Fighter Girl: Part #07 by RedmanX

A Family Affair
Sub-Part 1 – The Daughter

Nikki pulled into the fast lane of the M 40 Motorway in her new red Mini Cooper S, accelerating swiftly. She had bought the car just a few days earlier with her savings and prize money, a present to herself after her hard earned victory against Karen Marks. Nikki loved the feisty little high performance Mini with its race tuned 1.6 liter engine which sped it from 0 to 60 in under 8 seconds. James Norwood, her manager, said Nikki and her new car were a good match; compact, easy on the eye, and packing a surprisingly powerful punch!

The 30 miles or so to Oxford were soon covered and Nikki eased her little car through the busy streets of the old university town. She had plenty of time and would do some shopping before completing her journey.
Nikki’s destination was the home of Doctor Graham Fuller, a lecturer in physics at the university, and his wife Angela who ran a prestigious modeling agency. Both were regulars at Bloxham Manor and great female fighting enthusiasts, Angela being an old friend of Helen Norwood and herself a former wrestler. Angela was 48 years old and still an attractive woman, weighing 150 lbs and 5 feet 10 inches tall. A punishing daily work out kept her at a fit, toned, impressive 38D, 27, 36.

Nikki had been introduced to the Fullers at a Bloxham Fight Night by Helen and James and had later done some work for Angela’s agency. Angela’s daughter, Danielle, had seen Nikki fight at last years Champions Weekend at Bloxham which she attended with her mother and step father. Nikki’s savage battle with Sindy Morgan had impressed Danielle, who wrestled regularly at college in America. A match against Bloxham Manors “Fighter Girl” would be a marvelous way to end her summer holidays!

Nikki’s contract with Norwood Promotions stipulated she would box or wrestle not only in competitive matches, but in semi and non-competitive matches also for private “enthusiasts” and Nikki was in great demand! The Fullers arranged for Danielle to fight Nikki as a special 19th birthday present on Saturday the 7th of September in front of a few close family friends at Graham and Angela’s large house just outside Oxford. It was to be filmed also by two college friends of Danielle’s. The fee was arranged through Norton Promotions, but Angela then had another idea. She had seen Nikki fight on several occasions and had often wondered how she would fare against the darling of the Bloxham fight crowd. Perhaps there was a way both she and her daughter could get their wish? Her husband was thrilled at the prospect of seeing his wife and step daughter wrestling the lovely Nikki Martin!

For the Fullers money was not a problem and they were happy to pay whatever Helen and James asked to have Nikki for a whole weekend, even suggesting Nikki stayed over night. Nikki would receive £1500 for the weekend, 10% of which was Norwood Promotions commission. On top of Nikki’s fee, the Fullers would pay a further £500 to Norwood Sports Management, the company which leased out Nikki and the other Norwood fighters. Danielle would wrestle Nikki on the Saturday afternoon, and Angela and Nikki would fight on Sunday evening. Nikki was happy with the arrangements and, with an advance from Helen, she bought the car she had set her heart on a couple of weeks earlier.

Following the sign posts to Sandford On Thames Nikki left Oxford and was soon roaring down the A423, arriving at the Fullers house shortly after 2.00 pm.

Graham and Angela took Nikki through to their well appointed sitting room and introduced her to Danielle. “Please call me Danni!” said the pretty young girl as they shook hands. “Mummy and daddy are the only ones who call me “Danielle” these days!” Nikki cast her eyes over the girl she would be fighting within the next hour or so. They were about the same height, but Danni probably weighed a little more than Nikki’s 128 lbs. She was wearing an old sweat shirt and jeans but looked fit and well toned. “I saw you fight Sindy Morgan last year at Bloxham, you were awesome!” gushed Danni. “I hear you’ve done some wrestling in America, Danni, so you must be pretty good!” Nikki said, smiling pleasantly. “That’s for you to find out!” laughed Danni.

By 3.00 pm the Fullers guests had arrived. Nikki was shown the room she would be staying in and, after showering, unpacked her hold all, only to find she had forgotten to pack her outfit! Not believing she could be so stupid, Nikki was at a loss, but then remembered the bikini she had bought in Oxford that morning. She took it from the bag and held it up. It was the skimpiest bikini Nikki had ever had and was intended for her holiday later that year. The thong bottom had barely covered her pussy when she tried it on, and her full, ripe breasts had spilled over the cups of the tiny top. Nikki loved it! Not long ago she would have been far too shy to have worn it for sun bathing, let alone wearing it to wrestle in!

Angela’s gym had been built to her own specifications and was large and well equipped. Lights had been set up and the film crew was busy making final adjustments. Nikki and Danni posed for photographs, first wearing similar knee length robes, then in just their bikinis. Nikki’s tiny metallic blue outfit looked sensational on her! The men in the invited audience stared at the taut material straining to contain her lovely breasts and the tie sided thong which showed off her long slender legs to perfection! Danni’s purple and white floral patterned bikini was modest in comparison! Nikki could now see that her young opponent was very fit with a well toned body complete with 6 pack. From the way she flexed the muscles in her arms she obviously worked out with weights, and her legs looked powerful! Her breasts were slightly smaller than Nikki’s, and Danni was about 3 inches the taller with a slight weight advantage. The match was to be over 45 minutes, with rests after each fall.

Another regular from Bloxham had agreed to “referee” mainly for the chance to get close to Nikki, his favorite fighter, while a friend of Danni’s, Kerry, acted as her second.

From the start Danni was keen to show off her strength, taunting Nikki to take her down, before throwing her surprised opponent to the mat! Nikki landed heavily and Danni was on her in an instant, wrapping her strong legs round Nikki’s slender waist. Gasping, Nikki felt her ribs would break as Danni’s muscular thighs crushed her! With her parents cheering, Danni increased the pressure, smiling at the pain etched on Nikki’s face! The power and strength of the pretty young girl had completely shocked Nikki who had to tap out a submission within just a few minutes of the start!

Gingerly, Nikki got to her feet, wincing as she gently touched her aching belly and ribs. “That was some scissors, Danni!” she said, genuinely impressed, but Danni’s haughty, arrogant reply came as another surprise! “And that’s just for starters, bitch! I’m going to crush the shit out of you!” Nikki stared at the contempt on Danni’s face and knew this young girl wanted not only to beat her, but to hurt her too!

“Well” she replied quietly “We’ll have to see about that!”

Danni attacked, hoping to get Nikki down again, but Nikki caught her arm and hip tossed her to the mat. As Danni rolled onto her back, Nikki straddled her and went for a pin but Danni’s arms were as strong as her legs! With their breasts squashed together, the two fighters pushed against each other in a trial of strength and Nikki lost! With a sudden flick of her hips Danni unseated Nikki and then threw her to the mat. Not only was Danni strong, she was fast, jumping on Nikki and pulling her head back in a painful camel clutch hold! With Danni hauling on her, Nikki’s head and torso were almost at right angles to the mat, her breasts bursting from her top! Weakened, she was rolled onto her back as Danni once more displayed her strength and pinned her with ease! As the referee counted, Danni ground her crotch against Nikki’s in a show of complete domination, even after the count of 5! She was so strong!

Nikki wiped her heavily sweating body with a towel and sank to her stool. She had expected to “carry” Danni, letting her win a fall or two but now, after just 10 minutes she was two falls to nil down! Meanwhile Danni posed for more pictures, flexing and pumping up her muscles. Scornfully she said “That’s two to me, “Fighter Girl” and when I’ve finished with you I’m gonna make you tell mummy, daddy and all my friends just who the REAL fighting girl is!” While her doting mother expounded to all around her how wonderful her daughter was, Nikki glared at Danni as she postured before her adoring parents while demanding that the photographer made sure she got her best side!

Knowing the fight was quickly slipping away from her Nikki changed her tactics, using her speed and agility to counter Danni’s power. As before Danni went to “lock up” expecting to take Nikki down easily again, but Nikki ducked beneath her outstretched arms and tripped her, sending her crashing to the mat! Pouncing, Nikki straddled the teenager in a cross pin, her crotch pressing against Danni’s firm breasts! Her voice dripping with contempt, Danni hissed “Do you like my tits in your pussy, dyke? Turn you on, do they? I can feel you’re wet already!” Struggling to keep her position, Nikki gasped “I don’t have to listen to this! Just what’s your problem?” With a powerful surge of her hips Danni threw Nikki over her head and sent her rolling across the mat. “I don’t have a problem!” sneered the arrogant teenager, “you’re the one with the problem. Me!”

Nikki was now angry! She had every right to just walk away from what was turning into an ugly confrontation, but she wanted to teach this smug little bitch a lesson! She launched into a forwards cartwheel, taking Danni by surprise with the acrobatic maneuver and locked her long legs round the girls head! They crashed to the mat, Nikki driving her elbow into Danni’s hard belly, winding her! Quickly Nikki hauled the stunned teenager to her feet and slammed her back down! For once it was Danni who appeared bewildered as Nikki took control, folding her long legs into a figure 4 headlock, holding Danni between her strong, smooth thighs! The teenager struggled mightily, thrashing and flailing, but Nikki had strong legs too! She increased the pressure, crushing the girls wind pipe! “Do you give? Do you give?” Gagging and panting Danni tapped out her submission! 2 falls to 1!

Danni got slowly to her feet, carefully holding her neck and glowering at Nikki who simply stared back at the strangely hostile girl. Obviously she had some grievance and Nikki knew she should leave, just go! Helen would sort out the money, and probably have a few words to say to the Fullers about their darling daughter’s attitude! Instead she went to her stool. It was a fight, after all, she thought, and things could get pretty heated even in non competitive matches! It was Danni’s birthday and she wanted to look good in front of her friends and family, Nikki rationalized. She probably didn’t mean the things she said!

Even the referee was concerned though, and had a word with the two fighters “Let’s not get nasty, ladies” he said, sensing the growing enmity between them. “We all want to see a good match, but remember, you’re not fighting for the world title! I’m sure your parents don’t want anybody getting hurt, Danni” Nikki held out her hand sportingly, but Danni knocked it away! “Let’s make this for real then!” she spat “If you beat me I’ll treble whatever mummy is paying you, but if I win” and she paused, her lips curling into a sneer, “and I always do, I’ll take that pretty little car of yours!” The referee wasn’t sure what was happening, but he didn’t like it. “I’d better talk to your mother!” he said.

Danni fixed Nikki with her eyes. “Do you think you can take me then? I’ve beaten lesbians like you dozens of times!” So that’s what all this was about, thought Nikki! “Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m not a lesbian, and why should it bother you if I were?” Danni scoffed “You come here wearing a couple of strips of cloth which hardly cover your saggy tits and expect me to believe that! You’re just gagging for me, aren’t you? We know how to deal with dyke bitches like you at my college!” Before Nikki could reply the referee appeared and said, a little breathlessly, “Angela says she’ll pay you extra Nikki if you agree to a real fight!” Without hesitating Nikki replied “I hope your “mummy” stops your allowance till you’ve repaid her!”

The atmosphere in the gym was now electric! There was obviously a lot of bad feeling between Nikki and Danni, and the decision to fight for real was very welcome! Angela was sure her daughter was good enough to win, and was happy to pay the extra to see her daughter humble a professional!

The referee announced that there were 30 minutes left before signaling “fight on!”

The two fighters locked up again, but Nikki had no intention of allowing Danni to use her superior strength. Before her young opponent could get a good grip Nikki pulled away, spinning her round and placing her in a standing full nelson! Danni howled as her neck was forced down, her arms waving impotently above her head! Nikki then forced the screaming girl to her knees, keeping the pressure on her neck and shoulders. With her face etched in pain Danni grabbed at Nikki’s hair and pulled! Nikki felt her as if her very roots were being yanked out and had to let Danni go. Releasing her handful of hair Danni tried to push Nikki off, but instead she was pressed to the mat, squealing as her breasts were squashed beneath her! Nikki straddled her and put her in another camel clutch, brutally stretching the young girls already injured neck! For what seemed an eternity to Danni she resisted Nikki’s demands that she submit, but finally, gasping for breath, she slapped her hand on the mat! 2 falls each!

Danni sat on her stool while her second, Courtney, flapped a towel creating a cooling breeze. Danni had gained a reputation in college wrestling as a mean, nasty fighter who loved punishing her weaker opponents after wearing them down with her amazing strength. Most of her fights were relatively short, her opponents usually beaten after 15 minutes or so. Her few defeats were usually due to a lack of stamina. “I’m gonna rip that sluts tits off!” she spat. “Get her bikini top for me, Danni, and you can have the bottoms!” Courtney giggled “We can put them on the wall as trophies!” Contemptuously Danni told the poor girl to shut up and get on with her job!

Nikki believed she had the measure of the spiteful Danni, who was no more than a bully who used her strength and money to intimidate others, including her friends. Like all bullies she didn’t like it when somebody stood up to her!
Danni was not so sure of her self now and was in no hurry to get to grips. Instead she circled the mat, keeping her distance. Nikki though wanted to keep her momentum going. She launched a stunning drop kick, slamming into Danni’s breasts and throwing her on her back! Dragging the shaken girl to her feet Nikki then hurled her over her shoulders. Danni landed heavily flat on her back and Nikki was on her, pinning her arms and spreading her legs in a grapevine! Danni yelled as Nikki’s breasts mashed against her own. “You dyke whore! Get your tits off me!” Nikki grinned and pressed harder. “I think you like it really Danni, except you prefer to be on top, don’t you!” she panted, straining to hold the struggling girl down. Danni was furious and exerted all the strength in her powerful legs. Breaking the hold she wrapped her arms round Nikki, crushing their breasts and bellies together. Nikki felt as if her ribs were going to snap in the excruciating bear hug! Somehow she got her arm free and slammed her fist into Danni’s side, loosening her grip. Rolling Danni on her side Nikki slipped her long legs round the younger girl’s waist and squeezed while at the same time applying a head lock. The spectators were completely absorbed in the intriguing and fierce battle; the professionals superior skill against the amateurs sheer strength and power, with nothing between them!

Nikki was having to use every ounce of her own strength and every trick she knew to contain her determined opponent, but was it enough? For a short while it seemed as if Danni was going to fold, but now she was fighting back again, pulling Nikki’s thighs apart! Nikki was pushed back to the mat, desperately trying to hold Danni in place as the two of them rolled over and over, but bursting free Danni gained the upper position. She brought her elbow down hard into Nikki’s belly! “I owed you that, bitch!” Nikki gasped in pain and Danni seized her opportunity, jumping to her feet and stamping her hurt opponents crotch! Searing pain lanced through Nikki’s sex as her pussy was ground under Danni’s heel, the flimsy material of her thong forced between the soft lips of her brutalized vagina! Nikki writhed on the mat as the torture continued, feeling like she would black out from the exquisite pain as Danni smiled cruelly, enjoying Nikki’s agony! “Come on “Fighter Girl” she mocked “fight me! Or are you enjoying it too much!” At that she dropped like a stone on Nikki’s breasts and shoulders before thrusting her crotch against her nose and mouth, face sitting her! Gleefully she bounced her hips up and down, jarring Nikki’s teeth as she lay helplessly splayed out on her back. “What are you going to do, lesbian, fight or cum?” Danni sniggered as she mauled Nikki’s luscious breasts before letting her fingers slide under the tri angle of material covering Nikki’s pussy!

Angela was amazed at her daughter’s performance against the darling of the Bloxham Fight Night crowd, while Graham experienced another sensation entirely as his sexy step daughter dominated the stunning young woman he had fantasized about for so long!

Suddenly Nikki threw her lissome legs upwards, hooking them around Danni’s head in a startling move, pulling her tormentor backwards and off, sprawling her on the mat! Retching and gagging Nikki struggled to her hands and knees, but Danni was up fast! She slammed her foot into her exhausted adversary’s belly, sending her tumbling over the mat.
Turning Nikki’s aching body over Danni straddled her, giving the groaning girl a taste of her own medicine by stretching her neck in a camel clutch hold! Crushed on the mat, her arms trapped beneath her, Nikki was completely helpless yet again, and Danni was far from finished! In total control she hauled Nikki to her knees, holding her limp body up in a head lock while she clawed at the full, firm breasts bursting from Nikki’s bikini top! “Bet you’re sorry you took me on now, aren’t you?” jeered Danni, and not allowing a moments respite she seized Nikki between her vice like thighs, first the body, then the head! Overwhelmed and in turmoil at her young challengers dominance Nikki’s battered body was nearing its limits of endurance. “Ok, ok!” she gasped “I give! I give!”

Wearily Nikki staggered back to her stool, glancing at Danni as she raised her arms aloft in the certainty that victory was hers for the taking! Nikki had taken a few beatings, but today she was being completely thrashed, and by an amateur still in college! For her size the 19 year old was incredibly strong, as well as being a useful wrestler. Slumped on her stool she drank thirstily from a water bottle passed to her by Kerry who seemed genuinely ashamed at the abuse and punishment Nikki was taking from her friend!

Luckily, there was a delay in the re-start, allowing Nikki the chance to recover somewhat. The photographer had run out of film, and Danni was furious, but all too soon Nikki’s beating continued! There seemed to be nothing she could do as Danni lifted her high into the air and slammed her onto the mat! In what was becoming an embarrassing spectacle for the professional she was pinned effortlessly, her misery compounded as Danni ripped off her skimpy top and waved it over her head! “Here Courtney!” she cried “here’s your trophy!” Nikki had no problems about her breasts being bared in the heat of battle, but to be stripped in this manner was demeaning, a crushing blow to her pride! “Had enough yet, slut? Don’t forget your match tomorrow with Mummy! She won’t want you to have any excuses when she thrashes you!” Nikki’s reply was a knee in her antagonists back, but lacking any real power it failed to dislodge her. The small audience wondered how long it would be before the beleaguered professional finally capitulated to her obviously superior amateur rival, sparing her self yet more pain and humiliation!

Rolled over onto her face Nikki was subjected to another agonizing scissors as Danni taunted her. “Pull my legs apart, dyke, and I’ll let you smell me!” she mocked as she pushed her shattered opponents head between her thighs. Close to defeat Nikki had never felt so humiliated or beaten! Flipped over again onto her back she groaned as Danni pulled at her sore breasts, gasping as her nipples were twisted in excruciating pain! She could take no more! But before she could force the hated words “You win, I submit the match!” from her mouth she caught the glint in Danni’s eye as something other than the thrill of victory shone from them! Danni was near to orgasm! Grasping at what she knew would be her last hope, Nikki pulled the panting girl on top of her, feeling the hardness of her nipples as their breasts mashed together! Danni gasped, her eyes now closed as she fought to contain her climax! Rolling on top before Danni realized what was happening, Nikki thrust their pussies together, tearing a wailing moan from Danni as searing pleasure mounted within her! Nikki placed her knees on Danni’s arms, pinning her squirming body firmly to the mat while she fingered the girls dripping cunt! Danni’s high pitched “No! No! No!” echoed round the gym and breathlessly Nikki started to count. “1! 2! 3! 4! 5!” The referee, counting with her, shouted “Pin to Nikki!” delighted that his heroine had managed to even the match!

But Nikki wasn’t content just to draw level, she knew she had to finish Danni right now! As Danni rose shakily to her feet Nikki smashed a fist into her belly and threw her face down on the mat! Plunging on her, she went for the neck stretch one more time, heaving back on Danni’s chin with all her remaining strength! “Submit the match, Danni!” she demanded “Submit the match or I swear I’ll break your fucking neck!” With an agonizing wail Danni’s orgasm rushed through her and totally spent she mumbled her surrender. “Louder, so they can all hear you!” Weeping, Danni managed to get the words out one more time “You win! You win!” Nikki stood over her beaten opponent, rivulets of sweat running down her nearly naked body as the small group of spectators applauded her hard won victory. Kerry approached her with her robe and bikini top which she had snatched back from Courtney. “You are a wonderful fighter!” she said as Nikki slipped the robe over her shoulders. “That snotty little bitch needing a good ass whipping, and I’m glad I was here to see it!” Seeing the surprise in Nikki’s face, she continued “Sure, I’m her friend, but that doesn’t mean I have to make excuses for her! Back in The States she’s well known for her prejudices and bigotry, but we all know she likes girls, as you found out!” Kerry smiled as Nikki blushed. “Any time you want to wrestle with me, Nikki, just let me know! You’re hot!”

Meanwhile Angela hugged her distraught daughter and thought about her upcoming fight with Miss Nikki Martin. She would make her pay for ruining Daniela’s birthday!
They say “like mother like daughter!”

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