Fitness Club Rivals by JB57

Raquel Manning groaned with effort as she lifted the weight on her back. She was doing squats using a lift machine, with 225 pounds on the bar. It was hard, but it gave her a good, satisfying burn in her powerful, perfectly shaped glutes and thighs. She raised the bar for a final time, twisted it to lock it into place, then stepped away from the machine.

Raquel made her way through the weight area towards the stairs that led down to the main lobby and the locker rooms. It was almost 9 PM and she wanted to call it an early night. As she crossed the floor, Raquel smiled and exchanged greetings and small talk with many of the other late-night regulars at the club. Most of them were men. She was well aware of her effect on the members of the other sex. Raquel was a spectacular green-eyed, blonde beauty. She was tall, smoothly muscled and deliciously voluptuous at the same time. She was wearing a skin tight black halter top with a sharp V collar that revealed lots of round, thick tit and deep cleavage. She sported a pair of spectacular E cup tits, thick, heavy masses of succulent meat that sat high and firm on her chest. Other large-breasted women were often soft and spongy in their tits. Raquel was taut, thick and juicy. Her breasts bounced like meaty cannonballs, their nipples leaving an indelible impression in her halter. The rest of her body was proportionally gorgeous. Her bare-midriff revealed chiseled abs and a narrow slit of navel. Her pelvis was well defined and her hips were wide and lush, curving into powerful thighs and strong, beautifully formed calves. Her black yoga pants left little to the imagination. Her tights ended midway up her calves. She was wearing white sneakers on her feet.

Raquel knew that she had the most spectacular body of any woman at the gym. She enjoyed her status as the resident bombshell, but she did not make too much of it. She was warm and friendly to everyone. Partly, this was because of her job as a personal trainer; much of her time was spent with the clientele of the gym. But much of it was her outgoing personality. The fact that such a beautiful woman was so approachable and kind had gained her a devoted following at the fitness club.

There was one other woman whose body equaled Raquel’s in every way. Leanna was a dark-haired, green-eyed beauty. She was also part of the night crew, the regular patrons whose busy schedules required them to have the self-discipline to come to the gym at night for their workouts. Where Raquel was friendly and polite, Leanna was rude and cold. Leanna was well aware of her physical beauty, of her voluptuous body, and its effect on those around her. She did not hesitate to use her body and her beauty to intimidate others. She was widely disliked at the gym, but no one could resist casting furtive glances in her direction whenever she came to exercise. This particular night, she was dressed in a manner very similar to Raquel: a black halter that barely contained her incredible E cup breasts, bare midriff, skintight yoga pants and runners. Her lustrous long black hair was tied into a pony tail. Leanna was doing bench presses when Raquel walked by. Leanna quickly finished up and followed Raquel out of the weight area and down to the locker room.

The two women had joined Miller’s Gym around the same time, about two years before. They both immediately attracted a great deal of attention and the male patrons of the gym felt especially blessed that two such incredible women had joined so close together. The women’s different personalities soon made themselves felt. Raquel made friends quickly and easily; Leanna sent the clear message that she did not want to be bothered. Raquel respected the other woman’s method of dealing with gawkers; the blonde often found the unwanted attention of men to be burdensome and she understood the brunette’s strategy of being cold and distant to discourage advances, even if she did not employ such a strategy herself. But she quickly discovered that Leanna’s personality was not simply an act. It became apparent that the brunette was highly manipulative and more than willing to use her feminine attributes when it advantaged her. She was haughty, rude and dismissive towards Raquel the few times the blonde had tried to engage her. But it turned out that the other woman also saw the blonde as competition. Raquel realized just how much Leanna disliked her when the brunette propositioned Dave, Raquel’s new boyfriend. Dave told Raquel; the resulting confrontation between the blonde and brunette just narrowly avoided becoming a hair-pulling, knock-down, dragout catfight in the locker room. Only the intervention of a number of other women and one of the club matrons had prevented what would have been an embarrassing scene for everyone. Since that time, Raquel tried to keep her distance from the brunette. The women usually exchanged nasty looks but left it at that. That uneasy truce had held until recently, when Raquel became aware that Leanna was starting to push things.

Raquel had worked up a good sweat. At her locker, she peeled off her halter, letting her gorgeous tits bounce free, shimmied out of her tights, slipped off her thong, and grabbed her towel. Wearing only her shower flip-flops, she made her way down the hall to the shower room. There was an open common area in which to shower, but the room also contained numerous private stalls. At this time of night, there were few women working out and Raquel had no problem finding a stall. She sighed with pleasure as the hot water washed over her lush body, flowing between her thick, heavy tits, running down her flat belly and over her clean-shaven pussy, down between her columnar thighs and over her calves to her perfect feet. She stood under the stream of water, feeling it work into her hair, then turned so it could pound needle sharp and hot into the corded, tired muscles of her back.

Raquel was so wrapped up in her enjoyment of her shower that it took her a minute or so to realize that the stall next to hers had become active. Another woman was in there, also enjoying the play of the water on her skin. Raquel frowned with annoyance. She knew that the woman was Leanna. The black-haired beauty could have showered anywhere else in the shower room. Instead, she chose to wash herself down right next to Raquel’s stall. This was the third time in the recent past Leanna had done this or something like this. She had showered right next to Raquel twice last week, under the same circumstances. Raquel knew that this was some kind of challenge. Over the past few weeks, Leanna had become more and more brazen in her rivalry with the blonde. Raquel knew that Leanna was trying to crowd her, both literally and figuratively. She did not understand why Leanna was doing this now, but she decided to ignore the other woman for as long as she could.

Raquel stood under the shower a little longer than she otherwise might have, refusing to let Leanna sully her enjoyment of the hot water or push her out before she was ready to leave. However, she realized that the brunette had succeeded in getting into her head. Fighting back her anger, Raquel turned off the shower, wiped herself down, and slapped back down the hall to the locker area. At her locker, she stepped out of her flip-flops, threw them into a plastic bag she took from her gym bag. She pulled her clothing, jeans, a t-shirt and a fresh thong, out of her locker, and placed them on the bench beside her. She used her towel to fully dry her bare feet, then threw the wet towel into the plastic bag and shoved it into her gym bag.

Leanna came slapping down the hall on her flip-flops. The brunette was deliciously naked, just like Raquel. Her locker was only about 3 meters down from Raquel’s locker, an unfortunate proximity that had facilitated the women’s near-catfight a few months before. Raquel gave the other woman a side-long glance. She had to admit that Leanna was absolutely beautiful. The woman’s heavy tits swayed deliciously; her powerful, muscled body flexed and flowed with undeniable grace. Raquel felt a stirring between her legs as she glanced at the brunette. Leanna was the only woman who had ever brought out any strong lesbian tendencies in Raquel. The blonde suspected this was partly because of their mutual antagonism, partly because looking at Leanna was almost like looking into a mirror, below the neck. The brunette challenged Raquel in some primitive way that she did not fully understand.

Leanna glanced at Raquel and caught the blonde looking. Raquel froze, caught between looking away and appearing furtive or keeping her gaze steady. Her moment of hesitation decided the matter for her. Leanna locked her gaze with Raquel, an antagonistic sneer marring her gorgeous face.

“What are you looking at, blondie?” Leanna snapped. She turned her naked body towards Raquel. Her perfect tits wobbled threateningly on her chest.

Raquel decided to confront her rival head-on. “Why have you been following me around, Leanna?” the blonde asked, a hard edge in her voice. She turned to face Leanna, her hands falling to her hips, her chest thrust out, her legs slightly spread. She made no effort to conceal any part of her magnificent body, even her smooth, shaven pussy. At some level, she sensed that her rivalry with Leanna was about their bodies and she wanted to antagonize and intimidate the other woman as much as possible.

Leanna put her hands on her wide, powerful hips and thrust out her massive tits in reply, mirroring Raquel’s stance. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“You’ve been ending your workouts at the same time I do for the past couple of weeks. You’ve been following me into the locker room. You’ve been showering in the stall right next to mine, even when the rest of the stalls are empty. Why? What game are you trying to play?”

“I think that someone is a little too full of herself,” Leanna replied, dodging the question. She took a few steps closer to Raquel, her hands on her hips, her chest thrust out. “I can shower wherever I want to shower.”

“Yes, you can,” Raquel said, stepping closer herself. “So do it somewhere away from me.”

Both women stepped even closer, their naked bodies drawn to each other as if by magnets. Their green eyes locked; the women went from being unconcerned about their nudity to being suddenly, acutely conscious of their naked bodies, getting closer and closer to each other. Their chests were heaving, their massive tits shuddering as their mutual anger and tension grew. Raquel was shocked to realize, deep inside of herself, she secretly wanted this confrontation. A part of her, long hidden and buried, wanted to know what it would feel like to crush and mash her thick, meaty tits full into Leanna’s gorgeous chest; she wanted to know which of them had the stronger, firmer tits. She imagined the sense of accomplishment if she could flatten the brunette’s tits with her own. Something was awakening inside of her that was not entirely unwelcome.

Leanna’s eyes blazed with anger, but Raquel could see the tinge of fear in the other woman. She realized that Leanna was also unsure of how far to push this. The fear was pushing Leanna to be more brazen, to prove her lack of fear by doing something she otherwise might not. But Raquel could also see the touch of lust and excitement in the other woman’s eyes. She knew that Leanna had the same questions, the same desires that she did. Things were becoming almost surreal for Raquel, and maybe for the other woman, too. Something that they both secretly wanted they were so close to having. Raquel swallowed, a taste of iron in her mouth, as the tension built.

Both women glanced down at the other’s approaching tits. Their massive mounds swayed closer and closer. Raquel and Leanna watched, with awe, as their rival’s tits swelled even larger, growing with tension and arousal, as their brown nipples grew and tightened with pressure. When they were only an inch or less apart, the naked women stopped. Their tits rose and fell in unison, their swollen nipples tracing each other, following each other, like circling animals preparing for battle. The women’s eyes locked. Raquel could see that Leanna was a little slack-jawed, almost as if she was in a trance. She expected that her own face was similarly distracted and unfocused. Both women were fighting the urge, the need, that was burning, burning, growing stronger with every moment. Both women were completely aware of the other’s naked body, so close. Their nipples felt like they were calling to each other. The women’s pussies had grown hot and tight and wet. Raquel feared that, at any moment, her pussy might contract and she would gush or that her natural lubricants would begin trickling down her inner thighs.

Raquel and Leanna looked down at their engorged nipples. The thick brown nubs were less than an inch apart. One small movement forward and they would meet head to head, tip to tip. The women could touch four of their most sensitive erogenous zones together, then see what happened. Raquel expected the touch to be exquisite, to be too delicious, too intimate, to stop. If they stroked nip to nip, she had no doubt she and Leanna would open a door they could not close. Their taut titflesh would crush tight, their bellies would slap together, their naked, hungry cunts would slide and grind against each other, their hard, thick clits would rub and rub. Heat washed through Raquel’s body; she felt like every inch of her skin was on fire.

Leanna gasped; Raquel could see the same thoughts going through her rival’s head through the fire in Leanna’s eyes. The women’s eyes locked again. Then slowly, almost painfully, they stepped back. The tension slowly broke.

“Not tonight, you bitch,” Leanna breathed. “But soon.”

“Anytime, anyplace, you whore,” Raquel replied. Her breath was coming in sharp gasps. “Until you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is, stay away from me, Leanna.”

“Fuck you,” Leanna said. She backed up to her locker, then turned away and began to busy herself with packing up and dressing to leave.

Raquel did not reply. She pulled on her clean thong, trying not to notice how wet her pussy was, and then her jeans. She slipped on her white t-shirt. The nipples of her braless breasts pierced the cloth like two daggers. She slipped on her walk-around runners. Raquel closed her locker, grabbed her gym bag, and marched out of the locker room without looking back.

When Raquel got home, she threw her bag on the floor inside the apartment door. She pulled her t-shirt up over her head, lost her shoes and her jeans enroute to the bedroom. She fell onto the bed wearing nothing but her thong. She raised her ass, slid the thong off her hips, then down her legs. Now naked, she reached for a vibrator-dildo in her night table drawer. As she shoved the monstrous shaft deep, deep into her twat, as she stroked and stroked her swollen clit, she thought of Leanna and imagined what that bitch would feel like, her naked body writhing under Raquel’s, her thick tits mashed and grinding against Raquel’s equally massive pair, their hot pussies wrestling clit to clit for sexual supremacy. Raquel came hard, screaming out in pleasure. She fell into a deep, satisfied sleep.

To be continued:

Fitness Club Rivals, Part II

For the next two nights, Raquel and Leanna avoided each other. Raquel could not deny the tension that built in her nipples and her pussy whenever she saw the other woman. But, other than exchanging sullen, angry glares at the gym, the women left each other alone. Leanna stopped following Raquel when the blonde ended her workouts; she was no longer in the locker room when Raquel showered.

Friday night came around and an event Raquel had been looking forward to for the past year finally arrived. Raquel was set to defend her title as the women’s arm-wrestling champion at the Firestone bar, an upscale establishment just down the street from the gym. She had stumbled onto the competition two years before, when she had gone out for drinks with some of the other gym members after a workout. She had won easily the first year. Last year had been a bit more difficult but, in the end, she had managed to put down a powerfully built blonde for the title. She was looking forward to extending her title run to three years in a row.

Raquel and Dave entered the bar around 10 PM, a half-hour before the competition was scheduled to start. Raquel was wearing a tank top, an impressive display of cleavage, and tight jean shorts. Raquel was not planning to drink; Dave got a beer. She made sure she was registered for the competition, which usually involved about ten women, then sat back to wait.

“Hey, isn’t that Leanna?” Dave asked suddenly. Raquel looked where he gestured. To her irritation, he was right: Leanna was standing at the bar, nursing a soda water and talking to a man who, it appeared, had propositioned her. The man went away looking embarrassed; whatever Leanna said to him had been cutting. Raquel’s heart leaped into her throat and her body’s erogeneous zones tightened. She had no doubt why Leanna was here. She had a clear view of the brunette, who had not yet seen Raquel. Leanna was dressed in short-shorts and a tight red halter, leaving her muscled, tan belly bare. Her breasts swelled out of the halter, which was not much different from a sports bra, allowing a deep dive into her cleavage. The brunette looked incredibly sexy. Raquel decided two could play at that game. She rolled up her tank top until her midriff was fully exposed, then tied it into a tight knot directly under the hang of her massive tits. If Leanna was going to flash her belly and shake her tits, Raquel would too.

Leanna saw Raquel staring at her. The gorgeous brunette smiled viciously and raised her soda water to Raquel. The blonde turned her head away, refusing to acknowledge her rival. But she had no doubt that she would soon be competing with Leanna on the bar room floor.

At 10:30, the competition started. A high bar table was set up in the center of the dance floor. Two high chairs were on either side. Two grip bars were screwed to the table tap and markings indicated where competitors were to place their elbows. The system was simple: the women were divided into two groups. The winner of each group would face off against each other.

Most of the women competing were “hardbodies” – muscular, powerful looking women who could also be models. A lot of cleavage and belly was on display. The bar held this event to attract a largely male clientele that was turned on by seeing beautiful women compete against each other physically. A couple of the women were more “butch” in appearance, but they were the decided minority.

Leanna and Raquel ended up in different groups. Over the next hour, the two women quickly finished off their various challengers until they were the only two left. The two final challengers were given 20 minutes to rest and prepare for the final match. The bar was electric with excitement and sexual tension as the two beautiful, voluptuous, physically powerful women moved into position. Most of the men in the bar were sporting half-erections as they watched the women, their bare midriffs glistening in the light, their heavy tits shifting under their meager coverings, prepare for their confrontation. Both women’s arms were bare, and their back muscles were largely visible. Leanna sat down, Raquel took the seat across from her. Each woman grasped the grip with her left hand to anchor herself in place; both hooked the heels of their shoes in the bar of their chair. They leaned forward, their massive tits almost spilling out of their revealing tops. Their cleavages lined up, their tits challenged each other. Slowly, the women closed their hands on each other, palm to palm. A powerful shudder ran through Leanna and Raquel. Raquel felt her pussy lubricate as she tightened her bare hand on Leanna’s bare hand. Both women’s nails were cut short and coated in red nail polish. They gripped each other tightly, testing the other’s strength. Green eyes locked. The anger and power that passed between the two women electrified the air and fed the growing sensual excitement permeating the bar. The bar patrons hooted and hollered and cheered as their animal instincts came to life. Most of them did not understand what was happening. They simply reacted to the powerful sexual energies at play.

“You both know the rules,” the referee said, grasping the women’s locked hands to be sure they were starting from a position of equality. “When I say ‘go’, you can start.” He paused. Leanna and Raquel looked deep into each other’s green eyes. “GO!”

The pressure was immediate. The women grunted loudly as they strained against each other, both throwing everything they had into bringing the other woman down. Their biceps bulged, their arms strained, the muscles of their backs knotted. Their locked hands squeezed each other mercilessly, their short nails digging into the back of the other woman’s hand. Their massive tits squeezed up on their chests, presenting even more luscious cleavage, to the delight of the excited spectators. For one, two, three minutes, Leanna and Raquel struggled against each other, so evenly matched in strength and skill that neither could gain any advantage. Sweat began to glisten on their tanned flesh, their breath came in ragged pants. They had not broken eye contact since their battle started. Both women were consumed with anger and the desire to conquer the other woman. The raw hatred that they shared burned feverishly in their eyes.

At the five minute mark, there was still no winner. The women’s arms were getting tired; they were now quivering with more than just strain. The crowd had pushed in tightly around the table, the better to get a view of the tremendous bodies now locked in competition, to get an eyeful of jiggling, trembling tit.

Suddenly, a sharp pain exploded in Raquel’s shin. She gasped, her concentration wavering for a moment. Leanna took immediate advantage, pushing just hard enough to move their locked hands out of the neutral position in which they had been stuck. Slowly, inexorably, the dark-haired beauty pushed Raquel’s hand to the table-top. Raquel glared hatefully at the cheating whore; she strained mightily to push her hand back up. Both women clenched their teeth and panted, grunted, their green eyes blazing at each other, as the inevitable end finally came.

A cheer went up from Leanna’s supporters in the crowd. Raquel’s supporters groaned their disappointment. But it was not over, as far as Raquel was concerned.

“She cheated!” Raquel snapped at the judge, pointing at Leanna. “She kicked me in the leg and broke my concentration!”

The judge looked stricken. He had not been able to see anything more than the table top during the latter part of the arm-wrestle; the crowd had been too close around the competitors, totally obscuring what was going on below the table.

“Is this true?” he asked Leanna. “Did you kick her?”

“Of course not,” the dark-haired vixen replied.

“What do you expect her to say?” Raquel snarled, frustrated. “See if you can find any witnesses.”

But the crowd was loud and boisterous and the judge was unable to get its attention. If anyone else had seen Leanna kick Raquel, they were not coming forward to report it. Raquel could see a small mark on her leg where Leanna’s shoe had hit her, but she knew that would not stand up as evidence.

“I’m sorry,” the judge said to Raquel. “I believe you, but I did not see it happen and if I can’t find anyone who did, we have to stay with the results we have.”

He stepped forward, took Leanna’s arm, and raised it into the air. “We have a new women’s arm-wrestling champion,” he announced. “Leanna Baker!”

Leanna waved her arms in the air and wiggled her hips. Her massive tits bounced enthusiastically, her powerful abs rippled, and the crowd went wild. She turned to Raquel and smiled. “Better luck next time, blondie,” she sneered.

“You cheating bitch!” Raquel snarled. She threw herself at Leanna, but Dave caught her and, with considerable effort, pulled her away. “Come on, baby,” he said. “You can’t catfight her for the title. Attacking her won’t do any good. We just have to hope that someone saw what happened and reports it.”

Seething with rage, Raquel let Dave lead her back to their table. The club manager presented her with a small trophy and a smaller cheque for winning second place. He reassured her that he believed her charage that Leanna had cheated and promised that the club would set new rules for the next competition. For one thing, the crowd would no longer be allowed to get so close to the competitors. This was cold comfort to Raquel. After watching Leanna bask in undeserved attention for a few minutes, she turned to Dave.

“Come on, baby, let’s go,” she said. “I don’t want to sit around and watch that bitch gloat.”

Raquel and Dave left the bar. Leanna watched them go, her green eyes glowing with malice.

It was past midnight when Raquel and Dave got to his place. They made love, normally a useful way to distract Raquel from the tribulations of the day. Tonight Raquel found that she just could not get into it. It was more than just her anger at being cheated out of her title and her rage at the woman who had done it. Something else was bothering her, eating at her, and she could not pin it down. After about an hour of hot, hard sex, Raquel left Dave sleeping in his bed and headed back to her own apartment. She pulled into the parkade of her building around 1:30 AM. She did not see the brunette in the silver Corvette watching her from down the street.

Raquel entered her small, tidy apartment and immediately began stripping. She kicked off her runners, slipped her tank top off her torso, letting her heavy tits bounce free, and shimmied out of her tight shorts. She gathered up her clothing and dumped it all into the laundry hamper in the bathroom. Wearing only her black thong, the beautiful blonde began cleaning up. She planned to shower and then get to bed and sleep-in late. She was just starting to remove the small amount of makeup she used to highlight her eyes and lips when there was a knock at her door. She glanced at the clock. It was 1:45 AM. Who on earth would be knocking on her door at this hour? She went through the possibilities in her mind as she walked into her bedroom, found the football jersey she sometimes used as a nightgown, and pulled it over her voluptuous body. She had a few neighbors who might be looking for some kind of help this early in the morning. Barefoot and bare-legged, she walked to the door and opened it wide; it was a safe building and she was not expecting any trouble. .

Leanna was on the other side of the door, her hands on her hips, her chest thrust out, a vicious smirk on her beautiful face. Raquel went through a range of emotions in an instant: surprise, anger, rage.

“Hey, bitch,” Leanna said, without preamble. “You left the bar before I had a chance to rub your face in my win. I’ve come over to make sure you don’t forget who’s the better woman.”

“You cheating cunt!” Raquel cried. “What the fuck is wrong with you? First, you cheat in the competition and now you come knocking on my door at 2 in the morning?!”

“Oh, I’m just getting started, whore,” Leanna replied. Without any warning, she lashed out viciously, slapping Raquel hard on her left cheek. The blonde’s head whipped around and she cried out, staggering back into her apartment. Leanna pursued her, pushing Raquel, then slapping her again, hard, on the other side of her beautiful face. Raquel fell back, stunned and reeling in pain and surprise. Leanna closed the apartment door and locked it. She kicked off her runners.

“You fucking slut!” Raquel screeched. She struck out, slapping Leanna powerfully on her right cheek, then following up with a hard punch to the brunette’s tits. “Ah, god,” Leanna gasped as she fell back, crossing her arms over her aching boobs.

The women paused for a moment, both breathing hard, crouched down, facing each other, their arms raised at their sides, their legs spread.

“I’ve had enough of you, Leanna,” Raquel snarled. “You’re a cheating, dirty, filthy cunt. I’m going to beat you senseless, then kick your sorry ass out of here.”

“No, you’re going to be my bitch, you fucking whore,” Leanna snarled back. “I’ve put up with you at the gym for way too long. I’ve put up with you throwing your tits and ass in everyone’s face. I’m going to teach you which of us is the better woman. I just got started at the bar. I’m going to give you a real lesson right here.”

Growling with mutual hate, the two gorgeous women threw themselves at each other. They filled their hands with the other’s hair and pulled savagely. Their grunts and moans of agony grew louder. They held each other at arm’s length as they pulled each other around the room by the hair. Their bare legs kicked and tangled as each tried to trip the other. They pushed apart, releasing each other’s heads, then resumed the slapping, punching, kicking catfight. They battered each other around the apartment for a few minutes, until they were both panting furiously. They tried kneeing each other in the crotch, though they mostly only succeeded in battering the other’s inner thighs. They punched and slapped at each other’s tits; their gorgeous faces reddened as each landed hard slaps. Their growing conflict did nothing to resolve their anger. A sexual heat flushed the women’s bodies as their physical battle continued. They threw themselves into each other’s arms and squeezed tight. Massive tits crushed tight and hard through their tops. Breasts struggled, mashing, rolling and grinding against each other. Deep in the core of her womanhood, Raquel felt the thrilling sensations of the tit to tit wrestling and relished the sensations. Secretly, she longed to go naked tit to naked tit with her rival.

Leanna felt the same intense desire. She pushed Raquel away, breaking their mutual grip on each other, then grabbed Raquel’s jersey. She pulled it up, blinding Raquel who screeched in rage as she became tangled up in the oversized shirt. Leanna dragged her around the room before yanking the jersey away from the blonde’s voluptuous body.

Raquel gasped as her rival stripped her jersey. She was almost totally naked, except for her brief thong. Her massive, tanned tits wobbled deliciously. She stopped her instinctive reaction to cross her arms over her chest. Instead, angrily, Raquel put her hands on her wide hips and thrust her tits out in challenge.

“You fucking cunt,” she snapped. “Do you like what you see? Do you want to have a go at my tits?”

Leanna stepped back, her breasts heaving with the pants of her exertion. Her bright, hungry eyes locked on Raquel’s incredible breasts. She licked her dry lips, then reached behind her back and unhooked her halter. Her majestic tits bounced free, jiggling enticingly as she freed them from their meager restraints. She did not stop with her halter. She pushed her shorts down her hips, down her thighs, letting them drop at her feet. Leanna was wearing a red thong. For a moment, the two women stood in silence, each one drinking in the other’s almost naked body. Their tits were quivering with excitement, their breath was coming harder, their nipples had hardened into dense spikes. Both women felt their pussies contract, they felt the heat and electricity pouring from their clits, filling their lush bodies. Their eyes roamed hungrily over every inch of the other women.

Leanna could not take any more. She reached down and shimmied her wet thong off her pussy, off her hips, down her legs. She kicked it aside and stood proudly before Raquel, completely nude, her hands on her hips, her legs shoulder-width apart, her feet firmly planted. Her clean shaven pussy gleamed with wetness. As Raquel watched, drops of liquid dripped from the brunette’s cunt to the floor.

Raquel hesitated. She knew that if she lost her thong, she would lose all her protection. She knew where this battle would end. But she paused only a moment. She could not resist the challenge. She followed the other woman’s lead, sliding her thong off, kicking it aside.

The naked women glared at each other from across the small living room. Their eyes focused on the other women’s perfect, heavy tits, virtual mirror images of their own. Their eyes roamed down muscled abdomens to clean-shaven cunts, which gleamed with wetness. Both women’s throbbing clits were swelling at the top of their pussies, slowly emerging as they grew in arousal.

“It’s time for me to show you who’s top bitch, fucker,” Leanne purred.

“You dirty slut,” Raquel sneered. “I’m going to work you over and throw your naked ass out into the hall.”

“Fucking cunt,” Leanna snarled. She threw herself across the room, her arms open, reaching for Raquel. Raquel met Leanna eagerly, opening her arms, offering her massive tits to the tits of her opponent. The women’s incredible bodies slammed together with a thick, meaty slap. The impact of massive tit to tit was delicious; electrical sensations of pure erotic pleasure rippled through both women in waves. The women moaned in unison as their heavy tits mated, as bare nipple met bare nipple for the first time. The women’s powerful arms wrapped around the other’s body. Nose to nose, eye to eye, Raquel and Leanna snarled at each other as they squeezed, squeezed as hard as they could. They groaned in shared delight and pain as their heavy tits compressed, the taut meat squashing before it refused to yield any further, forming four tight balls of solid flesh between the two women. Raquel groaned, the combination of pain and sheer erotic delight driving her crazy with lust. What she had dreamed of, longed for, was finally happening – she was going tit to tit with Leanna and the other woman’s tits felt every bit as wonderful against her own as she had dared to hope.

The women writhed and wriggled in each other’s arms, their tits grinding, their hard bellies slapping, their powerful legs struggling to twine and trip the other. They both started kneeing each other, trying to ram their leg between the other’s thighs. Their jerking, straining bodies lost balance; the women released each other just before they toppled on to Raquel’s couch. They found themselves sitting side by side. Both women threw an arm over the other’s neck and tried to force their opponent into a headlock. Grunting and straining, the naked women struggled. Their cheeks were flat to each other, Raquel’s left breast crushed tight, side to side, with Leanna’s right tit. Rocking back and forth, they struggled for a minute or two. Then Leanna took the fight to the next level. Reaching up with one hand, she seized Raquel by the hair; she buried her other hand in Raquel’s crotch and gripped the blonde by the pussy. Raquel screamed and immediately reciprocated. Screaming and cursing, the beautiful women tortured each other’s head and pussy for several minutes as they fought. Side by side they fought, heads rocking and buttocks twisting as each tried to escape the other’s violent grip. Raquel released Leanna’s pussy and began slapping the other woman’s jiggling tits. Leanna screeched in pain. Raquel slapped Leanna hard in the face twice more, stunning her, then used the opportunity to get to her knees on the couch as she grabbed a double handful of Leanna’s thick black hair. The brunette screamed in agony. Tears of pain rolled down her face. Never one to back down from a challenge, she got to her knees and seized Raquel’s lustrous blonde hair in both hands.

Screaming, snarling, cursing each other viciously, the two battling vixen pulled savagely at each other’s hair, struggling to wrangle and control the other woman through pain and sheer physical strength. They were body to body once more, tit to tit, belly to belly, each one taking turns forcing the other over until her back almost touched the couch, until the flow of combat reversed. For some time, the women battled like this, their heavy tits grinding and their bellies sliding over and against each other as they swayed back and forth on the couch. Their bodies were slick with sweat, their breath came in pants. Both women rose as high up on their knees as they could, still pulling hair. Their struggling bodies toppled over the back of the couch. They landed on the floor, in the open space between the couch and Raquel’s bedroom.

The women unleashed their full rage on each other. They twined their naked bodies together and rolled from one end of the small space to the other. Powerful, muscular legs locked and strained, hard bellies slapped and rippled against each other, heavy tits mashed and rolled, thick nipples stabbing into dense titflesh. They slapped each other’s naked asses as often as they could, leaving handprints on each other’s perfect buttocks.

“You fucking cow!” Raquel panted.

“Dirty slut!” Leanna shot back.



Their sweat-drenched bodies rolled against the back of the couch and wedged, unable to move. Raquel managed to get her arm between their two bodies and elbowed Leanna in the face, knocking the brunette back, freeing herself. Both women staggered to their feet. Leanna looked around, searching for something to use as a weapon. Raquel threw herself at the brunette, tackling her, pushing her back through the open bedroom door. The naked women fell onto the bed in a tangle of luscious limbs. They continued their battle of attrition, grasping the other’s breasts and squeezing, trying to knee and paw at each other’s crotches, trying to inflict as much pain on their opponent as they could. They were slowing; they had been battling all out for some time.

Raquel and Leanna released each other and moved apart. They glared at each other. Their chests rose and fell; sweat gleamed on their muscled bellies, dripped from the tips of their engorged nipples. The women’s eyes returned to the other’s chest. On their knees, hands on hips, they inched towards each other on the bed, both intent on resuming their titfight.

Eyes locked, the women slowly advanced, closing the final distance between their throbbing nips. Nipples touched, sizzling with erotic heat. Both women moaned deep in their throats as the intense feelings rippled through their bodies. They began moving just slightly, moving the tips of their nipples around and around on each other, stroking, stroking, sending electrical shockwaves surging through their bodies. Their cunts burned, their clits swelled, as the nipple to nipple caressing went on and on. The two rivals glared at each other hatefully, but their gorgeous faces betrayed the immense pleasure they were giving to each other. They gasped, they bit their lips, they cried out in delight, they stared hatefully at each through eyes that were half-lidded with pleasure. Slowly, the women moved their nipples around and around the other’s areola. As their need grew, the women moved forward and stabbed their nipples directly into each other, pushing each other back until their throbbing, burning titflesh came into direct contact. Moaning with delight, Raquel and Leanna moved their massive tits around and around, pressing thick meat to thick meat, using their tits to massage and caress the other woman’s tits. Their chests burned with a delicious heat. The incredible sensations as their heavy, aching tits rubbed and stroked and mashed and shoved filled them both with almost unbearable desire. With a cry, Raquel wrapped her arms around Leanna; the brunette instantly reciprocated. The two women squeezed tight then relaxed then squeezed again, compressing and releasing, massaging and pressing. Their moans of pleasure grew deeper and harder.

Leanna squeezed Raquel tight, then twisted hard. The blonde, lost in the delightful sensations radiating from her chest, was not expecting this. The women fell to the bed, their bodies plastered together, limbs locking, belly to belly and tit crushed to tit. They writhed, continuing to grind their tits, their bellies, reveling in the sensations. Leanna was on top, looking down at Raquel. They were panting, their eyes were blazing, the heat within and between their cunts was unbearable.

“You fucking cunt,” Leanna murmured. As Raquel opened her mouth to respond, Leanna forced her mouth onto Raquel’s, kissing the blonde deeply, driving her tongue into Raquel’s mouth. At first, Raquel resisted, grunting and gasping, trying to free her mouth from the assault. She almost succeeded in pushing Leanna off of her. As the brunette’s tongue worked inside her mouth, as the woman’s hot body writhed against her own, as Leanna’s tits shifted and mashed with hers, nipples stabbing and grating against each other electrically, Raquel found her resistance crumbling. She wanted to fuck this brunette whore, she wanted to settle their differences in the most primal way that two women could fight. She began to kiss back, hard. The women’s tongues scoured the inside of each other’s mouths as their tongues fought for domination. They sucked back and shared spit. Their hands roamed each other’s bodies, caressing, squeezing, probing. Their erotic moaning spiraled higher and higher.

Raquel grabbed the hair on the back of Leanna’s head and pulled, using the leverage to slowly roll the other woman onto her back. The women nipped and sucked at each other’s lips and necks, they pulled each other’s hair painfully, as they continued to wrestle for domination.

Raquel mounted Leanna; the brunette eagerly spread her legs and arched her pelvis, presenting her wet, hot, naked cunt to Raquel. The women broke their sucking, tongue-twisting kiss long enough to smile at each other lustfully. Their eyes shone with desire and raw hatred.

“We’re going to fuck this out, you bitch,” Raquel whispered. “We’re going to fuck until we know who is top bitch.”

“Yes,” Leanna agreed. “Let’s fuck it out, whore. Your cunt against my cunt, clit against clit. The first one to cum loses.”

“You’re on, fucker,” Raquel snarled. She covered Leanna’s mouth with her own. Their tongues twisted together. Their hips and asses pumped as the women moved their crotches against each other, both seeking the cunt to cunt and clit to clit contact that would finally begin to satisfy their mutual craving for sexual domination. The women moaned deep in their throats as slick, naked pussy lips caressed and slid deliciously on sex-slimed pussy lips. They bucked hard, driving their thick-lipped cunts together, seeking to penetrate, to devour each other’s twats. Hot fuck slits merged, wet labia mixed and meshed, swollen clits met in the hot, fleshy arena of their locked twats. Leanna sank her fingers into Raquel’s bucking, rippling ass and pulled hard. Raquel reached down and under the brunette and seized Leanna’s pumping ass, rejoicing in her mind as she felt the hard meat flex under her fingers. Leanna’s legs twined through Raquel’s powerful limbs, locking both women in place. Their bellies slapped as the pace of their fuckfight intensified. Their sweat-slick tits rolled and mashed, four thick meaty balls grinding and grinding into each other relentlessly, their nipples stabbing and digging into titflesh when they were not stabbing each other. The women’s hot bellies undulated, navels sucking and releasing constantly. Their swollen, throbbing clits rubbed and rubbed, grinding, fencing, sending shockwaves of pure erotic power roaring through the struggling women with every heartbeat. Their tits were on fire, melting into each other, their bellies were burning against each other, their conjoined cunts felt like furnaces, fusing their clits into one.

With a shared gasp, the women broke their kissfight, neither able to win the mouth to mouth battle for sexual supremacy. They were working too hard to maintain the kiss. Pressed cheek to cheek, Raquel’s mouth drooling into Leanna’s, they panted and moaned, cursed and screamed, as they fucked and fucked and fucked. Thick blonde hair, wet with sweat, tangled with thick black hair. The women ground their clits together mercilessly, both women working their asses with hard, minute thrusts, striving to force more pleasure on the other woman than she could bear. Their bodies began to quake with sexual tension. Raquel and Leanna each seized two handfuls of the other woman’s hair and pulled hard, hurting each other as much as they could even as they tortured each other with pleasure. Their moans become louder, more desperate. The women struggled to hold back the release of overwhelming ecstasy that threatened to explode at any moment. Their asses and hips jerked, breaking the rhythm of their fuck. The sexual tension in their bodies reached a feverish intensity.

Nose to nose, their teeth clenched as they struggled to hold out, expressions of absolute ecstasy washed over their beautiful faces as they reached their climax at the same moment.

“Oh GOD, FUCKING GOD!!,” Raquel shrieked, throwing back her head, her entire body going stiff in pure erotic pleasure. She bucked as she released shot after shot of hot cum into Leanna’s receptive twat, drowning the other woman’s cunt in pussy juice.

“YESSSS, OH FUCK, YESSSSSS!!”Leanna screamed, her hips jerking, her cunt squirting wildly, her hot cum mixing and flowing with Raquel’s steaming ejaculate.

The women glared into each other’s eyes as they shared orgasm after orgasm of excruciating intensity. They moaned joyfully as they felt their nipples cum all over each other’s tits, as they felt the chain of powerful orgasms roll through their heaving, writhing bodies. Raquel forced her mouth onto Leanna’s; the women eagerly tongued each other, rolling tongues, sharing spit, sucking and trying to devour each other with their mouths, too. They moaned tortuously as the final orgasms roared through their straining bodies and left them spent.

Raquel sprawled across Leanna, her hands still in the brunette’s hair, her heart pounding, her incredible body soaked with sweat and drenched in cum. Every part of her felt hot and wet and somehow merged with every part of Leanna. Leanna felt her heart pounding with Raquel’s, she could feel Raquel’s clit pulsing and throbbing into her own. It was delicious and she reached down and ran her finger lightly up the crack of Raquel’s sweaty ass before placing both of her palms on the blonde’s buttocks and squeezing.

For some time, the women lay together, limbs twined, bodies hot and sweat-soaked, panting, floating on a cloud of post-orgasmic bliss, slowing coming down. Raquel finally rolled herself off of the brunette, throwing herself flat on her back beside Leanna’s lush, wet body. The women turned their heads to stare at each through hooded eyelids.

“That was a tie,” Leanna rasped. The tension in her breasts, in her nipples, in her pussy was still burning. She could feel her arousal coming back.

“Yes,” Raquel agreed.

Leanna sat up, pulling herself off the wet sheets. Raquel pulled herself into a sitting position, getting ready to match whatever the brunette wanted to try.

Leanna sat near the foot of the bed, leaned back, braced her body with her hands, and spread her legs wide. Raquel moaned as she stared into the incredible beauty of the brunette’s dripping cunt. Her own twat twitched with desire.

“Are you ready for round two, you whore?” Leanna purred, her smile lustful and savage.

Raquel sat back and mirrored Leanna’s position. She reached down between her legs and stroked her wet, steaming twat, flicking her throbbing clit.

“You bet your fucking ass I’m ready for more,” she hissed. Raquel’s body was growing hotter by the moment. It felt like a fuck machine. It was hard to believe that, only minutes before, she had nearly passed out from the most intense and delicious orgasms of her life. Now, she was recharged and ready to keep on fucking.

“Same as before,” Leanna grinned. “First to cum loses.”

“Agreed,” Raquel murmured. She slid down the bed, her legs spread wide, and slipped her right leg over the other woman’s left. The beautiful rivals turned their hips as they scissored, swiveling enough to give their cunts a good, hard lock on each other. Their wet pussies slotted together, juicy pussy lips squashing then spreading and locking against each other. They contracted their vaginas, sucking hard, and sealed into an unbreakable bond. Labia merged, powerful, muscled cunts closed on each other.

Raquel and Leanna worked their powerful, muscular hips and asses, grinding into each other mercilessly. The women screamed in sexual fever. Each seized the sweaty thigh of the other, dug in her fingers, and worked her ass with all her power, rubbing, grinding, driving her clit against the clit of her rival with all her power. Their clits were locked in a battle to the finish. They rubbed head to head, they flicked each other, they worked around and around each other. The women’s struggling sexhorns fed their bodies with a constant, unbearable supply of pure pleasure. Their engorged clits were only the periscope, the protrusion of a much larger network of clitoral nerves wrapped in a ring around the women’s vulvas. For both women, that ring was on fire, radiating erotic heat and power into every cell of their voluptuous bodies, pumping up their tits with sensual pleasure, burning their nipples with electricity.

The women fucked and fucked, screaming, cursing, snarling as they ravaged each other. Their green eyes burned with unbearable lust, their massive tits jiggled and bounced, spraying sweat and pre-cum. Their muscled bellies rippled as their hips and asses wrestled. The women clamped their cunts on each other and squeezed with all their power, trying to crush the other beautiful bitch into submission.

“Whore! Fucking dirty cunt-eating slut!” Leanna screamed. She tightened her grip on Raquel’s thigh then reached out with the hand she had been using to brace her body and kneaded Raquel’s bouncing left tit, before squeezing the rock hard nipple tight.

“You dirty cunt!” Raquel sobbed. She dug her fingers into Leanna’s thigh and seized the woman’s engorged, taut right tit and squeezed hard, torturing the nipple.

The women continued to maul each other’s tits, using the combination of pain and pleasure to try to overwhelm each other. They were sobbing, their powerful, physically perfect bodies trembling with pre-orgasmic need, their willpower the only thing keeping them from exploding in orgasmic relief. Raquel wished that she had not agreed that the first to cum would lose; she was certain she could outfuck Leanna in a test of sexual endurance; she was not sure she could hold her orgasm back a moment longer.

Raquel reached out and grabbed Leanna’s hair and began pulling her in. Leanna filled her hand with Raquel’s blonde locks and yanked viciously. The women spread their legs wider, never breaking their mutual cunt grip, and pulled each other in closer, closer, until their massive tits touched, nipple to nipple, until their boobs mashed and throbbed into each other. The women’s mouths came together, tongues lapping, lips sealing, as they locked into an animalistic kiss. Their moans grew in volume and intensity.

Wrapped together, kissing feverishly, tits crushed and asses pumping, Raquel and Leanna rode each other viciously. Their swollen clits hooked and locked, and overflowed with unbearable sensations. Their nipples burned into each other, throbbing with erotic overload. Their massive, rolling tits felt like they would explode with pleasure.

Both women felt the end coming. They broke their kiss and glared at each other, nose to nose, eye to eye, teeth clenched, breath coming in hard, desperate pants, both gripping the other’s round, sweaty ass, pulling hard.

“OH GOD, YOU CUNT!!,” Raquel shrieked. She could not hold out an instant longer; her throbbing, aching cunt contracted and unleashed a gusher of hot cum, inundating their locked twats, spraying up between the women’s writhing bodies.

“GODDAMN FUCKING WHORE!!,” Leanna screamed at the same moment. Her pussy erupted too, her womanly ejaculate gushing like a firehose, her twat clamping and squeezing Raquel’s twat, which squeezed back. The women clawed at each other, their powerful bodies bucked and twisted against each other, nipples and tits mashing and grinding, nipple cum spraying as their tits came in sympathy with their overloaded cunts.

Raquel bit and sucked at Leanna’s shoulder; Leanna eagerly bit back. The women clung to each other, sobbing uncontrollably as powerful orgasms wracked their shuddering bodies. They released each other, falling away, falling flat onto their backs. The chain of climaxes continued. They grabbed handfuls of the bedsheet and arched their backs. Writhing, wriggling, they drove themselves as deep and hard into each other as they could, cunts locked, asses and hips pumping, tits rocking and spraying, abs rippling as their bodies fought to force every orgasm that they could out of the other woman. The women screamed and moaned and gasped. Raquel had never experienced pleasure like this before, she had never before been fucked so hard that she could not stop cumming.

Finally, after more than 10 minutes of orgasmic undulations, the beautiful women stopped moving. Their genitals remained squashed tight, hot, wet flesh intermeshed and sealed to hot, wet flesh. Their bodies were soaked with sweat and drenched in cum. They panted furiously, their tits jiggling. They stared at the ceiling, their eyes showing exhaustion, but also astonishment. Neither woman could entirely believe what they had done to each other. Both were on the verge of passing out. They floated in the post-orgasmic bliss for some time.

Raquel finally found the strength to sit up. She pulled her pussy away from Leanna’s twat, grunting with effort as their cunts pulled apart with a thick, sucking sound. Cum dripped from their separated twats; their pussies were connected by strings of gooey ejaculate. Leanna moaned but did not move. Raquel turned herself over, so that she was on her belly. She began crawling down Leanna’s body in reverse, her sex-slimed twat rubbing down the other woman’s belly, then moving over the brunette’s tits, leaving a trail of hot cum. Raquel stopped when she was looking directly into Leanna’s dripping cunt. The thick-lipped, clean-shaven maw was one of the most beautiful things Raquel had ever seen. This was the delicious organ that had given her so much pleasure. She buried her nose in Leanna’s cunt and inhaled deeply, loving the acrid, pungent smell of her enemy’s hot genitals. Slowly, she ran her tongue along Leanna’s wet, cum-slimed pussy lips, eagerly lapping up the ejaculate, slopping it around in her mouth, then spitting it back onto Leanna’s pussy. Raquel slipped her hands under Leanna’s buttocks and grasped the woman’s inner thighs, pulling them further apart. She ran her tongue down the brunette’s slit and probed her rival’s tight, puckered asshole. Smiling with lust, Raquel inserted a finger into Leanna’s ass and another into the brunette’s tight pussy. At the same time, she began lapping and nibbling at her rival’s hard, swollen clit. Soon, she took the entire, thumb-sized organ between her lips and began sucking and licking it, her teeth running along the edge of the exquisite nerve. Leanna’s body shook and shuddered as Raquel ate her to ecstasy.

As Raquel ravenously devoured her enemy’s sex, Leanna went to work on Raquel. The brunette woman stared up into Raquel’s cunt as it loomed over her face, dripping ejaculate down to her mouth.

“Oh God, yes, yesssssss,” Leanna moaned as she realized what Raquel planned to do, what the blonde was offering to her. She looped her arms around Raquel’s hips, spread her hands on the blonde’s perfect round ass, and raised her head to her rival’s gorgeous cunt. She ran her tongue on Raquel’s twat, she probed the slit. She used her hands to spread apart Raquel’s ass cheeks as she licked at and shoved her tongue into Raquel’s anus. She wrapped her lips around her foe’s swollen, rock-hard clit and began to suck, nibble and gently bite at the most sensitive organ on any woman’s body. As she felt Raquel’s fingers inside of her twat and ass, she pulled Raquel down lower on her face, so that she could more easily retaliate. Soon, both women were finger-fucking each other enthusiastically, even as they sucked hungrily on each other’s distended clits.

Raquel and Leanna writhed together in absolute ecstasy, devouring each other, forcing so much pleasure on each other that they both became delirious from the exquisite sensations. Their muffled moans, screams, shrieks of erotic joy filled the room. They sobbed, their bodies vibrating from the incredible overload of raw sensations.

How long they ate each other, neither women knew. Their bodies trembled with barely-controlled sexual tension, they both felt themselves slipping down to the point of no return, when their bodies could not contain any more pleasure and had to explode.

“FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCCCCKKKKKKK!!,” Leanna screamed, her body convulsing, a long, hot shot of ejaculate spraying into Raquel’s face and mouth, gushing into her hair. The blonde moaned in pleasure and victory as she put her mouth over Leanna’s cunt and took in as much of the shooting cum as she could, enjoying the taste. Leanna writhed, slow and hard, her body shaking, her fingers digging into Raquel’s perfect ass. “No, oh fuck, noooooooooo….” the brunette groaned, twisting her head from side to side as she suffered through orgasm after orgasm. She knew she had cum first.

Raquel had been only seconds away from exploding. Now, as Leanna suffered through her orgasmic release, Raquel managed to push back her own impending orgasm. She bent her head to Leanna’s twat and licked, sucked and fingered every orgasm that she could out of her bitter rival.

When Leanna finally stopped moving, her breath coming in hard pants, her tits heaving with effort and passion, Raquel sat up. She pressed her aching cunt into the brunette’s face. “Eat me, you whore, eat me good.” She reached down and filled her hands with Leanna’s breasts, squeezing both tits hard, before twisting the brunette’s nipples like knobs. Leanna reached up, her hands running up Raquel’s belly, to seize and squeeze the blonde’s massive tits in reply. At the same time, her tongue and lips wrapped around Raquel’s clit, expertly sucking, eating the blonde. Raquel moaned, her cries of pleasure growing more intense, more desperate, until she threw back her head, covered Leanna’s hands with her own to push in her tits even harder, and screamed uncontrollably as she came in a gush of hot, delicious cum. Leanna drank it like it was nectar, but she still almost drowned in the eruption of womanly ejaculate. It streamed down her face; some splattered into her hair.

When she was finished, Raquel fell forward on the brunette’s body. She buried her face in her rival’s twat and sighed and moaned, awash in pleasure and the sense of victory. She felt Leanna licking at her pussy. She kissed Leanna’s twat. Then there was stillness and quiet.

Raquel’s body vibrated with sensual overload. She was not sure she could move. After several minutes, she slowly rolled herself off of Leanna and to the side of the bed. She sat up and looked down at her enemy. Leanna was quiet, apparently asleep. Her gorgeous face sported a self-satisfied smile.

Raquel sat on the side of her king-size bed, gathering herself. She stood up, staggering a bit, finding her feet. Her body was wet with sweat and cum. Her nipples were dripping with nipple-cum. She walked to the foot of the bed, reached down, and grabbed Leanna by her thick, black hair. She looped the hair twice around her hand and pulled hard. Leanna’s eyes shot open and her hand reached up to grab at Raquel’s forearm. She shrieked at the agony in her scalp.

“CUNT! Let me go!” she howled.

Raquel pulled Leanna off the bed. The brunette thumped painfully onto the floor, but Raquel did not stop; she began dragging the black-haired bitch across the floor, towards the apartment door. With a cry, Leanna rolled over and got onto her knees. She pulled back, moaning in agony, hoping that her hair could withstand the terrible pressure. Fighting the pain, she got to her feet and reached for Raquel’s head. The two women seized equal handfuls of strong, long hair and began struggling, dragging each other’s naked, voluptuous bodies around the living room.

“You dirty fucking whore!” Leanna panted, trying to knee Raquel in the crotch. “I’m going to beat your fucking body black and blue!”

“Fuck you, bitch! I told you I would throw your naked ass out the door when this was done! I won! It’s time for your medicine!”

The women staggered back and forth, grunting and moaning. The pain they were giving to each other fed the sexual hunger still raging in their cores. Their naked bodies slapped together as the women threw themselves into each other’s arms, both wanting more flesh to flesh contact.

Raquel pushed Leanna up against the wall next to the apartment door. Leanna pulled Raquel into her. The women cried out as their tits squashed, as their bellies slapped. Leanna released Raquel’s hair and slipped her hands down the blonde’s back to grasp Raquel’s round, taut ass. Raquel tightened her grip on the brunette’s hair, and leaned hard into Leanna’s sweaty, naked body. She rubbed herself against Leanna, enjoying the delicious feel of tits to tits, hot, wet belly sliding on belly. The women looked deep into each other’s eyes, panting with lust. Leanna’s tongue ran along Raquel’s lips; Raquel licked back. The women locked into a deep, tongue-filled kiss, licking and sucking, spit flowing back and forth.

Raquel seized Leanna’s ass; Leanna tightened her grip on Raquel’s buttocks. They began to exchange hard pelvic thrusts, slapping their wet cunts together. Their groaning became deeper, more intense. They slid pussies back and forth, up and down, seeking the other woman’s clit. They went stiff in each other’s arms, screaming into their locked mouths, when their swelling clits crushed against each other, sending a surge of pure ecstasy roaring through their incredible bodies. The battling women rubbed clits, stroking, stroking, clit on clit, head to head, around and around, giving each other exquisite pleasure. The heat between their rolling, struggling tits threatened to consume them; their bellies were slick with sweat as their abdominal muscles rippled. Their asses pumped hard, driving and grinding pussy to pussy. They broke the kiss and rested cheek to cheek, panting and moaning, gasping and crying out as the pleasure built.

“Cunt, oh God, you cunt…,” Leanna breathed at Raquel. They were nose to nose, tongue to tongue, glaring at each other as their shared pleasure became unbearable. “I hate you so fucking much…”

“I hate you too, you dirty slut,” Raquel gasped.

Their moans grew louder, deeper. Their hips jerked rhythmically, their asses rippling as they ground clit to clit, riding each other, fucking each other senseless, fucking and fucking like animals, grinding more pleasure out of each other than they could stand. The women’s beautiful faces became masks of sexual agony as they struggled to keep from exploding; tears streamed down their faces and they began to whimper and sob as the intensity of the pressure in their tits and their clits became unbearable.

The women’s clits went supernova, exploding with heat that suffused their bodies, that filled them both to the brim with ecstasy. They screamed together, jerking their hips, determined to pound the other woman into absolute submission. Their contracting cunts gushed, drowning both women’s quims in cunt juice. Cum streamed down their thighs, down their calves to their bare feet and the floor. They ejaculated again and again and again, shuddering in each other’s arms, moaning with delight, gasping with pleasure, until they were finally spent.

Raquel leaned against Leanna, pinning the brunette to the wall, their massive tits pressed tight. Leanna’s hands stroked Raquel’s hot flesh, a movement that was surely unconscious, but which delighted the blonde. Raquel’s hands moved on Leanna’s ass.

Raquel pulled back and pressed nose to nose, eye to eye, forehead to forehead with Leanna. The brunette stared back defiantly, her eyes half-closed.

“Dirty fucking slut,” Leanna whispered.

“Cunteating whore,” Raquel replied.

The women kissed hard, rough, their tongues twisting, their spit flowing, both women trying to suck the other out.

As they settled into a deep, sucking, tongue lashing kiss, Raquel reached around Leanna and opened the apartment door. She moved quickly, suddenly pulling Leanna away from the wall, moving her into the door. She placed both of her hands on the brunette’s thick tits and pushed hard. The other naked woman stumbled back, falling out of the apartment, landing on her back on the hall floor.

Raquel reached down and grabbed the nearest scrap of clothing lying on the floor. It just happened to be Leanna’s shorts. She threw them into the brunette’s face.

“Get the fuck out of here, whore!” Raquel growled. “I’m done with you! I beat you! Live with it!”

“You fucking cunt,” Leanna panted. The brunette picked up her shorts. Raquel closed the apartment door in her face and locked it.

Leanna pounded on the door. “Let me in, fucker!” she shouted. Raquel ignored her. The blonde staggered back to her bedroom. The pounding sounds soon stopped. Leanna clearly did not want to draw attention to herself, naked in the hall. Even if she pulled on her shorts, she would still be topless.

Raquel collapsed on her bed. Sighing, exhausted, she wrapped herself in the wet, cum and sweat-splattered sheets. She smiled as she nestled down into the soaked sheets, cocooning herself in the powerful scent of sex, in the scent of her enemy. Raquel felt magnificent. She had beaten her rival, proving her sexual superiority. She had avenged herself on the cheating whore who had robbed her of her arm-wrestling title. She was the Alpha bitch. She drifted off into sleep, fully satisfied in every way.


Raquel decided to keep Leanna’s halter top and shoes as her trophies of the night she and the other woman had fucked each other senseless. Besides, both the shoes and the top fit her perfectly. She smiled. She looked forward to the day when she would wear both in Leanna’s presence, rubbing the other woman’s face in her defeat..

On the Monday after the fuckfight, Raquel returned to the gym at her usual time in the evening. Only a few people approached her to share their regrets that she had lost her arm-wrestling title, though the whole gym had to know. The very public loss of the title rankled her, especially because no one would know what had happened between Leanna and her afterwards. Raquel decided she could live with the public humiliation so long as she had her private revenge.

Shortly after she started her workout, Leanna entered the gym. The women’s eyes locked from across the room. They held each other’s green gaze, but Leanna looked away first and Raquel felt a great swell of satisfaction when she saw the brunette beauty’s cheeks color with anger and humiliation. That was exactly as it should be. Raquel smiled.

The blonde enjoyed her workout, then made her way back to the locker room. When she left the gym, Leanna was still working out.

Raquel walked down the hall to the shower room. She hung her towel on a rack outside the shower stall. She turned on the water, waited for it to warm up, then gratefully stepped into the stream and enjoyed the play of the hot water on her tired muscles. She felt great. She arched her back, lifting her magnificent tits to the water, and smiled as the stream coursed between her thick breasts.

Suddenly, Raquel heard the shower curtain on her stall pull back. She turned around and was not at all surprised by what she saw.

Leanna was standing in the entryway, completely naked. She had already kicked off her flip flops and was barefoot. Her massive tits were engorged, her nipples like little spears protruding from her chest. Her flat, muscled belly glistened with sweat. Her pussy lips were thick and full, her clit was already swollen and nodding with tension at the crown of her cunt. The woman’s eyes were hot, glowing with anger and lust.

Leanna stepped into the shower. Raquel slipped out of her flip-flops, shifted her position and let the stream of hot water blast onto the brunette, soaking her down. Once Leanna was good and wet, Raquel turned off the water.. By then, Raquel’s body was primed and ready, her tits swollen, her nipples hardened to rock, her thick clit growing and hardening by the second.

The wet, naked women moved towards each other. Both shuddered and smiled as their massive tits mated, nipple to nipple. They wrapped their arms around each other. Raquel slipped her arms around Leanna’s wasp-waist, Leanna reached around Raquel’s upper back. The women pulled each other in, moaning with pleasure as their bulbous chests crushed. Their thick thighs caressed each other, their flat bellies slid together. The powerful women could feel the heat of the other woman’s cunt, the other woman’s clit, waiting to meet and mate. They pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead, eyes locked.

“You fuck,” Leanna purred. “Did you think this was over? Did you think one battle would decide things between us? You’ve started a fuckwar, baby, and it’s not over until one of us surrenders completely.”

Raquel smiled. Her breath was coming in hot pants, her tits were burning up. She slipped her hands down Leanna’s waist, over her hips, and slid them over the brunette’s ass. Raquel squeezed her opponent’s hard ass tightly. Leanna’s hands slid down Raquel’s body until she was gripping the blonde’s perfect ass just as hard.

“I’m going to destroy you, Leanna,” Raquel murmured. “I’m going to fuck your brains out. I’m going to make you my bitch. I don’t care how long that takes or how many times I need to fuck you into the ground.”

Leanna smiled savagely. Raquel smiled back. The women spread their legs and tilted their pelvises forward, lining up their cunts, readying their clits, preparing to take each other on in a stand-up fuck. Both could feel the erotic heat, the sexual electricity coming off their throbbing clits, they could feel the indescribable pleasure that awaited them between the other woman’s legs. They understood this would be the opening salvo in a much longer, harder war to fuck the other into complete submission.

“Let’s get started,” Leanna purred. Raquel moaned with need. Slowly, slowly, the women brought their burning clits together and began the fuckwar.

The End

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