Fyre’s Fight Journal — Chapter 17: War on the Water’s Edge by FyreCracka

Even though I’m still hurting physically from the beating that Candace delivered to me, the only thought I have is that I have to get back in the proverbial ring and start winning again. I slip into my jeans and bra. I pause while pulling on my white tank top when I feel a tinge of pain from the fading but still visible bruises on my ribs. The fact I’m still sore pisses me off. I try to stretch a bit as I pull my blonde locks into a ponytail. Finally, I grab the ‘cat pin’ affixing it to my denim jacket after pulling on a pair of boots before heading out the door.

I don’t really have any pressing business today- I need to be out and hunting for a fight on this sunny but cool autumn morning. My first stop is at a new lakeside development a good half hour outside of the city hopefully after meeting this saleswoman I will get a good and profitable project. I pull into the sales office and notice there is only one other vehicle. A sporty little Mercedes, definitely looks like a woman’s car. Good. It always puts me more at ease when I’m meeting another woman in situations like this.

I gather my stuff and walk inside. There’s a petite Asian woman in her late 20’s working behind a desk. She looks up from her computer. “You must be Kelli…. I’m Grace, pleased to meet you.” She glances towards my pin as we shake hands. I notice her grip is fairly firm, so I reciprocate. Her eyes return to mine “Cool pin… remind me to ask you about it after we finish our business, ok?”

“Sure thing… I’m looking forward to seeing this property… it would be nice to work on a project out here, away from the city for a change” I say, realizing how tired of people I am at the moment and thinking working in near solitude would be refreshing about now.

“We are definitely a ways out, for sure… eventually, this will be weekend lake homes for people in the city and retirees… but right now…. I bet there isn’t another soul within a couple miles… let’s head outside and I’ll show you around.”

I nod and we walk out the backdoor of what will be the community center but is serving as the sales center for this development. Right now this area is just a nicely maintained grassy area leading to a covered party area that is on the water. I follow Grace, she is wearing a tight black skirt and a bright yellow blouse that compliments her golden tanned skin nicely. Her raven hair hangs loose just below her shoulders and bounces with every step the tiny woman takes. She is naturally a cute girl but definitely wearing too much makeup. I guess that’s how it is when you’re in sales, though.

We continue down the packed gravelly path to the party area talking about the plans for the development. I’m pretty impressed with how the young woman is able to walk so well in her expensive black heels since the rain last night has this place quite muddy. As we step onto the wooden floor of the party dock Grace asks me to take my boots off so we don’t track mud on the dock. She bends down pulls off her shoes, I do the same with my boots. “That’s pretty much it… now… about your little pin..” she says as she turns towards me. There it is, shining in the sun brightly, I see her ‘cat pin’. From the look on her face, the fight is on. “Let’s see what you got, cxnt!” Grace snaps as we begin to circle one another.

Not being a newcomer at this, I have been sizing this woman up since I walked through the door. She stands all of 5’1″ tall to my 5′ 5 1/2″ and I probably outweigh her 130 pounds to 110 or so. This is one of the rare occasions where my perky B cups are bigger, the slender Asian woman is sporting A cups. Besides so many of our obvious physical traits being polar opposites, our outfits are nothing alike either. I’m in a white tank top and faded blue jeans, while my opponent is in a bright yellow blouse tucked into a form hugging, tight black skirt with black hose.

“Bring it, bitch!” I growl back as we hurl ourselves towards each other, slapping and scratching. Within less than a minute her blouse is ripped open, buttons flying everywhere and my tank top is torn and hanging by only a few threads on one shoulder. We each have handprints on our cheeks. There are scratches on our arms and shoulders. It was a ferocious opening minute that neither of us could maintain and now we are huffing and puffing as we latch onto each other’s hair.

My strength advantage starts to make itself known as I begin slinging Grace around the dock, woman handling the smaller girl, sending her smashing into the rail and rocking her body with punches. The golden skinned woman whimpers louder with every impact and she becomes increasingly more defensive, allowing me to go on offense.

It feels great to make the younger woman hurt after being on the receiving end of such a thrashing in my fight with Candace. I feel my confidence return with every groan and grimace that Grace makes. I rip her blouse the rest of the way off and then go after her bra, ripping it free as I sling her to the wooden floor of the party dock. The Asian woman tumbles across the floor, coming to rest on her back her bare nipples diamond hard and pointed skyward.

Angrily I rip the rest of my tank top off, leaving me in a white bra. “Time to finish this…you tiny little bitch” I snap before dropping in to the pint sized woman’s belly. I take the remnants of my shirt and use it to start choking Grace. She flails in a panic, clawing at my hands and arms, desperately trying to get me off of her. She finally lands a punch to my bruised ribs. I yelp and recoil unexpectedly. She is able to buck and get me off of her. She scurries away, landing another parting shot to my ribs.

“Awww…. did I hurt your old ass, blondie?” Grace barks as she scrambles towards me while I’m face down still clutching my injured ribs. I feel her grab my hair and the back of my bra. The petite woman’s knee slams into my ribs, snapping my bra and sending me rolling across the deck. The blow sends a shudder throughout my body and drives a whimpering groan from my lips.

“Where you going, cxnt?” Grace shrieks as I try to crawl away. The smaller woman tracks me down, grabs my hair and yanks me up to my knees. Still reeling from the attack on my aching ribs, I’m powerless to stop her as she slaps my cheeks relentlessly. The skirt clad woman then leans forward using my hair to wrench my head and put us nose to nose.

“Submit to me, whore… or I’ll really hurt yo-” she stops talking and starts wailing as my claws latch on to her womanhood. With my hand under her skirt but over her panties I use my talons to yank her down to my level. Instinctively, we wrap each other up and fall to the wooden deck. Our hands find each other’s hair and our legs intertwine as we begin to roll across the deck as we wrestle for control.

Back and forth we go trading positions and curses until we catball off of the deck and onto the grass. Our battle for dominance continues as we roll all over the grass and mud. Soon, our contrasting hair and skin color disappear as we are covered completely in the thick, tan, oozing mud.

I try to pin the pint sized bitch to the ground but she is able to get her legs around my already battered ribs. I scream out when she begins to squeeze. Within seconds she is in full control of this fight and I am in trouble. “You’re mine now, bitch!” Grace growls as her legs flex and drain the fight from me.

“Submit… to… me… blonde… bitch..” the petite woman commands, squeezing me harder with every word. I’m groaning in pain with every breath I take as I claw and pry her thin thighs. The younger woman tugs roughly at my mud caked hair, adding to the pressure. “I’ll break …. your … fucking … ribs! … say… it… slut…” she shrieks.

On the verge of giving up, I reach for Grace’s pussy again. My claws sink into her nether regions and her screams are added to the cacophony of our battle. I feel a slight reprieve as the pain causes her focus on things other than hurting me. Knowing it’s my only chance, I go after her crotch with everything I have. “I’ll … rip… your… clit… off… skank..” I rage as I attack.

Both of us are wailing in agony, neither of us can take anymore and we roll apart. I’m clutching my ribs, trying to get back to my feet, while Grace is face down in the muck, ass up massaging her private parts. I’m not sure how long we take to recover but I know it is long enough for the adrenaline to wear off, the heat of the battle to cool and a chill to settle in.

We each manage to make it to our feet and stagger towards one another. “I’m gonna break your skinny ass, skank” I snarl.

“In your fucking dreams… you will submit to me… weak ass bitch…” the small Asian woman roars before we stagger tiredly towards each other. We plod around the grass and mud, taking swipes at each other, then wrap up again. We struggle against one another, pulling hair and trying to overpower the other woman. I’m fighting for air as we splash into the lake.

We slip and tumble onto the lakeshore, resuming our catball in a couple inches of water. Soon the chilly water has washed most of the mud off of us and once again I can see the contrasts between Grace and I as our bodies writhe against each other trying to assert our dominance.

I feel myself fading with every passing moment, while the younger woman seems to be gaining strength. Before I know it, my pint sized rival has my arms pinned into earth. There’s no way this is happening I think to myself. She can’t be overpowering me, but it’s happening and I’m too exhausted to stop her. I groan in pain as Grace locks the grapevine hold in.

My inner thighs are burning as the Asian woman stretches them, but the worst is that her hips are forced onto my injured ribs. With every breath either of us take, her body weight pushes harder and harder against my aching ribs. I can’t budge her, my arms are pinned, my legs stretched and rendered useless. Grace has beaten me and the smirk on her face as she hovers just above my face tells me that she knows it. “Submit to me, bitch” she commands in a growl.

“No… no..” I say shaking my head back and forth. I feel Grace tense her whole body, stretching me even more and driving her hips even harder into my ribs. “Ok…ok… I give…. stop…” I plead tearfully without her even asking again. I feel her body relax, but she remains on top of me. She releases my hands and grabs my jaw, forcing me to look at her.

“Stupid blonde twat…. you thought you could compete with ME?” Grace whispers angrily, her body feeling heavier with every word as we lay chest to chest. She begins to get up. First, sliding into a schoolgirl mount. The younger woman continues to stare at me, studying me. I can see her becoming more and more arrogant as she soaks in her victory over me.

She gets to her feet, still looking down at me as I lie exhausted and conquered at her feet. “Get up, bitch..” she snaps, grabbing me by my hair and dragging me towards the party dock. “Grab your shit, loser…” Grace slings me dismissively to my boots and jacket. I gather them quickly and am yanked to my feet again. The Asian woman has her heels in one hand while the other is grabbing my mud coated, blonde hair. She roughly drags me to the gravel parking lot and shoving me to the ground next to my Jeep.

“Get your weak ass out of here, slut…” she barks as she uses her bare foot to kick my ass as I try to crawl towards the driver’s side door. “We still might hire you… but now you know what you’ll need to do to earn it…. now leave before I embarrass you further, Kelli” Grace snaps confidently as she turns and struts away proudly.

As fast I can, I get the engine started and drive off- topless, covered in mud and sobbing. A mile or so down the road and off a small dirt road, I find place secluded enough for me to get myself together.

Being somewhat of a veteran of this, I have a change of clothes in a bag along with some water and other supplies. I clean up best I can and change clothes. By the time I get back home everything hurts. I manage to make into my house without being spotted by any neighbors. Now, I’m not only worried about keeping my secret from those who don’t know but I’m also trying to hide from those who do. Since it is readily apparent from my appearance and condition that I just had my ass thoroughly kicked.

I sooth my aches and pains in a bubble bath- which, unfortunately, isn’t doing anything to help my bruised ego. While soaking, I begin to ponder my future as a fighter. I’ve lost before but never twice in a row and it has me questioning my ability.

I begin to punish a bottle of vodka as I browse the ‘site. Watching some of my battles that were recorded. Shit! That bitch had a camera filming our whole fight and she already uploaded it. For some reason, it just pisses me off. Maybe because it’s impossible to tell that I was already hurt and it looked like that diminutive little whore overpowered me.

If nothing else, I’m no longer contemplating my future as a fighter, but I’m ready to heal up and take out some frustration on the next woman I see wearing a ‘catpin’.

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