Conchita: The Party by JB57

Part I

An Unexpected Intrusion

Conchita stared wistfully out at the jungle from the balcony of her bedroom. Twilight had just turned to darkness, and the nighttime forest came to life. She stood on the balcony, listening to the rustling of the trees in the evening wind, the sounds of the night insects and the less frequent cries of nocturnal predators. She luxuriated in the evening scents and the humid heat. After a few minutes, she turned back into her opulent bedroom, to finish preparing for that evening’s activities.

Conchita stood in front of a full-length mirror and examined herself. She was, as always, absolutely stunning. She was wearing a full-length crimson gown, a color representative of her Spanish heritage. The gown was taut over her upper body and torso, hugging her curves down to the apex of her flaring hips, then dropping away to the floor. No garment could hide the overwhelming voluptuousness of Conchita’s body, but this dress served to accentuate her incredible proportions even more. The most distinctive feature of the dress was its plunging neckline. The “v” of the neck slashed down the front of the gown almost to her navel. The crimson cloth just barely covered her areolae, and did nothing to hide her jutting nipples. Her beautiful, massive tits strained against the crimson silk, but the bodice provided no support; her breasts swayed naturally as she moved, and needed no assistance in sitting high on her chest. While the dress was highly abbreviated in the front, it was also almost backless, and displayed her beautifully muscled shoulders and the delectable curve of her spine, all the way down to the top of her powerful ass. A single slash all the way up the thigh of the dress revealed her long, muscular legs when she walked or twirled. Her legs were bare; she wore only a thong as underwear. Her feet were clothed in short-heeled, black riding boots. Her mocha-brown skin glistened in the light, the shadows under her tits emphasizing their stunning dimensions. Her black hair cascaded down her shoulders and back. Her dark eyes flashed in satisfaction. She admired herself. She exuded unrestrained sexual power and raw, wild womanhood.

The party she was attending was one for the elite of the city. Conchita’s great beauty, coupled with her overwhelming physical and sexual power and supreme self-confidence had created for her an extraordinary reputation as a noblewoman of inappropriate tastes. Among the elite, Conchita was no longer considered fit for polite company, but she was still sought out as something exotic and dangerous, and seductive to both men and women. Conchita understood her allure, and played to it; indeed, it was easy for her to do so, since how she was perceived by the nobility of the city was so close to the truth of what she was. But she also needed to make inroads into the elite; she needed powerful social and economic allies. This party would provide her with the opportunities to entice some of the people she would need.

Conchita had been back from the forest now for almost two months. Her feelings over her return were ambivalent. She enjoyed the luxuries of the civilized world. She enjoyed the advantages of being a beautiful and wealthy woman in such a world. But she felt alive in the jungle in a way that she had never felt before, even in the bullfighting ring. She now chafed under the restrictions of civilization. She felt that she had to wear far too much clothing while in “civilized” company. Even this incredible dress was too much compared to her panther-skin bikini. She still frequently dressed in her panther-fur outfit and explored the jungle around her estate at night, but it could not replace the feeling of living completely free in the deep jungle, far from any city lights.

Then there was Inge. Conchita hated the blonde woman now more than she ever had. But she also lusted after the blonde bitch with an intensity that frightened her. She had lived five months in the jungle after the battle she had lost to Inge, the one in which the blonde goddess had, somehow, recovered from their apocalyptic struggle far earlier than Conchita and had managed to conquer the Spanish countess. Conchita still felt a flash of shame and rage when she thought about it now. That defeat had forced Conchita to agree to not threaten the jungle for the next year. In keeping with their earlier agreement, she had then submitted to Inge’s will for the next 24 hours. That 24 hours had been incredible. The two women had ravaged each other sexually in every way that they could imagine. At the end of the time, they had completely exhausted each other, but they had also planted the seeds of a growing need that neither could deny.

After this humiliation, Conchita had stayed in the jungle, but moved more than a day’s journey away from Inge’s regular haunts, in order to establish her own territory. But she found that she could not stay away from the golden-haired goddess, and the reverse soon proved true as well. Their lust for each other was too great, their desire to humiliate each other too strong.  It eventually developed that once a week, sometimes once in two weeks, one or the other woman would seek out her rival. Then, they would battle. They would lock together in vicious, ecstatic sexual combat. They would fuck for hours, driving each other to higher and higher peaks of ecstasy, until one or the other could not go on. With nothing at stake but her own pride, Conchita had found that her success in combat changed. Conchita still remembered, with a thrill of lust and joy, the first time that she had fucked Inge into submission, the delightful feeling of knowing that the blonde jungle goddess’ sex had been forced to surrender to her own. By the time she left the jungle, she had won almost half of her battles with Inge. Other times, she had fought Inge to an absolute standstill that left them both exhausted but completely satisfied. The women despised each other, but the best way that they had to show their mutual hatred was to ravage each other. Conchita’s battles with Inge now fed her many nightly fantasies.  

When Conchita left the jungle, she did so only reluctantly, but she was not yet ready to abandon her place in the civilized world. She was also preparing for the time when her agreement with Inge would be up, and she would be able to enter combat with the blonde bitch with the goal of gaining the right to exploit the forest’s riches. Her battles with Inge had proven that Conchita could win such a conflict; now, she had to ready the civilized world for the riches that she might eventually be able to extract.  Even so, Conchita remained uncertain about her relationship to the wilderness. Her efforts to build business connections tonight were focused more on endeavors that she wished to pursue in the city, rather than on anything she might plan for the jungle in the future.

Conchita sat at her dressing table, preparing to put on the jewelry necessary to complete her outfit. She planned to wear silver earrings, and a sparkling silver necklace suspending a gleaming round pendant that would hang directly between her enormous breasts, drawing even further attention to her remarkable natural attributes. She picked up the necklace and was just reaching up to attach it around her neck when, suddenly, a figure moved into the mirror behind her. She was shocked – the mirror suddenly showed the reflection, over her shoulder, of two massive, Amazonian breasts, barely contained by a leopard-skin halter. Conchita immediately realized: it was Inge, here, in her bedroom! A moment later, her jungle-trained nose caught the familiar musky scent of Inge’s aroused sex.

“Hello, you cunt,” Inge said to Conchita, conversationally. Then, as Conchita leaped to her feet, dropping the necklace, Inge moved forward, pressing her chest and belly into Conchita’s exposed back. Simultaneously, her right hand reached around Conchita’s body, up into the v of her dress and cupped and squeezed the Spanish goddess’ bulging left tit, making sure to crush and pinch the hard nipple. Even as Conchita gasped in response to this assault, Inge’s left hand seized Conchita’s head, and twisted her face to the right. Inge drove her mouth down onto Conchita’s; her tongue thrust into the dark-haired beauty’s mouth, and they locked together in a brutal kiss. Careful that she had a firm grip on Conchita’s body, Inge moved back, preventing Conchita from gaining her footing and keeping her off-balance. With their mouths locked together, Inge took her left hand, looped it up under Conchita’s left arm and across her chest and squeezed the Spanish woman’s right tit hard; she plunged her now free right hand down the dress’ v, running along Conchita’s bare belly, and down under Conchita’s skimpy thong. She cupped the dark-haired cunt, then drove three fingers up into the hot, wet recesses of her enemy’s pussy.

Conchita could not take this overwhelming assault. She was caught completely off-guard, and could only put up a token defence. Inge pulled her away from the dressing table then, squeezing Conchita’s tit and cunt a final time, threw the Spanish countess onto her back on the thick woven area rug. Conchita hit hard, gasping from the sensual assault she had just endured, trying to recover. Inge did not give her the chance. She threw her nearly nude body onto Conchita, her massive tits crushing the Spanish goddess’ tits, nipple to nipple, through the combined cloth of the dress and Inge’s halter.  Conchita screamed, then wrapped her sleeved arms around Inge’s naked back. Her bare legs thrashed under her billowing skirts, and managed to twine themselves with Inge’s powerful, naked legs. Inge pulled away, however, and lashed out at Conchita, hitting her across the face with a vicious open-handed slap. Momentarily stunned, Conchita gasped as Inge raised herself up, placing both her hands on Conchita’s massive tits, and squeezed them even as she pushed down. The sudden flare of incredible pleasure stunned Conchita further. A moment later, Inge had thrown Conchita’s skirt up over her face, and Conchita felt her thong being ripped off of her hips. Her thick, juicy cunt was now absolutely exposed. Almost involuntarily, Conchita groaned and spread her legs; she pushed the skirt away from her face, just in time to see Inge, her face blazing with heat and lust, undoing the string that kept her loincloth fixed to her luscious hips. A moment later, Inge’s pussy was naked; the blonde goddess was now wearing only her leopard-skin halter. Inge pulled Conchita’s legs even wider apart, then positioned herself over the dark-haired beauty’s wet, throbbing pussy. “Yes,” Conchita moaned, “God, yes.” Drawing back her hips, her eyes burning with lust, Inge paused to savor the moment. Then, she thrust forward hard. Her juicy pussy crushed into Conchita’s magnificent cunt; a few hard thrusts, combined with Conchita bucking up from below, and the women were sealed tightly together, locked into each other’s warm, wet bodies, and fucking each other with everything they had.

Inge ripped open Conchita’s bodice, fully exposing the beautiful brown tits and belly, then threw herself forward, crushing tit to tit. Conchita screamed with pleasure, then reached around and undid the knot on Inge’s halter, and pulled it off. Both women groaned as their naked nipples caught and crushed, as rigid areola eclipsed and burned into one another. Their tits ground together hard as the women writhed in each other’s arms. Conchita’s bare legs wrapped around Inge’s thrusting hips, locking her in place. The boots on Conchita’s feet scratched and battered Inge’s legs, but both women ignored this. The skirt of the now-ruined dress was splayed out underneath Conchita’s thrusting ass, and still attached by a thin strand of silk to Conchita’s rocking hips. But the skirt provided no obstacle to the women’s access to each other. Now locked together, belly to belly, tits crushed and rolling against each other, legs interwined, asses and hips thrusting in rhythm, Inge and Conchita fucked mercilessly. Nose to nose, forehead to forehead, they panted furiously into each other’s mouths, cursing each other as each woman inflicted growing ecstasy on her hated foe.

“You cow, you dirty, filthy bitch,” Inge gasped at her enemy, even as she drove her clit hard into Conchita’s. Both women screamed with joy at this ecstatic contact, something they had both been lusting after since Conchita left the jungle.

“You cunt, you dirty, dirty cunt,” Conchita sobbed back, rocking in unbelievable pleasure as the blonde beauty fucked her senseless. The women locked together in a deep, probing kiss, holding it for as long as they could until the need for air forced their mouths apart. Inge rode Conchita hard, and Conchita thrust back with all the strength she could muster. She knew that she was at too much of a disadvantage to win this fight. However, she kept on battling, enjoying the incredible fucking far too much to want it to stop. After what seemed like hours of constant clitoral grinding, of throbbing tits rubbed into one mass of driving heat,  both women were almost ready to explode with pleasure. Finally, Conchita could not hold back any longer. She shrieked as she erupted, white-hot heat burning up through her cunt and tits, suffusing every inch of her bucking body. Thirty seconds later, after Conchita was well into her multi-orgasmic climax, Inge joined her, screaming with pleasure. The two women pumped hot cum into each other, they writhed and bucked and heaved with ecstasy before their orgasms finally subsided.

Inge remained lying on Conchita for a few minutes in the aftermath of their orgasmic battle. The blonde jungle woman loved the feeling of Conchita’s tits, belly and cunt crushed to her own. Their hearts pounded together, and they breathed in rhythm. Their clits throbbed against each other. These were sensations that had become very familiar to Inge over the previous few months, and she had missed them since the Spanish woman had returned to the city. Soon, however, Inge pulled herself from Conchita’s body, and kneeled between the other woman’s legs, looking down at her hated foe.

Conchita looked magnificent, clothed in the tattered remains of her elegant dress. The sleeves were the only parts left intact. The rest of the dress lay scattered in pieces around her, or clinging on by threads to her incredible body. Conchita’s body was slicked with sweat, and thick cum trickled from her pussy. Her black hair fanned out behind her head like a halo.  Her massive brown breasts glowed with sweat and heat, their dark brown nipples thrusting towards the ceiling. Her arms were stretched out on the floor above her head. She lay temporarily spent on the rug, ignoring Inge for the moment, enjoying the afterglow of their delicious sexual battle. Finally, she acknowledged Inge’s presence.

“Why did you come here, you cunt?” Conchita asked. “What do you want?”

Inge merely smiled down at her defeated enemy. “What, I can’t visit an ugly twat like you?,” she said sarcastically. Then she became serious. “Meet me tomorrow night, at the big oak tree on the edge of the forest, where your estate meets the creek. Be there two hours after dark, and be prepared to travel.”

“Why should I do any of this because you say so?” snarled Conchita. She was becoming angry that this whore should invade her home and her body, and now issue orders to her.

“We have something we have to do.”Inge stated calmly. “That’s all I’ll tell you for now. Just be there, cunt.”

“I’ll be there, whore,” Conchita responded. “But this isn’t over between us.”

Inge smiled with contempt. “It never is, bitch.” Then she pulled herself to her feet, gathered up her halter and loincloth, and made her way to the bedroom balcony.  She paused to tie on her garments. Then, without bothering to look back, she leaped off of the railing, grabbed a low-hanging branch on a nearby tree, then scrambled into the tree tops and was soon gone.

Conchita slowly pulled herself to her feet. She felt wonderful. Inge had thoroughly and completely fucked her, and she felt reborn. However, her dress was completely destroyed and she now needed to bathe again. She sighed. She had to go to this gathering, but she would get there very late. In truth, she was sorry that Inge had left. She would have liked the chance to fight the whore again, and she wondered what it would be like to fuck Inge in a bed. Maybe she could find that out some other day. For now, she needed to prepare, again, for the evening’s festivities, all the while wondering what Inge wanted from her.

Part II

An Unexpected Encounter

Conchita was more than two hours late for the party. She arrived by carriage at around 11 PM, when the gathering was just starting to pick up steam. It was a large reception of more than 200 people, most of the city’s social, political and business elite, held at the mansion of Javier Ortega, one of the most powerful men in the city. Ortega had long been fascinated by Conchita, overwhelmed by her beauty, but disconcerted by her obvious power and somewhat scandalous reputation. Still, Conchita was quite certain that she would have no difficulty in convincing him to aid her in some prospective business ventures, as he had done in the past.

Conchita arrived wearing a dark green dress, a variation on the red dress that had been destroyed in her battle with Inge. This garment was slightly more modest though, like the previous dress, it also boasted a deep neckline, which displayed Conchita’s bulging tits and part of her belly. The v for this dress wasn’t quite as deep, and the back wasn’t quite as revealing, but her nipples still cut against the cloth like daggers, her areolae were barely covered, and her breasts swayed in a way that demanded attention from any onlooker. Conchita’s silver necklace hung between her breasts, providing an excuse for everyone to ogle her massive tits. The dress hugged her body all the way to the widest part of her hips, making it abundantly clear that Conchita was a woman of truly incredible natural attributes. Her dress was slit up both thighs to offer enticing flashes of her beautiful, naked legs as she moved.

As she expected, Conchita’s arrival caused a sensation at the party.  Partygoers strained to get a glimpse of the voluptuous woman with the reputation for unrestrained sexuality and, at the same time, true physical power. The story of her skills as a huntress, as a woman who could survive for months at a time in the deep jungle, had made her a figure of both mystery and unease among the aristocratic circle. These people were used to sexual decadence, and understood that well (though most were more discreet than Conchita). But they were uncertain of how to deal with a woman who radiated both sexual and physical power. Conchita used this uncertainty to her advantage. She knew that many people simply avoided the problem by avoiding her, but this did not stop them from being interested in her, and she had learned to turn some of that interest to personal gain. She arranged to meet with the host of the evening and, an hour after her arrival, sat down with Ortega in his personal study, a huge, opulent room far away from the party, on the opposite side of the mansion.

Ortega lusted after Conchita. At the same time, he was deterred from pressing his attentions by the certain knowledge that Conchita could easily resist him, if she wanted to do so. Conchita enjoyed this situation; if she chose to give him her body, she would do so entirely on her terms. For now, she was prepared to hold out the tantalizing possibility of her favors if he agreed to help her finance some of her business ventures. Surprisingly, however, Ortega did not jump at the chance to enter an arrangement with Conchita and he seemed more reluctant to provide her with finance than he had in previous meetings. Conchita soon discovered why. As they were talking, the door to the study opened, and a gorgeous redheaded woman walked in.

Ortega leaped to his feet and rushed to the newcomer’s side. He introduced her to Conchita as his fiancée, Domino d’Estat, newly arrived from France. During Conchita’s lengthy sojourn in the jungle, it seemed that her potential financial backer had become engaged. However, that barely concerned Conchita right now. She could not take her eyes off of the redheaded woman.

Incredibly, Domino’s body rivaled Conchita’s for sheer voluptuousness. Domino was wearing a midnight black dress, which displayed her curvaceous form to full advantage, and which set off her glowing red hair to remarkable effect. This gown was as revealing as Conchita’s crimson gown had been, and Conchita now cursed Inge for ruining that garment. The deep neckline dipped all the way down to Domino’s navel, and barely contained her thrusting tits. Her nipples almost pierced the cloth, and her long, beautifully muscled legs pushed through the slits that ran all the way up to her waist on both sides of the dress. The gown was cinched at the waist by a red belt, which matched the color of Domino’s hair. The woman was tastefully jeweled with a short gold necklace encircling her throat, and matching gold earrings.

Conchita and Domino were mesmerized by each other. Their eyes locked the moment the redhead entered the room. Each woman could feel the raw sexual power rolling off the other woman in waves. They could feel the challenge that each posed to the other right down in the core of their beings. Conchita felt her cunt flaring with heat and growing uncomfortably wet. Her tits crusted over, and her nipples began to leave visible moist spots on her green gown. She was certain that the same things were happening with Domino, though her black gown hid any sudden moisture much more effectively. Conchita’s dark eyes held to Domino’s deep green ones, neither woman able to look away.

Ortega introduced Conchita to Domino. “Yes,” the redheaded beauty responded.“Javier has spoken so much about you. I saw you when you arrived this evening, and I saw you and my fiancé coming into the study. I just knew that I had to meet you and speak to you personally and privately. I can’t tell you how much I admire a woman such as yourself, who is clearly so capable and independent.” Domino said all of this with a delighted smile. The smile, however, never touched her eyes. Her words, while seemingly warm and complimentary to the casual listener, conveyed a barely-hidden challenge. The double entendres were obvious to Conchita.

Conchita responded with equal politeness and precision, even as her eyes glared coldly into the other woman’s green orbs. “I am so happy that Javier has found such a beautiful wife. I hope that we have the chance to spend some time together and get to know each other much better. I will be happy to help you settle in.”

Domino replied immediately. “Actually, I was hoping that we could speak now. Javier has told me that you have approached him to enter a partnership in some business matters. I have a great deal of experience in business, and Javier has asked me to manage some of his affairs. The kind of things that you are interested in happen to fall under my responsibilities. If you have some time now, maybe we can sit down and discuss these matters?” She smiled brightly.

Conchita smiled back. “Of course. I would be delighted.”

Domino turned to her fiancé. “Javier, my love, many of your guests are asking for you. Why don’t you leave me here to talk to Miss Cortez? I am sure that we will have a lovely conversation, and we will be able to reach some kind of mutually acceptable arrangement.”

Ortega quickly acquiesced to Domino’s wishes. “Of course, my dear. I know that the two of you will get along very well. I will see to the other guests.”

Domino walked her husband-to-be to the study door and kissed him goodbye. “One other thing, my love,” she said, just before he left. “After my conversation with Miss Cortez, I will be going straight to bed. I’m quite tired. I will see you in the morning, over breakfast.”

Ortega quickly wished his lovely fiancée and Conchita a good night, then hurried off to the other end of the house, where the party was taking off. Domino smiled coldly as she watched him go, then carefully closed the heavy door and double-locked it. Then, with a small, grim smile, she turned back to face Conchita.

Conchita’s green gown was now extremely wet around her nipples, as her areola leaked slick womanly lubricants. She stood with her hands on her hips and her tits thrust forward, in the center of the room. She and Domino glared at each other for a moment, the other woman mirroring her stance. Neither woman needed to say anything. Conchita and Domino were both after the same man. Unless Domino could establish her claim to her fiancé, Conchita would always consider him fair game. More than this, however, both women instinctively knew that they were primal enemies. They needed to determine which of them was dominant, something that would be true even if Javier was not in the picture.

After a few long, tense moments, Domino smiled graciously, and gestured at a dark leather couch bordering a bearskin fur rug, adjacent to a large stone fireplace. The room was cool, specially designed to remain comfortable in the jungle heat, and the fireplace was crackling with burning wood. “Please, why don’t we sit and talk?” she said. “We have as long as we need, and we won’t be disturbed.”

“Thank you,” Conchita replied. For the moment, both women continued to maintain the fiction of a pleasant social occasion, despite the sexual tension charging the air.

Conchita walked to the couch and sat down, her bare legs curled together and slipping out from a slit in her dress, her right arm draped casually over the back of the couch, her massive cleavage on full display. Her eyes flashed with anger, however, and her body was taut with anticipation. Her tits were burning. Domino turned a dial on the wall, lowering the lights so that the fire was the main source of illumination in the room. Then she walked over to the couch, her hips swinging seductively, and sat down at the opposite end from Conchita. Domino leaned back on the side cushions, her left arm draped over the back of the couch, her beautiful chest thrust forward. Smiling, she lifted her left leg, which slid out of her gown through the waist high slit, and placed it on the couch. She sat facing Conchita with her tanned legs spread wide, the skirt falling down between her thighs. Her legs were bare; her feet were covered in short, low-heeled black boots. Conchita watched this display without surprise, but with increasing tension and lust. Her breath began to come more quickly, her tits rose and fell, her eyes narrowed. Her cunt was soaked, and had drenched her thong underwear. Before she could react to Domino’s obvious challenge, the redhead reached down and flicked her skirt aside. The space between her open legs was now exposed. By the light of the flickering fireplace, Conchita found herself staring into a beautiful, powerful cunt. Domino’s pubic hair was thick and flaring red. Her vagina was pink and powerful, with thick pussy lips and soft, tight labia. As Conchita watched, it contracted, gushing wetness over Domino’s vaginal lips, into her pubic hair, down into the redhead’s ass crack, and onto the part of the black gown that Domino was sitting on.  Domino smiled. “When I saw you coming in here with Javier, I thought I ought to get ready for our “conversation”,” she said, amicably. “So, I got rid of some unnecessary clothing.”

Conchita smiled grimly. She got up off the couch, then reached under her dress and quickly wiggled out of her wet thong, pulling it down her swelling hips and her smooth brown thighs. It dropped to the floor at her feet. Conchita stepped away from the thong, kicked it away from the rug, then moved back onto the couch, and mirrored Domino’s position. Conchita reached down and flicked back her skirt, exposing her own beautiful cunt. Domino gazed  fixedly down into her rival’s pussy for a long time. Then, she raised her eyes to meet Conchita’s. “Let’s have a talk, you whore.” She began sliding on her powerful ass down the couch towards Conchita. “Fine by me, bitch,” replied Conchita, sliding down to meet Domino.

As both women moved, they left a slick wetness on the leather couch as warm, vaginal juices trickled down from their pussies, into their ass cracks, then moistened their buttocks and the dress beneath. The two women were panting with excitement by this time, their tits heaving, their nipples long, hard and aching with lust. The women’s booted feet touched, then slid past each other as Conchita and Domino carefully scissored each other, right leg over left, left under right. Their warm, slick legs slid together, causing both women to shudder with lust. They had carefully moved their skirts aside, so that their bodies from their waists down were totally exposed and open to each other.

Conchita was amazed by Domino’s body. The woman seemed her equal in every way that she could see. Vaguely, she wondered if something in the air in this land attracted women like her, Inge and now Domino. She put this idle thought aside, however. While Domino might be impressive, Conchita knew that the French woman had not been hardened by life in the jungle, and she was sure that Domino could not have the history of physical activity that Conchita did. She was sure that, eventually, she would be able to simply wear the redhead down through sheer physical stamina. But she also had no doubt that she was in for a difficult battle. Her body thrilled with anticipation.

The women pushed up to each other, until their pussies were almost touching. Despite the tension and eroticism of the situation, neither woman was yet fully aroused. Their clits, while hardening, had yet to fully emerge. Still, they could feel the heat coming out of each other, and their pussies continued to spasm involuntarily. The heat in their loins was slowly radiating into their bellies; their tits were throbbing with tension. “I think that you will find I am a very tough and experienced negotiator,” Domino said, trying to sound nonchalant, but her voice was tight with desire. Conchita raised an eyebrow, and smiled nastily. “So am I, you cunt. Are we going to do this, or not?”

The women locked eyes, then slowly pushed their pussies together. Pubic hair crunched together and twined, thick, wet pussy lips crushed into one hot mass, opening and spreading under the growing pressure, allowing soft pink labia to meet and mesh and melt together, opening the passages to the core of both women’s womanhood. Hot juices gushed between the two open cunts as they mated, mixing and burning inside the two enemies. Both women cried out on initial contact, and now panted furiously with excitement and pleasure as they locked together. “Yes, yes…” Domino gasped quietly, her face alight with pleasure and tension, her eyes closed as she savored the hot sensations rippling up from her cunt. Conchita simply moaned with pleasure, basking in the intense stimulation, knowing the best was yet to come. When they were pressed together as far as they could go, the two women opened their eyes, panting hard, glared hungrily at each other then, in silent agreement, raised their powerful asses off the couch. Their hands bracing and supporting them, they thrust into each other, hips and asses pushing hard, driving their cunts as deeply into each other as they could. “Fucking…bitch…” Conchita moaned. “Dirty slut…” Domino gasped back.

By this time, the women’s vaginal liquids coated much of the couch’s sitting area, particularly the center of the couch where the women had mated and were now driving at each other. Their hands were wet were sweat, and the combination of vaginal secretions and womanly perspiration had made the leather couch slick with their juices. As they thrust at each other, their skin slid on the fine leather, and it became increasingly difficult to get a grip on the couch, or keep their hard, wet asses from sliding off the slippery material. Conchita slid off first. The women remained sealed together, and Domino thought that she could use her slightly higher position to push down into Conchita’s cunt with even greater force. Conchita soon found, however, that having her shoulders to the floor gave her better leverage with which to thrust back up against the redheaded bitch. Domino soon realized the situation, and let herself slide off the couch and down to the floor. Now, both women were locked together, lying on the thick fur rug by the side of the couch.  They both sat up, arms behind, holding them up. Their asses strained several inches over the ground as they pumped into each other, each trying to force the other back even as they drove deeply into each other. They were sucked together in a hot, wet seal. Their clits were now fully aroused, hard and engorged, throbbing with heat, and aching to meet in combat.

“Wait…” Domino gasped, slowing down her own thrusts. Conchita paused, panting with lust, waiting to hear what the other woman wanted. Breathing hard, Domino pushed herself up, then reached out with one hand and undid the buttons holding Conchita’s dress closed at her waist. As the buttons came undone, the dress fell away from Conchita’s body, fully exposing her hard brown abdomen and her luscious hips. Her magnificent tits, the nipples practically impaling the cloth, slipped free. Conchita reached down and undid Domino’s belt. It turned out this was the only thing holding the redhead’s gown to her body. The black silk whispered off of her and, like pulling back a curtain, revealed her lightly tanned flesh, her sleek muscles and expansive curves. The cloth caught at her rock hard nipples for a moment, then fell away, exposing thick pink buds and large, ridged areola. Domino’s dress was sleeveless, and she easily shrugged it off, gathered up the silk garment, and threw it aside. Conchita’s dress was sleeved, and Domino waited as the dark haired beauty peeled it off. Conchita’s massive brown tits swayed tantalizingly and her shoulders rippled as she stripped away her gown.

The whole time, the women’s eyes never left the other’s body. They compared each other, they drank in the incredible beauty of their foe, and both women grew increasingly excited and aroused. The heat between their locked cunts continued to build, and their hard clits seemed to be reaching for each other, desperate for contact. Domino and Conchita retained control of themselves, however. When Conchita had removed her dress and hurled it onto Domino’s discarded garment, they both paused to savor the moment. Eyes locked, hands behind their bodies, legs scissored, they prepared to drive their clits together and begin the true business of fucking each other into submission. Their bodies burned with lust and raw heat filled their throbbing tits and aching nipples. Their hot, wet cunts rippled against each other, involuntary contractions sending hot liquid pumping into enemy cunt.

Conchita’s dark eyes gleamed with lust. She could not believe her good fortune. Her earlier encounter with Inge had left her aroused, wanting more. Now, incredibly, she was locked cunt to cunt, and soon clit to clit, with a bitch whose body promised to deliver absolute pleasure. Conchita was going to enjoy every moment of the coming battle. She was sure that she would emerge victorious, in the end. However, she was careful to guard against overconfidence; Domino was clearly a very powerful woman and, apparently, an experienced sexfighter. Conchita was experienced in fighting Inge, but it was possible that her lack of variety in her opponents could work against her. She knew that Domino’s experience could beat her strength, if she was not careful. However, her feelings of caution wrestled with the incredible lust that filled her body. She could not wait to feel every inch of her body locked and writhing with Domino’s, as they fought for dominance.

Domino’s reaction to the situation was more complex. She had heard stories of Conchita since arriving in the city, and she had been intrigued at the tales, but not overly concerned. She had heard tales of voluptuous, powerful women before, but she had never encountered a woman whose body or sexual power could match her own. She had been in a number of sexfights over the years, but her opponents had always been quickly overwhelmed by the incredible power of her pussy and her hard, massive tits.  Conchita’s relationship with Javier was not something that Domino saw as a threat to her own status. When she saw Conchita tonight, however, everything had changed. The moment she laid eyes on the Spanish countess, she knew that she was in the presence of her natural enemy, a woman whose body actually rivaled her own. She could feel Conchita’s power from across the room. She had been instantly aroused, and she spent the next hour following the Spanish beauty with her eyes. She was careful not to stare too hard or long; she did not want Conchita to be aware of her until she was ready to reveal herself. By the time she saw Conchita and Javier leaving to talk in the study, Domino’s underwear was completely drenched and her nipples had soaked the front of her dark dress (which hid the wet spots completely, just as Conchita suspected). She returned to her room, to discard her thong and ready herself for what was to come. Her cunt was aching with need. She knew that she could not let Conchita leave the mansion without challenging her. The idea of grinding her naked body into Conchita, of locking hot, wet cunts together and fucking until they were overwhelmed by pleasure, filled Domino with a blinding lust. She was confident that she could beat Conchita; indeed, she was certain of it. Conchita might be very strong (though Domino had great confidence in her own physical strength) but the real question was who could give and receive more pleasure. Domino was certain that she would win in such a contest.

Now, facing each other, moments away from what they both wanted desperately, the two women looked deeply into the other’s eyes. Their clits burned. Raising themselves up, their asses tensed and ready, the women prepared their hard, swollen clits. Both could feel the other’s sex nub pulsing with power and heat. They signaled each other with their eyes. Thrusting forward, Conchita and Domino drove their clits together with all the power of their asses and hips, crushing the engorged organs directly into each other, head to head.

Unbelievable pleasure blasted through both women, inflaming their aching tits, sending the heat in their bellies to boiling. Domino could not believe what she was feeling; it was pleasure beyond anything she had experienced before. “Oh, CHRIST!” she shrieked, her eyes wide, her head thrown back in astonished ecstasy. Conchita had felt this before, but it still thrilled her beyond words. “Aaah! Yes, fuck, YES!” she screamed. After holding together for a few seconds, almost convulsing with pleasure, Domino tried to pull back. Conchita would not let her withdraw, however. She moved forward, pushing Domino back and keeping their clits in hard, head to head contact. Domino snarled with desperate pleasure. Then, realizing she had no choice, she thrust back at Conchita with all her strength. Conchita shrieked at the attack, but smiled savagely. Both women now began working their hips and asses, pressing their clits together, but grinding them too. Every movement sent an electric shock of intense, burning pleasure through their writhing bodies. They continued to work into each other, their bodies slicked with sweat, vaginal juices smeared all over their interlocked thighs and dripping down to the fur rug. Both women were quietly sobbing, the incredible pleasure driving them to the edge of endurance. Both women had a hard time getting a grip on the fur rug with their smooth-soled boots, and had to sit and thrust at each other. The action only served to increase the already excruciating pressure on their clits. Their tits rocked rhythmically together, their nipples on fire with sensation, their tits feeling heavier and thicker in their full arousal. Their necklaces bounced in time to their thrusts.

Domino’s earlier confidence was put to the test. She could not believe what she was feeling; she could barely think as sheer pleasure blasted through her body every moment. This level of pleasure was unbearable, but even as she sobbed, overwhelmed by sensation, she could feel the building lust in her belly. She wanted this, and she wanted it to go on and on. She could feel an incredible orgasm building, her body trembled with tension, but she was sure that she could hold back her climax for some time to come. This experience did not have to end anytime soon, and she was sure that she could grind Conchita into submission.

Conchita was simply immersed in the experience, enjoying the thrilling sensation of being fucked raw. Domino’s clit was hard, wet and strong, and Conchita knew that she would get a good, long fuck out of the redhead before she eventually defeated her. Her tits burned, however, and she wanted them engaged. She forced her eyes open to look at her adversary, and try to read how close Domino was to orgasm. She realized, through the haze of her own pleasure, that Domino still had some distance to go before she lost control. Conchita smiled cruelly, then reached out with her right hand, and delivered a slow, tight squeeze to Domino’s burning left nipple. Domino shrieked, her eyes shooting open, as the sudden surge of pleasure fed the heat in her cunt, and actually increased the raw ecstasy that was slowly overwhelming her. Domino gasped, then reached out her right hand and squeezed Conchita’s left nipple hard. Conchita howled, then gritted her teeth, before smiling with ecstasy. The women continued to pump at each other, clits grinding, riding waves of incredible pleasure. Both women now pushed their upper bodies towards each other, slowing their rate of humping. Conchita placed her hands on Domino’s shoulders; Domino reciprocated the hold. The two beautiful women pulled their upper bodies towards each other, panting hard. Slowly, their throbbing nipples drew closer, then finally touched, point to point. Conchita let loose an animal groan; Domino hissed sharply, then choked back a deep sob of raw pleasure. The sensation was like a constantly sparking electric cord, feeding burning sensation directly from their joined nipples to their cunts, feeding the hardness and sensitivity of their burning clits. For Domino, it was almost too much, but she managed to hold on. She wanted more. Looking down into Conchita’s awesome cleavage, she saw Conchita’s flashing silver necklace and the large pendant swinging from the chain. That has to go, she thought, anticipating the tit to tit grinding to come. She reached up and pulled the necklace off Conchita’s neck, throwing it across the room. Conchita did not care; she was far more preoccupied with the raw sensations wracking her body.

Carefully, the women pressed their tits harder together, both crying as their nipples pushed each other back to their areola, which then mated and ground together, and then sank back into the firm titflesh. Domino suddenly wrapped her arms around Conchita’s naked back and crushed the other woman’s chest to her own with all of her strength. She threw back her head and howled at the shock of intense sensation, the lava heat that suddenly pulsed out of her tits and into her cunt. “Oh, fuck, your tits!” she screamed. Her cry was one of unbridled joy and lust; she had never before felt tits like Conchita’s crushed to her own. Her anticipation of what they could do to each other filled her with a burning desire. Conchita understood this perfectly, and the realization gave her greater confidence. Domino might have more experience as a sexfighter, but she had not faced a woman like Conchita before.

Conchita squeezed back with all of her strength, and both women let out animal groans of lust. Domino arched her back and worked her shoulder muscles, driving her rock-hard nipples into Conchita’s; Conchita thrust back, and began rolling her tits on Domino’s, massaging their throbbing tits into each other, their hard areola grating and burning, feeding the tension and pleasure in their bodies. Their nipples seemed to pierce each other, burning into each woman’s tits like hot pokers. Their hot cunts sucked hard at each other, their swollen clits continued licking each other, blasting waves of aching pleasure into their cores. Conchita and Domino sobbed desperately, cheek to cheek, driving into each other, riding each other slowly but hard. They arched their backs, bringing their sweat-slicked abdomens together. They rubbed their bellies, both women sighing in satisfaction as they felt their navels suck. For some time, this went on, both women gasping and moaning, groaning and crying, cheek to cheek, hot sweat and cunt juices lubricating their bodies’ slick grinding. “You whore, you fucking slut,” Domino groaned at her enemy, her body trembling with pre-orgasmic tension. “Bitch, you filthy cunt,” Conchita moaned back.

Finally, as they built up to an unbearable orgasm, Domino changed tactics. She suddenly reached up from Conchita’s back and seized her enemy’s dark hair. She pulled hard. Conchita gasped and yanked Domino’s hair in retaliation. However, she had lost the advantage. Domino had pulled her off-balance, and now slowly, agonizingly forced Conchita down, onto her back. Conchita decided not to resist it; she fell back on her shoulders, quickly wrapped her bare legs around Domino’s thrusting hips, then arched her back to drive her cunt and tits into her foe. The women were now nose to nose, hot sweat trickling from Domino’s face onto Conchita’s, as they humped hard. Conchita thrust her tongue up in Domino’s mouth; Domino sucked on it for a moment, then sealed her mouth with Conchita’s as they locked together in a hard, sucking kiss. Powerful tongues slipped and struggled within their joined mouths. Their hips rocked in a hard rhythm as they fucked, riding each other to a delicious orgasm. Both women were now trembling with tension, only moments away from orgasmic bliss. Conchita ran her right hand down Domino’s rippling back, down to her powerful, rounded ass. She squeezed the redhead’s left ass cheek as it pumped, then she quickly inserted her middle finger up into Domino’s tight anus. Still locked in a hard kiss, Domino groaned at the sudden violation, then retaliated in kind. The women probed each other, writhed and sucked at each other, trying to drive their enemy over the edge into orgasm, both of them teetering on the edge of absolute ecstasy.

Conchita knew that she was close to being defeated. Part of her was elated that she had found another woman to fuck who was as formidable as Inge. Mostly, however, she was enraged at the idea of losing another fight to another Amazonian bitch. She could not lose! She refused! But the pleasure was so great, the wet heat and friction of the other woman’s body was so delicious, the burning shock of their throbbing nipples, the constant electric pleasure of their grinding clits was overwhelming. Conchita broke the kiss with Domino and grabbed her foe’s pumping ass with both hands, eyes shut tightly, every ounce of her will power going into keeping herself from exploding. She drove at Domino with everything she had. Domino thrust back with all of her strength, her beautiful face a study in agonized concentration as she struggled to hold back her own orgasm. Conchita knew she was about to explode. With a final effort, she unwrapped her legs from Domino’s then, her heels solidly on the rug, thrust up with everything she had. She arched her back, thrust up her hips, and stiffened her legs. She lifted Domino’s body up with her hips, suspending the redheaded whore over the rug. Her action crushed their clits together with new, sudden intensity.

The reaction was immediate. Domino’s eyes shot open in astonishment. Then, she shrieked, “No, no, nooo! Oh, GOD!” Domino exploded in an orgasm so intense that she almost passed out on the spot. She held onto consciousness, however, and wrapped her legs around Conchita’s rigid, straightened legs, and strained, muscle to muscle. An instant after Domino exploded, Conchita gave up resisting her own orgasm. She screamed back, “Yes, yes, fuck, YES!” Then her body went as stiff as a board in a series of exploding climaxes. Domino was suffering through the same intense chain orgasms. The women writhed in each other’s arms, grinding together, clawing at each other and biting shoulders and necks as the pleasure washed over them in building waves. They drove as hard into each other as they could, their cunts sucked tight, their clits crushed and radiating unbelievable pleasure. Conchita and Domino screamed and gasped, cursing each other as they fucked to the end. Finally, the orgasms subsided and the two women, slicked in sweat, panting with their exertion and exhaustion, collapsed together. Their hot bodies remained interlocked, tits crushed together, cunts locked, legs twined. The women lay cheek to cheek, breathing heavily. The bearskin rug they had fought on was soaked with their juices.

After awhile, Domino turned her face to Conchita. Nose to nose, they glared at each other, until Conchita gave her enemy a triumphant smile. Domino snarled savagely and jerked her hips, ramming their clits together. Conchita was expecting this, however, and thrust up to meet the attack. The two women locked together in ecstasy for a moment; expressions of pure pleasure played across their faces as they held each other rigid. Then, they disengaged, gasping. “I won, cunt,” moaned Conchita. “This isn’t over, whore,” gasped Domino in response. Conchita smiled, remembering an earlier exchange. “It never is, bitch.”

Pt. III – The Final Battle

After a few minutes of lying together, gathering their strength, the women separated. Domino rolled off of Conchita, groaning with effort as their cunts sucked apart and their pubic hair pulled. Their hard, compressed tits, aching with tension and pleasure, peeled away from each other, hot flesh wet with sweat. The women lay side by side on the rug for a few moments recovering, their pussies still joined by a long strand of thick, mixed cum. Conchita lay back and enjoyed her victory, as well as the delicious sense of sexual satisfaction and building anticipation. She knew that her battle with Domino was far from over. Potentially, they had all night to fuck each other, and she knew that Domino was getting ready to resume the battle. Conchita was looking forward to whatever Domino would do.

Finally, Domino groaned and rolled herself to her hands and knees. Then, she sat up, with her back to a heavy leather chair located at the other end of the rug, her legs spread wide. Conchita groaned, then sat up and placed her back to the couch. She sat with her legs wide apart, her cunt confronting Domino’s across the width of the rug. The two women studied each other by the flickering light of the fire.

Domino glared at Conchita, then turned her attention to the magnificent Spanish woman’s body. Conchita’s massive, perfect tits rose and fell with her breathing. Her mocha-colored skin was limned by the orange glow of the firelight. The shadows danced on her voluptuous body, playing on her smooth abdominal muscles, which curved down to her deep navel. The firelight disappeared into the depths of Conchita’s crotch, picking out her glistening pussy lips. As Domino watched, Conchita’s pussy contracted powerfully, sending hot liquid trickling out to moisten her pubic hair. Domino felt the heat starting to build within her own cunt. Her clit began to harden once more, her nipples began to pulse. She swallowed hard, as a delicious tension started to build in her chest and spread to the rest of her body. She could not believe that she could be so aroused already, not after the incredible orgasms that she and Conchita had just inflicted on each other. But Domino could not deny the burning lust that was building inside of her; she wanted every inch of her body locked and writhing with Conchita’s. It was true that Conchita had won their last battle, but Domino found that did not concern her too much. As far as she was concerned, Conchita had been lucky in coming up with a tactic that had given her a bare victory. Domino would just have to ensure that her foe was not so lucky again.

Conchita now felt she had the measure of Domino. The redheaded beauty was her equal, at least so far, and Conchita knew that her hard-won victory could easily be turned around. However, she was sure that her stamina had to be greater than Domino’s, and she was confident that she would eventually emerge victorious, though she was prepared to lose a few battles on the way to winning the war. For now, she simply enjoyed studying Domino’s incredible body, and the feeling of her own intense arousal. Domino’s body glowed like honey in the firelight, deep shadows emphasizing the weight of her tits and the smooth curves of her hips. Her red hair caught and held the fire; her pussy fur seemed to blaze on its own. Soon, Conchita knew she would be locked tit to tit and cunt to cunt with the beauty sitting across from her. The lust boiling in her loins became more intense.

After facing each other for a few minutes, both women feeling the tension and lust building between them, Domino reached down and began removing her boots. The footwear had proven inconvenient before. Moreover, she wanted to confront Conchita completely nude. Conchita also removed her own riding boots. Getting onto their hands and knees, the two beauties began crawling across the rug towards each other, their beautiful tits hanging down and swaying as they moved. They crawled right up to each other, until they were face to face. They rubbed noses, exchanged hot breath, then their tongues darted out and began to play, licking and caressing each other’s lips. They moved into a deep kiss, one that grew in intensity as the women became more aroused. Domino groaned with pleasure and desire; she and Conchita slowly raised themselves to kneeling positions, hands wrapping around beautiful, muscled backs as they pulled into each other, never breaking the kiss. Taut tits crushed together, causing both women to groan with sudden ecstatic pleasure deep within each other’s throats. Their nipples pierced each other, but the women kept pushing together, arching their backs to bring their hard bellies and the tops of their muscular thighs into contact. Thick pussy hair crushed together as the women pushed tighter. Domino thrust with her hips, just slightly, and groaned with joy as she felt her hot, swollen pussy lips crush into their counterparts on Conchita’s body. Conchita moaned back, then jerked her hips from side to side, rubbing herself into her enemy’s cunt. Both women’s pussies contracted at the same time, burning with arousal. Hot liquid gushed out to bathe both cunts, then trickled down to the rug.

Their kissing had become much harder and more passionate. Conchita and Domino held each other’s heads with both hands, holding each other as they moved their mouths together, unlocking their kisses only long enough to shift position, then diving back into each other. Tongues lapped and wrestled, hot saliva mixing. The women crushed their massive tits even more firmly together, as the ache between their legs began to burn. Domino suddenly wrapped her arms around Conchita’s naked back and squeezed hard. Conchita groaned, then pulled Domino tighter and struggled to control the overheated redhead. The two women wrestled for a moment, then Conchita pulled hard to the side. Domino and Conchita fell gently onto the bearskin rug on their sides, arms still wrapped around each other, but their lower bodies separating. They finally broke the kiss, both gasping.

Domino ran her left hand down Conchita’s back, then up the dark-haired beauty’s hip, before suddenly driving her hand up Conchita’s belly to caress the underside of her enemy’s massive right tit. Conchita groaned. Domino ran her hand up the tit, suddenly forcing her fingers and then the whole hand between the women’s mated breasts. Domino pulled back slightly, to give her hand easier access to Conchita’s hard, round orb. She ran her palm over Conchita’s engorged nipple, she stroked the pebbled areolae with her fingers, scratching gently with her nails, before squeezing the thick nipple between her thumb and index finger. Conchita cried out with the delicious stimulation. She moved her hand to Domino’s left breast, and rubbed the redhead’s nipple with her palm, before seizing and squeezing the pink bud. The women interlaced the fingers of their hands nearer the floor and rested their heads on their arms as they slowly, insistently fondled each other with their free hands. They stroked and teased and pinched at their taut, pulsing breast flesh, caressing each other’s sensitive orbs until their tits ached with tension and burned with pleasure. All the while, Conchita and Domino lay together, bodies pressed closely, gazing into each other’s eyes, looking for signs of weakness, gauging the other’s arousal.

Conchita slipped her left hand down Domino’s left tit, scratching gently, then slid it down the redhead’s hard belly, burying her fingers in Domino’s thick, wet bush. Domino instantly slid her cool hand between Conchita’s legs, cupping her foe’s majestic pussy. Each woman stroked the other carefully, tracing vaginal lips, probing gently into hot, soft labia, finally driving two, then three fingers up into her enemy’s boiling cunt. Thumbs expertly rubbed and teased their opponent’s burning clit, causing the engorged organs to swell even harder. Conchita and Domino leaned into each other’s face, nose to nose, panting furiously as they played the tantalizing game of trying to drive the other insane with lust. Their hard tits crushed and throbbed against each other, pulsing in time with their aching clits. Their breath came in increasingly frantic, gentle gasps as they pushed each other higher and higher up the pleasure curve.

Conchita was deeply impressed with Domino. The woman’s skill and sexual stamina were remarkable. Conchita had no doubt that if she had met Domino in battle a year earlier, she would have been soundly defeated by the redheaded goddess. However, she was fighting Domino now, after months of engaging in sexual marathons with Inge, months of forcing her body to accept levels of arousal and raw pleasure that she did not know a body could take and still survive. As powerful as Domino may be, as determined as the French woman might prove, Conchita had to believe that she could win this fight. The key was to maintain her control and not underestimate her opponent.

Finally, it was time. Both women were groaning in incredible arousal, involuntarily jerking their hips and pressing their cunts into the hand that was tormenting them. Conchita and Domino locked up in a hot, hungry kiss, sucking hard at each other, trying to devour one another with their mouths and tongues before attempting the same feat with their pussies. Domino finally broke the kiss.

“Let’s settle this,” she moaned. “Cunt to cunt, until it’s decided.”

“Yes,” Conchita purred.

The two Amazons rose together, kissing and stroking each other, exchanging gentle bites, lapping at each other like cats. Even as they pushed up into a sitting position, they continued to work their hands between their rival’s legs, neither wanting to disengage. With a moan, they finally pulled apart. Conchita moved into the centre of the rug, pushing herself back on her hard, round ass, spreading her voluptuous thighs. Domino quickly moved to scissor her. Their powerful legs, their inner thighs smeared with sweat and vaginal juices, slid slowly past each other, hot flesh caressing. They pressed close, until the heat radiating from their open pussies seemed to scorch the inside of their enemy’s thighs. Conchita and Domino felt the other’s thick pubic hair intermingling with their own, tickling their pussy lips as they pushed closer. The women’s tits heaved as they panted with excitement. Both women leaned back, supporting themselves with their arms and arching their backs, to provide better and fuller access to their burning cunts. Their eyes locked; Conchita and Domino smiled at each other hungrily, each certain that she would emerge from the coming ecstatic confrontation as the victor.

They pushed a little closer, pubic hair crunching, until their pussy lips touched. Both women inhaled sharply as the shock of erotic sensation rippled through them. They sat like that for a minute, tantalizing each other, their breath coming hotter and faster, their pussies contracting, bathing each other with hot vaginal juices. Then, signaling with their eyes, the women drew back, spread their legs even wider, opening their cunts further. They thrust hard, driving their cunts together with all of their power. Their pussy lips crushed wetly together, their open vaginas sealed and sucked. Their hard, wet clits smashed directly into each other.

“GOD, OH GOD!!,” Domino shrieked, almost overwhelmed by the explosion of pleasure that ripped through her pussy and exploded out through her tits. Her body convulsed with the incredible sensations, her deep muscles contracted powerfully, sending a blast of hot liquid pumping out of her core and into Conchita’s welcoming body.

“FUCK, YES!!,” Conchita howled, convulsing as wave after wave of raw ecstasy flooded her bucking body. She struggled to bring herself under control; Domino thrust at her and she bucked back. Both women sobbed and snarled, tears of pleasure running down their faces as they began to fuck furiously.

Domino and Conchita soon established a hard rhythm, raising their butts off the ground and driving at each other with all the power of their hips and asses. They ground their clits together relentlessly, each woman trying to overwhelm her enemy with pleasure. Their tits bounced and rocked in rhythm, their hips jerked powerfully. Their pussies locked, sucking at each other, trying to devour one another whole. Hot liquids leaked out from their sealed cunts; hot sweat began to pour down their rippling bellies and pooled at the intersection of their undulating bodies. Their muscles working hard, the women’s hardbodies glistened in the firelight. Their pants, groans and moans came harder and faster as they pounded at each other, their inflamed clits twisted together in an unbreakable knot within their conjoined pussies.

For more than 20 minutes they struggled with each other as hard as they could. Their faces were wet with sweat and tears of raw ecstasy. Finally, the women began to tire; they let their hard asses fall to the rug and, from this less strenuous position, they continued grinding together. The pleasure and tension built inexorably within their beautiful bodies. On and on they fought, driving each other to higher and higher levels of pleasure, their bodies trembling with preorgasmic tension. Still, both women held back their orgasmic explosions, each determined to ride the other into submission.

Domino gritted her teeth and held on with all of her will. The sensations running through her body were greater and more intense than anything she had ever experienced before. She was in completely unfamiliar territory, forcing her body to tolerate almost unbearable levels of ecstasy. Still, she fought on. For Conchita, the intense pleasure was every bit as unbearable. However, her experience in fighting Inge was now coming into play. She hardened her will and forced her body to take greater and greater pleasure. She endured the excruciating tension and continued driving herself at the beautiful redheaded cunt who had dared to challenge her.

Domino could see and feel that Conchita’s body was quivering with tension; she could not understand why the Spanish goddess had not yet exploded in ecstasy. Her own body was trembling uncontrollably. The women kept riding each other, grunts and cries of effort and pleasure continuing to pour from their mouths. Their sweat-soaked bodies shimmered in the light, their hard tits sprayed perspiration as they bounced. The women’s hair thrashed about as they threw their heads back to moan with joy.

After nearly an hour of constant erotic struggle, Domino suddenly intensified her attack, driving at Conchita harder and more frantically. Conchita matched her thrust for thrust, and suddenly both women were gasping and screaming, moaning and crying out as their asses and hips worked stronger and faster. Their tits bounced harder, their hair flew about wildly as they smashed together. Domino had had enough; she knew that she could not withstand much more. Her powerful body was growing tired, her throbbing clit had electrified every inch of her skin with unendurable pleasure. She knew her only chance was to attack Conchita and force the Spanish bitch to an orgasm before she exploded herself.

As the Amazons struggled, Domino reached out with one hand, grabbed one of Conchita’s bouncing tits, and squeezed the nipple hard. Conchita howled, but rather than retaliating, she redoubled the power of her bucking hips. Caught with only one arm to support her, Domino found herself forced back. She lost her balance and fell back, her shoulders hitting the bearskin rug. Conchita moved quickly; she mounted her beautiful enemy, driving her clit into its counterpart with all of her strength, crushing her tits to Domino’s and grinding her stiff brown nipples into Domino’s thick pink buds. Domino shrieked; she was suddenly in a worse position than before, now on the bottom of an erotic tangle of straining muscles and thrusting tits, being ridden into a submissive orgasm. She refused to surrender; she wrapped her legs around  Conchita’s bucking hips and thrust up with all of her strength, driving her clit into Conchita’s. But she was simply too weak; an hour of constant grinding sex had finally worn her down. Her body was filled to the brim with raw pleasure and she could not take anymore. Conchita smashed their clits together yet again, and it was the blow that proved too much.

“No!,” Domino gasped. “NOO!” With a whoop of sheer ecstasy, Domino bucked her hips and exploded in the most intense orgasm of her life; her muscles stiffened and locked with Conchita’s; her belly rippled with effort as hot cum gushed from her contracting  pussy and flooded into Conchita’s body. On top of the convulsing Amazon, Conchita cried out with pleasure and victory; she held onto Domino’s thrashing body, riding the redhead as hard as she could, keeping her throbbing clit locked to Domino’s as she tried to force as many orgasms out of her enemy as possible.

Domino finally collapsed into unconsciousness, completely spent, exhausted by Conchita’s unrelenting assault. Just when Conchita could see that Domino was on the verge of passing out, the Spanish beauty finally let herself go. She convulsed in a series of powerful, ecstatic orgasms, ramming her hard clit into Domino’s with all of her strength, grinding her burning tits down onto the redhead’s beautiful breasts as hard as she could.  Now, Conchita lay on top of Domino’s defeated body, enjoying the delicious sensation of her spent clit throbbing in unison with Domino’s within their locked cunts. After some time, Conchita groaned, then pulled her sweat-soaked, exhausted body off of the redheaded beauty. She rolled over onto her back and rested beside Domino for a while. The redhead was completely gone, her body pushed beyond its physical and sexual limits. Domino was wearing a smile of absolute satisfaction. Conchita grinned; she decided that she was not quite finished with the French beauty yet.

Conchita crawled over to the pile of clothing that she and Domino had discarded a few  hours earlier. She found Domino’s red belt. The material was soft and gentle. Conchita tested its strength with a hard pull; she decided that it would do. She returned to Domino’s sleeping body, and tied one end of the belt to Domino’s left wrist. She looped the belt around the leg of the couch, then tied the other end to Domino’s right wrist. The knots were secure and unbreakable. Conchita then stretched herself out on Domino’s prone form; she shoved her left knee up into the other woman’s crotch and crushed their tits together as she settled down to rest and wait for Domino to awake.

Some time later, Conchita returned to consciousness, awakened by Domino’s thrashing body. She smiled; Domino was straining against her bonds, her body writhing and bucking beneath Conchita. Conchita quickly pulled herself up and straddled Domino’s hips. She pressed her pussy onto Domino’s and squeezed her thighs around the other woman’s bucking hips. Conchita reached down, took both of Domino’s rocking tits in her hands, and thrust down, squeezing Domino’s hard nipples at the same time. With a groan of pleasure, Domino finally stopped trying to throw Conchita off and lay gasping, glaring up at her enemy.

“What have you done?” she demanded. “Let me go! Release my arms!”

Conchita smiled at her. “No, little girl, not yet. I’ve beaten you, and now I want something back.”

“What do you want?,” Domino asked, but she already knew.

“Oh, don’t worry – I’m about to get it,” Conchita replied, with a lazy grin. She squeezed Domino’s tits until the redheaded woman moaned with pleasure. Conchita then slid her body down Domino’s, interlacing her legs with those of the French beauty. Their powerful muscles twined and strained against each other. Conchita crushed the entire length of her voluptuous body to her enemy’s equally beautiful form. Conchita looped her arms around Domino’s back and, securing a firm hold on the French woman’s red hair, held Domino’s head immobile. “When I’m done with you,” Conchita purred at her defeated enemy, “we’re both going to remember which of us is the better woman.”

“You whore!,” Domino snarled.  Conchita smiled, then drove her open mouth down onto Domino’s and began writhing and rubbing her body into the woman trapped beneath her.


Hours later, dawn was starting to lighten the sky. Conchita pulled herself from Domino’s spent body. She was tired and her body ached all over, but she also felt elated. She had ravaged Domino, feasting on the woman’s breasts and cunt, fucking her relentlessly, and forcing Domino to devour her in turn – something that the redhead had done willingly, after a fashion.

Domino was unconscious, and would be so for some time to come. Conchita slowly pulled on her dress and her boots. She left her thong and her necklace; Domino could use them as reminders of the night they had just shared and, more importantly, of Conchita’s dominance. Conchita took one last look at the redhead’s gorgeous body, her massive tits rising and falling gently, her swelling hips, her hot, wet pussy. Conchita unlocked the study door and slowly walked down the hall to the nearest outer door. It was quiet in the house and she did not encounter anyone. She smiled, realizing that, if Domino did not wake soon and free herself, it was likely someone would soon find her in her ravaged state, tied to the couch. Conchita wondered what kind of story the French woman would invent to explain her condition.

The Spanish countess walked around to the front of the house. Her carriage was still waiting there, along with several others. Obviously, she was not the only party guest who had decided to stay the night. Conchita’s coachman was used to his mistress spending the night at different locations, so he was not surprised when she woke him.

As her carriage rolled away from the mansion, Conchita reflected on the night’s adventure. She knew that Domino was not the kind of woman to take her defeat quietly. Domino would challenge her again and again, until she won or was defeated utterly. Conchita smiled to herself. She looked forward eagerly to her next encounter with her newest rival.

The End

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