Fyre’s Fight Journal — Chapter 8: The Test at the Tower by FyreCracka

After taking a couple of weeks off to heal up after my match with a very feisty Beth, I put the “Cat” pin back on. This will be the first time that I’ve worn it into work. I go about my business all day long. There was a hefty twenty something girl with purple hair that was working at the sandwich shop that I was sure I was going to be fighting… until I saw the cast on her arm. Maybe next time. Other than that there was nobody that looked like a fighter.

Towards the end of day, I’m getting ready to check on one my projects that is on the 41st floor of a building downtown. I step onto the elevator. As the door begins close, a busty brunette with green eyes gets on just as the door is closing. “12th floor please..” the woman says. I punch the button and the elevator begins moving. We both begin using the mirrored walls to check out ourselves and of course, the other woman. I see her ‘Cat’ pin. My heart begins to race as I plan my challenge. Finally, I smile and quip “Nice pin”. She turns and sees mine.

I see her face goes from a bit of surprise to focused. “Right now?….where?” She says.

“I have a key to the vacant 41st floor…rules?” I answer, getting my mind ready.

The door opens on the twelfth floor. The tension builds, and it feels like an eternity while we wait to see if anyone will step onto the elevator.  I look the woman over. She is dressed similarly to me- blue jeans, a pull over blouse and grey riding boots while I’m in my faded blue jeans, white button up blouse and cowboy boots. The door closes without anyone getting on.

The shorter brunette and I lock hands. “Winner picks the rules” she says as we clash in a makeshift test of strength challenge right inside of the elevator. Even though I’m a couple of inches taller, she is heavier- and significantly more endowed up top. We go chest to chest, straining against each other. We push each other against walls of the confined space. We go back and forth a couple of times as the dinging sounds of the floors as they pass by are drowned out by the sounds of us struggling against one another. Then she begins to overpower me and I’m pinned in the corner of the elevator as her large 36D breasts flatten my 34Bs. Due to the mirrored walls, I’m able to witness my defeat from several angles. She keeps me pinned in the corner, pressing her body aggressively against mine until it’s a clear victory. The elevator ‘dings’ like a bell at the end of a round.

The door opens on the 41st floor. The shorter woman releases me and confidently struts off. “Full contact catfight to submission- no punches to the face, slaps only” she says with an air of confidence. Slightly humbled, I follow her out of the elevator. My confidence is shaken, but I still know I can take the older woman down.

I unlock the door to vacant offices. Once inside, I lock the door behind us. “I have the only key, we’ll be the only ones in here” I inform her. The entire 41st floor is completely empty and opened up but for the support columns. There are a lot of remodeling supplies and some office furniture strewn about, mostly under drop clothes. The whole room smells like saw dust and concrete, not a place one would expect two upstanding ladies to fight it out. We roll a large square of carpet from one of the rolls along the wall into the middle of the room, but the floor is bare concrete otherwise. One thing I forgot about is that the heat is off, so the temperature of room is a chilly 50 degrees.

We each grab a chair and pull it next to the carpet. Not wanting to destroy my clothes I strip down to my matching white ‘t-shirt’ bra and bikini cut panties. My opponent does the same but she is wearing a more expensive matching black and purple bra and panty ensemble. We begin to warm up and we go over the particulars of the match. “My name is Fyre…what’s yours?” I ask.

The woman answers “I’m Miche…I see your ring, does he know about your little hobby?”

“He does…in fact, he helps train me. How about yours?” I ask her.

“Nice…he’s a fighter then? mine too. How about a little bet?” She inquires.

“Involving the men? Sure, what are you thinking?” I reply.

“I think we should have a couples match ….and maybe some other competitions next. Whoever wins will get  to pick the rules to our next match.” She says.

“I’ll take that bet….still a submission catfight for us?” I say. She nods. “Ok, let me log this stuff into the ‘site..”. I register our match and bet with the website, then set up my phone to film the fight as best I can. I see Miche setting hers up from a different view, that will give us almost total camera coverage of tonight’s ‘arena’.

We continue to warm up, giving me a chance to size Miche up. She may be 3 or 4 years older than me. She’s a couple inches shorter than me at 5’3″. We found a scale around the construction supplies and I weighed in at 143 lbs to her 148 lbs. My blonde hair is in my trademark ponytail while her loose brunette curls rest on her shoulders. We must have similar gym routines as our legs and butts are both thick and muscular. As we stand and approach each other, her 36Ds look much larger than my 34Bs- even more so than when she pinned me with them in the elevator.

We stand several feet apart, her green eyes are locked with my brown ones. She holds up her hand, inviting me to another test of strength. She pinned me in the elevator, but I just know I’m stronger. So I’m happy to oblige.

Our fingers intertwine on one hand, then the next. This time we are locked in a stalemate. I use my height to try and roll Miche’s wrists back, but she is strong. Our chests push into each other, we even go so far as to be forehead to forehead, trying to push with anything to prove we are stronger than the other woman. The room comes alive with the strained grunts of two women locked in battle.

I’ve lost track of all time, the only thing that matters right now is overpowering this green eyed woman that I am engaged in this struggle with. Even though the air is cool, beads of sweat begin to cover our bodies. Both of us use our muscular legs to drive the other woman backwards or sideways a few steps at a time. Neither one of us are able to gain much momentum before the the other starts driving back. Long ago we left the carpet. Now I feel my bare feet treading across the cold dusty concrete.

I feel Miche’s burgundy colored nails dig into my hands and retaliate in kind. Both of us appear to be getting more intense, knowing we each have invested so much energy into this test of strength that losing it could be catastrophic. Like in the elevator, she drives me into a column. The shorter woman uses her large chest as a weapon to press me into the column. Her shorter body presses upwards. Lifting me on to my toes. She has broken my ability to push back and she pins me against the column. A little smile forms across her lips, knowing she has overpowered me again. “Face it…I’m just stronger than you…ready to give up, before I drive those perky little tits clear to your back?” She taunts.

I try to let go of her hands, but she keeps her grip “Where do you think you’re going, blondie?” She says as thrusting her chest into mine a few more times. My chest is pressed in on itself as her larger chest and strength crushes me into the column hard enough that breathing is becoming difficult. If I don’t do something soon, I know Miche is going to take over the match and finish me quickly.

Finally, I’m able to wrench one of my hands from her grip. Immediately, I go for the brunette’s hair to get her off of me. Miche shrieks as I pull her hair, yanking her head down. We tumble onto the dusty concrete floor. The hard ground is unforgiving and it doesn’t take much rolling around before both of us have scrapes all over our knees and elbows. Once the slapping begins, I’m able to sting her more than she can get to me. The multiple red handprints decorating her skin is confidence building for me. The dust morphing to mud as it mixes with our sweat.

Like most catfights, we roll across the floor trying to establish dominance. When we finally come to a stop, I am on my back- but Miche is in between my legs. I lock them in a scissors hold, she lets out a loud groan and is straining not to give up. My heart soars at the prospect of ending this match so quickly after being overpowered earlier. Miche’s face is bright red and her teeth are clinched tightly as my thighs squeeze the life out of her. I’m impressed as she manages to remain calm and she patiently works against my legs. Even though my legs are burning as they crush Miche’s abdomen, I have no intention of letting her break these scissors. Frustrated with a lack of success in prying my legs apart, the green eyed woman, begins pounding and clawing at them. I respond with more hair pulling and claw at anything I can reach. Before long, long red tracks form along her back and neck, while my thighs are crisscrosses with deep scratches as well.

As I continue to squeeze as hard as I can, I can almost see Miche beginning to panic as she is unable to stay upright and falls over. She is almost digging scratches into the concrete now as she continues to suffer through my leg scissors. Then I feel her change strategies, she reaches between my legs and runs her hand up to my panties. Then Miche begins to massage my clit. While I have been able to resist her trying to escape using strength or pain, I can do nothing to resist this tactic. As I begin to moan, she becomes emboldened and more aggressive, it’s all I can do to not open my legs and let her inside. I feel my legs begging to tremble, and my body convulses with pleasure. I know if I hold on much longer Miche may make me cum, so I’m forced to let her go.

We roll apart, each of us trying to get to our feet as fast as possible. Her massive chest is heaving and she is struggling get her feet underneath her, but my legs are surprisingly weak and my mind clouded with pleasure as well. Between all of the squeezing and fingering, I am as unsteady as a newborn calf.

I’m not sure how long we’ve been going at it, but the sun is sinking and our shadows stretch across the floor of the empty room. The dirt and mud covering our bodies and hair has left us looking like complete wrecks. My previously white bra and panties are now varying shades of grey and her nice black and purple lingerie looks faded from the light colored dust. With then sun starting to set, the temperature has dropped. I can now see every breath Miche takes.

We move back to the large carpet and begin to stalk each other again. Neither of us has the energy to talk trash or anything other than focus on taking the other woman down. From the look in each other’s eyes, we both know its time to finish this.

As the pace has slowed, I become aware of just how cold the room has gotten. I feel my nipples harden to an almost painful level against my tattered bra in response to the temperature drop. This gives me an idea as I can see her nipples pressing through the thicker material of her lingerie. I charge Miche and latch on to her large D cups.

She lets out a wail as I dig my talons into her.  Then she retaliates, my cold nipples are assaulted through my thinner bra. Both of us are whimpering from the pain. I manage to pull Miche’s bra down and focus on her now completely exposed nipples. I yank, scratch, twist and pull, focusing all of my attention to the large nipples of her ample breasts. I feel myself growing stronger with every one of her yelps. Even though she is attacking my girls, she isn’t nearly as effective on my smaller tits. She begins to falter and drops to a knee.

At the sight of my rival, weakening, I find even more resolve and press my attack. Twisting and lifting hurts her enough that she whimpers and drops to both knees. I know my victory is only moments away. I glare into Miche’s panicked green eyes, now welling with tears, and command “just give up you’re beaten…say it!…give uuu-“.

My eyes go wide and I’m cut off mid word, as her hand latches on to my pussy, her fingers and thumb pinching my clit through the thin cotton panties. I my legs buckle and I drop to my knees. My hands release her mauled tits and instinctively try to protect my womanhood. Another twist from Miche’s hand and I’m on my back screaming silently as the pain is so excruciating that no sound even comes out.

I try to counterattack, and mount my own clawing attack to her pussy but she casually knocks my hand away.  Then slides into a schoolgirl pin without ever loosening her grip on my destroyed clit. I feel the tears starting to trickle from the corner of my eyes. She looks down at me, I can tell she knows she’s just won. “Please…please, stop” I plead.

She lets go, but moves higher onto my chest pinning my arms beneath her shins. I feel her pussy press against my chin. The relief from the end of her torture of my clit is short lived as she bounces a couple of times, sending pain shooting through my raw nipples and driving the breath from my lungs. “Say it Fyre…say I’m the better woman!” Miche says confidently.

“You win…I give up” I respond quickly.

“No I said you need to tell me I’m the better woman” she says, bouncing on my chest again. Before I can answer, she grabs my hair and pulls my face into her womanhood. I thrash around as much as I can, but I can’t breath and soon begin to fade. Sensing my total submission, Miche releases my head. I cough and gasp as the air returns to my lungs. “Say it, Fyre”.

Trying to speak through my gasping I shout “You’re the better woman, Miche…you win…please stop!”

“Good…that’s a good girl” she says playfully slapping my face as she slides off of me.

The room is silent but for our breathing for a few minutes. Miche is kneeling near me as I lie motionless on my back, my hands covering my face. I hear her moving, but I can’t  force myself to look over and face my conqueror. “Let me see that pretty face” she says as she pulls my hands away exposing my face. I keep my eyes closed, still refusing to look at Miche. I feel her foot plant itself on the center of my chest, no doubt in front of my camera that has been filming this entire ordeal.

She reaches down and pulls my ruined bra from my chest. “This, or what’s left of it, will go in my trophy case….and I haven’t forgotten our bet, either. I’ll be sending you the details soon…you’ll need to bring your husband, it’s going to be quite an event. ” I hear her getting dressed but haven’t moved from where I was defeated. I still can’t look at her, even though I’m laying here stripped and freezing.

She says nothing else and I hear the door to the room close and then hear the elevator door open. I wait a few seconds until I know she is gone before I begin to compose myself. I clean up as best I can and make my walk of shame through the building’s lobby, dirty and defeated.

I tell Jake about the fight and how he will be involved soon. We watch the video of it a few days later. Now that the pain has subsided some, I can appreciate how much of a battle it was and how close I came to beating her. I’m somewhat excited to know that this was only the beginning of my adventures with Miche and my rematch shouldn’t be too far away

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