Dirty Hotel by Sidekick

As Marsha walked down the hallway, she could feel herself sweating and hear her heart pounding. Her heels stepped silently over the cheap and stained carpet. And her ass swished seductively back and forth with each step. When she left home 45 minutes ago, she was dressed to the nines and looking fine, foxy and ready for anything.

The temperature on this August afternoon was approaching 100 and the humidity wasn’t far behind. After hitting the seedy hotel and walking up the flight of stairs (elevator broken), she felt wilted. Her short, summer dress was wet and clinging to her in several places. This wasn’t really unexpected she thought, smiling.

After all there really wasn’t anything between her skin and the dress anyway. The hot, humid, stagnate air was insufferable. But none of this discomfort could stem the growing excitement.

Two days earlier, Marsha received a phone call from a long time rival, living on the other side of the city. The call hadn’t lasted long. They argued and challenged and cursed each other; finally agreeing to meet today in this low rent, out of the way place. No one would know them here. They could be unnoticed here. They could do what they wanted to each other here. And they would have hours to do it.

As she watched the room numbers go by, Marsha felt strong and confident. This was the way she imagined a ball player might feel before the big game. But she also felt slutty, dirty and out of control. And she liked it. This was what pumped her up from the dull routine of everyday life. It had been too long. She was savoring the feelings of being in this hot, disgusting place. This was so different from her normal life. This was her secret life; one she found herself stepping into more and more.

Room 212, …, 213, …, 214. The door was cracked open. Marsha stepped up, pushed the door wide open and quickly stepped inside. Light was streaming in the window on the opposite wall. The place smelled of cigarette smoke.

The AC must be off. There was no hint of air moving. Vicki Burgess was sitting in a chair in the far corner of the room, but quickly rose as soon as she saw Marsha.

She was dressed in a short, tight skirt, heels and a very light summer blouse. The women slowly moved toward each other. They glared coldly. But Marsha was really elated. All thoughts of her normal life and self went out the window. There was nothing in her focus but the “here and now” and this bitch that she was facing in this tiny room. She could feel the wetness collecting between her legs.

The two women stepped up nose to nose. Marsha could feel Viki’s breath on her face. A great disgust and aggression welled up in her. “Cunt”, she said lowly. “Slut”, Vicki answered. They reached up simultaneously and grabbed two fists full of each other’s hair, pulling their heads backward awkwardly and painfully. Their bodies pressed together as they pulled and jerked as hard as they could.

Each woman moaned with pain, but also pleasure. They were fighting and that’s what they came here for. It’s what they both wanted and longed for. It’s what they agreed to during the phone call. And it’s what they had done at least a half a dozen times over the past four months that they had known each other.

The two began to stumble around awkwardly. They took one hand from their hair holds and began slugging with their fists. They hit each other in the back, the side of the head, the ribs, anywhere they could hit. They kept this up for a few minutes.

Marsha loved the sounds of their fists impacting each other. She felt the sweat running down between her breasts. She felt her pussy leaking and the wetness between her thighs. They stumbled into the little table and bent over, sweeping the ash tray and magazines into the floor as they struggled together.

Then finally falling into the floor, they both moved quickly to wrap their arms and legs around each other and control their opponent. The sweat soaked dress and skirt they were each wearing clung to their asses as the rolled back and forth. Neither woman had worn any underwear. The could feel each others wet pussies and legs bumping and sliding together.

The carpet on the floor was dirty, warn and corse. But Marsha couldn’t have been more happy to be here in this dirty place, in a dirty catfight with Vicki. There wasn’t much room on the floor.

The two women rolled against the bed and strained every muscle, squeezing each other and digging their nails into soft flesh. They lay there in a tight embrace, lowly cursing each other. Marsha could feel Vicki’s nails scratching her neck and her ass. She groaned and in return, slugged Vicki in the side of the head repeatedly until the bitch shifted and took both hands to grab her hair and jerk her head back.

The two rolled over slowly while punching each other in the back, side and head. Marsha brought her knee up into Vicki’s pussy and felt a satisfying squish as Vicki yelped in pain. The women then began to flail and thrash against each other wildly as if injected by an electric current. Their arms and legs slapped the floor as they tumbled and wrestled. They were scratching and bruising each other good. Finally tiring a kicking away from each other, there was a slight lull in the action.

Looking up while panting for air, Marsha saw a hotel maid standing in the door with her mouth open and eyes wide. Vicki saw the maid also but wasn’t about to let her attention be diverted. After initially noticing, she put her out of mind and glared at Marsha as she slowly rose to her feet.

Unseen by either fighter, the maid heard a sound down the hall, looked at her watch, cursed lowly and ducked out the door, closing it as she left. Marsha could see Vicki’s blouse torn open, her breasts juggling as she gulped for air. She was scratched in many places and her skirt was bunched up around her hips. She assumed she looked similarly bad. Marsha slowly stepped out of her sweat soaked dress and dropped it on the floor. Vicki also quickly got undressed. The two women faced each other naked but still eager to fight.

They two put up their fists and inched toward each other. Both women’s breasts bounced slightly right before they came together in a flurry of wild punching. Lefts and rights slapped into tender breasts, stomachs, heads, and everywhere else. The two just kept launching punches into each other over and over. Fast punishment was the objective.

There was no defense, only the thrill of trying to hurt each other. The brawl lasted for three or four minutes. Finally their punching slowed, but each threw occasional vicious shots at each other with deliberate aim but bringing little damage. Marsha could see the bruises on Viki and she was glad to have administered them. The women continued the slow fistfighting, deliberately aiming a knockout shot at their opponent every few seconds.

The pace of punching slowed and slowed until they were just too tired to punch anymore. Finally dropping their fists, the women melted together in a violent embrace. They stumbled and then fell while securing the claws into each other. Legs wrapped up tightly, hands were secured in hair, nails were dug into soft flesh wherever they could be. It was a tight little catball. Their every muscle was straining against each other. Marsha could feel her skin being scratched raw around the back of her neck and the pain in her scalp from Viki’s hand in her hair.

They lay there, sweating and groaning in pain and pleasure. Marsha’s pussy was dripping. ” God, I love this”, she thought. “I’m going to fight this bitch til I cum. And then we’ll fight in the sweat and the cum. And we’ll just fight and fight.

Ugghhhhh!”, she moaned like the fighting slut that she was. Vicki slugged the side of her head. She punched her in the ribs in return. The women scratched and punched and lay there in a sweat soaked ball, straining and wrestling with every muscle. They listened to each other moan and curse lowly while they tried to dominate each other, to hurt each other.

The two strained against each other so hard their muscles twitched as they pushed them to the limit. Inevitably having to relax after several seconds, they rested only a few more seconds before tightening up again with every muscle to dominate, crush and bruise.

Over and over they cycled through clamping their muscles taught against their rival and then resting. Their tits were mashed together painfully, but they were still somewhat slippery from being drenched in sweat. Vicki began to hump her pussy against Marsha’s leg, faster and faster. With each thrust, she also threw her fist and groaned with pleasure.

In a moment both were fucking each other’s thighs and slugging it out on the dirty floor. “Yessssss, fuuccckk“, moaned Marsha. She arched her back and grabbed Vicki’s throat with both hands to squeeze and moan as she finally came all over her leg. While she was still feeling the warmth and tingle, Vicki came and strangled Marsha as she jerked and humped convulsively in a tight and violent embrace.

As if on queue, the two women found each others mouths and smacked together in a long, sloppy, drooling, almost violent kiss. Their tongues rudely and harshly wrestled together and voilently probed inside each other’s cheeks. As their faces fought and kissed each other, they jerked each other’s hair. Then with one hand they buried a fist into their opponent’s ribs and continued slow punching. The punches had almost no force at this point. But each felt the satisfaction of hitting the other woman.

The two lay together, licking each other’s mouths and tongues, continuing their ineffective but so satisfying punching and occasionally jerking their hair. They still felt the tingle and warmth from the sexual release.

After a couple of minutes of this, Marsha felt herself regaining her wind and strength. She dug her nails sharply into Vicki’s scalp and heard her moan in pain. She liked that. Their punching gained intensity. Vicki retaliated with a knee forcefully rammed up into Marsha’s pussy. Marsha cried out and threw a fist into Vicki’s stomach and jerked her head back by the hair as hard as she could.

The two women rolled on the floor, legs entangled and arms clutching, scratching and punching. They knocked against the bed and then rolled back the other way towards the door. Then Marsha noticed someone’s foot and ankle pass her view as they rolled. Coming to rest on the bottom of the catball, she saw the maid had returned and was now sitting in the chair which she had pulled away from the corner.

The pretty, hispanic woman had one hand under her uniform skirt, fingering herself with legs spread as she watched them. And Marsha could have cared less; as long as she wasn’t going to try and stop them or call someone to do so. She wanted this fight to last until they had both had their fill, at least for this round. And she suspected it would take quite a while, judging from their previous fights.

Rolling one way, then the other, they pulled each other into a sitting position. Each had their legs clamped around the other as they clamped their nails into soft breasts which were already scratched and bruised. Ahhhhgggg!,

Ugggghhhhh!, both women moaned in pain as they clawed and painfully stretched each other tits. They clawed and scratched harder and harder. They gritted their teeth and rose to the contest of how much pain each could inflict and endure.

Little splotches of blood began for form. Marsha’s painful moan turned louder, as did Vicki’s. On and on they clutched and scratched in their painful duel. Finally not being able to take any more, Vicki took one hand and punched at Marsha, hitting her neck right under her jaw. Again and again she launched her fist, hitting Marsha’s face and neck and shoulder. Marsha quickly returned fire and in an instant the women were punching wildly at closest range, still with their legs around each other in that sitting position.

The women punched and kicked wildly and eventually pushed away from each other and rolled to their knees with fists ready, expecting a charge from their opponent. But both were quite tired and welcoming of the momentary pause in the action. They sighed and slumped on the floor for a welcome moment of rest.

As she recovered her composure somewhat, Marsha slowly climbed to her feet before slumping on the bed and rested. Vicki eventually scooted over and rested her back against the other chair in the corner. The two women rubbed their bruised and tired muscles for several minutes. They rested but glared at each other.

They were a sight; naked, wet bruised, scratched, hair in hopeless tangles, faces red and flushed and smelling of sex. The pretty hispanic maid, having cum while watching the fight, was flushed and panting while warily watching for what would happen next.

In another moment, Marsha rose to her feet and spread her legs wide. Then she evilly displayed a slight grin and beckoned with her finger for Vicki to rise and meet her. “Come on bitch”, she cooed. Like a cat being enticed with a yummy treat, Vicki quickly rose and stepped up to meet Marsha with her legs spread wide as well.

Then the two naked women reached out with one had to grab hair and with the other they took dead aim and delivered a sharp punch to the pussy. Grunting with pain, they punched again, and then again. Vicki then grabbed Marsha’s pussy lips with her nails and scratched and pulled. Marsha squealed, “you fucking cunt!” and retaliated in kind.

As they alternated scratching and punching each other’s sex,the maid could be heard in the corner. “Oh my god”, she moaned with lust and began furiously masturbating at the sight of these two naked women violating each other. She had seen women fight before; even tearing each other’s clothes, but never anything as dirty and nasty as this. Her pussy was wet and leaking down her legs. She would shortly be coming for the second time.

Marsha and Vicki were also wild with lust. But their lust was for the fight; to hurt and be hurt; to abandon their inhibitions and normal identities and get down, dirty and disgusting with each other. With each punch and scratch, the two could be heard to moan in pain and anger.

It was like two female tennis players, each grunting with exertion as they smashed the ball in return. “ahhhgg!”, “unnngggg!”, “akkkkhhhhh!”, “owaaaahhh!”, each woman cried out as she punched and received a scratch in return; scratched and received a punch in return. They eagerly punched and scratched each others pussies for 2 to 3 minutes.

Incredibly, Marsha felt another orgasm coming on. She simply loved to fight. And this was maybe the dirtiest, nastiest and most violent one so far. Every punch she took hurt but also stimulated and excited her. The women were going at each other fast and furiously, not even trying to avoid each other’s blows. Finally overwhelmed, Marsha did cum long and hard.

awwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhaaaaaaiiiiiiiii“, she moaned while her pussy squirted against Vicki’s pounding fist. Her legs buckled and she fell to her knees in ecstasy as well as pain. Vicki fell back on the bed and plunged her hands to her pussy, furiously masturbating to seal her own orgasm, “uuuunnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh!”.

The three women panted to catch their breath and rested from all the excitement for a few moments. The little room was sweltering and each was sweating profusely. It also smelled of sex as the wet stains on the chair, bed and carpet demonstrated. And while the maid was sure this was the “climax” of the encounter, no pun intended, her eyes opened wide as she saw what the women did next.

Vicki and Marsha both rose and stepped toward each other, finally letting their breasts gently collide, each woman with one leg between those of the other. “Come on, slag bitch”, said Marsha in almost a whisper.

“Fucking fat whore”, replied Vicki in a hushed tone. “I want to keep fighting”. She reached for a fistful of hair. “Honey, I will fight you as long as you want”, said Marsha as she grabbed Vicki’s hair in return.

The maid had thrown her panties in the floor and was masturbating rapidly with her legs spread and knees bent so her heels rested on the chair cushion. Vicki and Marsha pulled their heads back violently and painfully as they mashed their breasts into each other.

Each woman then reached around with one hand and grabbed her rival’s ass, trying to insert a nail or two in her asshole. The two squirmed and pressed together as they scratched and pulled painfully at each other’s assholes. The was followed by scratching of their backs with the other hand and alternating punches to each other’s ribs. Occasionally one woman with throw her knee up forcefully between her rival’s legs.

The two continued this close in fighting. They went on scratching pulling, punching, kneeing; never trying to escape but always content to stand close and fight. The sweat continued to drip from their bodies. And after several more minutes, serious fatigue was setting in.

They now leaned on one another, resting their chins on each other’s shoulders. Although continuing to knee, punch and scratch each other, their movements were slow and the blows had little or no power left. Still they slapped their ineffective punches into each other; wanting very much to go on fighting. Two or three minutes, more went by. At times it seeed they were stopped, only to have one of them slug the other, or jerk her hair.

The action became slower and slower. Still they punched lightly, wanting to continue the fight but having exhausted their strength. The punches could be heard landing softly now but hardly felt. Eventually they could no longer raise their arms and stumbled to the bed and the corner chair.

The rivals sat, trying to recover and stared wordlessly at each other for several minutes. “I think that was longer than last time”, mused Vicki. “I want to do it longer”, replied Marsha. “I don’t want to stop”. Vicki half sneered, “You fucking bitch, we’ll go at it all weekend long next time. We might have to sleep a couple of hours now and then, but we’ll fight for hours; all through the day and into the night”. “Just say where and when”, replied Marsha. “I want you rested and ready to rumble”.

As the dialogue took place, the maid pulled on her panties, said something in Spanish and looked very embarrassed as she smiled and turned to leave the room. Eventually Vicki and Marsha towled off, pulled their dresses back on and left separately. They each created quite a distraction to the desk clerk in the lobby as they departed. But they had promised to meet again when they recovered and have the fight of their lives.

The End

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