Boarding School Queen – Edinburgh Excursion – Part 2

Boarding School Queen 2 Edinburgh Excursion Part 2

“Laura… Symington… Bailey…” Helen Brodie had swallowed involuntarily before repeating the name she had least expected to hear back, her voice slurring slightly as her second strong alcoholic drink of the night kicked in.

Shit she thought! Could the stunning blonde standing in front of her really be the half-sister her mother had recently warned her about? The progeny of her father’s brief dalliance with Diana Symington, the blonde English heiress who had also had marital designs on Hector Brodie until Rachel Edelman had put in her place during that mother of all catfights in Edinburgh almost two decades ago.

Helen felt her pussy tighten involuntarily as she recalled the story her mother had recounted, causing a trickle of wetness to enter the black thong briefs she was wearing. Choosing to play it cool for now, Helen put on her unimpressed face and turned towards the bar to show the other girl her best profile before she spoke again – as levelly as she could under the unusual circumstances.

“So, I suppose you didn’t let on who you really were to Marion when she was arranging this…this date for us?”

Laura’s expression switched effortlessly from amused imperious queen to coy conspiratorial queen at this, and she leaned on the bar next to Helen before replying in her slightly irritating, clipped aristocratic tones.

“Oh nooo! I thought you would enjoy it a lot more as a… big surprise!”

Laura laughed musically at her own little joke and took a sip of her expensive cocktail before continuing:

“Then there was always the nagging worry that you might decide not to show at all – even for a nice bit of long lost sibling rivalry.”

Although she was taking care to maintain a cool and calm exterior, Helen’s brain was working flat out as she tried to make sense of the bizarre and unprecedented situation she now found herself in.

Small wonder that the blonde had seemed so familiar when she walked in: Helen could now see clearly that Hector Brodie’s bold, aristocratic features were as prominent in Laura’s face as in her own, tempered by the soft, limpid feminine beauty that both girls clearly derived from their respective mothers.

They were each blessed with healthy, radiant skin which remained translucent and unblemished; however Laura’s complexion was more peaches and cream to Helen’s creamy alabaster. With their jackets off, both girls’ fashionably-cut size 10 dresses revealed the graceful lines of their necks and shoulders while accentuating their slender waists and curvy hips.

To accentuate their cleavage fully, Helen and Laura had both selected 36 D cup plunge bras, inside which their perfect breasts nestled snugly. Laura always wore white lingerie while Helen preferred black and, as they were supposed to be on a date tonight, both girls had selected sexy, lacy thongs in their rival colours which barely covered their unshaven pussies.

The girls were even well-matched in the hair department Helen realised suddenly: now that her raven dark hair was styled in a slightly shorter bob with a straight fringe it looked strikingly similar to the way Laura’s blonde hair was cut.

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Draining her third Martini, Helen felt her cheeks flush as the powerful alcohol kicked in, and as her breathing became more rapid she became acutely aware of Laura staring at her big, creamy breasts rising and falling.

Returning the compliment, Helen looked down into Laura’s magnificent cleavage and saw the blonde’s large breasts expanding as if they were trying to escape the low cut dress holding them in altogether.
By now, Helen’s dormant clit was growing pleasantly tumescent as she started imagining what it would feel like to have this girl who looked so like her – and yet also unlike her – pinned and straining under her pussy as Helen fucked her into submission.

As Helen prepared to speak again her dark eyes met Laura’s green eyes and she could see that the other girl’s pupils were fully dilated, a clear sign that she was becoming just as turned on by now as Helen was.

“You know, looking at us both side by side here today… we could almost be twins,”

Laura gave a strange laugh at Helen’s comment. “Well, funny you should say that… because we were so close together in the womb once …”

“Meaning what?”

“You mean you didn’t know that our mothers were already pregnant when they fought?”

Although both girls were speaking sotto voce, Laura’s clear tones still carried across the quiet bar and, to her alarm, Helen noticed two suits looking up from their newspapers in mild surprise.

“This is all getting a bit heavy, Laura. Shall we continue this conversation somewhere more private?” she suggested tactfully, inclining her head towards the ladies powder room.

“Yes, we probably should do just that – won’t you lead the way?”

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Although the ladies powder room of the Royal Mile Club had seen better days, it was still undeniably grand with its art deco mirrors and heavy marble-topped sink stands.

As Laura followed Helen inside they hung their jackets on the ornate coat rack and then, as ladies often do, proceeded immediately to the tall mirrors above the sinks to check that their makeup was still intact.

“So, technically we were both present when our mothers fought all those years ago,” Helen mused adjusting one of her diamante earrings. “Funny, how I don’t remember it all that well these days.”

“Of course not,” Laura laughed sardonically, “but you can hardly deny the symbolism: two innocent fetuses snugly cocooned inside their respective wombs being bombarded by constant deep, carnal sensations as their mothers’ fight the sex-fight of their lives… as torrid night turns into bleary, blistering dawn… fighting not only to decide who wins future happiness with the man they both love, but also to secure their unborn daughter’s birthright… ”

“Whoa!” Helen rounded on her companion, noticing the blonde’s breasts rising and falling even more rapidly as her emotional level peaked.
“Are you predicted to get an A* in English Lang and Lit, or are you just auditioning for a role in a new Shakespearean tragedy?”

“Ha ha – very funny.”

Deciding now was the time to play hardball with the other girl, Helen squared her shoulders as she spoke firmly and levelly at her rival.

“So, I get that you’re still sore about my mother defeating your mother and proving she was the better woman back then… but, now you’ve got me here under false pretences, what is it that you want to do about it now, exactly?”

Folding both her arms across her chest Laura exhaled scornfully before raising her voice accusingly. “Your mother only won by cheating!”

“That’s rubbish – my mother did not cheat!

Looking into her half-sister’s blazing green eyes Helen realised just how angry and impassioned she had become: here was a girl who had every reason to hate Helen and want to destroy her sexually. It was a classic revenge play, almost like a Greek tragedy, and Helen felt simultaneously giddy, turned on and incredibly excited at the prospect of getting to grips incestuously with this dangerous new sexual rival that she had known so little about until an hour ago.

There was one immediate practical problem however. Now that the alcohol had taken effect Helen knew that she must empty her bladder first, or she would be at a disadvantage in the sexfight to follow.

“So, what do you want to do about it – huh?” Helen repeated.

Helen stood up to her full height and squared off against her rival, folding her own arms across her chest in an unconscious mirroring act.

“You know what I want, my sweet bitch of a half-sister…”

As Laura looked ready to attack Helen held her hand up quickly almost like a cop directing traffic.

“Wait, before we start anything… I really need to pee first.”

Laura laughed incredulously at this then turned dismissively to indicate the nearest cubicle.

“So go in there and piss first then!”

Starting to feel relieved already, Helen skipped past as nimbly as she could in her heels and went into the cubicle. Suddenly she was sent flying as Laura pushed in aggressively behind her, locking the door as Helen turned angrily to face her.

“What – are you going to watch me as well, pervert?”

“Why not? I’ll be doing far more intimate and nasty things to your weak little pussy by the time we’re finished.”

Realising that further argument was pointless, Helen hitched her dress up and cautiously pulled her thong sideways so that she could piss standing over the bowl, keeping a watchful eye on her rival.

As Helen relaxed slightly, she ejected a satisfyingly heavy stream of urine that splashed the heavy porcelain bowl before cascading into the water below. But Laura had been waiting for just this opportunity as she lunged forward, catching Helen off balance and forcing her back against the cold, hard cistern pipe behind the toilet.

“Wh-what the fuck?!” Caught in mid-stream Helen’s warm pee sprayed everywhere as she fell back in disarray, splashing Laura’s dress and running down both girls’ thighs on to the floor. But the vengeful blonde didn’t much seem to care as she intensified the attack, burying her left hand in Helen’s dark hair while grabbing her soaked black thong with the other hand and twisting it viciously.

“Owww… aaaahhh!… FUCK!” Helen squealed as her half-sister tugged the lacy material again and hauled it sharply upwards, giving her the most painful of frontal wedgies as the cotton cut deeply into her tender vulva.

“Let go of me… fucking bitch!” Helen shouted angrily.

“Now, now – that language isn’t very ladylike.”

Laura pushed forward again until the two half-sisters stood pressed together straddling the toilet bowl, forehead to forehead, the naked tops of their full breasts crushing deliciously against each other, squeezing out of their low-cut bras like toothpaste from a tube.

With her back pressed to the cold pipe behind her, Helen knew that she was in trouble as Laura upped her attack; using the commanding grip she now had on Helen’s wet thong to attack her rival’s vulnerable pussy with a rhythmic sawing motion. For now, Helen’s hands scrambled in vain to pull Laura’s figure-hugging dress up sufficiently over her hips to enable her to counterattack against the other girl’s more protected quim.

As her engorged labia were penetrated deeply by the sawing action of the wet cotton, which was also rubbing against her erect clit, the intense sensations of pleasure mixed with pain were causing Helen’s vagina to lubricate massively. She could smell her own musk rising in the confined space as Laura hissed sarcastically in her ear.

“Come on slut, I can tell you’re almost ripe – are you going to give me a proper fight or not?”

Goading her opponent was probably not the best strategy as Laura quickly discovered however and suddenly it was her turn to be surprised as Helen saw red and gave a savage thrust that rocked her foe backwards on her unstable heels.

As her rival fell back trying to regain her balance, Helen’s trapped thong tugged against her even harder until it snapped entirely, mercifully freeing her ravaged pussy from its cruel pressure.

“That was a dirty trick to play, bitch” she sniffed, mightily relieved to be able to continue the fight now on less unequal terms.

“They say that ‘all’s fair in love and war’,” Laura replied. “But I’m ready to fight you woman to woman now if you prefer.”

There was a short hiatus while Helen checked herself briefly for damage and Laura, hitching her dress up, reached down and peeled the sticky thong from her wet vagina before discarding it on the floor.

Helen stifled a whistle as she caught sight of the other girl’s bush for the first time. She had fought a number of blondes before and generally derided their soft and scrawny bushes, but her half-sister was definitely something altogether different and very special.

Laura Symington-Bailey’s unshaven bush was several shades darker than her head hair, and exceptionally lush and tawny: so much so that somehow, oddly, it reminded her of the rich tail plumage of a mythical golden bird.

In her sexfights Helen often relied on her dark, thick, wiry pubes to overcome opponents, rubbing and scraping their traumatised vaginas until they finally submitted to her stronger pussy. Something told her that she would enjoy no such natural advantage over her half-sister when they eventually locked up cunt-to-cunt.

By now both girls had got their breath back as they continued to exchange glares of hate mixed with pure, unadulterated lust.

Helen knew that she desperately needed to even the odds after Laura’s successful ambush and as they locked up again in the centre of the cubicle she managed to sink her fingers in her rival’s blonde hair and force her against the wall.

Reaching down urgently, Helen parted Laura’s abundant pubes before sliding three fingers between her rival’s big, juicy cuntlips, marvelling at how wet and yielding her quim felt already.

Simultaneously the blonde re-established her grip on Helen’s hair and thrust three fingers deep inside her moaning adversary’s dripping sexhole.

The confined cubicle soon filled with wet, squelching noises as the two hate-filled half-sisters leaned together as they began pumping each other in earnest.

Within seconds Helen was sliding her fingers as deep and as fast into Laura as she could and soon she could smell the other girl’s potent sexual scent rising and mingling with her own. Helen soon began moaning louder however as Laura continued expertly fingerfucking her, making it apparent to both girls that the earlier attack on Helen’s vagina had left her in a greater state of arousal than her opponent; a development that Laura was shamelessly prepared to take full advantage of in her eagerness to extract the first submissive orgasm from her half-sister.

As her marauding fingers applied more pressure to Helen’s throbbing clit, Laura started feel her opponent weakening slightly and took the opportunity to swing their bodies round so that Helen now had her back pressed to the wall.

Simultaneously, the blonde squeezed her powerful cunt around Helen’s thrusting fingers. Laura had anticipated already that this was merely the first of many sexual battles they would fight that night and, as well as winning the psychologically important first contact, she wanted to intimidate her half-sister with the raw strength of her fighting pussy.

Finding she was suddenly having more difficulty pushing her fingers in and out of Laura, Helen responded by squeezing strongly with her own vagina. Now it was the blonde’s turn to find her finger fucking being slowed down to a crawl by the strength of her rival’s vagina.

“Stupid bitch!” Laura grunted. “Do you really think your weak pussy can resist being reamed into submission that easily?”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Helen riposted sarcastically. “I only need hold out longer than your puny cunt – which won’t be difficult, believe me.”

But, as Helen and Laura started to probe and test each other’s muscular strength, they were interrupted by the sound of the powder room’s outer door creaking open. Judging by the intense clatter, whoever came in must be wearing stilettos and they were in a hurry as they made a beeline straight to the cubicle next to the one the two girls were hidden in.

The girls instinctively froze as they heard the staccato footsteps coming closer, and the door next to them slamming shut and being locked. Then an unmistakable rustling sound as the new arrival pulled her stockings and knickers down, letting out a gasp of relief as she sat heavily on the pan.

Laura was the first to take advantage of the sudden distraction the interruption caused to start forcing her fingers roughly inside Helen’s resisting cunt once more, feeling her half-sister’s strong internal muscles rippling then gradually relaxing as she overcame them one by one and pushed in deeper.
Taken by surprise by this renewed intimate attack, all Helen could do to stop herself crying out was to quickly seal her lips with Laura’s so that her frantic whimpers were stifled inside her rival’s hot, sexy mouth.

The woman next door was still peeing loudly into the pan as Helen powered her own fingers inside Laura’s cunt, feeling the strong muscles steadily peeling apart as she forced her digits all the way in. Now it was the blonde’s turn to moan deeply into their conjoined mouths as her cunt was violated even more roughly than before.

As soon as the toilet next door flushed, the two overstimulated girls fastened on each other’s lips ravenously and were soon deep kissing and tonguing, as well as fingerfucking each other, their bodies trembling with renewed erotic tension.

After vacating the cubicle the new arrival paused briefly at the sink to wash her hands, perhaps checking her makeup for a moment, but didn’t hang around as the footsteps receded rapidly towards the door.

As soon as the outer door finally snapped shut again, the girls broke their deep, passionate kiss and started swearing at each other as they began finger fucking with even greater ferocity. The final struggle was brief but intense given how close both were to orgasm by now.

“Yes… yes… come for me bitch!”

“No… no… you blonde fuck!”


Both girls’ tits were now shuddering as they worked each other’s pussies harder than either could bear much longer, their intimate juices flowing freely down the insides of their smooth, slippery thighs. Deep gasps and moans escaped their lips as they drove together and then Helen, finally, let out a mighty groan and started to quiver and lose control.

Feeling her rival’s vagina beginning to contract powerfully around her pumping fingers, Laura forced Helen against the cubicle wall as she struggled to finish her off and claim the first victory in the war that was now being fought between them.

But it was a moment too late. With a plaintive moan, the blonde also felt her trembling clit starting to explode under Helen’s constant fingering pressure and she fell against her rival as they both convulsed and started pumping girl cum through thrusting fingers, lathering their sweaty pubes and the tops of their thighs with the rich, tangy liquor.

To Be Continued in Part 3, Which Can Be Found Here!

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