The Girlfriend and the Secretary by Justlooking9000

-“Harder, harder, harder, cum for me!”-moaned the half-naked secretary, feeling the fullness of her boss’ cock thrusting at an increasing pace as she rested horizontally against the desk . The Russian secretary pulled him down, wrapping her legs around his waist. 

Even at the height of coitus, the sultry blonde noted with glee that he hadn’t noticed that his mobile phone had been insistently vibrating for the last 5 minutes. She knew the person calling could be no other than his now humbled girlfriend. The overbearing girlfriend who had grown too confident in their sexual competition. The same girlfriend who overestimated the strength of her relationship. The Polish brunette who made the mistake of forcing him to choose between her or the blonde secretary. 

He was angry at the impertinent demand. Few men, especially those of his calibre would have tolerated such brazen imposition on his sexual freedom. He broke up with the stunned Polish girlfriend. The sultry secretary sensed a moment of weakness in the relationship, pouncing to exploit the girlfriend’s mistake before she could ask for forgiveness. 

The brunette Polish girlfriend would eventually weave her way back into his bed by force of slutty dresses and wild lovemaking sessions, but the damage was already done. The Polish girlfriend no longer had primacy over the secretary. The brunette beauty now had to justify her romantic worth with every sexual encounter or risk the cock-hungry blonde taking her man for good. No longer where they simply secretary and girlfriend, but rivals in love in equal standing.

The sexual war of attrition for his love was fierce, his bed the battleground over which each tried to prove herself better than the other woman. 

Back to the office, the perspiring secretary moaned, her quivering body overwhelmed by an all-encompassing orgasm, followed soon after by his own climax. The sated couple let a deep sigh as he slumped to the side and hug her. The feisty blonde purred with satisfaction, but this moment was not to last. With the haze of lovemaking now gone, the handsome boss noted the vibrating phone and answered the call. 

The Russian vixen watched with vexation as he humoured her Polish antagonist, a reminder that the attractive secretary had yet to win the war over his heart. So far scheming secretary has been able to prevent the couple from a full reconciliation by reminding him of his girlfriend’s faux pas, but the wily Russian beauty knew this weapon was losing its potency. 

If the employee really wanted to sideline her love rival for good, more would be needed.  A dramatic incident that would turn the tide in their contest over his cock. She had to do what she deep down always knew she would have to do. To get with her claws what feminine charm could not. She picked up her phone, discreetly snapping a photo of her half naked boss.

The malicious blonde flirt then opened her messaging app, looking at the last conversation she had with her sexual rival, where the jealous girlfriend threatened to “rip her tits off” the next time she fucked her man. It was time to pick up the girlfriend’s gauntlet and let the chips fall where they must.

The blonde temptress hesitated for a moment, knowing there would be no turning back. From now on it would be she or her. The secretary sent a message with the photo she had just taken “I DID fuck him. His cock felt so good. I can still feel his cum in my pussy while I listen to him lie to you. What are you gonna do?”

The secretary could literally see the moment the girlfriend read her message. Not only because the app marked the messaged as “read,” but also because her boss asked “Hello? sweetheart? Are you there…?”; then answering “No I’m alone today.” The secretary smirked, typing “I’m very much here, stroking his dick just as he tells you he’s all alone.”

Not wanting to be a liar, the secretary then did just that, wrapping her arms around her lover’ waist and grabbing his hardening cock while she rubbed her tits against his back. The seductive minx rested her head on his shoulder, managing to hear the other woman’s angry demands to talk with the “Russian whore.”

-“Do it”-cooed the blonde seductress, biting his earlobe gently-“You know you want it. You want us to argue over your cock.”

The secretary felt his cock grow a little harder as she egged him on one side, while on the other the girlfriend was telling how she was going to “teach the bitch secretary a lesson for trying to steal her man.” And yet for all of that, the man resisted the urge to further inflame passions. The feisty secretary felt tempted to raise her voice to rile to girlfriend up further, but she held back. As much as she wanted to force a showdown with her sexual rival, the Russian beauty knew that such things couldn’t be forced if the circumstances or the man weren’t ready. 

Ten minutes later the secretary was done fixing her skin-revealing pink dress, which boasted of a plunging V line and left her back and shoulders exposed. A little worse for wear after a vigorous lovemaking session, the sexy attire hugged her figure tightly. Putting her pink heels on, the secretary was ready for a long night in her boss’ apartment.

Then she saw her: The brunette Polish whore. The so-called girlfriend. Her rival in love. The other woman was staring at her from across the corridor, clad in a tight a black corset, miniskirt, leggings and heels making her way towards her. The brunette slut was here to end this romantic triangle once and for all.

The secretary looked at her boss and knew he was primed for this moment. Suddenly the circumstances were right. There was no greeting, no slowing down, no turning away of the gaze as the Slavic beauties marched towards the other, crashing into each other like waves.

-“I knew you’d be dressed like a whore!”-shrieked the angry girlfriend as she tried to latch onto the secretary’s blonde tresses.

-“I dress to please him”-spat the Russian siren, stopping the girlfriend’s advance with a thundering slap that resonated through the office. A slap that sent the Polish skank wobbling to the left, an expression of shock and outrage painted in her face before she righted herself.

-“Pleasing him is my job!”-roared the brunette shrew, ignoring the flurry of slaps as she leapt forward and executed another two handed hairpull.

-“Apparently you’re doing a terrible job at it”-moaned the Russian goddess, feeling her scalp on fire as the Polish hyena jerked her head all over the place. The secretary surged forward, reciprocating the painful hair-pull. The jealous vixens squealed, their shapely frames bending as they danced awkwardly on their stilettos while they traded vile insults.

The secretary squealed, feeling the other woman wrapping her arms around her tiny waist and trapping her in a bear hug. Before the cantankerous blonde could react, the feisty girlfriend grunted, lifting her slim frame up and slamming her flat against a table. The attractive Russian groaned, quickly sneaking her toned legs around the girlfriend and preventing her from pouncing on top of her. 

-“I’ll make you regret coming onto my man”-howled the sullen brunette, scratching the blonde’s legs with her long nails while she twisted her body left and right trying to break free from the leg scissors. 

-“He came onto me because you’re not woman enough for him”-wailed the blonde succubus, jerking the girlfriend’s brunette locks with one hand while her free hand delivered punches on her pretty face. Feeling increasingly dizzy, the stubborn secretary blindly rummaged through the desk, getting hold of a Bluetooth speaker. The Russian bombshell smashed it against the girlfriend’s head, rattling the rapacious brunette whore.

Relaxing her leg scissors, the sultry assistant let go her sexual rival for a second before she kicked the wobbling girlfriend with her heels, sending her the Polish bimbo crashing against the wall. The secretary stood up, approaching the dazzled girlfriend from behind and sneaked her arm around her neck. 

-“Let go you Russian whore”-panted the Polish girlfriend, sinking her talons into the secretary’s arm trying to break free.

-“Not before I fuck your tits up”-gloated the secretary as she grafted her nails into the girlfriend’s corset, pulling and tearing the frilly black fabric with her hands until the girlfriend’s orbs sprang forward. The girlfriend fought back viciously, reaching back and scratching everything she could reach.

-“My top!”-moaned the brunette sex kitten as she tried to fend off the secretary’s nails off her chest.

-“Look at him watching us fight for his cock”-smirked the secretary, seeing her boss  stroking his manhood-“Watching me dominate you…showing him I’m the better woman…and after we’re done…I’ll celebrate my victory by…feasting on his cum.”

The girlfriend folded forwards slightly, lifting the blonde hyena behind her back before she walked backwards, slamming the secretary against the wall. The blonde secretary groaned, trying to maintain the hold as the Polish girlfriend slammed her back against the wall over and over. Finally, unable to take it any longer, a light-headed secretary let go, wobbling as she tried to get her bearings.

The secretary cried, feeling the brunette tramp jerking her hair and pounding her head against a desk. The savage girlfriend pulled her up, forcing her to see her boss masturbating-“Look at him watching us fight for his cock…I guess tonight I’ll be the one…riding his cock…”

The secretary whimpered, feeling she was getting progressively weaker with each head bang. Desperate, the blonde temptress stamped the floor several times until finally she was able to thrust her pink stiletto into her tormentor’s exposed feet. The brunette wench shrieked, releasing the brutal head pounding as she limped about the room.

The dazed secretary heaved, trying to clear the cobwebs. She found the girlfriend staring at her with hatred and jealousy. The Russian vixen hissed, receiving the incoming brunette harlot with a bear hug as they went over the desk. 

The rival beauties rolled back and forth over the small desk, knocking down pens, documents, a laptop in their angry catball. The blonde nymph got on top, pinning the Polish cow between her legs before raining a torrent of slaps at the trashing girlfriend.

The secretary bellowed, feeling the girlfriend’s talons tearing down her dress. The flimsy pink top held the first few times until it finally came apart under the girlfriend’s determined assault. The blonde vixen felt her tits springing forward, and before she could do anything, her naked tits exploded in pain. The secretary howled, feeling the insolent girlfriend pulling and lacerating her boobs.

-“You whore!”-gasped the angry blonde employee, digging her own nails into the Polish girl’s mamamries in retaliation. An anguished moan from the brunette girlfriend filled her with satisfaction before she herself screeched from a depraved assault at her hardened nipples. Another transgression that the secretary intended to repay 10-fold!

-“I’ll give my boyfriend…your ripped nipples…as a memento…of my victory”-came the provocative utterance. An unlikely event, but the lurid threat captured the nature of the struggle.

-“You won’t…because I’ll be…ME…sleeping by his side…while you have to…get plastic surgery!”-right after saying this, the secretary yelped, feeling her pinned prey somehow reversing the pin and now forcing her at the bottom. The Russian beauty bucked like a wild bronco, trying to get the Polish skank off her. The girlfriend endured, using the secretary’s nipples as reins to keep herself on top of the seething secretary.

The blonde vixen managed to turn left, sending the dammed girlfriend falling off the desk. The brunette shrew screeched, her half naked body making a loud thud as she fell on the floor. The secretary held onto the opposite edge of the desk, keeping herself from falling with the girlfriend. As if reconsidering her decision, the malicious secretary allowed herself to fall, intentionally dropping her weight on top of the vulnerable girlfriend and slowly rolling away.

The secretary winced, the toll of the relentless back and forth becoming too great to ignore by now. Seeing the girlfriend rallying, the exhausted secretary got on her knees and lurched forward only for the girlfriend to get bearings just in time. 

Engaging in a mutual bear hug, the jealous ladies jabbed their talons into the other’s exposed back, twisting their upper bodies with painful violence as they tried to overcome the other woman.

-“You bitch…I’m taking him home tonight”-declared the increasingly tired secretary as if to assure herself of ultimate victory. The blonde beauty yelled, feeling the girlfriend’s infernal nails marring her smooth skin.

-“It’ll be riding his cock…like always!” -came the defiant reply. The once haughty girlfriend looked haggard and exhausted, her whorish outfit now reduced to what remained of her leotard and rolled up miniskirt; her once perfect looks ruined by the impertinent secretary who coveted her man. And yet…the Polish brunette looked as determined as ever to fight to the bitter end. 

The secretary brought her hands down, latching onto what remained of the girlfriend’s leotard and jerking it upward, wedging the obstinate Polish vixen. The girlfriend’s screams were music to the secretary’s ear, but soon she found herself squealing, tears coming out of her tears as the depraved girlfriend retaliated in kind. 

As heinous as the panty wedging was, it soon escalated to ever more primordial levels; sharp nails searching for the other woman’s moist crotch and looking to destroy the enemy’s pussy. The secretary rested her head on the girlfriend’s shoulders, her talons finally finding her enemy’s vaginal lips. She gritted her teeth, curving her finger and…

The secretary let out a high pitched shrill that reverberated throughout the office, a shock wave of pain coming from her love hole paralysing her. The girlfriend had been a millisecond quicker in this contest of nails. The secretary collapsed, but not before her curved finger came out with agonizing violence out of the girlfriend’s cunt. 

The trembling secretary trashed weakly on the floor, her sobbing eyes seeing her rival in love quivering in a foetal position. The Russian secretary looked past the Polish whore, her gaze resting on her boss. He was there, sitting, waiting to see who between them would prove the better woman, who would prove more deserving of his love.

The sexy secretary tried to rally, only for the girlfriend to leap on her and pin her down. The blonde minx whimpered, trying to avoid being pinned but to no avail. Soon, she felt a punch in her face, then another from the opposite direction. The secretary would have no doubt been able to turn tide had this happened at the start of the fight, but now her body was a spent force.

-“No more”-sobbed the chastened secretary, voicing a thought that had been creeping at the back of the mind for some time already-“Let go”

The secretary whimpered as the girlfriend hit her again. She squirmed and twisted weakly, her body betraying her desire to break free. She gritted her teeth, feeling another excruciating punch to the tit. Deep down she knew was no longer in any condition to resist the Polish hyena, and the longer this kept on going, the worse it would go for her. She was beaten.

-“He’s yours! I don’t want him anymore…argh”-repeated the quivering secretary seeing the girlfriend raising her hand up to hit her again.

-“You bitch!”-said the perspiring girlfriend, pummelling the beaten secretary-“You fucked my man for months…*punch* you wanted to break us up…*punch* you want to replace me…*punch*”

-“He’s mine!”-*punch*

-“Mine!”- *punch*

-“Mine!”-That was the last thing the once haughty secretary heard before she lost consciousness.


A trashed office met the defeated secretary as soon as she opened her eyes. There were no signs of the woman who had beaten her or the man she had fought for. No doubt they were at his place celebrating her victory. The secretary tried to get up, only to realize she had been tied to a desk. She had little doubt why this was so: The jealous girlfriend wanted everyone in the office to see her boyfriend’s secretary beaten and broken, a warning for would be sexual rivals to keep off her man. It would be not until 4 hours later that the shocked cleaning staff found her.

The Russian goddess took the day off the next day. She was in no conditions to work, specially not when the office was rife with word of what happened last night. The humiliation was public and total. 

Her boss saw her one more time off work. The handsome man she had tried to steal from the Polish girlfriend told her she was fired, effectively immediately. She knew this had nothing to do with her job performance, but the victress’demands. The prize for having proven herself the better woman in his eyes. The blonde beauty could have challenged this. To use her still scratched physique to seduce him again and ask for a rematch in the hopes of winning him back and keep her job.

But she did no. She was now a broken woman. A failed usurper. She curtly thanked her former lover and left.

The End

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