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Classmates by CCFight Story

It was the beginning of the New Year at Saint Ann’s school. Megan was preparing herself to rule the school. The beautiful green-eyed brunette had easily earned her position as top hen at the all-girl school.

Her gorgeous yet vicious looks gave her the edge over all the other girls. Her thick long dark hair shined brilliantly and was as soft as a bed of cotton. Deep green eyes that would pierce the soul of any rival that challenged to lock eyes with her. A 36-24-36 figure on a 5′ 7″ frame with long lethal legs. Her most valued asset is being a rock hard set of 36 DD’s. Breasts that literally enabled her to bash her way to the top.

Megan was very aggressive. The only reason why any of the other girls at school like her was out of fear. When Megan walked the halls at school the other girls would quickly step aside. Not many girls would take the challenge of a head on collision with her.

Only a couple of other girls at Saint Ann’s came close to competing with her. One in particular was Robin. A beautiful blonde, whose looks and strength came so close, but was shot down time and again by Megan’s supremacy. Standing 5′ 7″ and sporting a set of 36 D’s didn’t seem quite enough to withstand the pressure of Megan’s wrath.

It seems every year Robin would challenge Megan’s status and the two would end up locked together in a tight clinch that always ended with Megan overwhelming the blonde’s ability to compete. Megan act usually enjoyed putting Robin in her place time and time again. She couldn’t wait to see if Robin was up to the challenge again this year.

The all-girl school had a strict uniform code. White short sleeve blouse, a plaid pleated skirt that was red, green, and black in color. Most of the girls were constantly testing the system to see how high they could hem their skirts up. It was a little game they seemed to play with the faculty. Week after week the skirts would get shorter and shorter. Eventually there was a major crack down and the skirts would be lowered. Black or white knee-high socks were enforced. And only a black pair of conservative shoes were permitted.

The first day of school seemed the same as it always was. As Megan walked down the hallway strutting her stuff all her piers started to suck up to her magnetic beauty. As she was standing at her locker in between her first and second period class she overheard a conversation between two of her classmates. They were talking about some girl named Meagan. Since the name so much resembled her own she figured they were talking about her. As she tilted her ear to eavesdrop she heard them talk about Robin getting into an argument with this unknown girl named Meagan.

Apparently Robin and Meagan were assigned locker partners and when Robin happened to accidentally bump shoulders with her this Meagan chick ended up pinning her chest to chest up against the lockers. Apparently the teachers quickly broke it up. At first Megan didn’t give this much thought but after thinking about what it would take to pin Robin up against the lockers she started to ask around.

It didn’t take long before Megan learned that there was a new girl in school. A blonde named Meagan. Every one she talked to would give her the impression that she was in for some trouble with this girl. Even though they did not directly tell her this, she could certainly sense something was up. As the day went on she noticed a lot of the other girls giving her strange looks and could hear whispering going on behind her back. She would occasionally catch part of these conversations. She heard the words “Double D’s, Triple D’s and even Double F’s.

For the first time in her life she felt a little on the nervous side. Not knowing how to deal with her feelings she started to become frustrated and then angry. No matter what, she would take on this Meagan chick and put her right in her place.

By the time her forth class of the day came around, Megan had not seen even a glimpse of Meagan. Half way through the class she ended up excusing herself to the ladies room to freshen up a bit.

As she stood in front of the mirror she primp away at her hair and face. When finished, she tightened the tuck of her white blouse into the waistband of her skirt. She always made sure her white blouse was stretched tightly around her 36 DD’s. She knew it made them look larger, and if need be, deadlier. She made her way out of the ladies room and proceeded to make her way back to class.

Suddenly she spotted a blonde girl at the other end of the hallway walking in her direction. Megan kept up her pace. The two girls grew closer. Certainly this was no one that Megan recognized. A sudden shock of reality set in on Megan and she realized this was no other than Meagan. She quickly slipped her hands into the waistband of her skirt making sure that the blouse tuck was at its maximum.

Looking ahead she notice the girl approaching her doing the same thing. Megan quickly filled her lungs with air and thrust her chest out to battle readiness. The two move into the center of the hallway. She could now make out the other girl’s chest. It looked larger than anything she had ever competed with, yet was still convinced she had this girl beat.

Closer and closer the two girls made a beeline for each other. Neither one slowing their pace. Megan could now clearly see the approaching chest. A little bit of her confidence might have been shaken at this point, but she never would have admitted it. Now close enough that Megan could see her deep blue eyes surrounded by the threatening look on the blonde’s face.

Megan locked eyes with the blonde and used her piercing green eyes to warn the blonde. As she held the look she felt the blondes blue eyes piercing back at her with a warning of their own. Never before had she felt another girls eyes penetrate with so much intensity. It would definitely be a challenge to locked eyes with this girl for any great length of time. As the two came within twenty-five feet of each other things seemed to start moving in slow motion for Megan.

Her eyes never parted from the blonde’s icy glare. Their hips swaying almost in tune with one another. Full thick hair bouncing from their shoulders with each step. Arms slightly swinging as the clicking of their expensive black leather shoes echo through the hallway. It was now apparent in Megan’s mind that the two of them were on a collision course. Within two feet of each other they both started to fall forward. Their rock hard breasts thrusting out to maximum battering size.

They came together with a horrendous thud. Tit-to-Tit. If it could have been seen in slow motion their white blouses looked like they were about to explode from the strain of the impact. Megan was stunned when she felt herself bounce back a step. She still had most of her weight distributed in a forward motion and firmly landed another blow against the blonde’s tits.

With the second blow, she came to a dead stop and seem to be plastered firmly up against the blonde while looking directly into her icy blue eyes. For a brief moment there was an extreme amount of pressure. For some reason the blonde slipped past her making sure to drag her tits roughly across Megan’s and then continued to walk down the hall.

“Watch where you’re going Bitch!” yelled out Megan. Suddenly she spotted a teacher that had been walking up behind her.

“I heard that Miss Adams.” The teacher shouted. “Come with me to the office so we can talk about your language.” Megan watched as the blonde glanced back with a snide look of victory on her face. While sitting in the office waiting for her lecture on language, Megan could help but replay what had happened in the hallway over and over again in her mind. As the pain settled in deeper and deeper she couldn’t help but think about it. She had never bounced back like that in her life. Just about every girl that ever stood up to her was pushed back with ease.

Only a few girls in her life had ever given her any real challenge, but never like this. As she replayed the event over and over again in her mind she kept focusing on that first impact. Had she literally been pushed back or did Meagan bounce back too, and if so how far.

After getting a good talking to about her language in school, Megan made her way off to her last class of the day. She was late walking into her English class.

As she entered the classroom the teacher instructed her to sit in her assigned seat which was at the back of the room. As she took her seat she couldn’t believe her eyes. Sitting directly across the aisle to the right of her was Meagan. The two locked eyes for a brief moment. “How was the principal’s office?” Asked Meagan in a snotty whisper.

Megan just gave her a bitchy look and took her seat. As the teacher lectured the class Megan and Meagan kept giving each other the evil eye. Megan quickly grabbed a small piece of paper and wrote on it, “Tits Sore?” She passed it over to Meagan.

After the blonde read the note she look up to see Megan giggling her tits at her. The note was quickly returned to the brunette with “Not even Bitch!” written below.

As Megan look up, the blonde was thrusting her chest in and out in a pumping motion. One thing led to another and soon the two girls were engage in a battle of comparison. Chests were being thrust out, hair was being tossed and primped; hips squirmed back and forth in their seats.

Eventually Meagan had stretched her left leg down the aisle between them and even hiked up her skirt giving the brunette a good look at her muscular yet very feminine limbs. Megan eyes traveled up the blonde’s white knee high stockinged leg and didn’t seem at all impress at what she was seeing. This challenge was definitely not going to go unanswered.

The brunette casually stretched her right leg down the aisle. She then hiked up her skirt giving the blonde an equal view of her black knee high stocking covered limb. With their legs about two feet apart there was an attempt made on both girls part to bring them length to length. They used their other leg to slowly push their desks into the isle.

As they grew closer together each girl tried to gain length by stretching her foot farther down the aisle. Megan couldn’t keep her eyes off the comparison. When they got to be side by side Megan tried to set it in her mind that her legs were longer and firmer. Yet there was a side of her that was undecided.

Her thinking brought thoughts that possibly Meagan’s legs were longer and firmer. Their knee high stocking ankles and calves came into contact and just as she felt the smooth skin of Meagan’s thigh touching her own the school bell rang and the class had ended.

The teacher quickly announced a list of names that he wanted to see after class. Megan’s name just happened to be one of them. This threw a wrench into Megan’s plans to confront the blonde bitch after class. After waiting around for what seem like an hour, Megan was the last one up to the teacher’s desk.

After finding out that the teacher only wanted to know why she was late for class, she was furious. The next morning as Megan made her way to her locker she was stunned to see Meagan fumbling through her locker. She wasn’t about to stand for this bitch snooping around in her personal things.

“Just what the hell do you think you’re doing Bitch?” Shouted out Megan as she came right up and used her chest to bump the blonde from behind. Meagan turned around bumped her chest into Megan’s. The two stepped face to face with their tits pressed firmly together, hands on their hips. “Meet your new locker partner slut!” replied Meagan.

There was a moment of silence as the two locked eyes in a hateful glare. Each one could read the others anger growing by the second as they started to press more firmly together. A small crowd started to gather around them taking in the sight of the two most beautiful girls in school coming together in combat. Megan sensed the crowd and her anger was taken to the next level when she heard someone yell out, “Get her Meagan.” Megan was furious that this bitch could come into her school and gain so much popularity in only one day.

She brushed it off and concentrated on the task at hand. Soon she was hearing cheers urging both of them on. This boosted her determination to drive this bitch into the ground. As the two were pressing firmly against each other their foreheads came together and their eyes pierced directly into one another. They started to move out away from the lockers and into the center of the hallway. Never once breaking tit or eye contact. The cheers around them continue.

“Get her Megan!” one girl yelled out.

“Take her on Meagan!” another one shouted.

“Get right in her face!” screamed another.

The two girls pushed heavily into each other and found themselves turning in a small circle as the crowd egged them on. Never once had they broken contact. Meagan brought her hands up from her hips, which immediately triggered Megan to do the same. Hands came up to shoulder level and they interlaced their fingers.

There was some pushing and shoving going on and their hands came straight up above their heads A few seconds later the circling stopped and their arms slowly came down extended outward, crucifix style. For a long moment the two stood this way, motionless.

Their foreheads must have been glued together for they never once parted. Anyone watching this battle would never be able to detect the enormous amount of strength the two girls were applying against each other.

Their tits were bulging up from being tightly smashed against each other. Both girls continued making a desperate attempt to overwhelm the others tits with her own. Megan had never been up against such an opponent. The usual feeling of overwhelming any girl that stood in front of her was not there.

Instead she felt her tits being compress into a shape she never thought possible. The cheering girls that surrounded them closed in to see if they could tell which girl was overpowering the other. A few arguments broke out as to which girl was winning the fight.

Eventually the struggle moved to a new strategy. With their hands still locked together they bent their arms at the elbows keeping their hands at shoulder level. There was a grunt and a thrust from Meagan that forced Megan to take a step back. The crowd of girls cheered.

Megan retaliated and quickly regained her ground and then pushed Meagan back a step. She was also awarded with a cheer from crowd. Back and forth the two girls went. Meagan would thrust forward pushing Megan back then Megan would thrust forward pushing Meagan back.

Occasionally they would lunged forward at the same time and both would stand stalemate for a short moment. Suddenly someone yelled out “Teacher, Teacher!” The crowd dispersed quickly while Meagan and Megan separated. “What’s going on here?” The teacher shouted.

All the students stood in silence and were going about their business. Megan and Meagan stood together in front of their locker as if nothing ever happened. Although their heavy breathing and sweaty faces almost gave them away. Megan was finding it difficult to accept the fact that she had a serious rival on her hands. One like she had never gone up against before.

Throughout the day she was finding it hard to concentrate on her schoolwork. All she could think about was how her breasts felt as they were being tightly compressed with Meagan’s.

Trying to capture in her mind a possible moment when she might have had the advantage during their struggle. In between her next few classes Megan found new reason to be annoyed. Meagan was hogging all the locker space. She would just miss Meagan each time on her trips to the locker, which made it even more frustrating.

5th period class finally came and as Megan enter the room sure enough there was Meagan sitting at her desk. Megan came back and took a seat at her own desk and almost immediately the two were exchanging some heated bitchy looks.

The teacher quickly handed out an assignment. Megan found it annoying that Meagan had crossed her legs and was swinging and twirling her right foot out in the isle. Only a few minutes of this was all Megan could take. She crossed her legs and let her left foot hang out in the isle.

She started swing and twirling it around in circles in an attempt to annoy the blonde. Looking out the corner of her eye as she pretended to be concentrating on her paper. She could see that this only escalated the Blondes annoying habit.

Her twirling foot had made its way farther out into the isle. Megan had it set in her mind that she was going to beat this girl even with her own medicine. She too stretched her foot farther into the isle, swinging and twirling her foot just inches from the blondes. Suddenly she received a hard kick to her foot.

Megan returned the kick. Their feet moved in even closer together until the swinging and twirling caused their black leather shoes to collide over and over again. Meagan then pulled her foot back under her own desk. For a moment Megan thought she had just won the battle. Until out of the corner of her eye she spotted Meagan’s white knee high stocking cover foot hanging in the isle.

This time her foot hung motionless. Megan look at her rivals foot and knew this was a blatant challenge to foot fight her. At the time, she figured this was the only way the two of them could continue their fight without being expelled from school. Besides this was the kind fighting that she loved to engage in.

She pulled her foot back under her desk and removed her left shoe. Seconds later her perfect size seven foot that was covered in a black knee high stocking was hanging out in the isle just inches from the blondes white knee high stocking foot. The two girls continued to work on their paper and acted as if nothing was going on. Yet their sock-covered feet were planning on making war with each other.

Closer and closer they approached until both girls could feel the toe of the other touching her own. At the exact moment they touched, they both looked up out of the corner of their eyes to see their rival staring back at them. Green and blue eyes locked once again.

Slowly they increased the pressure between their toes until they were violently mashing them together. More and more of their feet came into play and soon they were twisting and twirling their feet together. Both were determined to beat the other with their foot fighting technique.

Their eyes would separate briefly to watch their entwining sock-cover feet do battle. After several minutes Megan pulled her foot back and decided to take a new approach. She pulled her left foot up and rested the ankle on right knee so the sole of her perfect size seven foot face out into the isle. She then gave Meagan a challenging look.

When she spotted Meagan glancing down at her foot, she wiggled it back and forth in challenge. It didn’t take long for Meagan to figure it out. She raised her right foot and rested the ankle on her left knee so the sole faced out into the isle. Over the next couple of minutes the soles of their feet slowly approached one another.

They found it difficult to completely close the distance because there was quite a reach between them. Finally Megan came up with a plan. She kicked off her right shoe and stretched her leg out into the isle and gave motion with her eyes for Meagan to watch. When Meagan look into the isle she watch as Megan swung her leg back in a hooking motion.

Megan again stretched her leg out into the isle. Meagan was quick to catch on and kicked her other shoe off. She stretched her left leg out alongside Megan’s. They quickly swung their legs around each other, hooking them together from their ankles to their knees. With their tightly locked legs the two girls used them as leverage to slowly pull their desks side by side into the isle.

This brought the soles of their feet within inches of each other. The two kept their heads down pretending to be working on their papers, but they were actually busy looking out the corner of their eyes, still locked together in a heated glare. Occasionally they would glance down at the approaching soles of their feet and started to mentally compare size.

Finally the soles of their sock-covered feet came together. There was a slight adjustment as they lined them up toe-to-toe and heel-to-heel. At this point both girls’ eyes were focused on their connected soles. After a long comparison, Megan fought the idea that the two of them had perfectly matched feet. But her eyes were telling her that they were identical. Megan was becoming quite frustrated with thought that this blonde bitch could very well be her equal in every aspect, or even possibly beating her feminine status. As the two girls pressed the bottoms of their feet together, Megan could feel the hot moist heat of Meagan’s foot penetrating her knee high sock. The pressure increased between their feet as each one started pushing against the other. Harder and harder they pressed trying to force the others foot back. They used their tightly entwined legs to keep themselves together.

Sort of a pulling and pushing contest. After several minutes their foot battle seem to be a complete stalemate. The bottom of Megan’s foot was burning hot from the pressure. Her foot started to squirm against Meagan’s yet she kept the pressure tight between them. Meagan’s foot responded in kind and soon the bottoms of two girls’ feet were grinding and pushing away at each other. Another battle between their tightly entwined legs erupted as they started slipping and sliding them up and down against each other.

All the grinding and rubbing of their smooth socks was creating whispering noise that came close to alerting the other students. This battle continued until the bell rang. Neither one had given in even an inch to the other. Once again Megan had it in her mind to confront Meagan out in the hallway after class but there were to many teachers standing around, making it impossible. She quickly lost Meagan in the crowded hallways.

As Megan lay in bed that night she started to think about what a long drawn out battle she could possibly have ahead of her. She was preparing to take this to the next level. The next morning the two met up in front of their locker.

This time there was not a lot of confrontation due to a few teachers hanging around the hallways. Only a brief argument over locker space and a few nasty looks were exchanged. Megan decided to skip her first period class in order to do a little spying on Meagan.

She knew Meagan’s first period class was physical education from finding her class schedule in their locker. She sneaked her way into the shower room while the girls were out in the gym. She quickly started searching to find the answer to a question that had been haunting her since day one. There were no real lockers in the shower room just open stalls to hang their belongings.

She found one of Meagan’s school folders with her name on it. She also recognized her shoes sitting on a shelf in the locker stall. There before her hung the answer to the question she desperately needed to know. It was Meagan’s bra. She reached up and pulled down the white lacy garment searching for the tag, 36 DD was what she read. She quickly removed her own shirt and then proceeded to take her bra off. She then proceeded to swap bras with Meagan.

After pressing her breast into the cups of her rival’s bra she fastened the clasp. She started thrusting her chest in and out comparing the tightness to her own bra. She couldn’t believe the fit. It was as if she were wearing one of her own bras. She sat down on the bench and leaned back against the wall. She closed her eyes and concentrated on feeling the cups of Meagan’s bra with her tits. Feeling the size and shape. Searching for contours that Meagan’s breast might have worn into the bra.

She started to fantasize about Meagan and her fighting tit-to-tit while wearing each other’s bras. Megan was quickly brought back to reality when she heard the shower room door open. She must have briefly fallen asleep in order for that much time to pass. She grabbed her blouse and hid around the corner. All the girls came in and started stripping their clothes off heading for the showers.

Megan waited until the coast was clear. She peaked inside the shower stall and got a full frontal view of Meagan’s tits. She had her eyes closed and was washing her hair out. Megan studied the blonde’s hard nipples trying to measure them up against her own. Other girls started to come out of the showers causing Megan to make a break for it. During Megan’s second period class she started to hear a rumor that Meagan was spreading about her.

Apparently the blonde had managed to make it deeper into the brunette’s personal life and the two of them were now dating the same guy. His name was Tom. Meagan went out with him last night and apparently they ended up making out.

Meagan was spreading rumor that Tom said she’s a much better kisser that Megan. Megan was once again furious. No matter where she turned this bitch seemed to be right in her face. Megan took it upon herself to spread a rumor of her own.

She passed on that she had talk to Tom after their date and her told her that kissing Meagan was like kissing a dirty dishrag. Megan wasn’t so much concerned about Tom as she was about this bitch trying to outdo her every time she turned around. It didn’t take long for the rumor to get back to Meagan.

As Megan stood in front of her locker exchanging books for her 3rd class, Meagan came up behind her and gave her a chest bump. Megan quickly turned around and once again the two stood tit-to-tit. “What’s this rumor you’ve been spreading about me?” Meagan asked forcefully.

“Don’t you mean the rumor you’ve been spreading about me.” Shot back Megan smirking with the idea that they were now wearing each other’s bras.

“Its no rumor bitch, it’s the truth!” the Blonde shouted. “Please don’t try and bullshit me slut, I wrote the book on French kissing!” The brunette stated.

“That’s not what Tom tells me, he told me you don’t swap enough spit for his taste.” Replied Meagan.

“Bitch my kiss is wetter and deeper than yours will ever be!” stated Megan as she pressed in harder against Meagan.

“Then how about you and I settle this with a girl-to-girl kiss fight.” Suggested Meagan and she too pressed in harder against the Brunette. At the moment of Meagan’s challenge Megan noticed the blonde had brought her hips in and was pressing her pubic bone firmly against her own. Megan couldn’t believe that this bitch had beaten her at taking their war to the next level.

“A kiss fight and the pubic bone contact certainly out does a secret bra swap.” Megan thought to herself. But not enough to make her back down. She slowly applies increasing pressure between their pubic bones and tits.

“I’ll teach you what swapping spit is all about bitch.” Megan stated.

“You better have lots of it slut!” growled Meagan.

For a moment the two girls just stood there glaring into each other’s eyes. Hands on their hips, pressing together tit-to-tit and pubic bone to pubic bone.

Breathing hot moist breath across each other’s lips. The bell rang indicating class was about to start. Meagan pulled back and said, “We finish this later bitch!”

During Megan’s next class she notice that her panties had become moist after her pubic bone contact with Meagan. The more she thought about the tight connecting pressure between them, the wetter they got. Thinking about the two of them locked in a kissing fight wasn’t helping any either. She noticed herself drooling out the corner of her mouth as she thought about it.

This would be no ordinary kiss. It was going to be a fight. Their paths did not cross again until it was time for English class. When Megan enter the room she spotted Meagan already sitting at her desk. As she took her seat she noticed a note on her desk. She turned it over and read it. “Let’s meet after school!”

She looked over at Meagan who was licking her glossy lips while glaring back at her. A small amount of saliva was dripping from the corner of her mouth. Megan glared back and licked her lips leaving a thick trail of saliva across them. As the teacher handed out their assignments Meagan and Megan were giving it their best to intimidate each other.

Their shoes immediately came off and their legs stretched their way out into the isle. This time both were wearing white knee high stockings. Once again their feet locked together in a foot war. At one time they had turn completely into the isle facing each other. They had both the soles of their feet pressing together but were unable to do any serious pushing because their desks would just slide across the floor. Eventually the bell rang ending the class. All the students rustled out the door while Megan and Meagan remained seated.

The teacher asked them what they were waiting for and they explained that they just wanted to catch up on some homework. The teacher only hung around for a few minutes then advised the girls not to stay to late. Now alone Megan reached into her backpack and pulled out a stick of lip-gloss. She applied a thick satin finish across her lips. She looked over at Meagan who was coating her own lips to a deep lustrous shine.

“Are you ready to experience my kiss of death?” Asked Megan.

“It will be my kiss that kills yours Bitch!” replied Meagan.

The two girls rose from their seats and stood facing one another in their stockinged feet. They came together pressing tit-to-tit. Their hips maneuvered into position until pubic bone contact was made. For a moment that just stood there staring wickedly into each other’s eyes. Slowly their faces moved in until their glossy lips lightly touched and their sweet breath intermingled.

“My kiss is going to destroy your kiss bitch!” Whispered Megan.

“It will be my kiss that destroys yours slut!” Replied Meagan.

Their words causing their lips to gently rub. They came together and kissed, massaging their lips together. The kiss only lasted a couple of seconds. They pulled back locking eyes. They kissed again but this time with more aggression. Deeply massaging their glossy lips together. Ten seconds later they broke apart again, locking eyes. Meagan brought her hands up to shoulder height and spread her fingers apart.

“Let’s tongue fight Bitch!” She said and stuck her wet tongue out.

Megan’s hands came up and she tightly interlaced her fingers with Meagan’s. Her tongue came out and she touched the tip to Meagan’s tongue.

The two started to flick them back and forth. More and more of their tongues came into play until they were wildly slashing and twirling them together.

They stood nose to nose with their eyes wide open, locked together with the look of hate. Bodies pressed tightly together. Tongues reaching out as far as possible while corkscrewing together. At times the twirling would stop. Their tongues would get caught up in a position where one would be trying to force the other off to the side, while the other tongue would counter resist. These little episodes would last several seconds as they tested each other’s tongue strength. After several minutes of tongue battle Megan finally pulled back.

“Alright let’s see how you are at swapping spit Bitch!” She yelled then plunged her wide-open mouth onto Meagan’s.

The Blonde met the Brunette with her own wide-open mouth and the two girls rammed their tongues deep into each other.

They pressed in harder. Hands still locked, tits mashed together, pubic bones crushing into one another. Still glaring hatefully at each other from the corner of their eyes.

Their mouths quickly filling with girl-girl spit. Meagan increased the already tight pressure between them causing Megan’s head to tilt back. This caused her to stumble back a bit.

The Brunette charged forward pushing the blonde back and the two started to stumble around the room. At this point the two girls were putting every ounce of all their strength into the kiss fight. Yet there seemed to be no apparent winner.

The strength of their kiss seemed to be equal. Their tongues were mixing so much of their spit together, that it was dripping from their chins. For what seemed like hours the two girls remained locked together in a tongue kissing, spit swapping, duel.

Neither one showed any signs of giving up. Suddenly the door to the classroom started to rattle. The two girls narrowly escaped their tight embrace as the teacher walked into the room.

“What are you two still doing here?” He questioned with authority. “You two should be home doing your homework!” he stated.

The girls’ swollen mouths were covered in each other’s spit. They quickly gathered their things and as they were walking out the door, the teacher called Megan back into the room. He sat her down and gave her an hour-long lecture about her grades. He went on and on about a straight A student receiving C’s. Megan knew that Meagan would not have waited an hour for her to finish their fight.

The next day the two girls met up in front of their locker. As they stood tit to tit, they could sense each had gained a little bit of respect for the other. But there was also a signal being passed between them that this was far from over. The two didn’t seem too involved with seeking the other out as the day wore on. In fact they didn’t meet up again until 5th period class. And at the end of the class neither one sought to confront the other. However they did engage in another foot and leg fight. This time both were wearing black knee high stockings as they fought.

Neither was about to give in by showing the other she was not able to fight. This was becoming a ritual. If one were to back down now, it would mean admitting they were susceptible to the other. Now that the weekend was here Megan decided to double her exercise routines. She used the vision of her and Meagan locked in a tight tit-to-tit embrace to give her the drive and determination for such a vigorous workout sessions.

She spent hours over the weekend running, biking, and lifting weights. By the time Monday came around she was feeling pretty good. Before heading off to school Megan packed a few extra pairs of panties. She was wetting them quite regularly with the thought of beating Meagan. By the time she got to school she damn near needed to change them. It was like someone had opened up the floodgates on her. Her tits were feeling extra hard as she met up with Meagan in front of their locker. They came together and stood tit-to-tit.

“Ready for a new week?” asked Meagan

“Never been more ready!” state Megan.

They locked eyes for a moment. Megan sensed a bit more energy coming from the blonde. Seconds later Meagan slid off the brunette and headed off for class. Megan needed to change her panties right then and there. She looked around to make sure no one was watching. She pulled her soaking wet panties off and slipped on a dry pair. She tucked the wet panties into her backpack, closed the locker, and then headed off for class.

After third period Megan stop off at her locker to exchange books. It appeared someone had been rummaging through her backpack. After checking to see if anything was missing, she noticed that the white panties she was wearing earlier were missing. It was only obvious that it was Meagan. She started to search through the blonde’s backpack. She came across a few pairs of panties stashed in the side pocket. One black pair in particular was soaking wet. After searching the entire locker she could only come up with one conclusion.

Meagan was hiding them. She took it upon herself to hide Meagan’s panties in the same place she knew the blonde was hiding hers. She pulled down the panties she was wearing from her hips. She then took Meagan’s wet black panties and stepped into them. She pulled them up into her crotch and just about came as she felt the wet panties press into her pussy.

She was barely able to make it to her next class without the juices running down her legs. By the time fifth period came around Megan had cum in Meagan’s panties at least three times. The two gave each other a look that seemed to confirm their panty exchange. Megan stretched out her black knee high stocking leg as Meagan stretch out her white knee high stocking legs. Just as they were about to engage in another leg war, Meagan raised her hand to be excused to the ladies room.

Megan took this opportunity, and in less than a minute, raised her hand to be excused to the ladies room. When Megan walked into the bathroom Meagan was waiting for her. Immediately the two charged each other and smacked together tit to tit. Both reached up and latched onto each other’s hair at the sides of their faces. Their mouths were snarling and dripping with saliva. Eyebrows twisted inward as the two became locked in a wicked glare.

They reached out and bit each other’s lips, neither one letting go. Their faces were angled slightly, causing Megan’s left eye and Meagan’s right eye to peer directly into each other. In fact, so close that their eye lashes mingled. Their mascara caused them to stick together. They stumbled around the room out of control. Suddenly a teacher’s voice yelled out.

“What’s going on in here?” The two girls were busted for fighting and sent to the office.

The two were separated and lectured. Next time they would get detention and they were then sent home for the rest of the day. As the two came together tit-to-tit in front of their locker the next day Meagan spit across Megan’s lips. The brunette spit back.

“You think those tits of yours is pretty hot shit don’t you?” Shouted the blonde.

“Hotter than yours bitch.” Replied Megan.

“You think they can hold up to mine Slut?” spat out Meagan.

“I think they would destroy yours!” stated Megan.

Meagan then brought her arms up and wrapped them around the brunette. “What if we were to squeeze them together?” asked Meagan as she started applying a tight squeeze on Megan.

Megan simply wrapped her arms tightly around the Blonde. “They would have no problem pressing yours flat!” stated Megan as she squeezed back.

The two stood briefly locked in each other’s arms until an approaching teacher caused them to separated. “There’s no class during 4th period in the music room. This will give us a whole hour to find out who’s got the best tits.” Stated Meagan.

“You’re on bitch!” growled Megan.

As Meagan turn to walk away she glance back and said, “By the way, bra and panties.”

After second period Megan found herself needing a change of panties. She was surprised when she open her locker door to see a pair of Meagan’s white lacy panties on display. The panties were wet with Meagan’s sex. It was becoming obvious this bitch enjoyed this kind of fighting as much as she did. She quickly pulled down her panties and slipped into Meagan’s. She left her own panties on display inside the locker. After her next class she made a return trip to her locker. The panties were gone.

She quickly made her way to the music room to find Meagan waiting. “For a minute I thought you were too scared to show up.” State Meagan.

“Don’t make me laugh. Scared of you, huh!” Replied Megan.

“Just wait till I squeeze the life right out of those little titties of yours.” State Meagan as she started to remove her blouse.

“Little!” Megan shouted. “My tits are going to burst those weak sacks of yours!”

The two had now strip down to bras, panties, and knee high stocking. Both had on white lacy bras. Megan had on black knee high stockings and Meagan’s white panties. Meagan had on white knee high stockings and Megan’s black panties.

The two came together and stopped as their tits came into contact. They started brushing their tits back and forth across each other. Their lacy bras hissed in anger as they rubbed. Hard nipples were protruding through the silky material, brazing sharply as they passed back and forth. Arms came up and around each other. One arm under and one arm over, so they both had the same hold on each other.

They both looked down and started comparing cleavage. In their minds neither could tell which set was fuller or firmer. This test would hopefully answer the question for both of them. They looked up and locked eyes.

“Hope you enjoy wearing my underwear.” Meagan said as she connected pubic bones with Megan.

“Not as much as you enjoy wearing mine.” Stated Megan as she increased the pressure.

Tighter and tighter they squeezed. Tits smashing tits, pubic bone crushing pubic bone. They held each other for what seemed like an eternity. Never once did their eyes part. Their 36 DD’s seemed to be a perfect match for one another. Neither one being able to tell which set was more overpowering. On and on they continued to crush their bodies together. Sweat forming across their foreheads as their strength slowly weakened.

For one hour they managed to squeeze their bodies together with neither one giving in. When they heard the bell ring they released each other like a set of boxers in the ring. Quickly they jumped into their clothes, finishing just in time, as a herd of students entered the room. They would meet again during 5th period class. Fifth period class gave the two girls a chance to really feel the effects of their hour-long squeeze.

Megan felt like her tits had formed a new shape. Her pubic bone was throbbing and feeling like it was still being crushed against Meagan’s. Yet that didn’t stop her from battling the blonde with her feet and legs during 5th period class. Meagan was called off to the office just before class ended.

Megan went in search of her after school, but came up empty handed. When Megan opened the door to her locker the next morning, a black and white lacy wad of material was on display. It had a note attached to it. “Let’s Fuckfight!” After closer examination, Megan could tell it was two pairs of entwined panties. One pair being hers, the other pair Meagan’s. The crotches were stuck together from each other’s dried cum.

In front of her know was definitely the ultimate womanly challenge. It wasn’t until history class that the two came into contact with each other. This time the two had removed their socks and went at it barefoot. Their soft soles were pressing and rubbing together. Perfect toes were mashing and interlocking.

This barefoot feet fight seemed to represent the fight soon to come. As class ended Meagan directed Megan to the music room where she arranged the battleground. Wrestling mats had been brought in for the occasion. Soon the two stood in front of each other naked for the first time. Their eyes seemed to be fixated on each other’s firm womanly bodies.

They stepped together and locked eyes. “This is where one woman proves herself to be better than the other woman. And that woman is going to be me.” State Meagan.

“In your dreams bitch! This is where I take you down.” Replied Megan.

The two stepped together until they were nipple to nipple. Meagan glanced down and said, “I know you’ve been dying to test your nipples against mine. Go ahead. Just try and bend mine with yours” she stated.

“You are going to be extremely disappointed when your nipples yield to mine bitch!” replied Megan.

They brought their lengthy pink nips together and started flicking them across one another. “Can you feel mine bending yours?” Meagan asked.

“That’s mine you feel bending yours.” State Megan.

They slowed the flicking down and set their nipples in side by side. To their amazement the two sets of nipples where identical in length and size. They turned off to the side, opposite one another, and let their nipples strike ever so slowly across one another. They watched them bend equally across each other until the very tips flicked apart. They momentarily locked eyes with a look of disgust.

Focusing back on their nipples they lined them up tip to tip. Slowly they pushed forward causing them to disappear into a mountain of flesh. Arms came up and tightly wrapped around each other. Once again eyes locked. “Can you feel my nipples pushing your nipples back bitch?” Growled Megan.

“That’s my nipples you feel pushing your nipples back slut” replied Meagan.

With that the two girls brought their pubic bones together. Light and dark pubic hair tangle for the first time. They started to scrape their hairs against each other causing a harsh abrasive sound to fill the room.

“Bitch I’m going to grind the hairs right off your pussy!” Shouted out Meagan.

“You’re the one that’s going to leave bald slut!” replied Megan.

They tightened their embrace. Legs started to entwine as their mouths came together in a deep kiss. Tighter and tighter they squeezed the full nakedness of their bodies together. Tits crushing tits. Pussies parted and finally touched causing them to shutter. They lost their balance and went crashing to the ground, the impact causing them to fall apart.

Sitting across from each other they stretched their legs out and connected the soles of their bare feet. They spread their legs wide. Megan started massaging her pussy. Spreading it open for Meagan to see.

“My cunt is going to eat your cunt alive bitch!” she yelled.

“My cunt is the one that will be swallowing your cunt slut!” replied Meagan as she held her pussy lips open.

They started pushing together and their legs spreading out. Their feet came apart and they place one leg over and one leg under their rival’s. Inching forward they came together cunt-to-cunt. There was a wet smacking sound as they connected like a kiss. Their legs and arms wrapped around each other as the pressure increased. They glared hatefully into each other’s eyes as they felt the insides of their pussies rubbing together.

“Let’s bring our clits out and make them fight each other!” yelled out Meagan.

“Let’s entwine our clits and let them destroy one another!” Shouted Megan.

A suction started to form between their cunts, pulling their lengthy clits out to tangle. More and more pressure was applied until their clits were laced together in a tight braid. Lips came together and sealed. Tongues gave each other spit baths as they rolled together deep inside each other’s mouths. A mutual orgasm rocked their bodies. Girl cum was being mixed together while it was injected deep into each other cunts.

The fuckfight went on, orgasm after orgasm. The end was near when Megan started to feel her cunt being sucked into Meagan’s.

The End

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  1. Gabriel says:

    could there be a part two to this? i feel like its left unfinished between the two girls rivalry and there sexfighting.

  2. Julieta says:

    Great story! One of my favorites! I’d love to read a continuation and both Megan becoming lovers!


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