First Night by RedmanX

Nikki sat in the dressing room of Female Fight Times Chicago TV studio staring at her reflection in a full length mirror. Wearing a sexy white bra and panties and fingerless leather gloves she looked confident and stunning, but her sad eyes told another story. Ever since she arrived in Chicago Nikki had been afraid; afraid for her future and afraid for her ex lover Jo and what the psychopathic Danni Fuller was doing to her back in England!

Nikki’s first week in Chicago had not been easy. The other FFT fighters had hardly spoken to her except to make snide remarks about her “initiation.” That first night, tired and emotional, Nikki had been drugged at an after fight party and had woken up next to an exotic but brutal fighter called Yuri. Even now, Nikki could remember nothing, but had her suspicions that her defenseless body had been used by Yuri and others! During her training sessions Nikki had created a great deal of interest, and not just for her obvious fighting skills! In the showers afterwards she had felt the leering stares roving over her naked body and soon the “accidental” touching began. Each night, alone and utterly miserable, Nikki had cried herself to sleep, wretched at the thought of what lay in store for her!

Two days earlier in Henry Cobhams luxurious office Nikki had been told what was expected of her at FFT. “We pay our fighters well and we expect them to put on a show Nikki!” explained the multi millionaire fight promoter, puffing on a huge cigar. “Our audiences want to see hard, tough, fair fights with plenty of tits and ass” he continued, his eyes lingering on Nikki’s breasts through her sweat damp vest. “I saw one of your “fair” fights Mr. Cobham on my first night here!” Cobham grinned “Yeah, that Yuri’s a real mean bitch, but the Sweets girl knew this and it didn’t stop her trying. The crowd love the way she keeps comin’ back for more! As I told you, after each fight the audience donates cash to their favorite, and lil’ ol’ Souixie always does well!” Nikki got up to leave but as she reached for the door Cobham said “You could be big here Nikki. Helen told me you want to make enough money to pay for some operation for Joanie, right? Get the crowd on your side and you’ll be able to buy her her own damn hospital, but if they turn against you it’s going to get very lonely for you!”

Nikki came out of her reverie as a knock sounded on the door. “Come in” she said, expecting to see her “corner girl” Instead it was the twins, Debbie and Donna Morgan. Donna, slightly the taller of the sisters, smiled sweetly at Nikki and drawled in her syrup like voice “Well Hi there sugar! Debs and me jest wanted to see how y’all doing at FFT, didn’t we sis?” Debbie entered the room, closing the door behind her “That’s right, just a little Southern hospitality Honey!” Nikki had seen the twins sparring but had never spoken to either of them, but they seemed friendly enough, she thought. “Um, nice to meet you both.

Have you come to watch my fight?” she said pleasantly. Donna laughed, smiling at her sister “Oh no Sugar, we jest popped in to ask you a little ol’ question, ain’t that right Debs?” Debs sniggered into her hand and replied “You ask her Donna” Nikki now realized that Debbie had moved almost behind her and half turned to her, when Donna said “We hear you have a sweet mouth and pussy Nikki!” Nikki turned back to Donna, a look of surprise and confusion on her face.

Suddenly, Debbie grabbed her arms! Nikki was pulled to the floor and held down by the twins and the door opened and two more women rushed over to where Nikki was struggling furiously beneath Donna and Debbie! “Take her legs and let’s get her on the table!” ordered Donna to the newcomers. Nikki was lifted by her arms and legs, screaming and shouting and carried to a table where she was stretched out on her back! “No! What are you doing? Let me go! Help, somebody!”

A hand clamped over her mouth and Debbie, leaning over her said “We’re jest havin’ us some fun is all girl. Don’t make us hurt you!” Nikki stared up helplessly, her arms and legs held tightly over the ends of the table. Her bra was removed and her breasts stroked and kissed by the twins! “We don’t have much time, take her panties off!” Thrashing and kicking as the flimsy panties fell to the floor Nikki gasped as her legs were spread further apart and Donna lowered her face in Nikki’s wide open pussy! At the same time, Debbie thrust her blond mound into Nikki’s face! “Come on, Sugar. Lick me!” she chanted, grinding her cunt into Nikki’s mouth. Desperately Nikki kept her mouth tightly shut but soon, short of breath, she was forced to open it. Sobbing, the subjugated English girl had no choice but to slide her tongue between Debbie’s already moist lips.
Finally it was over and Nikki was left dangling over the ends of the table, her face wet with tears. Donna swept her long blonde hair out of her eyes and picked up Nikki’s panties, rubbed them in her face then dropped them over Nikki’s belly. “Next time, Sugar, you’ll be begging me not to stop and you, me and Debs’ll have a real good time!”

“Introducing Female Fight Times latest fighting girl, please welcome from England, Nikki Martin!” Nikki sat slumped on her stool, oblivious to the cheering audience. “Get up and wave to them! They’re paying good money to see you!” Nikki’s “second” pushed her to the centre of the ring where Nikki merely raised her hand and then sat down again, her indifferent attitude causing resentment among the crowd who started to boo and jeer.

Nikki had reported her assault but was sure nothing would be done about it when she was told to “stop whining and start fighting!” Now, with just moments to go before her first match at FFT she heard someone say “Great, just what we need! Another stuck up Brit!”
Candice Voermann, Nikki’s opponent, gazed at Nikki. She had heard that the twins had arranged a “reception” for her and could see Nikki was distracted and troubled. It should be an easy night!

Candice, at 6ft. tall and 150 lbs was moving up the ranks at FFT and certainly didn’t think the young woman facing her tonight would cause her too many problems. As she was introduced, Candice threw her black robe into the audience setting off cheers and whistles as she paraded her superbly fit, 36D, 25, 35 body.

At the bell Candice strolled to the centre of the ring, her demeanor calm and relaxed, a thin smile playing on her lips. “Come on English!” she taunted in her throaty Dutch accent “show me what you got!” Nikki peered out from behind her leather fingerless gloves, moving warily, keeping her distance. The previous fight had been a fierce, fast slug fest from the outset, and already the crowd was showing signs of disapproval at the lack of action from the new fighter, jeering and moaning. Suddenly Candice sprang at Nikki pushing her back against the ropes, but rather than fight back Nikki covered up, taking the Dutch fighter’s clubbing blows on her arms.

Nikki had always boxed in proper gloves and gasped in pain as the thinly covered knuckles of Candice’s hands connected with her body and arms. Nikki pushed Candice away, giving herself some room, and got off the ropes but, to the crowds dismay, instead of going after her opponent she skipped away from her. Candice, playing to the packed arena, threw her arms up in frustration and shook her head before stalking Nikki once more.

For the first 4 minute round Nikki didn’t lay a glove on Candice, and the Dutch fighter found it hard to catch Nikki who used the ring skillfully to keep out of trouble. Mel, Nikki’s corner man, told her angrily, “Ya can’t run away! They paid to see a fight!” but when Nikki left her stool for round 2 without having said a word, the grizzled ex pro called to her “Fuck you, bitch! I hope she whups you good!”
Nikki went out for round 2 with the screams from the angry crowd ringing in her ears, but she wasn’t bothered, she just wanted to see this fight through; “Fight, you coward!” “Fuck off home!” “Rip her tits off, Candi!” Candice again gestured to the howling spectators, winding them up further, then turned to Nikki “What’s it to be English? You gonna fight me or run away?” Nikki stared at the woman and said nothing. Candice’s punching was not too accurate and so far she hadn’t been hurt, and that’s how Nikki wanted it to stay.

Candice now knew she had to go after her opponent. A good win tonight would help her get a match against one of the higher ranked fighters, but she had to look good! Realizing Nikki didn’t want to fight, Candice decided to throw caution to the wind. She steamed in fists flying hoping to beat down Nikki’s guard. She pushed Nikki back towards her corner, hammering punches into the English girls arms and body.

As Nikki leaned back into the Dutch fighter’s corner, desperately hiding behind her gloves, Candice’s corner man slammed a fist into Nikki’s back. As her hands dropped Candice smashed a looping right hand into Nikki’s face and drove a hard left under her breast. Nikki staggered and Candice grinned manically as she saw a look of fear in her opponent’s eyes! It wasn’t fear of Candice which transfixed Nikki but the memory of the brutal, systematic beating she took from Sarah Mason on New Years Eve at Bloxham Manor! That fight, where Nikki had been out boxed, out thought and out fought had left her devastated, the jeers of the crowd who once idolized bringing tears of humiliation streaming down her face.

Now, in Chicago, it wasn’t Candice Voermann that Nikki saw in front of her, but Sarah Mason! A heavy right threw Nikki’s head to the side, her hair whipping across her face, and Candice took her chance, raining punches on Nikki’s head, breasts and belly till at last Nikki slumped to her knees. To the amazement of everyone in the studio the British fighter seemed to make no attempt whatsoever to beat the count and, as Candice was declared the winner by KO the furious spectator’s hurled rubbish into the ring.

Nikki left the ring, ignoring the screaming abuse spat at her by the crowd, and, grabbing her robe headed disconsolately back to the dressing room where a familiar face waited for her. “Just what do you think you were doing out there tonight? The Nikki Martin I trained would have finished that Voermann trollop off in 3 rounds!” Helen Norwood blocked the doorway, her statuesque body looking stunning in an expensive black, strapless evening gown. “I’m eating out with Henry tonight and he’s sure to ask me what’s wrong with you!” Helen continued.

Nikki stared at the woman; contempt and hatred clear in her eyes “You ask me that?” Nikki said incredulously “after what you’ve done to me and my friends! Get out of my way Helen, or that bastard Cobham will be seeing you in hospital!” Helen grinned, enjoying Nikki’s rage “That’s more like it Nikki! Get angry!” Nikki felt tears of frustration and sadness welling up inside her and knew Helen was reveling in her former fighter’s desolation! “What more do you want from me?” pleaded Nikki “you have me, and you’ve got Jo and Joan. There’s nothing left for me to give you!” “Oh but there is, “fighter girl!” mocked Helen “You’ll see!” and laughing at the younger woman’s tears she sauntered off on her glistening black stilettos.

Closing the dressing room door behind her Nikki shrugged off her robe and examined the purple colored bruises on her ribs and belly. Then, behind her in the full length mirror, she saw Yuri, the Oriental fighter who Nikki had woken up next to her first morning in Chicago! “I hear you had some fun with those white trash twins!” Yuri hissed, snatching a handful of Nikki’s hair. “You’re mine, white girl, and if I want to share you with anyone, I’ll choose them!” Nikki gasped as her face was pushed into the mirror and her hands held in a vice like grip behind her back. Yuri forced Nikki’s legs apart and thrust her fingers into the squirming girl’s pussy! Slamming Nikki’s head against the mirror Yuri stepped back as Nikki fell to the tiled floor. Licking her fingers Yuri grinned sadistically then kicked Nikki hard in the belly. “Don’t forget bitch!” the beautiful Asian girl spat, “Yuri had you first, and what Yuri has, Yuri keeps!”

Meanwhile, back in Maidstone, England, Danni Fuller was looking forwards to a birthday cruise with her mother, Angela. Afterwards she would be returning to America where she would compete at the FFT in Chicago, but first she had some business to attend too in the home of Joan Cooper and her niece Jo, until recently, Nikki’s lover.

Since the day Nikki had been taken to America by Helen Norwood, Danni had been staying at Joan’s apartment with her lover, Courtney, ostensibly to help the Gypsy Tony Ronayne keep an eye on things for Helen. So far she had kept her promise to Nikki to leave Jo alone, but that was about to change!

Jo had been allowed to run the gym but Danni had always been close by and was becoming increasingly turned on by the pretty ex nurse as she watched her leading aerobics classes. Danni was a sadistic bully and the desire to beat up the uncomplaining Jo was growing stronger by the day! Danni hadn’t had a fight since she flew to Dublin to meet Dawn in a privately sponsored FFT match and she badly wanted to hurt someone! Finally, just hours before Nikki was to face her first FFT opponent, Danni made her move!

It had been a tiring day for Jo. Along with helping her wheel chair bound aunt, and doing all the chores Danni found her, the gym had been particularly busy, and now all the pretty blond wanted was a relaxing hot shower. Locking and bolting the doors she turned out the lights and fleetingly her thoughts turned to Nikki. Jo wanted to hate her ex lover for the trouble she had caused when she tried to double cross Tony Ronayne, but couldn’t. Even so, she knew that things could never be the same for them if Nikki ever returned from America. Living each day under the threat of death was hard for both Jo and her aunt, and neither could forgive the former “Fighter Girl” for their predicament.

Jo soon realized that Danni was attracted to her, finding any excuse to touch her or burst in when Jo was undressing, but so far the girl had done nothing but that. Danni repulsed Jo with her cruel and callous disregard for others, and her equally nasty friend Courtney was nearly as bad!

Sighing, Jo started to relax as the hot water sprayed over her as she soaped her sweaty and aching body. As usual she had locked the door to her bedroom and, stepping out of the shower cubicle, dripping and naked, gasped in surprise at the sight of Danni reclining on her bed! “Hello Jo!” Danni leered, “you look scrummy, doesn’t she, Court?” Jo turned to see Courtney who had been rummaging through her drawers. “W, w, what are you doing here?” stammered Jo “How did you get in? I locked the door!” Suddenly aware of her nakedness, Jo grabbed for her dressing gown, but Danni snatched it away!

Courtney threw Danni a pair of white silk panties which Danni pressed to her face, smelling them. “Did you wear these for that little Martin bitch?” she said in a throaty voice, “or did she prefer you in your nurse’s uniform?” Courtney howled with laughter as Jo’s face flushed bright red with anger and humiliation! “G,get out of here, you little slut!” Jo replied, her own voice shaking with fury “and you get away from my things!” she continued, glaring at Courtney with loathing!

“Ooh! The little nurse sounds angry Court! Better do as she says!” Courtney slid the drawers shut, grinning all the while as her eyes roved all over Jo’s lovely, nude body. Suddenly Danni lashed out, smacking Jo a resounding slap in the face! Jo staggered and Danni hit her again, this time smashing the blond in the belly! Jo fell retching across her bed, and Courtney jumped on her, forcing the sobbing girls face into the pillow. Jo screamed as her arm was wrenched behind her back by the giggling Courtney who then grasped the weakly struggling girl’s breast, squeezing and twisting it painfully! Danni’s eyes lit up at the sound of Jo’s tortured pleas for them to stop and her lips curled in a contemptuous sneer. “You pathetic, fucking wimp!” Danni jeered “We haven’t even begun to hurt you yet!” Courtney moved away as Danni snatched a handful of Jo’s hair and pulled the weeping girl to her feet. Courtney knew just what her sadistic lover would want her to do, and held Jo by her arms.

Down the hallway Joan could hear her niece’s screams but was helpless to go to her aid. Instead she tried to shut out the sounds, hating her one time protégé and friend Nikki for endangering Jo’s life by trying to double cross the Gypsy, Tony Ronayne!

Jo slumped forwards as Danni’s fist drove into her belly. “Hold her Court! Pull her back!” Jo groaned as her arms were yanked backwards, giving the brutal Danni a better target! The “thwack” of Danni’s hard fists on Jo’s soft belly was making Courtney pant and she rubbed her crotch against Jo’s naked ass, hugging the beaten girl tight. Danni saw the expression in her friends face and grinned “Keep your filthy cunt away from her, Court! She’s mine!” and then threw a cruel uppercut into Jo’s breasts! Released by Courtney, Jo fell to the floor, writhing n pain. Danni sat on the bed as Courtney unzipped her boots and pulled her jeans off, momentarily resting her hand on Danni’s blue panties. Danni pressed it hard against the thin material, hearing Courtney groan! “Later Court, later!” Danni sighed, “it’s nursies turn first!” Danni lay back on the bed, savoring Jo’s lingering perfume and imagining the pretty blond between the sheets with Nikki. Courtney kicked Jo, and told her to get up, then turned to Danni. Jo leaped on her back, taking the startled girl to the floor!

Danni quickly sat up to see what was happening, surprised at Jo’s act of defiance, but pleased the former nurse was putting up a fight! Courtney screamed as Jo pulled her hair, tearing it out by the roots! Managing to roll over Courtney slammed her knees into Jo’s back, sending the blond reeling! “You bitch! Look at my hair!” Jo got to her feet as Courtney glared at her “You wanna fight bitch? Come on!”

Danni laughed at her lovers red face “Go on Court! Get angry!” Courtney threw a swinging right hand at Jo but missed as Jo moved aside, then brought her own hard into Courtney’s belly! She followed it with an upper cut which sent the amazed American staggering! Danni howled, “So you and the Martin bitch did more than just frig each other off, nursey! Watch out Court! She’s had boxing lessons!” Jo smashed a fist into Courtney’s nose, her fear and anger overcoming her distaste for real violence. Courtney was pounded against the bedroom wall, desperately trying to cover up! She grabbed Jo, hoping to hold her till Danni decided to step in and help, but Danni was relishing the catfight too much to stop it! She moved quickly as Jo hurled Courtney across the room onto the bed. Courtney was in trouble! From the other side of the room, Danni watched as her lover was pinned beneath the shrieking Jo who rained punches on the screaming girl! Courtney was suffering from more than Jo’s fists and feet! She was mortified that she was looking bad in front of Danni!

Finally her humiliation was ended. Danni, impressed by Jo’s strength and bravery, pulled the flailing girl off Courtney and threw her to the floor. “OK, that’s enough! Court, go and clean yourself up. I want to talk to Jo!” The American girl, her hair and clothing in disarray and with blood on her face, glared at Jo “Let me finish her, Dan! I’ll rip her fucking tits off!” Danni smirked at her “From where I was standing, the only one who looked like having her tits ripped off was you! Now fuck off!” Courtney knew better than to argue and slouched off to the bathroom.

“You were giving her a good hiding! You’re tougher than I thought, Jo!” Jo, sitting warily on the end of the bed, stared at Danni and said menacingly “And you’ll get the same if you come near me!” Danni laughed. This girl had guts! “I’m going to give you the chance to do just that!” she replied “ Mummy’s taking me on a cruise for my birthday and got me a nice fight lined up as well with a snotty bitch called Dawn. I’ve thrashed her once, but she’s been in training and has promised to beat the shit out of me. I haven’t had a fight since then and I’m a bit rusty. Courtney’s no use as she just gets turned on by my hitting her, so you’re going to be my sparring partner!” “Find somebody else!” Jo snapped “You’re mad if you think I’ll help you!” Danni smiled, she had expected that at least! “You’ll do it. Ronayne is itching to get his grubby hands on you! Then there’s Aunt Joan to consider. I think you’ll be great Jo! Tell you what, if you put me down you can have Courtney!”

“She’s a nasty piece of work Jo, just like her mother! Angela was accused of killing a woman once but Helen Norwood gave her an alibi. She did it though, and Danni’s just as unstable I’d say!” Jo was sitting in Joan’s bedroom where Danni had locked her. “I’m so sorry you got involved in all this Jo” Jo held her aunts hand and replied “It’s not you that should be sorry it’s me for bringing Nikki here in the first place! I wish I could get her in a boxing ring, aunty, I’d make her pay for all of this!” Joan frowned, “Nikki’s got what she wanted, more fights and more money, but not in the way she imagined! I hope the girls at FFT are making her earn every cent! Tomorrow you must do as Danni says, for both our sakes!”

Things are going from scary to terrifying for both Nikki and Jo!

The End

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