Fighter Girl: Part #04 by RedmanX

Bloxham Manor Revisited
Champions Weekend

In the rambling gardens of Bloxham Manor, with the mid morning sun pale in the sky, the only sound other than bird song was the splash of stones hitting water as a preoccupied Nikki Martin absent mindedly tossed them from the side of the lake where she sat deep in thought. The defeat against Karen Marks the night before had been hard to take after a run of spectacular victories.

As the referee stopped the fight, with about one minute of round 4 remaining, Nikki sank to her knees, exhausted after taking a sustained beating for most of the last 2 two rounds. Joan had hurried over and got her back to their corner and a doctor came to have a look at the beaten girl. Apart from a slight swelling above her right eye and a cut above her nose Nikki was not too badly hurt. The body punches Nikki had taken had played a huge part in her defeat, sapping her strength and slowing her down. Also, her opponent had found a fundamental flaw in Nikki’s style and ultimately that had been her undoing. Later, upstairs in the room she was sharing with Joan, Nikki showered, the hot water washing away the bitter tears of defeat she finally shed.

Helen Norwood spotted Nikki from across the lake and waved to her. “Good morning!” she said, pleasantly “Do you mind if I sit with you?” Without waiting for an answer she walked round to Nikki’s side and sat next to her. “How are you feeling this morning? Sorry, daft question!” Nikki smiled. She liked Helen, and was glad she was there. “I cried last night. I don’t know who I was more upset for; me or Joan. Is that usual, Helen?” The older woman moved closer, whispering conspiratorially “James thinks I cry for him, but it’s me that takes the lumps!” She put her arm round Nikki as the two of them laughed together. Finally, Helen said, more seriously “Accepting you’re second best is always hard, but if you use it properly, the experience will make you stronger and a better fighter! You did your best, Nikki, but perhaps you weren’t ready to step up, but you’ve nothing to be ashamed of! You still have a lot to learn about defense, but you’re coming along really well!”

Nikki frowned.  “What sort of things do you mean, Helen?” Helen got up, saying, “Look, meet me in the ring in 40 minutes. Are you up for a little sparring?” Nikki was delighted. She had seen Helen box on her last visit to Bloxham! “Sure, and thanks Helen! I’ll see you there!”

Nikki climbed into the ring wearing trainers, shorts and a cut off vest. Helen had changed into a tiny white bikini which showed off her magnificent 38d, 28, 36 bronzed body to perfection. Standing just 2 inches short of 6 feet, she carried her 148 lbs well and looked in superb shape, fitter than most women half her age.

Nikki pulled on a big pair of training gloves and met Helen in the centre where they began sparring. Helen told Nikki not to hold back and soon the two women were sweating freely. Nikki was enjoying the session, knowing she could learn a lot just being in the same as Helen Norwood!

Stopping to rest, Helen made a few suggestions as to how Nikki could improve and adapt her style, demonstrating how Nikki habitually dropped her right hand as she moved back and to her left. Nikki was thrilled! Joan hadn’t spotted this!
“Ready to go again?” Helen asked, but before Nikki could reply Joan appeared, and Nikki could see she was not happy! “I thought you were going to meet me in the gym half an hour ago Nikki!” she said, barely controlling her anger. “Sorry Joan, but I forgot! Helen asked me to spar with her and, well” Her voice trailed off at Joan’s cold stare and she looked sheepishly at her gloves.

“I don’t see what you’re so mad about Joan! I just wanted to cheer Nikki up and maybe help her at the same time.” Joan ignored Helen. Sighing, she said “Alright Nikki. Go to the gym, I’ll see you there in 10 minutes” After the way Helen had spoken to her and made her feel, Joan’s rather curt manner angered Nikki. “What’s your problem, Joan? We were only sparring, and Helen showed me some good moves” “Well,” replied Joan “You won’t need her moves tonight, you’re scheduled for wrestling. We can discuss this later. I need to talk to Helen.” Nikki handed her gloves to Helen who said “Don’t forget your right!” Nikki smiled and headed over to the gym.

“I know what you’re up to, and it won’t work!” Joan snarled “I’m telling you for the last time, Keep away from Nikki!” Helen smirked, saying sweetly “I can’t think what you mean, Joan” and, climbing out of the ring, laughing as she sauntered off.

Nikki didn’t want to argue, so when Joan arrived she didn’t mention Helen, asking instead who it was she would be wrestling. Joan had calmed down and had no wish to fall out with Nikki. “Liz Johnston” she said “And she’s good! Two years ago she won the West Pennines Ladies Combat Shield.  Liz is a very good boxer and would give you a good match, but at wrestling you’re the better woman.” Looking for a way to show Nikki she was no longer mad at her, Joan grinned and said “But I think you’d beat her boxing, too, and I should know. I trained her!”

For the next hour Nikki went through her training routine with
Joan and the morning’s incident wasn’t brought up again.
The arena at Bloxham Manor was packed as Nikki Martin made her way to the ring. When James Norwood had announced the competitors for the next match Nikki’s name had been met with whistles and cheers. Despite last nights defeat she was very popular still, and as she removed her white knee length robe the cheering increased! For this fight Nikki had chosen to wear a daring red one piece swimsuit with a deep V neck, open back and high cut legs. She looked sensational!

Nikki’s opponent was introduced and the two women met in the centre of the ring. At 5ft. 8 inches tall and weighing 144 pounds, Liz looked solid, with heavy thighs and thick arms. The plain blue bikini she wore made the most of her 36c, 26, 36 figure. At 28 Liz was at her peak.

The match was to be over 30 minutes, or the best of 5 falls with breaks of 60 seconds after each fall. Meeting in the centre Liz and Nikki locked their hands together, arms raised in the usual manner, and tested each others strength. Liz was the stronger and, her bare feet gripping the canvas, she started to force Nikki down. Knowing she couldn’t out power Liz, Nikki fell backwards and flipped the bigger woman head over heels, bringing loud applause from the crowd! Liz was up quick, and as Nikki moved in, threw her with a hip toss. For her size Liz was very fast and was on Nikki before she could roll away, straddling her as she went for the pin! Liz yelled as Nikki wrapped her long legs around her opponent’s waist and squeezed, compelling Liz to release her as she was forced backwards. Now Nikki was on top, her strong legs gripping Liz’s head in an excruciating scissors! Taking hold of Nikki’s ankles Liz managed to pull them apart just enough to get her head free and pushed Nikki away.

For the first 3 minutes neither wrestler could gain an advantage, each taking the other down, but neither able to maintain a hold. The wrestling enthusiasts in the packed arena could see the fight developing into a battle between Liz’s greater strength and Nikki’s superior technique.

The crowd cheered as Liz hurled Nikki against the ropes and prepared to meet her bouncing off with a vicious forearm smash to the breasts, but Nikki leaped into the air and using her momentum sent Liz flying with a spectacular kick! Liz was stunned and crashed to the canvas. Nikki was on her fast, and, placing her knees in Liz’s back and hooking her arm round her neck, applied a painful bow and arrow which had Liz screaming! “Give!” shouted Nikki “Do you give?” Liz, flailing her arms, finally tapped out her submission. One nil to Nikki Martin!

Nikki leaned on the ropes waiting for the referee to signal “fight on”, and smiled out to the audience. In her usual ring side seat Helen Norwood looked up at the slim, lovely young girl being cheered and whistled by the admiring crowd and a contemptuous smile creased her lips. The new darling of the Bloxham fight fans was about to take another fall!

Liz came at Nikki fast and hard and drove her against the ropes. Nikki yelled as Liz’s forearm smashed into her throat, forcing her head back over the top rope and choking her! Then, with the referee blindsided, Liz slammed her fist savagely into Nikki’s belly and kneed her in the crotch! The crowd was in uproar, screaming at the referee, but loving the brutal twist the fight had taken!

Liz slammed Nikki to the canvas and then, pulling the screaming girl up by her hair, did it again! Nikki was in agony, her stomach aching, hair on fire, and her pussy in torment, but Liz hadn’t even started! Once more dragging her anguished opponent to her feet she picked her up and brought her crashing to the canvas.

Things were not looking good as Liz spread herself over Nikki’s spread eagled body, her crotch grinding into Nikki’s face as her legs wrapped tightly around the gasping girls head! Buried between Liz’s powerful thighs Nikki’s agonized scream as her breasts were viciously mauled was hardly heard, but the smack of hard fists on vulnerable, soft flesh was clearly audible as Liz pounded Nikki’s belly and breasts!
Joan was furious! “What the fuck’s going on?” she screamed, leaping into the ring and pulling Liz off the helpless Nikki! The referee quickly intervened, pushing Joan back to her corner.

“This is a wrestling match!” she cried “Not a backyard brawl! What’s going on?” As Nikki lay in the middle of the ring with Liz once again subjecting her to a brutal beating, Joan called out for the fight to be stopped, claiming Liz was fighting dirty, but the crowd didn’t agree, they were roaring her on! Joan couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Liz was a clean, fair fighter who had always had a reputation for fighting strictly within the rules!

Nikki whimpered her submission into Liz’s crotch, her hand weakly tapping the canvas. With one last squeeze of Nikki’s battered breasts Liz got to her feet and planted her bare foot on Nikki’s heaving belly. 1 fall each!

Joan ran to her prostrate fighter’s side and helped her to her feet. “I’m ending this now, Nikki!” she said, and half carried the girl to the corner. James Norwood was there and helped Nikki onto a stool. “I’m pulling her out, Norwood” Joan said, “Just what was that bitch doing? Not wrestling, that’s for sure!” Norwood removed an envelope from his jacket and replied “If you want to stop the match Joan, that’s your prerogative, but your contract with us states that Nikki agreed to compete in a weekend tournament of women’s combat, and cat fighting is certainly a valid style of competitive women’s combat! Have you asked how Nikki feels about quitting?” “I’m her manager and trainer and that’s all you need to know, Norwood!” The referee came over and asked Joan if she was throwing in the towel but before she could answer Nikki pushed him away and said angrily “Don’t I have a say in this, Joan? Don’t talk about me as if I wasn’t here! No, I’m not quitting!”  

“Nikki, it’s finished! Forget the damn contract! We’re leaving. Now!” “I came here to fight!” shouted Nikki “I don’t want people thinking I give up when things get nasty!” “I’m  your manager, and if I say we’re going, we’re going!”   Nikki stared at Joan and said in a cold voice “I’m staying. Do what you want!” Then, racing from her stool she hurled herself at Liz and the two women crashed to the canvas! Liz yelled as her arm was bent behind her back and yanked upwards, but with her other hand she grabbed a hold of Nikki’s hair and pulled, making the girl scream!

They rolled apart, glaring at each other! Liz threw herself and caught Nikki round the neck, slamming her down. Stunned, Nikki was forced into a fearsome Boston Crab, her back arching almost double as her arms were pulled viciously back! Liz then drove her knee into the tortured girls back, and Nikki howled in agony! The excited crowd was on its feet, shouting and cheering!

Liz dropped the pain racked Nikki and then, taking a few steps back, leaped high into the air, crashing down on top of her, her hard elbow impacting brutally on Nikki’s spine! Then, lifting the girl into the air, Liz brought her crashing down across her knee in a savage back breaker! Nikki was held helplessly across Liz’s knee, bent backwards at an impossible angle as Liz yelled for her to submit! With Liz’s arm across her throat Nikki could hardly breathe and gasped out her painful surrender but Liz pretended she hadn’t heard and hammered her clenched fist into Nikki’s stretched belly!

Heaving her off, Liz stood over the girl as she lay writhing and slammed her heel into Nikki’s crotch! Going wild, the crowd roared and Helen Norwood smiled her cruel smile, thinking “The little bitch may be your darling, but you’re happy to see her broken! And pay good money for it too!”
Nikki crawled to the ropes and dragged herself up, her mind in turmoil. All her previous matches, both wrestling and boxing, had been fought in a sporting manner, hard but fair. This sort of combat was alien to her, and she had no idea how fight back! Desperately she looked for Joan, but her corner was empty!

Hearing the screams of the crowd Nikki turned, but too late. Liz grabbed her by the arm and whipped her across the ring! Nikki slammed into a corner post and Liz followed up with a kick to her belly. Falling, Nikki was caught by Liz who half dragged her across the ring where she hooked Nikki’s arms over the top rope. Then, with the younger woman hanging helplessly, Liz smashed into her feet first, sending her careering through the ropes!

Landing heavily, Nikki crashed to the floor and lay still, badly winded and hurt but willing her battered body to get up. The crowd screamed for her to get back in the ring and somehow she managed to get to her knees.  Liz had vaulted over the ropes and now, much to the crowds delight, grasped a handful of Nikki’s hair and dragged her to her feet! Nikki reeled as Liz slapped her hard in the face and her legs buckled, but Liz held her and threw her back in the ring.
Helen had seen Joan leave the arena and knew that her scheming had worked! Now she sat back to watch Nikki’s total, humiliating defeat!

Liz sat astride Nikki’s face, grinding her crotch into her opponents face as she mauled her naked breasts. The crowd loved this! After throwing Nikki back into the ring Liz had used the barely conscious girl as a plaything, punching and kicking her from corner to corner. Finally, as Nikki was once more hooked up in the ropes, Liz grabbed the top of her outfit and pulled it down, revealing Nikki’s firm round breasts! Liz then heaved Nikki across her shoulders in an agonizing stretch which soon had the thoroughly beaten girl screaming out her submission! Liz dropped Nikki to the canvas and plummeted on her, smothering her!

Weakly, Nikki slapped the canvas, signaling her surrender, and the referee pulled the triumphant Liz off. As she paraded round the ring Nikki was helped to her feet by the referee and James Norwood, relishing the chance to get his hands on Nikki’s gorgeous body! Helen climbed into the ring and went straight to the dejected Nikki and helped her into a robe, hugging the beaten girl as she sobbed into her arms. Helen led her from the ring amid cheering and whistling, thinking only of the money she and James would make from the young girls future appearances!

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