Fyre’s Fight Journal — Chapter 9: The Lesson in the Locker Room by FyreCracka

It’s been long enough since my loss to Miche that I’m no longer sore, but I haven’t put my ‘Cat’ pin on since that day. I know I have a rematch with her sometime in the future, so I’ve been in the gym a lot more preparing for it. I’ve just finished with a tough spin class, when I run into Patricia.

She’s unusually friendly when she comes up to me. We chitchat for a few minutes and catch up. It’s the first time that we’ve really spoken since our fight. It’s nice to see that there isn’t even the slightest hint of the arrogance that was always present when we talked before. The conversation begins to drag and I can tell she wants to ask me something. Great, I think to myself, she must want a rematch. Finally, she starts getting to the point.

“Kelli, I was reflecting on our fight. I realize that you chose to just beat me, when you could have really hurt me- I mean I was unconscious for a bit. As weird as this is, I have a favor to ask” Patricia says.

“Sure, Trish, what is it?” I reply, intentionally referring to her as ‘Trish’, knowing how she previously wouldn’t let me use that name.

Her eyes are visibly looking for the right words in her mind, she starts. ” You remember my daughter, Gina, don’t you?…After our fight I was thinking that she needs to have a real fight. I learned a lot about myself after ours, that’s for sure”. She smiles to herself, before continuing ” She is a member of the ‘site’ and has had some matches but no real fights. It’s easy to see that she’s good, undefeated in three matches but I want her have a real fight. So far all of her matches have been submission wrestling no punching or anything. And with the way she’s going and her ambition, she’s about to get into some real competition.”

Trying to figure out what Trish is getting at, I ask “Do you want me to train her, or something? Because I’m no expert”. I think back to my recent loss to Miche.

“Oh no, I want you to fight her” she says. “I mean- as a mother, I want her to learn what it is like to be in a real fight, but at the same time I want to keep her safe. As I said before, you could have really hurt me, but didn’t. So, in a way, I trust you. I know you’ll fight as hard as you can, but won’t take it too far.”

Part of me thinks this is an ambush, but then there’s that competitive part of me- and my growing reputation that I accept all challenges and don’t back down. “Ok, I’ll do it, but I get to bring Jake” I reply. That caveat should stop any devious plans she might have.

Surprisingly she agrees, but she explains that she wants herself and Jake to be out of sight. They’ll be watching it live, but she wants her daughter to experience having to battle with no one else around, no help, no excuses, just two women battling it out. She tells me that she will tell Gina about the fight between her and I. Then give her my name on the ‘site and I should be expecting a challenge soon.

Within a day, I see a challenge request from Gina. I accept the ‘catfight’ challenge. Then I checkout her profile. From her pictures I can tell she, much like her mother, is very proud of her body. The 20 year old is a little shorter than her mother at 5’6″ but they are the same weight at 135 pounds. Although, Gina is definitely not as toned. The biggest differences between them are that Gina’s C cup breasts are natural and that she has her father’s dark complexion. From the times I’ve met her I remember her being a very pretty, very tanned, brunette with deep dark eyes. I also remember she was quite the athlete in high school.

Our match is scheduled for the late afternoon on the following day. She sends me the address and says that we will discuss the rules, if any, once we’re in front of each other. That night I look at the site. Our fight is listed as one of the events for the next day. It’s generating a decent buzz, with quite a few bets being placed. I’m surprised when I see that Gina is being picked to win by over 60% of the members. I guess she has been showing a lot of promise. I even read some of the discussion about the match. The promoter of the Apartment Wrestling Club, one of the ‘big league’ organizations here, has even commented. He thinks that if I can stay on top early and keep her from turning this into a wrestling match that I have a good chance to win. It’s nice to see that some of the bigger names know who I am.

As we drive up, I realize why the address looked familiar. It is the women’s field house at the local high school. As it’s a holiday, the place is completely empty. I guess Gina still knows the right people to get a key. There’s a note on the door for me to go to the home locker room. The whole place has the unmistakable odor of a high school gym. Even though it’s been almost twenty years since I was last in a place like this, that smell still takes me back.

I reach the ‘home’ locker room, it is bigger than the one we had at my much smaller rural school, but with the green metal lockers lining the wall, it’s still small enough to feel like a cage. I see Gina finishing setting up the cameras. She is already dressed, at least I think she’s dressed. I think it’s a pretty small outfit for a fight. She’s dressed in small, very revealing hot pink workout shorts with a matching bikini style sports bra. I will admit to being envious of her smooth, deeply tanned skin and her outfit does compliment it perfectly. Oh, to be that young again, I think to myself.

I step around the corner and change into my attire, a much more conservative, yet what I considered sexy until I saw hers, matching set of green and black sports bra and workout shorts. Before I pull my blonde hair into a ponytail, I check my phone and see that Jake is in the parking lot and is streaming the camera feed. I walk back into the locker room, ready to meet my young opponent.

Gina is standing in the middle of the room, ready to go. “Any rules?” She says looking right through me.

“Nothing other than we stop once loser gives up” I respond, trying to match the venom in her glare.

“You got lucky against my mom, I saw the video. She had you…that’s not gonna happen today….I can’t wait to hear you beg for mercy” she snarls.

I laugh, “your mom was tough. You look softer, much softer…you’re going to cry like the spoiled little girl that you are…lets do this.”

With that, we start moving towards each other. The younger woman shoots in like a wrestler. I react quick enough that she doesn’t take me down, but burying her shoulder into me, she does drive me in to a wall of lockers with a loud, clanging impact. I can tell her experience is in wrestling as she is still trying to get me to the ground and is unconcerned with leaving herself open to strikes.

I open up on her back with a series of elbows and punches to her ribs. She moans and yelps before she tries to push away from me. I grab the back of her sports bra and keep her from escaping as I continue to punch with my free hand. Not used to being hit, she is lost and I deliver blow after blow. Once I begin focusing the attack to her ribs, I can feel her flinch and her knees begin to buckle with each successive punch. The younger woman is in trouble and has no answer to my offense. Gina is panicking grabbing and clawing at anything she can, before she, like most catfighters, latches on to my hair.

I’m not prepared for her strength and she is able to almost yank me to the ground. Hearing me groan has helped refocus Gina, as now she is starting to land punches and slaps to my exposed ribs. I continue my barrage to her ribs and belly. Both of us are wailing on each other, but I know my punches are doing more damage. Then out of nowhere, Gina yanks my hair back up. The back of my head slams into the lockers. The first impact dazes me and my grip on her bra loosens. Then she slams my head against the lockers twice more, each one harder than the last.

 I’m seeing stars as I slide down the wall of lockers, my ass lands with a thud on the concrete floor. Sitting against the lockers, I try to shake the cobwebs and get my eyes to refocus, I become aware of Gina. Luckily for me, the brunette is in bad shape as well. She must have only slammed my head into the lockers out of desperation, because she has been unable to follow up the attack. Instead she is lying on her back, trying to recover. We both sense that the other is starting to move. She lunges towards me. We engage in a mutual hair grab with me sitting against the wall and her on top of my thighs. I’m sure she is trying to climb on top and use her wrestling skills. Fighting her efforts, I continue to unleash as much punishment as possible to her belly and ribs.

Gina rolls to her side begins grasping at my chest, clawing at my breasts and trying to pull me to the ground. Even though I’m pummeling her, she fights through and manages to get me on my back. For the first time, I fear she might be seizing the advantage as she is on top and has me pinned to the lockers. She slows the pace down, trying to recover from the beating I’ve been administering.

“You’re in my world now, bitch!” She shrieks through her heavy breathing. “Get ready to cry”. I’m able to briefly hold her off and we get into a bit of a rolling match on the ground. As advertised the younger woman is a skilled wrestler. She soon is completely on top of me, physically bullying me all over the grey painted concrete floor. Shoving and slamming me to the cold concrete with increasing regularity. Gina seems to be reveling her newfound superiority, mockingly slapping my face and ass whenever she gets an opportunity. Finally she plants me on my back, sitting atop my abdomen and pinning my hands above my head. I can see the confidence building in her eyes.

The brunette beauty seems pleased with herself as she stares down at me. “How did you beat my mom? You’re a weak, old, slut….are you ready to give up yet?” She lays her larger chest on top of mine and crushing my smaller ones with a few bounces, no doubt to reaffirm her dominant status. Even though I’m laying beneath her, I glare back, saying “I’m about to show you how I beat your mom…and had her begging me to stop! You will beg me to stop before this is over!”

I see her eyes change at that comment, no longer confident but filled with rage. She lets go of my wrists and her hands clamp around my throat. With my hands free, I instinctively grab for her throat as well. But she has the advantage from being on top and having longer arms. The best I can manage is to flail at her shoulders and triceps. “What was that noise you’re making? Sounds like you’re choking, poor thing….awww, look at that your eyes are bulging….say nighty, night, you flat chested old bitch!” She hisses laughingly at me as she digs her claws deeper into my neck’s flesh.

It’s all I can do to contain my panic. I don’t know if it’s from the realization of my impending unconsciousness, but I have a moment of calm clarity. I remember how much damage I’ve delivered to Gina’s belly and ribs. With everything I have left, I unload a fierce volley of punches to her already battered midsection. Even though I hear her moans as the punches land, I feel her squeezing even harder and  my vision begins to dim. One of my punches hits the young fighter right on her lower ribs, causing her to recoil in pain. She releases my neck to protect herself, but not before another strike finds its mark in the exact same spot, sending her rolling of me.

We both lay on the floor of the locker room. The room that was alive with the sounds of two women pushing themselves to their limits is now almost silent but for her soft moaning and my gasping. Gina is balled up in the fetal position, massaging her bruised ribs and I’m flat on my back coughing as the oxygen rushes back into my lungs. I know that other than being exhausted from being out wrestled and nearly strangled, I have taken far less actual damage than I’ve dished out. If I can just get to my feet, I can still win this fight.

I laboriously climb the lockers trying to get my feet underneath me completely oblivious to what my opponent is doing. On my feet but still using the lockers to stay upright, I finally look over to see that my dark haired rival has only made it to her hands and knees. She is clutching her side, clearly worrying more about her aching body than me.

Back on my feet and somewhat getting my wind back, I eye my wounded rival. Rubbing my neck and knowing there are that scratches and bruises all over it, part of me wants to punt this this snotty little bitch’s ribs until she gives up. Then again, the ‘mom’ in me knows I can beat this woman without hurting her- which is why her mother chose me to fight her in the first place.

I walk over to Gina as she struggles to try get to her feet. I plant my foot on her injured ribs and push her to the ground, rather than kicking her. She moans as she falls onto her back “I’m…gonna… cripple you…you ..dirty skank” she says weakly, unable to even convince herself.

“Sure you are.” I say sarcastically, as I stand over her. I quickly hop down and mount Gina, landing with authority onto her aching ribs. The tanned and toned wrestler howls in pain. I see it, the look I was waiting for. The one where she knows she been defeated. I look into her dark brown eyes, now welling up with tears. “Beg for mercy, Gina….do it now or your mom will be carrying you out of here!” I demand, drawing my fist back.

“No…you’ll have to kill me first” she says, still trying to convince herself. Even though she deserves it, I just can’t do it. So I slap her across the face.

“Ok, I warned you…”. I dismount my broken foe. Gina can only muster enough energy to roll on to her stomach, before I move into finish her. Sitting down, I grab one hand and one foot, then place my foot right on those poor ribs that I have been punishing. I start extending my leg, she groans and whimpers as she is stretched.

She cries out “no…no.. fucking bitch! …quit it! …oh God! …no…stop!”

“I said beg!” I snap back.

” Ok, ok!  I quit, you win…please stop!… please!…I’m begging you, please stop…” she says sobbing.

“That’s more like it….now give me your bra” I command the once proud but now broken woman.

“What?!?….” she gasps. A quick flex of my foot against her aching ribs, reminds her that I’m in control. “Ok…whatever you want… just please no more”.

I release my victim, who curls up, rubbing her wounded body. “Pull it off and lay on your back….the cameras need to see this” I say, my voice calming as the battle is officially over.

Gina tosses her top off to the side and lays prone, her proud and perky chest pointing skyward. I firmly place my foot between her now bare breasts in the classic victory pose. I grab my ‘trophy’ off the floor and walk off to change. The young brunette lays where I left her, too exhausted or scared to move until I disappear around the corner.

After changing, I walk back through the locker room. Gina is now sitting up, leaning against the locker. Her head is hanging after being handed her first loss in such a dominant manner. She doesn’t say anything or look towards me as I leave. Part of me, feels like I should comfort her or something, but there’s the other part that is enjoying ‘owning’ her mind as well as her body.

I leave the room without a word. I meet Jake and Patricia in the hall. I give Jake a hug and a kiss. Patricia looks relieved but disappointed. “Thanks Kelli, I thought she was going to make you hurt her…but you handled it admirably. Even though it was tough to watch, if she had to lose, that’s how it needed to happen.” She tells me.

I smile “She’s tough….I’m just glad it wasn’t a wrestling match, she’s got talent.”

I find it funny but Patricia beams with pride at my compliment of her daughter that I just beat. She gives me a hug before heading into check on Gina, while Jake and I leave the field house.

We get back to the Jeep and I realize my inner tigress has been unleashed. Jake and I don’t even make it home before we have to find a quiet place to park, so I can satisfy my primal urges. As I sit atop my panting husband, he says “I think I like this new empowered Kelli”. I smile down at him….I think I do too

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