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I’m Emily Phillips, and I’m part of the wonderful Phillips family, with Kellie, Gabriella and Leah! Before I was a Phillips, I used to go around as CattyEmily.

You can find me on discord at Emily Phillips#3912

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What Am I Into?

Usually when it comes to this, it depends on the person I’m with. That being said, anything that involves us going body to body in a super catty and fight-y way.

Catfighting: Wrapping ourselves together as we slap, yank hair, and scream at each other. Clawing one another up in a fit of jealous rage. Be it in a movie theatre, at a bar, in the mall, or in someone’s bedroom, I’m always up for a catfight.

Titfighting: Hands on or off, titfights are something I love to do too. Usually they happen in my style of catfight anyway, but I’m happy to slap, grind, or mash my tits with yours to try and flatten each other!

Sexfighting: Erotic is always fun, but it depends on the person. I really need to trust someone to go this far with them, but if a catfight/titfight ends up this way, I won’t turn it down.

Other: Other: There are other things I’ll do, such as if a fight turns into a bear hugging competition/foot fight, I’ll be down for that too. If we are vicious enough, who knows. Maybe we go until only one of us is alive, but that’s rare. I’m also willing to roleplay as others, if that suits your fancy or is what you’re after that day.

What Am I not Into?

The usual stuff that most aren’t into. Toilet stuff, excess blood or gore.

Sadly, I’m not great at boxing or pro style, so you won’t really catch me in the ring.

I’m also not into just straight up sex, so sensuality has to come with a fight attached.

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