Fyre’s Fight Journal — Chapter 10: Welcome to the Amazonia Club by FyreCracka

After my win over Gina, I’ve been getting invitations to some high stakes clubs and fights. The money is good, I just need to find one that fits our schedule.  Pretty soon I get a very generous offer to fight on a Saturday night at the very exclusive Amazonia Club downtown.

The invitation says that I will be facing another newcomer to the ‘arena’. It gives us an address and a time, along with some of the terms. While the money is good, the stakes are also as high. First and foremost, the rules state that the winning couple will get the losing couple for half an hour. The other caveat is that the winners get 75% of the prize money and the losers only get 25%.

I’m not familiar with my opponent. She is quite a bit bigger than me and she is almost 10 years younger. but is 0-1 in fights in her career. The club is famous for having well balanced and competitive match ups, even when there are size or age discrepancies.

Having a fight scheduled in advance gives me a chance to read about the buzz surrounding it. Ava must have made quite the showing in her loss, as I’m only a slight favorite despite my much better record. Although most of the commenters seem to think that I should be able to outlast her. One of them, DogWithABone, is pretty entertaining, even predicting she will be begging me to use a strap on with her. I’ve also noticed that another local wrestler, Jessiwrestles,  says she’ll be attendance as well….I wonder how long it will be before I’m mixing it up with her.

When the night arrives, Jake and I are excited when we drive up to the venue. It is at the top of a glass and steel high rise building downtown. After a long elevator ride we reach the proper floor and step into a lobby. There are two signs one marked “Combatants” and one marked “Spectators”. We follow our sign to a well dressed man at a desk, who signs us in and gives us our directions to the locker rooms.

Once we reach our changing room, we are met by a tall, powerful looking lady dressed in leather, who introduces herself as Kendra. Most of the employees simply refer to her as the Ringmaster. She informs us that she runs this this branch or ‘Arena’, as they refer to it, of the Amazonia Club. Kendra says that since my opponent and I are newcomers, we will be in the opening match tonight. After telling us a few more of the things to expect and some of the ground rules, she has an attendant give us a package with our attire for the evening’s festivities. Then they depart to leave us alone to prepare for the bout.  

We open the package and the only thing in it is a small red thong for me. Poor Jake just shakes his head when he reads the instructions that he is to remain nude. We sit next to each other in silence until, we hear a knock at the door. 

Two bikini clad ladies enter the locker room. They weigh me in some scales, then wrap Jake’s and my wrists and ankles in red tape. Next they escort us to the arena. I’m instructed to stay outside the door while they take Jake inside.  A couple of minutes later they return to take me into the arena. I step through the door into a bright well lit round room with a canvas mat for the floor and padding all along the walls. Due to the bright lights, I can’t see the crowd, but I can ‘feel’ them as their eyes look me over and judge me against my opponent.

I see Jake chained by his hands and feet to the wall, across from him I see another man, that I assume is is my opponent’s husband, restrained in the same way. Across from me is woman dressed the same small thong but in a blue that matches her hair. Her wrists and ankles wrapped in blue tape, it doesn’t take a genius to see that she is my opponent.

The bikini clad women exit the room. My eyes are drawn to the top of the padded walls as a spot light focuses on the Ringmaster. She is standing with a microphone. Around the balcony ringing the top of the “pit” are probably close to 200 well dressed spectators.

The Ringmaster quiets the crowd and speaks into the microphone “Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have two new Amazons for you to watch as they fight for your enjoyment and for the right to free their man and have their way with the loser….introducing first, in her Arena debut, standing 5’4″, weighing in at 166 pounds, wearing blue, we have Ava, she will be fighting for her husband, Connor….and her opponent, also in her debut match, standing 5′ 5 1/2″ tall, weighing in at 139 pounds, wearing red and fighting for her husband Jake…..We have Kelli”.

The crowd applauds and Ava and I walk towards each other. I size up the woman in front of me. She does have a big weight advantage but she is much softer. She is still cute, with pretty brown eyes poking out from under her short blue hair. She is very pale, but has many colorful tattoos all over her arms and legs, with a few on her shoulders and back. She has a large round belly and big hips with a large ass at the top of her powerful looking legs. I’m a bit amused to see that my chest is equally as large…or modest, in my case, as hers. As we get closer, I can see that see is several years younger than me.

The Ringmaster begins again “This contest will be decided when one of these ladies gets the other one to admit defeat…ladies, there will be no biting, strikes to the face….or any time outs. Once a woman has been defeated, her man and her will belong to the winner for the next half hour, right here in this very arena for the viewing pleasure of our fine audience. And ladies, remember, I have the keys to unlock your men”.  She jingles the large key ring for all to see before continuing, “Make sure to entertain me enough and I will let you have them!”  The crowd erupts with excitement at the mention of the rules. “Ladies, are you ready to see which of you is superior?” Ava and I both nod affirmatively. A large gong sounds, and the match is underway. 

For a second or two, I am overwhelmed by the atmosphere, the cheering crowd, the “pit”, the men strapped to the wall. Then as I focus on the woman in front of me, all of that goes away and it’s just her and I, just like all of the matches I’ve had before. Ava and I cautiously approach each other as the buzz of the crowd gets louder in anticipation. Once we are with striking distance of each other, the chunky girl rushes me. I meet her and we are locked together. Surprisingly, I hold my own and her attempt to overpower me is without success.

With us in a stalemate, it isn’t long before we are pulling each other’s hair. We sling each other all around the pit, much to the delight of the crowd. With her substantial weight advantage and lower center of gravity, she begins to drive me backwards towards the wall. Expecting to feel the padded wall, I am surprised when I feel my back and ass slam into another human.

Ava has pushed me into her husband. For what feels like an eternity, I am pinned between them. I can feel Connor growing hard against my lower back as his hefty wife presses me into him with all of her strength. I can see Jake straining against his restraints in anger as he see what is going on. Ava continues to press me into her man, smiling as she see the discomfort in my eyes. She uses her belly and weight to repeatedly drive me into her man, trying to force the air from my lungs while simultaneously grinding my body humiliatingly against her man’s hard member, the crowd roaring louder with every impact.

When Ava feels like she’s sufficiently embarrassed and worn me out, she pulls me off her man. She then turns me around and shoves me into Connor again. I feel him get even harder as she presses my breasts into his chest and his dick presses into my stomach. “Isn’t this fun? Wait until you see what we have in store for you after I make you tell this crowd that I’m better than you” she whispers into my ear. With determined groan, I rally and push her off of me. The air feels cool when it hits Connor’s precum smearing my abdomen. I don’t have time to dwell on the disgustingness of my situation because seeing Ava’s satisfied look as the crowd rewards her for humiliating me, unleashes something inside of me.

In a rage, I charge towards her and she rushes at me. We collide in the center of the pit. We resume our hair pulling dance again before we both lose our balance and fall to the mat. We roll all over the mat, in a mass of shrieks, hair pulling, slapping and profanities to the delight of the crowd, who is now roaring its approval. We finally come to rest on our sides, looking at each other.

In an effort to break the stalemate, I take one hand and start attacking her breasts. Ava lets out a scream as I focus all of my fury on her large pinkish nipples. She attempts to fight back in kind and the crowd starts going crazy as both of us mercilessly torture each other’s nipples. Finally, the pain becomes too much for Ava, she lets go and uses all she has to try to pull my claws off of her aching tits.

I forcefully plant her back to the mat and continue my assault of her breasts while making sure to use my ass to bounce on her soft stomach to drive the wind from her lungs. Ava is whimpering now, as she tries to peel my fingers from her nipples. I finally let go and stand up. The blue haired fighter rolls on the mat trying to massage the pain from her suffering breasts. The crowd is going crazy, and I find it exhilarating. I begin to play to them, tauntingly kicking Ava as she writhes, and am rewarded with more cheers.

I find the adulation of the crowd to be intoxicating. I reach down and grab Ava’s hair and yank her to her knees. Remembering how she pressed me against her man’s cock, I drag her towards my man. Jake is rock hard from watching the match. I shove her face next to his throbbing dick and say “Look at this! This is what a real dick looks like”. I take Jake’s cock and slap the chubby woman in the face a couple of times, before I sling her back to the mat by her hair.

Ava looks like she might be beaten as she tries to crawl away. At this point, I don’t care, I’ve gone to a darker place. My only concern is getting payback for her humiliating me and having the rowdy crowd worship me.

I reach down and slap her meaty ass while she crawls. The crowd gets louder, as she reacts by crawling just a bit faster with every slap that lands on her increasingly red ass. Again I grab Ava’s hair and drag her to her man. This time I grab Connor’s hard dick and slap her with it, “I know you can’t honestly tell me that you enjoy this more than being slapped by my man’s big cock?” I shout loud enough that the crowd can hear.

I pull her hair, making her look me in the eyes “Why don’t you suck this little dick while I figure out what to do with you”. Dutifully, Ava sucks on Connor’s dick while I turn my attention to Connor. I run my fingernails from his just above his cock to his his neck. I take a quick nibble of his ear before whispering in his ear “So you thought you were going to have me?…. so sorry sugar, but I will make sure you have a great view when my man and I take your wife”.

I yank Ava’s head off of her man. “That’s enough of that….I want you to have plenty of energy left for what I have planned for us” I say as I give her some soft slaps to the cheek. Playing to the crowd again, I begin to drag her back to Jake. About halfway across the mat, I feel Ava’s hand grab my foot and trip me. I stumble to the ground. In a desperate, last ditch effort, the tattooed woman lunges towards me in an attempt to get on top and use her sizable weight advantage.

Before she can mount me, I catch her stomach with my legs in a leg scissors hold. She grunts then whimpers as my legs squeeze the fight out of her. Even though she hasn’t admitted defeat, I can sense that she knows she is beaten. I let go and roll her onto her back. The heavy set woman is panting and wet with sweat.

I mount her face, pinning her arms underneath my legs. Her legs weakly flail for a moment before stopping. I pull my thighs together for a few seconds, until I hear her muffled pleas for air. I let her breathe for a moment before commanding her “Ava, tell everyone here who’s the better woman.”

She looks up at me, the agony of defeat written all over her face and meekly whispers “…Kelli, you win….you’re better…”.

I look down at my conquered rival and say again, louder this time “Ava, give it up and tell everyone who is better”.

Her eyes glare at me for a moment at my rubbing it in, but I apply just a little pressure with my thighs and the submissiveness returns and she says loudly “I give up! Kelli you are the better woman”.

I stand up and place my foot on Ava’s chest and raise my hands in victory. I hear the gong sound and the crowd roars. The ringmaster stands up and applauds before she starts the half hour countdown clock and casually tosses the keyring to me. The crowd begins to toss down all manner of things from whips, strap ons, and other sex toys. I pick up a small whip and strike Ava’s ass moving her towards Jake. I pull her to her knees and drag the tip of his hard dick across her lips.

 “You know you want to taste it don’t you?” I ask her. She nods her head and opens her mouth. I stick his dick in her mouth as I make out with him, making sure to periodically pull her head all the way in to make sure she takes all of his length. After a few minutes of this, I unlock and release Jake. We take Ava across the pit to where the still restrained Connor is.

We have the blue haired beauty lay down in front of her husband. I get a smaller “toy” and begin to play with Ava’s womanhood while she sucks Jake. Once I can tell she’s ready to take a real dick, I have her get on her hands and knees facing her husband.

Jake enters her from behind, eliciting a loud moan as she is stretched by the much larger man. As he begins to build to a hard pounding rhythm, I make sure to pull her head up by the hair, making sure Connor gets to see what she is feeling with every deep thrust.

Using a riding crop that was tossed into the arena to smack her ass, I make Ava tell him what she is  feeling, how much bigger it feels than his, and how much deeper it reaches. Before long, the vigorous pounding and with encouragement from my riding crop Ava’s moans of pleasure build to a crescendo and she has a powerful, body trembling orgasm.

Ava tries to collapse to recover, but Jake and I pull her up by the hips and continue to rail away at her until she can’t handle anymore. Connor is straining against his restraints, trying to get to his wife as we wear her out. Finally, we let Ava collapse to revel in her ecstasy.

Next, I unlock Connor. He rushes to check on his wife and sees that she is merely exhausted….and completely satisfied, well fucked but totally exhausted. Not knowing what I have in store for him and looking around at all of the sex toys littering the pit,  the chubby girl’s husband seems a bit nervous as I tell him to get down on all fours on top of Ava.

I lean over using him as a table as Jake slides that big cockhead into me. Jake fucks me for a while. We use the defeated couple as props for our sex and it makes it all the more sweeter. As the we see the timer getting close to running out, Jake lays me flat on top of Connor. Then he gets me to climax before he explodes inside of me, unleashing torrent after torrent of his hot sperm into me, until I overflow and it runs all over Connor before it drips onto Ava underneath him. The remaining crowd is cheering at the spectacle of our humiliation of the losers. Ava and Connor remain in the pit as Jake and I retire back to the locker room.

The Ringmaster meets us on our way out “That was quite a show…here’s your cut of the money”. She hands us a fat envelope containing our winnings. “I think you’ll have quite a future here, and”.  She looks Jake over and smiles, “this one might be a nice prize….better stay on top of your game, Kelli”. She smacks Jake on the ass as she walks out.
“I’ll keep that in mind” I say as she leaves, knowing that I won’t have to look far when I get the urge to have another adventure. 

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