Fyre’s Fight Journal — Chapter 1: A New Day Dawns by FyreCracka

Hi, my name is Fyre. Most of adult life, like most people, I have wanted to test myself. Unlike most people, I always wanted to do it against another woman. Now at the ripe old age of 37, my life seems to be pretty put together, I have a wonderful husband and family, a good career, and a happy life, but despite this, I still haven’t ever satisfied my urge to compete against another woman. One day I walk in on my husband and catch him watching porn- not just any porn but two women wrestling nude. I ask him “Do you like this stuff?” Sheepishly, he looks at me and smiles, nodding “Yes”. I look at him and smile back, saying “So do I”. After this revelation, it’s not long before he and I begin to work to fulfill this fantasy of mine. After some research, we find a service that specializes in introducing couples that want to battle it out to each other. Within a few weeks, I am “booked” to wrestle a woman in Canada. When the time comes we travel to the great white north

My husband, Jake and I make our way to the cabin where we are supposed to meet the other couple, I can feel the excitement building inside of me. We have never met these two Canadians before but, according to our conversations on the Internet, we should be in for a good time. We arrive early in the afternoon, I see a man sitting on the porch. Jake goes to meet him, he introduces himself as William. He says his wife is in the back and is excited to meet us. He leads us back to a large room, where his wife is lounging in a robe. She smiles and says “you must be Fyre, I’m Dawn. So would you like a drink -or would you like to get down to business?” I reply that we can at least discuss the rules over a drink. Over a glass of wine, I explain to her that I want to test myself against another woman, no more, no less.

“So it’s just me versus you to see who’s the better woman? I can handle that.- you do know I’m undefeated, right?” She replies. “We can battle it out in here or if you really want to make it feel natural, we have a nicely manicured lawn out back….” She gestures to the area behind the cabin. The thought of a one on one struggle in nature has me mesmerized, I agree to wrestle her outdoors. “As for the rules…” She says “I think we should go for 30 minutes and who ever can force the most submissions, wins- that way there won’t be any doubt of who is better”. Eager to prove myself, I agree. “You’ll find you and your man’s room down that hallway. I’ll meet you on the lawn in an hour”. I spend the hour freshening up and being massaged by Jake. As the clock nears time, I put my robe on and walk out into the August sun.

Jake and I meet William and Dawn in the middle of their lawn that is as well kept as any green on a nice golf course. We walk up towards each other and throw our robes to our men. I can feel the summer sun’s warmth on my body, as we stand toe to toe for the first time. We look each other over- I learn that she is 31, six years younger than me. Dawn is a good two inches taller than me, probably around 5’8″ to my 5’6″and I’ll be giving up quite a bit in weight. We step on the scales and I weigh in at 140 pounds and she tips the scales at just under 200.

I continue to look over my opponent noting our physical differences. Even though I can see that I am in better shape with all of my hours spent in spin class to give me what my husband calls a sexy soccer mom body, my muscular legs aren’t nearly has strong as the large powerful legs supporting the BBW in front of me. Her massive breasts dwarf my perky B cups, but my large well muscled ass looks much better than here even bigger, flat, soft one. Even though we are probably the same skin tone as evidenced my tan lines, the Texas sun has kissed my body to a golden hue compared to her smooth pale skin. Dawn’s dark brown hair falls lazily to her shoulders, framing a pretty face with bright brown eyes, this should contrast nicely with my blonde hair tied up in a ponytail. My dark brown eyes meet hers and we both try to stare down the woman in front of us. William goes over to a large clock and sets it for 30 minutes.

The clock dings, Dawn and I immediately begin to circle each other. Both of us timidly slap at each other trying to get a feel for the other woman. Trying to use her size advantage she presses the fight and tries to grab me, before long, we both have grips on each other’s hair. Each of us trying to sling our opponent to the grass. Eventually, our bodies are tangled and she slings me to the ground. Holding on to her long dark hair I pull the bigger woman down as well.

We roll across the grass the sounds of our bodies slapping together and the groans we make as we strain against each other, are the only noises I hear as the world has gone silent to me as I focus on besting this formidable woman in front of me. For several minutes we both unsuccessfully try to gain control of the other woman. Then by a stroke of luck I slide onto her back. Instinctively, I wrap one arm around her neck and another around her arm. She twist and turns but is unable to get free. Then my legs finally get around her belly, I lock them and squeeze with all of my strength. She lets out a deep grunt as the air leaves her body. I continue to keep squeezing with my legs and pulling her head and shoulder for all I’m worth. Soon the grunts turn to whimpers and I feel her hand reach up and tap me “stop! I give!”

We roll apart and get back to our feet. After 5 minutes I’m up 1-0. As Dawn brushes the dirt and grass of her now sweat glistening body, I can see that she knows that I won’t be a pushover. We stare at one another, you can see the determination and that a competitive fire burns in each of our eyes. We begin stalking each other again and before long we are in another mutual hair grabbing hold. Dawn, using her superior strength, muscles me into a headlock. Slowly and methodically, she takes me to ground. As I lay underneath the bigger woman, I can feel my shoulders pressing into the warm grass. I try to pull her hair back in an effort to escape her viselike headlock, she positions her ample breasts over my face. Try as I might, I can’t find a spot where I can move my head that her breasts don’t cover my face….trapped, gasping for air, I finally relent, and tap out.

Breathing heavily, I look up at the clock, 7 minutes in and we are tied at one submission apiece. Breathing heavily, I make it to my feet. Wasting no time, Dawn grabs me in a big bear hug and takes me down again. I’m on my back again, this time she sits on top of my belly, pinning my hands to the ground. Next, she simply leans forward, covering my face with her large breasts. I struggle and fight to find some air, but all I find is Dawn’s big nipples in my mouth. I fight the inevitable for a while longer, before I tap out again. And in the blink of an eye, I’m behind 2-1 With 9 minutes gone.

Dawn stands over me, looking completely fresh but for the bits of grass clinging to the sweat covering her powerful body. Meanwhile, I struggle to get to my feet and manage to make it on all fours. Still fighting to get my breath back, I feel myself being pulled to my feet by my hair. She pulls me in close and asks “Fyre, you realize you can’t win, right? Do you want to quit? There’s no shame, I’m bigger, stronger, and better than you rookie”. “It’s not over yet!” I snap back. She throws me to the ground by my hair and moves in to punish me. Dawn pounces on me, pushing my face into the grass as she lays on top of me. She seems to be content with me struggling to get out from under her and repeatedly bounces on my lower back to keep me from ever catching my breath. I can hear her almost giggling each time I moan as the air is pushed out of my lungs. After several minutes, she rolls me over. At this point, I am almost defenseless as she mounts my face. Trapped between her powerful legs, I can’t escape Dawn’s stare the confidence in her eyes is unmistakable as she looks at her pinned opponent. She deftly eases forward and again my mouth is covered, this time by her pussy. Again, I hold out for as long as I can before I tap out again. After 15 minutes, she now leads me 3-1.

As we both get to our feet again, I know I am in trouble, as she begins to take control of the bout. I can feel my body weakening beneath the hot August sun as well Dawn’s size and strength. This time I take a different approach, using whats left of my speed to try and get behind the powerhouse of a woman. After 15 minutes of wrestling, she is tired too and slows down just enough for me to take her down to her belly. Crawling on her back, I am able to mount her. With a hand full of her hair, I pull as hard as I can. She yelps in pain as I crank her head back. I lean back pulling chin and hair. She tries to use her strength to power out of the hold but can’t shake me. She struggles and strains against my chin lock, the pain in her voice is comforting as I have been the one crying out in pain for the last ten minutes. She is able to fight the pain for several minutes before I feel her finally tap out.

I look at the clock, 22 minutes are gone and I’m down 3-2. As I look at Dawn, I can tell that she is almost in as bad a shape as me-maybe worse as she isn’t in nearly as in shape. She struggles to get to a knee. Neither of us look like the two strong women who started this, both of us are covered in sweat, grass and the dirt. Knowing I don’t have much time, I move in to try and seize the advantage from my tired adversary. Rushing the larger girl, I knock her down and end up on top. As I lay on top of her, pinning her hands above her head, we lock eyes again. “Say it, Dawn…you’re beaten” I say as press the whole weight of my body onto hers.

“I’m still ahead, Fyre, and you don’t have much time” she replies through a grimace and pained breaths. I know she’s right, and I need to get her to give up just to tie the score. I slide into a grapevine pin, she lets out a loud groan as her legs and pussy are stretched. Finally, I feel like I have the advantage over the chubby woman and she is just holding on. I flex and strain as hard as I can to break her will and she uses all of her power to keep from giving up. Both of us are groaning as our bodies are pushed to their limits. Between the sweat of our bodies and trying with all my strength to hold her down, I slip and lose my grip. Dawn bring a skilled wrestler, is able to capitalize. Again we are are rolling around the lawn.

When we finally stop struggling for position,I’m the one on bottom. Even though she is exhausted, The heavier woman is able to hold me in place. She simply lays on top of me, every breath I take becomes laborious and I can find no escape. Knowing that if I give up there is absolutely no chance for me to come back, I refuse to tap out. I can feel myself fading, my legs that were pressing so hard to roll her off of me, now lay still. My arms, burning from pulling her hair to try to get her off, now flop onto the grass, unable to fight anymore. Dawn, realizing that I am spent, instinctively positions her breasts over my face one more time to finish me. I try to find some air, but am only rewarded with the salty sweat dripping from her nipples. Unable to fight anymore or even tap out, I feel everything start to fade out…then “Ding!” I hear the final bell ring. Relief washes over my beaten body as Dawn rolls off of me and for what seems like an eternity we both just lie in the grass breathing heavily. Neither one of us able to rise.

Eventually, Dawn makes it to her feet and stands over me. She puts her foot on my chest as William takes a picture of her in the customary “Victory” pose over her conquered rival. She then offers me her hand to help me stand. “I’ve never been pushed to my limits like that before- you are a true lioness” she says still trying to catch her breath. Swallowing my pride, I manage a small tired smile saying “I have never felt so much power and strength from another woman. I understand why no one has ever beaten you”.

William leads his wife back to the cabin, while Jake scoops my exhausted body up and carries me. Upon reaching the cabin, she says “the showers are back here” and we follow them to a large group shower. As Jake washes my body, I see William do the same to Dawn. Both of our men are rock hard. Soon she takes her prize and begins to suck William’s cock and then they begin to fuck right next us in the shower. Even though I’m physically exhausted, the sight and sounds of them is too much for me to resist and I begin to kiss Jake and soon we are making love next to them in the shower. After all of us are brought to orgasm, we move back into the main part of the house to hang out, recuperate and enjoy each other’s company. After a while and a few glasses of wine, we start messing around again. Before long the cabin is filled with the sounds of sex again as both couples put on a show for each other deep into the early morning hours. After a long and well deserved night of sleep, Jake and I leave the cabin and the Canadians. Even though I lost, I know that I am hooked and can’t wait until I’m rested and ready to find out where our next adventure will take us.

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