Driving Around – Part One by Mr. Cage

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Trigger Warning:

This story involves HEAVY racial animosity.

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I pulled into the strip mall center. Selling a business and making a plan to enjoy the rest of my years gave me plenty of time to service my pleasures and those of my slowly aging ex-stripper third wife, luckily they ran to the same extremes: violence and sex, in that order. I had cruised the parking lot unintentionally while picking up something at a post office box drop. I did not want the items mailed there easily associated with my real life. With the NSA breaking the deep web codes on my favorite fighting sites I had gone back to ancient technology for some stuff.

Yesterday I noticed a woman dragging two kids around begging. She of course only hit on likely people; getting paid off by some elderly men and frightened women, others buying her bullshit stories of woe, men looking for a blowjob which I did not see delivered and so on. I waited for her to walk up. Last week I had seen the same thing but then she had three kids and they were different than the two urchins she begged with today. I love scam artists, they are money motivated and tended amoral.

The sweaty brunette and wide-eyed kids had already checked out my big black gas guzzling SUV and now judged my concerned expression as genuine. “Mister, sorry to bother you, but can you help me get some food for my kids. My family is sending money I hope but right now I need to get them fed.” She had a genuine trailer park southern drawl.

I held up a hundred dollar bill and said, “Don’t bullshit me, let’s talk about a money making opportunity.”

She nodded and said, “First I’m not a whore.”

I asked, “Are those your kids?”

“Nope, they work for ten percent of the take, they belong to my sister.”

“Yeah, they looked different from the last ones.” She shrugged and laughed, seeing no need to deny a fair cop.

I gave the kids ten bucks a piece and told them to go get some ice cream. It was hot so I invited the woman into the front seat, she got in reluctantly. She really wasn’t a whore, at least not for a hundred bucks.

“I want you to beat the shit out of my wife, just you and her in a bare handed fight. She likes to play rough and if you lose she will fuck you, but you’ll walk away with some bruises and five hundred bucks. Beat the shit out of her and humiliate her anyway you want and you’ll get one thousand bucks and a night in our guest house if you wish.”

The woman frowned. “Look, I don’t know you, but I’d come along if you let me take a picture of your license plate and give it to the kids. The little fucks can make their own way home and that way I know you aren’t some serial killer, but.”


“I have to fight this nigger bitch who is coming around trying to steal my territory. She’s scaring the shoppers and security is going to close us both down so at two thirty we are meeting behind the grocery store dumpster and fighting it out. So you weren’t wrong in sizing me up as fighter, but I got a previous match.”

My cock jumped from slightly swollen to rock hard and attempted to rip through my tan slacks. She noticed and laughed. I had no problem with the picture taking. It would not be recorded or sent to the cloud. I had an active jammer for that. Always be prepared to avoid blackmail.

“You are a total pervert aren’t you? Tell you what you can watch for five hundred and be there to make sure that bitch doesn’t try any nigger tricks on me. This is a no rules fight, but no weapons, including fight rings. You can say you’re security and don’t care who wins but only wants one of us working the shopping center.”

I nodded, “I’ll be back where do you want to meet me say at two. I’ll have a security jacket with me and a few props to sell the story.”

So that is how I came to be standing on hard dirt, dotted by some debris but nothing like a rock or a bottle. It was a hot sunny afternoon day. The long line of the back of shops and air-conditioning units blocked off the parking lot and traffic noise so it would shelter the sounds of battle.

The woman I had approached was named Jodie. She stood 5’8’’ and weighed at least 160 pounds, was very busty and hippy but not fat. She had brown hair to her shoulders, flyaway but still thick. Her chipped nails were mainly red. Her eyes were brown and her jaw was firm. She wore a white t-shirt with a black bra, tight booty shorts with no belt and was now barefoot. She had changed in her car which was now parked beside mine on a dirt clearing behind the dumpster.

Her opponent, Kellie, had accepted me as a fair referee and promised me a blow job a day to keep the shopping center clear of other beggars. She stood 5’6’’ and weighed 170 or so. She was very busty and hippy with a belly to go with it: dark brown skin, frizzy hair about four inches long, no nail polish. Kellie wore a red plunging t-shirt with a red bra that looked like it needed combat pay. She wore dirty cutoffs and had already kicked off her flip flops.

Jodie proposed. “Now that we got a referee what do you say we each get two gives and then no more breaks its win or lose.”

“I don’t need no fucking breaks honky cunt!”

I stepped in. “That sounds good. I like a good fight so each time you make the other give I’ll give you fifty bucks and the winner gets a hundred.”

Kellie’s dark eyes darted to the roll of twenties I had pulled out of my security jacket. She replied, “Well if that’s the case let’s make it five gives and whoever wins gets another two fifty.”

Jodie nodded. “Fine by me and the loser kisses ass.”

Kellie smiled, “Eats pussy and kisses ass.”

Jodie dared. “And gets a face full of ass and piss.”

“Fucking redneck trailer trash cocksucker.”

“Nigger cunt!”

And they rushed together swinging wildly. Jodie’s right fist hammered the left side of the black woman’s face again and again as her left hand wadded up a fistful of kinky hair. Kellie took the pounding, her right hand had brown hair twisted around it and her left hand had already ripped Jodie’s shirt halfway off and popped her bra exposing a pale white boob which I guessed was a 38D at least. The black woman grabbed the boob and jerked and twisted while pulling the brown hair dragging Jodie forward and bending her over. Jodie had to stop punching and braced herself on Kellie’s wide hip. Kellie kneed her in the belly, then planted her foot down and jerked the white woman by the tit and hair in a circle, causing her to stumbling wilding in an arch and then go down to her knees. A kick to the belly followed, but Jodie did not give up. She caught Kellie’s right ankle as it came back from a gut kick, apparently only partially on target, and she crashed forward putting the black woman on her ass in the dirt.

Jodie tried to scramble on top climbing up the black woman’s right leg, but ran into Kellie’s dirty foot straight to the side of the face and then into the shoulder spinning Jodie at the waist and standing her up on knees planted on either side of the black woman’s right leg. Kellie’s free left foot drew back and drove heel first into the flopping right boob crushing it, the scene of rolling white tit flesh oozing around the black foot almost caused me to squirt in my pants.

The blow knocked Jodie backwards on her ass in the dirt. She cupped the breast with her left hand, but stayed alert as now Kellie tried to climb on top. This time Jodie’s right foot slammed directing into the black woman’s nose as she scrambled forward on all fours head tilted perfectly to receive the dirty white heel right on the bridge of her broad flat nose.

Kellie grunted and rocked back sitting on her heels and then falling face down as Jodie’s right foot flashed over her head just missing. Jodie scrambled backwards, got to her knees and lunged forward to grab the back of Kellie’s head. Pressing down with all her weight she forced the black woman’s bloody nose into the dirt. The problem for me was Kellie was not fighting back. Using a referee’s discretion I called for a break.

Jodie ignored me. I grabbed her under the arms and dragged her backwards. As she felt her hands lifting she switched from pushing to pulling dragging Kellie’s unconscious body by the hair while trying to kick her. I’m convinced if I hadn’t been there Jodie might have killed her rival in the head of battle. As it was when she released the kinky bush of hair, Kellie fell like a lump.

Long desperate wait cut short, Kellie woke up with a broken nose, two swollen eyes and absolutely no desire to fight on. I tried to get her to a car and to my off the books for cash only fight doctor, but she was cursing up a storm about crazy white cunts and jogged-staggered off into the woods going for the next street where I suspected she had parked her car.

Jodie was just catching her breath, still full of fury, now riding the high of surviving and actually winning a desperate hate fight. She had the beginnings of a black eye and a very nasty bruise on her right boob, some missing hair and of course aches and pains. I gave her five hundred just because I had the cash and was pleased with the fight short as it was.

She looked at the money. “I’ll fight your bitch and bust her up good, but first I want to fuck you.” Her hand roughly grabbed my erection through my pants and push walked me backwards to my car. I opened the back of the car for her, clicked down the back seat to open up the long flat carpeted rear section. Then I started the car making sure the A/C was on high. I climbed into the back where her eyes were glazed and she was already nude.

I’ve had rough after fight fucks with my ex-wife, my current wife and a couple of women who beat her. This was easily as dirty and perverted as any of those. I just managed to get out of my clothes when Jodie was sucking my cock and pushing me on my back. She climbed on top and started pounding down on me like she was trying to drive my cock through her uterus, it had to hurt because even with her big round ass doing the pounding it was hurting me. Her dirty nails clawed up my chest as she rocked through a screaming orgasm. She gasped catching her breathe in between grunts.

“Still hard?”

I nodded. She climbed off knelt on all fours and demanded, “In the ass motherfucker!”

I did as commanded until I drained every bit of cum inside me deep into her rectum as she cursed and clawed at the carpeting. Both spent we laid as we had fallen letting my cock slowly shrink out of her big ass. I was just remembering I should have worn a condom when she started working to roll me off. I obliged.

“Fuck, I’m clean you better be clean you prick! I haven’t fucked like that in five years, ever since my husband died. Hell I’ve only been with women for the last three years. Damn I missed cave sex!”

I nodded not sure I wanted to say something stupid. This woman scared me a bit.

“So is your cunt wife ready to fight now?”

“Don’t you want to clean up, rest, and recuperate?”

“No, I want to be sweaty, dirty and dripping your cum out of my ass when I beat the shit out of your cunt and then take her like the bitch I bet she is!”

As I drove her to our country place I thought: ‘Not a bad day so far, knock wood and pray it continues.’ I took a picture of Jodie and mailed it to my wife with the text: ‘Found a tough redneck who just beat up a black woman and is anxious to fight you with or without rules, suggest we do five minute rounds with no giving and keep it all below the neck until you two decide different.’

Belle, my wife texted back: ‘Great. I needed this today. I hope she lasts more than one round.’

I replied: ‘Oh, don’t think that will be a problem. I hope you last more than one round.’

‘Asshole, so you fucked that whore already. Good, I’ll hurt her real bad for that.’

I passed the phone to Jodie. She cursed and started clicking away and by the time I arrived home in everything had been agreed in texting.

Anything goes below the neck, but no bone breaking or biting anything off. Five minute rounds with no submission. If you are getting worked over you get tortured until the five minutes are over. Five minute breaks between rounds and a chance at the beginning of the next round to quit. Jodie negotiated a hundred dollar a round bonus. They both expected to be bitten, scratched and mauled bloody. My wife agreed that if she lost Jodie got the guest house and first call on me until the day my wife could drive her away or she left of her own accord.

Twenty minutes after we got there two nude, angry women were in our secluded pit. Actually the pit was a hole from an old swimming pool behind the guest house. The hole was being filled expertly in order to provide a permanent foundation for tennis court. The dirt was being allowed to settle until the end of summer when the next truck of quality sod would be delivered. It was simply red clay and sod softened by rain, but not sloppy muddy. The depth varied from three feet to five feet and the sides were sloped outward and crumbling inward.

Jodie the red neck “homeless” brunette stood 5’8’’ and weighed approximately 160 pounds. She had tanned arms, legs, face and neck but was white everywhere else. Her dirty hair was stringy from the earlier fight and heat, hung in tangles to her shoulders. Her chipped nails had dirt and bits of Kellie under them. Brown eyes and firm jaw with a black eye and swollen cheek, she at best was a handsome woman in her mid-thirties with two children that stayed with her dead husband’s mother while she was panhandling. She had a thick waist, big thighs, broad hips, round ass, soft stretch marked belly and big 38D boobs that drooped down pointing dark brown pointed nipples toward her dirty toes. Her brown bush was full and un-trimmed and filled her ass cheeks as well, where I assumed cum was drying now. Her pussy lips were loose and thick, hanging down a bit as she stood feet apart glaring at my wife.

Standing across from her was my blue-eyed, blonde, ex-stripper third wife, Belle. Twenty-eight year-old Belle stood 5’7’’ and weighed a boob heavy 140 pounds. By boob heavy I mean she had huge zeppelin-like natural tits that jutted out from her chest forced apart at forty five degree angles by the breathe of their base. She was a forty-two F, solid packed all natural tit flesh still partially lactating from our second young child. (The children were napping with their separate live-in nannies; Belle had the mothering instincts of a wolf so I was happy to pay the expense.) Belle’s thighs and ass-cheeks were thick and hard, still benefitting from youth and dancing. Her belly was a bit softer than it was when she was a pole worker and bore some marks of her two pregnancies. Her amazing boobs though looked like they would never droop due to how packed and broad-based they were. She had these huge pink nipples riding on top of swollen apple size aureole. In terms of looks she totally outclassed Jodie, even with the slight scars my wife wore from previous fights. She had waxed her bush so her thick but tight no drooping flesh pussy lips were exposed as was the unnaturally large clit sleeve that bulged between her upper lips. She had bleached her ass three times so it was as pink as her slit, even if it was stretchable from the number of times it had taken my cock.

I touched the timer phone which made a “clang” to start the round. Both women shouted “Bitch!” and charged together, left hands going for hair, boobs squishing against each other and right hands digging fists into the opponents left side. Smacks and grunts filled the pit with the sound of feet kicking at ankles and stomping on sometimes hard dirt and squishing on sometimes soft clay. They turned in a tiny circle wailing away without defense. Dirt worked up to their ankles and soon they were covered in a sheen of sweat and still they hammered each other with one fist and yanked hair with the other. Matted strands of brunette and blonde hair clung to shoulders, forearms and hung from sweaty fingers as neither seemed to tire from the piston like punching to the sides and back.

Finally, Jodie tried a knee to my wife’s pussy. Belle had been waiting for this, it was one of her signature defensive moves. As the Jodie’s foot left the muck Belle twisted her hip and turned her thigh to block the knee. With Jodie’s leg splayed around my wife’s thick, muscular thigh and on one foot she was not balanced for my wife’s standing tit splash. Belle rammed her projectile tits into Jodie’s soft round orbs. Both women grunted, but the nose of my wife’s tits dug into the soft pale flesh of the redneck fighter. Most women are hurt by tit shots but not disabled. At most there is a moment of shock and Jodie experienced it, freezing in place: off balance, one foot sliding in the muck and the other dangling from a leg that was still resting on the outer bulge of my wife’s reddened thigh. The impact threw Jodie back into the dirt with my wife slamming down on top of her.

Mutual grunts issued as Jodie’s ass and back splatted in the soft clay and then Belle slammed down tits first on top. Jodie held onto the blonde hair preventing Belle from climbing on top, but my wife slide cross body before the brunette could entangle their legs. Despite her head being yanked up and back by the hair, Belle stretched out Jodie’s right arm with her left, nails biting into the wrist. Belle’s huge left tit was crushed between them hurting them both by crushing itself and Jodie’s two fat tits flat. My wife’s right nipple drew tiny arcs in the muck as she rolled cross body back and forth as Jodie squirmed, exhausting herself.

Then the first right fist sank into Jodie’s belly as she tried to bridge up. Her feet flew out from under her knees and the knees came up to guard her throbbing belly. My wife was a womb puncher and knew where to hit on the lower belly to drive the pain in deep. As soon as the knees came up my wife’s right hand open and shoved down pushing across the guarded belly and emerging between the uplifted thighs. Jodie cursed, screamed then cursed some more. My wife’s red manicure nails were already past the hairy fur and pushing between the fat hanging lips. Her longest fight hand gone ten rounds like this and by then her right hand was bloody back to the elbow from cunt-gouging.

Jodie twisted at the waist and rocked back and forth screaming in fury and agony. Belle was sliding back and forth trying to stay on top, but the redneck woman was very strong and still very energetic. One desperate attempt caused my wife’s back to come close to Jodie’s mouth and the bitch bit into it hard. Belle stiffened and tried to endure, but the bite was hard and the flesh tender. Jerking free gashed her open and caused her to slide to far down Jodie’s belly. The redneck woman’s left arm and right arm were free and they hammered the small of my wife’s back, then switched to pushing her. Belle got rolled off face first in the muck with Jodie squirming backwards brutally driving her now muddy feet into Belle’s side, sliding her further and further away.

Once separated Jodie scrambled to her feet and checked her crotch for blood. Screaming when she found a drop she charged swinging for my wife’s head. Belle ducked under the punch and tackled the woman sending her flying over her shoulder. Belle got up with her fists raised as Jodie pushed up more slowly now covered back in front in muck, not mud but sweat, dirt and clay. Breathing hard she clenched her fists.

Belle said, “No face punching bitch. You missed that one so I won’t go no rules, but if you want to go no rules we will settled it in one round no stopping and whoever wins you get paid a lot less.”

Jodie didn’t charge. She stood their sucking in air and letting the hot fury turn cold. Belle was more than happy to rest herself. Her side was darkened by Belle’s very hard punch and she was missing a lot of hair. Further I think the brutal distancing kicks had hurt her kidneys. Normally she would have been all over a weakened opponent. Before anything else happened the watch issued its electronic, “Clang.” The first round was over.

Both got a water bottle and leaned against opposite sides of the pit. Five minutes of rest seems like a long time, but it was just enough time for both to recover. I asked if either was ready to say, “I Quit.” Both gave furious negative replies. My wife has a way of making enemies and now Jodie wanted to hurt her bad out of principle.

They came together with a grunt throwing punches to each other’s bellies as they rubbed tits and shoulders together trying to muscle each other backwards. Jodie’s brutal punches were sinking my wife’s gut, but Belle was giving her even worse back. Jodie finally went for the bear hug. Her arms were as strong or stronger and she surprised my wife bundling her up, crossed fists in the small of her back. Jodie lifted and pushed forward. Belle rammed hard into the side of the pit. She groaned and was bent backwards from the hips.

Jodie leaned over my wife’s upper body and struck nastily taking revenge for the cunt maul. She fastened her teeth into Belle’s huge left tit, chewing along the inside swell as Belle screamed and struggled to free her arms. My wife’s feet came off the ground and she heel kicked Jodie’s thighs trying to weaken the heavier woman. Jodie kept biting moving to the right tit leaving deep red ovals along the length of the heavy projectiles. Belle screamed in fury.

The tit biting went on and on as Belle struggled and squirmed now almost out of the pit with the homeless woman wallowing on top of her biting and drawing blood from about a third of her savage bites. Belle had suffered worse from a fat black woman, but she had eventually had to give up and service the woman and her pimp for a week. And by servicing that meant sucking cocks and fucking in a whore pad for street prices.

Belle finally got her muddy feet into Jodie’s wide hip bones and pushed off. Jodie was forced to slide backwards and Belle’s bare back slide across the grass. Jodie’s teeth reached my wife’s nipples. She got the right one before an explosive kickoff threw Jodie backwards. My wife’s tits were bloody and bruised beyond anything she had imagined at the beginning of the fight. Jodie foolishly pulled up and reached for my wife’s waxed pussy which was fully exposed as her feet were planted on the grass and knees parted.

As her hand slapped on my wife’s lower belly and started to go for the pussy, Belle’s feet slammed into the DD boobs, crushing them both. Tit flesh literally squished around the outline of my wife’s muddy feet. Jodie howled and flew backwards to land on her back with both hands cupping her throbbing boobs. Belle sat up, but her own boobs and exhaustion kept her from following up. She groaned in agony as her big boobs moved as she pressed up. Jodie rolled to her hands and knees also gasping as her swelling tits dangled, nipples in the mud.

Belle jumped into the pit as Jodie pressed up. My wife grabbed a fist full of muddy hair and pulled Jodie backwards as her right fist slammed into the woman’s kidneys again and again. Jodie struck back with an elbow and twisted around to face my wife, her hair twisting into a knot in Belle’s fist. Belle drove her knee up into Jodie’s soft belly. The homeless woman gasped and bent slightly. Belle’s hair pull did the rest and she had Jodie bent over at the hips. Belle kicked the back of her knees and brought Jodie to her knees. She then reached around under Jodie’s up-reaching arms and grabbed the right tit from behind. Jodie’s hands found my wife’s muddy hair and pulled, but Belle was already falling forward forcing the bigger woman face down in the muck. Jodie cried out as Belle’s right hand pulled that big right orb around to the side under Jodie’s armpit. She twisted, gouged, clawed and even stepped on the meat of the fat orb trying to ruin the tit and even up the damage, but she didn’t.

Time expired and she reluctantly spit on Jodie’s muddy back and crawled to the side of the pit and sit on the grass checking the bite marks on her tits, watching the blood and sweat turn the dirt and mud red and drippy. Jodie pressed up moaning and crawled in the mud to the edge of the pit. I figured the fight was over for sure. She had blown her rage and not won. Belle’s staying power often broke the will of fighters who were beating her.

Jodie stood and surprised me, “This is a fucking fight. No rules now, and no breaks we end it with one of unable to stand or begging for mercy.”

Belle smiled because she loved this savage kind of fight. “Okay you stupid cunt, you got it. Ready when you are.”

Jodie took ten minutes before she stood up and made muddy fists. “Come on you rich fucking freak, let’s settle this!”

Jodie lunged forward missing with a big right. She ran into Belle who hammered three times in the lower belly making mud fly off her ass and pussy. Instead of falling over Jodie hooked an arm around Belle’s head in a front face lock and pounded her side and tits with her big right fist, sending blood and mud flying. Belle did not back up and choke herself, she charged forward driving Jodie into the side of the pit. As the homeless girl pounded down hammer blows on her back my wife groaned and worked her right hand into Jodie’s cunt.

Jodie screamed with her head back. She wiggled over the side of the pit. Her heels immediately found my wife’s hips and thrust her backwards. Belle slipped and fell on her ass as Jodie rolled over and literally leapt at her. Belle rolled to the side as Jodie landed feet first where Belle’s womb had been. Belle pushed up only to take a brutal kick to her hanging tits which flopped her backwards to land on her knees. Jodie snatched my wife’s muddy blonde hair with her left hand and drove a straight right down onto the bridge of my wife’s once broken nose. It didn’t break, but blood came out of both nostrils causing rivulets in the muck on her face.

Jodie drew back her fist, but Belle’s face was firm against the homeless woman’s big thigh. She bit into the meat of the thigh while her hands clawed at the muddy ass cheeks. Jodie howled and ripped wads of bloody hair out my wife’s head to get the deep bite stopped. Belle let herself be scalped, a hair stylist would be visiting sometime after the doctor I was sure. Jodie screamed wildly and shoved her hands down. Slowly she got her claws into the side of my wife’s face and thrust her thumbs toward Belle’s eyes. Before she got there, Belle released the bite.

My wife rolled backwards on her ass and slid in the muck to drive two feet upward. Jodie was looking at the river of blood coming from the gash in her muddy thigh when my wife’s heels took her in the crotch and belly. The bigger woman staggered back to hit the side of the pit again. She was still fascinated with the red gash on her meaty thigh. Belle stood up gasping. I really had no idea who would finish it now.

Belle moved forward going for a crotch kick, but the muck slowed her down. Jodie blocked the kick and worse for my woman caught her ankle. Jodie raised the ankle up and put my wife on her back with her right foot trapped against Jodie’s belly. I knew what was coming but I clenched my legs just the same as a big muddy foot stomped my wife’s cunt, driving her ass into the muck.

On the third stomp, Belle got her free leg in the way and somehow tangled her free leg around Jodie’s and Jodie fell backwards. Both of them ended up on their back in the mud, holding the right foot of the other in both hands and stomp kicking with the left. I’m not sure who got the best of this kicking contest, but they drove each other apart and then slithered away to push up to sitting positions, gasping for air and waiting for their energy to return.

I again expected the fight to end, but Jodie stood up on shaky legs and made fists. My wife did the same. They staggered around in a circle and had a brief fist fight, both of them taking hard slow sloppy punches to the face and head. Belle’s nose bled again. Then her cheek got opened. Jodie wobbled when her left eyebrow ruptured and then her belly got kneed. She staggered back to the edge of the pit gasping.

Belle faked a kick. Jodie crossed her legs and covered her crotch with one hand, but Belle had something else in mind. She launched herself into the homeless woman bending her backwards onto the grass. Now she had Jodie’s arms in a bear hug and those soft round 38D tits by her face. She started biting and Jodie started screaming. Luckily we had no nearby neighbors as the guest house was at the back of the lot near a wooded ravine. Jodie screamed and squired almost rolling my wife off her more than once. Belle’s head moved side to side and up and down as she shifted her teeth around the double globes leaving bloody imprints.

Jodie started screaming wildly, “I give. I give. Oh god, make her stop.”

“Belle?” I said.

She growled, “No this is to the finish.”

She fastened her teeth to the right nipple and bit. I knew what was coming. Jodie’s eyes got crazy and her wail sounded like something unnatural. She begged and begged and squirmed almost throwing my wife off, but in the end as Jodie whimpered and sobbed, my wife spit a bloody nipple and mouthful of aureole and tit meat on the grass. She had a collection! Then she went for the left nipple. Jodie’s agonized screaming stopped as she passed out. Belle spit the second nipple out and trembled. I knew she had just orgasmed. My wife is a sick twist for sure.

She climbed on top the helpless woman, trapping the homeless woman’s limp arms against her side with knees. Then sitting on Jodie’s barely moving belly, my wife began a two fisted beating of the other woman’s face. When she stopped from exhaustion little was recognizable. Even the swollen eyelids had split open. Jodie still seemed to be breathing so my wife stood, put a foot on the downed woman’s throat and crushed down. It was over. Belle staggered off to shower and call her fight doctor.

His pay would be a viewing of the fight with Belle stroking his cock. I grabbed a shovel and added another few cubic feet of filler to our soon to be tennis court foundation. Four women, including Belle’s older sister lay down there covered in lime under hard packed clay. Well add another name to the missing. I got rid of the stolen SUV on a shipping container headed to Arabia. Tennis anyone?

The End

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    1. Rival's Rapture says:

      I don’t know. If I did, I would have it up on the site, for sure.

      Mr. Cage is one of our oldest authors, and finding his tales has been very difficult. I recently found a long more, that I will be posting, but Part 2, if it was ever written, is not amongst them.

      If you, or anyone reading this comment knows where I can find part 2, please send it to me!

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    I think I can help out here. There was never a Part 2. This was all that Cage did in this particular setting / universe.


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