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Hello! I’m Gabby Phillips, and I am proud to share a family with Emily, Kellie, and Leah. When I’m able to be one on Discord, I’m (EdumacatedGabby Phillips#7678), drop the ()s. I’m borrowing the formatting that Emily used, so if anything is awful, blame her. I do!

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What Am I Into?

Overall, I’m into chemistry. (But not O-chem, that was a miserable experience.) I like figuring out how we work together, and using that to guide our experiences more than any one concrete style. So the stuff below is the basics. But coloring outside the lines is encouraged!

Wrestling and catfighting:
The line between these is so wonderfully blurry. I don’t mind if we just grab at each other and try to find a hold to wear the other’s resistance down, or if we mix in some strikes and some hairpulling and some other delicious spices. We can find somewhere private, or maybe there’s a very select audience.

As a lead-in to something more, hands-off titfighting is absolutely incredible. We get to look into each others eyes, trade harsh or teasing whispers, and feel the first bit of competition between our bodies. Hands-on is more of a fight in itself, as we try to punish each other’s curves until one of us breaks.

I like them and all, but these require the most care to set up and are heavily chemistry dependent. So while it’s possible that we can share such an intimate contest as soon as we meet, a little bit of chatting or another kind of match might be a good warm-up first. 🙂

Boxing and other striking-focused things:
I’m not against it, I just haven’t had a full match yet. So I might not be the best at it, but I’m more than willing to try.

Erotic and sensual elements:

Anything I forgot:
Let’s talk about it!

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What Am I Not Into?

Bathroomy stuff. We can find better ways to humiliate each other than that.
Excessivy gory stuff. Our insides should stay inside.
(Excessive specific) Having someone (God, I always have to fight to type it) spit into my mouth (BLEH) is an absolute mood killer. (I’m still queasy.)

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