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Hey there. I’m maria, I’m not your general brand goth girl. I’m the bad bitch type of goth who likes to prove I’m better and stronger without being nice about it. I love being the neighborhood bully that everyone’s scared of and gets out of the way when I come strolling though and will walk over whoever tries to step up but with that being said. I’m also a nice girl when I want to be so if you come up nice to me. I’ll be nice back until we decide to cut it out with the pleasantries. You can find me on discord as mariafights101#9606

What I Like:

As I already said. I love being the bad and mean bully of the story but in this book. The bully always wins. I love getting rough and bitchy with other like minded girls weather they are the curious types who want to test their strength or another bully who I have to put in her place. I love rough and wild catfights where we have this mix of emotions building up like rage, lust, jealousy and hate.

What else do you need for a bitchy encounter. I can get even rougher if you want more than just hair pulling and biting. I can knee you in the pussy if I need to, I can punch you across the jaw if I need to and I can even kick you when your down when I need to. I’m here to make friends and rivals but when we are fighting I’m gonna be your worst nightmare because when I win. I just love playing with my victim so expect some sensual fun as well. I just love stakes. It always makes me more determined to win. Sometimes I even like mixing the two. Who doesn’t love admiring a foes body and making her moan while also making her scream in pain.

Stuff I’m Not Into:

I hate supers and jobbers. I hate extremely bloody and gory stuff like gladiator fights or fights to the death. I don’t like scat play of any kind and no. I don’t mean the musical kind of scat. I’m not apposed to a broken nose or cracked rib as sometimes that just happens in really bitchy fights but what I don’t like is bones snapping and popping in places they are not supposed to like pulling a arm from its socket or breaking a leg. Take that somewhere else.

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