Fyre’s Fight Journal — Chapter 16: Kelli vs The Collector by FyreCracka

Now the thousand dollar “show up” fee makes sense, I think to myself as Jake and I pull up to the large gated estate. I’m always leery when I get on offer like this out of the blue. Especially, when it’s coupled with an extra two grand if I win. However, the man making the offer checked out when we researched him. Plus, he was happy that Jake was coming, that usually means things are on the up and up. His offer was straightforward enough, one on one with another woman that is the same age as me and close to the same size. So, I might as well cash in, right?

When we park and walk up to the door we are greeted by a very well dressed, well groomed and well built black man. “Jerome, I assume?” Jake asks as he shakes the man’s hand.

“Yes… and you must be Kelli and Jake. Come in and get comfortable.” Jerome looks me over before continuing. “You are exactly as advertised, Kelli. Miss Candace should be pleased. I’ll show you to your dressing room. Your attire is already in there. We can get started as soon as you’re ready.”

We follow Jerome through the massive house to a large area that will serve as our arena for the match. It’s an impressive gym with lots of top of the line workout equipment all over the room, but the professional grade ring in the center of the room commands all of my attention.

We are shown our dressing room. It’s more of a suite, really. It has a lounge area, a open locker, a shower and bathroom. The whole thing looks like it could be in a high end spa. It’s easily the nicest dressing room I’ve ever been in for a fight. I look in the locker and see my ‘uniform’ for the fight and a note from Candace letting me know that I have to wear it and I can keep whatever hasn’t been claimed as a trophy. I do notice that she wrote it assuming she would win. She’s either trying to get in my head or she is as conceited as this house is big.

I chuckle as it’s not really much of an outfit. A small black pair of bikini bottoms like beach volleyball players wear and a matching black pair of padded, fingerless MMA-style gloves. My favorite piece of my ‘uniform’ is the short black silk robe that I get to cover up with until the match. Every article has “Kelli” embroidered on it. I take my time undressing, making sure to freshen up and get myself ready mentally before slipping on the little black ‘uniform’. I check myself out in the mirror as I stretch and limber up before I tie my hair up for the fight. Jake helps put the gloves on me. After my recent string of wins, I look and feel like a fighter. I’m ready, I think to myself as I slip the robe on.

Jake gets Jerome and he leads us past “Miss Candace’s”, as he always refers to her, trophy case. There are frames with pictures of the women she has faced. There are 10 so far. Each one with a picture, the pertinent measurements, their stats, their records and in all but one, a pair of bikini bottoms like the ones I’m wearing tacked next to another picture of Candace standing over the stripped opponent.

“As you can see, Miss Candace is very skilled…” Jerome walks by each picture, continuing as he does. “She wants to prove her superiority over every kind of woman.” We walk by the first picture, a black woman, then an Asian, a Latina, an Indian, a Native American, a Middle Eastern woman…then several white women a brunette, a redhead, and a black haired woman. When we get to the last frame, the one without a pair of bottoms affixed to it. I see that it is for me. “As you can tell, she needs to fight a blonde” he says matter of factly.

Jerome takes my picture and puts it above my information. The number on my profile that sticks out to me is my record, 12-3. I hadn’t really paid much attention to it before. I guess I am kind of a badass, aren’t I? Jerome starts speaking again “As such, finding prime specimens can prove ….difficult. That’s why you’re receiving so much money upfront….. good luck to you in winning the rest. I, for one, would like to see it happen.” Our host hands me an envelope. One glance tells me that this is my ‘show up’ money.

All of our heads turn when we hear a door open. A tall,slender, elegant looking black woman wearing a white robe similar to mine enters with all of the bearing of a queen. It’s obvious that this is Candace. As she makes her way towards us, I begin to size her up.

She is probably a couple of inches taller than me, 5’7″ or so. Her and I are built nearly identically, so with her height advantage, I’d guess around 135 pounds. She has dark ebony skin that makes mine, even with my late summer tan, look pale. Her intense dark brown eyes are framed by shoulder length, naturally curly black hair and are looking me over like I’m something she is considering making a bid on at an auction. There is something cold and calculating about this woman.

She walks up to the ring and drops her robe before rolling into it. As expected, she is wearing a bright white pair of bikini bottoms identical to mine and the same style gloves as mine but also in white. Candace motions me to get into the ring. I drop my robe and roll in confidently, never breaking eye contact with the black woman, ready to knock the arrogance out of her. The lights in the ring burn brightly, while the rest of the room goes dark. It’s just Candace and I now, like the rest of the world disappeared when the other lights dimmed.

I saunter to the middle of the ring meeting Candace both of us now topless, wearing only our monogrammed, contrasting bikini bottoms and mma gloves. Standing nearly nose to nose and nipple to nipple we stare at each other. I can feel my anger smoldering as I prepare to battle this woman. My opponent’s eyes, however, are still icy and cold.

“Jerome, she has brown eyes… I wanted blue ….but otherwise, very good job…even if she does have a couple of losses” Candace says to Jerome in a businesslike manner.

I’ve had about enough of this woman’s arrogance. “You’ll be the one gettin’ the loss tonight, stuck up bitch!” I snap.

A half smile, half smirk forms on the elegant woman’s face. “Did you pluck her straight from the trailer park, Jerome? Correcting her little…. attitude problem will be a bonus.” Candace remarks gleefully, still refusing to even acknowledge me as she only talks to Jerome.

I am boiling now. “Shutting your big mouth will be a bonus for me!” I growl back. It’s all I can do to not sink my talons into her hair right now.

She finally acknowledges me. “Is that your husband?” She asks rhetorically before continuing, “it’s a shame I’m finished having children. We could have made an interesting wager. He looks like he would have given me a strong child….oh well, reminding you that you’re just a piece of trash compared to me will have to do”

As soon as the last word leaves her lips I lunge at Candace and the fight is on. She knew it was coming at meets me as we each latch onto one another’s hair. Quickly, I figure out that this was her plan. She wants this to be a fight rather than a match. I am more than happy to oblige.

Like so many of my fights before, we start using each other’s hair to try and wrench the other woman to the canvas. When the inevitable stalemate occurs the curses and slurs begin as frustration builds. Within a couple of minutes we are both covered in perspiration and locked in a furious bitch clench with wild punches flailing.

After the frantic start, our pace eventually slows without either of us gaining control. We wrap our arms around one another and are soon locked bare chest to bare chest in a mutual bear hug. Our bodies press against each other, we squeeze with our arms as we try to use our legs to push the other woman into a corner.

Back and forth we struggle. Our hands eventually working their way back to each other’s hair. Slowly but surely, Candace begins to overpower me. I strain against her but try as I might, I can’t stop her and she traps me against the turnbuckle in a corner of the ring.

Taking control, Candace keeps pressing me into the ropes, before she quickly starts attacking my belly. Before I know it, I’m in trouble as her gloves find my stomach and ribs over and over again. All I can do is cling to her hair, trying futilely to get her off of me or escape the corner. I feel the taller woman push off of me for just an instant before her knee smashes into my gut. I collapse in a heap at her feet, gasping for air.

“What were gonna do, bitch?!” Candace barks as I lie fighting for oxygen. “Such a big mouth for such a weak, cxnt.” She mocks as she struts proudly around the ring. I crawl out of the corner, determined to make her pay for being so arrogant and not finishing me while she has the chance. Motioning to me, Candace barks “get up, whore…. we’re not done!”

Catching my breath, I get back to my feet and glare at Candace. “Bitch!” I shriek, charging towards my opponent with my claws bared. Quickly, I close the distance across the ring ready to do damage to the taller woman.

Just as my fingers start to curl around Candace’s shoulder length hair, I am stopped in my tracks by a rib shaking body punch. My knees buckle, I stand flat footed and stunned. Candace unloads a left and right combination with dizzying speed, sending me bouncing off the ropes. Rebounding off the ropes I catch another right hook to the jaw that sends me spiraling back to the canvas.

I am barely aware of where I am as I land on my back staring up at the bright lights. I let out a loud groan as I feel the black woman sit on my belly. She pins my face to the canvas forcefully with the palm of her hand while straddles my midsection. “What was that about shutting my big mouth, bitch?” Candace snarls as I pry helplessly at her hand.

“Let… me… up… cxnt…” I moan in desperation and frustration. To my surprise, Candace does just that, stomping my stomach one time for good measure.

“There you go….you weak, blonde whore… now what… you gonna shut my mouth, now?”
The bigger woman taunts as I roll to my belly and try to get to my feet. I make it to my hands and knees before Candace loses her patience and rips me to my feet by my hair. She holds me vertical with her claws knuckles deep in my golden locks, forcing me to look her in the eyes. “Time to take out the trash…”

Summoning the last of my reserves, I ball my fist up and let out a shriek as I fling a wild haymaker towards Candace’s face. The curly haired woman gets her arm up just in time and my fist crashes harmlessly into her elbow. My opponent smirks “You dumb bitch…. I was just to about let you off easy… now, I’m gonna hurt you.” My rival says, right before her fist buries itself into my belly again doubling me over.

Still gasping for air, I feel Candace’s fingers grip my hair. I groan in pain as I am yanked towards the corner by my hair. Candace slings me into the turnbuckle and drapes my arms over the top rope, leaving me hanging and defenseless. I try to will myself to escape or fight back, but my body isn’t responding.

Candace grabs my chin and forces me to look her at her. The ebony woman’s face is a mix of arrogance and contempt. “I was right…. you’re nothing but trash….pity… I had hoped for….. more” she growls before sending a hard slap to my cheek. Next Candace uses my chin as leverage to push my head over the turnbuckle and send my bare chest pointing skyward. I scream in pain as she attacks my tits mercilessly with her nails and slaps, before she takes me by the hair and slings me, dismissively, to the canvas.

I come to rest on my stomach. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see the outline of Candace as she looms over me contemplating her next move. I try to scurry away but can’t. Before I know it, the powerful woman sits on the canvas. Grabbing me by the hair, she pulls my head between her thighs with my chin resting on her womanhood and my face unable to turn away from hers.

Her thighs are like steel as they begin to squeeze my head like a grape. “Give up, say it! You weak bitch…. ” Candace snaps angrily. I feel my face getting red, tunnel vision is beginning to creep in, and deep down, I know she’s won but there’s no way I’m giving this arrogant bitch the satisfaction of making verbally submit.

“Fuck… you… Candace…” I manage to grunt out in a final act of defiance. I see her eyes flare with rage at my insolence. She tightens her legs and I know I’m about to lose consciousness but I keep focusing on not screaming my submission and denying her that much, at least.

I feel my body give out and go limp but just then Candace releases the hold. “No… no… cxnt, you’re not getting off that easy…. you’re gonna have to tell me that you quit… ” the ebony beauty whispers coldly.

My face flops to the canvas as my opponent gets to her knees. I feel Candace grab my hair and bikini bottoms. She uses them to roll me onto my back. I try to stop her but she casually knocks my hands away before maneuvering into a schoolgirl pin completed when my arms are trapped beneath her shins.

“Say it, whore!” Candace commands before pulling my face into her pussy. I squirm and writhe in futility as the dark skinned woman grinds her mound against my mouth smothering me, moaning with pleasure until I am on the verge of passing out. She pulls my face away to the point I can breathe again, but I can’t escape her gaze. “You gonna say it, cxnt? ….or do you want more?” Candace says menacingly.

Fuck this bitch. There’s no way I’m giving her the satisfaction of breaking me, I’m all in. “Go… to… hell…. bit-” I’m cut off as her fist slams into my belly.

“If that’s what the piece of trash wants….that’s what she gets” my tormentor says before unleashing a barrage of well placed punches to my midsection. My tough facade begins to crack. I can’t fight back the tears and they flow freely.

“Had enough, trailer trash?…. or should I keep going?” Candace asks, clearly enjoying herself. Through my tears, I glare back as defiantly as I can. The black woman hears me loud and clear. Her eyes flash with a sadistic twinkle and she pulls my face back into her bikini clad crotch.

I’m powerless to stop her as she grinds aggressively, using my face to build towards her climax. I feel her body tremble and her breathing become ragged as she nears orgasm. She pulls her bottoms to the side and presses the bare flesh of her pussy against my mouth. “Taste me… you… stubborn… bitch…. just… remember… you …wanted … this”.

The humiliation is too much and I finally break. ” I …. give… I… fuc…. king… quit” I manage to whisper during the moments Candace’s pussy isn’t pressing against my lips. My admission sends the dominant woman over the edge. I feel her clutch my hair and pull my face tight into her as she quivers and jerks throughout an intense orgasm. I can only sob as I am forced to taste her as she cums.

I feel her body relax completely. I’m still lying beneath her, broken and humiliated. I watch her chest heaving as she still tries to catch her breath, hoping she stands up and ends this. Candace takes her time before she finally focuses her dark eyes back on mine. Immediately, I can see that she isn’t done.

“What was that, bitch?!” Candace growls icily, still keeping me trapped between her legs and under her ass.

“I quit… you win…. I give up…. please stop…” I whisper, sobbing. I feel completely drained and simply breathing has become a chore as my conqueror sits atop my chest.

“Say it… louder…. make your husband hear how pathetic and weak you are… do it… or else…” the ebony woman demands as she reaches back and places her claws on my pussy.

Without hesitation, I blurt out my submission. “…. you win… I give …. I’m a weak a pathetic piece of trash..” my voice trembles with fear and embarrassment.

” That’s more like it…. now you know you’re place, slut” she says, rising to her feet. “Now … one … more … thing” Candace snaps, slapping my face mockingly with every word before her hands move to my panties. She yanks and tugs my bottoms until I’m left nude, other than my gloves, in the center of the ring. Candace grinds her foot on my face as she strikes her victory pose with my panties in her hand. I hear the camera snapping as my defeat becomes immortalized.

“Jerome… please take out the trash… then meet me in my bedroom” Candace rolls out of the ring. She stops in front of Jake. “You’re more than welcome to join us…” she says seductively. After he shakes his head emphatically in refusal, she continues “well that’s a shame…” Candace slips back in toro her robe and struts off.

Once I hear the door shut behind her, I crawl out of the ring to my husband. Jake wraps me in my robe and I don’t bother to get dressed. I just want to go home. I can’t even look him in the eyes as I beg him to carry me to the Jeep. We don’t talk much on the way home. In fact, I don’t talk much for the next couple of days. Part of me wants to find my next fight and put this behind me, but the other part of me is terrified of taking another beating and being humiliated like that again.

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