The Ex-Girlfriend by CCFight

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My name is Joe. I am happily married and consider myself to be very lucky to have landed such a beautiful woman. Her name is Tina. She is a gorgeous blonde that keeps her body in great shape with regular exercise and diet. The 5’ 6” blonde beauty is peppy and full of energy. She does however have a very pushy personality and can be very assertive. The girl constantly has her rock hard C-cup tits thrusting out. I’m not really sure if it’s just the way she walks or if she’s doing it on purpose. Sometimes she even manages to make them look like D-cuppers.

She has creamy white skin, sexy legs, a tight ass, and such a sexy ‘fuck-me’ looking face that it’s hard to keep from throwing her down and filling her with my cock every chance I get. Although I would have to say she probably initiates sex more often than I do. She gives off this sexy snarl that is totally wicked. It’s a look that is hard to explain and she pulls it off extremely well with her dark-blue piercing eyes.

Tina knows she’s a real knock out and I would also say she is very conceited about her looks. Although on occasion she has sought out reassurance by asking me how well she compares to other women while we’re out in public. She’ll ask me how well her ass measures up against a beautiful woman we’ll pass in the isle of the super market, or how well her tits match up against the salesgirl in a clothing store. She seems to at least make it fair by picking out women her own size.

The only jealousy I see coming from her is usually when there might possibly be a better looking woman nearby. And even so I don’t think she’s worried about me, she seems more worried about the other women one upping her in the looks department.

One day she found my old high school yearbook. She knew I had a steady girlfriend back then, but what she didn’t know was that the girl was a good looking cheerleader. I might have down played this the first time I talked to Tina about Gina. Now a million questions came out. She even went as far as grabbing her yearbook and showing me pictures of herself. “See I was a cheerleader too!” she stated. She went on comparing every picture of herself to every picture of Gina.

What really got her blood boiling is when she read what Gina had written to me. Actually it was how my ex-girlfriend sighed it, ‘Love you, From Your Little Scrapper’ she wrote.

I had to explain to my wife that I called her a little scrapper on occasion because they way she sometimes behaved with the other cheerleaders. There weren’t really any knock down drag out fights, but there were some very intense and very aggressive tussles I caught her in.
“I could easily take her!” was Tina’s response and then she stomped out of the room.

One day while we were out shopping and walking through the mall we couldn’t help but notice this sexy redhead walk by in a pair of short shorts and a skimpy little white tank top. What was so eye-catching was the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were poking out for the whole world to see. “That bitch is obviously looking for a fight!” Tina snarled in a husky voice.

The next day Tina did a little shopping of her own and comes back with several tight-fitting, skimpy little tank tops in a variety of colors. She comes out of our bedroom in a new pair of shorts, tennis shoes, and a new strappy little tank top. I found it a big turn on that she had stolen the redheads look from the mall the day before. “How do I look?” She asks as she pushes her tits out. The pink top she was wearing look like it had been laminated to her breasts. Tina’s nipples are definitely above average in size. They’re nice and fat, nearly ¾ of an inch long when aroused. She likes to refer to them as being angry. She damn near looked like she had just been in a wet t-shirt contest but without the water.

“You must be looking for a fight!” I tell her. Upon hearing my reply she flexes her tit muscles. “Maybe I am!” She growls out. Tina has this strange ability to flex her breast muscles to make her tits look like two wrecking balls thrusting out from her chest. She has told me not many women can do this.

This attire seemed to become Tina’s new casual wear, and she didn’t seem at all shy about wearing it out in public, even to the ballpark. We attended a Friday night game and she wore one of her tight white tank tops, a pair of blue shorts and tennis shoes. Around the fifth of sixth inning we went down to the concession stand to refill our beers. Tina decided she needed to visit the little girls’ room. As I stood there waiting for her return I was completely knocked back when an old friend of mine appeared, or should I say old girlfriend.

It was Gina and I suddenly found myself in a panic thinking about Tina returning at any moment. I quickly became somewhat distracted by Gina’s hot looks. Holy Shit she looked hotter now than she did in high school. I became even more panicked when I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra under the pink little tank top she was wearing. Her nipples looked big and stiff, angry as my wife would say. Her pink top looked like it was laminated across her tits. If it couldn’t get any worse she was also wearing pair of white shorts and tennis shoes. I know how women are when they show up somewhere dressed the same, let alone a wife and an ex-girlfriend showing up dressed the same.

I stood there nervously trying to hold a conversation with her and trying not to stare at her tits, but she was just too damn hot. I don’t remember very much of our conversation expect that she told me she was a fitness instructor at a nearby health center. There was no disputing that, especially after she did this cute little muscle pose. What really knocked me back was when she flexed her chest. I thought her tits were going to rip through tight tank top.

Quite a bit of time seemed to pass and Gina started to grow a little flirtatious with me. Before I knew it the girl was slipping me her number. Before I could object I suddenly heard Tina’s voice.

“Who do we have here?” My wife voice rang out with a sullen tone.

I look over at her. Not only could I see her tension I could feel it. Her body was tense and she appeared very confrontational. Her tits muscles were tight and straining against her skimpy little tank top, looking like they were about to exploded. Her nipples were pushing out like tent pegs. The look on her face was piercing and hostile. Stumbling for words I went about introducing Gina to my wife.

“This is Gina, ah ah an old friend from high school. Gina this is my wife Tina.” I looked over and was surprised to see the brunette standing in a very provocative pose, thrusting out a pair of tits that looked to challenge my wife’s tits in every way.

“An old girlfriend that is!” Gina was quick to correct me. She seemed to completely disregard the fact that Tina was my wife.

“Ah yes, his Ex-Girlfriend!” Tina shouted out with a cocky tone.

There was a long awkward moment of silence as the two of them thoroughly checked each other out. I couldn’t believe the lewd look on my ex-girl friend’s face as she picked apart my wife. It reminded me of the wicked look my wife gave me when she was pissed off, and it just so happened to be the same look she was wearing now.

The awkward moment continued. I wasn’t sure if the two of them were getting ready to go at it or not. They looked to be the same in height and weight, even their breasts where to close to pick out the better pair. However there was no doubt that Gina appeared more firm and tone; a real fitness instructor. Not a body builder or anything like that. Just a super fit women.

Gina finally broke the silence “Well I have to say it’s very nice to meet you!” She sounded all phony. Her arms came up like she was going in for a polite ‘New Girlfriend’ hug, although the look on her face looked anything but polite. As she moved forward her chest seemed to expand. I went from feeling awkward to feeling tongue-tied as Gina came forward. It all happened so fast, but I have replayed this moment in slow motion a thousand times.

My wife, being the pushy woman that she is, wasn’t about to be intimidated. She moved forward to exchange greetings. I could see her body weight shifting forward and her tits thrusting out like two wreaking balls. Nipples were so swollen and stiff I’m surprised they didn’t slice their way right through her shirt. But then I looked over to see Gina’s tits thrusting out like two cannon balls, nipples possibly overpowering my wife’s. I was afraid Tina might be in for more than what she bargained for.

As the two of them came within a step of each other they leaned forward. They looked like they were practically falling chest first into each other. Their arms slipped into one another, one over and one under the other’s shoulders.

It happened. They slammed together tit to tit. Like wrecking balls bashing straight into cannon balls. There was no bounce at all. Instead they cinched themselves into a tight crushing clinch. There was a second unexpected collision as their groins slammed together, pubic bone into pubic bone. Instead of their faces passing over each other’s shoulders the two women came together nose to nose in total confrontation. I had to say Gina won the initial impact. I heard the double impact a gut wrenching grunt escaped from my wife’s lungs and she stumble back slightly.

It all came to a halt and for the longest time there didn’t seem to be any movement going on. They simply glared each other down nose to nose. I started to get excited as to which one of these hot goddesses would win if they cat fought. I couldn’t believe how similar these two women were. Their height and size would actually have to be measured with instruments to determine any differences. Even their angry faces were so sexy and similar it was hard to pick the better fuck. My wife however seemed to yield slightly to Gina’s fitness.

It was a good thing we were tucked back in the corner away from all the foot traffic. Otherwise a crowd probably would have started to develop. As the stare down continued I noticed their bodies moving together in small increments. I suddenly realized their bodies were locked together in a struggle. Their arms hid most of what was going on between their tits and I could only imagine what was going on between there nipples.

“Joe has told me all about you. Glad to finally come face to face with you!” Tina said with a riled tone and pushed in nose to nose.

“Then I guess he’s giving you all the warning you’re gonna need!” Gina snarled and jerked my wife’s body tighter into the crushing hug. I could tell this sudden jolt caught Tina by surprise as she struggled briefly.

“Well the warning is coming from me bitch!” my wife growled back and just as she cinched her muscles to crush the brunette in retaliation, my ex-girlfriend cinched her own muscles tight. I watched as their bodies jolted into a tight mass of female muscle for a flashing second before Gina’s muscles broken Tina’s muscles loose.

I then stood there and watched as Gina proceeded to crush my wife’s loose, yet still struggling body in her arms. There was just no doubting Gina’s superior strength. Chin to chin she quickly had Tina’s head pushed back forcing my wife to look her straight in the eyes. Gina held my wife’s body tight against her as she hovered over her. She started grinding her body into my wife’s, capitalizing on the fact that she had just broke Tina’s muscles with her own

“Maybe we can get together sometime and I can really teach you a thing or two little girl!” Gina growled into my wife’s face. She finally pulled away and my wife staggered back, still in shock.

Gina then moved over to me and grabbed me by the crotch, “Give me a call sometime and I’ll give you a fuck you’ll never forget!” She hissed and then plunged her tongue deep into my mouth. She pulled back and started to walk away; looking back she gave me a wink over her shoulder.

I quickly went over to help my wife when she suddenly lashed out at me. “You’re an asshole!” she shouted at me and pushed me away. I tried again to reach out to her and she pushed me again “Fuck off!” she yelled.

“O.K. Let’s just go home.” I suggested and slowly started to lead the way. I looked my wife over as she followed and I had to say I had never seen her like this. She was hunched over, no longer thrusting her firm tits out. Her nipples seem small and flaccid.

We made it to the car and once inside I tried to talk to her again but she interrupted me. “Hand it over!” she simply said.

“Hand what over!” I replied.

“That bitches phone number, I saw her hand it to you!” She shouted.

I reached into my pocket and took out Gina’s number. I surrendered it to her. Tina took it and ripped it up.


Over the next couple of days my wife seemed to isolate herself. She was avoiding me as best she could, especially in the bedroom. We both completely avoid the subject of Gina and only spoke to each other when necessary. A week soon turned into a month and my wife was still giving me the cold shoulder. Almost every night she wouldn’t get home from work until late in the evening. She no longer pranced around our house in her tight little nipple shirts and panties. She was always wearing baggy clothes like she was ashamed of her body. It was only obvious that my wife’s confrontation with Gina was really having an effect on her.

I was just about to give up on our relationship when my wife asked me to leave next Friday night open. I was thinking she maybe wanted to talk separation or maybe even divorce. It had been at least 3 months since we had sex.

Friday finally came around and after work I headed for home. I didn’t see her car so I figured she wasn’t off work yet. I went inside and waited around for a good 45 minutes and started to think she had changed her mind about meeting. Just as I was about to call her on her cell phone the front door bell rang. I walked out into the hallway and towards the front door. I looked through the peak hole and whoever it was had their back turned to me. I opened up the door and almost fell over backwards when Gina suddenly turned around.

She pushed her way into me and gave me a deep wet tongue kiss. Her saliva tasted sweet. She pulled back and walked into our living room. I was dumb found and the way she was dressed made me even more brainless. She was wearing one of those famous little tank tops with no bra, white in color. She had on a black pleated skirt so short that the bounce of her walk threatened to reveal her panties. A sexy pair of black high heel shoes were on her feet. Her hair and nails were all done up, painted black color and she had on a fresh coat of black lip stick that looked very sexy on her.

“So where is your wife?” She asked. I barely heard the question. Being so sex deprived with a gorgeous woman standing in front me made it hard to hear. My god this woman was gushing with sex. She looked even hotter than that night at the ballpark, fitter and even sexier.

“I’m not sure.” I reply. It started to dawn on me that this must have been Tina’s plan all along, to hook Gina and I up. Or maybe just to see what my reaction would be. Why else would this sex goddess be over here?

I took at Gina’s tits as she stood in front of me. They were round, firm, and probably the tightest pair I had ever seen. They looked completely laminated inside the tight white top she was wearing. Her big nipples poking out and they seemed to be stiffening right before my eyes. The only other woman I know that comes close to wearing a shirt like that is Tina.

“How did you get here?” I asked.

“My car.” Gina replied sarcastically.

“I mean what brings you here?

“Your wife told me to come.”

“Really…,did she say why?”

“No.., she just told me to make sure I was wearing the shortest skirt I own. I figured she wanted another shot at fighting bodies with me.” Gina stated with a smirk and then flexed her tit muscles in front of me. She walked over and pushed herself into me, my god her nipples were so stiff.

“Or Maybe she just wants you and I to fuck!” she hissed and gave off this sexy little snarl that reminded me so much of her.

“Ah how about I make us a drink?” I stumbled back, not really sure how I should approach this. I needed time to think.

Just as I was about to enter the kitchen I heard the click-clacking of high heel shoes coming down the hallway from our bedroom. I turned to look and my jaw just about hit the floor. It was Tina and I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was looking leaner and meaner than I had ever seen her. Her body looked like it had just come back from spending 3 months at boot camp yet her hair and face looked like she had just come back from the salon. Her tits looked amazing, tighter and firmer than ever before, and they were completely laminated inside a super-tight white tank top. She was wearing an ultra-short pleated skirt nearly identical to the one Gina as wearing, only red in color. A sexy pair of cherry red high heel shoes were on her feet, her nails and lips coated in same flashy red color.

It immediately struck me that all this time she had claimed to have been working late she had obviously been at the gym. I couldn’t believe she managed to keep this a secret the whole time.

By the look on my wife’s face I could tell she was on a mission. As she made her way into the living room the two women locked eyes. “Gina, how nice of you to come!” My wife shouted out. Her arms came out showing the brunette that she was ready for another ‘Girlfriend’ hug.

My ex quickly moved forward to greet my wife. “Thanks for having me!” Gina shouted. Her arms also came out. At that moment I wish I would have been videotaping. Two super hot women making their way on a collision course.

I just couldn’t get over my wife’s transformation. Her body looked amazingly tight and fit. Her tits were round and looked solid as they pushed out from chest like never before. But be as it may she was about to collide with a fitness instructor, a woman who makes a living off of being fit, a woman that looked every bit as tight and firm as she. I have to say that my wife went from being comparable to Gina, to being a mirror image of Gina.

Having been rehearsed and knowing what to expect gave the two women a more solid approach this time. The two practically leaped together, slamming straight into each other. There was a shocking thud as two bashed together tit-to-tit and nose-to-nose. Just before the second part of their collision their arms immediately flew around each other and they crushed each other in a tight clinch. A split second later their feet practically left the ground as pubic bone slammed into pubic bone. Another dull thud rang out muffled by their short skirts.

My immediate judgment of the collision ruled it as a complete tie. I was very proud of my wife for taking on this fitness queen. It was a remarkable thing to witness, two super fit female forms slamming together with such equal force. In a split second their bodies became interlocked in a motionless standoff, forehead pressing into forehead and nose-to-nose. For the longest time they stood there like a statue, glaring hatefully into each other’s eyes.

I noticed their bodies slowly start to wrestling against each other in their extremely tight embrace. “You wanna match girl muscles with me again bitch!” Gina growled.

“This time my girl muscles are going to break yours bitch!” my wife shot back.

With that the two women took in a deep breath and cinched their arms around each other, wrenching themselves into a rib crushing squeeze. Their bodies tighten into a motionless crush. Arms were squeezing and pulling while their pubic bones acted as a point of leverage in an attempt to lift each other off their feet. Their eyes were wide open and glaring hate into each other while their snarling mouths were pushed together, pearly white teeth started scraping against pearly white teeth. Being of the same height and strength seemed to create a stalemate. The crush fight continued as the two held their breath. I waited for one of them to break loose and breathe; thinking one or both of them were going to pass out at any time.

It was Tina that appeared to break loose first, but only by a fraction of a second. The rushing sound of air escaping and enter their lungs through clinch teeth rang out through the room. They continued to hold each other snarling mouth to snarling mouth, trading spittle across the front of each other’s teeth as they breathed heavily.

“Again!” Tina shouted out loudly.

I was surprised that my wife held up so well against Gina and that she even initiated another bout.

Another long lasting crush ensued, girl muscles against girl muscles. This time Tina outlasted Gina, and she even managed to lift the brunette off her feet for a split second before breaking loose herself.

“Again Bitch!” A frustrated Gina yelled out. The two girls again locked into another crushing bout of muscle against muscle. This continued for sometime as the two women traded wins and losses. After a while I started to lose count. I was too captivated to keep track.

The women seem to be losing steam at the same rate. I suggested having a drink and to move a little further into the living room. The women separate while keeping a keen eye on each other. I went into the kitchen and quickly poured three straight shots of tequila. When I returned the two of them were standing face to face in front of our fireplace. I handed them their shots and then went over to turn on some music. They both took the tequila down in one swallow.

They came together again this time edging forward slowly until they were merely touching nipple to nipple. I came in close trying not to interrupt or break their concentration. For the longest time there didn’t appear to be any movement. They simply held their nipples and their noses together tip to tip while staring into each other’s eyes. I couldn’t believe my wife was directly comparing herself against another women like this and allowing me to witness it. It almost felt like she wanting me to witness it, although another fail would probably be devastating for our relationship.

I was mesmerized by the sight of their nipples pushing together through their tight shirts, probably because it was impossible to pick a winner. It was like the two of them were pushing into a mirror. I could see they were applying pressure because their areoles seemed to be pushed in slightly.

More time passed as they continued to hold an unflinching gaze. I started to notice sweat building up around their foreheads and I could see wet spots forming on their shirts right at the point their nipples made contact.

“I hear you were quite the little scrapper when you were a cheerleader back in high school.” Tina finally broke their silence. I could see her increase the nipple to nipple pressure between them.

“Yes I had a few cheerleader fights back then!” Gina replied snobbishly and matched the nipple push.

“Well I was a cheerleader too! It’s too bad we didn’t know each other back in high school!” Tina snickered.

“Oh I’m sure we would have gone at it…, cheerleader to cheerleader!” Gina shot back and increased the nipple pressure again.

The sweat on their foreheads was now dripping down and the wet spots around their warring nipples continued to grow. The pressure continued to build. They started to rotate in tiny little circles, never slipping off each other. The two women looked like they were actually screwing their nipples into each other. Harder and harder they pushed until their nipples disappeared from sight and their identical tits started to mushroom together. They snarled and growled into each other’s faces.

“Why don’t you tell your husband what our nipples are doing…, what my nipples are doing to yours.” Gina snickers

“Our milk holes have completely sucked together through our shirts and she is trying to milk my tits with hers,” Tina explained in a husky voice. “But I’m pulling more of her into me than she’s pulling me into her.”

“In your dream bitch, my nipples are sucking yours out!” she shouted

“That’s not what I’m feeling.” Tina stated.

For some time they seemed to toy with one another. Keeping their tits pressed in nice and tight, staring at each other as if they were trying to read each other’s minds.

At one point Gina reached up and was playing with a lock of her own hair as in hung down beside her face. Upon seeing this my wife reached up and started to play with her own hair.

“Think your hair is sexier than mine.” My wife asked.

“Much sexier and stronger!” Gina replied.

“Maybe we should twist our hair together and see.” Tina stated.

“Maybe we should braid our hair together and see.” Gina shot back.

That was all that needed to be said. The two women started out on the task of weaving their hair together face to face. Thick lustrous strands of blonde and brunette hair were tightly entwined Girls are so good at braiding hair. It seemed the two of them did it without ever breaking eye contact with each other.

Once finished and staring each other down nose to nose. Their hands came up and they interlaced their fingers together at shoulder level.

“Is this how you fought with your cheerleader friends…., hair braided into hair?” Tina asked.

“Sometimes.” Gina replied, “Is this how you fought with your cheerleader friends…, tit to tit with hair tied together?”

“Sometimes. Sometimes we fought mouth to mouth and tongue to tongue.” Tina answered back.

“You mean like this!” Gina shot back and smashed her mouth against my wife’s mouth. Tongues were immediately launched into play, wetly twisting and turning together. It was aggressive and getting more aggressive by the second. Their eyes were open and angry. They start to push each other around with their interlocked hands and their pressed together tits.

The fight continued to become more aggressive. At one point they had sealed their mouths together and had rammed their tongues deep down each other’s throats. After several minutes they pulled their mouths apart and panted in each other’s faces. Mixed girl saliva coated their mouths and was dripping off their chins. Red and black lipstick was also smeared and mixed together.

Gina yanked her hands free and quickly threw them around my wife. Tina got her own arms around the brunette and the two women simply breathed heavily in each other’s faces while holding one another in a tight clinch.

A hot dance number came on the stereo as the two women tightened their embrace. “Fight me Bitch!” Tina growled angrily and whipped her tongue out, slashing it wetly across Gina’s mouth. My ex-girlfriend met the challenge and started slashing her own tongue out, corkscrewing it wetly with my wife’s. Their bodies started to thrust into each other with the beat of the music. I went over and turned the music up and pushed the furniture back a bit. They moved around the room, each one trying to control the other. Tighter and tighter they crushed and stumbled. They were smashing nose to nose and chin to chin, using their tongues to force saliva and spittle into each other’s mouths.

They suddenly stumbled in to a bookcase, knocking it over and taking them down with it. Luckily neither one was seriously hurt. I went over and helped them unlace their hair and lifted the book case back up. I pushed the mess off to the side while the two women went over and sat on the sofa. I quickly went over and poured another straight shot of tequila. Tina and Gina were both sitting side by side, their hair all in a mess from being braided together, their mouths and chins all smeared with mixed red and black lipstick. There were wet spots on the front of their shirt where their nipple had locked together.

The two of them rarely broke eye contact, only an occasionally glance down to check out each other’s tits. The two of them were angled towards each other as they sat up all proper and straight, thrusting out their breasts. I’m sure at this point Gina had quite a bit more respect for my wife.

The brunette angled in a little closer and crossed her left leg in toward Tina.

My wife duplicated the move with her right leg causing their high heel shoes to bump together. This brought their attention down to their legs and feet.

Gina kicked at Tina’s foot and Tina kicked back, red and black high heels clashed together. Due to the angle they were sitting in, it was natural for them to slip in and go ankle to ankle with each other. The inside ankle of Gina’s left foot against the inside ankle of Tina’s right foot. There was a pause to compare.

“Ever feet fight?” Gina asked.

My wife slipped the heel of her foot out of her shoe and flicked the high heel off her foot with her toes. “My feet are cuter, sexier, and for sure stronger than yours are bitch!”

Gina copied my wife’s move, flinging her shoe off her foot. Now the two barefoot women pressed ankle to ankle. I quickly moved around the back side of the sofa. Side by side the two women compared feet. Gina’s toenails were painted in glossy black; my wife’s painted in cherry red. They started to straighten their legs, lifting their feet up side by side.

I couldn’t believe how identical their feet look. My wife was always talking about how perfect her feet were. Now she was putting her feet up against another woman that was just as perfect. I knew all this fighting would come to an end when one of them started to lose some of these comparisons. But the two of them kept proving to match up equally.

Their perfectly shaped toes looked the same, only painted in different colors. Both feet looked smooth, soft, and delicate. I moved around to the other side so I could see their soles. If any part of their body was completely identical it would have to be their feet. I’m sure their feet would fit perfectly inside each other’s foot prints.

“What size are your feet?” Gina asked.

“I’m a perfect size 7 ½…,what size are your feet?” Tina returned the question.

“A perfect size 7 ½!” Gina stated. And like some kind of unspoken agreement the two women lowered their feet. As they came down they slowly turned them into one another. They pressed sole to sole each other and laid their feet in their laps, confirming their identical size.

They held them together for sometime before I realize they were actually pushing against each other.

“You ever feet fight back when you were a cheerleader?” Gina asked

“Sometimes! What about you? Ever have a cheerleader feet fight?” Tina replied and returned the question.

“Yes, lots of them.” Gina quickly answered back.

“Then lets fight bitch!” Tina shouted out and quickly slipped back to her end of the couch. She braced her back against the arm of the sofa and kicked her feet up.

“My feet are going to crush your feet!” Gina snapped back and quick moved to the other end of the couch. She kicked her legs up and connected the bottoms of her feet to the bottoms of Tina’s feet. They lined them up evenly and seemed to simply hold them pressed together.

“I have to warn you I was feet fight champion on my cheerleading squad.” Gina stated.

“So was I bitch. I guess we’re about to find out who the grand champion is!” Tina declared.

Quite a bit of time seemed to pass as they appeared to be just holding their feet together. Looking a little closer I could tell the pressure was slowly building. After nearly a minute their leg muscles started to rippled and shake. The stalemate went on for another minute. Gasps of air and grunts were coming from both women. It became apparent these two women were equals in leg strength.

Suddenly their feet slipped off to the side. They brought them back together and started rubbing and massaging their soft soles together. “Your feet are already sweating bitch!” Gina shouted out.

“Not any more than yours are slut!” Tina yelled back.

“Did you and your cheerleader friends ever lock toes?” Gina asked with a sly tone. She started spreading and mashing her toes into my wife’s.

“Careful bitch, my toes will crush your toes!” Tina shot back and started smashing her toes into Gina’s. At first they found it difficultly to lock together, but as they continued mashing toes they became sweaty. This allowed them to slip and slide more easily in and out of each other.

They continued this for sometime as each woman searched for the perfect toe-locking grip. Each time their grip became tighter and tighter until they finally gripped and held.

Like a game of mercy they squeezed and pried. Minutes seem to pass as they remained dead locked. Eventually they started jerking and jamming their toes into each other, desperately trying to break each other’s grip. Their feet were flailing and thrashing about; pushing, pulling, and twisting until they eventually flipped each other off the couch and onto the floor.

Their toes came apart and in a fury the two women started kicking away at each other. Their feet striking each other’s legs, bodies and even bashing together sole to sole a few time. There were several near misses to each other’s face as they closed in. They became tangled and launched into each other with claws flying.

They start clawing and ripping away at anything they could get their nails into; arms, legs, tits, and even their faces received a few small scratches. It was apparent that these two super hot women were becoming quite frustrated with all the equal outcomes of their fighting.

Both of their shirts started ripping and they seem to focus on tearing them off each other’s bodies. Pieces of material were soon hanging loosely around them as they exposed each other’s tits. They attacked each other’s bare breast with their claws.

Their fight grew closer, bodies sliding together, leg scissoring around each other. Their claws were now raking across each other’s backs and into each other’s hair. The two of them had worked themselves into a tight ball and started rolling back and forth across the floor.

It was a flash of black and red panties as the fighting women rolled back and forth. They crashed into the wall and came to a stop with Gina more or less on top of Tina. I could hear them hissing and mumbling threats into each other’s faces. They must have been saying some antagonizing things because they started jerking and yanking back and forth causing them to take off rolling again.

They crashed into the coffee table and fell apart. They immediately got up on their knees panting, gasping, and glaring at each other hatefully. Their bare breasts were thrusting out They looked a mess; scratch marks, hair all a mess. They launched forward latching onto each other’s forearms. It was hard to tell whose tits looked bigger and firmer. Despite Tina having pinker nipples and Gina being more on the red side, their tits looked equal.

“Take me on bitch, nipple to nipple.” Gina growled and with that the two women eased forward and started to flick their stiff, angry nipples back and forth against each other. After several flicks Tina pulled back and suggested they test their nipple strength by prying them slowly against each other side by side. “Let’s really find out who has the stronger nipples bitch!” She stated.

“I’m going to bend you bitch!” Gina snarled

“You’re the one that is going to be bent!” Tina snapped back.

The two brought both sets of nipples side by side, rubbing them against each other before locking them into place. Slowly they applied pressure, the two sets of nipples slightly bending their counter parts. They held them for quite some time. A little more pressure was applied causing them to pry even harder against each other. They glared into each other’s eyes and held one another motionless for over a minute. They were hissing and snarling through clinched teeth, locked in a death stare.

“Can you feel that bitch…, my nipples are winning.” Gina growled out.

“Bullshit slut…, your nipples are weak!” Tina hissed.

More pressure was applied. With sweat and determination painted across both their beautiful faces, I moved in to get a closer look. As I studied their fighting nipples I could actually see movement between them. It was barely noticeable but for a split second I would see Gina’s nipples out bending Tina’s and then a second later Tina would be out bending Gina.

Back and forth this went on for what seemed like several minutes. It looked like their nipples were actually alive and fighting with each other. The look on their faces as they stared into each other’s eyes made the fight even more intense.

Eventually the two of them slipped off each other like two matches striking against one another. “Again!” Gina yelled out. They line up in the opposite direction and another stalemate followed.

“Bend you fucking bitch!” Gina grunted out. The words barely able to escape her mouth from the intensity of the fight.

“Break you cunt!” Tina hissed back.

Again their nipple flicked off each other with no clear winner at hand. The two of them glared into each other’s eyes, breasts rising and falling from their heavy exertion.

“All right bitch…, tip to tip so I can invert your nipples with my nipples.” Tina snarled.

“You’ll be the one inverted when my nipples start fucking yours!” Gina shot back.

Still having a good hold on each other’s forearms the two women slowly aligned their nipples tip to tip. They started screwing them together in little circles, the tips never slipping apart. They finally came to a stop and simply pushed with firm pressure. I got in real close to look at their nipple duel. I could see a clear fluid building between the points of contact.

“I can already feel my milk holes sucking you in bitch!” Tina stated with a snarl.

“What you’re feeling is my superior milk mixing into you slut!” Gina snapped back.

“Huh.., a subway rat wouldn’t want anything to do with your milk.” Tina said

“Ya well your tits seem to like it” stated Gina.

The two held each other in check for several more seconds. “Ok bitch you said you were going to invert me.” Gina hissed.

“Damn right bitch I’m going to penetrate you!” Tina growled out and took a deep breath. Flexing her chest muscles she increased the pressure and managed to push the brunette’s nipple back slightly. That is until Gina expanded her chest and matched my wife’s pressure. She quickly brought their nipples back on equal ground. The two women were once again hissing, grunting and gasping as they put every ounce of strength and concentration into the nipple fight. I looked close, waiting for the inversion of one pair or the other. The two remained completely dead locked. They pushed harder and further into each other. I watched their equally inverted nipples disappear from sight as their breast flesh started to merge.

They didn’t stop there. They pushed harder and harder into one another until they seem to reach their physical limit.

The two of them went nose to nose and chin to chin, pushing into each other, glaring hatefully into each other’s eyes.

“Maybe you’d like me to invert that pretty little face of yours!” Gina snarled and pushed harder into Tina.

“If you think you’ve got the strength to penetrate any part of me then give it your best shot bitch!” Tina hissed and pushed back. She was babbling the words into the brunette’s mouth.

Gina broke her hold on Tina’s arms and reached down to dig her nails into my wife’s ass. “How about I penetrate your pussy with my pussy?” Gina growled as she started grinding her pubic bone into the blonde’s through their short skirts.

Tina reached down and duplicated Gina’s move, digging her nails into the girl’s ass and started grinding back. “How about I penetrate your cunt with my cunt and your clit with my clit!” Tina literally spit the threat into Gina’s mouth. She then latched onto the brunette’s skirt and lifted it up, exposing her black silky panties.

“Bitch I’m going to penetrate every inch of your body with every inch of my body!” Gina spit back into Tina’s mouth and then lifted her skirt, revealing the blonde’s red silk panties.

Their panty covered cunts started a tight wicked grind. Gina wrapped her right leg behind Tina’s left leg, twisting it around tight and started to squeeze. My wife copied the move, twisting her right leg around Gina’s left. They remained fighting in this position for quit sometime, face to face, tit to tit, cunt to cunt, and leg to leg.

They continued to babble insults into each other’s mouths while at the same time pushing their saliva back and forth, mixing it together with their slick girl tongues as they glared into each other’s eyes. Just when I thought these two women had met the physical limit of pressing themselves together they seemed to kick it up a notch. Their muscle tightened like never before. Arms and legs pulling and squeezing themselves into each other with what appeared to be a desperate need to merge. Neck muscle flexing as their faces were now angled towards me, pushing cheek to cheek.

The corner of their snarling mouths pushed together. Occasionally their tongues would flick out and tangle together, wiping a fresh coat of saliva across each other. Gina’s left and Tina’s right eye sockets were so close their eye lashes started to entwine. They started to lose their balance and stumbled around. Eventually they ran into the edge of the couch and separated.

They stood there for a moment panting and gasping, never taking their eyes off each other. “My god bitch…, what’s it going to take to break you?” Tina shouted out. She then moved over to the oversized coffee table that we own. It’s a 4ft by 4ft table that has all the edges padded so you can put your feet up on it. The center of it has a solid marble surface. In one swooping motion Tina knocked everything off it with her arm. She then climbed up on it and sat down. Leaning back she spread her legs open.

“It’s time we settle this woman to woman.” Tina growled and lifted the front of her skirt up. The crotch of her red panties were soaking wet and she hunched her crotch up and down in humping motions.

“I’d be more than happy to settle this woman to woman bitch!” Gina stated and climbed up on the coffee table with my wife.

She sat opposite. Leaning back she lifted the front of her skirt exposing her black panties. Just like Tina’s panties, her crotch was soaking wet.

“How about a little skirted panty fuck!” Tina hissed and then slammed her crotch into Gina’s. The two of them immediately started to grind their red and black panties into each other.

“I’m going to soak you in my juice bitch!” Tina growled.

“Not before I stain you with my scent.” Gina replied.

“Let’s take off our panties and fight bare cunt to bare cunt!” Shot back Tina.

In one swooping motion the two women slipped off their panties. They both tossed them right to me and I happily collected them. Both women pussies were swollen and wet. They looked of equal size. Gina’s lips a little more red in color while Tina’s more on the pink side. Both had equal amounts of pubic hair, about a fist full. Gina reached down and started massaging her cunt. She spread open her pussy lips and said, “Come over here so my cunt can eat your cunt!”

Tina reached down and spread her own pussy lips, “My cunt is going to turn your cunt inside out bitch!” Tina shot back. And with that the two women slammed their naked fuck holes together.

As the two women started grinding into each other I quickly examined the two nearly identical pairs of panties that they had just tossed to me. To symbolize their cunt fight I laid them out against each other wet crotch to wet crotch. I then twisted the two pairs of panties together tightly and tied them into a knot.

I could hear wet smacking noises coming from the two women as they ground cunt into cunt. “I can already feel your pussy quivering against mine!” Gina hissed.
“That’s your own weak little pussy that you feeling!” Tina shot back

I could also hear and see the light and dark pubic hairs grinding and tangling together. I couldn’t believe the site of my wife and my ex-girlfriend. They were up on all fours, skirt fucking their cunts together on the coffee table right in our own living room.

It was a battle to keep from being pushed off the table. Occasionally one of their hands would slip out from under them and they would nearly be pushed off the table. Each time they managed to recapture their grip. After what seemed like several minutes they seemed to slow down and became locked together in a tight grind. They were pushing their chests out at each other while verbally assaulting one another. Saying things like, “My cunt is eating your cunt!” and “I can feel my clit inverting your clit.”

They started thrusting their tits out at each other, pushing their upper bodies closer. Trying to remain up on all four while at the same time push their tit together became difficult. Awkwardly enough they managed to make nipple contact. Their arms flew around each other’s bodies and their asses collapsed onto the table. While still grinding cunt to cunt the two women proceeded to crush tit to tit and they started another sloppy wet tongue kissing fight.

Their hands were clawing across each other’s back and getting tangle into each other’s hair. As they pulled and yanked I realized they were actually re-braiding their hair together.

For several more minutes these two women went at it. I could sense their orgasms building as their grinding and squeezing intensified. Suddenly Gina went off, shaking and quivering in my wife’s arms. Taking advantage of the situation Tina pushed the brunette onto her back and mounted her erupting cunt. She ended up grinding herself to orgasm just seconds later. I moved over and looked under their skirts to see their cunts all sticky and glued together. I think Tina sensed me behind her because she used her legs to spread out Gina’s legs. They slowly shifted back and forth, massaging their soaking wet cunts into one another.

“Joe I need you to stick your cock in me!” I heard my wife cry out. I certainly didn’t need any convincing. The coffee table was perfect height for me to get on my knees and get between the two girls. I wrapped my arms around their entwined legs and pulled them both to the edge of the coffee table. I aimed my cock at their glued together cunts and pushed forward. I pried between them and slipped my cock into my wife.

“Fuck me deep!” She growled.

I got in tight and hard.

“Stop!” she suddenly shouted out.

This was a pretty hard thing for me to do considering the circumstances, but I managed to come to a rest

“Now I want you to pull out of me and push your cock into this bitch!” She growled out and then tightened her hold on Gina. “I want you to push my scent deep inside this whore!”

“Go ahead stick it in me. My cunt will destroy any trace of your skanky cunt bitch!”

I pulled my dripping wet cock out of Tina’s cunt and slowly shoved it into Gina’s fuck hole. I could feel her tighten her vaginal muscles. I gave a mighty shove and jammed the entire length of my cock into her.

“That’s it…, stain this whore’s cunt with my juice.” My wife snarled.

Gina started gyrating back into me. I could tell she wanted to give me a feel of how tight and strong her pussy was. She kept flexing and squeezing me, fucking back against me nice and hard.

“Stop!” This time Gina suddenly yelled out. It startled me and I came to a stop.

“Now it’s your skanky wife’s turn to be branded with my scent!” The brunette growled and tightened her grip on my wife fighting body.

“Bitch my body will eat your scent!” She snarled.

I pulled my cock out of my ex-girlfriend and slammed it into my wife. I started grinding and thrusting into her. My wife was gripping my cock with her cunt muscles and fucking back

“How’s that feel bitch…, to have my juice deep inside you.” Gina hissed.

I pulled my cock out of my wife and pushed it back into my ex-girlfriend. I held myself deep inside Gina. I could tell by the way these two women were contracting their muscles that they wanted me to compare their cunts. So I proceeded to test their fuck muscles against each other while mixing their juices deep into one another.

I had to say that their cunts felt equally tight, silky smooth, and soaking wet. It was like mixing sweet peppermint into cinnamon. Back and forth I was able to fuck them both into another ripping orgasm just before I shot my own load deep into their steaming cunts. I pulled back and watch their creamy cunts merge together and start fighting over my cum.

I remained rock hard and dripping wet as I watched their cunts suck into one another. My cock was throbbing with the idea of their cunts being deeply tainted in each other’s juice.

“Have you had enough bitch?” I heard my wife ask.

“If you think I’m about to give in, you are highly mistaken!” Gina shouted out and gave a cunt thrust that lifted both of them back to the center of the table, and from the bottom position she started to aggressively fuck my wife’s body with her own.

Tongues and spit were traded back and forth as their bodies continued to make war with each other. Tina’s body started to shake and tremble, she quickly found herself rocking another orgasm. Gina suddenly performed a move that looked like it was right out of a professional wrestling match. She bridged up underneath Tina and in one swift move pushed off with one foot and flipped herself on top my wife.

Tina fought to regain her position, even managing to bridge up under Gina as the orgasm ripped through her body. Now with roles reversed my ex-girlfriend proceeded to grind away on my wife. It was a hard cunt to cunt, pubic bone to pubic bone, tit to tit, and mouth to mouth grind. Gina unexpectedly worked herself into her third orgasm. My fast learning wife’s managed to pull off the same wrestling move as Gina while the brunette’s body shook through her orgasm.

With my wife now in the top position it appeared my ex-girlfriend had had enough. That might have been a shared statement because my wife simply laid across the top of the Gina. Cheek to cheek the two of them gasped and groaned. I went over and grabbed the bottle of tequila and took a shot. I sat down on the couch and watched the two women slowly massaging their cunts together.

I awoke to Gina pleading to get out from under Tina. I’m sure hours had passed. I looked over and my wife didn’t seem to be responding. I got up and shook her a bit in order to get her to wake up. Their hair was still braided together so I quickly went to work helping Gina untie them. My wife started to stir and suddenly was shouting out, “Shit, shit, shit.!” Hearing the urgency in her voice I looked down at her face and was shocked to see her eyelashes entwined with Gina’s, held together by their mixed massacre.

I ran to the kitchen and filled a water bottle. I came back to the women and told them I was going to pour water through their interlaced eyelashes. Both agree so I proceeded. It took a couple of pours and their lashes finally separated.

As my wife pulled herself from Gina I noticed their skin was also sticking together from their dried sweat. I could actually hear their skin pulling apart. As their breasts separated their nipples came into view. They appeared to be heavily glued together. Tina lifted herself further but their nipples simply pulled and held firmly. Again she tried but to no avail.

“I think we’ve got bigger problems!” I heard Gina say and noticed her pelvis squirming underneath Tina’s. I walk around and looked between their legs, I could believe my eyes. Their pussies were hopelessly glue together by their dried sex juice. My wife pulled again and they both gave off a screeched, “Hang on bitch!” Gina shouted. “Let’s try to sit up together.” She instructed.

As Gina pushed herself up Tina managed to slip one leg under the brunette and this brought the two women into a sitting scissor position. They pulled back again but it only reconfirmed their sticky position. They locked eyes and gave each other a disgusted look. “This is all your fault bitch!” Gina shouted out.

“How the fuck is this mine fault!” Tina shouted back

“For passing out on top of me!” Gina snapped.

I couldn’t believe my wife was sitting here actually glued together cunt-to-cunt and nipple-to-nipple with my ex-girlfriend. I was thinking if they started fighting again it would excite and moisten their sex glands, but decided they had enough so I started to pour water on their conjoined nipples. After keeping them wet for a few minutes they finally separated.

Their bellies were also sticking together but they slowly peeled apart as the two women pulled back.

The real challenge ended up being their pubic hair and their cunts. I literally had to comb through their tangled hair. It left ripped out strands of enemy cunt hair entwined in each other’s bush. Their cunt lips were literally sealed together. It appeared a wet passage remained between them the whole time they were glued together.

Too exhausted to even think, my wife rolled away and onto the couch. Gina fell off the coffee table and onto the floor. She asked me for a shirt so I went into our bedroom and retrieved one from Tina’s closet. Without saying a word she quickly put on the shirt, she stood up, slipped her shoes on and headed out the door.

And just like that I was left wondering which one of these women had actually won the fight. My wife had ended up on top, but then passed out just as Gina did. I picked up their red and black entwined panties and suddenly realize their fight had just begun.

The End

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