Checkmate: Part 4 – Totally Spies

“I still don’t think there is any spy,” Elena muttered under her breath.

The queen had just found out about the defeat of two women from the Asian empire, and the Australian queen had just announced to her that there had been a threat to her safety since before the Asian women had arrived. This meant that Madame Shi had foreseen the succession of events, to her detriment.

Eleonora reserved a sweet glance to her sister who appeared helpless against the world. For those few seconds, the warrior goddess who had defeated her long ago had disappeared. Elena noticed her sister’s gaze, and chased those thoughts away immediately. She didn’t need her pity.

“Who?” the European queen asked after a few seconds of silence.

“Don’t be in a hurry, sister. Before long we’ll be almost ready to…” the blonde started to say, but was abruptly interrupted.

“Tell me who the fuck that is!” the queen shouted, getting up and approaching her sister.

The European stopped with her face inches from the blonde’s. Eleonora could feel her sister’s hot breath tickling her face with every angry breath.

“A waitress,” Eleonora answered, not at all fazed by the brunette’s sudden performance.

Elena’s look became confused. A maid was plotting behind her back. A simple waitress.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…” whispered Elena, sitting down on the bed.

But Eleonora shook her head. She really was a maid the traitor. But how had the Australian discovered her if Elena had hundreds of different maids serving her? She can’t even say which are her favorites, and Eleonora instead knows the identity of the spy? Elena felt control slipping from her hands.

“We discovered a communication between this place and the Asians. After a few months, we found out who the instigator was. You should be more careful about the people you choose to clean your house, sister” the blonde taunted her.

“Fuck you” Elena answered dryly.

The blonde smiled, approaching the phone that rested on the bedside table, next to the majestic bed. She picked up the phone and pressed the gate to call “room service”. Elena remained silent as she watched her sister make herself at home. Well, it used to be.

“Now all that’s left is…” again, the blonde was interrupted.

The knock on the door drew the attention of the queens, who said nothing to silently compliment the speed of service.

“Come in,” Elena finally said, crossing her legs.

The door opened and in came first a cart with a small variety of food on the top tray, and a portable refrigerator at the bottom. Behind it peeped one of the many waitresses who worked for Elena. A beautiful blonde, in her early thirties. She had modest breasts even though her maid’s dress lifted her tits, while her long legs emerged from her black skirt.

“What do you desire, my ladies,” the blonde said in a gentle voice, bowing her head.

Elena looked with curiosity and doubt at that woman dressed as a maid from Japanese anime. Of course, she had chosen those uniforms, but it seemed that for the first time she saw what they looked like. The latest information she learned made her very touchy with her maids.

Eleonora seemed to look closely at the maid who had stopped just beyond the doorway.

“Come in, come forward. We don’t bite,” smiled the Australian.

The waitress took it upon herself to raise her head and nod. She advanced a few steps to the center of the room, then took a deep breath.

“Today’s menu is…”

The waitress was unable to speak because with a quick move, Eleanor grabbed her chin and lifted her face until their eyes met. The glacial gaze of the Australian queen met the bright brown of the blonde, making her feel strangely uncomfortable. Looking into the eyes of a queen was the equivalent of declaring oneself equal or superior to the latter, which was a clear statement of defiance.

“It’s you,” Eleanor announced, letting the woman go.

Elena stared in surprise at her sister, then shifted her gaze to the maid. It was her. The whore at the service of the Asian Empire was that woman. Elena stood up, but a nod of Eleonora’s hand made her desist. The European looked at her sister, who was smiling looking in front of her. She followed her gaze and saw the maid smiling evilly.

“Oh, it looks like I’ve been found out,” hissed Rachel amusedly.

Eleanor kept her gaze steady, shifting it a few inches behind the waitress’ back. Rachel started forward, directing her movement toward the queen in front of her. Her hands jumped forward, ready to grab Eleanor’s throat, but just before reaching it they were drastically stopped. Behind the maid was another person. Her black hair framed her angular face and blue eyes, her huge breasts were held back by a dress suitable for close combat. The maid’s hands were immobilized by the stranger’s iron grip, while Eleonora continued to stare unblinkingly at the maid.

With a tug, Rachel broke free and stepped away from the new presence. Turning around, she finally found herself in front of an Australian agent. Her brown eyes widened as she saw that before her stood a girl of explosive sensuality, looking at her menacingly.

“Don’t you dare touch my queen, bitch,” Jessica hissed.

The waitress maliciously squared the woman in front of her, dwelling on her breasts.

“They’re bloody huge!” thought Rachel, unable to apprehend what she was seeing in front of her.

Eleanor sat down in the chair next to the coffee table, a few steps back. No explanation was needed for what was to be done. Rachel looked at the Australian queen before turning to the agent. The blonde was a strong, proud woman, incapable of retreating from the confrontations before her. But meeting Madame Shi and her girls changed the way she was. For the first time she felt something break inside, as her breasts were flattened by Mei Lin, completely outclassing her. She learned the hard way not to jump headlong into fights she couldn’t win, forced to stay in the shadows while spying on her old queen. Jessica was one fight Rachel couldn’t win. She smiled at the raven-haired woman before grabbing the first available object and throwing it at the woman. She didn’t even deign to look at what she was throwing that the blonde quickly turned around to reach the door. When Rachel felt the cold knob on the door, she immediately felt safer. She was just opening the door for her escape when the blonde felt her hair being pulled back violently.

“You’re not going anywhere, bitch,” Jessica hissed, yanking the blonde by the hair.

The brunette then pushed the blonde to the ground, going to position herself in front of the door. She locked the only safe escape route and tossed it on the bed next to Elena, who grabbed it on the fly and tucked it into her cleavage. Rachel stood up quickly, her gaze filled with hatred at the girl who dared to challenge her.

“Come on, show me what my maids can do,” Elena ordered, pointing at the Australian girl with her chin.

Rachel looked hissingly at the queen, before turning to her rival. Jessica smiled mockingly, removing the top of her dress. Her large boobs came out proud, menacing and powerful. Rachel looked at those breasts with rancor and jealousy, knowing full well that she had already lost in terms of size. The blonde ripped off her maid’s top and her beauties were refreshed by the air in the room. Her red nipples were little thicker than their pink counterparts, but the rest weighed in the younger girl’s favor.

“I’m going to destroy you!” yelled Rachel diving headlong into the confrontation.

Jessica waited for her rival, and the meaty slap that filled the room started the fight. The blonde quickly took to hitting Jessica’s tits with her own, determined to do as much damage as possible right away.

The blonde landed some more quick blows before her rival brutally pushed her twins towards the blonde’s pair. Jessica’s tits began to push against Rachel’s breasts, which she found she was having to struggle incredibly to hold the position. Rachel pulled back for a second, and though it seemed like an unconscious surrender the blonde knew what she was doing. Rachel slid her breasts under Jessica’s pair, pushing them in from below. Jessica responded smoothly by pushing down, and their tits swelled together in pressure. The blonde gritted her teeth, beginning to push harder to win the test of strength against Jessica’s larger breasts, as sweat began to build on her skin.

The brunette thrust downward in response, admitting no defeat from the woman who was threatening the kingdom. Jessica stepped forward and blocked any escape from the blonde, confident that her rival would continue to push against her once she could not escape. Rachel grabbed the girl’s waist to silently declare that she didn’t need to escape to win, starting to rub her flesh against Jessica’s breasts to push her back. Jessica felt the blonde become more competitive, so she grabbed the woman’s waist and began rubbing her tits just like her rival, ending with a mighty downward thrust.

Rachel groaned as she felt the girl’s heavy breasts crush hers, tightening her grip on her opponent to resist. The battle continued as the four breasts continued to push against each other, almost starring in a standoff. Rachel arched her back and slammed her tits hard against the rival pair, stabbing her nipples into the girl’s tender flesh. In response, Jessica suddenly thrust forward, accompanying a mighty blow to the blonde’s pair.

The two queens watched rapturously the fight between the blonde and the brunette, the two women still hadn’t moved from their initial positions and were still fixed in the same spot in the room under everyone’s eyes. Elena had to admit that her sister’s agent knew her stuff in terms of fighting. Her maid was definitely not the first woman to pass on the street, but that girl seemed to be her equal.

The two women began to charge after the last blow, taking a minimum of a run-up without ever straying. The blonde moaned when she felt her rival’s nipples hit her tits from below, and only then did she step back, only to feel the girl hit her again. Rachel hissed with hatred and slammed her breasts forward, striking frontally. The blonde resumed pounding her tits against the brunette’s pair as she had at first, sweating from the effort and the heat she felt in her body.

“Die, bitch!” hissed Rachel angrily.

Jessica expected her rival’s move, after all she had been studying her behaviors for the past few months. She knew that Rachel would attack frontally, so she swung her breasts and hit the blonde’s tits from the sides.

“After you, slut,” Jessica replied, thrusting her breasts forward and stabbing with her nipples.

The blonde staggered backwards from the blow, and Jessica’s twins struck soon after stealing a moan from the blonde. Rachel gritted her teeth and slammed her tits forward, meeting the rival pair. The two queens listened with excitement to the slaps that filled the room as the pair of tits dueled in front of them.

Rachel wrapped her arms around her rival, trapping her in an embrace and squeezing as hard as she could. Jessica repaid her with a groan as the blonde’s tits crushed into her larger breasts. The girl immediately imitated her rival, returning the favor and making the blonde moan. Trapped in each other’s arms, the two women realized that the show wasn’t over yet as neither pair showed any signs of giving in yet.

Breathing became heavy and the women began to grunt more rapidly. In addition to the pain seeping into their flesh, their backs were also beginning to ache. In addition, breathing was hindered by the opposing tightness so there was also a struggle for air to breathe.

After several minutes, the sweat began to take effect and despite the incredible pressure exerted by the two women, their breasts began to slide between them as they were pushed together. Trapped, the two women could no longer push forward, forced to simply slide their tits together until one of them surrendered.

Their gazes were locked, each searching the other’s eyes for any sign of weakness, but not finding it. Despite their exhaustion and pain, neither was willing to give up. Both wanted only victory, humiliating their rival’s femininity with their own. To win, one needed to break the spirit of the opponent, or the fight would last forever.

But in the experienced eyes of the queens, it was not so. Both Elena and Eleonora had guessed from the beginning how it would end. They had sat back, waiting and enjoying an artfully constructed show. The actresses were resourceful and good at acting. One in particular had given a sublime performance that had almost convinced the two female spectators.

“Let’s end it here,” Eleonora ordered.

“I agree, there is no point in continuing” agreed her sister.

The little exchange between the queens broke the spell of the fight, and Rachel turned slightly to look at the two women sitting without understanding. Her boobs had been in constant struggle with the girl’s pair, and they had been fighting for almost an hour. What did the queens’ words mean?

“Jessica, your performance was phenomenal” Eleanor said smiling “but enough joking, we have a plan to follow.”

Rachel went back to looking at her rival. She looked with absolute determination at the girl’s blue eyes in front of her. No matter what those bitches said, she was going to win.

“As you command, my queen,” Jessica replied, regaining all composure.

The fight increased in intensity, and immediately a pair of tits began to give way suddenly. Rachel’s eyes widened as she realized what was happening. The pain in her breasts suddenly increased, already surpassing what she had been feeling for at least twenty minutes. Jessica smiled, steadying her breathing as if it had erased all the fatigue of the struggle. Rachel realized that her opponent was faking it. The girl had been faking until now, and maybe since the beginning of the fight, and she hadn’t realized it. The blonde looked incredulously at her breasts, but the proof of what had happened was in front of her. Jessica’s tits had proven their superiority, clearly pushing her flesh against her chest.

“No…” whispered Rachel, feeling the coldness of defeat.

Jessica pushed forward again, and Rachel threw her head back groaning. The pain that shot through her breasts drained all her energy, and she had to lean on her rival to keep from falling. But despite this, she continued to struggle, albeit in a much milder way. The pain was unbearable and her flesh continued to make way for Jessica’s. The blonde felt her entire body exhausted and aching, but she continued to struggle without wanting to give up.

After a few minutes, the grip she had on the girl slid downward, until her hands fell along her sides. She had no strength left to hold her rival in her embrace, and now she was trapped in the girl’s destroying grip. One last push and Rachel’s tits disappeared under the dominance of Jessica’s breasts. Rachel screamed in pain, and fell to the floor as Jessica let go of her.

The blonde’s body lay helplessly before the queens, her flat breasts dropping to the sides as Jessica pushed her breasts up proudly.

The victory was followed by quick applause from the two queens, obviously amused by the spectacle. Jessica didn’t flinch at the compliments and quickly put her clothes back on. Still defeated, Rachel was later tied up and taken to the royal prisons where she would be locked up until further notice. When the quiet was restored, the two queens were alone again.

Elena watched her sister sip a cup of tea, in complete silence. She wanted to know the next step, but something prevented her from asking. In the last few days, her sister had turned out to be completely different from how she remembered her, and that scared her even if she didn’t want to admit it. The woman was more dangerous than ever, perhaps more so than Madame Shi.

“Now that the spy has been dealt with” Eleonora interrupted the silence, placing the cup on the table “there was only one thing left to do. And it will be the two of us who will proceed.”

Elena looked at her surprised. She could not move from that room without Madame Shi learning of it. That would have removed the surprise factor.

“What should we do?” asked Elena, unable to hide her anxiety.

“Well, dear little sister,” Eleanor stood up, adjusting her dress. She slowly approached the European queen, bringing her face closer to her sister’s, stopping only when they were not inches apart “Now we must declare war” finished Eleonora, smiling.

The End

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