upside down, using her nipples.  Elena tried to fight back but her nipples kept losing ground, and her tits started spreading to the sides, while Mei Lin’s breasts kept pushing.

“It seems to be that I’m the one fighting with a little girl,” Mei Lin taunted at the woman below her, “What’s the matter, your majesty?  Don’t European women have tits as firm as Chinese ones?”

Elena was angry, she felt her boobs continually losing ground against those of Mei Lin. But while Elena devised a plan to try to damage her rival, the Chinese girl pulled up her body, then dropped it suddenly, turning her tits like demolition balls. The queen gasped when she felt the weight of Mei Lin’s tits crush her own.

“I have to do something … as soon as possible!” Thought the queen while Mei Lin prepared for her next strike. 

But the oxygen in her lungs was thrown out with a new blow, and Elena found herself breathless as she watched the smiling girl pull herself up, this time increasing the distance between them.  With this blow, the queen’s right breast had given way completely, and both women had noticed it.  Elena started nodding her head as she stared, scared.  Then Mei Lin let himself fall.  Mei Lin’s tits dug into Elena’s breasts, flattening them completely, while the queen exploded in a piercing scream.  Tears began to flow from the woman’s eyes as she began to move forward.

“Nooooooooooooooooo!” Elena screamed.

Mei Lin advanced again, then took the queen’s head with her hand.  Now, Elena had in front of her the reddened but still firm tits of the younger girl, and it was not difficult to imagine what the girl wanted to do.

“No, no, no, n …” Elena’s voice was blurred when her tits went down on his face.

“Checkmate, bitch!” Exulted Mei Lin.

Mei Lin’s sweaty breast blocked the queen’s airway, who struggled to free herself.  As she moved, Elena began to understand what had happened.  She knew she couldn’t beat the Chinese girl’s tits.  She understood that Mei Lin was stronger than her, sexier and now, she was the one who had beaten the current queen.  With this knowledge, Elena became enveloped into oblivion.

Elena woke up some time later.  Her head was dangling, and when she managed to lift it, she saw that she was still in the bedroom.  She could see the statue of Aphrodite looking at her, and felt his disappointed gaze settle on her defeated breast.

“Finally woke up, huh?  Did you like feeling [i[real[/i] tits on your face?”

The queen was startled when she heard Mei Lin’s voice coming from behind her.  She realized only now that he was in close contact with one of the columns in the room.  She tried to move, but felt her wrists tied together behind the column.  She was trapped.

The Chinese girl entered her field of vision from the side, holding a strange strap in her hand, with a large purple dildo attached to it.

“Untie me, bitch,” Elena ordered, spewing hatred from every pore.

“You have no more power, loser,” the girl immediately silenced her, “You lost, and now I take part of my prize!”

Mei Lin began to approach, wearing the strap-on.  When she was close enough to the woman, she slid her tongue over her red lips.  Elena was attempted to say something, but the dildo forcefully penetrated her vagina.  The Italian groaned loudly as the Chinese girl started licking her neck.  The queen began breathing more and more frequently as the girl pumped the dildo deeper into her vagina.  The pace only grew more intense, causing Elena to moan deeper and more frequently, doing little to resist. 

When the orgasm made her opponent’s body tingle, Mei Lin did not stop and continued to pump wickedly.  The queen continued to tremble and scream, without stopping.  The Chinese girl looked at the European queen as she threw her head back with a guttural groan.  From time to time, Mei Lin plucked the woman’s nipples, then pumped vehemently with the dildo. 

Elena continued to experience orgasms, but they felt irregular.  They were involuntary.  She didn’t want to appear so weak, but she was exhausted from the fight and was completely defenseless.  She could do nothing to stop her tormentor. 

Mei Lin approached the column, and her tits came into contact with those of Elena.  Despite the losing the battle, the Italian woman’s tits seemed to pose some resistance to the girl’s breasts.  Both women looked down, but only Mei Lin smiled. 

“Someone wants another lesson, apparently.”

Elena’s eyes widened as the Chinese girl continued to grind their breasts together.  As with the beginning, their tits remained fixed in place as they rubbed one another.  But Mei Lin was not interested in waiting for the other woman’s tits to give up against hers again.  And so, she bent her knees and stabbed Elena’s breasts with the nipples, making her moan.  Again and again, the nipples rammed Elena’s flesh.

“That’s enough!  Stop!  Please! Enough!” the woman sobbed.

But Mei Lin continued without concern, pushing the queen’s tits upwards.  Elena had to stand on her tiptoes to be able to relieve the pain, even if only slightly.  Mei Lin continued further to grind and stab with her tits, while pumping the dildo ceaselessly into the European woman’s vagina.  Finally, with a long kiss, where Mei Lin’s tongue forced its way into Elena’s mouth, she made the queen reach a final orgasm.

Elena couldn’t take it anymore, and her gaze now demanded pity.  Pity that Mei Lin seemed to concede.  The Chinese girl walked away from her, also removing the dildo from the depths of Elena’s vagina.  The queen continued to breathe quickly, while her juices continued to run down her legs.  Mei Lin gave her a smile, and then removed the dildo from the strap.  When it began to vibrate, Elena’s eyes widened in horror as the vibrator again entered the queen.

“Now it’s the second part of my prize,” the girl said, smiling.  She freed Elena from the column, but tied her wrists anyway.  Pulling her by the hair, she took her to a closed door. 

The queen had not noticed, since she was behind a statue and was too busy struggling but when the door opened, the queen no longer knew whether to cry for the humiliation she had suffered up until now, or for what was about to happen.  In front of her, in the other room, sitting on the bed, was her man.  He looked at her in surprise, then shifted his gaze to the girl who sensually walked towards him.  In her hand, she carried the queen’s bra and threw it on a nearby table.

Mei Lin turned to the woman on the ground, smiling.  She licked her lips, then pushed the man onto the bed and began to unbutton his pants.  In a short time, his penis was freed.  Mei Lin looked at him proudly, before he disappeared into her vagina.  The Chinese girl rode that man while the queen was on the ground, watching her man get fucked by the girl who had beaten her.  And the thing that bothered her the most was that she was forced to have orgasms  as she watched that show via the vibrator stuck inside of her. 

Soon, Mei Lin rose from the sweaty man to the limit. Without bothering to look at his rival, she knelt before him, and wrapped her tits around his cock.  She began to massage him up and down, faster and faster, until she felt the man begin to breathe rapidly.  He was so close….

“Tell me, big boy. Who has the best tits? ”

The man opened his mouth, but said nothing. Mei Lin’s tits rose and fell even faster. Then, the sperm expelled like lava from a volcano, ending up atop the girl’s breast.

“Did she ever get you to come this fast?”  Mei Lin asked finally, turning her head to Elena as she held the man’s big penis in her hands.

“No … She didn’t … she was never so … fast …” the man said.

“So who has the best tits?” The Chinese girl asked as she stood up.

Mei Lin knelt down in front of Elena, who stared at her with tears in her eyes.  The Chinese girl smiled as she brought the woman’s face back to her breast.  Elena’s eyes widened, but now her face was buried again in the flesh of the Chinese girl’s tits.  Elena felt that sweet smell, a very familiar scent, wrapped completely around her face.  The fresh scent of her man’s sperm on a pair of breasts that were not her’s.  And now, Elena felt her strength completely abandon her as she become smothered by the tits before her.  The last thing she heard were her man’s words.

“You, Mei Lin. Your tits are better than Elena’s.”

Then nothing more.


The man sat beside Madame Shi, inside a private room somewhere in the mansion.  On the screen in front of him, he viewed his queen and Madame Shi’s daughter fighting inside the fountain.  In perfect safety, he watched the fight unfold on that screen.

“How about we make a small bet?” Madame Shi began to ask out of the blue, “We bet on who will win this duel.”

The man looked at her with suspicion, but when he saw Elena take control of the fight, he was convinced it would be another easy win.  For one, his queen had won against more dangerous women than Mei Lin.

“I agree.  If Elena wins, of course, she deserves to have influence in the Triad territories. Your task would be to do everything to satisfy even her smallest whim,” the man said, brimming with confidence.

Madame Shi replied with a quiet smile, “I agree.  But what you ask for is a lot.  In return, you should offer me something of equal value.”

The man seemed to think about it for a moment, but he still saw no problem. Elena would win, as always.  Finally, the man said, “If Mei Lin wins, the queen will be in your hands. You can use the power of the queen as you see fit.”

“Perfect,” replied Madame Shi.

Both continued to watch their two champions in silence.  The bet had been sealed, and Madame Shi had recorded the man’s words to avoid any problems.

When the battle stopped, with the two contenders on the sofas, Madame Shi suddenly called one of her men.

“Take him to the trophy room,” she ordered his subordinate, then turned to her guest, “Wait for the winner in that room. I am sure that, whichever of the two wins, he will want to celebrate.”

With that last comment, Madame Shi slyly winked at him.

The man was too afraid not to follow what he had been told, so he let himself be taken to the fateful room.  It was a normal room.  A very comfortable double bed, and a small table to his right.  Above it, there were many bras and lace panties.  Maybe they were all from Mei Lin?

After a few minutes, he heard a door open and close after a few seconds.  Someone had entered the room next door.  And most likely it was Elena and Mei Lin.  Soon, he began to hear moans and grunts, along with the sound of meaty slaps.  He heard voices, but even understanding the words he could not recognize who it was.  The struggle lasted for a long time.  He continued to hear moans, thuds and slaps for what seemed like several hours.  Then nothing more.

The noises suddenly stopped.  He tried to stay on his toes to hear something, but there was only silence around him.  Several times, the man thought of getting up and going to the other room, but Madame Shi’s words were clear.  He had to wait.  And so he did.

Soon, he heard voices again.  And after another few minutes, he began to hear moans and grunts.  But they were different.  It was like the two women were fucking.  He thought of his queen, riding the poor defeated girl wildly.  His penis became marble while he imagined the scene.  The fight between tits was over, but he knew he could have Elena explain to him, or ask for a recording of the fight from Madame Shi. 

The door opened.  But what he saw was not what he had expected.  In front of him, Mei Lin made her way slowly.  Behind her, a defeated queen.  He saw Mei Lin throw Elena’s bra on the table.  All that lingerie didn’t belong to the Chinese girl, but to the women she had beaten!

Elena wanted to cry, scream, close her eyes to believe this was only a nightmare.  But she couldn’t do it.  Her eyes refused to stop staring at the girl who rose and fell on top of the man with whom she slept with.  Mei Lin was greedily fucking, making the man move his hips even faster than during the sessions where he hadn’t fucked Elena for weeks.  They exchanged wet kisses, with their tongues dancing both inside and outside their mouths, as the man began to breathe faster. 

The Chinese girl’s tits continued to follow her movements, firm on her chest, supported and squeezed gently by the man’s hands.  The queen saw how her man admired those smaller but stronger breasts.  Mei Lin bent over him, decreasing the speed with which she moved her hips and allowing the man to enjoy those victorious breasts.  He took a breast into his mouth while massaging the other with his hand.  His tongue played expertly with the flesh until it met the nipple.  Mei Lin’s face turned red with ecstasy, the man knew his stuff. 

The man was used to Elena’s tits, to tickle them in a certain way to make her feel pleasure.  And he adapted perfectly to the breasts of the Chinese girl, who sighed while the man passed from one nipple to another.  Mei Lin began to moan, as he pumped with renewed strength and vigor – worshiping the breasts of the one who had defeated his woman.  The girl felt the queen’s gaze linger on the muscles of her tense ass as she rode the man, then moving onto her perfect jiggling breasts that bounced wildly and finally onto the man’s face, which was a mask of pleasure.  But Mei Lin still had one last humiliation in mind.  Using all her remaining willpower, she descended from the enormous penis of the man and off the bed.

The man sat up, still unable to believe what he had just experienced.  It was incredible!  Sex with her was completely different than with Elena.  She was wilder than she was, and her vagina was so hot!  But the most beautiful feeling he felt was when Mei Lin wrapped her breast around his cock.  The girl’s flesh was so soft, and she was so good at using her tits that he had to resist not cumming right away.  He looked at Elena’s mortified face, but what he was doing with Mei Lin felt so beautiful.  Finally, he could not longer contain it and his penis erupted on the girl’s tits.

“Did she ever get you to come this fast?”  Mei Lin asked finally, turning her head to Elena as she held the man’s big penis in her hands.

“No … She didn’t … she was never so … fast …” the man said.

“So who has the best tits?” The Chinese girl asked as she stood up. 

He couldn’t lie.  Not even if he wanted to.  He remembered Elena’s breasts perfectly placed against his cock, and compared them to the feeling of Mei Lin’s tits.  In any case, the queen was defeated and the difference was not up for debate.

“You, Mei Lin. Your tits are better than Elena’s,” the man finally replied.

Months passed, and Elena continued to reign without problems in Europe.  Her smile was splendid, even from the screen of Madame Shi.  The Triads completed many projects in the following months since they could operate without problems in Europe and having Elena as a puppet was certainly very useful.  Elena sat composed on her throne, in front of politicians who continued to blather about problems with local mafias.  But Madame Shi knew the truth.  The problems were not for the kingdom but for her now. 

The local mafias had realized that something was wrong at the same time Madame Shi had moved to Europe.  And it was natural that they were looking for a way to drive away the Triad.  She would certainly have hired mercenaries to fight against them, or even to unseat the queen herself, given her involvement.  But she was ready for anything.

“Madame, a message has arrived from your men. It’s a challenge to you, from a local mafia family.”

“Send Mei Lin.”

“Madame … are you certain?  Send your daughter? “

“I told you to send Mei Lin.  That is all.”

The man took his leave quickly.  The Madame had been clear.

“My daughter, uh?” Thought Madame Shi as she sipped some wine, “I don’t think I ever claimed to have a daughter.”

The End

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