Fyre’s Fight Journal — Chapter 2: Campsite Catfight by FyreCracka

Even though it’s only been a week since my first match, the thought of participating in another is all I can think about. So much so, that Jake suggests we take a camping trip to go relax and unwind to take my mind off of it. So we make some plans, load up the jeep and head to our favorite secluded campgrounds the river. When we arrive, there is only one other couple near us, a man named Gabriel and Lucia, his wife, . Jake and Gabriel have hit it off talking about football, guns and other “Texas” things. I have made some small talk with his wife, but I haven’t figured out how to talk to her about what’s really been on my mind. Since my first match with Dawn, all I can think about is how I would stack up against the women that I meet- a waitress, a fellow mom at a soccer game, or college hardbody at the gym, everywhere I look I see possible opponents. Lucia, is no exception, parading around the campground in a baby blue bikini.

I wonder how I’d fare against this smaller woman, She is a pretty Latina with a nice ass with much larger breasts than me. Late Saturday evening, as the hot August sun is beginning to set, all four of us are talking while sipping drinks and watching the river go by. The conversation gets a little more intimate, so Jake and I tell them about our recent trip to Canada and my match. From the looks in everyone’s eyes, I can tell that everyone is thinking -what would happen if her and I were to mix it up here. Finally, she wryly says “what would be the rules if you and I did wrestle?” I smile knowing exactly where this is leading. “Well I think we should go until one of us gives up, no slapping, pinching, biting, anything that would hurt. Just a good fun wrestling match to see who is better”. Lucia asks “well where would we even do this?”  Having been thinking of this moment all weekend I have just the spot.

“There’s a nice patch of soft grass down by the water”. I can see Gabriel is almost as excited as his wife. “Let’s do it!” She says excitedly. We make our way to the water’s edge.

We square off in front of each other. The contrasts between us are striking, I’m in my purple bikini. Standing 5’6″, I’m over a half foot taller than the 4’11” Lucia. At 140 pounds I estimate that I’m about 20 pounds heavier than her. She stands across from me in a baby blue bikini that is straining to contain her large D cup breasts, her dark hair and tan skin, quite different from my blonde hair, lighter colored skin and much smaller  B cup breasts.

“Are you ready?” I ask. She smiles and says “Bring it!”  Slowly we inch in closer to each other, then we lock up with each other. Both of us trying to push or pull the other down. Using her lower center of gravity, I feel her get me off balance and trip me over her hip and leg. I flip over her and land in the soft wet grass with a thud and a whimper. Stunned from the fall, I am unable to stop her from crawling on top me. The next thing I see is Lucia sitting on top of me, she pins my hands down with hers. And for a while she just looks down at me curiously, like I’m her prey. Satisfied that she has me pinned, she moves forward trapping my arms with her legs.  I feel her bikini bottom press against my chin as she has mounts my face. I swing my legs up and under her armpits.

She tries to hold me down, but my strong legs prove to be too much and I am able to hook her armpits with my heels and muscle her off me.  Both of us roll around the wet grass for a bit, the soft earth of the river bank smearing across our near naked bodies, eventually I end up with Lucia in a headlock. The grass near the river is surprisingly wet and both of us are now glistening beneath the setting sun. While holding her in the headlock, I’m able to look around at the situation. I can see that the boys’ swim trunks aren’t very good at hiding their large erections. I also see that my bikini top is laying several feet away from me on the ground- how or when that came off, I have no idea. I can hear her grunting as she strains to escape.

Before I get too comfortable, I feel my head yanked back by my hair.i think to myself  “wasn’t this supposed to be a friendly match”, but then again, no said we couldn’t pull hair. Lucia is able to roll me on top of her, then I feel her legs lock around my belly. She squeezes and I let out squeaky yelp as the pain racks my belly. I’m unable to hold the headlock and before long all I can do is try to hold out as her legs crush me. I look over at my rival and see that her breasts are also out and her baby blue bikini hangs uselessly underneath her heaving breasts, revealing her dark and fully erect nipples. The air is full of the sounds of the river and environment, along with straining moans and groans of Lucia and I fighting for supremacy. I focus my efforts to using my core muscles to resist the painful leg scissors hold.

The next several minutes feel like hours and the pain is steady and excruciating as she tries to squeeze me to submission. Finally, her strong but thin legs tire out fortunately it’s before my abdominal muscles do and she releases the hold enough that with the sweat covering our bodies, I am able to escape. For a moment both of us lay on the grass writhing on our backs, both of us fighting to catch our breath. She moves first and is able to drag her body on top of mine. She covers my face with her large, natural, tan, breasts. Still gasping for air, I know this could be the end. I do the only thing I can think of, I begin to suck on her nipples. I hear her moan, obviously enjoying it. She arches her back dragging both nipples across my tongue. This gives me the opportunity to roll her onto her back. Quickly, I slide on top her, my pussy mere millimeters from her mouth. I fight off her legs, trying to reach up and pull my off.

Several minutes go by and her attempts to pull me off with her legs, first start to slow, then stop, as she seems to be fading. My size advantage is starting to take a toll on the smaller woman as I sit on her chest and throat. I look down at her face, trapped between my thighs, I can still see the fight in her dark eyes as we stare at each other. Much like me earlier, in her desperation, Lucia begins to use her tongue. I try to hold her down but it just ….feels….so…..good. My body trembles from the pleasure and I let out a loud moan. She is able to buck me off. She escapes and we both make it to our feet. Both of us now topless and soaking wet from the damp grass and sweat. Streaks of mud criss cross our bodies.

One more time we move forward to meet each other. We lock up, both of us using everything we have left to try and force the other woman to the ground. This time, my strength is too much for the petite Latina and she drops, first to a knee then all the way on to her back. With me on top, I use my longer body to stretch her. First I grab her wrists and pin her arms above her head. Then I snake my legs through hers putting her legs in a grapevine pin. She cries out as she is stretched, her pussy pointing directly at her husband, who is, no doubt, enjoying the view of our bodies matched up, eye to eye, chest to chest, crotch to crotch. 

Underneath my entire body weight and locked in the painful stretching hold, I finally ask her through my heavy breathing “Lucia…do ….you…give up?”  Our faces nose to nose in this hold she can’t look away, I can see it in her eyes, she knows she’s beaten and is relieved that it is over. “Ok….Fyre…..you ….win…….I give up”. I immediately release the hold, and lay panting on top of her for a moment. We lock eyes again, she gives me a kiss and says “That was incredible, I had no idea something could be so competitive and feel so erotic at the same time.”  I look back into her I eyes and brush the mud and grass off of her face, “you are as tough as you are sexy, it could have gone either way”.

 We call the boys over, both of us physically spent. As turned on as I am right now, I can’t wait. I have to have it right now. “Jake, baby, I need it RIGHT NOW, make love to me right here”. Ever the gentleman, he brought a towel and we crawled onto it. I look over and see Gabriel and Lucia doing the same thing. Jake and I make love on the towel right next to the other couple. The combined moans and screams of ecstasy echo throughout the valley. Even though both of us were exhausted we still managed to make love until well after the sun had set.

After a quick rinse in the river, both couples retire back to the campsite where we each pleasure our partners deep into the night by the light of the campfire. After packing up the next morning, we go over to Gabriel and Lucia’s tent to wish them well before we leave. As we get closer we can hear them fucking again. Not to be outdone and overcome by the sounds of passion coming from the tent, Jake takes me on a blanket right outside their tent. Moments later the tent opens and Gabriel smiles and they join us on the blanket. Once more I look over the well built, sexy Latina and her man. Then I focus back on to the large muscled man on top of me. The whole scene is made that much more pure and primal being out in nature. After all of us are completely satisfied by our partners, we say our goodbyes and get in our vehicle. I am pretty pleased with myself after getting my first win and I’m happy that I’ve found something that has rekindled such intense passion in both Jake and I. As we make the several hours long drive home I can’t help but to reflect on this weekend, but I’m equally as excited wondering where our next adventure will take us.

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