BriBunny vs. Stunning Steph: Claws & Cunts

BriBunny vs. Stunning Steph from Discord


With all that’s happened recently between Ewa and Steph and then between Steph and me, Amber is kind of at her wit’s end. “Stop it, you two!” I rarely ever hear my sister so emotional and passionate. “I love her! Just accept it! Ok!” Amber’s plea made me feel a little sorry about what had happened because the things I did to Steph when I came storming over to their house weren’t for the faint of heart. How many couples are forced to battle with their tongues to eat someone’s pussy? And Steph did seem to learn her lesson. The non-stop prideful talk about how she could have beaten Ewa stopped entirely, and so Ewa and I talked about it, and we decided Amber was right. We just needed to accept it … to accept you. 

So we decided to invite you both over for dinner. We were worried it might all explode into chaos, but it didn’t. Sure, there was some tension. How could there not be? But that’s why the gods invented wine, right? Dinner was light, and all of us were more focused on drinking than eating, and the more we drank, the more we laughed, and what had happened in the past few weeks and months seemed to disappear. Although not entirely. 

It wasn’t all the time, but I could feel it. I could still feel Steph staring at me and looking me over. She was still upset about what happened. She didn’t say anything though, and as we retired to the living room, quickly realizing that you two were too drunk to drive, we invited you two to spend the night and keep drinking, and that’s precisely what we did until late at night, almost two in the morning, everyone started to doze off—everyone but me. Or so I thought.

I got up from the sofa to the linen closet, and I got three afghans—one for each of you. Ewa got my favorite, of course. It’s older and kind of silly looking, but my grandmother made it for me by hand, and it’s a treasured possession that only gets used by my wife and me. Steph and Amber get store-bought afghan, and after laying the afghan on Steph, I start to make my way up the stairs to bed which my lovely wife made this morning with fresh white sheets. 

I strip down because I always sleep naked, and I head to the bed. I pull back the comforter and the top sheet, and as I bend over to feel the sheet before sliding in, I hear a voice behind me. It’s Steph. “Mind if I join you?” I turn around to see her standing there naked with her hands open and her claws pointed at me. It’s not subtle. I smirk, and I slide onto the bed with my legs spread. My left hand taps my nails on the bed for you to see, and I purr… “Of course, but I can guarantee you it won’t be pleasant.”

Stunning Steph:

One of the first conversations that Amber had with me when we got serious was about the… special… relationship she had with her sister Bri and her wife Ewa. It was an interesting conversation and I went through quite the range of reactions and emotions of which surprise, jealousy and arousal featured prominently. I knew I was being brought in to a very close and very complicated relationship and I was eager to do so on the right foot. That didn’t happen. 

Approaching Ewa first, trying to make nice which went spectacularly wrong, Ewa insulted by my ‘arrogance’ and it only went downhill from there and quickly the two of us decided to settle things as cats should. Despite fighting for my new love and to show I was worthy of being with her I fell short, the fight incredibly even until Ewa managed to force me to orgasm against my will. The truth of the matter was that whilst Ewa ‘drew first blood’ she was being rocked by her own orgasm before mine had finished and neither of us were in a fit state to continue, both promising the other that things weren’t over.

I’d always intended on settling the score with Ewa, getting my rematch and showing her that she got lucky, that I could take her, that she ‘beat me’… that she outlasted me by seconds. I was pissed not so much at Ewa but at myself, I had a golden opportunity and I fell short. I was hardly subtle about expressing my thoughts and before I could get at Ewa to go another round I drew the ire of her wife Bri.

I hadn’t interacted with Bri much, in truth I was pretty intimidated by her. Ewa I fought after my attempts at preemptive peace making turned to disaster, Bri on the other hand came gunning for me after I’d rubbed her up the wrong way with what I’d done to Ewa in our fight and for what I’d been saying about her. I get it, she was protecting her own both her sister Amber from someone she didn’t think was worthy of her and her wife from what she thought was a sore loser with a big mouth.

Recalling the fight between us, Bri pretty much coming through the front door swinging, putting me on the back foot immediately and whilst I fought well to try and even things up she used her cunning to practically immobilizing me before taking me apart sexually and, to make matters worse, not only did Amber have to see me get turned into a subbie bitch she shared my fate.

Ever since I’ve had some very confusing thoughts about Bri. Part of me wanting revenge for what she did to me and my lover. Part of me not wanting to put a target on my back. Part of me experiencing a… craving… to be touched like that again. I decided the best thing I could do was just shut my mouth, not piss off Bri and Ewa… but if the chance came and I had the advantage… no… for now I would play nice, Bri and Ewa didn’t seem to be pushing Amber to ditch me, so long as I have Amber my pride could surely handle a knock. My situation seemed to improve with Bri and Ewa inviting the pair of us to dinner, formally declaring a ceasefire. 

The evening was genuinely pleasant. There was, naturally, some degree of tension at times but nothing a few glasses and later bottles of wine could fix and then, after realizing we’d drunk way too much Bri once again did her part for peace, offering us shelter for the night and allowing us to keep drinking, as soon as the offer was made though I saw an opportunity, one I might not get again… under Bri and Ewa’s roof for the night. All of us intoxicated… if I could keep my head…

Relatively early on I started to feign sleepiness, deliberately slurring my words, cuddling up to Amber, it wasn’t long after that others started to really show the wear and tear of a night drinking. Starting to fall asleep one by one and pretending to do the same. Part of me felt guilty when Bri tried to make a sleeping Amber and a pretending to sleep me comfy… but she’d humiliated me, she’d dominated me… I needed payback.

Silently following Bri as she went to bed, slipping out of my clothes and sneaking into her bedroom but choosing against jumping her. I want to keep things fair, I need to PROVE what I can do, both to Bri and to myself.

“Mind if I join you?” I ask, claws extended. You give me the answer I hoped.

And I immediately join you on the bed, I could lunge at you, I could try and steam roll you but I don’t want that… I need you to know I’m at your level, I want to fight fair, I need to prove to you that I’m you’re equal. Spreading my legs wide as I stare at you “I appreciate your efforts Bri… but we both know this is necessary” puffing out my chest proudly.


The answer releases from my lips as I slip back onto the bed naked, and I wait for you. You take your time making it across the room because you want me to watch you. You want me to see your naked body and be aroused by it. There’s no doubt…. none whatsoever… that sex is in the air. I lean back as you get close so that you can climb up onto the bed and on top of me, and very shamelessly, you do. My hands go up to your hair, but not to pull or tug. I brush your hair back from your face as you slide your pussy in mine and our legs start to wrap around each other like we were in a catball…. because that’s exactly what this is going to be. As your wet pussy pushes to mine and we start to rub, I pull down on your hair a bit, nor forcefully, but with a slight tug, and I pull your lips down to mine. Our noses press, and my right hand slips from your hair to your back. “Like I said… this isn’t going to be pleasant… but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.” I thrust my lips at yours, and I start to kiss you. My hips thrust up, and I push my pussy into yours, while my right hand curls behind you, and I push my nails into your skin, and I rake my hand down your back.


Loving the initial contact between our pussies, honestly feeling so good I start to worry if this was a good idea but you’re feeling it too surely. You didn’t have to make things sexual in our last fight, you wanted it… you want me.

Locking up with you, mirroring you as I grip the back of your head, firm but not rough… not yet. I want to respond as you tell me it won’t be pleasant but you thrust your lips into mine and we start to kiss passionately, what feels like months of pent up lust, even though it’s been closer to a week comes spilling out as I kiss you hotly and wetly. Holding your face to mine. Moaning into your mouth as I feel your nails on my back… loving being scratched, especially by another hellcat.

I quickly respond, snaking one hand behind you, rather than scratching your back though I slowly, teasingly deliver the smallest amount of contact possible as I trace my fingers from the base of your spine to between your shoulder blades… THEN I rake down on the freshly stimulated bare flesh, thrusting my hips forward hard the moment my claws latch and starting to grind more aggressively.

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“Uwnnnnn…… Fuckk,….. ” Our lips only break our kiss so we can moan in pain at what we are doing to each other with our nails, and as soon as the initial shot of pain comes escaping from our lips, they latch again. My tongue licks at yours, swirling around yours and then pressing in over the top, trying to pin it down inside your mouth as you grab my hair and pull… rolling me over and onto my back. I thrust my pussy up at yours, and our tits smear over each other. Our hard nipples dig into each other’s skin, and our hips starts to grind. My left hand pulls back on your hair hard. Our lips both extend, trying to reach for each other and keep the kiss, but I pull hard enough to force them to separate. I lay on my freshly scratched back, and I look up at you and moan as my right hand goes to my side. “You know…. Steph…. I really fucking liked hurting you…” and with that my right hand flattens out, and I swing my palm HARD at the side of your face, smacking into your cheek so loud I worry it will wake Ewa and Amber, and I push, trying to roll you off me. 


Rolling you onto your back and working my pussy all over yours. Letting out a gasp of pain as you pull my head back sharply and tell me how much you liked hurting me in our last fight. Before I can respond you drive your palm hard into the side of my face, a frankly delicious sharp slap of skin on skin filling the room, I let out a short sharp whimper of pain as your slap lands, unable to resist as you now force me onto my back taking top spot.

With me underneath you I’m able to once again get to your back and I continue to rake my nails up and down your back as I growl up at you “you hit…. like a bitch!” I snarl, grabbing a hold of your hair and pulling your face down closer to mine before giving a big wet lick up almost your entire face before yanking your head back sharply.


I get on top of you as I pull your head back into the pillows that Ewa and I sleep on every single night, my palm still stinging from the slap to your face, but you’re so fucking quick. I thrust my hips down into yours and push my pussy against you. I smear my wetness on you as you reach around my back against and start to claw down the same spot, raking your nails down my spine and taunting me. 

“Aaaawww….. do you want another then, whore!!!” 

I go to slap you again but you pull my face in and start to lick at me… 

“Uhhnnn… fuck…. bitchhh!” I start to push away with my right hand on your shoulder, but you yank my head back hard and I grunt in pain and my right hand slides down to your massive left tit as my back arches from the hair pull and my tit lifts off of yours. I sink my nails in and start to squeeze… HARD… pushing my nails in and twisting as I push down and start thrusting my pussy down into yours and openly fucking my sister’s new love.


I let out a yelp of pain as your nails find my left breast and you start to twist the orb cruelly as you redouble your efforts to drive your pussy into mine.

“Ughhhhh……. dirty……. slut!” I groan “MORE!” I demand clearly not wanting you to hold back, wanting your best… needing it.

Having to make a decision as to whether I keep mauling your back or I pull your hair and deciding to keep my grip on your hair, trying to keep your head back both to unbalance you and make it harder for you to fight back effectively. Sliding my hand down before I withdraw it fully and giving your bare ass a hard slap, so hard I sting my hand, initially worried I might have done some real damage to myself and wincing hard whimpering slightly.

Finished with your back I try to yank your head hard to one side seeking to unbalance you and maybe take some of your hair with it as I try to get you off of me, intent on dominating you on your marital bed, grabbing for your wrist trying to pull your hand from my breast. 


“YOu… have… no idea…. how dirty…. I am… WHORE….” I moan… and when you say you want more… I give it to you… I start pumping my hips and smacking my wet pussy into yours, focusing more on that than on keeping you pinned under me or even on mauling your breast. You keep pulling my hair and you slap my ass hard… really fucking hard… or maybe it’s just how the sound bounces off the walls of the bedroom…. but no… is stings, and when you yank my head to the side to slow down my thrusting, I roll onto my fleshly slapped ass and fleshly scratched back and I moan in pain… 

“Fuck…… you…..”

But as i say it you grab my wrist and pull it from your breast and thrust it down into the pillow…. “You think you can out fuck me whore….” We both have our grips in each other’s hair but you are holding my wrist down… “Bring it ON….. SLUT!!!” 

I pull on your hair again, pulling your lips down to mine… kissing you wildly and wetly and then sucking on your button lip.. sucking it… pulling it in between my teeth… and biting down as my pussy slaps up into yours.

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Your words just getting me even more fired up making me want it even more… making it clear you’re exactly my kind of bitch. As I force you onto your back I start to smack your hot wet pussy hard, making you fight from underneath on your hurt back.

I wince as you use your grip on my hair to pull my face down to yours as we kiss each other hotly, groaning as your teeth bite down on my lower lip immediately feeling a sharp but not entirely unwelcome pain and then the taste blood. Shoving my tongue forward, not even caring if it actually gets into your mouth or not as I just lick, lapping at your mouth. 

“I’ll…….show you………. who………slut…………is!” I moan as I drive my pussy hard into yours, clubbing your cunt as I try to pin your wrist above your head, using my grip on your hair and start easing your head back, forcing you to look up at the headboard and you eventually lose your bite on my lip, using the opportunity to kiss your exposed neck before delivering a love bite.

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I bite down into our lip, and the taste of your skin on my tongue is so sweet and salty and I love it. I love biting you. I love feeling my claws in you. I love feeling your big tits rubbing on mine, and I love feeling your pussy smacking down into mine. You pull my head back, and you start to twist my head back so that I’m looking up at the headboard…..

“I’mmmmm… the…. SLUT….BITCH…” I thrust up into you more, clubbing your cunt right back with mine and smacking your pussy hard. We’re both so wet and dripping on each other, the sound between our legs is a wet, sloppy sound. And as I moan, you start to kiss my neck… licking… then biting….

“Ughnnn…. whore…. fucking whore…” I finally let go of your hair because you have my other hand trapped, and I grab your shoulder with my left hand, push my nails in, and pull down you arm as I push, trying to thrust you over and off me as you fuck me on my marital bed…

“I will…. sluttt…. you ….. out!”

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Impressed by the fight you put up from underneath me, but that’s what I want, that’s what I need. I need you on your bed, the bed you share with Ewa, I need to tame you here, on your home turf.

I know you want me, I want you to, I want to hurt you…. I want to fuck you. Smacking you back down as hard as I can, moaning into your neck as we fuck hard and fast. Feeling some relief as you let go of my hair, certain I’ve probably lost a few strands during the fight so far, not that that matters right now, I’m focused on my goal.

You grab my shoulder and push hard, wincing as your nails dig into my shoulder and you gain the leverage you need to shove me over, my legs wide as I land, and I lose my grip on your hair and your wrist. 

“I’m……. gonna……..make………you……….MY………bitch!” I pant a combination of exertion and arousal. “Come fuck me………..SLUT!” practically begging for it, wanting you.

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As you go to your back and you growl… practically shout at me…. I grab your hair with both hands and grip tightly. I pull back so sharply that it makes you open your mouth and moan in pain, and I lean over you and I spit right into your mouth.

“You want me to fuck you, WHORE…. you FUCKING GOT IT!!!” 

My hips pull back and I thrust them as hard as I can into your pussy. Our headboard crashes into the wall, and I keep thrusting. My right hand leaves your hair again and latches onto your breast. I squeeze and clench and then DRAG my nails down over your hard nipples, squeezing around your areola, gripping you to ride you and fuck you hard. 


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Making a show of swallowing your spit as you tell me you’re going to give me what I want, grinning underneath you “Show me….what you got….  CUNT!” I hiss. My hiss quickly turns to loud moaning as you smart me hard and fast, the bed shaking.  “Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh………. this……………….Ewa……….takes it?” before I get an answer from you you once again go for one of my breasts and I whimper as you drag your nails over my nipple before you plunging your nails in forcing a pained squeel from my lips and using it as a grip whilst you fuck me.

“Ohhhhhhhhh…………. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckk……………… bitch………slut…………..WHORE!” I can’t help myself, wrapping my right leg around you wanting to hold you close to me as I smack back as hard as I can slamming my slit against you. The wet smacking sounds getting ever more delicious.

With both hands free I reach up. My left hand grabbing you by the neck, wrapping my fingers around your throat and choking you, grinning wickedly underneath you as my right starts slapping your big bouncing tits. Open palmed slaps to your left then returning with backhands to your right. “Fine……….BITCH………let’s play………..with tits!”


“She takes it HOWEVER I give it to her, whore!” I growl at you as I squeeze your breast and drag my nail down. “Yeah…..that’s it, cunt…. you slut…. take it you fucking bitch…. take it on this bed…. TAKE IT WHORE!” 

Your leg wraps around me and you hold me close to you, and you just start to smack back my pussy and I start to pant… “Ohhhhh…… ummmm…. WHORE…. fuck your slit….. I’m going to break your damn pussy you bitch!” The wet sounds getting louder and louder when you grab my by the neck and suddenly start to choke me… you’re griinning at me…. and you start slapping my tits… “WHOORE…. FUCKKK…. UGHNNNNNNNN!!!!” 

My tits are getting red and as I start to grunt, you squeeze harder on my throat…. and no more words are coming out. And you thrust…. pushing me onto my back…. and you start to fuck me…. slapping my tits… 

My body shakes and grunt. My pussy quiver. I fucking want it…. but…. FUCKK….. UHNN…. NOT LIKE THIS…I thrust my right forearm up and push your hand away from my neck. You collapse on me, and your tits press to mine, which are now sore and throbbing, and as our pussies SMACK at each other, I reach down with my left hand, grab your ass, and RAKE my nails up over your thick cheeks.


Fucking you hard into your own bed, grinning down at you wickedly “Yeah……….. I think………..THIS…….is how………..Ewa…………..takes it!” taunting you as I fuck you hard into your own bed.

Sensing you are close…. yes yes I can do this! Revenge! Sensing my victory is close but then you use your right forearm to drive my hand away from your throat, using it to balance on I come crashing down on top of you our big bare, sweaty and sore breasts driven together as mine ‘bomb’ yours making them mushroom wildly and causing as both pain but neither of us slows down even for a moment as we smack our sexes together hard and fast almost in perfect unison, our wet essences mixing as the slapping sound of pussy on pussy gets wetter and louder, almost like someone playing patty cake with a hot tub.

I hiss as you rake my ass cheeks, writhing in pain as your nails dig into the flesh of my ass. From on top of you I have fewer targets so decide to focus my attention elsewhere. Grabbing your right wrist and struggling to pin it to the bed above your head once again burying my face into your neck as I start to give you sloppy wet kisses and licks, letting you feel my teeth on a few occasions.

“Ughhhhhhhhh….. take it………. TAKE IT…………….I RULE……………….THIS BED…………………NOW!” bitching into your neck as we fuck, feeling my arousal rushing towards boiling point.

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I scream it out as you as you grab me again and start to kiss me and you pin my arm. You shout about how you rule this bed, and fuck… it’s starting to feel like it. But I keep thrusting back…. driving my pussy up into yours and making sure my clit stabs into yours as often as I can. Our cunts are just aligned an fucking each other onto a wet frenzy…. and god… I’m getting close… FUCKK…. FUCKKK….

I bring my left hand up to your hair and I jerk your head to mine. It was already close as you kissed me and bit me, but it was moving around and I need it to stay still. I yank your head to your right and back, and now it’s my face buried in your neck. I LIIIICCCCKKKKKK long and wet up the side of your neck, and then I drop my mouth to your shoulder… and I bite… HARD…. this is no playful bite… I bite… HARD… right into the muscle…. and as you scream I pull my right hand free, push onto the bed, and I twist, rolling on top of you with my teeth in your skin and I fuck down into your pussy so hard with mine that if someone were to walk in right now and watch they’d probably thinking I was trying to break the fucking mattress with your wet cunt.


Fucking you furiously on the bed, knowing I have to make you cum and I have to make you cum now. “Say it BITCH!……..WHO………RULES……….THIS…………BED!” I growl into your neck.

Taken by surprise as you grab hold of my hair and pull me away from your neck…. partly frustrated at losing my access to my neck but partly enjoying the fact that apparently you can’t take it. But then it’s your mouth I feel as you give me a long soaking wet lick up my neck making me groan and before I can focus you bite hard into my neck, your teeth penetrating deep like an animal.

I scream in pain unable to stop you as you roll us both over and then it’s you fucking me and fucking me hard. Already close to orgasm, now on my back, feeling that hot wet pussy of yours driving into mind relentlessly…. “nooooooo……ooooooooh…………fuck………….no……… no noooooooooooooooooo” my body starting to tremble. I know I’m done for but I desperately try and fuck back from underneath you, I could stop, it would allow me to concentrate on trying not to cum but I refuse to fight defensively, if I’m going down I’m going down twatting.

My eyes closing tightly as I suddenly buck hard, letting out a silent cry as I thrash against you, my toes curling hard, nails digging into your bed linen. My body starting to spasm and then my cry of pleasure catches up to my mouth “UNGHHHHHHHHHHH…….FUUUUUUUUUCKKK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU BBBBBBBRIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” I cry out as I shudder against you, my pussy gushing as I tremble and shake, trying to close my legs.



Your body starts to tremble under me…. and I can just feel it.. I can feel it coming… I can feel you about to squirt like a whore…. you try desperately to push me to the bring…. to make me cum too…. and even though it’s getting you there faster, you keep pounding… thrusting…. fucking up into me…. you’re a warrior… and you’re going down fighting…. 

But a warrior …. even one as impressive as you… can only fight for so long. Your eyes close and you back hard… and you scream out as you start to spasm and cum for me. “NO WHORE!… FUCK YOU!!!! THIS IS MY BED!” I scream down into your face as you cum and I spit into your open mouth again before grabbing your face and just licking it all over, marking you like we’re fucking animals and I’m marking my territory. And as you scream and cum, I let you ride out the orgasm…. and only when you’re done do I start to crawl up your body… I hope Ewa heard us screaming… I hope Amber did too… I hope they are making their way up the stairs to see this. 

My knees get beside your head and I drop my ass back onto your tits. I flatten them out under my cheeks and grind my ass down. “Whose bed is this, whore?” and before you can ever start to answer, I slide forward, pushing my pussy towards your face, and I grab your hair with both hands, yanking your mouth up to my cunt and pulling hard…. “Don’t tell me cunt… tell me pussy… WHOSE FUCKING BED IS THIS!!!!”


You bitch at me nastily as you force me to cum, tormenting me as I orgasm, as you make me lose control of my body but as much as I want to, I can’t hate you for it, I’d do the exact same fucking thing and so would any other bitch in the same position, this is how the game is played.

You stay on top of me until my orgasm subsides, a few aftershocks randomly playing it making me shake or shiver as they do and once it gets to this point you make your next move, crawling over me, taking your time before planting your shapely ass on my bare breasts, I groan as you grind on me, still sore from your earlier attack to my left breast. Looking up at you as you ask me whose bed it is, opening my mouth to answer but before I do you shove your soaking wet pussy into my face getting a double hold on my hair as you hold me tight demanding I answer the question over the ruler of the bed.

There’s only one answer… I put up a good fight… I knew you were tough but I needed to know… I needed to know how I measured up, if I could best you on your very own bed. Knowing the answer but also feeling I took you further than you expected, that my inexperience cost me, not being aggressive enough when I had the chance. None of it matters now, whether I was as close as I think or a million miles away it’s over. I challenged you on your home turf and you saw off my challenge, now I’m at your mercy.

I hate that you defeated me, show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser, but I respect your victory, I knew the risks, we both knew what the loser would get. As much as it pains me, as close as I feel it was, you were the better woman and it’s time to treat you like it.

Pushing my tongue inside you and just painting your inner pink with my tongue, working my mouth ‘fucking you’ with my tongue and trying to do so in such a way that allows the tip of my nose to offer some stimulation around your clit.


It doesn’t take long. I was already so close that almost as soon as your tongue slides up into me, I feel myself being pushed over the edge. I let go of your hair and grab onto the headboard… “FUCK…. Mmmmm…. that’s right…. that’s the spot you whore…. MMMM… RIGHT THERE… RIGHT FUCKING THERE… If you’re going to hang out with us…. you better get used to eating my pussy, you cunt…. MMMMMMm…. FUCKKKKKK YESSS….” My hips thrust down against your face and I start to gush against your open mouth, squirting onto your lips and out on your cheeks… I rub myself… smearing my orgasm over your entire face… marking you with my fluid, and just mine… but yours too as you came right against my pussy… I smear it over you, riding out my orgasm… and then I sit back… 

I sit on your tits like they’re my throne. I take my hands and I rub them onto your wet face, smearing myself over your skin, up into your nose, against your lips. I growl… pull my right hand back… and then slap you across the face hard. 

“That’s for pretending to be asleep, cunt.”

I roll off you…. laying next to you in bed… naked… sweaty… fucked…. feeling good… but you’re just laying there… so I turn…. and I put my foot into your side, and with a hard shove of my leg, I push you right over the bed.

“Like I said… this is my bed, whore.”

The End

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