Ginny and the School Teacher by JB57

Ginny and the School Teacher by JB57 Story

Ginny rode into town on her chestnut horse, early on a Spring afternoon. Her purse was much heavier after her time at the OK Saloon. For the first time in a long time, she was flush with cash and she enjoyed the feeling. She spent most of her time on the trail, so money did not make a lot of difference there. But when she was in town, she planned to live a bit better than she was used to living.

The big, beautiful redhead made her way down the dusty main street to the town’s main saloon. She dismounted, left her horse to water, and pushed through the swinging doors. The large room was half-full, a lot of people for the middle of the day. Ginny could see right away that this establishment was nothing like the OK Saloon; there would not be any secret sexfight arenas in the back of this building. There were far too many gruff looking men. There were a number of card games being played at tables scattered around the room. At the bar, grizzled-looking  men were tipping back hard liquor. When she entered the bar, many of the men stopped to appraise her with calculating eyes. She enjoyed the sweep of their eyes over her voluptuous body. Ginny enjoyed inspiring lust in men, almost as much as she enjoyed turning on women. For her, her ability to appeal to the carnal desires of either sex was a gift that she used to her full advantage.

Ginny ignored the hungry eyes gliding over her body. She ambled up to the bar, ordered a drink, and turned to survey the room. She did not see anyone she recognized. She was glad of that. If she did meet someone she knew there would be a good chance it was someone who had a beef with her and she would rather avoid trouble, if possible.  

After finishing her drink, Ginny walked out of the saloon and down the street to the local marshal’s office, which doubled as the town jail. She entered the office and offered a big, confident smile to the sour deputy sitting at the desk. The man started when he saw her, his mind momentarily going blank at the incongruous sight of this obviously very womanly woman and her dirty travel clothes and two guns on her curving hips.

“What can I do for you, ma’am?,” the deputy asked. Ginny noticed that the man was favoring his right arm, as though he had a recent injury.

“My name’s Ginny McCoy,” the Amazon replied. “I’m a bounty hunter. I’m checking in and seeing if there is anyone around who may be worth my time.”

The deputy smirked. “First time I’ve heard of a woman bounty hunter,” he snorted. “You look more like you’d be a better fit at Miss Lila’s house, down the road.”

Ginny continued to smile, but her eyes had taken on a dangerous glint. “Well, why don’t I discuss my business with the marshal? When will he be back?”

The deputy growled. “Marshal Jackson will be gone until next week. If you want to stay around, that’s your business.”

“Where can I stay, while I wait?” Ginny asked.

“Well, we’ve got the Sundown Hotel. Miss Lila’s place rents room, too, the kind that ain’t used for whoring. Miss Davenport down the hill rents rooms to women. They cost a pretty penny, though.”

Ginny smiled again. “Thank you kindly,” she said to the man, then strolled out of the office. She did not really need to talk to the marshal, but she decided she would spend a few days in town and just enjoy the amenities of civilization for a while. Maybe she would be able to drum up some business, or get a lead on where she could next take her skills.

Ginny checked the “wanted” posters on the board outside the office. One poster in particular drew her attention. “Sandra Dark,” read the poster. “Reward – $5000.” Ginny went on to read the details, though she already knew quite a bit about Ms. Dark. The woman had been a prostitute in a brothel in Arizona. She specialized in esoteric tastes, using things like ropes and chains on her customers. One night, she murdered her client, then killed several other men during the course of her escape. She had been on the run since and was believed to be somewhere in the territory. There were rumors that she had formed an alliance with some of the local bandits, but those stories were unconfirmed.

Ginny took down the poster, folded it into a square, then tucked it into her pouch. She walked back to the saloon, mounted her horse, and rode down the street, looking for Miss Davenport’s boarding house. She soon found it; there were a couple of signs posted along the way. The house sat on the edge of town, on one of the few developed streets. It was a small mansion that would have looked at home in New England. It was surrounded by some carefully tended gardens and a strong wooden fence. Ginny could tell that the mansion must once have been part of the homestead of a very wealthy family. Ginny tied her horse at a hitching post in front of the house and walked up the cobblestone path, her saddlebags over her shoulder. She pulled the ringer, and heard chimes sound somewhere in the depths of the mansion. After a few moments, she heard the sound of footsteps approaching the door. Ginny removed her hat and smoothed back her wild red hair. She had the sense that getting into this place might require her to do some convincing. But the prospect of a nice, big clean bed in her own room was very appealing, now that she had the cash to back it up.

The door opened and Ginny looked down at a severe woman with hawk-black eyes. The woman was about 60 years old, Ginny guessed, but she stood straight and firm. The woman was small, but seemed strong and tough. She looked Ginny up and down, a disapproving glint in her eye.

“Yes?” the woman asked. Her voice was sharp.

“Miss Davenport?” Ginny began. “I heard that you rent rooms to women here. I’d like to rent a good room for about a week.”

Miss Davenport looked Ginny up and down again. “Well, you’re certainly a woman,” she said after a moment. “The best rooms go for a dollar a night. Can you pay in advance?”

Ginny smiled. “Not a problem, ma’am.” She fished a five dollar coin and two ones out of her belt pouch. The old lady took the five dollar coin, bit on it, then nodded curtly. “Come with me,” she said.

Ginny followed the older woman into the house. She was impressed. Everything was polished wood and gleaming silver, lace and glass. The women walked up two flights of stairs to the third floor, then down a wide, well-decorated hall to the end. Miss Davenport unlocked the door there and threw it open, revealing a spacious room washed in sunlight. There was a double-bed centered on the left wall of the room, and a writing desk and wardrobe across from it. There was a sitting area with a couple of chairs and a small table and a comfortable looking rug.

“This room looks out on the front of the house. There’s a balcony. There’s a wash basin here. You can get a hot bath for 25 cents. The bathing room is down on the main floor. I’ll show you where. We eat at 6 and all of my guests are expected to show up. If you can’t make it, please tell me a day in advance or at least by the morning of the day.”

“Sounds good,” Ginny said. “Is the place full?”

“Not right now,” the old lady grudgingly admitted. “Things have been a bit slow. Only one other room is taken, right now, on the main floor. But I do have one full-time tenant who rents the second floor. She’s the local school teacher. I live on the main floor.”

Ginny nodded. She wondered how the local school teacher could afford to rent one whole floor in this mansion. But Miss Davenport probably relied on that rent to keep her boarding house afloat, so maybe the teacher had been able to get a deal.

The women proceeded back to the main floor, where Miss Davenport showed Ginny the drawing room, dining room and library, before leading her to a big stone bathing room built off the side of the house. The room contained two large tubs and a tank, which was warmed by fire. At the moment, the fire was burning hot, apparently in preparation.

“It’s a real luxury, to have hot water like this,” Miss Davenport said. Ginny smiled. The old woman was going to charge her a premium for a hot bath. But she did not mind. It was, indeed, a true luxury.

“I’ll take the room, Miss Davenport,” Ginny said. “And I’d like to have a hot bath as soon as possible. I’d like to wash off the trail dirt.”

Miss Davenport gave Ginny the key to her third floor room, then opened the tap to begin filling a tub for Ginny. “There’s a robe in your room that you can use,” the old woman said to Ginny. “It will be a bit small for you, but it will be enough to keep you decent if you want to undress upstairs.”

Ginny returned to her room and gratefully undressed. She put her trail-dirty clothing aside on a chair. She would see about getting them cleaned later. She pulled a pristine white robe out of her wardrobe. As the innkeeper had said, it was too short for her. The robe hugged her curves like a second skin and was too small to tie completely in the front. The v of the collar served as a window onto her bulging chest and only made it to mid-thigh on her long, powerful legs. Ginny smiled. She liked the effect. Barefoot and clutching a towel that she got from the wardrobe, she made her way downstairs. A steaming bath was waiting for her. Ginny noticed that Mrs. Davenport had filled both tubs. She decided to take the one furthest from the door.

Ginny soaked herself thoroughly, enjoying the steaming warmth. She immersed her head and soaked her flame-red hair. She soaped her head then used a bowl beside the tub to ladle on the water to wash her hair clean, for the first time in weeks. Smiling contentedly, she slipped off to sleep in the hot water.

A short time later, she jerked awake as someone opened the bathroom door. Ginny looked up and started. A statuesque blonde woman had entered the room. She was easily six feet tall, the same height as Ginny. She was wearing slippers and a voluminous white robe that was tightly tied at her waist. But the robe did little to hide the woman’s abundant curves. The woman was wearing her honey-blonde hair in a tight bun. But, as Ginny watched, the woman reached up and loosened her hair, which fell over her shoulders in a cascade of golden tresses.

The woman had not yet seen Ginny. She had her back to the room. Now, as Ginny watched, the woman stepped out of her slippers and untied her robe. Ginny stared in amazement as the woman’s naked body revealed itself. Ginny could only see the woman from behind, but what she saw made her almost salivate in anticipation. The woman’s ass was perfect – heart shaped, firm and round, a perfect deep cleft separating her gorgeous buttocks. Her hips were wide and tapered down to her beautifully muscled legs. Her long legs were powerful and wonderfully formed. The woman’s back muscles flexed deliciously as she slipped the robe off her shoulders. Now, Ginny hoped against hope, if only this incredible woman’s front matches her back…

The woman turned around, raising her hands to pull her hair back from her shoulders. Ginny almost gasped in excitement. The woman’s body was fantastic, rivaling Ginny’s own. The woman’s torso was strongly muscled, her narrow, deep navel indenting her flat, bare belly. Her narrow waist curved out to wide, inviting hips. A thick thatch of dark blonde pubic hair protected her pussy, but could not hide the deep indentation of her slit. The blonde woman’s tits were amazing – perfectly shaped, thick and firm and the size of ripe melons. Thick milk chocolate brown nipples and areola crowned the massive golden orbs. As a bonus, the woman’s face was classically beautiful; full lips, an upturned nose, and two deep, dark blue eyes.

Ginny took all of this in with a lustful glance. An instant later, the women’s eyes met and the shock in the blonde woman’s eyes charmed Ginny even more. The woman’s hands flew immediately to her incredible body, one arm looping around her tits, doing little more than compressing the magnificent orbs and making them even more alluring. The other hand flew to cover her succulent pussy.

“Oh!,” the woman cried. Her eyes darted around, looking to see if there were other people in the room.

“Please, please,” Ginny said, holding out her hands in a soothing gesture. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I would have told you I was here, but I had fallen asleep!” This was not entirely true; Ginny had a lot of time to warn the woman that she was present. But she saw no need to say this.

The woman stood awkwardly in front of Ginny for a moment, frozen in the position of trying to preserve some semblance of modesty. Then, her eyes went from shock to anger. Ginny realized she had fixed the other woman with an appreciative stare.

“Do you mind?” the blonde snapped.

“Oh, sorry,” Ginny said. She turned her head aside. A moment later, she heard the sound of the blonde woman sliding into the tub beside her own. She turned her head back. Now that the woman had the protection of the tub, Ginny hoped they could start their conversation again.

“Really sorry about that,” Ginny said, with a friendly smile. She extended her hand. “I’m Ginny McCoy. I’m renting a room here for the next week.”

The blonde hesitated. Clearly, having conversations, let alone shaking hands with another naked woman, was not something that she was used to doing. But, after a moment, she took Ginny’s hand and shook in reply. Ginny was pleasantly surprised by the firmness of the woman’s grip.

“I’m Julia Lee,” the beautiful blonde replied. “I’m the local school teacher.” She settled back in the water.  She was neck deep in the warmth, but her magnificent tits breached the water like two small islands.

Ginny smiled as she watched the woman from the corner of her eye. This blonde’s body was incredible and Ginny felt the building fire between her legs. She had already decided that she couldn’t leave this town without fucking this beautiful bitch to within an inch of her life. To not ride this incredible woman would be a sin. But she needed to figure out how to do it.

“Yes, I thought you were,” Ginny replied as she schemed. “Miss Davenport mentioned that you rent the entire second floor. How long have you been here?”

“About two years,” Julia replied. She abruptly changed the subject. “Look, I don’t mean to be rude, but having a conversation while I am bathing is not something I am used to doing. Would you mind if we saved our discussion until suppertime?”

“Not at all,” Ginny replied. “I’m just about done here anyway.”

Ginny rose from the water, completely unself-conscious. Standing in the tub, her magnificent body on fully display, she raised her hands to squeeze the water out of her hair. Her massive, perfect breasts rose, high and firm and round, on her chest.  She stepped out of the tub and toweled herself down. She did not look at Julia as she did this, but she knew that the blonde had to be watching her intently.  Ginny wrapped a towel around her head, then retrieved her robe. She pulled it tight around her body and cinched it at the waist. Her tits were practically spilling out of the front and her long, bare legs seemed to stretch out forever. She paused inside the door, and smiled at Julia. Julia seemed to be averting her eyes but, at the last moment, she glanced at Ginny’s fantastic body, her eyes drinking in the sight of Ginny’s proud boobs.

“It was good to meet you, Julia,” Ginny said.  Inside, she was thinking “made you look!” “I’m looking forward to getting to know you better over the next week.”

Julia’s and Ginny’s eyes locked. Ginny shuddered as she felt the intense heat from the other woman’s gaze enter her and flow directly into her clit and her nipples. As she grew wet, as her tits swelled, she smiled back mildly. But her heart started to pound with excitement. Julia wanted her too. She could feel it, she could see it. Something about this woman was decidedly odd and contradictory. Suddenly, her time at Miss Davenport’s boarding house had become a lot more exciting.

Part II

With a final wave over her shoulder and an exaggerated swing of her hips and wiggle of her ass, Ginny left the bath. Barefoot, her tits bouncing happily, she made her way up the stairs and back to her room. She dropped the robe when she entered the room. Naked, she brushed out her long red hair in front of the mirror and then raided her saddle bags for a few items of clothing to wear to supper. She did not have anything formal. She settled for a clean shirt and some jeans.  She only had her dusty cowboy boots to wear for her feet.

At 6 PM, she made her way to the dining room. Julia was already there. The teacher was dressed in a buttoned-up blue dress. The pretty dress, despite its modest cut, was not enough to hide Julia’s impressive womanly figure. The teacher’s golden hair was back in its severe bun and she was also wearing glasses, though Ginny wondered if she really needed them. She had the sense that Julia’s entire demeanor was an affectation, some kind of disguise or camouflage. The other boarder was also at dinner. This was Brenda, a young woman who was working at the local bank. She was pretty and slim and, under other circumstances, Ginny may have considered trying to bed her. Right now, however, Ginny’s sights were focused on bigger prey.

Miss Davenport introduced Ginny to the other two women. Ginny shook hands with both of them, but could not help mentioning that she had met Julia earlier. She did not specify where, though Julia’s gorgeous mouth tightened and Miss Davenport raised an eyebrow, indicating that she had figured out where the women had met. Ginny imagined that Julia had some kind of routine that she followed regarding her bath and she remembered that Davenport had both tubs filled when Ginny had entered the bathroom. She wondered why the old lady had not told her that Julia might come in to bathe or had not alerted Julia to her presence.

Over dinner, Ginny got to know the other women. Brenda was bright and vivacious and wanted to know everything about Ginny’s itinerant life. Julia was a lot more reticent, which only made her more appealing to Ginny. She learned that Brenda came from Washington state and Julia came from Oregon. Julia seemed quite active in the community, which was expected from the local school teacher. Brenda was a more recent arrival, who was still getting to know the community she was in. It sounded to Ginny like both women had plans to move on eventually, though Julia’s job clearly provided her with more opportunities to establish herself.

When the talk turned to finding husbands in the town, as these kind of conversations usually did, Brenda was enthusiastic. It sounded as though she was already interested in someone at the bank. Julia was conspicuously silent, however, something that Ginny noted immediately.

“How about you, Julia,” Ginny asked directly. “Do you have any young man interested in you?”

“I’m afraid that I am a bit too tall to be appealing to many men, Miss Ginny,” the beautiful school teacher replied.

Ginny did not buy that for a moment. A beautiful, voluptuous woman would always attract men like flies to honey, no matter how tall she was. Ginny knew this from experience. But she did not say anything, even though she easily could have.

 Brenda made the obvious connection, however, and blurted it out. “Nonsense! You are so very pretty! Miss Ginny is just as tall as you are – do you have any problem with attracting men, Miss Ginny?”

“Not at all,” Ginny replied, with a slow drawl. She smiled. “Attracting them isn’t the problem. Getting rid of them is. Particularly if you’re not interested in them.” She shot this last remark directly at Julia. Brenda seemed to assume it just meant that Ginny wasn’t attracted to most of the men she attracted, and left it at that. Ginny was sure that Julia understood exactly what she meant.

They came to the end of the meal and retired to the drawing room for after-dinner tea. Ginny found it all very civilized and enjoyed it. She was not often in this kind of environment and found it a pleasant distraction to see how well she could fit in. But she was far more interested in Julia. Though her attention was not overt, she was certain that the blonde Amazonian beauty was picking up on her intentions. Women, especially lesbians in the kind of world that they were in, quickly developed a sixth sense at finding each other. Ginny was sure that the beautiful teacher was a full-fledged lesbian, though she might not even be aware of it herself.

Ginny continued dropping subtle clues to the woman throughout the evening. She was not entirely sure they were getting through, though twice little things that she said seemed to make the teacher turn away in subtle embarrassment. Ginny found this all very charming, but she was not infinitely patient. She would only be here for a week and she was not about to let such a succulent, prime piece of pussy go untasted and untouched. She was determined to bed Julia and get into the woman’s cunt if it was the last thing she did. Just thinking about sinking her fingers and teeth into the blonde’s delectable tits made her wet between her legs. If Julia did not wake up to her overtures, maybe Ginny would need to pay her a late night visit. She was sure that once she got the woman going, the gorgeous woman would hold nothing back. She was like tinder, just waiting for a spark.

As Ginny contemplated this happy idea, the talk turned to Julia’s experiences as a teacher and her philosophy of teaching. “Yes, the children can be wonderful,” Julia replied. “But they do need discipline. Discipline is very important to learning.” She said this with particular vehemence, as though someone was disagreeing with her.

“What kind of discipline do you use with them?” Ginny asked mildly.

“Well, I make them do lines on the board, clean the chalk brushes, stand in the corner, all the usual things. But occasionally more serious measures are necessary, like the strap or suspension from school.”

“It must be hard to be a woman and use a strap on some of the bigger boys.”

“No, I know what I am doing. I do have a particular …skill with the strap that I employ to get the best results.”

“Do you really hurt the children?”

“Sometimes it is necessary. You know what they say –‘spare the rod and spoil the child.’ I am a firm believer in that.”

Brenda offered to play Ginny a game of cards. Ginny agreed and Julia excused herself to go to her rooms on the second floor to prepare her classes for the next day. Ginny and Brenda played for an hour or so, then Brenda retired to her room. Ginny found a book to read in the library and left Miss Davenport alone with her knitting in the drawing room.

The big redhead made her way up the stairs. She hesitated on the second landing, then walked over to the door to Julia’s suite and knocked. She heard footsteps approaching the door, then it opened. Julia looked a little surprised to see her.

“Yes, Miss Ginny, what can I do for you?”

“I just wanted to apologize again for our little….embarrassing incident this afternoon. I don’t want you to think that I’m a peeping tom or some kind of pervert.”

“No, I quite understand. Please, let’s just put the matter behind us.”

“Gladly,” Ginny said with a winning smile. But then she stepped a little closer. “By the way,” she said, just a bit lower, “I really don’t believe you when you say the men aren’t interested. With a body like that, anyone would be interested.” She winked.

The teacher looked flustered. “Thank you again. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Julia. Sleep well.”

The teacher closed the door to her suite of rooms. Ginny paused for a moment, then continued up the stairs to her room on the third floor. She hoped she was right about the teacher; she hoped her invitation was not too blatant. She hoped she would not have to take an even more direct approach.

Part III

Ginny liked to sleep in the nude, but she rarely did it. Often, when she was in civilization, she had to stay in fleabag hotels where staying dressed for sleep was a requirement, both to keep away bedbugs and because she might need to leave in a hurry. Often, she had to share a bed with a stranger. On the trail, she usually slept in her travel clothes. Tonight, in a warm, clean room with good, clean sheets, she enjoyed the feel of smooth, crisp sheets on her bare skin.

Ginny was reading the book she had taken from the house library. It was almost 11:00 when she heard a surreptitious knock at her door.

Ginny smiled. She had been hoping it would come to this; she had been considering going down the stairs and knocking on Julia’s door. But this was much better.

She slipped out of bed and padded to the door. “Who is it?” she said, in a clear, quiet voice.

“It is I. Julia,” came the reply.

Ginny opened the door and Julia immediately slipped inside. The blonde woman started when she saw that Ginny was nude, but her look of surprise soon turned to one of studied impassiveness. Julia was wearing slippers and a full nightshirt that went all the way down to the ground and buttoned up to her neck. The voluminous gown could not fully hide the woman’s incredible body, however -it was filled out in all the right places with Julia’s breasts, hips and other womanly curves. Her  blonde hair was down, falling in waves over her shoulders.

“What do you want, Julia?” Ginny asked, playing coy. “It’s a Thursday night. Shouldn’t you be in bed on a school night?”

“I would be grateful if you would cover up,” the school teacher said primly.

“Sorry,” Ginny said, “I travel light and I don’t have anything to wear. You’re just going to have to get used to seeing me in the altogether.”

A look passed over the blonde school teacher’s face. Ginny recognized it as one of satisfaction, as though a switch had been flipped in the mind of the women in front of her. Or maybe it was a mask dropping.

“I see,” Julia said, nodding to herself. “Well then.”

The school teacher stepped out of her slippers. Standing inside the door in her bare feet, she began unbuttoning the night dress from the collar button down. Ginny watched hungrily. Her heart was pounding with excitement and anticipation. She had thought she would need to encourage the teacher a bit more, but the woman seemed to be embracing her inner lesbian with alacrity. This seduction was proving to be a lot easier than Ginny had expected.

The woman’s night dress, by this point, was undone all the way down her belly. She continued unbuttoning, stopping only when she reached halfway down her thighs. Ginny watched the woman’s slow reveal eagerly, her eyes bright with lust, as the teacher’s big, beautiful tits were partly revealed, the thick, meaty half-globes visible in the opening night dress, then her belly and deep slit of a navel, then her thick blonde pubic hair and the hint of the lips of her gorgeous cunt, then the shadowed tops of her muscled thighs. It was absolutely delicious.

The teacher stopped unbuttoning. She stood straight, looking at Ginny with a curiously blank expression on her face, almost as though she was waiting for some signal. Ginny and Julia locked eyes. Julia reached up and slowly slid the night dress off her shapely shoulders. The whole garment collapsed, falling in a heap at her feet. Julia stood before Ginny as an incredible specimen of womanhood. Ginny felt her cunt lubricate precipitously, her nipples harden into fleshy brown spikes, as her eyes roamed over the incredible body before her. Julia’s tits were huge and perfect, thick orbs of luscious flesh topped by hard brown nipples and swollen areola. They hung on her chest like beautiful, meaty trophies, needing no support to stand proud and firm. Her belly was long and taut, perfectly muscled, punctuated by a thin, deep navel. Her smooth, wasp waist curved out into luscious hips, which curved again into powerfully muscled thighs and thick, strong calves. The woman’s legs were endless and Ginny almost gushed at the thought of those powerful limbs twined and flexing with hers, of those legs wrapped around her hips, her waist. Ginny’s eyes fixed on the other woman’s delicious cunt. Her pubic hair was thick and golden. Julia’s pussy was partly concealed by the thick thatch, but it was undeniably beautiful, with strong, muscled lips and the hint of a formidable clit beginning to swell out of the forest of curls.

Ginny was panting a little as she took in the other woman’s incredible body. “God, you’re so…” she began.

Julia slapped Ginny right across the face. Ginny was not expecting it at all. The blow came out of nowhere and was remarkably powerful. It sent her staggering back towards the bed, dazed.

“You whore!” Julia hissed. “Do you think I am a child, to be taunted and seduced? I am a woman! And I am going to show you what a real woman can do!”

“You bitch!” Ginny snapped. “If you want it rough, I’ll give it to you rougher than you can stand!”

Julia hurled herself at the redheaded vixen. The women’s naked bodies slammed together in a delicious, fleshy impact as meaty tits met meaty tits, causing both women to gasp in pleasure. For a few moments, the naked women staggered about the room, both pulling the other’s thick hair, their beautiful bodies straining tit to tit and belly to belly as each fought for dominance. Ginny was amazed at Julia’s strength; why was a school teacher so strong? she thought frantically to herself, as she struggled to control the powerful blonde bitch. They fell on the bed in a tangle of long, powerful arms and legs. Ginny wrapped her arms around Julia, pulling the other woman in. Their massive tits, equally huge, thick and dense, crushed hard. They shifted their tits on each other until their thick brown nipples stabbed each other and burned with tension and electricity. The women groaned in concert as their powerful bodies locked up, muscle straining against muscle, flesh sizzling and mating with flesh. Their meeting was incredibly violent and erotic at once. Ginny rolled Julia under her and flattened her strong, rippling abdomen to the teacher’s equally defined, strong belly, trying to pin the other woman to the bed. The women’s legs thrashed; Julia twined her calves with Ginny and, bucking with her hips, succeeded in rolling their bodies again and taking the dominant position.

As their naked bodies bucked and thrashed, writhing against each other, the women’s breathing came in hot pants of excitement and groans of pleasure and effort. Ginny did her best to keep her flesh rubbing and sliding on Julia’s as much as possible. Ginny’s pussy was hot and wet and growing wetter by the moment. She kept their tits crushed tight and she could feel Julia’s nipples growing as hard as rocks, expanding to stab at Ginny’s taut titflesh. It felt wonderful and the women could tell that both of them wanted the other with feverish intensity. The women moaned against each other, sounds of need, of overwhelming lust, coming from deep in both women’s throats. Their thick thatches of pubic hair mashed and grated as they humped at each other, tangling up in tight knots. The women exchanged pussy punches as each struggled to dominate the other.

Julia succeeded in getting her powerful legs between Ginny’s hot legs. Grunting with effort, the blonde beauty forced Ginny’s thighs apart, leaving the voluptuous redhead open and vulnerable beneath her. The heat from the women’s throbbing, burning cunts warmed their inner thighs, which were already slick with lubrication. Ginny tilted her pelvis up, presenting her cunt to the blonde bitch. Julia moaned tortuously. Her hips jerked and she crushed her aching, burning, steaming cunt hard and firmly into Ginny’s succulent pussy.  “Yes, oh yes,” Ginny moaned.  “Ahhhhhh,” Julia cried, sighing, gasping with delight as their cunts slid slickly against each other, labial lips meshing and mixing into one. The women contracted their pussies hard, forming a tight, hot suction between their genitals. Ginny wrapped her legs around the school teacher’s waist and locked the woman in place. The raw sensations filled the women with sheer joy and almost overwhelming pleasure. They had to have more. Julia began working her ass and hips, grinding deep, deep into Ginny’s pussy. The women’s cunts sucked and sealed even harder and deeper, fuckholes locking, forming a tight vacuum. Their engorged clits crushed tight and hard. The pure ecstasy was indescribable, excruciatingly pleasurable.  The only thing they could do was to keep grinding and grinding, clit to clit, fucking each other to ecstasy.

Ginny seized Julia’s pumping, rippling ass and pulled her in harder. The women’s massive tits rolled and crushed, nipples burning into each other. Their naked bellies clapped and slid, sweat coating their bodies, their hot navels sucking. Julia pulled Ginny’s hair as she pumped her ass and worked her hips, grinding, grinding, clit throbbing and pulsating on clit, cuntlips sliding and pulling, a deep suction between their most intimate body parts, pure pleasure radiating out of their engorged clits. The teacher shoved her cunt as deep as she could into Ginny’s succulent twat and squeezed with all her vaginal power. Julia’s cunt sealed Ginny’s throbbing, powerful clit in a vaginal lip lock; at the same time, her cunt sucked and pulled at Ginny’s sex horn, sending waves of pure pleasure rocketing through the redhead’s writhing body.

“You fucking whore, you dirty fucking whore,” Julia moaned, her pleasure beyond description, her face lit by a rapturous smile of delight. Ginny realized that what she was seeing was a woman who had not had this pleasure in a very long time, who was now enjoying every moment of ecstasy.

“Cunt, cunt, fucking cunt…,” Ginny shot back.

Ginny realized that the other woman was riding her, that the woman’s powerful, ravenously hungry pussy was slowly grinding her into submission. Julia’s cunt sucked at Ginny’s with excruciating, delicious force, sealing them into one body.  Ginny could not regain the advantage; Julia was inside of her, sucking her inside out, the blonde pussy completely dominating and controlling the red pussy. Groaning, crying out in absolute ecstasy, Ginny found herself on the verge of an incredible orgasm, a submissive orgasm. She resisted for as long as she could, ten, twenty minutes of excruciating cunt to cunt wrestling, humping, fucking. But in the end, she came, she came hard, her throbbing cunt shooting jet after jet of hot cum up into Julia’s conquering pussy. Julia bore down with her hips, she locked Ginny’s pussy even harder to her own and contracted her cunt, sucking with all her cunt power, sucking up every drop of Ginny’s hot, creamy ejaculate. Vaguely, in the dim recesses of her mind, as her body shook with pleasure, as she thrashed on the bed under her blonde rival, Ginny realized she was being milked like a cow, drained of her cum, sexually overwhelmed by this incredible blonde bitch.

Julia shoved with all her power, then she reared up, threw back her head and, her teeth clenched in agony, injected shot after shot of hot cum into Ginny’s cunt. Julia’s pussy convulsed and clenched with each hard shot, squeezing Ginny’s twat. Her muscles trembled with sexual tension then relief as she released.

The women shuddered together through four, five absolutely shattering, delicious orgasms. They went stiff in each other’s arms, powerful muscles twined and straining, as each orgasm rippled through their incredible bodies. Finally, Julia collapsed on top of Ginny, the women’s naked bodies slicked in sweat and dripping with cum, their hearts pounding, both women panting as if they had run a marathon together.

Ginny was absolutely exhausted. The blonde teacher had fucked her out of her mind, fucked her into submission. Ginny had lost sexfights before, but all in her younger days, when she was a novice to the skill. To lose one now, in her full womanhood, was shocking. Even more, her cunt had never before been so completely ravaged and overwhelmed. She had seriously misjudged and misunderstood her blonde opponent and now she had paid the price.

For several minutes, the women lay with Julia sprawled on top of Ginny, their bodies soaked with sweat and flush with heat, flesh to flesh. Julia’s pussy leaked into Ginny’s cunt, her sweat flowed down to coat Ginny’s lush body. The redhead was too spent to care. The women’s tits pulsed, their huge orbs slicked with the shared nipple cum they had ejaculated into and onto each other. Finally, with a groan, Julia rolled herself off of Ginny. The women shared a sharp grunt as their thick pubic hair ripped apart, their tangled bushes wet and thick. Both left many strands in the other woman’s bush. Their cunts gushed as they separated and thick strings of ejaculate and nipple cum linked their tired twats and their burning nipples even after they separated.

“Ah, that was good,” the teacher smiled. “That was so, so fucking good.” She stretched, her eyes closed, a wide grin lighting her gorgeous face. Her honey blonde hair was wild, much of it tangled into Ginny’s thick red mane. “It’s been a long, long time since I fucked like that, since I’ve fucked a woman like you. You’re a good ride, bitch.”

Ginny grunted, anger coming back to her now that the pleasure was abating. “You put on a good act, fucker,” she snarled. “Prim and proper teacher. No one knows what a cunt you are behind closed doors.”

“Oh, I can assure you that a number of women in this town know exactly what kind of cunt I am,” the teacher smirked. She suddenly reached down and grasped Ginny’s wet, hot red pussy in her hand, slipping two hot fingers up Ginny’s soaking slit. The redhead gasped but she did not retaliate. “A dominant cunt. The head cunt. The cunt that all the others worship. Even that bag, Miss Davenport, respects my position.”

“You’ve been fucking little old ladies?” Ginny grunted, her voice appalled.

“No, stupid whore. But the old biddy knows the power of an Alpha bitch when she sees one.” Julia stroked Ginny’s wet pussy, smoothing down the matted red hair. “As I said, it’s been a long, long time since I matched cunts with a woman like you. You gave me a good ride. You’ve got a really powerful pussy, But just not powerful enough.” She dragged her finger up Ginny’s slit, scooped out some cum, then licked it off her finger.

“Next time, I won’t be caught by surprise, you shitty whore,” Ginny snapped. “We’ll see how well you can take on a woman who’s ready for you.”

“Maybe,” the teacher smirked, “but not tonight. You know the rules.”

Ginny did. She had been defeated. She owed her conqueror a victory fuck, or a cunt-eating, at the least.

Ginny got to her knees; Julia arranged herself, her back to the bedhead, and spread her legs. “Come and eat, you redheaded tramp. Eat and suck. Then I’m going to hold you down and fuck your cunt off some more.”

“How does a school teacher get to know so much about fuckfighting?” Ginny asked as she stretched herself out on her belly, her tits pushing into the mattress, her legs bent at the knee, her ankles crossed, her face pointing at Julia’s dense pubic bush. She slipped her hands under the woman’s ass to get a grip.

“I wasn’t always a school teacher,” the blonde replied, licking her lips in anticipation. “Back in Oregon, I was a prostitute for a while. I specialized in domination. I enjoy discipline.” She smiled. Ginny lowered her face and began to lick, nibble and suck at the woman’s incredible pussy. “When I left the profession, I decided I could indulge my desire for discipline with children. And the occasional adult, like you.  So far,” she grinned again, “it’s worked out very well for everyone.”

Ginny did not reply. She was too busy with the task at hand. She buried her beautiful face in her enemy’s incredible cunt; she rubbed her nose around in Julia’s dense blond bush, enjoying the scent and taste of sweat and cum, and licked all the way up and down the woman’s slit. Soon, her tongue was probing inside of Julia’s pussy, licking and lapping at the labia, pushing in and penetrating, then slipping up to tease and caress the woman’s thick, throbbing clit. Ginny wrapped her lips around Julia’s clit and sucked hard, then gently scored the exquisitely sensitive, nerve-rich nub with her teeth. By this time, Julia was gasping and moaning, bucking her hips, rubbing her wet pussy around and around in Ginny’s face. Her hands were on the back of Ginny’s head, pushing the redhead deeper into her burning cunt.

“Yes, oh yes, you whore, you dirty little cunt, that’s right, eat me, suck me, you filth….,” Julia moaned. She was shuddering with pleasure, biting her lip, her body straining against the bedhead as she writhed, her back arching in exultation. Gasping, her chest heaving, Julia stretched out her arms along the top of the bedhead and held it desperately as a wave of pure pleasure washed through her – not quite an orgasm, but tantalizingly close. Julia suddenly wrapped her powerful thighs around Ginny’s bobbing head and, once she had a good grip, rolled Ginny flat onto her back, even as Julia rolled on top of Ginny, her cunt buried in Ginny’s face. From this position, Julia could work her hips and ass harder as she began face-fucking Ginny, rubbing and grinding her pussy into the redhead’s mouth with even more frantic hip jerks. Ginny was not daunted. She covered as much of Julia’s cunt with her mouth as she could and sucked mercilessly; she sucked harder and harder on the blonde’s twitching, pulsing clit until, finally, Julia could not take anymore. She arched her back, grabbed her own hard, aching tits, and squeezed them desperately as she came in a gusher of cum.

“Ohhhh, ohhhh, AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!,” Julia screamed. She clenched her teeth, turning her scream in grunting moans, but she could not hold back her cries of ecstasy. Desperately, she reached down, grabbed one of the pillows off the bed, and shoved it into her face. She shrieked into the soft down, shuddering as waves of erotic bliss reverberated through her quivering body. She was practically drowning Ginny in hot ejaculate, but the redhead swallowed back everything that she could and took satisfaction in the pleasure she had forced her enemy to accept.

Gasping, Julia pulled the pillow from her face and threw it onto the bed. She was panting furiously, her massive tits heaving, sweat trickling down between her tits onto her belly. Her nipples were leaking, not quite ejaculating, but close.  Sullenly, she glared down at Ginny, whose gorgeous, cum-covered face stared up at her from between her legs, wearing a smug smile. Julia knew the redhead had taken some small measure of revenge, forcing her to an earthshaking orgasm. In most circumstances, the loser of a sexfight giving the winner a mind-blowing cunt eating would be considered a further consolidation of the winner’s victory. This particular bout of cunnilingus was more an act of defiance than an act of submission, however, and both women knew it.

Julia climbed off of Ginny, but only for a moment. She turned herself around, so that she was facing down Ginny’s luscious body and Ginny was looking up into her cunt again, but with the reverse view.

“Let’s eat each other, you fucking bitch,” Julia said to her rival. She lowered herself onto Ginny’s body, her thick tits pressing into the redhead’s firm abs, Ginny tits crushing up into Julia’s belly, both women enjoying the feel of the other’s rock hard nipples pushing into their bellies. The undersides of the women’s massive tits squashed up tight, titflesh flowing into titflesh. Julia buried her face in Ginny’s red pubic curls, her tongue lashing out, scouring Ginny’s dripping slit, her teeth and lips finding and torturing Ginny’s swelling clit. Ginny’s ministrations on Julia’s aching clit resumed; she sucked the hot bud like it was a lollipop, humming to stimulate it further, using her lips to tantalize and torture her enemy’s sex horn. Both women filled their hands with the other woman’s quivering ass. Moaning tortuously, they ate each other with ravenous hunger, their groans and moans of pure pleasure meeting and harmonizing, their pure pleasure growing exponentially. They rolled onto their sides, wrapping their thick thighs around the other woman’s head, and devoured each other from a position of equality. Ginny slipped two fingers up Julia’s twat and one deep into her asshole. The teacher bucked, then eagerly returned the violation. The women finger-fucked and probed each other, but most of the battle was concentrated on their clit-sucking. They shared moans, gasps, cries of pure pleasure, as they sucked each other to orgasmic bliss.

After more than 45 minutes, the women were on the verge of explosion. Both were shuddering, trembling, their bodies overwhelmed with sexual tension, desperate to explode in ecstasy. Both struggled to retain control, each determined to force the other to orgasm first. They were clutching each other’s quivering asses, working their backs, rubbing their enflamed tits hard into each other’s abs, the undersides of their tits squashing and grinding.

“Mmmmm, Mmmmmmm, oh fuck, oh, oh, oh Goooooddddddd!!!,” Julia moaned. She buried her face in Ginny’s cunt and used the redhead’s fuckmeat to stifle her orgasmic shriek of ecstasy. She came hard, with excruciating force, her belly rippling and convulsing as her cunt shot blast after blast of cum into Ginny’s face.

Ginny screamed into Julia’s twat as she released her tension, exploding in orgasmic bliss. Her pussy pumped out gusher after gusher of hot cum into Julia’s face and mouth. Julia could swallow only a little of it, given she was still using Ginny’s pussy to suppress her screams. The cum jetted over her face, covering her gorgeous visage in hot ejaculate. Both women swollen tits came hard, squirting nipple cum onto each other’s bellies, nipples burning with sexual sensation.

Shuddering through a series of mutual orgasms, Ginny and Julia gripped each other’s asses, buried their faces in the other’s cunt, and held on tight, moaning and gasping as their bodies slowly came down from the orgasmic peak. Finally, they released each other and rolled apart. Panting, they lay side by side, their massive tits heaving, their perfect bodies slicked with cum and sweat.  Both women felt the erotic electricity tingling in their extremities and their erogenous zones in the aftermath of the unbearable pleasure they had forced on each other.

After a while, Julia pushed herself up and looked at the wind-up clock on the night table. It was almost 2 AM. She had school in the morning and she needed her sleep. But she had lost the cunt-eating battle; she and Ginny both knew it. She could not let such an insult go unanswered.

Ginny was looking up at her with a defiant smile on her beautiful, cum-soaked face. Julia smiled back. She turned herself around and crawled down the bed until she could turn around and come up between Ginny’s legs. Ginny spread her wet, cum-streaked thighs wide, knowing what would come next. Julia mounted Ginny, aligning her body with that of the redhead until they were pressed tight to each other, tits crushed together, nipples piercing each other, belly flat to belly. Julia rested her wet, hot cunt on Ginny’s matching twat. The women heard the crunch of their bushes coming together; they knew that, soon, their pubic hair would be twined tight, tangled and wet with cum and sweat.

Nose to nose, the women stared into each other. They began licking each other’s faces, licking off the cum that still clung to their cheeks and noses. They kissed, their mouths closing on each other. Their tongues pressed tight, the women sloshed the cum back and forth for a moment, before both swallowed it back.

“You’re mine now, Ginny,” Julia whispered at the redhead, her hips shifting as she moved her cunt into place. “Accept that. Spread your legs for me and accept my dominance and we will both enjoy the time that you are here. You’re a fantastic fuck; so am I. We can enjoy each other’s bodies and take enormous pleasure from each other. But you need to acknowledge me as your mistress.”

“I like fuckfighting, Julia,” Ginny whispered in reply. “I like fucking other women until they surrender to me. Tonight, you took me by surprise and now you’re getting your reward. Tomorrow – well, tomorrow is another day. We’ll see which of us comes out on top then.”

The women exchanged savage smiles. Then Julia thrust with her hips, working her pussy around and around, slowly grinding and penetrating Ginny’s succulent cunt lips with her own. Her cunt flattened to Ginny’s cunt, their clits slid into place, grinding and jousting with each other. The women’s mouths sealed, their tongues darting, hot spit flowing. Ginny seized Julia’s pumping, flexing ass and pulled the blonde in. Julia reached down and filled her hands with Ginny’s gorgeous ass. Grunting, moaning, snarling, panting, the two incredible women fucked relentlessly, viciously, riding each other furiously.

Julia finally staggered out of Ginny’s room at around 4:30 AM. Ginny was sprawled out on the bed, lying spent, depleted, tangled up in the sweaty sheets. Julia’s body was exhausted, her mind foggy, but her sense of sexual excitement and desire were never higher. It was now Friday. Tonight, she would be able to stay as long as she needed to break and humble Ginny for good. Julia licked her lips in anticipation.

Part IV:

By the time Ginny crawled out of bed and went downstairs for breakfast, it was late in the morning. She devoured some of Miss Davenport’s pancakes then asked for a change of sheets for her bed. The older woman did not ask her why she needed new sheets so soon and Ginny did not volunteer an answer. She also left her dirty trail clothes with the landlady; for a few extra nickels, the woman would clean Ginny’s clothes, too.

The other women had already left for the day. Ginny wondered how well Julia would be able to concentrate on her work. She decided that she would stop by the school house later and find out. The blonde bitch had forced Ginny to submit the night before. But losing a fuckfight did not mean losing the war and Ginny intended to make it clear to her nemesis that the war was far from over.

Ginny made her way to the marshal’s office, to see if there was any more information about when he would be back. As it turned out, there was; the marshal had sent a letter to his deputy, giving him information concerning various outlaws (along with more “wanted” posters) and informing him that he planned to be back in the town by the following Tuesday or Wednesday. Ginny smiled. That gave her a few more nights to pit her luscious body against that of her blonde rival.

Ginny did a bit of shopping in the town stores. Most of what she needed she arranged to have stored until she was ready to leave. There was no point in dragging supplies back to Davenport’s house and storing them in her room. When she was done, she ambled her way down to the school.

The school was a handsome structure about two thirds of the way down the main street. It had a large, green yard and a playground in the back. The school backed onto a large field that gave the children lots of room to run around. When Ginny arrived, the children were on recess. About 45 youngster of varying ages, from 5 or 6 to 16 or 17, were running around the yard, having fun. Julia was standing on the back steps, watching them. Her blonde hair was, once again, rolled up into a severe bun. Next to her was a brunette girl, whose hair was also tightly bunned. Ginny quickly realized this girl was the teacher’s protégé.

Julia saw Ginny approaching. Her eyes flashed but she did not look surprised.

“What can I do for you, Miss Ginny?” the teacher asked mildly, as Ginny walked up. “I did not expect to see you stopping by my place of work.”

“I was just passing by, thought I’d stop in and see how you run the school,” Ginny explained. “I found our conversation last night very ….intriguing. I thought it would be nice to see the real thing.”

“Alicia,” Julia said, turning to the girl beside her. “Please watch the children. Remember that recess is over in 10 minutes. Get them back in at that time. If I am detained, start them on their lessons. I won’t be long with Miss Ginny.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the young girl replied. She tried to appear demure, but Ginny could tell she was secretly thrilled at being trusted with the responsibility of managing the younger students.

Julia turned back to Ginny. “Please come with me, Miss Ginny,” the teacher requested.

Julia led Ginny into the school house. The school was, mostly, a single massive room, all of the different classes lined up by rows. Ginny had been educated in a place like this. Off in the front corner of the room was something a bit unusual: an office for the teacher. The room had windows on its inner two walls looking out on the classroom. The outer walls also had windows taking in the outside playground. Julia led Ginny into the office and closed the door firmly behind her.

Julia walked around the office, pulling drapes on every window, while Ginny stood in the middle of the room, taking in the desk, the drawings and maps tacked up on the walls, a few pictures of (she assumed) family members, and a shelf of books behind the desk.

Julia walked up to Ginny, slowly and deliberately, her powerful chest thrust out. The women’s green eyes locked. Ginny braced herself. Julia did not stop walking until the two women were tit to tit; both could feel the other’s nipples, hard as pebbles, pushing into them through the cloth of their respective tops. The teacher leaned into Ginny; Ginny pushed back. The women panted as their hard, thick titmeat compacted and held.

“Don’t ever come here again,” Julia snarled, her lips almost touching Ginny’s red lips, her green eyes glaring dangerously into Ginny’s green orbs. “This is my place of work. When I want you, I will call upon you at the boarding house.”

“I’m not your slave, you bitch,” Ginny breathed. “You won one fuckfight. Don’t think that makes you my mistress for life.”

The women glared hatefully at each other. Both reached up at the same time, grabbed the other woman by the hair on the back of her head, and pulled each other in. Their mouths locked tight, powerful tongues pushing and twisting, struggling for control. Spit filled their mouths and began to drool down their cheeks and chins as they sloshed it around inside their sealed mouths. Their deep throat groans became more insistent as both women pulled the other’s hair harder. Their incredible bodies pushed tight, tits pulsing against each other, strong legs pushing thigh to thigh.

The sound of children returning to the classroom caused the women to break apart. Both glared at each other from a few feet away, both wiping their mouths with the back of their hands, panting with lust and anger. The teacher walked to the door to her office and used a mirror on the back of the door to straighten her hair. She used a handkerchief to wipe up some of the spit that had dribbled on to her dress. She smoothed down her dress with her hands, pulling it tight against her nipples. Her rock hard nips were indenting the dress; she pulled a shawl from a hook on the door and draped it over her shoulders.

“Get out,” Julia hissed, turning back to Ginny. “I’ll deal with you tonight.”

“I’m looking forward to it, bitch,” Ginny snapped. Julia stood aside as Ginny opened the office door, then strode from the room. The redheaded beauty ignored the curious children who watched her walk through the school room and out the door. As she left, she heard Julia calling the students back to attention. Vaguely, she wondered if any of the older students were astute enough to pick up on the tension between their teacher and the redheaded stranger.

Ginny spent the rest of the morning running other errands and visiting her horse. She took the chestnut filly out on a nice long run into the countryside. Around 3 PM, she returned to the boarding house and asked Miss Davenport to prepare a hot bath for her, to wash off the trail dust.

“Are you planning to have a hot bath every day?” the landlady asked.

“Maybe,” Ginny replied. “I don’t get a lot of chances to have a hot bath most of the time I’m on the road. I may just use it as much as I can while I can.”

“That is not a difficulty, young lady,” Davenport replied. “If I know that you want a bath every day at, say, 4 o’clock, I can get it ready for you. If you pay in advance, then it won’t matter whether or not you use it.”

Ginny paid in advance. At 4 PM, she came down from the top floor dressed, again, in nothing but her too-small robe and carrying a towel. Eagerly, she relaxed into the steaming hot water, luxuriating as the warmth seeped into her muscles and bones. She soon drifted off to sleep, her entire body immersed except for her head.

She was woken by the sound of the tub room door opening. Julia walked in, wearing her full length robe, her hair still in a tight bun, a towel slung over her arm. The women’s eyes locked. Julia deliberately shut the door and locked it. She placed her towel on the towel rack, beside Ginny’s towel, and stepped out of her slippers. She slowly untied her robe’s binding sash.

Ginny watched as the other woman’s robe slid open, as Julia’s magnificent, naked lushness was slowly revealed. The teacher pushed the robe off her bare shoulders, letting it slide down her body to her feet. Naked, she stood before the tub, allowing Ginny’s hungry eyes to roam over her huge, thick, hard-nippled tits, her firm, curved belly and narrow, slit-like navel, her wide, flaring hips and her thick nest of golden pubic hair. Her pussy lips were already dripping with lubrication, and her inner thighs were damp with juices. The teacher reached up and removed a pin from her hair and tossed her head; her long, honey-blonde locks fell about her sculpted, muscular shoulders. Her firm, thick tits bounced with the sudden motion.

Without a word, Julia walked to the edge of the tub. Ginny pushed herself to sit up straight in the tub. Her eyes swept over the blonde’s lush nakedness. From below, the view of Julia’s incredible, wet, hairy cunt and her looming, thick-nippled tits, was spectacular. Julia looked down her massive tits at her redheaded foe. Raising her leg, Julia stepped into the hot water. Ginny spread her legs and sat further back in the tub, making room for the other woman. Julia slid into the water, extending her legs until her feet were pushing into the tub wall on either side of Ginny’s wide, inviting hips. The women slowly arranged their powerful legs, right legs sliding over lefts, and scissored each other. Smiling evilly at each other, both women’s incredible tits rising and falling with their increasingly excited pants, the blonde and the redhead pushed forward, to meet in the center of the tub, their bodies fitting into the fork between their legs. Their thick-lipped cunts slapped hard, their swollen, throbbing clits met head to head. The women threw back their heads, bit their lips, then let out shared moans of pure sexual agony as they struggled to control the unbearable sensations that rippled through their bodies. Deep in the hot water, succulent cunts met and devoured each other ravenously; rock hard clits pressed and wrestled, grinding and rubbing their most exquisitely sensitive parts together. The women shuddered as their pussies and clits merged, sending electricity rocketing through their trembling flesh. They closed the final distance between their steaming bodies. Huge tits mashed together, slipping and sliding against each other in the warm water, sharp nipples scraping and stabbing. Ginny slipped her arms around Julia’s waist and pulled the woman in tighter and harder; their bellies clapped together. Their navels formed a warm suction deep in the water. Julie threw her powerful arms around Ginny’s upper body, squeezing tight, moaning in delight as the pressure on their breasts grew even greater.

Nose to nose, the rivals panted in each other’s gorgeous faces, their eyes shining with lust and the mutual desire to conquer, to subjugate, to completely dominate and possess the other.

“Clit to clit, you whore,” Ginny whispered at her rival. “Let’s see what you can do when you don’t have surprise on your side…”

Julia’s tongue reached out to run along Ginny’s lips; Ginny’s tongue came out to touch and slide against the blonde’s. The women’s tongues played and their swollen clits throbbed into each other.

“I’m going to fuck you blind, cunt,” Julia moaned to Ginny. “I’m going to show you what a real woman is…”

“Then show me, bitch,” Ginny whispered. The women’s mouths closed on each other, hot, wet tongues pushing and twisting, struggling for domination within their sealed orifices. The women seized the other’s powerful, round, rippling ass and pulled hard, anchoring themselves as their hips worked, rubbing, rubbing, rubbing their thumb-sized clits together relentlessly until the women were quivering with barely-controlled sexual tension, until tears were streaming down their faces as they fought to keep from exploding in orgasmic bliss.

Ginny shoved an index finger up Julia’s tight asshole, eliciting a tortured moan from her blonde enemy. She was not surprised when, a moment later, Julia shoved both of her index fingers up Ginny’s ass, gripping her tightly. Ginny wriggled in the water, then increased the force and pace of her clitoral thrusts. Julia quickly matched her pace. Moaning, crying, hips and asses working like pistons, Ginny and Julia fucked each other desperately, both lost in the sheer erotic bliss that their bodies were inflicting on each other. Their tits burned, their nipples sizzled and pulsed as they fused to each other, the water pushed up between the hot, tight cleavage formed by their struggling breasts. Their hard bellies wriggled on each other, deep navels sucking and releasing. They dug their fingers into each other’s hard, round, pumping asses and pulled hard, using each other as leverage, pulling the other in deeper.

The raw pleasure spiraled upward, the trembling, moaning women going with it, both driving the other insane with pure lust, both absolutely determined to outlast the other. Ginny refused to be beaten again by this blonde fuck; Julia was fixed on establishing her sexual superiority over this redheaded cunt. The water sloshed in the tub as the women’s rhythmic motions stirred it into steaming foam.

Both women felt as though their clits were ten times their normal size, filling their lower bodies, burning in their swollen cunts. With every thrust of aching, throbbing clit head to clit head, both women felt sure they would explode in orgasmic ecstasy. Their incredible, exquisitely sensitive clits rubbed and rubbed, pumping both women with erotic power, torturing them with sexual need. They were both sobbing, tears pouring from their eyes as they kissed savagely. The pleasure was simply unbearable, unendurable. Still, the women summoned all their will and kept pumping, kept torturing each other, kept trying to force the other to accept more pleasure than she could bear. The end came suddenly. The women’s clits thrust together, head to head; for both, the sudden sensation was of their clit heads expanding like balloons, swelling with heat, then exploding in ecstasy so intense it defied description. Both women shrieked into each other’s mouths, their eyes squeezed tightly shut, their bodies convulsing. It felt as though their clits were melting together, clit head fusing followed by the length of their clits merging and mixing, flowing like hot wax into one pulsating nerve of exquisite pleasure. For Ginny, it was sexual pleasure that rivaled the greatest ecstasy she had ever felt; for Julia, it was the most overwhelming sexual sensation of her sex-filled life. The women’s sucked, kissing cunts pumped streams of hot cum into both women; their burning nipples exploded with hot ejaculate, sending spasms of electricity through their aching tits as the nipple cum was trapped inside their tits, cum backing up into their nipple channels.

For long minutes, Ginny and Julia simply clung to each other, each wave of orgasmic bliss washing over them like a tide, draining them, exhausting them, taking every iota of sexual power they possessed and throwing it at the other woman. For more than 10 minutes, the women fucked orgasm after orgasm out of each other, their perfect bodies perfectly synchronized, their ecstasy too great to contain. Finally, sobbing and gasping, they released each other and leaned back, away from one another, bracing their backs against the opposite sides of the tub. Panting, their massive tits floating on the water like four small islands, their nipples dripping with creamy cum, the women struggled to regain their bearings. Their legs remained scissored, their inosculated cunts sucked and sealed.

“You bitch, you fucking bitch,” Julia gasped. She began thrusting, grinding her pussy into Ginny’s, refusing to accept the tie.

“Fucking cunt,” Ginny moaned, grinding, humping back in reply.

Grabbing the sides of the tub for leverage, the beautiful women shoved and thrust into each other as hard as they could, both determined to overwhelm the other. It did not take long before their overheated bodies were cumming again, steaming hot cum gushing from cunt to cunt, sucked back and forth as the women bucked. They shoved their hips high in the air, lifting their pussies out of the water as they arched their backs and drove themselves as deep into each other as they could. For long minutes, the women held each other up, their bodies trembling, creamy ejaculate gushing. Moaning with exhaustion, they finally let their asses fall to the bottom of the tub.

Panting furiously, their massive tits rising and falling, Julia and Ginny stared at each other through half-closed eyes, both spent, both nearly unconscious from the incredible pleasure they had inflicted on each other.

Finally, Julia pulled herself up from the water. Her pussy sucked away from Ginny’s, Thankfully, their pussy hair had not tangled too badly. Julia stood up in the water and climbed out of the tub. She toweled herself off while facing the tub, glaring at Ginny. Ginny remained where she was, glaring back. Julia pulled on her robe and stepped into her slippers.

“This is not over, fucker,” Julia breathed. “We’ll settle this tonight.”

“I’ll be waiting for you, bitch,” Ginny snarled back in reply.

Julia unlocked the door and, with one final, vicious glare, left the tub room.

In her mind, Ginny replayed the incredible sex she had just had with the other woman. She shuddered with pleasure. She swore to herself that she would break the blonde bitch, if it was the last thing she did.

Ginny pulled herself out of the tub, pulled the plug on the bath, and dried off as the water swirled down the drain. She pulled the drain on the unused tub, as well, to prevent Davenport from wondering why one of the tubs had not been utilized, though she suspected the landlady was well aware of what was going on between her long-term tenant and her newest guest. Ginny pulled on her too-small robe and, barefoot, made her way up the two flights of stairs to her third floor room. Soon, it would be time for supper. Then the women in the house would retire to the drawing room. Then, late that night, when the house slept, Julia would come to her and they would match bodies, tits and pussies in a fuckfight that would last all night.

Part V

The night played out just as Ginny had thought it would. The women shared pleasant conversation over supper. Ginny made a point of making it seem as though nothing was going on between her and the beautiful blonde teacher. Julia seemed just as game, acting as though her association with Ginny was casual, at best, but fully engaged in the conversation. Ginny tried to pick up on what Davenport might or might not know, but the landlady seemed her usual noncommittal self.

After dinner, the women played card games and Mrs. Davenport knitted. Julia excused herself early. Ginny and Brenda continued playing until 9:30. Ginny hid it well, but her body was hot and tense, her nipples were hard, her pussy was swimming in cunt juice. She tortured herself by dragging out the card game, but she knew the enormous power and tantalizing pleasure of anticipation. Soon, she would be locked up all night with her blonde rival, giving and receiving pleasure that would shake both of them to their very souls. She could afford to wait a bit longer and make Julia wait, too.

Ginny called it a night. She walked up the two flights of stairs to her room. She only barely managed to prevent herself from knocking on Julia’s door. Once in her room, Ginny stripped down. She examined her naked body in the room’s full-length mirror. She was not a vain woman, but she did not have much use for false modesty, either. She examined herself critically. What she saw was a stunningly beautiful body. Powerful muscles, a taut, toned abdomen, and long, thickly muscled legs. Her hips were wide and inviting, her red pussy fur was dense and coarse, a protective shield over the deep cleft of her enticing vulva. Her breasts were her pride and joy; huge, round, dense, bouncing with a weight and tightness that invited lovers and sexual competitors to grasp them and knead and suck and bite. Her coffee brown nipples were hard and thick, strong nubs rising out of round, pebbled areola. She fondled her tits, pushing them together to point them at her reflection, then squeezed and weighed them in each hand. She smiled as she stroked her nipples gently. She slid her hands down her smooth, ridged belly to the thatch of pubic hair over her burning, pulsing cunt. She spread her fingers and raked them through the curly red mat; she cupped her hot pussy and ran her middle finger up her wet, tight slit. Her clit was throbbing, slowly swelling to meet her arousal. Ginny released a shuddering sigh and slowly pulled her hands away from her luscious body. Part of her wanted to masturbate right now, to relieve the pressure that had been building since the confrontation in the tub. It might even give her an edge in the approaching battle. But another part of her wanted to wait, to savor the moments leading to the showdown with Julia.

That part won out. Grinning, Ginny washed her face and brushed her teeth. She brushed out her long, curly red hair. Satisfied that she could now only wait, she went to bed, a low light burning on the dresser the only illumination. Despite her eager anticipation, she soon fell asleep in the soft bed.

A gentle knock at the door woke Ginny from her sleep. She glanced at the wind-up clock on the night table. It was 11:30. Instantly, she was fully awake. As she rose from the bed, she felt her heart pounding in her chest, her breasts engorging with blood, her nipples tightening into fleshy brown spears. Her cunt became instantly wet and her clit began to throb in time to her heart. She was ready to face her rival in a decisive struggle for sexual supremacy.

She padded to the bedroom door, her nude body illumined by the single light. She threw the door open. Julia was standing in the hall, completely naked. The light from the room glinted off her golden body. Ginny barely suppressed a groan of animal lust as her eyes devoured the other woman’s physical beauty. Ginny said nothing; she just stood aside and let the blonde enter, before locking the door and turning to face her rival. Julia was trailing a robe in her hand; evidently, she had disrobed in the hall. Now, she dropped the garment carelessly on the floor and faced Ginny. The nude women studied the other woman’s body intently. Ginny relished the chance to examine every inch of Julia’s magnificent flesh. The woman was incredible and Ginny had to have her. Julia’s eyes roamed ravenously over Ginny’s physical perfection. The blonde teacher licked her lips, her eyes glowing with unrestrained lust. Slowly, the women pulled their eyes away from the other woman’s gorgeous body. They locked eyes and smiled at each other.

Julia walked up to Ginny, reaching out to cup and weigh both of the redhead’s massive tits in her hands. She squeezed Ginny’s tits, massaging them, running her fingers over the hard nipples, tracing the hot areola. Ginny bit her lip to keep herself from crying out. She sank her fingers into Julia’s equally huge tits and returned the caresses, the heavy kneading. Soon, both women were gasping. Little drops of pre-cum appeared on their nipples. They leaned forward and pressed forehead to forehead, their eyes half-closed from the intense pleasure they were giving each other. The back of their hands pressed together, as their hands became trapped between their heavy tits. They squeezed each other mercilessly.

“Are you ready to fuck, Ginny?,” Julia whispered, her voice a low, sexy growl.

“I’m ready to fuck your cunt off, Julia,” the gunfighter replied. She ran her tongue along Julia’s lips as a punctuation point.

Ginny pushed her torso forward and rubbed her smooth belly into Julia’s abdomen. The teacher rubbed back. Their bare thighs caressed. As if by a shared signal, the two women released the other’s tits and wrapped their arms around their lush bodies. Their naked tits crushed tight, the firm flesh mashing and pulsing. Their hard bellies slid, their muscled legs twined. Hungrily, they closed their mouths on each other and kissed hard, their tongues playing, shared spit soon overflowing and dribbling down onto their struggling tits, their shared cleavage. Their nipples burned with electricity. The women’s hands ran up and down the other’s back, seizing and kneading strong asses, tracing smooth muscles and hot flesh. As their kiss grew more passionate, the women began to struggle more viciously, their arms tightening, squeezing, each powerful woman trying to physically overwhelm and control the other. Their strong, thick legs twined, straining. The blonde and redhead fought for control, neither able to overpower the other. Julia sank her hand into Ginny’s thick hair and pulled savagely; Ginny instantly grabbed Julia’s blonde locks and yanked back. With a spray of spit, the women pulled their faces apart.

“Fucking cunt,” Ginny moaned, pressing nose to nose, forehead to forehead, with Julia.

“Dirty bitch,” Julia gasped back.

Ginny pushed Julia away; the blonde released her rival and stepped back. The women panted, their massive tits heaving as they regarded each other from a meter apart.

“No playing around,”Julia snarled. “Get on that bed and spread your legs. I’m taking you for a ride, you cunt.”

“I’m not your bitch, you blonde whore,” Ginny snapped back. “If you want me, you’ve got to earn it. Make me cum and then I’ll suck your clit off. But I’m going to fuck your brains out long before that happens.”

“You’re no match for me, you redheaded slut,” Julia sneered. “You may be a gifted amateur at sex, but I’m a professional. I’ve clitfucked more women than you can count. That was one of my specialities when I was a whore in Oregon. I was very good at it.” The blonde grinned savagely. “I’ve been going easy on you, you bitch. You can submit to me now, or you can do it after I humiliate you. It doesn’t matter to me.”

“Fuck you, cunt,” Ginny retorted. She was not about to surrender without a fight.

Ginny crossed the room and climbed on to the bed. She braced her back against the headboard and spread her legs wide, presenting her red-furred cunt to her enemy. Julia smiled. Her eyes glowing, she climbed up on the other end of the bed and, bracing herself with her arms, spread her legs in reply, offering her blonde pussy to her enemy. Both women stared down into their rival’s wet, hairy cunt. Their throbbing pink clits nodded at each other, vibrating with tension. The women licked their lips as they prepared to join in cunt to cunt warfare.

“I’m going to fuck you dry, you dirty little twat,” Julia whispered, her eyes heavy with heat and lust. “I’m going to make sure you’re too sore to walk, come tomorrow morning.”

“Bitch,” Ginny shot back. “I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll have to crawl out of here.”

The women pushed themselves towards each other, their hot pussies dripping, leaving a trail of pussy juice on the bed as they moved. The liquids were pouring out of their cunts, sliding down to where their asses met the sheets. Their enormous tits jiggled tightly, thick and hot with arousal, their brown nipples as hard as rocks, their areola swollen with heat. They slid their legs over and under and scissored, turning their hips to allow their burning twats to slot together more easily. The women’s furious eyes locked one final time. Then, in response to their silent signal, Julia and Ginny thrust their powerful cunts together, slamming into each other with all their power. The women’s thick bushes met first, crushing and scraping. Their engorged, wet pussy lips slapped together, sending a roar of heat surging their bodies. Their slits crushed tight, cunts pressing and flattening to each other with a wet hiss. Their pulsing clits rammed into each other, head to head, and exploded with ecstasy.

“OH MY GOD!,” Julia cried out, throwing back her blonde head, her eyes shut tight as the paroxysm of pleasure arced through her.

“FUCK OH FUCK!” Ginny screamed, her perfect body shuddering with erotic electricity.

Gasping, moaning, the women stared at each other in shock and desire, both relishing this first moment of clit to clit, cunt to cunt contact. Bringing themselves under control, they began to grind, pussy to pussy. Julia and Ginny both reached out and grabbed the other woman’s thigh for leverage, they used their free hand to brace their bodies. Their hips and asses flexed as they worked their cunts together, grinding deeper into each other, working their labia together, spreading and penetrating their fuck flesh. Their massive clits rubbed and rubbed, exquisitely sensitive sexual weapons, forcing raw pleasure on both combatants. Joined slit to slit, Ginny and Julia fucked and fucked, both knowing that this battle would either establish them as equals or prove that Julia was the dominant bitch.

For 10, 20, 30 minutes, the beautiful women fucked hard, grinding at each other clit to clit, forcing more and more erotic pleasure on the other’s gorgeous body. Their bodies dripped with sweat. From between their legs came the incredibly erotic sound of soaking wet cunt sucking and squelching on equally wet cunt. The air in the room filled with heat and the intoxicating scents of sweat and sex. The women’s moans, gasps and whimpers punctuated each powerful thrust. Through half-closed eyes, Ginny watched Julia’s incredible body. She relished the blonde’s beautiful bouncing tits, the rippling of the powerful muscles in the woman’s delicious abdomen.

Julia watched Ginny’s body too, enjoying the redhead’s jerking tits, the play of the smooth, strong muscles in her rippling belly. The pleasure that Ginny was giving to her was incredible and exquisite; she was enjoying every moment of this incredible fuckfight. It had been far too long since she had locked clits with a woman who could rival her in every way. But Julia was confident. Years as a high-end prostitute had taught her many ways of controlling herself, of pulling back from even the most incredible stimulation to prevent an orgasm. Ginny was certainly testing that self-control, but Julia was sure she could hold out longer than the redheaded cunt. As it was, both women’s bodies were trembling with sexual tension, their moans of ecstasy had become higher and louder and more desperate. They were both approaching excruciating orgasms but Julia could sense, even through the haze of raw pleasure fogging her mind and senses, that she was just a little further back from the finish line than Ginny.

The big redhead sensed this too, but she used all her will to keep her body under control. Every moment was erotic agony. The coruscating heat between the women’s legs was burning and aching, filling their incredible bodies with pleasure, making their muscles tremble with need. Tears streamed from their eyes as their quivering bodies fucked to the limit of their endurance. The women faced the overpowering need to cum. Their movements slowed as they fought for control, until they were just rubbing their clits directly into each other, their hips and asses jerking with almost microscopic thrusts as all of their ecstasy focused down into the heads of their throbbing clits.

“God, oh god…,” Ginny sobbed, her teeth clenched, her eyes streaming, her entire body shaking with repressed sexual power.

“Cum, you filth, cum into me…,” Julia moaned. Her muscles were quaking, her insides felt like mush, every nerve in her body burned with the need to release. She desperately wanted to let go, but she knew that if she could endure just a few more seconds, she would defeat Ginny again.

Panting, moaning, gasping, cursing each other when they could find the breath, Ginny and Julia fucked each other senseless, fucked to the very edge of their sexual endurance. Ginny could feel that she was about to cum, she could feel the dam about to explode.

“Nooooo….,” the redhead moaned, summoning all her will to hold on. “Oh fuck, nooooo, nnnnooooo….” She continued to match every one of Julia’s devastating clit thrusts, but she was starting to flag.

“Yes, you cunt, yes, yes, yes, give in to me, submit, submit you fuck…,” the blonde chanted, certain of her impending victory, desperate to break Ginny so that she, too, could finally let go.

“No!” Ginny cried. In a final, desperate move, she lashed out. She had been watching Julia’s big tits bouncing and jiggling the whole time. She did not know if she suddenly realized her only chance was to break the clit to clit focus and do something that would cause a surge of pleasure in her foe, or if she simply lashed out in the desire to punish those round, jiggling, infuriating orbs. Either way, she slapped Julia’s left tit hard, sending a biting jolt arcing through the blood-engorged titflesh, stinging the throbbing, stiff nipple with a shock of pain followed by a pulse of pure pleasure.

Julia’s eyes went wide; suddenly, she was on the verge of orgasm; erotic pleasure was washing over her, building beyond her ability to control.

“NO!” the blonde shrieked. An instant later, Ginny slapped Julia’s right tit; the explosion of pain and pleasure was too much to bear and pushed the blonde over the edge.


Julia’s pussy convulsed and clenched on Ginny’s cunt like a fleshy vise. The blonde teacher’s world went white as pure pleasure overwhelmed her senses. She fell onto her back and began to buck her hips and writhe, slowly and powerfully, her belly rippling as she pumped shot after shot of cum out of her cunt. Her massive tits jiggled; nipple cum leaked from her nipples as the raw sexual pleasure ravaged her body.

The flow of hot, molten cum from Julia’s pussy into her vagina shocked Ginny with pure ecstasy. It felt so unbelievably good to feel the other woman’s juices flowing into her, into her womanhood, into her core. The intense squeezing and rippling of Julia’s cunt on her own caused her pussy to vibrate with erotic need. The women felt sealed, melted together, their clits flowing into each other like hot wax. An instant later, Ginny fell onto her back and writhed and bucked with Julia, pumping her own cum back into her blonde rival. The women’s cries of erotic joy combined and harmonized. The fleshy intersection of their bodies was soon soaked with cum, which flowed down to soak the bed sheet. Ginny braced her hands on the wall behind the bed for leverage with which to grind herself into Julia; Julia reached down and grabbed Ginny’s thigh and hip, giving her an anchor with which she could grind back. Finally, with pulsating moans, the women collapsed, unmoving, on the bed. Their cunts were sealed into one, their bodies gleamed with sweat and cum in the dim light of the lamp. Neither woman could move; both were too exhausted. Riding a wave of absolute sexual satisfaction, Ginny and Julia passed out.

Some time later, Ginny regained her senses. Still fuzzy from the fuckfight, she glanced at the clock beside her bed and saw that it was nearly 1:30 AM. She had been unconscious for about 45 minutes. The heat from her genitals, where her cunt was merged with Julia’s cunt, felt absolutely delicious. One of her legs was thrown across the blonde’s body; the other was under Julia. Julia’s legs were to either side of Ginny’s body. The women were forked at their crotches, joined together like erotic Siamese twins. Ginny pushed herself up on her elbows and looked down her body at the blonde. Julia had not stirred. Slowly, reluctantly, Ginny sat up and began to pull back, separating her cunt from Julia’s twat. It was hard and painful. Their bushes were completely intermeshed and glued together by copious amounts of dry cum. As she struggled to disengage their twats, Julia came awake. Groaning, the blonde put her hands on the bed and pushed herself back. Slowly, agonizingly, the women’s bushes ripped apart. Thick strands of cum connected their swollen pussies.

Ginny did not waste any time. With a grunt, she turned herself around and mounted Julia’s prone body. She was tired, but eager to bring her flesh back in intimate contact with the blonde. She wanted to feel Julia’s hot, wet, voluptuous body crushed to her own. The women moaned in concert as their heavy tits squashed, as their warm, muscled bellies flattened to each other.

“Bitch, you fucking bitch…,” Julia groaned, as she felt the weight of Ginny’s tits, Ginny’s belly, settling on her own. Inside, she felt her lust stirring again as the redhead’s flesh moved on her own sweat-slick body.

Ginny pressed cheek to cheek with Julia; she interlaced her fingers with the blonde and pressed palm to palm, holding the other woman to the bed.

“Say you submit, Julia, say you’re my bitch for the night, say it…” she whispered in her enemy’s ear.

“Cunt-sucking whore, you cheated…,” Julia murmured, struggling to focus on what was happening. The women writhed against each other as they wrestled, neither yet able to summon much energy.

Ginny released Julia’s hands and grabbed the blonde on either side of her head. She turned Julia’s face to hers and drove her tongue deep into the other woman’s mouth, swirling it around, scouring the blonde’s mouth all the way back to her tonsils. At first, Julia weakly resisted; soon, however, erotic desire began flowing through her body and she began to kiss back, using her tongue to force Ginny’s pink muscle back, trading and sucking spit back and forth with the redhead. She used one hand to pull Ginny even more deeply into their kiss; her other hand moved down the redhead’s back to seize one of her ass cheeks. As the women’s kiss became more ferocious, both felt their nipples hardening, their tits growing firmer. Their pussies began lubricating and were soon growing hot. Clits throbbed and swelled, gaining new life. Julia slid both of her hands down to grip and squeeze Ginny’s hard, thick, round ass. The blonde spread her legs wide, in invitation, tilting her pelvis up to offer her cunt to her enemy.

The women broke their passionate kiss, their lips linked by spit. “Say it, say you submit,” Ginny moaned. She slid her pussy along Julia’s slick pussy lips, shuddering as the electric pleasure filled her lower body, flowed up into her tits.

“Fuck you, whore,” Julia whispered. But she spread her legs even wider in submission and grasped Ginny’s ass tighter, pulling the redhead in.

Moving in rhythm, the heat between their bodies growing with every passing moment, the women shuddered uncontrollably as their clits caressed.

Pressed cheek to cheek, panting with need, their asses moving in concert, the women began to fuck once more.

“I told you I’d fuck your cunt off. Now I’m going to do just that,” Ginny whispered to her blonde rival. Her ass moved faster as she rode Julia’s cunt harder.

“Yes,”Julia gasped. “Fucking god, yessss….”

The women’s mouths sealed again. Their limbs twined, Julia’s grip on Ginny’s ass tightened, and they resumed their body to body battle.

For the rest of the night, the women fucked mercilessly. They covered each other’s tits in spit and bitemarks; they sucked cunts in an hour-long 69 that left them both drained and ecstatic. Julia presented her ass and accepted a fisting from Ginny that turned her pussy into mush. The blonde refused to say the words, but her actions demonstrated that she accepted her defeat and was willing to submit to her redheaded rival, for that one night. At 6 AM, the blonde finally crawled out of the bed. Walking unsteadily, she retrieved her robe from the floor. Shooting a vicious glance at Ginny, Julia left the room, pulling her robe over her naked, ravaged body as she walked out the door. Smiling, spent, Ginny slept, a warm feeling of victory following her into the dark.


After that Friday night, Julia stopped engaging Ginny. The redhead was surprised and disappointed. She was certain that the blonde teacher was made of sterner stuff. She had the excited expectation that she and the teacher would fuck each other senseless every night. Instead, Julia stopped bathing at her usual time, leaving the tub room to Ginny alone. The women continued to share pleasant conversations at breakfast, over dinner and in the drawing room, but the blonde no longer knocked on the redhead’s door late at night, ready for a cunt to cunt battle. When Ginny knocked on the teacher’s door, there was no answer, even when Ginny knew that Julia was inside her apartment. Ginny was upset about the situation; she hated to admit it, but she felt like a jilted lover. Still, there was little she could do; if the blonde bitch was a sore loser, then that was all there was to it.

On the Tuesday, the marshal returned to the town. Ginny made plans to see him on the Wednesday. She let slip over breakfast on Wednesday morning that she planned to move on that coming Friday. She met with the marshal that morning, but it was an unproductive meeting. He had little to offer her in terms of leads that could lead to other employment. He had no leads to offer on any of the fugitives whose posters adorned the outer wall of his office.

Disappointed, Ginny went to the various shops where she had bought her goods and arranged for them to be ready for her on Friday morning. That afternoon, when she returned from her 4 PM bath, she found a note slipped under her room door.

The note was from Julia. It asked that Ginny meet her the next day, at 3:30 PM (right after school) at an old barn about a mile outside of town. The note contained a hand-drawn map, showing her exactly where to go. Julia behaved like there was nothing out of the ordinary over supper that night and breakfast the next morning. She did not even catch Ginny’s eye. All of this made the redhead even more curious.

The next day, Ginny made her way to the barn. She had planned to be a bit early but, even with the map, it was difficult to find the old structure. It was well hidden in the hills and forest surrounding the town. She rode up to the dilapidated structure on her chestnut horse. A black mare was already there. Ginny walked into the barn. The interior of the structure was rundown, but well lit by the sun streaming through the many holes in the roof. The barn had probably not been abandoned for that long. It still had its structural integrity, something that many barns quickly lost in the rough environment. The barn felt almost cozy. Stacks of loose hay scattered around the floor created a tangy odor.

Julia was waiting for Ginny, sitting on an old wooden box positioned in the middle of the structure . The blonde woman was wearing travel pants and a shirt. The shirt was open several buttons down her neckline, exposing more than a tantalizing hint of cleavage. A cowboy hat was resting on the floor beside her, along with a small saddle bag. Ginny smiled quizzically. It was the first time she had seen the blonde dressed in anything so rough.

“I’m glad you made it, and not too late,”Julia said.

“I had a few problems finding the place, but I’m here,” Ginny explained. “Do you mind telling me what this is about and what kind of game you’ve been playing?”

“There is no game,” Julia said, haughtily. “If you’re asking why I have not been appearing at your door every night to fuck you, the answer is simple. I was testing you. You passed the test when you proved you could fuck me into submission. I saw no reason to continue our engagement after that.”

Ginny felt a spike of anger, but also curiosity. “Alright,” she said, after a moment. “Why were you testing me?”

The blonde reached down, picked up her saddle bag, and fished out a piece of paper. She stood up, crossed the distance to Ginny, and handed her the paper. As Ginny unfolded it, Julia explained.

“As you can see, the woman on this poster is Sandra Dark. She is a notorious and much-wanted outlaw. She is presently somewhere in this area. I want you to find her and bring her to me.”

Ginny’s head was reeling as she looked at the “Wanted” poster, a duplicate of the one she already had. “I know about Dark,” the redhead said. “I was planning to go after her anyway. $5000 is a lot of reward money. What do you want with her and why should I bring her to you, rather than taking her right to the marshal? And what has any of this got to do with ‘testing’ me?”

Julia paused, evidently deciding how much to explain. She nodded to herself and began. “Obviously, I know Miss Dark. When we were both prostitutes, our paths crossed a few times. I have reason to believe that she may be in this region because of me. I’d rather find her and deal with her before she finds me.”

Julia continued. “That is where you come in. Sandra is a very intelligent woman. She will be very difficult to find and catch. But I know her tastes and her compulsions. She cannot resist a prime piece of pussy. After all this time on the run, someone like you would be, to her, like giving water to a woman dying of thirst.”

Ginny raised her eyebrow. “You want me to be bait?”

“In a way,” Julia went on. “But more than that. When she sees you, she will not hurt or kill you. She will need to test herself against you. She will need to fuckfight you. I know now that you can hold your own against her; maybe even beat her. That will give you an opportunity to capture her when she is vulnerable. When you do, I want you to bring her here to me, in this barn. I need to speak to her; I need to deal with unfinished business.”

“I’m not in the habit of fuckfighting dangerous outlaws, no matter how beautiful they may be,” Ginny snorted. “Why would I agree to fight her in the first place?”

Julia grinned. “If I know Sandra, getting close enough to her to capture her will be next to impossible. Your best chance will be getting her naked and getting between her legs. If you let yourself be captured, you will have that chance. Even if you can’t beat her, if you can challenge her, she will keep you alive.” Julia frowned. “I want to emphasize that this woman is absolutely ruthless. She has already killed many bounty hunters. Your great advantage is that you are a gorgeous woman, exactly the type that she likes, and probably exactly what she has been deprived of for some time. If you get close enough to her, this plan will work. Especially if you give her the kind of ride you gave me.”

Ginny thought about the situation. If Julia was on the level, this might be her best chance of getting that $5000 bounty. “Why should I do any of this?” Ginny asked. “If I capture her, why would I bring her here for you? I should just take her to the marshal and get my reward.”

Julia nodded. “Fair enough. The answer is simple: I am willing to pay you $3000. Imagine that, on top of the $5000 you get as bounty from the state.”

Ginny’s head spun. $8000 was a helluva lot of money. It could set her up for a long, long time.

“Why do you have so much cash?” Ginny asked, suspiciously.

Julia grinned. “Let’s just say I was a very good prostitute, and leave it at that. My sexual abilities are something you can attest to.”

Ginny nodded slowly. She considered what Julia had told her and had offered. “Alright,” the redhead finally agreed. “I’ll do it. I’ll catch her and bring her back to this barn. I’ll tie her up and then come into town to find you and bring you back. She’s wanted dead or alive, so it doesn’t matter what you do to her, I still get my money. But I want the $3000 before you do anything to her.”

“Agreed.” Julia stepped forward, her hand extended. The women shook hands on the deal. The electric contact of flesh to flesh took Ginny’s mind directly back to what she and Julia had done to each other, just a few days before. She stared down into Julia’s deep, moist cleavage. She could tell that the other woman was naked under the shirt, probably naked under her pants, too.

“One other thing,” Ginny said. She reached out and began to undo the buttons on Julia’s shirt. The blonde did not hesitate; pure lust flashed in her eyes and she reached out and began to undo Ginny’s shirt, as well. Quickly, the two women had the other’s shirt open. Their heavy tits hung, thick and meaty, in the space. Julia pushed the shirt to the side, completely exposing Ginny’s succulent tits; Ginny did the same for Julia. For a moment, the two women feasted their eyes on the other’s massive orbs. Ginny reached out and filled her hands with Julia’s tits; Julia immediately returned the favor. The women squeezed, kneaded the dense flesh, rubbed hard nipples between their fingers, tweaked throbbing nipples until the other woman groaned and gasped in exquisite pleasure. Julia released Ginny’s breasts just long enough to pull her own shirt off her back and throw it to the floor. Ginny stripped her shirt too, doffing it just as Julia grabbed the redhead’s tits, squeezed hard, then pulled Ginny’s left tit to her mouth and sank her teeth into the luscious nipple. For a minute or two, the only sounds in the barn were Ginny’s ecstatic moans and the sound of Julia sucking and licking at the other woman’s juicy tit. The topless women continued to fondle each other; Ginny felt so wet she was sure that her jeans were becoming soaked. Even as Julia continued to suck her tit, Ginny slid her right hand down the blonde’s tight, bare stomach to her pants. With one hand, Ginny undid the woman’s waist clasp and slipped her hand inside of Julia’s pants. As she suspected, the teacher was wearing no underwear. Ginny slipped her hand all the way down, through Julia’s dense bush, until she was able to cup and squeeze the blonde’s soaking cunt. Julia groaned into Ginny’s tit, which she continued to maul, and slid her own hand in answer down to Ginny’s jeans. She opened them and moments later, both beautiful, topless women were holding each other by the pussy, squeezing, slipping fingers inside, just starting to finger fuck each other.

Julia grunted and pushed Ginny back. The redhead fell onto a pile of straw; Julia landed on top of her. The half-naked vixens wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed hard, crushing their throbbing tits to each other. They thrashed, rolling from side to side in the hay, rubbing, grinding their torsos together, both pulling at the other woman’s pants. Finally, impatiently, they pulled apart. Panting with excitement, their eyes burning with heat and need, both women quickly stripped off their riding boots. Sitting back, Julia pulled off her pants; at the same moment, Ginny stripped her jeans off and threw them aside. The now nude women leaned back, panting hard, staring at each other. Their eyes hungrily devoured the other’s nakedness, their bare, furry cunts, their dripping twats. They smiled at each other, both seeing the pure lust in each other’s eyes.

They slid towards each other on their asses, legs spread, cunts presented in challenge and desire. Inches from their pussies kissing, the women stopped, both enjoying the anticipation of ecstasy, the heat pouring off of their thighs and cunts. For a moment, the only sounds in the barn were the whispers of the wind in the rafters and the excited pants of the two sex-crazed women.

“This is just the first half; a way to seal the deal,” Ginny murmured, her voice thick with lust. “The second half you have to pay tonight, in my bed.”

“Gladly,” Julia replied, her voice hoarse. “Fuck me, Ginny, fuck me as hard as you can…”

Ginny drove her thick lipped cunt into Julia’s twat; Julia thrust back with all her strength. The women screamed in unison, braced their bodies with their arms behind them, and raised their asses off the ground, shoving at each other with all their power, their bodies quivering as their cunts mated and sucked. Their tits bounced exuberantly.

“Yes, yes, oh God, yesssss…,” Ginny moaned as her body exploded with pleasure. Julia threw back her head and moaned in ecstasy. The women reached for each other; they intertwined their fingers, locked palm to palm. Their moans and cries of pleasure echoed in the barn for the next few hours.

Julia and Ginny were late to supper that night. Later in the evening, after everyone had gone to bed, Julia knocked on Ginny’s door, wearing only a short robe and soon, nothing at all. The women fucked each other raw during the night. The next morning, as she rode out of town, Ginny shifted uncomfortably on the saddle, her pussy sore and burning. She knew that Julia felt the same way; she had noticed the teacher trying to hide her difficulty walking when she had come down for breakfast.

Ginny smiled wistfully and began her quest for Sandra Dark.

The End

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1 thought on “Ginny and the School Teacher by JB57

  1. jackmicheals says:

    Hi All

    One of the stories that has always been dear to my heart as a deep sex fight fan piqued my interest has been JB57’s Ginny and the Teacher

    I loved the premise , the universe ,the buildup , contest and the buildup to the sequel

    JB is a genius

    It left the readers on a very promising note with Ginny about to start her quest for Sandra Dark .I hope JB looks at this as a franchise and introduces an Native american rival

    Hope JB57 will give us a sequel very soon



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