Fantasy Island by Darth Maul

My name is Jill. I am a 32-year-old investment banker for a large, well-known firm. I have such a busy life; I never have time to myself. I haven’t even had sex in 6 months! I am bi-sexual, but I prefer women. The problem is, I have a fetish that is too embarrassing to be open about it to anyone I meet. When I was 18, I was dating a guy who liked to watch wrestling on TV. Then, a women’s match came on and I was so turned on by it. The girls were fighting dirty, even kicking each other in the crotch! That night as I lie awake in bed, I began fantasizing about those two girls, and beating each other’s crotches. My fantasies have been the same ever since.

This year has been very busy so far, and I had been so stressed my boss became concerned. He told me that I needed to take the next week off, but I insisted that the company needed me. He told me to go to lunch and think it over. I decided to walk over to my favorite deli and grab a bite to eat. As I approached the deli, I noticed that one of the buildings that had been vacated for years was now occupied. I thought this was odd, especially since there was nothing there the day before.

As I approached, I noticed travel posters on the windows, which made me think of what my boss had told me. I decided to go inside. “Come in, come in, dear!” a voice said coming from the back room. Out appeared an old man in an old suit.

“You look so tired, I think I have just the thing you need,” he said.

“I really don’t have much time, and I just wanted to look at a few options,” I replied.

“No, my dear. There is only one vacation for you! Imagine a place with pristine beaches, and beautiful scenery. A place that is secluded, away from everything else. It is a private island it is! All of your fantasies will come true at this place!” He handed me a package. I looked inside and there was a plane ticket.

“Well I just don’t think I have the time….” He then interrupted,

“Take it my dear, it’s on the house, no charge,” He replied. Then he walked away and into the back room. The whole thing was so strange! I took the package to the deli to inspect the brochures and the ticket he gave me.

The ticket read “Fantasy Airlines” and the flight was leaving the next day from Miami Airport. The brochures did seem very nice, but not once did it say anything about where this place was. After thinking it over, I decided that this seemed a little too weird and I wanted to return the ticket. I walked back to the shop, but something was wrong. That same building I was in no longer than an hour ago was back to being vacant. How could this be? I was just here! It hit me like a light bulb. This must be a sign. I really DO need a vacation. I went back to the office to tell my boss I was leaving the next day for a week.

The next day, I packed my bags and I took a cab to the airport. As instructed in the brochure, we went to the general aviation tarmac. A beautiful blonde woman, dressed in a very skimpy flight attendant outfit, greeted me. She escorted me to a very nice business jet. I boarded the plane, and noticed I was the only one. The attendant came on board and closed the door. “Am I the only one going?” I asked.

“Yes sweetie, this trip is just for you. Let me take your bags for you.” She bent over right in front of me, and revealed her white satin panties. My nipples perked up. “I would like to see her in the ring,” I thought to myself. My mind wandered about watching a couple of stewardesses in a heated catfight. My fantasy was interrupted.

“Would you like a drink?” the stewardess asked.

“Scotch and soda, and don’t be skimpy on the scotch,” I replied. She brought me my drink and told me to buckle in. She helped me with my belt. As she crouched over, she exposed her nice cleavage, along with her white-laced bra. Again my mind began to wander, and after a few minutes the plane took off. After a few more drinks, I took a nap. I dreamed about my sexy flight attendant taking on another woman in the ring. It was so hot.

I was awakened by some turbulence. I looked out the window and noticed we were heading into a really nasty storm. There was lightning coming out of the clouds like I had never seen before. It was bright yellow and began coming from all directions. I began to panic. The flight attendant noticed my state of fear. “Don’t worry sweetie, nothing will happen to us.”

The plane flew into the swirling clouds and it continued to bounce around. I closed my eyes and all of a sudden everything stopped. I looked out the window and it was as if nothing ever happened. The sky was clear, and I saw nothing but ocean. I have always heard about the Bermuda Triangle, but never took it seriously. “See sweetie, I told you we would be fine. We will be landing in about 15 minutes,” said the attendant. She brought me another drink to calm my nerves. As we were approaching the airport, I saw an island with beautiful ancient volcano peaks and lush jungles. The plane landed uneventfully and I was so happy to be on the ground after that nerve jostling experience.

She exited the plane and was greeted by a large-breasted brunette in a pink bikini. “Welcome to Fantasy Island. My name is Lisa and I am here to serve you in any way I can. Your bags will be taken to your room. Why don’t you follow me and I will show you around.” I followed her down a short path through the jungle, until we came upon a giant clearing with a huge mansion and a few smaller houses around it. The rear of the complex was open to a private beach. She took me to one of the smaller houses and we went inside.

“This is where you will be staying. Why don’t you rest for a few hours until dinner? I can either bring you your dinner or you may dine with us,” she said. I was pretty tired. “I’ll just have it in my room if you don’t mind,” I replied.

She left me to my luxurious room. It reminded me of something out of a Hemingway novel. I noticed my bags were already there, so I decided to unpack. I noticed a set of dresser drawers so I opened the top one so I could put my intimates away. I thought it would be empty, but instead it was filled with panties of all sorts. I checked the second drawer and it had thigh high stockings and fishnets of all colors. The third was filled with bikinis. Finally I opened the fourth drawer and it was empty. I put away my intimates while wondering why they supplied their guests with those kinds of things. I opened the closet to hang up my other clothes and nearly half of it was filled with fantasy costumes, like schoolgirl’s and cheerleaders. I looked down and noticed all sorts of footwear. There were heels, sneakers, and even wrestling boots of different colors.

“Wrestling boots? Why would they have so many wrestling boots?” I thought to myself. Since my first experience watching a female wrestling match, I really liked boots they used to wear. It seemed to complete the outfit. I used the empty spaces to finish putting away my clothing. I was completely confused, but it had me fantasizing again. This time I was alone in my room, and I could “relax” if you know what I mean. I drifted off and fell asleep once again, this time on solid ground.

I woke up a few hours later because my stomach began to growl. As soon as I got up, there was a knock on the door. It was Lisa with my dinner. “Here you go dear,” Lisa said.

“Thank you,” I replied. “Can I ask you a something?” I questioned?

“Sure you can,” Lisa replied. “The drawers are filled with lingerie, and the closets are filled with costumes, along with shoes and boots. What are those for?” “Why they are for our very special guest of course! I’ll tell you what, after dinner, come into the main house. It will help answer your questions,” she replied. I was so hungry I didn’t want to argue. “Okay, I will see you after dinner.”

I finished my dinner of fresh fish and island fruits and vegetables. I was eager to go into the main house to find some answers. All of this was very strange. I walked the stone pathway from my room and walked up to the giant door at the front of the mansion. The door opened and there stood Lisa, who was wearing a robe.

“Hello Jill. Please follow me. I’m sure your questions will be answered shortly.” I noticed the beautiful house as I followed her past the grand entrance and into the back. She opened a double door into a large room. There in the middle was a ring. My heart began to beat rapidly.

“Have a seat right here, and I’ll be back,” Lisa said. She showed me to a big comfortable chair at ringside. She left into one of the rooms. Was I dreaming? I am about to witness what I had been fantasizing about since I was 18?

A few moments later, a blonde woman came out of a side room. She was dressed as a schoolgirl. Her skirt was very short. You could easily see her white panties underneath as she stepped into the ring. She also had on some white thigh high stockings, and a pair of white wrestling boots.

A few seconds later, Lisa came out. She was wearing a pink and white cheerleader outfit, with pink wrestling boots. As she bent over to get in the ring, I noticed her pink satin panties. Lisa pointed to the girl in the schoolgirl outfit. “This is Rachel. She is going to help me entertain you. Don’t be embarrassed. You can pleasure yourself if you like,” Lisa said. My heart was already racing with anticipation, and I knew I would have to heed her advice before it was over.

“Ding,” said Lisa, ready to get the match started.

The two girls circled each other. Lisa struck first with a hard slap across Rachel’s face. That gave Lisa enough time to swing Rachel into the corner. Lisa ran and gave Rachel a huge kick between the legs. Rachel’s body was lifted up by the impact of the kick. She let out a huge scream.

“Ooh! I like the sound of that,” Lisa said. I think I’ll have to work that pussy some more!” She grabbed Rachel’s hair, and propped her up on the second turnbuckle, and spread her legs wide and wrapped them around the ropes. Lisa began punching Rachel’s crotch. With each punch, Rachel screamed in pain. Lisa left her dangling there, and walked to the center of the ring. She turned to me and winked, and ran toward Rachel and gave her a giant punt to the pussy. The juices between my legs started to flow. I slid my hand down my shorts, and began to pleasure myself.

Rachel collapsed to the mat. Lisa walked over to her and stripped of Rachel’s skirt and blouse. Then she unhooked her Rachel’s white bra, leaving her in her white panties, stockings, and boots. Rachel had such nice breasts. They were about 36 D’s and very firm. Plus they were natural. Lisa noticed me pleasuring myself. She smiled and started a seductive dance. She removed her top, showing me she had no bra on underneath. Her breasts were just slightly smaller than Rachel’s. She then unzipped the side of her cheerleader skirt, and slowly stripped them off. She was only in her pink satin panties and pink wrestling boots. Lisa was so concerned with me, she forgot about her opponent. Rachel slowly and quietly crawled up behind Lisa. She jabbed her fist up between Lisa legs and punched the crotch of her pink panties. Lisa was too surprised to react, so Rachel followed with another. That brought Lisa to her knees. “

“You like to attack pussies, huh? I have some for you myself!” Rachel screamed. She kicked Lisa’s breasts, which sent her flying on her back. She lifted both of Lisa’s legs and spread them apart. I had a perfect view of Lisa’s pussy. Rachel began stomping Lisa’s panty covered pussy. The wrestling boots that Rachel was wearing made the stomps hurt even more. With every stomp,

Lisa’s body would bounce off the mat, which made her breasts jiggle violently. I was so wet. I fingered myself furiously. Rachel stopped her stomps, and instead delivered some knees to Lisa’s pussy. After about 10 knees, she stopped and walked around her opponent to assess the damage. She dragged Lisa to my side of the ring. Lisa’s body was laid on her back with her legs dangling over the edge of the ring. Rachel straddled Lisa’s chest. “Can you give me a hand, sweetie?” Rachel asked me.

I stood up and went over. “Give me her legs,” she said. I grabbed one of Lisa’s legs and she pulled it toward her. I handed her the other leg. Rachel secured both of Lisa’s legs under the bottom rope.

“You can sit back down now and enjoy yourself,” said Rachel. I sat back down and noticed I had a nice view. Lisa’s legs were pulled toward her secured under the bottom rope, giving me a clear view. Rachel got out of the ring. I began to pleasure myself again. Rachel walked over to Lisa, whose pussy was exposed and vulnerable.

“Tell me when to stop,” said Rachel. With that, Rachel began punching Lisa’s pussy over and over. Her fists were a blur as she slammed them against Lisa’s exposed panty crotch.

“Please! Please stop hurting my pussy!” Lisa screamed.

“No way bitch! I want you knocked out!” said Rachel. I fingered myself at a faster pace as I watched this barrage of pussy punches. After about 50 punches, Lisa finally passed out. That didn’t stop Rachel. She continued pounding away as if nothing happened. Even though Lisa had passed out, her body would still react with every punch. I screamed out in ecstasy as I had the most intense orgasm ever. Once my body stopped quivering, Rachel stopped punching.

“Looks like you’ve had quite enough excitement for one evening. I hope you will join in on the fun tomorrow. You should go back to your house and get some rest.

I walked back to my house with wobbly legs, still excited about what I had just seen. I took a shower and thought about the match. I really wanted to get involved the next time. I had always fantasized about watching, but now I have a chance to participate. After all, I did have plenty of sexy outfits to choose from.

The next morning, I awoke with the best rest I have ever had in my life. I now knew the reason for this trip. I needed to release myself from the bondge of everyday life. One of my fantasies had been fulfilled. I thought about the fight I witnessed the night before. As much as I enjoyed watching the girls in action, I really wanted to get involved. I just don’t think that I could handle a one on one yet. Perhaps a two on one, that way I can at least be on the team with the advantage. I took a shower and fantasized while I played with myself a little.

Once I got out of the shower, I noticed that there was breakfast waiting for me. There was also a note attached that read the following: “I’m sorry for not being able to meet you this morning. The match I had last night with Rachel didn’t go as I had anticipated, so I am still healing. My pussy was destroyed last night, and for now, Rachel will be the person to contact for your needs. Sincerely, Lisa.” I felt bad for Lisa. Especially since her pain was my gain. Watching Rachel destroy her pussy was such a treat.

The End

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