Fantasy Becomes Reality by HankMcCoy02

Weeks had passed since Kevin’s incredible revelation and the memorable two nights he shared with his wife. Those nights were special to both Kevin and Laura for a number of reasons. Kevin felt as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders, the relief he felt at his wife’s whole-hearted acceptance of his fetish was extraordinary. For years Kevin had been afraid to risk sharing this intimate secret with his wife for fear of being fixed with a cold, hard stare. Laura’s enthusiastic response to his openness made him love her all the more, as if he now felt he could trust her with anything. Both in and out of the bedroom, their relationship had reached new levels of intimacy. Kevin couldn’t help regretting that he did not trust his wife with his secret years ago. 

As these thoughts raced through Kevin’s head, he heard a key being fumbled into the lock of the front door, followed shortly after by the noise of said door creaking open. Kevin rose from the kitchen table as high-heels clicked noisily on the hardwood floor in the hall. Seconds later, Laura entered the kitchen, her arms over-burdened with shopping bags. ‘Oh, hi hun, you are home early. How was work?’ Laura asked cheerfully. ‘Same old, same old. No problems today, for a change. I thought I might as well head on and beat the rush hour. You know what traffic in Galway city is like. Besides, I fancied a quiet night in with my beautiful wife.’ Kevin said, with what he hoped was his most charming smile. Laura’s peck on the cheek was enough to let him know he had said the right thing. ‘Thank God hun, I’m exhausted, I never had a moment to myself all day. As well as picking up the groceries after work, I squeezed a hair appointment in during my lunch break. Thanks for noticing by the way.’ Laura teased. ‘I was just about to bring it up.’ Kevin responded playfully as he examined his wife’s new haircut. Laura had not drastically altered her hairstyle, instead opting for a bit of a trim, her hair just stopping short of shoulder length, teased into waves. Kevin set about putting away the weeks groceries when he happened to glance into a boutique shopping bag. ‘What have we here?’ Kevin asked mischievously. ‘Battle dress, so I can look my best, just in case any real-life ‘Kerry’s’ should cross my path.’ she said matter of factly, smiling as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, snatching the bag before Kevin could get a good look at its contents.

The night’s inconveniences looked after, Laura and Kevin nestled down on the couch for the evening, a night in front of the box on the cards, both spouses clad in casual jeans and t-shirt. After flicking through the channels, Kevin settled for watching an old James Bond flick, From Russia with Love. While Sean Connery made a fantastic Bond, Kevin couldn’t help smiling as his pretty wife did her best impersonation of that famous Scottish drawl, ‘Missssshhhh Moneypenny.’ They passed the time laughing at the out-dated national stereotypes on display and whenever Bond would act like a sexist dinosaur. Laura’s interest diminished as the movie wore on, resting her pretty blonde head on Kevin’s shoulder, a yawn escaping from her red lips. Just then, her attention was drawn to the screen as Bond entered a gypsy camp, mid-festival. Curiously, the codpiece of Kevin’s trousers started to expand. Laura suspected that this wasn’t the first time that Kevin had seen this film. On the screen, the gypsy chief, a boisterous, rotund man, informs Bond that he has chosen a bad night to visit. Two women have fallen in love with the chief’s son and threatened to kill each other. Matters will have to be settled in the traditional gypsy manner. Seeing her husband’s erection struggling to break free from the confines of his restrictive jeans, Laura innocently asks, ‘Can I help you with that honey?’ As she finishes her sentence, she leans forward, undoing his zipper and taking a firm grasp of his cock, slowly but firmly pumping her hand up and down the length of Kevin’s shaft. Groans and sighs of passion escape Kevin’s lips, his eyes never leaving the screen in front of him. Events on the screen start to heat up also. Two attractive young women with bronzed skin exit adjacent caravans, fixing each other with spiteful glares, their intense hatred of each other evident. Without a word of warning, both women rush each other, clashing in a tangle of arms and legs only for their efforts to be thwarted by burly gypsy men. Separated and hauled in front of the camp elders, each women begins to state their case. As they do, Kevin and Laura give them their full attention , Laura’s hand hurriedly pumping Kevin’s penis while Kevin’s hand has found its way into Laura’s knickers, swiftly fingering her. The television continues to transmit its erotic images as the gypsy women curse and insult each other in a strange, Eastern European tongue. Another brief clash is followed by intervention from the gypsy men, causing the women to spring apart. The women stand apart, staring at each other, their considerable chests heaving as they take in loud, heavy breaths. Their hands reach for headscarves, yanking them from their respective shoulders as each woman uses the piece of cloth to tie their long shirts around their waists, exposing their strong legs. Dramatic music kicks in as the women crouch down, curl their fingers into vicious looking claws and begin their primal dance. The gypsy women hiss like alley cats as they lunge at each other, scratch one another and roll along the grass in a jumble of tangled limbs. The highly erotic scene is brought to a premature halt by Bulgarian assassins intent on killing Bond as the whole camp erupts into a frantic gunfight. However, the end of the womanly combat has co-incited with the end of Laura and Kevin’s’ interest in James Bond’s adventures. They hurriedly strip each other, Laura lying back on the sofa as Kevin enters her, and they make passionate love in an urgent manner. 

As their quickie ends fifteen minutes later, they rise up off the couch, naked as the day they were born and stroll into the kitchen for a glass of water. Kevin can’t help admiring his wife’s beautiful, curvy ass as she leads the way. They both gulp their ice-cool beverage, parched after their energetic sex session. Laura smiles at her husband, his flaccid cock wet and glistening as water trickles down his muscular frame. ‘I see you have done plenty of research on your little perversion.’ she smiles wickedly. ‘Must be where you come up with such wicked thoughts’ she says in a teasing manner.’ Kevin smiles as he shrugs his shoulders. ‘In fact, I’m surprised that I haven’t unearthed your treasure trove of cat fighting material.’ she continues. ‘Come on, own up. Where is your spank bank hidden?’ she says, playfully pointing her index finger at him in mock accusation. ‘I don’t have one.’ Kevin exclaims, screwing his face up into what he hopes is the picture of innocence. ‘So, you expect me to believe that you have never purchased any catfight dvds or clips in the three years we have been married?’ Laura asks incredulously. ‘I haven’t needed to…..’ Kevin winced as he realized his Freudian slip. ‘Why?’ asked Laura plainly. ‘Steve from work loaned me his whenever I knew you would be out, and I would give them back the next day.’ Kevin told her sheepishly. ‘Ah the plot thickens.’ Laura retorts in a whimsical manner. ‘So, your best friend from college is a partner in crime. How long have you two been trading videos and stories?’ she questions. ‘Since our first year in college, around about the time that you and I started dating, we got really drunk at a house party and he showed me some of his ‘cat fighting material’ when everyone had gone home. ‘I imagine poor Paula is oblivious to her husband’s little hobby or has she known since our time in college together?’ ‘No, like you, she recently rumbled poor Steve, finding his stash at the back of the closet.’ Kevin said absent-mindedly scratching his head. ‘I bet you two perverts have been comparing and contrasting Paula and I since college!’ Laura announced in mock outrage. ‘No, we never!’ Kevin lied, rather unconvincingly, his face cracking into a broad smile as he did. ‘I have my doubts…..’ Laura grinned making for the hallway door. ‘Where are you going?’ Kevin asked. ‘Bed, care to join me…..’ Laura replied cheekily…………to be continued.

Paula yawned and rolled over in the bed, intending to drape her arm around her husband, her palm finding only a pillow with the imprint of Steve’s head. She glanced at the alarm clock through sleepy eyes. ‘Seven o’clock on a Sunday morning, what in the name of God was her husband doing up so early?’ She hopped from the bed, grabbed a bath towel from the drawer and made her way to the bathroom. Reaching into the shower, she turned the knob and winced as icy cool water hit her forearm, the shock banishing any remaining cobwebs from Paula’s head and causing her to instantly draw her hand back. While she waited for the water to heat up to an acceptable temperature, she pulled her nightie over her head, dropped her white cotton panties and gave her teeth a quick scrub and floss. As the bathroom filled up with steam and condensation, she steps into the shower and pulls the sliding door shut behind her. Paula squirts a dollop of shampoo on her hand and starts to massage her scalp, running her fingers through her long, lustrous, jet black hair. Paula had taken to wearing her hair straight and past her shoulders, a look she thought rather suited her and Steve tended to agree as he loved the way she looked as she flicked her hair. Having rinsed out her hair, Paula shifted her attention to washing her admirable body. While Paula worked full time as a secretary, she made the effort to attend the gym at least twice a week. It showed. Her toned thighs tapered up into a pair of curvy, womanly buttocks, her pink pussy lips peeking out from a thatch of shiny black hair. She liberally applied body lotion on her firm breasts, which Steve adored, the lotion dripping down the valley of her cleavage and across her brown nipples. Feeling sufficiently refreshed, Paula rinsed herself off, then turned the shower off and began the process of drying herself, dabbing the white terry-cloth towel over her snow-white skin. With just herself and Steve in the house, and the prospect of visitors at this hour being unlikely, she made her way to the sitting room minus her bathrobe, where Steve was no doubt, masturbating to his ‘cat fighting videos’ like demented gibbon. The thought made her smile and she stifled a giggle as she remembered the horrified look on his face as she opened the shoe-box containing his ‘stash’. In it were DVDs of his favorite catfight producers, the covers of each DVD box adorned with stern looking women, of every shape, color and size locked together in a variety of painful looking holds. Sensing her husband’s embarrassment, she had not broached the subject in any way, wanting to allow him to talk when he felt ready. However, Steve had not been forthcoming and she had decided that maybe they would need to sit down and talk things through.

As Paula approached the sitting-room, she could hear the faint noise of the television. She poked her head in the door and true to form, her husband sat in the armchair, his back to her, playing with his dick, raising it to full mast as it were. Amused at the sight of her husband pleasuring himself when his naked wife stood mere meters behind him, she looked at the plasma screen out of curiosity, eager to find out a little more about her husband’s fetish. On the screen, two women in their early twenties stood directly in front of each other, their breasts mere millimeters apart, their hair done up in pony-tails, similar to the style teenage girls would wear. Both women had blonde hair, the women on the left a platinum Blonde with high cheekbones and the one on the right had a darker, dirtier shade of blonde hair with a cute button nose. Both of them eyed each other defiantly, their heads cocked back, breathing through their noses in short, angry breaths. They wore bastardized versions of school uniforms, each clad in a minuscule check skirt, just about covering their vaginas, their white cotton panties clearly visible given even the slightest movement of their legs. Their upper bodies covered by tight white shirts, each women had the top three buttons undone, revealing plenty of cleavage for both parties, and the fact that both blondes had chosen to wear white push-up bras. These fully grown women filled out their naughty uniforms in ways a teenage girl could never hope to manage. The tension of the atmosphere was obviously a huge turn-on for Steve as he increased the rate of his wanking. However, he was not the only one affected. Paula, much to her surprise, found the whole scenario to be incredibly erotic and forbidden. As these ‘schoolgirls’ glared at each other, Paula slid her left hand through her black bush and alternated between teasing her clit and sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy. Her right hand roughly tweaked her nipples, bring them to a state of arousal.

Matters developed on screen as well, the platinum blonde haughtily announcing, ‘Mark is my boyfriend. You’ll stay away from him if you know what is good for you, tart?’ Her cockney accent bristled with dangerous intent. Her adversary, also a London native, cattily replied, ‘He didn’t mention he was seeing anyone when I sucked him off behind the bike shed. He must of forgotten about you bitch. Maybe you should make me back off.’ The platinum blonde replied with a savage slap, followed shortly by two sets of hands pulling ponytails as the mock-schoolgirls crashed to the floor. The ferocity of their fighting was like a lightning bolt passing through Paula, her self-inflicted finger fuck rapidly increased and forgetting herself, she allowed herself a loud, slow moan, ‘Hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm……’ Startled, Steve sprung from his chair like an Olympic sprinter from a starting block and spun around, comically his hand still brandishing his cock like a loaded gun. He saw only his raven-haired, normally very demure looking wife, pleasuring herself whilst gazing at the television screen through glassy eyes. She breathlessly whispered two words, ‘Fuck me……’ Steve smiled with barely contained joy, he walked behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder, bent her over the arm of their couch so Paula could maintain her view of the television and slid his pole inside his wife, all the way to the base. His cock made a wet sound as he worked his wife over, his hands firmly holding her hips steady, the catty conflict on the television making her moist beyond belief. She ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ as he thrust in and out, her long black hair bouncing as she moved back and forth in time with Steve’s pelvis, her eyes watching the screen intently.

The ‘schoolgirl’ fight scene became more and more vicious, skirts were torn-off, shirts ripped open, tits squeezed and slapped and both girls aggressively pinched each other’s cunts though the white cotton panties. Whether it was emotion, pain or a combination of both, the battling ‘schoolgirls’ could be heard to sob softly between curses and name-calling. As both combatants tired and began to slow down, it become evident that the platinum blonde had the upper hand. She forced her rival onto her back, pinned her arms to the floor and parked her pussy in the dirty blonde’s face. She bounced up and down with great vigor, squashing her vanquished foes tits. ‘Do you give bitch?’ the platinum blonde screeched? Give and I’ll let you up!’ From underneath the platinum blonde, her rivals hand tapped the mat rapidly. The platinum blonde slide down onto her enemy’s chest and asked menacingly, ‘Are you going to stay away from Mark?’ Tears streaming down her face, the dirty blonde silently and humbly nodded her head. The video faded to black meaning the only sounds in the room now were the energetic fucking of Steve and Paula. Paula moaned and gasped, saying the most nasty things, ‘Oooooohhhhhh baby…….fuck me……….give me your sperm……..tell me you’d fuck me like this if I fought for you………..Would you like to see me smother some bitch like on the video?…………Tell me I’m your cat fighting queen……tell me you’d never look at another woman……’ Steve was so near the edge, he couldn’t tell his wife anything, all his concentration was needed to delay his orgasm. Just then, his wife started to shiver involuntarily, her moans even deeper now, as she bellowed her orgasm, followed closely by Steve, as he came so hard his gunk dripped from his wife’s black haired pussy and pooled on the floor. He slowly withdrew from his wife and pulled her up off the arm of the couch. She turned gracefully, looked at him with her green eyes and whispered ‘I think I’m okay with your cat fighting fetish……More than okay with it, truth be told……..’ ………to be continued.

Kevin sat in his cubicle, willing the hands on his wrist-watch to tick a little faster. Like the rest of the country, Kevin’s mind was on matters in Poznan and the important football fixture that was being played there. The Irish soccer team would have to try and rescue their bid for the European Championships, against a Spanish team which numbered some of the world’s best footballers amongst its squad members. Like most sensible Irish men, Kevin realized that this would be the sporting equivalent of pissing headlong into a gale force wind, your chances of success being slim while the possibility of it turning out to be an unpleasant experience was exceedingly high. However, due to a fondness for both his country and beer, Kevin felt compelled to head out tonight and shout for the team. He decided last night that he would like to watch the action from Gogartys near the city center. Eager for a night out and a bit of fun, Laura agreed to accompany him, as the pubs were always packed and the atmosphere electric whenever the Irish team made it to a major tournament. Looking forward to the night ahead prevented Kevin from getting through much of his workload. Lost in his thoughts, a familiar voice and smiling face brought him back to the here and now.

‘Fancy getting a bit of lunch at the sandwich bar next door?’ Steve inquired as he peered over the wall of Kevin’s cubicle. Kevin looked up at his friend and replied, ‘Yeah, sounds like a plan. Hang on a second and I’ll fetch my jacket.’ Kevin responded as he retrieved his coat from the cloakroom and made for the door with his mate. They walked along the street, each shop front adorned with Irish tricolors, green, white and orange bunting and a myriad of posters and slogans urging the Boys in Green to succeed. As they took a seat in the cafe and tucked into their sandwiches, Kevin asks, ‘Have you and Paula any plans for tonight? Laura and I are going to watch the match in Gogartys. You are welcome to join us.’ ‘Sounds good. I’ll run it by Paula, but I don’t see there being a problem.’ Steve answered through a mouthful of his sandwich. ‘So…….any developments since Paula found your special DVD collection? Has she filed for divorce yet? Have you been relocated to the dog house?’ Kevin asked grinning. ‘Not quite….’ was Steve’s cryptic response. ‘Care to elaborate?’ Kevin inquired, his curiosity peaked. ‘Well…… the time, she said nothing, she simply left the DVDs back where she found them. I wasn’t sure what this meant, was she angry, disgusted or just determined to ignore what she had discovered? Unsure of what was awaiting me, I walked on eggshells for several days, fearing that an eventual confrontation was inevitable. ‘Well?’ Kevin interjected. Steve continued, ‘Several days later, figuring she had forgotten about the whole episode, I get up early and sneak down to the living room, pop one of my newer purchases into the DVD player and….I…..ah……’ ‘Start to bob the bishop, pummel the pink lizard, make the bald man cry…..’ Kevin helpfully interrupts. ‘Yeah, alright, lay off……. just as I’m getting lost in the moment, I hear a noise behind me which frightens the life out of me causing me to spring straight out of the chair and spin around. ‘And?’ Kevin asks. ‘My wife……’ Steve tries to answer but is cut off by his friends howls of laughter, his face going red as he attempts to swallow a mouthful of tea and chuckle at his friend’s misfortune simultaneously. Steve continues irritably ‘…….is standing behind me, moaning as she plays with herself, her eyes glued to the screen, pleading with me to fuck her.’ ‘No shit?’ Kevin exclaims incredulous. ‘We did the deed right there in the living room and you wouldn’t believe the things Paula came out with……. I think she is as interested in catfights as I am. Since then, every night without fail, we swap kinky cat fighting stories and scenarios while we have the hottest sex since our honeymoon. You are probably finding this a little hard to swallow?’ ‘Not in the slightest….’ Kevin replied as he filled his best mate in on developments in his own marriage. The pair finished their lunch and returned to work, thick as thieves and wearing the broadest grins imaginable……….

Kevin and Laura arrived first, securing a table in front of the big screen television and more importantly, near the bar. The small interior of the city pub had been transformed into a sea of green, as flags hung from the ceiling and customers wore their national colors in a variety of ways, each more inventive than the last. Grown men dressed as leprechauns, St Patrick, Father Ted and other distinctly Irish figures, as they jostled at the bar for the barman’s attention. The crowd was a mixture of young and old, male and female, and they were all in high spirits. A festival atmosphere had developed and the place echoed with the sound of laughter and noisy chatter. Kevin returned from the counter cradling a pint of Guinness and a Bacardi and Coke, carefully trying to avoid spilling any on his Irish jersey and jeans as he laid them down on the table. His wife Laura had opted for function over fashion, preferring to be comfortable rather than stunning on this unusually warm evening. She wore a short denim skirt which stopped just short of her knees, a lime green string vest over a white bra and black high heels completed her ensemble. She sipped her Bacardi and Coke as she made small talk with her husband. 

Twenty minutes later, Steve and Paula entered and Kevin roared across the crowd to gain their attention and beckon them over. Steve had similar attire to his friend Kevin, the Irish jersey being the de facto uniform for the Irish male this evening. Steve’s wife, Paula, was clad in a tight green t-shirt which accentuated her breasts and a black miniskirt, the left cheek of her beautiful face adorned with green face paint, styled into a small shamrock. While Laura had decided to wear her hair lose, Paula’s black locks were tied into a neat pony-tail, held together by a black bobbin. Paula smiled and took her place beside Laura, both of them catching up on the latest gossip and news as Steve bought drinks from the bar, placing an alcopop in front of his wife. Laura and Paula were well acquainted and had a good rapport. Both women had attended the same college as Steve and Kevin and had started dating at about the same time. Having known each other for the best part of a decade at this point, they were quite comfortable in each other’s company. Due to the importance of the game, there was barely standing room in the pub, meaning Laura, Paula, Kevin, and Steve were marooned at their little table, the crowd had their backs to them, their eyes fixated on the large screen at the front of the pub, effectively leaving the aforementioned foursome isolated, alone in a way, in a crowded bar.

Being avid football fans, Kevin and Steve were as interested in the big screen as anyone else. However, that was soon to change. Spain scored inside the first few minutes and added another soon after, the crowded pub adapting the pre-match chant of ‘You’ll never beat the Irish!’ to a more ironic ‘You’ll seldom beat the Irish!’ in response. Kevin and Steve’s’ interest in the game waned as they grew sick of watching skillful Spaniards run rings around dizzy looking Irishmen who struggled to get a kick at the fucking football. As the game continued to command everyone else’s attention, Kevin, Laura, Paula, and Steve contented themselves with idle talk. They had consumed a reasonable amount (by Irish standards) of alcohol and were starting to feel its effects; their spirits were high and their inhibitions lowered. Gradually, the conversation shifted to the bedroom and sex. Lowering her voice so nobody else would hear her, Laura giggled, ‘We are currently having the best sex of our lives. Since Kevin shared his cat fighting fetish with me, we have been fucking like howler monkeys every night.’ Without a hint of embarrassment she continued, ‘I tell him what I would do to any woman who would challenge me and he cums in torrents as I describe how I would sexually and physically dominate any women stupid enough to try me.’ Steve grinned from ear to ear as Laura spoke, Paula listening intently, giving her long-term friend her full attention. ‘I make him call me his ‘Cat fighting Queen’ as he drills me.’ she shares with the table giddily. Laura’s candor has had an arousing affect on Kevin and Steve as their cocks stir to life and quickly harden. Surprised and amused by the coincidence, Paula decides to impart a revelation of her own to the table in hushed tones. She confesses, ‘I caught Steve masturbating to one of his cat fighting videos the other day, and much to my surprise, it made me wetter than an Irish summer. He fucked me doggy-style over the arm of the couch as I told him how much I loved him and how much I would cherish the opportunity to prove I’m the best woman he could ever hope to meet.’ Laura giggles at the coincidence. However, Paula is not finished, ‘Believe it or not, I yelled for Steve to call me his ‘Cat fighting Queen’ as he filled my pussy with sperm.

Sensing a golden opportunity preselecting itself, Kevin cheekily queried, ‘Two Cat fighting Queens eh? I wonder who would win if you two fought? Who would prove herself the better woman?’ Steve thanked the Lord for his friends deft intervention. He had managed to take this lighthearted discussion and inject a little seriousness, a little cattiness. Laura examined her long-term friend as a potential rival for the first time. Paula was undeniably attractive, her pretty face and green eyes catching the eye of many a patron. Her legs looked strong, her breasts full and her milky arms toned. However, in Laura’s eyes at least, she looked too demure and refined to really fight hard enough to conquer her. Laura’s frame of mind was not unrequited as Paula cast a critical eye over the blonde temptress. Her sandy colored hair reached down to her shoulders almost, her eyes were a piercing shade of blue and her breasts commanded quite a bit of attention. Paula had to acknowledge Laura’s beauty but refused to believe that she was better equipped to satisfy a man. Paula knew she was a better fuck and a better woman. A certain tension had descended on the table now, as if its occupants were unsure of how to proceed. Steve decided it was his turn to help things along to the ‘next level.’ ‘If you were to fight Laura, how would you defeat her honey?’ Steve asked. Paula cleared her throat and candidly responded, ‘I’d pull her hair until she begged me to stop, I’d claw at her cxnt until she cried for mercy and I’d slap the taste out of her mouth’. Kevin posed a similar question to Laura and she responded in kind. Looking Paula dead in the eye she stated, ‘I’d maul her tits until tears ran down her face, I’d rub my wet pussy all over her face until she begged me to stop and then I’d fuck her asshole with a strap-on’. Both women were now excited, caught up in their catfight lust, their nipples straining to be made visible under their tops. As the crowd continued to roar its disapproval at events unfolding in Poznan, Paula and Laura continued with their catty duel, unnoticed and unmolested by any interlopers. Laura reach under her skirt, removed her knickers and discreetly balled them in her fist. She then reached into Kevin’s jeans and rubbed her silk panties against his smooth cock. Paula repeated the gesture with her husband Steve. ‘I love my husband and I’ll destroy any tart he would attempt to show me up in front of him. My husband knows that nobody can get him off quite like me, he knows I would batter any bitch who would try and steal his cum……..’ Paula retorts, ‘Steve knows I love him and his horse cock. He knows I can make him cum harder than any blonde skank and that I’m more than capable of defending my territory…..’ At this stage, driven to distraction by their wives’ sternly delivered pledges and statements, each man fills the knickers wrapped around their knobs with their sticky white load. Both women take their panties from around their husband’s members and slowly but discreetly pull them back on under their skirts. Laura feels her husband’s sticky, warm seed come into contact with her vulva and ass cheeks. The sensation makes her feel powerful, wanton and dirty. Emboldened by the evidence of her husband’s obvious, intense attraction to her, she fixes Paula with a cold stare and proudly states, ‘I challenge you to a catfight you black-haired bitch. Four rounds of intense fighting, the only way to win is to extract a submission from the weaker willed woman……you.’ As Paula listened, she too had put her knickers, sodden with her man’s cum, back on. Steve’s sticky white love seed clung to her black pussy hairs and made her ass damp and sticky. The feel of her man’s cum against her snow white skin made her horny beyond belief, the scent of her husband’s seed filling her nose as her husband’s intense arousal for her drove her to match Laura’s bold stance. ‘I accept you sandy-haired slut. I look forward to humbling you in front of your husband. Since we are fighting to prove who the better woman is, I think it only appropriate that we settle matters in a feminine way. Hair may be pulled where ever it grows, strikes may be delivered with an open hand only, scratching and pinching is permitted to any part of the body except the face and we should allow our husbands to pick our battle attire. Husbands will act as seconds during rounds and ‘encourage’ their fighter to give her all if needed……Do those terms scare you bimbo?’ Laura’s reply was terse and equally defiant, ‘Not in the slightest, cunt. Also, the loser has to admit the other women is the ‘Cat fighting Queen’ and suffer a penalty of the winner’s choosing. Accepted Bitch?’ Paula’s response was quick and emphatic, ‘Agreed lard ass. See you Friday night at nine, our place, don’t be late.’ Business concluded, both couples slipped away, neither their presence nor subsequent absence noted as they left for home, not even waiting for Spain’s drubbing of Ireland to be completed……… be continued.

Steve was like a kid on Christmas Eve, a bundle of nervous energy and anticipation. He had waited all week for this evening to arrive and now, finally, the moment of truth was at hand. Since Paula and Laura had declared their intentions for this evening, all Steve could think of was their erotic confrontation. He spent his working day arguing with Kevin, explaining why it would be Paula who would emerge victorious, while Kevin insisted his wife had the upper hand. It had been an agonizing wait for both men, as both Laura and Paula had enforced a sex embargo on both of them, each wanting to be rested and full of energy for their sexy clash. Both he and Paula reclined on the couch, Steve massaging her shoulders and giving her plenty of encouragement and ego boosts, ‘You are the sexiest woman I have ever met, Laura doesn’t have a hope against you………’ Paula smiled and lapped up her adoring husband’s compliments as she waited impatiently for her nemesis to arrive. She was ready and eager to start as she relaxed in a full length, pink bathrobe which concealed her beautiful body. As she waited, she admired her husband’s handy work. He had done an impressive job at converting their sitting room into a fighting arena. The coffee table, armchairs and all other obstacles/hazards had been removed from the room. All that remained was the lengthy couch, big enough to seat four, a padded beige carpet, dappled with patches of white and an old fashioned peat fireplace, host to a roaring fire which gave the room a warm, cozy feel. The curtains had been drawn so as not to arouse the attention of busy body neighbors and the room was dimly lit, giving the night’s proceedings a mysterious and sexually charged atmosphere. Just as Paula’s thoughts turned to her opponent and how she would conquer her, the door bell rang. Steve almost tripped as he hurriedly rushed out of the room to welcome their ‘guests’ for the night.

Laura walked into the living room and eyed Paula in a threatening manner. Like Paula, Laura had chosen to conceal her body until the moment of combat, hiding her curves beneath a brown trench coat. Steve nervously suggested, ‘I guess now is as good a time as any to get this thing going……’ Both women nodded their consent and moved to the centre of the room, their husbands in tow, fixing each other with a steely stare. As both men stood behind their wives, they shrugged out of their outer layers, allowing Kevin and Steve to gather their bathrobe and trench coat respectively, as they surveyed their opponent for the night. Laura peered at Paula with a spiteful, jealous glare. Paula stood in front of her in a lavender thong and matching lace bra. The sheer texture of the bra made Paula’s erect nipples clearly visible. Sheer black stockings stretched from the tip of her big toe all the way to the middle of her thigh where they were attached to suspenders of the same color. Her hair was tied up on the top of her head, with only a strand of her raven locks hanging down along the side of her face. Her eye shadow matched her thong and her lips sported ruby red lipstick. It was an outfit which emphasized Paula’s sexuality, her femininity and just how attractive she could be. It was obviously an outfit designed to catch the attention of their male audience and upstage Laura. The thought made Laura resentful of Paula’s rather obvious ulterior motive. Paula returned Laura’s challenging stare. Like Paula, Laura had come dressed to impress, although she went about this in an entirely different way. Like Paula, Laura opted for a deep red lipstick. This, however, was where the similarities ended. Laura wore her hair loose and to her shoulders, unrestrained by clips, bobbins or hair bands of any sort. Both her toe nails and finger nails were painted in the same shade of red as her lips. Her curvy ass was barely covered by a pair of skimpy, leopard-print panties. Her pendulous breasts were holstered in a matching leopard-print bra which struggled to conceal their bounty. Dusky, black eye shadow completed the look. She looked wild and dangerous. Both women took a step forward, their beautiful breasts mashing into each other uncomfortably. Steve cleared his throat and said, ‘Alright ladies, you both know the rules for tonight, any questions?’ Neither woman acknowledged his presence, transfixed instead on each other and what was to come. ‘Last chance to back out bitch!’ Laura sneered. ‘Wishful thinking slag!’ was Paula’s quick fire response. ‘Okay ladies, separate.’ Kevin interjected. This time, both women did as they were bid, settling into a crouched position, ready to pounce on each other at a moment’s notice, their hands curled into claws, their muscles tense and rigid, eager for conflict. Kevin saw that both beautiful combatants were ready and stated in a loud, commanding voice, ‘Annnnndddddddd……….Fight!’……… be continued.

Eager to make good on all the trash talk that had been exchanged in Gogarty’s pub, both beauties come together with the resounding slap of skin on skin. Taking a firm grip of Paula’s black tresses, Laura attempts to force her backwards towards the wall on the far side of the room. However, Laura’s efforts are met with stiff resistance, as Paula checks her momentum by using her grip on Laura’s tousled hair to try and drive her back the direction she had come from. Both women feel their bodies grind together as they try and best each other in their improvised test of strength and endurance. Laura winces as Paula’s fist pulls harder still, setting her scalp afire with pain, causing anger to well up, she retaliates in kind, pulling Paula’s raven locks with renewed vigor. Paula feels the full force of Laura’s rejuvenated attack, as her neck strains at an uncomfortable angle, causing her to lose sight of her blonde rival and gasp in pain. Taking advantage of the situation and Paula’s reduced visibility, Laura seizes the initiative. She pulls downwards on the turf of Paula’s hair, dragging her head to hip level and clamps a tight front-held headlock on Paula. As Laura has executed this move, Paula is taken by surprise and loses her grip on her rival’s hair. Both warriors hold this position momentarily, Paula stooped over, her shoulder pressed against Laura’s stomach, her head locked in the fair-haired temptress’ arms. Laura stands upright, eager to keep her long, golden strands out of Paula’s reach, taking in deep breaths and enjoying her advantageous position. Growing frustrated with her current predicament, Paula decides to act aggressively in an effort to get Laura to release her death grip. With surprising speed, her palm cracks off of Laura’s left buttock, causing Laura to hiss ‘Bitch!’. So far, it has been the first word spoken since battle was met, up until this point, the living room had been filled only with cries of pain and frustration. Paula smiles as she realizes how effective this tactic is. Paula unleashes a flurry of open handed slaps to Laura’s ass, leaving both cheeks red and raw, her panty-clad behind wobbling deliciously due to this violent attack. However, Laura refuses to falter, maintaining her powerful lock on Paula’s neck. Instead she moves from side to side in an effort to limit the accuracy and effectiveness of Paula’s assault. Feeling exasperated at this point, Paula alters her tactics and wraps her arms around Laura’s knees and takes her to the ground with an improvised rugby tackle. This takes Laura completely by surprise as she falls to the plush carpet, grimacing as her severely spanked ass makes contact and losing her grip on Paula’s windpipe. Elated, Paula dives on her rival, catching hold of both wrists and pinning the sultry blonde squarely to the ground. Reacting quickly, Laura locks her legs around Paula’s waist in a powerful scissors as Paula leans over her and eyes her rival with a triumphant smile, her escape from her previous difficulties obviously making her confident.

Both Kevin and Steve were mesmerized by the incredible sight before them, potent erections growing in their pants, as they admired the intensity and passion with which their wives fought. In the centre of the room, Laura lay on her back, the muscles flexing in her thighs and ass as she attempted to tighten her scissor on Paula. Her leopard-print knickers had offered little protection from Paula’s stinging salvo of slaps, and her once creamy, white buttocks were quite inflamed at this point. Her rival leaned over her, grimacing as Laura’s powerful legs took their toll, her thong-clad posterior perched up in the air, leaving little to the imagination. Her see-through bra pressed against Laura’s leopard-print number, sending both sets of nipples into a state of arousal. This stalemate allowed both women to engage in verbals, seeking to undermine their rival and assert their superiority in front of their beloved husbands. ‘A familiar position for you Laura, on your back, you fucking slut!’ Paula stated from her elevated position, smirking as she spoke. ‘I could say the same to you Paula, between another woman’s legs again, you fucking dyke!’ Laura responded, seething. The brief but tawdry insults led to an escalation in hostilities. Paula released Laura’s wrists, and gripped Laura’s breasts like one would a pair of binoculars, pinching, kneading and squeezing them. Laura decided to fight fire with fire and adopted a similar form of tactic. The lacy see-through material of Paula’s bra was far less durable than Laura’s, as Laura made short work of it, throwing its tattered remains to one side. However, Paula soon made up ground, leaving Laura shorn of her leopard print bra, as both sets of breasts were now clearly visible. Laura’s pale white orbs and cherry-red nipples were a sight to behold, even when twisted in Paula’s talons. Paula’s breasts were spectacular in their own right, her white skin and darker red nipples contorted in Laura’s uncompromising hands. The first round of the catfight had descended into a battle of attrition, a test between both these two proud lionesses to see who could give and endure the most pain. Without warning, Paula was the first to relent, squealing her submission, ‘I give!’, in an effort to gain relief for her tortured tits. The first round had been evenly contested and fiercely fought, but had ended in a first round victory for Laura. Both women separated slowly, and retreated to their aroused husbands, on opposite sides of the room………to be continued. 

Laura sat on her husband’s lap, feeling his raging horn stretch the fabric of his pants and make its presence felt on her leopard print behind. Laura never felt so turned on in her life, Paula’s aggressive ‘attentions’ directed at her breasts had been both painful yet strangely arousing. She could feel herself become moist as Kevin nuzzled her and peppered her shoulders and neck with little, delicate kisses. She felt ready, willing and able for round two, as she sat, enjoying her husband’s attentions. On the opposite side of the room, Paula was perched on Steve’s lap, his stiff cock ever-present through his trousers and pushing against her thong-clad cxnt. Miraculously, her stockings and suspenders had survived the first round, but Paula did not envisage them surviving much longer. Despite her first round loss, Paula was far from dispirited. She understood the first round had been an even contest and could have gone either way. Besides, she was far too horny, too lost in the moment to even contemplate losing the fight. Her pussy had started to become slick from arousal, her red nipples engorged as her body responded to the prospect of renewed combat with that blonde bitch. Horny beyond belief, both women left their husbands’ laps in order to continue their match. Rather than lash out at each other immediately, both women walked to the centre of the room and did not stop until they made physical contact. Steve watched his black-haired wife stalk towards Laura, the thigh-high stockings making a swishing noise as she went, a thin lavender strip dividing her firm proud buttocks and jet black suspenders running up the length of each leg. Kevin watched Laura depart from a similar angle, ogling her leopard-print covered ass, her breasts bouncing as she went, her beautiful bum-cheeks showing the effects of Paula’s ‘handiwork’. Both women glared at each other in the middle of the room, tit to tit, erect nipples raking against each other. Laura was the first to break the silence, ‘Enjoy the first round bitch? Expect more of the same in round two….’ Stung by this riposte, Paula retorted, ‘Feeling cocky eh? I look forward to proving you wrong, slut.’ Passion seizing both of them, round two commenced with Paula and Laura once again grabbing each other by their hair, attacking their rival’s most feminine asset. Their breasts bounced and jiggled as they circled the room in an awkward shuffle, each trying to generate enough momentum to throw the other to the floor. Their asses tensed and rippled as they strained against each other, continuing this painful, energetic form of combat for several minutes. Eventually, Laura found an opening, pushing her beautiful rival off balance and sending her hurtling to the carpet. Unfortunately for Laura, Paula refused to relinquish her grip on Laura’s stylish haircut, pulling her down on top of her.

Both women rolled from side to side, legs snaking together in a frenetic struggle as they jockeyed for position. Each woman could only stay atop their rival for minutes at most before being pushed off, the intensity of their exertions starting to tell as their bodies started to exhibit the first signs of a sheen of sweat. Finally, Laura managed to halt the rolling process while in the ‘top’ position, her sweaty breasts and belly pressed against Paula’s corresponding body parts underneath. Feeling confident, she looked down at Paula with disdain, not expecting what came next. Laura’s body to body contact had left her both exhilarated and turned on. Her leopard-print panties clung to her wet vulva, making it hard to concentrate. Suddenly, she felt Paula’s thigh push against her vagina, her black stockings rasping against her pussy, making her inflamed passions even more severe. Caught up in the moment, Laura closes her eyes, bites her lower lip and releases a slow, deep moan, relishing the sensation between her legs. Completely caught off guard, Laura feels Paula’s hand ball tightly in her blonde mane as she violently pulls her to the left and off her body, rolling with Laura in a fluid motion and securing the ‘top’ position. Positions flipped, Paula’s sweat-soaked breasts and belly push down on Laura. Laura decides to try and escape her current situation the same way that Paula surprised her, by pushing her thigh against Paula’s thonged vulva in a grinding motion. While this tactic turned Paula on, she refused to allow her concentration to be broken, even as her pussy juice smeared Laura’s thigh. Suddenly, Paula releases Laura’s hair and grabs her wrists, wrenching them from her own tresses, pressing them to the floor, high above Laura’s head. Paula’s wet pussy slowly but surely snakes its way up along Laura’s torso, her damp thong grazing Laura perky, red nipples along the way. Despite bucking wildly, Laura cannot throw her rival aside, as Paula’s wet crotch finds its target, Laura’s pretty face. Once there, Paula releases Laura’s wrists willingly and grabs her hair, pulling Laura’s nose up towards her cxnt as she aggressively grinds her thong into her face. Laura is trapped, her face wet from her rival’s sex, her scent filling her nostrils. Her only option is to tear at Paula’s stockings and suspenders, making short work of both. However, this does little to help her current situation as she announces her reluctant surrender, tapping the beige carpet. Round two goes to Paula and she slowly unseats herself and struts back to Steve, Laura rising after a minute, and returning to Kevin……….to be continued.

Buoyed by her victory in this round, Paula takes her place beside Steve and whispers, ‘That skank ruined my stockings and suspenders honey, could you remove what is left of them. Steve fulfills his duty, bending over in front of his standing wife, carrying out her request until Paula is left only in her lavender thong panties. As he rises, he kisses his wife’s thighs, her panty clad mound, nuzzles her breasts and neck before kissing her mouth with passion and conviction. Paula loves the attention of her adoring husband and returns his affections by sensually rubbing her body against him, slipping her hand inside his trousers and caressing his manhood firmly. On the far side of the room, Laura is recovering from her second round setback. Her husband’s desire for his combative wife is obvious as he stands behind Laura, his erection pressing hard into her ass, his hands reaching under her arms and kneading her breasts. Laura reciprocates by reaching backwards into Kevin’s pants and stroking his cock vigorously. Laura cocks her eyebrow and shouts across the room, ‘Ready for round three bitch?’ Paula fires back her answer in a haughty, defiant tone, ‘Whenever you are cxnt.’ With that both women leave their men nursing raging hard-ons, completely forgetting their amorous efforts, the focus on besting the bitch in front of them total. The third round starts with Laura and Paula warily circling each other, respectful of the other’s ability to catfight, staying out of striking range while diligently waiting for an opportunity or momentary lapse in concentration, anything that would allow them to gain the upper hand.  Paula, dressed only in her lavender thong, sweaty, tired and wet in her pubic region, eyed her rival. Laura, stripped to her leopard-print panties, her ass as red as a baboons, her nipples poking out and her forehead exhibiting beads of sweat, returned Paula’s stare. ‘You are lucky I agreed to this Laura, Kevin is going to be able to get hard for months whenever he thinks about how I bested you tonight.’ Laura fumed at this intensely personal challenge. ‘You think? How does it feel to know that the next time Steve is fucking you, he will thinking of my tits and ass….’

This exchange was enough to re-ignite hostilities as both women quickly closed the gap, eschewing hair pulling this once, in favor of exchanging stinging slaps. At first, their efforts were cautious. Laura would dance forward, throwing a speculative slap at Paula’s face before quickly retreating. Paula would retaliate by surging forward and stinging Laura with an open-handed haymaker to her boob. This dance continued for three/four minutes, as both Laura and Paula became progressively more adventurous, sparing little effort in protecting themselves, gradually coming to the point where they stood directly in front of each other, throwing erratic slaps as the room echoed to the song of skin striking skin. Unable to bear this terrible onslaught for a prolonged period, both women sought refuge in a close clinch, clashing together with a meaty slap, their breasts mushrooming together. Laura decided to move her thigh between her rival’s mound, rubbing it roughly against Paula’s cxnt in an effort to get her so hot that she would be unable to focus on the task at hand. Paula was wise to Laura’s game and replicated the dirty tactic. Each woman squeezed with all their might as they used their knee to tease their rival into a frenzy, exchanging ever more base and insulting threats as they continued their war. ‘…….Oooooohhhhhh……You bitch Laura…….. I’ll make you come before I do………….You feel that you slimy skank………That’s my knee against your cxnt……Come for me you whore………….Come for me…..’ Paula muttered between gasps of pleasure. Her blonde rival was in a similar state of mind as she breathlessly whispered; ‘……Aaaahhhhh…………You are not woman enough to bring me to orgasm first……….I can feel your clam against my thigh……..Oooohhhhhh You dirty bitch, you are soaked……….Give up or I’ll squeeze and orgasm out of you in front of Steve……’

As the trash talk continued, both women slumped to their knees, Laura’s cxnt straddling one of Paula’s thighs and vice versa, their legs buckled as passion took hold of them. Paula’s lavender covered pussy pumped against Laura’s leg as she roughly pressed her hard nipples against Laura’s beautiful breasts, one hand in Laura’s hair, the other spanking her ass, desperate to force an orgasm out of her. From behind Kevin could see Laura’s Leopard-print knickers being roughly pumped against Paula’s thigh, Laura pulling her head back while aggressively slapping at both ass cheeks. The catfight had devolved into a kinky test of sexual prowess, each women eager to prove her superiority in front of her husband. ‘Aaaahhhhhh…….Laura…… I can feel your body shuddering……….I have you cxnt……….come for me………’ Paula groaned. ‘No chance bitch, I can feel your pussy spasm………Come for me whore……Show our men who the real woman is…….Oooooohhhhh……….’ As the women continue with this sordid display, their strength being gradually sapped, they both fall sideways, their horny pussies losing contact with their rival. The desire to claim victory in the third round consuming both women, they improvise their assault. Laura’s hand dives beneath Paula’s knickers, her fingers delving deep into Paula’s pussy as the heel of her hand repeatedly beats against her black bush, making a clearly audible slapping sound. Meanwhile, Paula has been far from inactive, her hand rummaging deep within Laura’s knickers, her fingers tracing a path through her blonde bush and plunging home between her pussy lips, making a wet, squishing sound as she passionately finger-fucks Laura. The women start to breath heavier than before, their efforts to get the other off becoming more pronounced and intense as their gasps of pleasure are interspersed with jibes.





Both women moan loudly, long and deep. They shout the arrival of their orgasms almost simultaneously, the living room filled with a crescendo of curses, insults and satisfied cries. Laura and Paula lay still on the floor, their hands still lodged in each other’s knickers, their eyes hazy, lost in the pleasure of the moment. However, neither woman was successful in asserting her superiority over the other, neither able to credibly claim victory in round three, meaning that the fourth round would be decisive, it’s victor winning the right to claim the title of ‘Cat fighting Queen’……… be continued.

Steve and Kevin each went to their wives’ side. Laura was slumped on her shoulder, her nipples standing on end, her hair tossed and wild, naked save for her leopard-print panties, her hand lodged firmly beneath Paula’s thong panties. Paula peered across at her through hazy eyes, her porcelain skin coated in a healthy sheen of sweat, her long, straight black hair showing the effects of the night’s abuse, her hand buried deep in Laura’s animalistic knickers.  Slowly, each woman, felt her husband’s hands on her shoulders as Kevin and Steve slowly prissed these two proud rivals apart. Each woman was deeply satisfied, fully aware of the powerful effect their new hobby had on their bodies, appreciative of the powerful orgasm that they had achieved through competing against one another. Yet, their completive juices were still flowing. Both Laura and Paula yearned to best each other, to make their adversary submit and declare them the better woman, in front of both Kevin and Steve. For the moment at least, Laura and Paula were content to accept this moments respite from hostilities. Paula sucked air into her lungs, her large, buxom breasts rising and falling as she sought to regain both her energy and composure. Her lavender knickers were coated in her pussy juices and her beautiful body was pock-marked with red welts and bruises that she had endured at the hands of her blonde tormentor. For her part, Laura was in an equal state of disarray. Her full blonde hair stood out at angles and her gorgeous, pale breasts showed the signs of having being squeezed and slapped by her raven-haired enemy.

Ready, willing and able to break the deadlock, Paula cleared her throat and spoke in a husky voice, ‘Let’s finish this like women, skin to skin, no knickers, if you have it in you…….’ As she said this, she pulled her lavender thong from her hips and allowed it to drop to the floor. Laura felt her heartbeat quicken as she watched her rival challenge her in such an overtly sexual manner. Laura replicated Paula’s gesture, prying her leopard-print panties from her pussy lips and ass and letting it fall in a heap on the floor. ‘I’m more than ready to settle this as women should, bush to bush, tits against tits and hands buried in each others’ hair……’ The atmosphere in Paula and Steve’s living room was stifling, the room a veritable powder-keg of horniness, sexual tension and aggression. Overcome by the occasion, neither Kevin nor Steve could help themselves, they began to strip, and did not stop until they stood naked and erect behind their wives. Laura and Paula took a step towards each other, ready to resume their catfight, while Kevin and Steve toyed with their respective cocks, allowing pleasurable sensations to wash over them but being careful not to cum. Laura and Paula’s’ heavy, deep breaths filled the room, the noise of Kevin and Steve methodically pumping their cocks the only other sound to be heard. Just then, Laura’s bright red lips curled into a wicked smile and she cattily sneered, ‘What would you say to a change of venue, Paula? I want to beat your ass on the bed where Steve fucks you, I want to demonstrate I am the better woman in your domain…..’ Without even waiting for a response, Laura turned to her husband, firmly grasped his cock and frog-marched him upstairs to their new battleground. Irritated by Laura’s audacity in her home, Paula wrapped her fingers around Steve’s cock and set off in pursuit, her husband in tow, as it were. Paula and Steve entered the room to find Laura and Kevin on the far side of their queen-sized bed, Kevin pushing his raging horn against his wife’s ass, his hands wrapped around her waist as he idly fingered her pussy. Paula took her place on the far side of the bed, feeling Steve’s rod press hard against her ass, his hands buried in her wet, black bush, two fingers slipping in and out of her pussy in a slow teasing manner. Both women were highly aroused, ready to finish matters and this was reflected in their fevered, languid moans. ‘Fight me bitch, I want to humble you on your own bed and fuck my husband in the same bed that I defeat you in…..aaaahhhhh….Kevin don’t stop…….’ Laura moaned. This time, Paula’s mouth curled into a vindictive sneer. ‘ Fine whore…..ooohhhhh Steve……deeper baby……. I’ll beat your ass in my bed, but in my way…….aaaaahhhhh fuck………..the only way to win the fourth round is to pin the other woman to the bed, pussy to pussy, tit to tit…….while either Kevin or Steve pumps the victor’s pussy full of cum……….do you accept the new terms bitch?’ Both Kevin and Steve smiled at the prospect and each admired this rather inventive way of finding the superior woman, pinning your rival to the bed while making a man cum inside of you, a demonstration of sexual prowess and toughness combined. Intrigued, Laura stepped away from Kevin’s embrace and eyed her rival. ‘Fine! If cxnts and pointing this direction, Kevin will fuck the woman on top while the other woman fights to break the hold…….’ Paula nodded her consent and added, ‘If cxnts point in the opposite direction, than Steve will do the honors……’ Laura and Paula slowly crawled towards each other, across the duvet as they sought to vanquish their rival while they felt the warmth of a man’s embrace. It was a dirty, sensual and erotic way to settle matters and each woman got quite a significant buzz out of it. Their men too, judging by the smiles on their faces and the twitching of their cocks.

Laura and Paula clasped hands in the middle of the bed, each wishing to test the other’s strength. Their backs tensed, their buttocks flexed and their thighs rippled as they leaned into each other, desperately trying to push the other woman backwards. This stalemate continued for several minutes as both women lost their balance and fell over on their side. Legs immediately entwined and arms wrapped around each other as both women launched into a series of rolls, frantically struggling to maintain a pinning position. 

Eventually, they came to a stop, with Paula perched on top of Laura, the bristly, black hairs of her pussy entangled in Laura’s lighter pubes, her pale, generous orbs pressing down on Laura’s pair, her hands firmly gripping Laura’s wrists and holding them to the surface of the bed…..her cxnt pointing in Kevin’s direction. Kevin moved towards the edge of the bed and did his duty, slipping his erect cock into Paula and began to pump, Paula rocking back against his groin as he did, eagerly trying to milk his dick while on top of Laura, and claim victory in the process. ‘Fuck me while your bitch wife looks up at me Kevin, fill me with your spunk while she lies helpless under me….ooohhhh yeah…… that’s the spot……..fuck……..’ Paula moans. Trapped in this predicament, with no obvious way of retaliating, Laura thinks outside the box. She strains her neck and clamps her mouth and teeth against one of Paula’s over-hanging boobs. However, rather than aggressively bite, she chooses to teasingly knead the nipple between her lips, pleasuring Paula and making it harder for her to concentrate. Losing concentration for a second, Paula’s eyes close to savor the moment. Laura moves with lightening speed, wrenching her hands from Paula’s grasp and allows them to shoot downwards. Her hands find their targets, Paula’s womanly ass and she heaves upwards with all her might, lifting Paula off of Kevin’s cock and throwing her sideways. Judging by the glazed look in Kevin’s eyes, she had acted just in the nick of time. Both Laura and Paula scrambled together in a mad dash for supremacy, coming to a stop this time with a blonde bush pushing down on a black bush, two sets of hands buried in each others’ lustrous manes, tits mashed together…….two pretty, pink pussies pointing towards Steve’s engorged penis. Laura was angry, Paula was roughly pulling her hair, had just had Kevin’s cock inside her and was frantically trying to throw her off. The feel of Steve’s hard cock slipping inside her pussy made her grin despite it all, as she sought to even the score. Hair clamped tight in fists, their faces just inches apart, Laura spoke to Steve as she fought, in an effort to push him over the edge and seal victory. ‘Fuck my pussy Steve…….Harder baby………..I want to look in this bitch’s eyes as you cum inside me…..’ Paula thrashed wildly underneath Laura, striving to break free, caught up in this primal struggle, when something grabbed her attention. Steve’s face was contorting as he roughly pumped Laura, he was trying with all his might not to cum so his wife could focus on the fight. Laura sensed this shift in power as she grinded hard into Steve’s cock and talked dirty to him, determined to make him expel his seed. ‘Ooooohhhhhh Steve…… I can feel your cock twitch…….Don’t hold back baby……… Fill me with your spunk…………Slap my ass hard while I steal your cum from Paula……’ This last statement pushes Steve over the edge as he cums hard inside Laura, Paula releasing her grip of Laura’s hair as he does, a defeated women. Steve’s sperm dribbles from between Laura’s pussy lips and trickles down into Paula’s black bush. Steve slowly steps back from Laura, removing his cock from her in the process. It hangs limp, drained and wet. Laura looks down at her defeated rival, beaming with pride and shouts, ‘Say it bitch!’ With tears welling in her eyes, her voice quivering, Paula quietly stutters her surrender, ‘You…..You win Laura, You’re the Catfighting Queen.’ 

The penalty paid, Laura doesn’t wait a moment longer, she hoists her pussy up Paula’s torso and sits squarely on her face and commences to grind her pussy and Steve’s cum into Paula’s pretty face. Finally, she stands up, allows Paula to get up and says ‘Out bitch, I’m the Catfighting Queen and the Queen decrees that you have to sleep elsewhere tonight while I fuck Kevin in your bed!’ Paula reluctantly leaves her room, Steve following close behind, defeated albeit seething and vowing revenge………

The End?

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  1. Bob says:

    Amazing story. Did this ever have a sequel. Did Paula get her revenge.

    1. hankmccoy02 says:

      Apologies for the delayed reply. Unfortunately, I never got around to penning a sequel. Another bullet point on the to do list…


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