Four of a Kind by Catharsis

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Part 1 – “The Cards”

The bus driver didn’t pay any attention to the first girl who boarded at the south campus station. It was only when she, or rather someone who looked exactly like her, got on again at the next stop that he checked the mirror to see if his mind was playing tricks on him. It wasn’t. The second girl showed him her student ID with the same pleasant smile that the first girl had, and went to sit down. At first glance, they were twins. Both were about 5′ 3″ and dressed in identical, simple outfits, the kind he’d seen restaurant waitresses wear. They were equally curvy, with soft, pale skin, a cute chubbiness to their cheeks, and shoulder-length blond hair gathered behind their heads in short pony tails. Strangely, they didn’t acknowledge each other in the slightest even when the second girl passed the first and took a seat three rows behind her on the opposite side of the bus. Sisters? He stole one final peek. Maybe. Their faces had a similar shape, but their noses and chins differed enough to make it unlikely. He shrugged it off and guided the coach back on the road away from campus.

Holly Criswell sat still the entire bus ride to the civic center. Normally, she greeted everyone with courtesy. Everyone. But she’d just made an exception when Michelle Godwin walked past her. Holly had made a lot of great friends at college, especially in her service fraternity, and they all had the best things to say about her ever-cheerful and always-caring attitude. She’d been looking forward to working with them at the charity casino dinner tonight, until her roommate broke the news that Michelle would be there, helping out as part of the university’s community outreach group. Now was not the time she wanted to be around that girl. It had been almost a month since the two had been introduced by their roommates. Time enough for the events of that fateful day and its aftermath to begin to fade.

They hadn’t. Over the past few days, Holly had been thinking more and more about Michelle. About just how annoying it was to be around someone so like herself in every way. About the heated contest she had thrown herself into with the other blonde in an effort to prove she was the better of the pair. About the little victories she’d won as the two escalated a war of words into bodily contact, each daring the other further and further from tight bear hugging to tantalizing kissing to all-out seduction in search of humiliating dominance. She couldn’t forget the embarrassing times her look-alike rival succeeded in forcing her to succumb to yet another orgasm as they fought a sexual duel to exhaustion throughout the night, nor the times she had ridden Michelle’s bucking body as it convulsed in ecstasy. As the days had passed, her body had begun to ache, to seek to reconnect with Michelle’s, to drown itself in intimate combat. Holly had suffocated that urge even as her social circle caused her to interact with Michelle more frequently over the past weeks. With a kind grin and pleasant words, she’d kept her true feelings and her deepest desires well hidden. Now, something was stirring within her. She worried that it was only a matter of time before she wouldn’t be able to control it. Sometime soon, that cauldron of wrath and lust she harbored — one that was so much the opposite of her normal personality — might find a way to boil over.

Several seats away, Michelle Godwin forced herself to focus. She reminded herself that her duty tonight was to work as a server at the fund-raising banquet. She had to ignore the fact that Holly was going to be there. Holly. The girl she’d given a polite but fake smile to as she passed by on the bus. The girl who, right now, sat close enough that a few steps would bring them back into physical contact. Whose straight blond hair, swaying at the edge of her peripheral vision, brought back memories Michelle had been trying desperately to keep her mind from replaying. She remembered burying her face in that hair, pressing her cheek against her rival’s while the rest of her naked body wrestled against Holly’s. Their breasts had slid and slapped. Their arms had grabbed and caressed. Their innermost thighs… Michelle had never felt so feverishly consumed with a desire to match herself sexually against another woman and conquer her, to hear her cry out in submission. She’d told herself many times since that day that what had happened was an aberration. That wasn’t who she was. She would always be the kindest person anyone knew, forgiving to a fault. Never one to wish the least harm on another person. In her heart, though, she now knew that there was a dark fire burning beneath her innocent exterior. It was something nasty, to be kept secret at all costs. If only it didn’t make her feel so alive. If only it hadn’t given release to pent-up emotions locked away for years. If there could only be another time, when…

The bus arrived downtown. The driver covertly watched the two identical young women disembark. Both had stood up at the same time, but one waited until the other was off the bus before continuing to leave. Neither had said a word. “Didn’t they even notice each other?” he thought.

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The rush of incoming guests died down just prior to the start of dinner service. Holly left the coat check station, found that the registration table didn’t need help, and walked through the hall surrounding the banquet room. Through the doors, she saw clusters of suits and evening gowns chatting and getting seated. Half out of curiosity, she tried to look for the short, round figure of the state senator that the president of her service fraternity had so proudly announced would be in attendance. She almost ran into someone, apologized, and hurried through a door marked Staff Only. The kitchen was a barely organized cacophony. Holly could identify who the catering staff was, but didn’t see anyone from her service group. While she was puzzling out who was in charge in order to ask what she could do next, Tamika, someone she did recognize, burst through the door from the banquet room holding nearly empty pitchers of water and ice tea, mumbling to no one in particular.

“…call me Aunt Jemima one more time, and they’re gonna get both of these poured on their heads. Oh, hey Holly! Sorry, I didn’t see you there.”

“Hey, Tamika. Anything I can help with?”

“Nothing I can’t manage.”

“Are you sure? You look a little frustrated.”

The heavy-set girl put her pitchers down and sighed. “Those two… they’d put the patience of Job to the test.” At Holly’s inquisitive look, she continued, “The twins, daughters of that senator. Acting like they own the whole wide world.”

A sweet, concerned smile to melt the coldest of hearts graced Holly’s face. “Please don’t take this as thinking you can’t handle the situation, but if you’d rather not… I wouldn’t mind something to do. Plus, I don’t like to see you getting upset.”

Tamika let a weight off her shoulders with a big sigh. She returned Holly’s smile. “Ain’t you an angel. Tell you what. I’m going to check up on Lisa’s tables, ’cause I’m pretty sure she’s been slacking off. If you wouldn’t mind picking up the tables up front, then I know that everything’s getting covered.”

“Of course!”

Tamika had no sooner left and Holly had grabbed a pair of pitchers than Trish, the coordinator, arrived from the banquet room and barked at Holly. “Table 2 had a spill. Refill their water and then make another round on the head table.” Holly nodded and hurried in. Jason, a tall, gangly freshman, was wiping up, mopping the floor with a rag. He kept bumping his head on the table edge, causing cackles of laughter to erupt from behind Holly. When she’d refilled the toppled glass and made sure the red-faced boy was alright, her attention turned to the source of the ridicule.

Seated at the head table a few feet from her were two young women barely older then she was. The pair had identical red satin dresses, identical hairstyles, and identical cute faces. Their tawny blond hair, dark at the roots, were done up in perms exposing bare skin from their necks and shoulders down to their tight, strapless gown tops. Holly noticed that each displayed ample cleavage from perfectly round breasts that were equally as large as hers. She approached them, blocking their view of Jason’s fumbling and offered to refill their half-empty glasses.

“Oh, my,” chortled one, “it seems something has happened to the Help.”

“Did you see a ghost, dear?” the other girl asked Holly in mock concern. “You look like you’ve turned… pale.” Tittering laughter erupted from the two of them at this.

Holly, her mouth a gentle crescent, poured water. She made eye contact with each twin in turn, and then continued down the head table. One of them remarked, “What truck stop did they drag her out of?” but Holly blotted it out by cheerfully wishing another guest “Good evening,” and thanking them for attending.

On the other side of the hall, Michelle had her hands full. Nobody has seen fit to tell her group what the table numbers were, and a line of people bringing the salads, each with different dressings, were starting to back up at the door. With well-practiced calm, she got them organized and the first plates delivered to nearby tables. One of the caterers appeared a minute later and apologized, but another incident immediately stole her attention.

Zoey, the shy younger sister of one of the community outreach student directors, shrieked and dropped the tall pepper mill she’d been holding. The girl dashed, teary-eyed, from the room. Michelle handed another server the dropped pepper mill and indicated that he should continue around that table. She then followed after Zoey with a look of pure concern on her face, but silently fuming inside. Bumping into Holly on the bus hadn’t started her evening off in the most placid mood. One more thing, she thought, and that nastiness she kept bottled up might burst out.

“I saw what happened,” she consoled Zoey upon catching up with her in the ladies room. “It was disgusting.”

“What makes men think they can just reach their hand under there and do that?” Zoey sobbed.

Michelle didn’t have a good answer for that. “Look, it’s going to be hard not to think about what happened. Believe me, I know, but trust me, I will not let this pass. You won’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. I’ll inform Security… wait, wait! They need to know so they can keep an eye on him and prevent it from happening again.” Understanding lit up in Zoey’s eyes. “You just get cleaned up. I’ll stay here with you for as long as you need.”

Zoey stuffed another tissue in her eyes. “Oh, thank you. Really. I… just need a moment.”

A moment was all the time they had as the sole occupants of the restroom. Clattering through the door came two young women in red dresses, exact copies of each other, chatting up a storm. Michelle gave them the look a nun might use to hush unruly students. One of the pair went into a stall while the other rummaged in her purse. Zoey gave a big sniff, composed herself heroically, and announced that she’d talk with Security herself. Relieved, Michelle watched her go, then leaned on the sink with both hands, closed her eyes, and calmed her inner turmoil with deep breaths.

“You gonna use that?” The words tore through her reverie. Michelle looked up into the mirror to see who was addressing her. One of the duplicates who’d interrupted her discussion with Zoey stared back at her. Out of habit, Michelle responded with a kind, quizzical eyebrow raise.

“If you’re done, then my sister and I would like this room now.”

“Is there something the matter… or anything you need?” Michelle turned. The girl, who stood an inch or two taller and barely two feet away, examined her name tag. Michelle sized her up in return. Thin waist, jutting boobs, bare freckled shoulders, glittering jewelry, flawless makeup and hair, sapphire blue eyes, condescending glare.

“No… Mi-chelle, there isn’t.”

“Well, I’m very sorry to hear that.” It came out more dismissively than intended, or typical, for the reserved blonde.

The girl took a menacing step forward. “You’re not getting smart with me, are you?”

Locking eyes with her and bearing a completely unfluttered expression, Michelle replied, “That’s the furthest thing from my mind, Ms…”

A tense stare-down froze the two young women in place for several seconds. “All you need to know is that I’ve made it clear you need to go. Unlucky you. If I had the time, I might show you a few things…” At this, the girl leaned her face in so it almost touched. Her bosom landed squarely on Michelle’s. The impact brought back to her flashes of Holly, of a long, sweaty session mashing their tits together in a tight bear hug. Michelle forced her arms to remain still. Instead, she inhaled deeply, applying a bit of pressure back at her unknown attacker for a brief moment.

Suddenly conscious of what she was doing, Michelle blushed and backed up a step. “Sorry for bothering you. I’ll be leaving now.”

The young woman’s eyes scanned Michelle and her expression softened. “Hmm. Actually, I th-“

“Fuck!” exploded the other twin in the stall, who swung the door open and poked her head out. “Ashley, the TP here’s thinner than fuckin’ crepe paper!”

Ashley broke eye contact. Michelle exhaled calmly and exited the bathroom as if nothing had just occurred. “Dammit, Jessica!” she heard as the door swung shut. Michelle hardly noticed the older lady coming down the hall headed to where she’d just left. Normally, she would have given the lady a kind warning about the pair in the restroom. Her racing heartbeat made that impossible.

So was bringing her concentration back to the charity event. It wasn’t just the confrontation. Her body had reacted, unbidden. It knew what it wanted and didn’t care if it embroiled her in a filthy breast-to-breast battle with a total stranger. She’d been avoiding acting catty with Holly because any animosity between the two of them would eventually be found out by their mutual friends. It was totally unexpected to find someone else who didn’t seem afraid of using her body against another woman. That girl… what a match she was. Firm tits, a sensual mouth, fiery eyes, and more than deserving of being humiliated to curb that haughty attitude. Michelle could imagine grinding her down, forcing a humiliating cry of sexual submission out of her. She steadied herself suddenly on the wall. Her face felt flush. She fought back the arousal that sizzled through her.

Focus. She had to focus.

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Holly’s arms were tired. Tamika praised her, saying she could work next year’s Octoberfest with no problem. Still, she wasn’t needed anymore for drink refills. Tamika had taken back the head table duty and seen off the terrible twins some time ago. Holly hoped they were gone for good and hadn’t stuck around to play at any of the blackjack or poker tables in the main conference room. She walked around and found Trish, who sent her in search of more napkins. After being turned out of the kitchen empty-handed, she got directions to the supply closet.

On her way there, she encountered one of the senator’s daughters glancing around and muttering, “…if she finishes it all, I’m gonna bash her.” At the sight of Holly, the young woman stopped and stared, then grew a confused look. “Did you change your name tag?” she asked.

Holly couldn’t figure out what was up with this strange person, and said, “No.” That seemed to snap her out of the mood she was in and the two parted company.

Down a side hall across from a stairwell, Holly found the supply room door. As her hand grasped the handle, she heard a faint sniff, followed by another. Seeking the location of the distraught individual, she turned around and went through the stairwell door instead. A few steps up sat the senator’s other daughter, a body double of the one Holly had just run into. A large rectangular makeup case was open near her, and a clear plastic tube was lying on its mirror. Another sniff, a wipe of the nose. Holly saw that the girl’s mascara was still flawless.

“Excuse me,” Holly bowed slightly in apology. The girl sprang up, cutting off Holly’s retreat.

“You didn’t see shit!” Looking Holly up and down, she quieted her voice and continued, “Hey weren’t you the one… Hehe. I see what Ashley was after.”

“I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

“Don’t you worry. Big sister Jessica’s here. I’ll fill in all the lovely details.”

“That’s okay. I’ll leave you here to powder your nose, or whatever.”

Jessica propped herself against the door. “Not so fast. I can’t quite tell… you look innocent as all get out, but somehow I get the sense that you’re only playing dumb.”

Holly studied everything about the other young woman. Toned legs, svelte figure wrapped tightly in a red designer dress, slender arms, jutting C cup breasts, and an innocent oval face with a poorly-hidden twinkle of evil in her pupils. Holly’d had no intention of letting Jessica get away with snorting up but she hadn’t yet figured out how to punish her. With a start, she realized that something welling up inside her was calculating if she could handle the situation right here, right now.

She shook it off. “I’m so sorry, but I really have to go.” Holly reached for the handle. Just as her hand rested on it, Jessica grabbed her wrist.

“No, don’t.” Jessica tugged, but Holly remained firm. “We’ve only just begun introducing ourselves.”

“Please let go.”

“Why?” Jessica’s thumb massaged up and down Holly’s wrist. “I’m not here to hurt you.”

The pair’s faces were inches apart. Holly felt her bosom rise and fall as she struggled to quell her emotions. Oh, if only she were to let snap that final cord of control and show this stuck-up snot what she could do… Their knees brushed as their bodies swayed slightly and the stalemate wore on.

A knock at the door shattered the impasse. A man’s voice called out through the narrow window, “Yo! You the one sent to get the napkins? I’ve got the keys here. Closet’s locked.”

Holly watched Jessica’s mocking grin recede before resetting her face, opening the door, and sounding a cheerful “Thank you!” Once across the hallway, she picked up two long plastic-wrapped bundles of napkins and hugged them to her chest. She stifled a noise as the packages rubbed her nipples, which had stiffened during the altercation back in the stairwell.

Returning in a hurry, Holly fought the desire rising in her body. Bumping into Michelle on the bus had been bad enough. Being so close to the one who’d taken her to the limit again and again had loosed a flood of unwanted, overwhelming sexual daydreaming. Now fate had presented her with someone who all but begged to be put in her place, who taunted her, seeing the sweet exterior but was oblivious to the lustful animal underneath that reveled in intimate feminine combat. She’d been on the verge of unchaining it. It was a foul thing, utterly unladylike and improper, and its hunger only grew. Holly felt she was stronger, for now. Even so, it was getting harder and harder to contain it.

She feared that it wasn’t a matter of IF it got loose, but WHEN.

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Part 2 – “The Shuffle & The Deal”

The next day saw Holly in a mood as bright as the sun in the ice blue November sky. She’d survived the rest of the evening, a feat made easier once the senator’s strict wife had arrived and corralled her unruly progeny. Holly had even won kudos for her “can do” attitude and never-failing smile from Trish. She’d slept like a log and awoke fresh with a head clear of any ill-conceived notions of unleashing bottled-up cattiness at another woman. Her morning walk done, she had headed into town dressed in a light pink fuzzy sweater and knee-length rose skirt. The strong breeze whipped her blonde hair about her head, but she hand-combed it away from her face and strode forward on a mission.

Her destination was a clothing boutique she’d visited last weekend. In it, she’d found a unique soft pink jacket with a wonderfully fluffy collar that fit her perfectly. She’d mulled buying it ever since, but wasn’t sure she could justify the price. This Saturday, however, her mind was made up. Wearing it would turn heads. Wearing it would make a statement: she possessed self-confidence and self-control. She hoped a certain someone took it as a note of warning.

Prior to reaching the boutique, Holly stopped at the bakery a block away that sold her favorite chocolate croissants. ‘I’m just getting their coffee,’ she reminded herself. Still, she left the register with a bag in addition to her aromatic latte containing not one, but multiple pastries, each mentally earmarked for a different neighbor in her dorm. She sat down at a table to arrange stuff in her backpack so her purchase could fit inside.

A shadow blocked the sun as she tried to work the bag into the outside pocket. “Careful there, dear. You don’t want anything to get crushed,” said the shadow’s owner. Squinting at the light leaking around the figure who stood there, Holly tried to make out who was speaking. With a start, she recognized the face of one of the senator’s twin daughters. The one from the stairwell? She couldn’t tell.

Holly default politeness overrode any dismay at this unwelcome intrusion. “Thank you. I’ll do my best not to.”

“You ARE the girl from last night, aren’t you? The one who scampered off before our… little discussion went anywhere.”

“At the charity banquet? Oh, yes. How could I forget?” Holly grinned sweetly despite the bile rising in her throat. She was thinking fast. This must be the girl she found snorting up from the way she slyly referred to their confrontation. Jessica was the girl’s name, right? “I hope we didn’t get off on the wrong foot.”

Ashley didn’t bother to ask permission before she sat down close to the girl she was sure had had the nerve to stand up to her in the bathroom the previous night. Sliding her knee rudely against Holly’s leg, she replied, “Nothing we can’t iron out now.”

In an instant, Holly forgot all about the pastries for her friends, the pink jacket, and any delusions of self-control. Suddenly, nothing mattered more to her than the overbearing bitch with the sharp nose, the shiny white blouse one size too small for her chest, glittering jewelry, deep crimson lipstick, and flawless skin invading her personal space. Holly had dealt with people like this in the past in a stealthy and round-about manner. This girl, however, was practically begging to be on the receiving end of a private and unforgettable humiliation. Or was that just the dark beast Holly thought she’d suppressed talking?

Her head spun. She watched like a spectator as her mouth moved on its own. “I have no other pressing engagements.”

“Good. It’s truly wonderful that we ran into each other like this. I do hate leaving things unfinished.”

As if unperturbed by the subtext of their conversation, Holly stretched her hands above her head and straightened her legs. Her boobs tested the limits of her soft sweater and her left ankle brushed Ashley’s calf on its way back down. “What did you have in mind?” she asked.

Wheels turned in Ashley’s brain. “How about we head out and have a private chat in my car?” At Holly’s pause, she added, “Have you ever been in a limo before?”

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Michelle couldn’t believe her luck. Her offer to take her dorm neighbor’s package to the shipping store had led to a spur-of-the-moment decision to take a peek inside the little clothing shop next door that she’d always been curious about. There, she had struck gold — fashion gold — in the form of a one-of-a-kind pink jacket with an awesome fluffy collar. It was her size and on the expensive side, but as she held it against her front and faced a nearby mirror, she knew it was made for her. She pondered how well it went well with the soft white sweater and dark skirt she was wearing. In the back of her mind, she could imagine someone in particular being very envious.

She shrugged her purse off her shoulder and looked for a place to drop it while she put the jacket on to check its sleeve length. In the corner of her eye, she caught someone in a pair of white heels coming up behind her.

“It’s you,” the woman said. The voice rang a bell, but Michelle couldn’t place it immediately. She turned and reflexively thanked the person for complimenting her selection.

Her smile froze. Standing a little too close to her was someone who reminded her of the snotty girl who’d accosted her in the restroom last night after she’d helped out Zoey. In fact, Michelle was sure that it was, despite the change in clothes to a white satin blouse, dark pencil skirt, and tan hose. The young woman removed her white-rimmed sunglasses, dumped them in the glittering purse that hung at her side, and examined the jacket Michelle held. “And THAT is you, too, isn’t it?” she continued, chuckling at her own cleverness. “It’s got bold lines, but ultimately it’s soft and won’t stand up in the face of harsh conditions.”

Michelle raised every one of her defenses, but maintained the unwavering gentle expression that hid her true emotions. “You’d suggest something different?”

“Oh, no. You and it make a perfect pair.”

Michelle glanced around. “Speaking of which, I seem to recall from last night that you are part of an identical duo.”

Jessica’s mouth twisted into a crimson smirk. “You do remember me. Good. My sister hasn’t had her coffee yet today, so don’t you worry. Nothing will interrupt our conversation this time.”

“Can it wait a bit? I’d like to try on a few things first.” Michelle turned toward the back of the store, hoping to find a salesperson to rescue her. The only one she saw was busy behind the register on the phone.

“No need to go anywhere to check the fit on that coat.”

Michelle ignored her, and snatched a bra off a nearby stand. “This, too.” Without looking back, she scooted through the dangling curtain of beads that guarded access to the changing rooms. She selected the furthest door, darted in, and closed it behind her. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest. Luck was NOT on her side today, she decided, mentally crossing this store off her list of places to visit again.

She hung the jacket up on a hook, leaned her forehead into the wall and closed her eyes. As her breasts rested up against the flat surface, her thoughts replayed the memory of the previous evening in the ladies room. The feel of those firm boobs pushing against hers… the intent had been unmistakable. Michelle’s body had risen to the challenge with scarcely any time for her to think. That bothered her. She worried that one day she’d do something so nasty and dirty that her innocent exterior wouldn’t be enough armor against the consequences.

In the present, though, she had to figure a way to escape her current predicament. She snapped her eyes open and backed away from the wall, suddenly aware that she’d been rubbing her tits up and down it absentmindedly. She swallowed and took a deep breath. Beneath her sweater and the slip under that, nestled in the simple white bra she wore, her nipples were aroused and sensitive. Michelle studied the lingerie she’d brought into the changing room with her, trying to focus her mind on something else. It was a sheer black plunge, with far too much lace for her liking.

Michelle was still in that position when the door opened and someone squeezed in. She looked up as Jessica tutted, dismissing her hasty choice. “Sorry to intrude, but I just can’t let someone make such a silly fashion mistake.” The twin held up a pale rose demi bra. “This is more your style, don’t you think?”

A brief shudder rippled through Michelle. She sighed, more as a way to calm her nerves than in exasperation. Shrugging, she admitted, “Normally you’d be right, ma’am. But you see…” Michelle stiffened her spine. “I’ve been thinking of being more adventurous lately.”

That blood red smirk again. “Really? You don’t say. Anyone in particular you’re trying to impress?”

Michelle didn’t like how this was going. This pushy girl was reawakening the vicious carnal feelings she’d felt toward Holly, and they were dangerously close to taking control. She forced a blush on her face and gauged the other woman’s response. No effect. She tried another tactic. “Look, I appreciate your help, but I really think you should leave now. Thank you very much for the suggestion. I’ll see how it fits.”

“Don’t you worry. I’m sure it will. See, I have a very keen eye. You’re a 34 C. Am I right?” Michelle met Jessica’s eyes as the other girl leaned in. “I know I am. Because we’re a match.” The changing room walls loomed more claustrophobic. Michelle set her face sternly. She normally handled situations like this with a tranquility that earned her the nickname ‘Saint Michelle’. But she was so focused now on the stylish and attractive but mean-spirited bitch in front of her that she was completely oblivious to her hands trembling.

Jessica revelled in Michelle’s reaction. “Equal, except of course that I could pull off that little black number you grabbed. Honestly, I don’t think you’ve got the spine for it.”

All pretense of restraint left Michelle at that moment. “You think you’ve got that good a measure of me?”

“Gonna prove me wrong?” Jessica nonchalantly dropped the bra she was holding onto the floor and cocked one hand against her waist.

“How would I do that?” In one swift motion Jessica took the bra out of Michelle’s hands and tossed it aside. Michelle lunged for it. In doing so, her left boob slammed into Jessica’s right orb.

Jessica steadied herself with her right hand on the door. She righted herself and met Michelle’s thrust with similar force. “Unless you were just being clumsy, that’s a good start. Word of warning, though: I’m sure I’m much better at this than you are.”

Michelle cut Jessica’s boasting short by squaring her shoulders and standing firm against her rival’s oncoming chest. Between them, their ample breasts swelled, distorted by their head-on collision. As if immune to the discomfort, Michelle smiled sweetly. “You’ve misjudged more than my bust size.”

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Down the street, Holly and Ashley ducked into the limo’s spacious back seat. The interior was done in black leather with two long benches facing each other. Before the driver could speak, Ashley barked orders. “It’s just me right now. You can pick up my sister later.” The tuxedoed man opened his mouth to object. “If she calls, lie. Say you needed to get gas or something.” With that, she shut the small opaque sliding window to the front seat and locked it. Almost imperceptibly, the vehicle rolled into traffic.

Holly sat across from Ashley, legs together and hands folded demurely in her lap. At Holly’s slightly disapproving stare, Ashley threw her hand up, palm facing Holly and declared, “You can’t judge me.”

“I can’t?”

“Of course not. I remember the look you gave me last night all too well. As if you were actually thinking of starting something with me. You dress all cute and act all innocent, but I’m not convinced you are. And if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a fake.”

“If you’re on a crusade against frauds, you’ve picked the wrong target.”

“Oh, I’m not so sure I have.” She draped herself casually against the back of the seat. “But enough unpleasant talk. I’m willing to do you a big favor. Speaking frankly, you intrigue me. I’d like to get to know you better. Add you to my network. And believe me, I can introduce you to some very rewarding positions.”

“That’s very kind of you. What exactly would I have to do?”

Ashley stuck out her foot. With her toe, she prodded Holly’s leg. “Just be yourself.” Her toe tapped Holly’s calf again. As it swung a third time, Holly blocked it with her foot. Their ankles locked in midair.

Ashley tried to pull her foot free. Holly’s went rigid and lifted it upward, preventing any escape. Ashley responded in kind. She angled her leg so that the top of her foot found a strong grip against the heel of Holly’s simple brown shoe. For the next two minutes as the limo smoothly rumbled on, Holly and Ashley engaged in a quiet contest with their right feet. Neither’s face gave any indication that the tug of war was having any effect on them. They stared deeply into each other’s eyes, daring their opponent to react while down near the floor their nylon-covered legs danced in a test of strength. Holly’s loafers scraped the back of Ashley’s foot, threatening to shove the strap of her white pumps off her heel. Ashley wrenched her leg slowly but firmly, forcing Holly’s ankle into a painful twist. The pair froze in that position, their calf muscles flexing.

With a sudden audible swish of nylon against nylon, Ashley’s shoe came off and the young womens’ legs slid apart. Holly’s loafer had slipped halfway off her right heel. She reached down to reinsert her foot, but a sudden lunge from Ashley halted her. The twin lashed out with both legs, driving her feet under the hem of Holly’s skirt and hooking them just below Holly’s knees. Ashley braced herself on the seat and yanked. Her stockinged toes drew lines along the back of Holly’s leg before finding purchase. Holly opened her mouth and inhaled in surprise as she was thrown off balance momentarily. She swung her feet up, seeking to kick Ashley’s legs away, but the other girl countered by bending her knees and spreading Holly’s wide. Half-slumped in her seat, Holly fought to bring her legs together, pushing against the slippery surface of Ashley’s hose.

Seconds ticked by, but Holly made no headway. A grin crawled up Ashley’s mouth, which now parted to let her panting breath out. She slouched further, allowing her feet to grip the backs of Holly’s knees. With her toes, she bunched the material of Holly’s skirt higher and higher up off the prim girl’s legs. Holly responded by grapevining her exposed legs around Ashley’s, shoving the twin’s pencil skirt midway up her thighs. Entwined in the air, their legs wrestled more vigorously than before. Their feigned nonchalance was gone. Both dug their elbows into the seat and their fingers into its edge and propped themselves up so they could glare into each other’s faces.

“I was right,” Ashley declared triumphantly. “You’ve got a bit of the devil in you. Don’t give me that look, you phony.”

Holly swiveled her hips, succeeding in crushing Ashley’s feet between her thighs. “Just defending myself, is all. Why are you doing this?”

“It’s your fault for getting me curious.” With quick thrust, she stuck her toes into Holly’s upper leg. Holly recoiled, drawing her feet high up and outward, then slammed them heavily onto Ashley’s knees, breaking the attack. “Hah, and now I know the answer to another thing I was wondering about.”

“Whether I’d stand up to someone like you?”

“No, the fact that you’re so plain you’re wearing simple white underwear.”

“You…” Holly covered up with her skirt in a flash. Across the rear of the limo, Ashley laughed, lounging wantonly with her legs parted, providing Holly a clear view of a shiny black thong.

“Such a prude. Got a bit of spunk to ya, but that’s as far as it goes.”

Holly sat up and leaned forward. “Glad your curiosity’s satisfied. Glad that was so easy to do.”

“Still bitchy?” Ashley aimed her bare foot in Holly’s direction. Her target swatted it aside with one leg, sending the sound of nylon brushing nylon sizzling through the air.

“No. Acting sleazy doesn’t make one superior.”

“Hah. Spoken like someone who’s never had an orgasm. Am I right?”

Holly set her mouth in a firm line. “You know nothing about me.”

Ashley sat up, her eyes wide. “Ooh. Now you’ve got me curious again.” Holly glared a stern warning. “Pah. You’re bluffing.”

Holly remained unmoved. “You really don’t have a clue.”

Ashley stood up, knees bent and hunched over in the cramped space and hung onto a strap near one of the doorways. Her satin blouse had come partially untucked from her waistband, giving plenty of free room for her pendulous tits to bulge out the shiny fabric as they swayed. Ashley felt her hardened nipples tickled by the impact. This impertinent blonde sitting in front of her pressed all the right buttons — cute, curvy, and reserved — but, unlike her previous illicit conquests, also the wrong ones: catty, defiant, and daring her to cross the next line. The combination was confusing. Even so, the challenge was an added spice to her usual excitement. Ashley Lamonde, she reminded herself, never lacked for confidence. And she always got her way.

A faint whiff of the other woman’s perfume drifted into Holly’s nostrils. She could barely believe how badly she wanted to unite her body in an all-out war with this stuck-up slut, and was amazed at her own willingness to taunt her to see how far the bitch would go. Her nerves were on fire, the skin beneath her sweater beginning to sweat, and her blushing cheeks signalled her growing arousal. Either way this went, she thought to herself, would be fine. If this twin backed down, Holly would have proved herself capable of restraining that wrong but powerful urge to humiliate another woman sexually, no matter how deserving a brat she was. And if things went the other way…

Ashley cut off Holly’s internal monologue. “How about a deal, then? You clue me in, and I’ll show you what kind of knowledge you’re lacking.”

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Part 3 – “The Bet, The Raise, & The Call”

“That sounds to me like a challenge,” Jessica said. She was intrigued by the uninhibited streak this cute little blonde was revealing. Like a trap snapping shut, her arms quickly encircled Michelle. Her fingers dug into Michelle’s back through her fuzzy sweater and the thin slip underneath it. Michelle answered with a constricting hug of her own. Face to face the two women breathed through clenched teeth, nostrils flaring.

“Take it any way you want,” Michelle replied. Although the four walls of the narrow changing room were within arm’s reach, they, and the rest of the universe, didn’t even register in Michelle’s mind. Her senses were filled with the smell of the other woman’s perfume and hair spray, the sound of her hot breath, the closeness of her blue eyes and moist, dark red lips, but most of all the feel of her silky blouse in her fingers, the warmth of her arms around her, and the constant pressure of two heavy boobs mashing uncomfortably into her own ample pair. Her calves flexed, steadying her body against Jessica’s onslaught. She pushed her heels into the floor and leaned forward, driving Jessica back an inch.

Jessica reared up on her toes to counterattack. Her satin-covered breasts slid upward against Michelle’s. She savored the feel of the other girl’s soft sweater through the thin material of her top. When she went to capitalize on her slight height advantage, though, she found Michelle had already adjusted. Instead of planting her tits on top of Michelle’s and weighing them down painfully, her chest met Michelle’s head-on. Jessica let out a deep breath, exhaling more than she intended due to the squeeze Michelle put on her just as their breasts impacted once more. Jessica drove her palms into Michelle’s shoulders seeking escape. Without complaint, Michelle let go and the two backed away a step.

“Listen,” said Michelle, regaining her composure and donning and concerned voice. “There’s no need for this to go any farther. We can go our separate ways and forget this happened. There doesn’t need to be any trouble.”

“You think I give a shit about trouble? You best remember who you’re talking to. My daddy can fix anything.”

Michelle adjusted her sweater back down over her belt. “If you want to run off to him, don’t let me stop you.”

Jessica narrowed her eyes. Hate furrowed her brows. A lock of tawny hair came loose from behind her ear as she loomed over Michelle, who stood placid and unmoving. “My momma didn’t raise no cream puffs, either,” she hissed. Jessica wondered what was up with this weird girl. She looked for all the world like a defenseless lamb, oblivious to the dangerous wolf right in front of her. But her reaction to Jessica’s initial assault had been that of someone who’d not only been in this situation before, but had had practice. She didn’t appear cowed in the least. Even so, Jessica pictured her beaten and begging for mercy beneath her. Her tongue wetted her lips. She’d always thought the pursuit was the best part of the kill, but perhaps this time the struggle would be…

Michelle detected resolve hardening in the other woman’s demeanor. She reminded herself that she’d offered a chance to de-escalate the situation, even as she was secretly excited that the opposite was about to happen. With her left foot, she pushed her purse into the corner and away from being accidentally stepped on. This took her a step closer to the door, and Jessica turned to block the exit.

“Nuh uh. No escape for you this time.”

Michelle moved back to the center of the small space that had become their private arena. She waited, tense, wary of any sudden moves her opponent might make.

For nearly a minute, the two young women cautiously stalked each other. They weaved from side to side, feinting, seeking weakness and altering their guarded stances. Their eyes scanned their bodies, taking in every shift in the other’s hips, every change in the position of their feet, every darted movement of their hands. They gauged each other’s strength, guessing at the power in the other’s sleeve-covered arms, the stability beneath their skirted legs, and the toughness lying under the soft tops that protected the curves of their firm chests as they narrowed down to their waists.

Jessica lifted one hand into the air. Michelle shielded herself, bringing both of her hands up to either side of her boobs. As if accepting the terms of the duel, Jessica interlaced her fingers with Michelle’s. Their palms met, hot and full of tension. Jessica squeezed suddenly, making Michelle flinch.

Jessica chortled. “You are so going to regret pissing me off. Tell you what: the sooner you give in, the less humiliating I’ll make it. And you don’t want to keep me waiting.”

“I can’t tell you how sorry I’ll be to disappoint you.”

The twin snarled. Michelle shoved hard, rocking her backwards. Her hands remained connected with Jessica’s, ready for the next attack. Her enemy didn’t make her wait long.

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Ashley lunged, catching Holly’s wrists. Holly fell back onto the limo seat and brought her legs up in defense. One of Ashley’s knees slid between Holly’s, but stopped midway down as it got trapped in the fabric of Holly’s skirt. Holly’s right knee pulled Ashley’s skirt taught as she fought to keep the other girl from closing. Their arms danced crazily. Ashley’s heavy tits swung side to side, swaying in time with the moving car and the tempo of the pitched battle she was engaged in. She watched Holly’s breasts bounce beneath her like two white pillows spilling to either side of her chest. Spurred on by the sight, she pressed harder.

Holly grunted. Her elbows were bending as the leering twin forced her way nearer. Holly struggled to keep her knees in place to balance Ashley where she was, but the weight and power behind Ashley’s attack had caught her off guard. She watched helplessly as Ashley’s head dipped down, approaching a point a few inches above her chin. She swung her head to the side as Ashley’s lips parted, breath tickling her neck.

“Oh, did I frighten the little rabbit?” Holly glared back without turning her head. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to harm you. I promise you’ll enjoy it once you let me show you what you’ve been missing.”

Holly was in no mood to correct Ashley concerning her own lack of experience. She merely didn’t want to be at the disadvantage she was now where she couldn’t bring her hard-won knowledge to bear. She lifted with her legs, mashing Ashley’s rear into the roof. Ashley kicked wildly, pushing off one wall. Her cheek brushed tantalizingly against Holly’s, then the young woman toppled sideways. She righted her footing on the floor and immediately set at Holly again. This time, she knocked Holly’s knees together and against the back of the bench seat.

Slamming Holly’s hands above her head, Ashley mounted her prey — forehead to forehead and breast to breast, then stomach to stomach and thigh to thigh as Holly’s legs slid flat upon the seat. Holly squirmed, trying to wriggle out from under Ashley’s weight. Ashley countered, swiveling her hips and shoulders to prevent Holly from moving. Breathing hard and letting out occasional grunts of effort, the two women writhed body against body for a minute or so, nestled like lovers. Their chins rested on each other’s warm necks. Their stockinged legs slithered and grapevined, bare feet alternately tugging and pushing against the sleek material covering them.

Holly arched her back and heaved. It didn’t feel like Ashley moved an inch. The compression on her boobs was so uncomfortable, but the feel of Ashley’s nose nuzzling the side of her face brought forth a wave of pleasant sensations. She slumped back down, sending Ashley’s side dipping deep into the seat. Ashley immediately compensated, shifting back towards the seat’s edge to cut off Holly’s escape route. She overshot, and one knee slid off.

Holly saw her chance. She twisted her hips and planted her feet on the seat back. Her nylon-covered feet slipped, but she threw Ashley off balance. Wrapped together arm in arm, the two tumbled off the seat and landed side by side on the floor in the small space between the benches. Ashley went to mount Holly again, but Holly snaked one leg atop Ashley’s waist and held her down.

All pretense of civility left them. Growling and grasping, their bodies rocked back and forth in a heated tussle. Holly sought to roll the other woman beneath her. Her breasts bumped and pummeled Ashley’s rudely. Fingers tugged at hair, nails scraped tender backs and arms hugged firmly. Their skirts rode up onto their hips, allowing their legs to war in a knot as the rest of their bodies clasped in a tighter and tighter ball.

They barely noticed the bounce as the limo rolled over the speedbump at the entrance to the hotel’s parking garage. Their stalemated conflict reached a peak right when the limo came to rest. The women ceased grappling and loosened their clinch in unison with the engine’s hum quieting down. Panting hard, they stared daggers into each other’s eyes. Holly remained unbowed, but Ashley remained undeterred.

“This what you wanted to teach me?” Holly said, collecting her breath.

“Oh no. You haven’t let me get started yet. We’re going inside, and then…”

“You had your chance.”

“Did I overdo it and get you tuckered out already?”

“Hardly. You may like this rough stuff, but it’s way different than what you ask me to show you.”

“Ho ho. That was just a little warm up. We still have the whole afternoon ahead of us, and I’ve got plenty of energy left.”

“You sure it’s enough? See, I aim to keep my end of the deal.” Holly watched Ashley take this challenge in. She leaned her head closer. Her voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper. “And I know what you really want.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah. Question is, have you ever had someone take you past your limit?”

Ashley sneered. “There’s no way you could.”

“You want to bet?”

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“You’re really asking for it,” Jessica growled, and lunged forward. Her and Michelle’s palms met once more. Their hands splayed wide apart, brushing the walls of the cramped space. Jessica’s tits slid into Michelle’s, slowly, firmly, erotically. Michelle tried to draw her arms inward for protection, but her opponent stiffened her grip and kept her chest wide open.

Again and again Michelle endured teasing caress after teasing caress of Jessica’s boobs against hers. At first, the rough treatment dished out on her nipples sent delicious arousal zipping through her body. She timed Jessica’s rhythm and began smashing back. Boob against boob, left side followed by right side, then both simultaneously. Then, pain began mixing with pleasure. Michelle had been here before, though, and knew what to expect. She knew what her limits were, and had determination to spare.

With their fingers laced together down near their waists, the battle between the two evolved into a grinding duel. Jessica mashed her heavy orbs into Michelle’s and leaned in, dragging them slowly, agonizingly down her foe’s supple front. Her nipples crawled over the fuzzy material of Michelle’s sweater, firing twinges of arousal through her body. She stared into Michelle’s eyes. The other girl’s mouth was firm, lips glued together to hide just how little of Jessica’s assault she could withstand. Jessica bulldozed forward, driving Michelle against the wall. She went to pin Michelle’s hands, but found her fingers empty.

Michelle’s nails dug into Jessica’s firm ass. For a brief, glorious moment, Michelle felt the other woman’s full body buck against her from chest to pelvis to legs. How badly she wanted that to continue, to overpower the snobby bitch by fucking her to exhaustion. She resigned herself to overwhelming her tits instead. Michelle wrapped her arms tightly around Jessica’s waist and squeezed. Jessica shoulders worked back and forth, crushing her breasts hard in response. Michelle ramped up the constriction, grabbing hold of the Jessica’s blouse with both hands.

Jessica wriggled, frustrated by the fact that Michelle still leaned flat along the wall where she couldn’t slide her hands and return the tight hug restricting her breathing. She pressed her forehead into Michelle’s. The straight-laced blonde replied with a unperturbed smile and innocent twinkle in her eyes. Jessica growled.

“Something the matter?” Michelle’s sweet voice betrayed none of the effort she was pouring into working over Jessica’s bosom. Down below, she felt the twin’s legs sliding against her own, trying to pull her off-balance.

“Save your breath. You’ll need it.” Unable to gain good leverage with her palms on Michelle’s shoulders, Jessica used them on the wall behind Michelle to shove the two of them off of it. Like pythons, her arms girdled Michelle’s torso. Body to body, they wrestled to a standstill, joined in a close quarters contest of strength and persistence. Michelle was sweating beneath her sweater, her slip clinging to her wet skin. Jessica radiated heat through her thin satin top, doubling Michelle’s torment. She wrapped her arms tighter and worked her breasts into Jessica’s, one then the other. Her opponent matched her, embracing her fully and easing her chin onto Michelle’s right shoulder.

Unexpectedly, Jessica slackened her arms and dug both hands firmly into Michelle’s rear end. Michelle gasped, struggling to control her sharp arousal as Jessica massaged her behind through her skirt. Jessica hummed a satisfied purr and nuzzled Michelle’s neck. Like slow dancers, the young women swayed in the small changing room, oblivious to everything but their sensual conflict. Michelle’s nails traced Jessica’s sides and upper back. She relished the desire pulsing through her veins, the sensual writhing of a supple body against her own, the warmth of another woman’s breath at her ear…

Jessica snuck a foot between Michelle’s legs, immobilizing her by locking up one leg in a grapevine. Michelle sought to escape, but Jessica hauled her the opposite direction. Michelle fell backwards, and would have collapsed to the floor, but Jessica caught her in a pair of strong arms. Reflexively, Michelle clung to the other girl’s biceps.

Still propping Michelle up in midair like dancers in mid-tango, Jessica smiled at her. “Got you. Now, what should I do with you?” Michelle squirmed. “Oooh, you blush real cute.”

Slowly, inexorably, Jessica slid her knee further between Michelle’s legs. Michelle struggled to regain her balance, but that only widened her stance, allowing Jessica’s thigh to brush her skirt roughly into her crotch. Michelle chirped, fighting back the urge to let Jessica have her way and bring her to the orgasm her pussy badly wanted. She avoided looking into the other girl’s eyes. Instead, her vision filled with the full heavy pair of breasts jostling beneath the shiny white satin of a thin blouse.

Michelle let go with her right hand and cupped Jessica’s left orb. Her fingers smoothed the fabric over it, searching and then finding the bump caused by an aroused nipple. The twin whimpered erotically. Dropping completely into Jessica’s grasp, Michelle released her left hand’s grip on Jessica’s arm and fondled both breasts at the same time. She pushed them together, then separated them digging her fingers deeper into the tender flesh. Jessica bit her lip and moaned. She stood up, bringing Michelle upright. There was just enough time for Michelle to rub her palms from the underside of Jessica’s boobs over both nipples and across the top of her firm tits before Jessica knocked her arms aside.

“You’re gonna get it now!” Jessica hissed, still mindful of keeping her voice down. Michelle ignored her and renewed her assault upon Jessica’s chest. In return, the girl reached around Michelle’s arms and grabbed hold of the mounds that distorted the front of her sweater. Her left hand roughly clawed at Michelle’s right boob through the thick fuzzy material, but her other hand failed to find a good angle.

A sudden jolt of alarm froze Michelle for a second. She felt Jessica’s right hand slither beneath the hem of her sweater at her waist and creep up her stomach until nothing other than her thin slip and bra stood between it and her tits. In a few seconds, Jessica’s other hand joined the first where they groped her bosom steadily, eliciting waves of embarrassing pleasure. Michelle forced herself to concentrate on massaging Jessica’s breasts, which now pressed her hands back onto her own chest. It was difficult, what with Jessica’s lips so very, very close…

“Yes, that’s it.” Jessica whispered sweetly. “There’s no need to fight. Just give in to it. Can’t you feel that you want to?”

Michelle closed her eyes. She focused on the feel of Jessica’s round globes in her own hands. The subtle change in touch as they tugged satin over top of a lacy bra, until she located her targets. Using her finger joints, she squeezed the two hard nubs of Jessica’s nipples, then ground them between her fingers. Jessica groaned. She retaliated, pinching Michelle’s nipples tantalizingly with her thumbs and index fingers.

Michelle opened her eyes again. She stared determinedly back into Jessica’s. It was a test of wills now to see who could endure the erotic torture the longest. The pair swung side to side in a close embrace for a long minute, occasionally bumping thighs, hips, and foreheads. Jessica narrowed her eyes. She was breathing heavier now, but didn’t let up her onslaught on Michelle one bit. On and on the two fondled each other intently, driving themselves to dizzying heights of desire.

“Just… give… in.” Jessica panted.

“I… won’t… lose… to you.” Michelle grunted in a soft voice. “Ever.”

Their battle escalated. Hands clutched and pulled at breasts with greater and greater force. Fingers yanked at delicate clothing. Jessica leaned into Michelle, pressing her bodily into the wall. Michelle wrapped a foot around the back of Jessica’s legs, rubbing the other woman’s stockinged calf and drawing her even tighter against her. She was delirious, her brain awash with the wonderful cocktail of anger and sexual arousal that Holly had stirred up in her a month ago. She was confident she could outlast this bitch’s attacks. Even now, Jessica looked ready to burst, huffing and puffing hotly into her neck…

“Ungh!” Jessica blurted out finally and backed up a step. She drew her hands away from Michelle’s aching tits and slapped Michelle’s hands off her blouse. Michelle shoved her away and covered her chest back up with the sweater her foe had raised atop her large orbs. She studied Jessica warily, who loomed like a predator ready to deliver a vicious strike.

“Excuse me!” chimed a stern voice from outside the door. “Store policy limits one person per fitting room. Could one of you please come out while the other is changing?”

Fury erupted on Jessica’s face. She glared through the door at the saleswoman who’d had the temerity to interrupt her entertainingly challenging tussle with this pretty blonde prude. “Yes,” she spat. Spinning to Michelle and cocking a wicked grin, she added, “Just need to gather my stuff.” She grabbed her purse, then eyed the pink coat. She plucked it off its hook and swung it over her shoulder. To Michelle, she snarled, “If I can’t enjoy myself, then neither can you.” At that, she stormed out.

Michelle slumped to the floor. At the edge of her hearing, she listened as Jessica calmly and politely announced “I’d like to buy this, please.” Dammit. She hadn’t exactly lost, but she certainly felt as if she had. Racing after the stuck-up snot and confronting her was completely out of the question. The moment was gone, the opportunity was lost.

Minutes passed. Her breathing finally returned to normal. Eventually, she got up, slung her purse back on and picked up the two bras. As she re-entered the main display area of the boutique, she saw that only she and the saleswoman were there. She humbly apologized for missing the sign indicating the maximum occupancy of the changing rooms. The woman’s smile engaged Michelle’s normal shy demeanor and she ended up buying the rose demi-bra out of good will.

Behind the facade, however, her pulse still pounded. Every shift of her torso reminded her that her nipples were still aroused. The saleswoman was tall, putting her chest at Michelle’s eye level. The cleavage visible due to the woman’s V-neck top reawakened the urge to pit her body against another female’s, to wrestle it into climactic submission. As she replaced her credit card in her purse and took her purchase from the counter, she wondered what Holly was doing. She imagined striding purposefully into Holly’s dorm room, kicking the irritating girl’s roommate out, and locking the two of them in for an endless afternoon of fiery, passionate, sensual destruction of each other’s naked bodies.

The cold breeze outside did little to cool her burning desire. She inhaled deeply, teetering on a razor’s edge of committing to her plan, or abandoning it as a step too far. The sound of a familiar voice broke her reverie.

“…I can fucking SEE that you’re not here. No, never mind why. I’ll give my sister what’s coming to her when I see her. Just get your fucking ass here NOW.” Pacing about two shops down the sidewalk, Jessica tossed her cell phone into her purse. When her random lurching spun her in Michelle’s direction, she paused. The two looked at each other wordlessly for several seconds. Jessica approached slowly, noticing that Michelle was fixated on something. She followed the angle of Michelle’s gaze, and realization dawned.

“Oh.” She waved the pink jacket, watched Michelle’s eyes track it. “You still want this?” Michelle’s face held barely concealed contempt.

Jessica’s mouth curled into its trademark smirk. “Then follow me.”

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Part 4 – “The Queen of Hearts & The Queen of Clubs”

“Where exactly are we going?” Holly asked, once she and Ashley left the parking garage behind and shuffled into an elevator.

Ashley inserted a room key in the control panel and pressed the topmost button. “Well, while Daddy’s whoring himself out for campaign donations in this part of the state for a few days, I get use of the best hotel suite in the city.” She raised an eyebrow at Holly. “Ever been there? Didn’t think so.” She sighed. “And here I am being so nice to you and letting you experience…”

A bell dinged and the door opened on the Lobby level to let a loud group of businessmen on. They were soon joined by an even larger group that stuffed into the now crowded car. Holly found herself pressed into one corner, backpack resting on her toes. Ashley stood face to face in front of her, hands flat against the walls on either side. The men engaged in a guessing game over which floor to select to get to the Conference level. Holly watched Ashley fume as they incompetently pressed three different buttons. Four minutes and several rounds of guffaws at lame jokes later, they finally exited the elevator en masse.

Despite the available space and the fact that nobody got on at the next floor the businessmen had needlessly requested, Ashley remained where she was, hemming Holly in. Holly acted like it didn’t bother her in the slightest.

Ashley broke the silence. “Alone at last. You excited?”

“I am. This sort of opportunity doesn’t come around very often.”

“You talking about the sights I can show you?” Ashley asked with a lascivious sneer.

“What else? I always love the view from on top.”

Ashley paused in momentary disbelief that the coquettish girl in front of her had just made the double entendre it sounded like she’d just made.

The elevator dinged. The door opened.

Innocent smile on her face, Holly chirped, “Shall we?”. The two remained still for few seconds, staring into each other’s eyes. The sight of Holly’s sweet face filled Ashley with a nasty desire. For her part, Holly was so close to letting go of her inhibitions right there and then and teaching this girl how dangerous it could be to underestimate someone.

Ashley caught the door as it was closing, banging her arm in the process. She nursed it, cursing inaudibly, and the two exited and crossed a quiet hallway to a pair of double doors.

“Does it hurt?” Holly asked.

“No big deal.” Ashley fished in her purse for the room key she’d stashed there when the businessmen had interrupted them.

Holly leaned against one of the doors, her body mere inches from Ashley’s. Conspiratorially, she promised, “I know something that can make it feel better.”

Ashley studied Holly’s face. Not a hint of guile marred it. This girl was good, Ashley had to admit. And it didn’t matter whether her innocence was real or fake, Ashley thought, it was still going to be fun to violate it. Ashley touched the bottom of Holly’s chin with two fingers. “Don’t worry. You will.”

Holly lifted her head. Her lips, achingly close to Ashley’s, parted. The other girl drew closer, then hurriedly turned and fumbled with the lock.

The doors opened on a wide room with a couch, television and bar. The picture window gave a panoramic view of downtown and Holly made a show of cooing at the sight. Ashley ignored her, growling at the laundry cart that partially blocked the door to the right. “Yo!” she shouted.

“Housekeeping!” came a reply from the bedroom. “Be done in a couple of minutes.”

“Fuck,” she spat. Her eyes hungrily followed Holly, who was checking out a painting on the wall. Such a soft, flawless face. Such wonderful, round, heavy tits. She wanted to see, to touch, to possess what was hidden beneath that fuzzy sweater and swirling skirt.

Holly peered through the door opposite the one that led to the bedroom. A table that sat six took up the center. Taking a few steps in, she noticed an alcove off to the right with a bookshelf, recliner, and love seat. She sensed Ashley approaching her from behind. Spinning on one heel with her hands clasped at her back, she announced, “A meeting room.”

“It is,” purred Ashley, closing the door as she entered. “And it’s all ours.”

Holly dropped her backpack next to the recliner, wandered over to the bookshelf and ran her fingers across the spines. “So many…” she sighed. “Too bad some people never get a proper education. They’d avoid making embarrassing mistakes.”

Ashley chuckled once and shook her head. “You know, I’m actually a little envious of you. You can say stuff like that and people take you seriously. They look at you and think ‘oh, it’s little Miss Prim-And-Proper, so honest and humble’ and treat you with respect instantly.”

“Don’t people treat you with respect, being a senator’s daughter and all?”

“Oh please! They look at me and they see this body, these clothes. Yeah, I work hard to maintain this look, but what I get in return is mealy-mouthed politeness — as if buttering me up is best way to get me into bed.”

“Have you tried being nice?”

Ashley’s expression said ‘What are you? Stupid?’ as clear as if her mouth had spoken those words. She closed in on Holly like a prowling cat, hips swaying side to side. “No, dear,” she explained, “because nice girls get beaten by real winners.”

Holly swallowed her nervousness. “Not always.”

Ashley stopped right in front of Holly, face to face with her. “In my experience, always.” The fingers of her right hand combed a lock of hair on Holly’s head that had gone wild during the tussle in the limo back behind her left ear. Afterward, her hand lingered there, daring Holly to react.

“Good-looking girls don’t win every time, either.” Holly’s heart fluttered. She was fully committed now, unable to hold her sexual maliciousness back any longer. “Even ones as gorgeous as you are.”

Ashley extended both arms on either side of Holly’s head and rested her elbows on the shorter girl’s shoulders. “You mean that?”

Holly nodded. “I’ve never admitted this to anyone, but I’m jealous of people like you.” She placed her left hand on Ashley’s hip at belt level. With her right hand, she took the collar of Ashley’s blouse in her fingers and rubbed the smooth fabric between her fingertips. Her forearm rested against the side of Ashley’s left breast. “So confident.” Ashley’s hands slid languidly down Holly’s back, then followed the strap of her bra around to her sides. “So sure of yourself.” Their eyes locked. “So dangerously beautiful.” Holly bit her lower lip. That sent Ashley dizzy with desire.

“My dear, flattery will…” Ashley started, but Holly cut her off by pressing their mouths together. Their lips moistened with saliva as they danced together for a few brief seconds. Ashley’s tongue tasted strawberry. She sought more, attempting to suck one of Holly’s lips into her mouth but the other girl drew away. They exhaled in unison.

In a schoolteacher’s tone, Holly chided, “Actions speak louder than w…”

This time, it was Ashley’s turn to halt conversation. Her kiss was strong and insistent. Her arms slid around Holly’s back, fingers gliding across her sweater, pulling their chests into firm contact. The embrace lasted nearly a minute before Ashley paused to catch her breath. Holly’s cheeks were blushed a rosy hue. Ashley’s right hand cradled Holly’s head from behind. Their lips met again. Ashley massaged Holly’s mouth with her own, licked it with her tongue, enjoyed the sweet juices that made it wet. Her tongue probed, seeking more, tentative at first but gradually invading the other girl’s mouth deeper and deeper. It sparred with Holly’s tongue, slashing and stabbing as their torrid kiss increased in passion. Their entwined bodies weaved from side to side. After tottering nearly out of control, Ashley broke off her assault and loosened her hug.

The two gazed into each other’s eyes for a few moments. Their faces were flush, their hair well on the way toward being mussed up. Ashley wore an expression of sexual hunger mixed with more than a little genuine attraction. Holly could barely contain her excitement. This girl had taken her bait. Time to lure her further.

“Oh, my,” Holly sighed. “That was… You’re going to make me melt.”

“You were foolish to make that bet.”

Holly buried her nose into Ashley’s warm cleavage where the open V of her blouse exposed it. She slithered her nose up into Ashley’s neck. “I haven’t lost yet.”

The tip of her tongue was hard as it dug into the supple flesh between Ashley’s breasts. From there, it journeyed upward, tickling and teasing skin with its hot relentless pressure. Ashley inhaled sharply and held her breath as its slow trek reached her throat. Holly gave it a forceful kiss, making an audible sucking sound as she did so. She nuzzled further up, brushing Ashley’s cheek before angling her head to align their mouths. Instead of a kiss, Holly playfully licked Ashley’s lips quickly once, then twice more. Ashley’s head darted forward for a kiss, but Holly’s retreated. Irritated, Ashley tried again. This time, Holly’s whole body sunk down suddenly in a squat. The two young women’s breasts rubbed harshly. Ashley groaned. Holly stood back up, ramming her tits upward into Ashley’s, and planted a scorching kiss on Ashley’s lips. Though it didn’t last hardly a second, its ferocity took both by surprise.

Holly attacked again, releasing a month of pent-up longing in an all-consuming ravishing of her rival’s lips. For several minutes, neither broke off their sensual battle. Kissing and sucking each other’s mouths in ever-spiralling arousal, the pair spun halfway around. Moans escaped their fevered throats. Ashley’s hands lifted the back of Holly’s sweater and massaged her through the slip underneath. Holly’s nails traced Ashley’s shoulder blades and dove into her hair. Overheating, they fell to holding their mouths open and forcing their stiffened tongues again and again into each other’s mouths while panting hard. Holly paused for a quick swallow. Ashley pushed her forehead powerfully into Holly’s and kept her at bay.

“Sweetie, here’s Lesson One, as promised.” she growled. “This is how you do Tongue Fucking.”

Ashley glued her lips to Holly’s. The twin’s tongue penetrated hard and deep. Holly emitted a stifled shriek. She fought back with her own tongue but found Ashley’s too firm and too strong to dislodge. For timeless seconds, Ashley continued her humiliating dominance of Holly’s mouth, probing and stabbing mercilessly with her slick rod. Holly tried backing up, but that only decreased the friction between their bodies. Ashley immediately used it to grind her tits, her legs and her pelvis against her, ramping up the pleasure racing through them both.

Desperate not to succumb to Ashley’s wicked assault, Holly worked her hands between the two of them. Unable to get enough leverage to push away on her stomach, Holly grabbed two handfuls of the sides of Ashley’s tits. Before she could set her feet and shove, Ashley disengaged her deep kiss, locked her hands around Holly’s wrists, and held her palms right where they were on her heaving bosom. A short tug of war erupted with Holly attempting to pull her hands away and Ashley rubbing them on the mounds that distended her blouse.

Ashley wore a sassy smile when she finally let Holly’s arms go. She lifted her breasts with both hands. “You want these? I don’t doubt it. Nice and firm, aren’t they?”

“I’m happy with mine, thank you.”

“Are you now?” Ashley slid closer and placed her palms on Holly’s waist. “You’ve got me curious again.”

Holly’s hands were in front her chest. Her knuckles brushed against Ashley’s boobs — once accidentally, then another time on purpose. Her fingers spidered out and undid the top button on Ashley’s blouse. “It’s gotten hot in here, hasn’t it?”

That was all the encouragement Ashley needed. She boldly tugged Holly’s sweater up and over her head. Holly helped by stretching out her arms. Her shoulders and arms were now bare except for the thin straps that held up her white slip and bra. Ashley rushed in to invade the exposed territory with her hands and lips, but not before Holly grabbed hold of the woman’s top and began making quick work of the remaining buttons. She’d undone all but the last when Ashley crushed their chests together with a fevered hug.

Their fingers pawed at smooth skin and clawed at each other’s clothing. Ashley’s blouse was torn roughly off her shoulders and arms and hung draped behind her. The twin took Holly’s left tit in her mouth, sucking through the thin material that still protected it. Holly moaned and rocked back a step. Ashley peeled the straps of Holly’s slip to either side and pulled them downwards. As Holly shrugged out of the top of her slip, Ashley enveloped her in a vigorous hug.

Their mouths united in an ardent kiss. Neither could now deny nor restrain the desire they had to overwhelm the other with the full force of their erotic assault. Their creamy orbs pressed hard together, then began sliding up and down. Holly’s hands caressed Ashley’s back. Her fingers snaked under the girl’s bra strap. Ashley’s palms came to rest on Holly’s ass where they squeezed lustfully. She thrust a knee thrusting between Holly’s legs, but was stopped short by her tight skirt.

Ashley broke off the kiss and groaned. “We have too many clothes on.”

“I can help with that.”

Holly planted a tender kiss on Ashley’s right shoulder. She followed it up with another further down, and then more in a U shape across the woman’s breasts and back up. At the same time, she reached behind her own back and unzipped her skirt. When she completed her necklace of kisses and stood back up, her skirt and slip collapsed to the carpet right on cue. With practiced grace, she wormed her feet out of her loafers. Ashley put her palms on Holly’s cheeks to draw her near, but the other girl slipped from her grasp.

Holly’s mouth went to work on Ashley’s stomach. Her nails teased Ashley’s rear. Holly’s kisses tickled one side of the twin’s waist while her hands found the zipper on her form-fitting skirt and loosened it. She looked straight up. Ashley’s eyes bore into her own. Slowly, tantalizingly, she dragged the skirt down Ashley’s legs, savoring the friction with her tan pantyhose. Upon reaching the floor, she pushed the ankle straps off of Ashley’s white pumps, then stood up.

Holding onto each other’s arms, the two stepped away from the piles of discarded clothes. Their fingers began exploring the skin on each other’s torsos, gradually at first but soon increasing to a needy, possessive caress. Ashley attacked Holly’s mouth again, licking at her juices and driving their bra-covered mounds into contact. Holly responded, rubbing her body against the women she sought to dominate sensually and intimately. They danced a quarter turn. Suddenly, Holly felt the clasps on her bra detach. Ashley completed the task swiftly and then barged forward before Holly could react. Ashley stopped abruptly, letting go of Holly who teetered off balance. With a yelp, her legs hit the edge of the love seat and she fell onto it.

In a flash, Ashley straddled her, yanking Holly’s loose bra off and tossing it aside. Holly’s ample breasts wobbled free, watched intently by a hungry set of eyes. Her nipples pointed defiantly skyward on top of her supple globes. Holly squirmed, but Ashley sat her weight fully on the prone girl’s hips. Unhurriedly removing her own black lacy bra, Ashley chuckled.

“Lesson Two: what perfect tits can do.”

Quickly snagging Holly’s wrists, Ashley pinned the trapped blonde’s arms above her head. Her flawless round boobs descended slowly onto Holly’s and gave them a soft stroke. Again, the tawny-haired vixen laid her bosom on Holly’s and dragged them across her aching nipples. Holly whimpered, bit her lip, and answered Ashley’s next attack with a thrust of her own. The twin sped up, slamming their breasts together, grinding harder with each impact, and locking her feet around Holly’s legs for better purchase.

Holly closed her eyes, luxuriating in the feel of another woman’s warm, smooth skin against her own. Her whole body tingled, nerves firing from head to toe. Oh, how she had missed this sensation! She’d forgotten how truly alive she felt pitting herself in such raunchy erotic combat, but now it all flooded back into her mind. She couldn’t deny it any longer. Regardless of where this battle took her, she was going to throw everything — her lust, her anger, her envy, her pride — all of it into this struggle, getting as lewd and nasty as it took to match and outdo this woman sexually.

And she was going to love every second of it.

Holly extended her arms fully, causing Ashley to flop down atop her. Hot breath poured onto her shoulder. She could feel sweat sticking their stomachs together and her back to the love seat. They rocked back and forth undulating and pitting their strength against one another. Runs developed in their nylons as their legs intertwined. Ashley kept slapping her tits onto Holly’s and working them around, alternating that tactic now with grinding her pelvis on Holly’s thighs.

Holly’s breasts were getting sore, but she persevered. She’d been to this point before, and calculated that her opponent’s boobs were in similar discomfort, and that all she had to do was wait for her to get tired. Another minute passed. Ashley pounded away, slower now, grunting with each assault, until she finally paused. She rose up an inch or so above Holly on her palms, panting hard, sweat shining on her upper chest and between her pendulous tits.

“And that…” she gloated between breaths.

“…is the best you can do?” snarked Holly with a disappointed look on her face.

Anger flashed in Ashley’s eyes. Holly ignored it. She fought to free her arms, and succeeded with her right, which she wrapped around her foe’s bare torso. She yanked hard with it, bucking her hips at the same time and spreading Ashley’s legs apart and into midair.

The two slid slickly off the love seat and hit the thin carpet in a loose embrace. Holly lost no time pushing Ashley onto her back and leaping on top of her, but the other woman met her lunge and the pair tumbled into a clinch. Bodies pressed tightly together, the topless young women rolled from one piece of furniture to another, kissing their foe’s mouth, neck and shoulders as they went. Nylon-covered legs twisted together like pythons locked in a mating coil. Fingernails scraped small scratches on tender backs and sides as they wrestled for control of the careening jumble of arms and legs they’d become. Pouncing upon each other again and again, their lips and tongues devoured naked skin while their limbs strained to pin their targets down.

Their struggle came to a pause near the dining table with both ending up on their sides. Ashley’s back was against a set of chair legs. She clawed at Holly’s rear, eventually sticking her hand into the petite blonde’s panties and squeezing painfully. Holly replied with the same maneuver, but by concentrating on that, she allowed Ashley to clamber atop her. The warring women made one final, agonizingly slow roll before stopping to give their muscles a break.

Holly tried to move her left leg, but Ashley had it between her legs and clamped them shut. Holly tugged again, but only managed to hump her crotch into the other girl’s thigh. Ashley thrust back. Holly glared defiantly and pulled their hips into tight contact. Ashley snarled, then worked her chest into Holly’s. Gradually, the tangled ball of female flesh wrapped itself into a fierce bear hug, each seeking to crush the resistance out of the other.

Ashley’s hands continued to caress the meat of Holly’s ass. Their lips met briefly, then joined the battle more intensely. Holly felt her pussy getting wet as she immersed herself entirely in a wanton war of heat and bare skin and erotic stimulation with this equally headstrong woman. Her index finger slithered deeper into the crack of Ashley’s ass, probing lower toward her nether region for how aroused her opponent had gotten.

With a loud groan, Ashley disengaged and kicked the two apart. “You’re asking for another lesson, missy.” she huffed. She grabbed the waistband of Holly’s underwear and began tear them and her hose off simultaneously. Midway through, she fell backwards onto her back. Holly reacted quickly, stripping Ashley’s thong and torn nylons, leaving her buck naked. One final tug later, and Holly was nude, too. She rolled onto her side and found herself looking at Ashley’s feet.

Ashley, instead of reorienting herself to meet Holly face to face, scooted until her head was even with Holly’s thighs. She lifted Holly’s upper leg, exposing her moistened labia, and teased it open with her left hand. “You’re not going to deny me my fun any longer. I’m gonna make you cum so fucking hard, you little bitch.”

Holly gasped, head swimming with powerful emotions as her most intimate region was invaded by an exceptionally intense fingering. She gathered her wits and returned the favor, plunging two fingers into Ashley’s cunt. The twin howled in pleasant shock, pausing her assault for a moment. Holly thrust deep, matching her foe stroke for stroke. Ashley started smacking Holly’s pussy rapidly and rubbing it in circles, aiming for her clit. Holly added her thumb to her attack and found Ashley’s stiffened nub quickly.

“Fuck. Fuck. Oh, fuck!” the squirming girl screamed. Holly didn’t let up one bit, penetrating her slick folds again and again and mercilessly massaging her clit. Half a minute of vigorous pumping later, Ashley flipped onto her back, arched her body and came with a series of powerful shouts.

Holly pulled her soaked fingers out, sat up, and admired her handiwork. Ashley lay panting and moaning in the delicious afterglow of the orgasm Holly had brought her to. She smiled.

Ashley lifted her head, saw Holly’s expression and narrowed her eyes. “Get back over here.”

Holly calmly stood and leaned against one of the chairs nonchalantly. “Did I overdo it and get you tuckered out already?”

Ashley fumed. “I don’t know where the fuck you learned that, but you’re not going to surprise me again.” She got her legs under her, but wobbled a little as she got to her feet.

Holly advanced. “That’s another bet you’ll lose.” She lashed out, grabbing Ashley’s nipples and tweaking them. Ashley retreated involuntarily, moaning from the sudden mixture of pain and pleasure that had zapped her nervous system. Holly pursued, backing her right where she wanted her, and lunged.

Ashley guarded her breasts with her hands, but Holly ducked, aiming lower. Her arms encircled Ashley’s legs just below her groin. In one motion, Holly lifted the nude girl off her feet and deposited her on the dining table. Ashley moved to get back down, but Holly shoved her flat on the smooth surface and climbed swiftly onto her. Ashley spun to throw her assailant to one side, but Holly sat on her, pinning the twin’s hips with her rear end.

Holly hauled Ashley’s left leg upwards until that knee touched her right breast. Her bush now had full access to Ashley’s shaved cunt, and she set at it in earnest, lavishing particular attention on her clitoris.

“What are you… oh fuck… not there… it’s still sensitiv-ohhhHHHH! FUCK!!!”

Holly beamed. She gyrated like a dancer, screwing Ashley rhythmically with her pussy, bringing her to the peak of satisfaction once more, and watching the young woman’s naked body shudder in the throes of delight. She’d now wrung two magnificent orgasms out of this haughty brat, and the poor girl hadn’t come close to bringing her to ecstasy once. She finished pounding Ashley’s crotch and relaxed to slow her racing heartbeat.

With one leg trapped beneath Holly’s weight, Ashley was less than pleased.

“Get your fat ass off of me! Now!”

Holly shook her head ‘No’ and regarded her with a gentle grin. “You’re staying right where you are for now. I do so like the view from up here.”

Catharsis Divider

Part 5 – “The Queen of Diamonds & The Queen of Spades”

“I do so like the view from up here,” Michelle said upon entering the top floor suite.

She’d endured listening to Jessica hurl a constant stream of abuse at the limo driver and watched as the twin had grown more and more frustrated sending texts to her sister on the elevator ride up, her curses increasing in vileness as replies never came. Now that Jessica had finished muttering slurs at the departing cleaning crew and was beginning pay attention to her again, Michelle was keen to calm her down before their duel recommenced.

Without a word, Jessica strode directly into the bedroom. Michelle joined her, raising her eyebrows in amazement at her first sight of a king-sized bed. Jessica tossed her purse on the dresser and hung the pink jacket up on a rack in the closet. From across the room, she addressed Michelle like a subordinate.

“Now, you and I are going to finish what we started. If you somehow manage to convince me you deserve it, then I guess you can have that silly-assed jacket — it’ll save me the effort of finding a trash can big enough for it. But you won’t.” She paused at one corner at the foot of the bed, hands on her hips. Michelle stood at the other corner, hands folded chastely at her stomach. “What I do with you when I win depends on how fun you make this for me.”

“You… haven’t told me yet what your idea of fun is… groping another woman’s boobs, perhaps?”

That evil smirk again. “A whole lot more than that, dear. I’m into everything that makes life exciting. And that includes a bunch of things your poor, little brain can’t even imagine.”

“Oh? Back in the store, you said that we were an equal match.”

“Chest-wise, maybe” Jessica corrected. She slipped out of her white heels, squared her shoulders, and approached Michelle. Though she only stood 5′ 4″, her bearing made her loom over the conservatively-dressed Michelle as her toned legs propelled her closer step by step. She dragged a nail over the pristine bedcover. Her eyes, and Michelle’s, followed it as it spoiled the otherwise smooth surface. “You see, I have… distinctive talents… which you lack. Only the lucky have ever experienced them. And they’re always effective.” Jessica arrived near her target and paused there. She was close, but not invasively so. “Sometimes, all I need is a single finger.”

Conflicting emotions warred in Michelle’s blood. Standing within easy reach was a flawlessly beautiful woman who was teasing her, daring her to surrender to the arousal the other female could tell was smoldering within her. This offer of untold pleasures was the ideal food to feed the hunger Michelle suffered from. Her body had enjoyed that warm, supple body pressed hard against it. Her fingers had explored its satiny curves. Her eyes had drunk in its desire to cast all caution and propriety aside and accelerate their erotic confrontation to dangerous levels. She wanted so badly to fling herself into total union with her and experience the heights of sexual release that only being intimate with another female had ever taken her to.

At the same time, anger pumped malice and adrenaline through her system. The breast battle in the changing room was still a hot, vivid memory. It felt less now like a momentary uncaging of the dark beast within her and more like the first round of an escalating fight between bitter rivals where she could let it rampage. This overbearing slut deserved to be taken down and humiliated in the worst way. Not using violence, though, but by turning the very sensual, feminine tactics she was employing right back at her. Michelle had tasted this rich dish of passions before, and had devoured it willingly. She had tried to suppress her longing for another chance to enjoy this devilishly sweet mixture of lust and hatred. Now, those days were gone.

It was time for a second helping.

“You used both hands on me, and it didn’t get you anywhere.”

“That was just answering tit for tat. Ha ha. You’re the one who started that.”

Indignant, Michelle said firmly, “I most certainly did not.”

Jessica waved her hand dismissively. “Whatever. What I’m talking about is a whole other level of sophistication. You see, you may not believe this now, but after I’m done playing with you this afternoon, you’ll be thanking me.”

Michelle forced a blush to her cheeks and dug into the carpet with one toe. “Oh, really?” she said timidly. “Well, then.” In one smooth, slow motion, Michelle lifted her sweater up her torso, ducked her head through its neck, drew her arms out of it, and draped it on the dresser. She tossed her hair out of her eyes, let her skirt fall to the floor, and adjusted her slip back into place. “I’m ready for your worst… if you think you’re capable of handling mine,” she said enticingly.

Jessica drank in the sight before her. This girl looked and acted the part of a sweet, innocent virgin flawlessly: plain, easy-to-manage hairstyle, pure, unblemished skin, “plain Jane” undergarments, and shy, doe-eyed manners. She’d had so much fun teasing embarrassed cries of rapture out of oblivious sheep like her before, but for this one, she was going to take her time. Daring to defy her back in the changing room deserved a special punishment. One that didn’t end until she was begging.

“Careful what you ask for.”

“I appreciate the concern. It’s never good to be unaware of one’s limits.”

Jessica padded on quiet cat feet toward Michelle, never taking her eyes off of the blonde. Michelle returned her lustful stare and advanced slowly to meet her at the center of the carpet. The two danced around each other half a turn before settling into a standoff less than an arm’s length apart.

Jessica reached up and traced her fingers across the delicate white satin covering Michelle’s sides, sending shivers through her frame. Not to be outdone, Michelle grabbed a light hold of Jessica’s hips and began a teasing caress. Their hands wandered and massaged each other, tugging on and bunching up the thin, shiny fabric draped over their rapidly heating bodies.

Michelle’s gaze followed her fingers, but she couldn’t help tossing furtive glances at Jessica’s cleavage. The woman’s creamy mounds were ever so close and her mind’s eye pictured the full extent of their curves, as if the blouse Jessica wore was transparent. Her hands rose almost of their own accord towards the underside of the firm duo her own breasts had tested themselves against earlier.

Michelle looked up to gauge Jessica’s reaction, and was surprised to find the other girl hungrily eyeing her own heaving chest. Jessica’s hands pressed against Michelle’s shoulders and slid down her bare, smooth skin in a tantalizing rain of sensations. Michelle inhaled and held her breath. Jessica’s palms rounded the top of her breasts and her fingers spidered out to cup her tender globes. Unwilling to give her opponent any advantage, Michelle dragged her knuckles up Jessica’s supple tits, drawing a sharp intake of breath from her as they roughly scraped her hardened nipples. Michelle ran her fingers around the outside of Jessica’s full and pouting breasts before laying her hands firmly upon them.

The two young women’s mouths opened, and twin sighs escaped their ruby lips. Michelle could feel Jessica’s nubs bend beneath her slow ministrations. The sound of ever deepening breathing gave her relief that perhaps the snotty bitch would give in faster than she would. Still, Jessica proved she was and expert in how to stroke the tender flesh of a woman’s tits, and the flush on Michelle’s face belied the struggle for self-control she found herself in.

Michelle thrust her hands upward across the center of Jessica’s boobs and caught her foe’s nipples in the V between her index and middle fingers. She squeezed them, forcing a high-pitched gasp from Jessica’s rosy-cheeked face.

“Oh, dear. Was that too much?” Michelle whispered.

Jessica shot her a disdainful look. She copied Michelle’s grasp and was soon plying the blond’s nipples with greater and greater effort as she fought to contain her own growing arousal. Michelle clamped her mouth closed, but the maneuver failed to stifle the erotic whimper that chimed in her throat a second later. Her body twitched as if from electric shocks as she felt warm sensations bloom in her stomach and crotch.

“You worry about yourself.” Jessica gritted her teeth. The assault upon her tits was much more skilled than she had anticipated. A low, tortured groan rumbled inside her and she redoubled her attack, bending and rubbing Michelle’s nipples mercilessly.

Michelle kept up the pace, however, refusing to let the rising tide of desire overwhelm her. She closed her eyes and concentrated on unbuttoning Jessica’s top. She felt firm tits bump and slide against her knuckles as the satin blouse parted. She attacked Jessica’s lacy black bra, her nails gently scraping lines of excruciating pleasure. Jessica, in turn, lifted her rival’s boobs and slithered the silky material of Michelle’s slip against them, finally letting gravity pull them down so that Michelle’s pert nipples bumped into Jessica’s waiting grip.

For minute after minute, the two girls ravished each other’s mammaries without pause. They teased and stroked their tender feminine flesh. Their nipples endured plying squeezes and vigorous rubs. With twin erotic whines, the two half-clothed young women swayed, knees threatening to buckle. Moans of both frustration and sexual heat began cascading through the room as both ramped up their sensual attacks, each desperate to overwhelm her rival before desire devoured their senses.

Michelle tugged at Jessica’s bra straps, pulling them off her shoulders. The twin grabbed two handfuls of Michelle’s slip and lifted it up to her armpits. Its owner complied with the silent request and soon the slinky garment had cleared Michelle’s head and was tossed to the side. Jessica slid the straps of Michelle’s simple white bra to the sides, mirroring her own. For a drawn-out moment, the two looked longingly into each other’s eyes.

Michelle, creamy breasts heaving nearly out of her undone bra, whispered, “What you do to me… is so wrong. I hate how good it makes me feel.”

“That so?”

“Yeah. That’s why I’m going to give you a taste of your own medicine.”

“You’re welcome to try, honey.”

“I’ll do more than try.” Michelle shrugged her arms out of her bra straps and let her bra cups fall down to her waist. Her breasts hung full and round on her chest, nipples sticking out of pink areolas. Jessica admired them while Michelle unclasped her bra and cast it aside. As if in answer to a challenge, she removed her bra, planted her hands on her hips and stuck out her firm tits brazenly.

In midair, they laced their fingers into a gentle weave. Jessica leaned forward, as if to kiss Michelle, but touched their foreheads together instead. Their chests nestled warmly, smooth breasts jostling, rubbing, and teasing between them. For half a minute, Michelle and Jessica lost themselves in the arousal brought on by the sensations of their naked flesh pressing and sliding against another woman’s. The rich twin panted faster and harder as her erotic hunger grew with each collision of their heavy tits, and her desire rose to ever increasing heights with each moan of pleasure that escaped Michelle’s mouth.

Aiming both to satisfy her lust and to gain the upper hand in their erotic duel, Michelle disengaged her hands and swung her arms fully around Jessica’s nude torso, trapping the other girl’s arms at the elbows as she did so. Her boobs swelled as they mashed into Jessica’s firm pair. She felt hot breath on her neck and at her ear as the two of them rested their heads cheek to cheek. Michelle squeezed, drawing Jessica’s stomach onto her own, which sent thrilling shudders through her spine.

Jessica gently kissed Michelle’s shoulder, nuzzled her neck, and teased her earlobe between her lips. She wrapped one leg around and completed her capture of the other young woman’s body by driving her fingers under the waistband of Michelle’s pantyhose and underwear and grasping her tender buttocks with both hands. She felt Michelle grind against her, then constrict her bear hug tighter. ‘Fight it all you want,’ Jessica thought, ‘You are going to give in eventually.’ She felt Michelle’s hands leave her back and mimic her own hands by crawling beneath her pantyhose and latching onto her firm ass.

Michelle knew this girl’s kind, and knew they wanted to be in control. How simple it often was to trick them into thinking they still were. “Are you going to take what you’re after, or just play around?”

Jessica strode forward in response, walking the two of them a quarter turn. Michelle’s legs hit the side of the bed. As one, the two women flopped onto the soft coverlet, hands still trapped against each other’s rear ends. Michelle rolled them over, gaining the upper position. Jessica retaliated, spinning them back the opposite direction. They tumbled to one edge and back again. Michelle pressed down hard, pinning Jessica’s torso into the mattress. The other girl took the opportunity to free her arms. Half a minute of struggling later, Jessica succeeded in working Michelle onto her back and mounted her.

With a pair of strong palms pressing into her shoulders and her head deep in the large, soft pillows at the head of the bed, Michelle was immobilized. She tugged her hands away from Jessica’s ass and went to attack the perfect set of breasts hanging in front of her face. Jessica cut off that avenue, dropping her tits into Michelle’s as she leaned down and planted a torrid kiss upon her prone prisoner. Michelle whimpered erotically. She was desperately close to surrendering to the arousal building inside her and letting this forceful, gorgeous woman have her way with her body. She answered the kiss with hungry thrusts of her tongue. With blush blooming on her cheeks, Jessica ravished Michelle’s lips again and again.

Exhaling sharply, Jessica lifted her head but kept her breasts resting on Michelle’s. She ground her pelvis once, twice, then three times into her target’s hips before Michelle relaxed and allowed her legs to be teased apart. Jessica’s final thrust spread them wide, driving her crotch fully onto Michelle’s panty-covered mound. Michelle closed her eyes, shrieked, and shivered, fingers digging hard into Jessica’s bare back. Crowing with glee, Jessica slowly worked her groin up and down Michelle’s, seeking to force her all the way to orgasm. For over two minutes the pair rocked on the bed in missionary position, tribbing faster and faster.

Michelle kept her eyes closed. She felt the rhythm of Jessica’s fucking, listened to the exertion in her rapid panting, luxuriated in the warmth of her heavy boobs and stomach against her own. All the while, she calmed herself inside, hiding the fact that Jessica’s first impact against her pussy had made her cum and the effort the twin was making now was having little effect. She was glad her arousal had been satisfied. Now that that was out of the way, she could concentrate better on taking care of this bitch. When Jessica finally paused to catch her breath, Michelle made her move.

“Oh,” she moaned, “I’m so close…”

“One moment, dear-heart.” Jessica slid backwards off the bed, grabbing the waistband of Michelle’s hose and underwear as she went. Several rough tugs later, Michelle was nude. Seconds after that, so was Jessica. The smell of sex drifted unmistakably through the air.

Michelle propped herself up on her elbows and took in the sight before her. Damn, this rich slut had a fine body. She had to remind herself that she was supposed to be figuring out a strategy to outdo her sensually, not stare in envy. She sat up, arms out behind her as Jessica joined her on the bed. The twin walked closer on her knees, her legs apart to show off her clean-shaven cunt. Michelle felt hands firmly pushing her backward, a knee slithering up her inner thigh. She went to twist Jessica off to one side, but lost her balance. Her back hit the soft bedspread just as Jessica merged their bodies together in an intimate scissor.

The pussies were steaming hot as they met repeatedly with wet smacks. The two squirmed as they gyrated, joyous at the lack of barrier between their most private regions and aiming for the best angle to fuck each other. Michelle’s bush scratched at Jessica’s labia, but the tawny haired beauty ignored it. She sensed that the other girl was close to cumming. Getting a sex-starved prude like her to orgasm would make her wilt in embarrassment. It always did. She watched Michelle’s large breasts jiggle in time with their mutual thrusts, saw her raise her hand to her mouth and bite softly on her knuckles.

“Yes, that’s it,” Jessica cooed. “You want this, don’t you?”

“Mmmm!” came the reply.

“Feels good doesn’t it?”


“Cum for me!”

“Mmmmm! Yes!”

“That’s it! Do it!”

“Oh, g-“

“C’mon. You’re almost there, aren’t you?”

“Mmm! Yes. Yes!”

“Let it out! You know you love it. Say it!”

“I… ungh! Oh, f-. Yes, I…”

“Admit you love it. C’mon. Just say you love what I’m doing to you. Say you love me!”

Michelle’s eyes opened in anger, her true emotion no longer hidden. “The Hell I’ll do that.” She’d waited long enough through Jessica’s assault, pretending to enjoy it. Now was the perfect moment to strike back. She grabbed Jessica’s tits in both hands and squeezed, causing her to lurch forward before flinging herself backwards and away from the painful attack. Michelle wasted no time. She sat up to reverse their positions in the scissoring trib battle, but Jessica reacted just as quickly, rebounding off the mattress and hauling herself up using one of Michelle’s arms.

They sat face to face, each with their right leg atop the other’s left thigh, still locked cunt to cunt and glaring nasty looks at one another. Each put one hand at the back of the other’s neck and steadied herself with an arm on the bed behind her own butt. They lifted their hips slightly into the air, and slammed their pussies once more into tight union.

“You poor deluded bitch,” spat Jessica. “Thinking you can fuck me back?” With a smack, their slick folds mashed together again.

“Teaching you a lesson you badly deserve.” When they rammed their hips together again a second later, Michelle increased the force of her thrust.

Jessica answered back with equal strength during the following midair impact, and began speeding up the pace of their contest. “Never happen. I’m going to make you cum so hard you can’t walk straight.”

“You don’t have the stamina for it.”

Hatred and arousal filled them both. Their bodies bucked faster and faster. Their lips met and sucked passionately for several seconds before the need to breath deeply forced them apart. Eye to eye, nose to nose, pussy to pussy, they fought a lewd, erotic war. Their tits bumped, nipples stiff and sensitive to each impact. The clap-like smacking of skin against skin continued for two solid minutes without pause.

Whimpering, Jessica shut her eyes and concentrated desperately to maintain her composure. The wrist on the hand she had planted behind her was aching. This damn bitch was relentless! She twisted her hips to try and stop the constant assault on her crotch. Michelle moaned and gave her a strong push. Jessica’s elbow collapsed, sending her sprawling onto her back, her head resting in one corner at the foot of the bed. She opened her eyes again and stared incredulously at her opponent.

Michelle’s sweet, innocent grin was tainted with a nasty mischief as she mounted Jessica’s hips. “There, there. Just lie back.”

“Fuck you.”

Michelle lay herself down atop Jessica’s panting body, breast against breast and thigh against thigh. “Patience. You may get your chance. Right now, you’re going to get what’s coming to you.” Michelle spread Jessica’s legs and rubbed her labia slowly up the prone girl’s cunt.

“Ungh. You bitch!”

“You’re almost there, aren’t you?” Adrenaline shot through Michelle’s system. She’d dreamed of being in this position, unleashing the sexual animal within her on another woman, giving freedom to her well-hidden urge for revenge instead of keeping it bottled up. With renewed vigor, she pounded her pussy into the rich slut beneath her.

“Hmnnn! You… you fucking… oohhhhHHH!” Jessica snapped her head back, opened her mouth and sang her ecstasy in a series of gasping groans. Michelle didn’t let up until Jessica grabbed at her bicep to try and tear her off.

Michelle sat up, continuing to pin her foe to the mattress with her pelvis. Her right hand latched onto Jessica’s left boob, preventing any thought of escape.

“Get off of me!”

Michelle gyrated her hips. “What’s the matter? You don’t like this?”

Furious, Jessica ground her groin upward into Michelle in retaliation. “When I get through with you…”

“Tsk tsk. Don’t talk of endings. We’ve barely begun.”

“You’re gonna regret this, you two-faced whore.”

Raw determination filled them both. Jessica caught hold of Michelle’s wrist. Michelle hugged Jessica’s right leg to her side. Locked in a mutual, cold, hard stare, the young women set at each other in a contest of sexual arousal and willpower. Their wet cunts humped in an accelerating tempo. Their bodies rode the rhythm, dancing in wanton passion. Blood raced. Faces flushed. Nerves tingled afire. Emotion built to a crescendo in their brains.

Dizzy with drunken desire, Michelle gave herself fully to the awesome feeling of fucking another woman and being fucked back with equal intensity. She didn’t know how much longer she could keep the writhing, snotty brat from wriggling out of her grasp. All she could focus on was the speed of their sweaty battle atop the shaking mattress, the jolts of pure sensation each time her pussy met its match, the moans that told her her attacks had struck the girl’s clitoris, and the screams of the lustful beast within her head that hungered for another orgasm.

Jessica withstood Michelle’s assault, no longer under the illusion that she’d picked on a gentle lamb. It pissed her off that the blonde hadn’t folded quickly and had even dragged her so deeply into a war of sexual attrition. No matter. This bitch had to run out of steam soon. Then, she’d give her such a pounding… Jessica smirked a little as she felt Michelle slowing down.

“What’s the matter? That all you got?”

“Oh no,” Michelle replied, cheeks rosy from exertion and breasts glistening with sweat. “You asked for it, and you’re gonna get it.”

Catharsis Divider

Part 6 – “Four of a Kind”

“You asked for it, and you’re gonna get it,” Ashley thundered. She kicked hard, knocking Holly into one of the chairs that was pushed in at the dining table. It tilted back under her weight, sending the petite, naked blonde tumbling off balance and into midair. Holly yelped in pain as her tailbone struck the floor, but she didn’t have much time to dwell on it. Ashley leaped from the table, hauled her up by one arm and her shoulder-length hair and force-marched her through the room.

With a bang, Ashley barged through the door to the suite’s entry room. She dragged Holly straight across it to the open bedroom door. Blinded by fury, she threw Holly onto the bed headfirst into the pillows and tackled her. Holly fought back, but Ashley soon wrestled their nude bodies into a tight knot. After several seconds of painful constriction, she rose up and positioned herself much as Holly had done to her, scissoring the young woman’s legs in an intimate union. ‘Now this little hussy is going to get fucked, and fucked good,’ she thought. Ashley began grinding her crotch into Holly’s, feeling for the girl’s stiff clit and teasing it viciously while keeping her down with one hand gripping one of the blonde’s large breasts. After a few thrusts, she noticed an odd rocking motion in the bed that was shaking her from side to side.

She turned her head to the left….

Catharsis Divider

Michelle turned her head to the left. In her erotic haze, she’d scarcely noticed anyone entering the room. She focused her eyes and took in the sight of her foe’s naked twin tribbing some girl who was half-hidden in the fluffy pillows on the other side of the king-size mattress. The senator’s other daughter had just as flawless a figure as the one Michelle was tangled with: hourglass shape from her hips to her generous bouncing tits, tousled tawny hair, face and skin shiny with sweat and nearly spotless…

A shiver ran up Michelle’s back. The pattern of freckles on the other woman’s shoulder… that line of three across her collarbone that she remembered from the night before… from the confrontation in the ladies restroom…

Ashley’s eyes opened in recognition in unison with the blonde girl opposite her on the bed. That nose, that chin line, it was…

“You!” Michelle cried.

Ashley was sure now. This other bitch was the one she’d accosted last night. Then who was she currently…? It didn’t matter.

“Get off my sister!” Ashley growled.

Michelle drew herself erect and squared her shoulders. A polite smile graced her lips.

“Wait your turn,” she panted in between assaults on Jessica’s trapped pussy.

“Don’t you tell me what to do!”

Staring intently at each other, the two rode their respective partners harder and harder, as if the effort they were throwing at them somehow carried over to the woman their eyes were locked on. The sound of bare flesh slapping was soon joined by the moans and cries of imminent female orgasm. Michelle felt bad for whoever it was writhing beneath Ashley, but not for Jessica, who was desperately clawing the bedcover and arching her back. A half dozen more impacts on her sensitive vagina later, she gave full voice to her erotic release, much to Michelle’s delight. She hoped that dealt with her well enough that she could turn her attention to Ashley.

Across the mattress, Ashley rubbed Holly’s clit vigorously with her thumb and finally gave her the first orgasm she’d experienced in their heated sexual conflict. Ashley couldn’t see the face of the little shit that had caused her so much trouble that day, buried as it was under two pillows, but she was glad she’d at least paid her back for some of it by forcing her into a humiliating surrender. Now it was time to give a beat down to her body double, the one who’d just finished off Jessica and left her whimpering and rolled into a fetal position with both hands between her legs.

“So, you two WEREN’T just having fun.” Ashley said.

“I was,” Michelle replied cattily, a grin beaming on her face. “You’ll have to ask her opinion… later.”

“Did you do that because you thought she was me?”

“Well, it is really difficult to tell you two apart, what with you acting like equally massive assholes, but she did enough on her own to deserve what she got.”

Ashley walked on her knees toward the center of the giant bed. “Missy, I hope you realize what you just got yourself into.”

Michelle rose to her knees and aimed her naked torso at Ashley. She wet her lips. She’d scarcely completed one round of intense sexfighting with another woman, and now here she was about to throw herself into it once again. Despite the tiredness in her muscles, she didn’t care. She’d found a situation where she could unleash every nasty emotion she’d hidden inside her, where she could unite her lust and anger into a potent weapon, where she could openly use her inner strength instead of just playing games. It gave her more power and confidence than anything she’d ever dreamed of.

“I’m always willing to make time when someone needs a good lesson,” Michelle said. A smirk to rival Jessica’s crawled up one cheek. “The first question, of course, is… Do you really think you can fuck me better than your sister did?”

Ashley opened her mouth in surprise, then closed it in a grimace. “You’re gonna be nothing but a quivering puddle when I’m through destroying your soft, weak body, you prissy bitch.”

“Don’t judge a book by its cover. I’ve got a tougher spine than some people think.”

Ashley slid closer. She rested her forearms on Michelle’s shoulders. “Against me, you’ve got no chance.”

“Against you?” purred Michelle. “I accept that offer.” Her hands tugged at Ashley’s waist, bringing two pairs of heavy tits into tantalizing contact. Ashley cocked her head. Their lips met. Arousal sizzled in their nervous systems, strong and vibrant, spurring them into uninhibited lust. Michelle answered the other girl’s challenge, and the pair fell to making out passionately for one minute, then two.

Still joined at the mouth, they toppled as one sideways, and intertwined their legs. Locked in a fevered embrace, kissing their faces and necks, clawing at the naked skin on their backs and rear ends, they rocked back and forth before spinning out of control. Each sought to mount the other and prevent herself from being mounted in turn. A couple tumbles later, their hips slid off the end of the mattress, sending them collapsing into a heap at the foot of the bed.

Undeterred, they continued their combination of amateur grappling and forceful lovemaking. Over and over the two tightly balled females rolled their nude bodies across the thin carpet, kissing and fondling and stroking as they went. Michelle could sense Ashley’s fury, and began to worry what the twin might do if she gained the upper hand. She swung her hips and hauled Ashley once more over top of her and off to the side. Ashley stopped midway, having collided with the radiator under the window. Howling at the painful heat searing her bare skin, she reversed direction. Michelle rolled her beneath her and went for a pin. Ashley was too quick, and interposed her knees between them. Michelle leaned down, trying to drive Ashley’s legs apart using her weight, but the woman’s defense held. Ashley pushed back, stuck her feet onto Michelle’s stomach and launched the blonde backwards.

Michelle’s rear hit the floor but she was moving too fast to halt her fall. The back of her head hit a door, sending it swinging open and bashing against its stopper. She probed her scalp, which felt tender, but had little time to nurse her bruise. Ashley had stood up and was now closing in on her menacingly. Michelle scrambled to her feet, leaning against the door jamb for support.

“You’re the second one today I’ve practically had to handcuff to get her to sit still, despite so obviously wanting what I can give her,” Ashley pouted. Michelle retreated as Ashley advanced. “What’s the matter, are your standards so high that this body is not good enough?”

Continuing to back up, Michelle found herself in a large bathroom. She passed the sink and toilet, halting when she ran out of space to go at the translucent shower door.

“You really want the truth?”

Ashley paused a few feet away and cocked one hand on her hip. “Go ahead.”

“I… HATE you.” Michelle gulped, shivering as raw emotion coursed through her. “I hate that you live such a comfortable life, protected by privilege. I hate that you’ve never had to work for anything and can afford everything you want. I hate that you were born so good-looking. I hate that sex comes easy to you.”

Ashley chuckled softly.

“And,” Michelle continued, “I hate that I wish I was just like you.” Ashley raised an eyebrow. “With a perfect face and perfect nose and perfect body… one that doesn’t gain weight at the mere thought of a slice of cheesecake.” Michelle drew herself upright. “You want to know the truth, you good-for-nothing snotty piece of garbage? Despite all that you’ve got going for you, I know I’m better than you. Not in some ‘holier-than-thou’ sort of way. I mean that I can outmatch you… sexually.”

Ashley’s eyes narrowed.

Michelle finished, “I beat your sister, and I’ll beat you, woman to woman.”

“My dear,” said Ashley, closing the door behind her and clicking the lock, “Jess and I, and you and that pathetic tramp I wasted out there may share a common predeliction in how we like to settle things, but I’m going to give you one piece of advice before I wipe the floor with your exhausted, wrecked body: Learn your limits.” She took two steps forward. “That’s your real problem. You’ve got nerve, but you don’t have nearly enough experience.” The two clasped hands. Their breasts pressed firmly, mushrooming out to the sides. “Right now, you’re up against a queen at this fucking game.”

Michelle shook her head. “Oh, I’ve gone all-in with no limits before…”


“…and I’m fully capable of knocking a queen off her throne.”

Michelle and Ashley swayed side to side a few times, feeling each other out. Muscle wasn’t going to win this war, they now knew. It was going to take every ounce of sensuality and determination they had to best the other woman.

“Show me what you got,” Ashley said.

Their mouths sought their opposite number out and their hips met in a crushing collision. Arousal bloomed explosively as they worked their bodies tighter and tighter into a single mass of wanton frenzy. They bounced off the sink then slammed into the wall next to the towel rack. Oblivious to their own safety, they ramped up their attacks, clutching at each other’s nakedness, running their fingers through each other’s tousled hair, thrusting their thighs closer and closer to their rival’s moist, aching womanhood. First one, then the other drove their foe back into a fixture in the bathroom to gain an advantage. They knocked the bar off the towel rack as they slipped to the floor. Towels dropped and covered them as they humped with increasing fervor. Moistened cunts rubbed hard against smooth skin. Wet lips tugged and kissed incessantly. The passion, the heat, the sweat was so intense that soon neither could withstand it.

Beneath the heavy terrycloth, both females erupted in powerful orgasms. They bucked feverishly for several more seconds, ecstasy temporarily overwhelming their dislike for each other. The bathroom fell silent except for the muffled sounds of rapid panting. The warmth of their embrace was getting unbearable. They’d finished one round, and sensed the next was not far away.

Catharsis Divider

“Ugh, it’s so hot I can barely breathe!” Holly complained, tossing the pillows off her face. She wiped the hair plastered to her forehead with sweat away from her eyes and scanned the bed for the woman who’d given her the orgasm she’d been holding in for so long. Laying over on the other side of the mattress was someone who looked like her, but it made no sense for her to have moved all the way over there, nor for her to look like she was just recovering from a workout at the gym.

“Hello there,” Jessica said, rolling onto her side to examine Holly.

“Oh, uh, hi.”

“What have we here? My sister brought in a guest, but abandoned her. And it looks like she stole my plaything. Well, she’d better give it back. I’ve got a bone to pick with that bitch.” Jessica’s eyes took in Holly’s heavy breasts and curvy figure. “You’re not that sort of girl, though, are you? The kind that’s easily offended… and lets her feelings for one sibling color her opinion of the other?”

Holly swallowed and shook her head. “Holding grudges isn’t my thing, really. But I have made exceptions.”

“Really? Innocent little you?” Jessica flopped onto her stomach, coyly smiling at Holly. “Is that what you and my sister were hashing out?”

Holly paused a moment. She’d gotten her revenge on the one twin. No sense in saying something that would set off the other one, even if the sight of the woman’s nude form was triggering her carnal desires. “If you must know, last night at the charity dinner she tried to intimidate me into keeping quiet about snorting drugs.”

The air in the room chilled several degrees as if an arctic gust had blown in through the window.

Jessica’s voice was cold and sharp. “That was me.”

Holly froze, and studied the senator’s daughter who was now getting up onto her hands and knees on the rumpled bedspread. It… “It WAS you.” Defensively, she rolled into the same position. Then she’d just spent the last who knows how long with the wrong twin?

“Well, now. This is quite fortunate… for me at least. Don’t tell me you’re gonna try and run away again?”

Excitement tore through Holly, sweeping aside her confusion. She discovered with a thrill that she didn’t care. She’d ravished one twin and a second wind was filling her with the energy to take on the other one. What luck to find not one but two more outlets for the nasty mix of wrath and lust she was becoming more and more delighted in unleashing.

“Why should I? Unlike yesterday, I’ve got nothing better to do right now. And since your sister doesn’t seem interested in sticking around to get what’s coming to her…”

“Forget her.”

The naked women met at the center of the bed like it was the middle of a wrestling ring. Each movement made their pendulous breasts jostle. Holly felt a drop of liquid run down her leg. It made her heart flutter to want to fight and sexually dominate this slut so fucking badly. Every unease inside her had vanished. All that remained was a dedication to pit herself against another woman in the most intimate way imaginable and conquer her.

“You make it easy to forget her.”

“Mmm,” Jessica purred. “Oh, you’ll be remembering me for a long, long time.”

They kissed, once, then a second time. By the third and fourth they’d reached a hand up and cupped each other’s cheeks in their palms. Their mouths joined more passionately, their hungry tongues licking and probing. Holly massaged one of Jessica’s breasts with her free hand, and felt Jessica do the same with one of hers, teasing her nipple with strong flicks of her thumb. Their hands grasped and plied each other’s tender mammaries with greater effort, bringing moans of pleasure to their lips.

Jessica escalated things first, fingers diving between Holly’s legs and stroking the moistened flesh she found there.

“Ooh, so wet for me already?”

“Not as wet as I’m going to make you.”

Holly plunged one, then two fingers into Jessica’s hot, steaming cunt. She felt the other woman lean forward into her, head on her right shoulder, tits mashing heavily into her own. She matched Jessica thrust for thrust as the two of them finger fucked each other faster and faster. Their upper bodies pressed ever more firmly together. Jessica’s boobs were grinding into Holly’s sweat-soaked orbs. Holly pounded her middle finger into Jessica’s pussy at an angle that let her palm smack against her hooded clit. Jessica groaned, pulled out of Holly’s aching vagina and began slapping it rapidly. Holly gasped, helpless as Jessica’s attacks zeroed in on her sensitive rod and hit it with expert technique.

“That’s it,” Jessica urged, “Cum for me.”

“Fff- Oh, fuck.”


“Nnnnnhh!” Holly squirmed, desperate to maintain control. She rubbed her finger up Jessica’s slick slit and circled it around the twin’s hard nub.

That got Jessica’s assault to slacken. “Mmmph! You tricky sleaze!”

“Can’t take it?” Holly taunted.

Jessica grabbed the back of Holly’s head with her other hand and planted an amorous kiss on her mouth. Tongues locked, torsos slithered, and passionate moans rumbled in their throats as their battle reached a speeding crescendo.

“Ah!” Holly shouted finally, breaking off their embrace, but Jessica quickly drowned her out with an orgasmic cry of her own. For a dozen seconds, the duo tottered on the mattress, fingers teasing juice from one another’s quivering cunts. Then, they collapsed separately onto the sticky sheets.

Holly’s head swam. Through blurry eyes, she saw Jessica begin to crawl over towards her nude, prone body. The blonde mustered her strength, wondering what her opponent’s next attack would be.

Michelle yelped, feeling multiple fingers plow into her. She was bent over the sink, Ashley’s powerful arm forcing her head down into the basin, momentarily immobilized by the sudden jolt of shock and pleasure.

“Ooo, yeah, You’re ready to gush, aren’t ya?’ her tormentor panted.

Michelle fought back, blindly clawing Ashley’s crotch but succeeding only in getting her hand trapped between two vise-like thighs. She braced her remaining hand on the counter and pushed. Her back hit the wall. In a split second, Ashley was at her, but the tawny haired beauty’s feet tripped up on the fallen towels. Michelle caught her on the way down, preventing her head from slamming into to tile floor.

Mounting the struggling twin, Michelle pinned her elbows with her knees, sat on her stomach and demanded an answer to the question that burned inside her.

“Why do you do this?”

“Why?” Jessica repeated Holly’s question, looming over her. “Because girls like you are everything I can never be. People see you being all kind and polite and treat you differently than when I do the same thing.” She shoved Holly back down when she tried to raise herself onto her elbows. “I’ve learned the rules of the game, honey. The wolves eat the lambs. I’m just reminding you of where you are in the pecking order.”

“Careful who you try to prey on, Jessica,” Holly said, lifting one leg to show off her glistening pussy. “You might end up getting eaten yourself.”

Jessica tackled Holly, but the blonde snared her with both legs and brought her down, face between her constricting thighs. Holly rolled them over so she gained the upper position. She parted the other woman’s legs and dove mouth-first. She only got a few teasing licks in before Jessica attacked her in identical fashion, making Holly chirp in excitement.

Tonguing each other’s labia incessantly, the pair rolled from one side of the bed to the other, clutching each other tightly with their heads deep between the other’s legs. Minute after minute passed, both sustaining one body-shaking orgasm after another. Still, neither showed any sign of slowing down, let alone admitting defeat.

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Michelle had just wrung yet another orgasm out of Ashley. She was coiled naked against her foe’s body in the shower stall, panting for breath. Ashley’s hands ran up and down her back. They clasped her butt cheeks and squeezed. Michelle groaned. Her muscles were exhausted, but her pussy somehow wanted more.

Ashley slid a leg up into Michelle’s crotch and rubbed the dripping cunt it found there. She chuckled. In a voice that gave away how tired she was, she said, “Hey, droopy eyes. You conking out on me?”

Head buried in Ashley’s shoulder, Michelle mumbled, “Never.”

“No, my love, you’re gonna lose. It’s just a matter of time. I promise to be so good to you if you’ll just stop fighting back.”

“Never,” Michelle repeated, freed her head, and looked Ashley in the eyes. “I’ll never believe your lies.” She grabbed Ashley’s tits with both hands and pounded her pelvis into the twin’s womanhood. “And I’ll never stop until I hear you beg me to.”

“So be it.”

Writhing together in a nude ball, the two fucked furiously, trading positions several times before tumbling out of the shower and continuing their heated sexual battle on the cold tile.

Catharsis Divider

Teetering on wobbly legs, Holly reached out and grabbed Jessica’s shoulder before she made it out the bedroom door. “Where do you think you’re going?” Her fingers caught in the twin’s hair.

Jessica howled and halted her retreat. “You fucking sleaze bag!”. She yanked Holly’s wrists and flung her to the floor.

Holly kicked out and tripped her. Scrambling quickly, she climbed atop the out-of~breath woman. “Sweetheart, I’m not done with you yet.”

Jessica’s eyes were wild with panic. “How can you possibly…”

Holly lay down on her and kissed her ardently. “Shh.” She wiggled her hips, nestling them atop Jessica’s. “Admit that I’m better.”

“Fuck no.”

Holly began grinding. “That’s not the correct answer.”

“Oh, god, you bitch.”

“Cursing will only make it worse.” Holly sped up and smacked their cunts together harder.

“Listen, you can have it. Take it. I can’t… I’m going to…”

Holly extended her arms, lifting her chest off of Jessica’s and kept tribbing. The twin cried out final, exhausted orgasm. The satisfaction that ran through her body as she watched Jessica collapse in a limp pile filled her with giddy glee.

She collected herself and hauled herself to her feet. The sounds of feminine ecstasy thundering through the bathroom door reminded her that Ashley was still around. She staggered to the dining area to get dressed and leave before facing that nasty woman again.

Catharsis Divider

It was finished. Michelle wanted to shout in triumph. Coated in a puddle of their combined juices beneath her lay Ashley. Michelle had out-fucked her and then humiliated her by pounding their tits together until the girl gave up.

She grabbed a towel, started wiping the sweat and other liquids off her body, and looked at the door. With a chill, she remembered that the other twin was on the opposite side of it. Michelle steeled herself, undid the lock, turned the handle, and peered into the bedroom.

Nothing moved. Jessica was asleep on the carpet. Swiftly, Michelle grabbed her clothes and put them on. In her rush, she almost forgot something before she left the bedroom.

Eyeing Jessica to make sure she didn’t react, she plucked the pink jacket off its hook and took it with her.

Holly was slinging her backpack onto her shoulder mere footsteps from the door when movement from the bedroom sent a bolt of terror through her.

It wasn’t one of the twins. It was…

Michelle blinked in shock.

Holly looked her bitter rival up and down slowly.

Michelle saw Holly’s eyes widen when she finished putting her other arm through its coat sleeve.

They stood like statues, faces still rosy with afterglow, minds racing and reaching unavoidable answers to why they were both here and what exactly they had both been up to.

From the bedroom they heard shouting.

“What the fuck are you doing lying there?”

“OMG, Ash! Did you get, like, fucked so hard you can’t stand straight?”

“Shut up!” The sound of a slap rebounded off the walls.

“The fuck was that for?”

“Some help you were, fat ass.”

“Don’t you” SLAP “come whining to me when…”

“Bitch, you best not…”

Slap. “Shut it! Like you’re in any condition to- oof!”. Holly and Michelle winced in unison at hearing a punch landing.

“That hurt, huh? Look at you, too weak to get your lazy ass up.”

Stomping, then, “Bring it, bitch! I’m through with your mouth.”

Holly and Michelle drifted toward the exit as the din of a wild brawl erupted in the bedroom. Neither had any inclination to interrupt a violent, naked fistfight between those two, so they saw themselves out quietly.

And quiet they remained all the way down the elevator ride and through the hotel lobby. At the bus stop on the corner outside, they stood near each other, but didn’t speak.

When the bus came, the pair helped an elderly lady get on. Michelle held the woman’s arm as she climbed the stairs while Holly carried her shopping bags.

“Oh, bless you! Aren’t you two the sweetest?” she said upon getting seated. “It’s so wonderful to know that such pure-hearted people still exist in this world.”

Holly and Michelle merely smiled and nodded in thanks.

They sat in the same row, but across the aisle from each other, and passed the ride back to campus in silence.

Catharsis Divider

Michelle disembarked first. Holly got off at the same stop, and followed a few steps behind along the sidewalk. Neither said a word until they reached the path that lead to their dorms. It forked there: one way lead to Holly’s and the other to Michelle’s.

Michelle slowed, the words she wanted to say weighing her down. Holly could wait no longer.

“Nice jacket. You just get it today?”

“Yes, I did,” Michelle answered over her shoulder. “Someone gave it to me. Why do you ask?”

“Was just wondering how attached you are to it.”

Michelle stopped and turned around. “Maybe that depends: just how upset are you that I have it?”.

Holly pursed her lips. Somehow she wasn’t surprised that Michelle had crossed that line between them so boldly. “You think I want it that badly?”

Michelle was so over being cautious. “We’re two of a kind, and we both know it.”

Holly understood completely. “Well,” she said, “maybe how bad I want it depends on how upset you’d be if I took it from you.”

Michelle almost asked aloud how expected to do that, but she knew. She knew instantly.

It wasn’t a matter of IF they would throw caution and propriety to the wind and lock their bodies together in a passionate battle of sexual attrition again, but WHEN.

The End

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2 thoughts on “Four of a Kind by Catharsis

  1. African sniper says:

    Shame, I wanted to see the catfight between the siblings

  2. catharsisfs says:

    The details of that battle are left to the reader’s most lurid imagination… or perhaps another story will give them the chance to settle things in the limelight.


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