16 thoughts on “Gladiatrices: Part One – The New Opponent by Ellis Kent

  1. Ellis Kent says:

    I’d really value feedback…It takes much effort to make you drip. What did you like…so we can give you more.

  2. justlooking9002 says:

    Hey. I have to say I really liked the story even though I’m not a huge fan of fights with weapons. I think you struck the rare balance between sexiness and gore. I was also a huge fan of the preparations and the sexual tone before the fight. I was at the edge of my seat till the end.


      1. gladius says:

        This is a fabulous story and I enjoyed it immensely. This exact scenario has been my favorite fantasy for years.

  3. gladius says:

    Your profile states that you like to share scenarios and that cock fights are also of interest. I have written a “couple vs couple” gladiator story about make and female gladiators that you might enjoy.

  4. PilotMoonDog says:

    Hello Ellis.

    Interesting story. Do you ever do mutual kill deathfights? That’s my usual preference for that sort of thing. And, being kinked the way I am, I usually prefer sexfight/deathfights where the fighters expire in a huge mutual orgasm.

      1. PilotMoonDog says:

        Fair enough. I do have wider tastes so will still be interested in what you come up with.


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