Ultimate Duel: Sexual Rivals Settle It by Ellis Kent

Ultimate Duel: Sexual Rivals Settle It

A spur fight: is an extreme combat sport or dueling method, practiced by members of exclusive underground female only fighting clubs. Originating in Japan, a spur has long been a favorite weapon when women compete over a lover.  In extreme cases, a woman can disable her opponent as a sexual rival for a long period…or even permanently…

Female Fighting Spurs: spurs or “hooks” as they are casually called, are upturned pieces of metal or hard rubber in the shape of a small rhino horn about two inches in length, the base flared and padded to protect the wearer. The spur is held in place on the “mons veneris” by a leather harness such as used on a strap-on dildo; leaving the wearer’s pussy exposed to a rival. The aim is to gouge an opponent’s pussy and to strike her clitoris. The end of the spur is not sharp, the aim is to bruise not cut which would shorten the fight, reducing the thrill of combat for both combatants and the audience, though the possibility of tearing flesh is real.  To capture the thrill of spur fights without the risk, there are also training spurs which comprise a hard, felt spur that can be soaked in marker ink. The woman who sustains most strikes to her pussy is deemed the loser; lodging a spur against a rival’s clit is normally considered a winning blow. This is as close as most enthusiasts get to a spur fight. 

Fighting Technique: To ensure that the spurs are aligned, ideally the two combatants are of the same or similar build – organized duels, the combatants will use footwear to equalize height. To keep the spurs in proximity to their targets, fighting is best undertaken standing. For that reason, duels often take place in confined spaces where a fighter can force an opponent back against a wall in a position where she can thrust home. (Sunken, padded, circular, conical fighting pits and adapted corridors with padded sloping walls are popular in the exclusive female fighting clubs in Hamburg, Paris, Moscow, Shanghai and Singapore.) Combatants normally take each other by the forearm, and jostle, push and pull to try and gain spur contact. In some cases, they may be bound together in this way. Some harnesses also have “hip-hoops,” which are handles that allow the rivals to pull each other in tight together.   

Prelude to a Spurfight

Jayden and Kim were rivals long before they clashed over Alexis. Both members of a Florida-based female-only fight club called simply the “Forum”, they had fought many times, first meeting at a rural venue called The Barn. When Jayden and Kim clashed it was always a major draw for club members. Alexis, who had been on the international fight scene for years, starring in private matches and filming for various fight and sexfight studios, was only a recent visitor to the club. Used to the expensive purpose-built female-only fighting clubs in Europe and Asia, frequented by women with money who trained their own gladiatrixes, Alexis wondered what to expect when she received an invite, from Maureen the local club grandee. 

Unfortunately, she could only get there at the end of the evening but thought she’d catch a fight or two. Maureen greeted her warmly, leading her to a large Summer house in the grounds of a large private house outside Orlando. She could tell from the noise that a melee was already well underway. Alexis, was pleasantly surprised by the fighting space, a sunken circular arena covered in green padding about twelve feet across: seated or standing around the lip there was an audience of about 20 women, ranging from their twenties to their fifties standing around; all were glued to the fight taking place below. 

As was the case in other fight clubs, there were some rivalries were on show, together with a lot of flesh. Many of the women were obviously fighters themselves, Maureen was known as “the Mauler”. She told Alexis that occasionally there was a flare up between members of the audience and they were encouraged to take it to the floor. This was the case tonight; two of the members had fallen out over a man and were settling ownership here tonight. Looking at the two stunning fighters, Kim really caught Alexis’ attention. A black-haired Latina and a near body double to Alexis, but a few years younger. Kim was engaged in a vicious brawl with another club member, Audrey B a pale skinned beauty. (Alexis thought how much the man being fought over would like to watch this; then she remembered how few men she met approved of her passion! She only knew two who really appreciated it and who fought over her on a regular basis…)

As the two naked women traded slaps and then grappled, struggling to throw each other, Alexis commented to Maureen, “Yum, the Latina’s hot, my money is on her.” The fight was staggeringly vicious, and at that moment the pair cannoned against the side of the pit, just below where they were standing. Maureen responded, “That’s Kim, and though she’s fighting for cock, she’s not afraid to bump mounds either, I know that’s your field.” Alexis, who could not take her eyes off Kim, now kneeling astride Audrey slapping her senseless, said, “I’d love to tangle with her in any way she chose.” 

Looking across to the other side of the pit, stood an attractive brunette with eyes as green and stunning as her own; Alexis was equally captivated. The brunette was shouting for Audrey. Maureen noted her interest, “That’s the club princess, Jayden; don’t be fooled by her pretty girl looks, she is a vicious catfighter and can be a real bitch.” Alexis, eyes moving between the fight and Jayden, whispered to Maureen, “I think she looks like she needs a little more steel; I suppose all the bad girls want a piece of her, right?” Maureen laughed, “Same thing at every female fight club, every bitch wants to put down the princess – when they are not changing their panties thinking about her. Kim and Jayden have been tangling for years, that’s a real club rivalry.”

As Maureen finished speaking, down below Kim knelt over Audrey, pulling her up by the hair so her face was level with her pussy. Kim in a stage whisper, “Tell me whose pussy owns his cock!” Audrey refused to answer, a refusal that earned her a stinging a backhanded slap for her trouble. Raising her voice, she demanded a second time, “Tell me whose pussy he’ll be in this weekend!” 

Again, Audrey refused to answer and this time Kim reached back with her left hand, and although Alexis could not see, it was clearly in or on her pussy. For a third time Kim yelled, “Tell me, or I’ll rip it out!” At last, the cry left the mouth of the furious Audrey, “Kim! Kim’s pussy! Kim owns it!” Kim let her head fall and raised her arms to acknowledge the wild applause; looking up she and noticed Alexis whose filmed fights she had often watched. 

Later, after the evening was finishing, Alexis waited for Kim, now clothed and surrounded by admirers. Eventually, they started to peel away and Alexis went with Maureen to Kim and introduced herself. Kim, the adrenalin high from her victory, said boldly, “I know who you are Alexis, I’ve seen you in action on film.” Alexis smiled, “Well, you proved you can catfight, and I hear you are not afraid to bump mounds.” Kim, a small scratch from the fight still open on one cheek, replied by moving closer and pushing her pubis up against Alexis’, whispering menacingly “No, I am not.”

Alexis, intrigued, surprised and not a little excited, pushed back and said coolly. “When I bump mounds, I don’t wear panties.” Kim, keeping her composure, “Nor do I, and nor does any bitch I’d bump mounds with.” Alexis felt an adrenalin rush, she savored moments such as this; letting the silence hang for a moment she replied, “That sounds like a challenge to a fuckfight.” Dark eyes locked with green, as Kim showing the same spirit that she’d shown in the fight said, “That’s because it is a challenge, if you are woman enough to lock pussies.” 

Alexis, not breaking the stare, said icily, “Maureen, perhaps you can help us with a suitable venue…I think Kim is an exhibitionist, and I want to take this public.”  

Kim Wins Her Spurs

A month later, Alexis vs Kim in an unlimited sexfight was the club’s “special event” at a private home in Celebration. Maureen had selected small, sophisticated group of members to attend, sexfighting did not appeal to all.  Among the audience was Jayden, who was to headline a fight in a few weeks’ time against a dark-haired vixen called Ewa S. Maureen was going to ask Jayden to help her keep score before she realized that, given the bad blood between her and Kim, she might have a conflict of interest.  As the scorekeepers sat at each end of the daybed; so close you could see and smell every detail, there were no shortage of volunteers for the role and a substitute was quickly found. 

The lights dimmed, and a soft spotlight illuminated a Mies van der Rohe black leather daybed. The chattering died down; there was audience of ten women, in various stages of undress, seated either side of the daybed.  From opposite ends of the room, Kim and Alexis entered and a hush of expectation fell as they shrugged off their short black silk judo robes. (Alexis had bought a duplicate of her trademark fighting wear for Kim and sent it with her standard challenge photo, a picture of her seated on a bed with the words “Grind this bitch!” written on her torso in red lipstick, a red arrow curving down to indicate her pussy. (Available on request…)

The two women met and locked eyes, bumping each other’s sex in classic fight commencement protocol. Elegantly, both women took up positions facing each other on the low daybed, adopted a scissor position, took each other’s right arms and started. For an hour, pussy to pussy and often clit-on-clit, the two women drove each other to orgasm time and time again. The scorekeepers were busy logging the orgasms; the Latina managed to keep pace with the experienced Alexis who had sexfought women in a dozen countries. 

Jayden had naturally sided with Alexis against Kim, but she had not expected to be so smitten by the blonde, who she noted also had green eyes. The heady sight and sound of the duo orgasming, affected the whole room; lips were bitten, clothing was loosened or in some cases discarded and fingers got busy. Eventually the audience added occasional groans to those of the two women tribbing it out in front of them. A positional mike, suspended over the pair caught and amplified ever sigh and groan, not to mention the liquid sounds of highly aroused female sexes grinding together. 

As the hour drew to a close Alexis was leading Kim by 11 forced orgasms to 10. Kim was counter attacking strongly rocking her hips and frantically urging Alexis, “Spill it for me!” Pussies were becoming raw, and clitorises supersensitive from the continual friction. Jayden was enthralled by how Alexis was using her core strength to change angles; she was thrilled when, in response to the command, the blonde upped the tempo and shouted back at the Latina, “No, give me your bitch-juice now, slut!” Dropping her pelvis slightly to the left, Alexis pushed the tip of her “pink iron” against the root of Kim’s clit, she then ran it up into Kim’s hood, slashing it across the center then pressing in at an angle… 

The sensation nearly took Alexis over the edge, but the effect on Kim was decisive. Kim gasped as she realized she could feel both hers’ and Alexis’ pulse in the throbbing tight spikes of female flesh. Alexis twisted in the opposite direction, jamming the horns even closer together. Experience had given the blonde the edge; Kim threw her head back and howled as she totally lost control, coming so violently that her juices flooded both pussies. Rolling her hips, she tried desperately to bring Alexis with her, but only succeeded in make herself come harder. 

As Kim fell back still coming, Alexis ran a finger down her pussy and raised it to her lips. The truth was Kim had pushed her buttons so hard she had nearly lost it too; only experience stopped her coming. Wild applause broke out – and not just for the winner; at this point, Alexis regaining her composure, caught Jayden’s eye and blew a kiss.  Still on a sexual high, she embraced and kissed Kim drawing even wilder applause from all except Jayden. Finding a woman who could give her the type of sexual workout she craved was rare, and here was Kim, on her doorstep; and now there was this brunette beauty too…


The next evening, Alexis got busy on the club internet, heavily protected and for members only. On the forthcoming attractions, she saw that the Jayden was due to fight a member called Ewa S. who had left the area and now lived in California but was making a return visit. An attractive and sexy black-haired woman with green eyes, she looked every inch the club “bad girl.” Alexis knew the type: people loved to see them fight, they were often popular despite their bitchy characters and cheap, obvious looks. She compared the pictures with Jayden. Jayden was really sexy, some of the pictures were wildly alluring, though there was often a hint of vulnerability. 

Alexis was enchanted by Jayden, yet she somehow felt that Ewa S. looked the more likely winner. She phoned Maureen and asked for background on the fight. Apparently, the two had fought twice before with Ewa winning by a slight margin. Maureen ventured, “Jayden is a really great fighter, she loves to go toe-to-toe and has a great physique, and is super fit. Bad girls like Ewa sometimes manage to have an edge on her.” Alexis replied, “Do you think she’d be open to some coaching?” Maureen encouraged Alexis to reach out to her on the members only IM system.

As she put down the phone, a message came in the club app from Kim. “Really enjoyed our sexfight…I think we might need to take it further, in private; I think you could show me a thing or too.” Alexis replied directly, simply stating her address and suggesting she was free any night that week, but that a Friday would be better as she didn’t want Kim to be worn out at work after they met. She added that she thought Kim would be a fast learner, and said she loved to work with equals. She also reached out to Jayden, to suggest they meet for drinks.

Propositions and Questions

A few nights later, Jayden and Alexis were seated in a corner table in a cocktail bar. After they had discussed Alexis’ fighting career, she said, “I looked at Ewa’s club profile, classic bad girl…I liked the one of her flaunting her breasts…” Jayden cut in, “Oh, the one with her breasts covered in semen, yes she had a forfeit match with another member. The loser had to let her man come over the winner; Ewa does like to humiliate rivals.” Alexis added, “Judging by the load she succeeded, doubtless she taunted the loser that she could never get so much out of her man.” Jayden nodded, “How did you know?” 

Alexis smiled, “It’s the sort of thing alpha-bitches do.” Alexis went on, “I hear you lost to her twice. Why do you think you might win this time?” Jayden, a little piqued, answered, “Because I have put it the time training.” Alexis, serious now, said, “Ewa is just a Bitch, you are a Bitch Goddess, or could be, you just need to be able unleash your Inner Bitch and harness her to your Inner Goddess.” 

Jayden fell silent, Alexis softly clasped her hands, “To really be in control you have to lose control and embrace it.” Jayden remained silent, intrigued by the worldly blonde, she then whispered, “Can you show me how?” Alexis smiled and said that it she believed she could give her the edge versus the Californian member, but it would require a whole weekend. 

Before they parted, Alexis had one last question. “I noted that on your club profile you had a drawing of two women facing off in a cockfighting pit entitled “hen fight”, women both had sharp beaks and spurs on their ankles. Have you ever seen a real spur fight between two women? You clearly seemed intrigued by the idea, given the long legend you wrote to accompany it.” Jayden flushed, she was briefly embarrassed by the darkness of fantasy, but then boldly stated, “The idea of facing another woman in an extreme match like that turns me on.” 

Alexis said quietly, “Well, spur fights are real, but the spurs are much more appropriately placed for rival women…” She sensed there was no need to explain it. Jayden understood completely, she looked as though she was on the verge of asking more questions, but held back.  They agreed that they would meet that weekend for the training session. As Jayden drove home her mind was reeling at the concept of a spurs fight, she was imagining facing Ewa like that. By the time she reached home, her panties were drenched. She searched the internet but could find no references to spurfights, but the dark fantasy of two women fighting like that lingered in her mind.

A Movie for Kim

Kim was delighted to accept the invitation to spar at Alexis’ home, only 20 minutes’ drive away. After a preliminary catfight and an energetic tribbing session Kim and Alexis were now relaxing together in Alexis’ large sunken bath. The Latina had been everything Alexis anticipated; a spirited fighter, sexually energetic, inventive and utterly uninhibited. Wanting to know more about Alexis fighting past, Kim asked innocently, “You must have been in some pretty extreme fights when you were on the international private circuit, what is the most extreme thing you’ve seen?” Alexis smiled, “I don’t think you’ll be too shocked. I’ll show you…but you’ll have to promise not to tell anyone.”

Later as they relaxed with a glass of wine on the sofa, Alexis put on the film of a fight she had witnessed a few years previously in Shanghai. Unusually, Alexis had been given a recording.  Alexis gave the back story as all the dialog and trash talk was in Mandarin. Two women in their thirties, Mei and Ling, were competing to be the top concubine of the club sponsor, a successful business woman, Jia Wang. The two women facing off in the pit started to shed their clothes. Jia Wang was obviously telling them to prepare to fight each other. 

Kim noticed that each of the women facing off had a scorpion tattoo on her lower torso. The head and pincers curved down on one side of the pussy, with the stinger, poised to strike, just above the clitoris. Each woman’s tattooed scorpion was a mirror image of the other’s; the scorpions touched only at the stinger. These women were about to go stinger to stinger, literally. Eyes glued to the screen, Alexis said, “These two agreed this design and Jia paid a lot of money for that quality of tattoo. They were tattooed at the same time, and the process what put on the membership website.”

As the two women circled each other, menacing each other with their eyes, Jia Wang then turned behind her, and picked up two bundles that she dropped into the pit. At first, Kim found it hard to make out what it was, at first. The items were a combination of leather harness, like a strapon, dressed with black cockerel feathers. Each woman bent down to retrieve a set and started to step into them, silent and serious. 

Each harness sported a metal attachment in the shape of cockerel spur; this was a culture that liked to watch fighting cocks fight to the death. Kim was enthralled, each woman was putting her sexuality on the line. Alexis explained, that the spurs were not sharp but even blunt metal could rip and tear. Both women had black bobbed hair and shapely legs; they strutted, letting the spotlights glint off the cold metal spurs, housed in leather fob on their mons veneris; below their pussies were naked and unprotected. Through their confident posing, each woman seemed to be showing her rival, as well as to the spectators and above all Jia Wang, that they were confident of success and expected to win. 

The atmosphere was of silent appreciation or low whispers as they circled each other teeth bared, hands clawed and ready to spring forward. The black cockerel feathers accentuated their shapely behinds and thighs. Watching rapt Kim, thought to herself, cockerels fight to a finish; in this case the winner would be the less damaged of the two women, and therefore the best able to give or take her sexual rewards.  Kim thought it would have been sadistic if the two women did not so obviously relish being there with a chance to test themselves against each other. They were not forced to fight, they wanted to fight – that’s a big difference! They wanted the chance to hurt their sexual rival and in return were willing to risk being hurt.

The first clinch was explosive, the Mei pinned Ling against the side of the fighting pit. She jerked and thrust her pelvis upwards against her rival’s hard three times. The third time, we heard the metal studs connect but no soft tissue had been gored. Despite the frenzied session she’d enjoyed, by now Kim’s hand was working her pussy. Her horniness communicated itself to Alexis whose fingers were pressing and rubbing. Kim whispered dreamily, “Oh fuck, how alive you must feel stabbing at your sex rival’s clitoris with a spur.”

Alexis shuddered as she increased the tempo, “You could tell how much they wanted it.  It was so primal watching it.” Now the two fighters were grunting like cavewomen, as they fought it out in a pit. The camera picked up their excited mistress; she was squatting to look over the edge into the fighting pit, as she her manicured right hand worked herself, she was dripping onto the leather banquette.  Seated next to her was her guest Alexis, wide-eyed at her first ever spur fight, twisting a nipple as she drank it in.

The action was now was wild and frenzied, pelvises were grinding and thrusting, as they jabbed at each other. Lower torsos and upper thighs showed red traces where the spurs had broken the skin.  Cockerel feathers were scattered across the floor of the pit. Ling pushed off the pit wall still locked in a clinch. The result was the pair, fell locked tightly into the center of the mat, Mei was on top. As they hit, Mei thrust sharply and Ling let out a cry, but the spur ran past its target and lodged in her harness. Jia Wang craned forward to get a better view, her eyes wild with lust. Mei thrust up with her pelvis, their spurs tangled; she then twisted Ling over to be underneath pinning her to the mat.

Kim was riveted by the spectacle. Both women were locked tight, spurs tangling and they worked their hips, each woman looking for the opening. Eventually, Mei’s backside stopped moving, the gave a little wiggle and shouted something in Mandarin. Even without translation it was clear Mei had hooked her spur into Ling’s pussy and was challenging her to give in or she would gouge her. Suddenly, the pinned Ling spat up at Mei. She seemed to be daring Mei to do it! 

Kim could sense Mei didn’t want Ling to give. One more small wiggle, then Mei’s ass stopped moving; she had had her spur where she wanted it, at the root of Ling’s clit. Then, with an explosive move, she ripped her spur up and down; once, twice, and a third time. It was now clear from the spasms that shook her buttocks that Mei was coming as she gouged Ling’s clit. Jia Wang gushed over her hand, screaming at Mei to give it to Ling hard. 

This was the very moment, at which Alexis had climaxed watching the event all those years ago. Kim, joined Alexis in her ecstasy, and both women rode the umpteenth climax that night. Recovering, Alexis said, “I remember Jia Wang telling me that Mei could never give her a better orgasm as a lover, than the one she had watching that fight.” Kim sighed, “I get that, I think Mei probably had a great orgasm ripping her rival, I’d have that tape on a loop every time I did Jia!” Alexis knew Kim was a kindred spirit.

The next day Kim found herself online looking for scorpion videos. She found one entitled: Female scorpions fight to the death. On a patch of desert sand, two pale brown female scorpions met to fight for territory. They circled, pincers gripping pincer, pushing each other back and forth. Next their tails intertwined, engaged in a test of strength, stringers quivering. As the fight progressed, the stingers made occasional contact, until at last, one succeeded in forcing hers between the plates of the other’s thorax. She seemed to draw strength from the strike, thrusting the tip deeper and deeper, spurting her deadly venom into her rival. As the loser collapsed in her death throes, Kim realized how wet she was. Jayden, she whispered to herself…

Bitchy Goddess to Bitch Goddess

As an alpha-bitch Jayden had misgivings about the idea of being broken down to be better able to break other bitches. Nevertheless, she was determined she would prove she could “take it to be able to give it” as Alexis had described it at their initial meeting. A few days later, Jayden was kneeling naked on all fours on a padded bench in Alexis’ bedroom in front of a full-length mirror. When she saw behind her in the mirror, she was masked, holding a riding crop and sporting a strap-on. As she tensed, she felt a slight sting as the riding crop cut across her delectable buttocks, “Present yourself, bitch” Alexis hissed. Snarling inwardly, Jayden complied pushing her backside up, and watching as Alexis lowered herself towards it.

The next sensation was Alexis’ hot tongue probing then circling her tight pink rosette – not what she expected. This was followed by a soft gelatinous device being inserted that seemed to expand; it was a flared plug with a horse’s tail. Alexis was going to play stallion to Jayden’s mare. With a low groan the brunette took in inch after inch of the strap-on, until the head nudged against her cervix. Alexis let out a soft moan, and bending low whispered in Jayden’s ear, “This is a spraycock. A sensor detects my level of arousal and it swells; and when I come it ejaculates. So, like a true goddess I can shape shift. I am going to rut with you until I am empty. As I use you, I am going to give you some insight into yourself…” She started to slide in and out, the device expanding to stallion like girth and length…

For over an hour, Alexis worked Jayden, showing every skill in pleasuring another woman she had learned. Jayden, despite herself, was inwardly resisting but gradually she melted as pleasure coursed through her magnificent frame. As Alexis had warned her, she seemingly paid no interest to Jayden’s pleasure, despite making her come and come. The blonde was focusing in on herself, reaching deep into something primal as she slowly built to her own climax.

Still taking her from behind, she put her foot on Jayden’s head, pressing her flushed face against the leather padding. Alexis intoned, “Think about that bitch Ewa! Imagine her pinned under you! Feel her struggle for release! Your talons are deep in her breast flesh! You revel in her powerlessness!” Jayden could imagine it! She felt a surge of aggressive passion and, seemingly in response, Alexis took her foot of her head, but the brunette remained supine. She accepted her position and drew strength from it now! She was almost in a trance, her hands clawed as if she were mauling Ewa’s full breasts, yet again a wave of lust rose in her…

Alexis was now almost delirious, her body was screaming for release, she started to focus in on a recent triumph over another woman. She remembered how fierce the fight had been; each of them had put their stallion in play, with the forfeit that the winner would take both men in front of the loser. She remembered how it felt after she had won, straddling the loser’s man, his cock deep in pussy; one of her cockfighters up to the hilt in her tail. She remembered how much noise the loser’s man made as he came, and how she taunted her rival as he and her other stud unloaded. Seeing her humiliated defeated rival forced to watch, spoke to her bitch nature; having two magnificent studs shooting in her simultaneously made her feel like a goddess. 

Suddenly, Alexis was aware that she was coming like a slut. Jayden was now no longer passive, green eyes flashing she was looking back over one shoulder up at Alexis, she was thrusting back like a tigress on heat. Both women felt the device contract, and then it became to spasm and jerk as it emptied itself into Jayden. Looking at Alexis, Jayden growled, then roared “Ewa! Ewa! Eat it! Eat it now, bitch!” Alexis, heard herself, scream the name, Karen as she pulled hard on the pony tail, yanking it out, immeasurably heightening Jayden’s ecstasy. 

Later, as they were relaxing with a drink, Jayden asked, “Who is Karen?” Alexis went silent for a while, then answered, “She’s a woman I beat in a spurfight.” It was time for Alexis to show another film…this time with herself in a starring role. The training had not taken all weekend…Jayden had harnessed her inner bitch. Two weeks later, she sat aside a beaten and black and blue Ewa, listening to the roars of approval. 

As Jayden pulled up Ewa’s head by the hair to be level with her pussy, Jayden had a change of heart, throwing her back to the floor, she hissed at her, “My pussy is too good for your slut tongue, bitch.” Then she raised her arms in victory, acknowledging the applause. That weekend she had been promised a better prize for winning; that night she would play stallion to Alexis’ mare – Bitch Goddess on Bitch Goddess. As she rode Alexis and herself to a sexual frenzy, the name she called out was Kim…

Only one member was not applauding. Kim was sullen, she knew no one woman or man could have Alexis exclusively but it rankled with her that she shared with Jayden. Kim kept thinking about the Shanghai spurfight…


Alexis did nothing to fuel the rivalry, she did not need to. Competing for a high-status fighter from outside meant that both women were always texting each other dropping references to sparring sessions with Alexis. After her fight with Ewa, Jayden thanked Alexis for her “invaluable performance coaching” in a club-wide message that caused the longstanding feud flare. Also, on each visit to Alexis, both women would invariably ask to watch a spurfight, their dark fascination gradually being fed as they sampled fights from around the world and going back a couple of decades. In particular, the often highly sexual pre-fight rituals held both women spellbound.

The one thing both women craved was to see Alexis collection of spur harnesses. She had been made gifts of expensive harnesses at a number of clubs she’d visited. Normally harnesses came in pairs so neither woman could claim a design advantage. The collection was housed in Alexis’ fighting cellar which, due to building works, had been off limits since they had gotten to know her. She said the works were to adapt a fighting space for her rival stallions to clash in. She had two regulars, a man she referred to as her “memoirist” who flew in from New York and an ex-BF, married and who lived locally. They went cock-to-cock rights whenever circumstances permitted; the loser had to watch the winner take the prize.

A chance encounter brought the situation to boiling point. Kim, looking disheveled, was just leaving from a catfight and tribbing session when she encountered Jayden at the front door who was collecting some valuable earrings she had left and needed the next day. Jayden, in true bitch mode quipped, “Ah, Kim, have you been cleaning here?” A stinging slap to Jayden’s face was her response, a moment later the two women were crashing to the floor, locked in a snarling catball.

Alexis, having just showered, alerted by the noise, picked up a riding crop and headed to the door, which had luckily closed so as not to disturb the peace. She was disappointed that neither woman had shown any self-control; both women had torn through each other’s skin, on arms and shoulders. A few blows to exposed skin with her riding crop caused the women broke apart. Alexis, said firmly, “This is not the time or place, brawling like common sluts. Why don’t you take it to the mat in the club?”

There was a silence and Kim said firmly, “We both want more than that…” then looking at Jayden she added, “Don’t we?” 

Jayden gave a cold smile, “Yes, we want something more final than a club forfeit; the loser gives you up for good.” 

Kim continued, “Agreed, we only need an audience of one, you.” Jayden, her voice cracking at the thrill of what she hoped Kim was suggesting, ventured, “We’ll need you to equip us to fight it out.” 

There was a brief pause before Kim broke the silence, “You know you want to see who wants it more don’t you?” 

Jayden added, “Sometimes a rivalry has to go all the way…”

These were mature women, aggressive, sexually competitive like herself. This was what they wanted; she felt a thrilling tingle, there was no doubt it would be hot to watch. 

Alexis became resolute, “Go home now, and I’ll send you each a harness. If you still want to take a spur to each other in a week’s time, text me and we’ll meet here Friday at 11pm two in weeks’ time. Neither of you will contact me in the meantime, except to confirm your willingness to fight and the rules.” With that Alexis turned on her heel and left them to walk silently to their cars. Her fighting room would be ready by then. 

Challenge Confirmed

A few days after the altercation Kim and Jayden met online, just text, no audio or visual; they had agreed this means of communication as hearing and seeing each other might poured so much fuel on the fire that they would have met to settle things immediately. They needed to agree the rules of engagement… 

Jayden: Are you going to tell me that you are giving up Alexis, and stepping down?

Kim: No, Alexis is mine, you know I don’t share – cock or pussy. She should have let us finish the catfight… Still got the scars? 

Jayden: I am planning to add to yours…if you are woman enough to meet me spur to spur. You got your harness yet?

Kim: I am wearing mine now and nothing else… 

Jayden: Me too, can’t stop touching the spur…or thinking about how it would feel to drive it home in you – if you are woman enough to agree we should go all the way…

Kim: Oh, if you and I meet, we will go all the way…you know that. This harness feels as though it is part of my body, the spur feels like a natural extension. I am going to wedge it into your hood and hook you sexless!

Jayden: Let’s see who hooks who first…I have been dripping thinking about ripping that overworked clitty of yours!

Kim: I’ll give you the fight of your life. I have been practicing thrusting and jabbing for hours. Fucking or fighting, you know I really know how to use my hips.

Jayden: Well psychoslut, I ripped open three Fleshlights today, that is the nearest I can find to pussy flesh..

Kim: The thought of the spurs tangling and that clicking sound of metal on metal is making me wet!   

Jayden: I’ve got a “double spur” now…thinking about locking up harness to harness just made my clit burst out of its hood! 

Kim: Mine is so “battle-ready” that I am leaking like a slut thinking about us going at it each trying to hook the other.

Jayden: Mmm…it’s so primal, each of us putting her pussy on the line…I promise you’ll be out of action as a sexual partner for Alexis for good!  How far do you want to take it?

Kim: I know neither of us will stop until one of us had destroyed the other’s ability to fuck… 

Jayden: I propose that the fight only finishes when the winner is done with the loser…

Kim: Agreed, and the loser has to watch the winner taking the prize! I’ll be celebrating with Alexis, in front of you…all weekend!

Jayden: You’ll see that I know how to make her come hardest after I gouge your clit out!

Kim: After I rip you a new pussy, I’ll show you how a real woman pleases another. Perhaps you’ll be able to use it on your next GF.

Jayden: You’ll be the one moaning in pain, I’ll make sure you’ll hear how much I enjoy doing her in front of you!  I’m going to give you a master class in girl-on-girl!

Kim: Fighting words; let’s see if you can follow through – let’s text her tell her it’s on! But let’s keep how it finishes as a surprise for her…

Alexis, responded to each woman the same. “No sex for five days before you meet. 11pm start next Friday, be here on time.” The no sex rule was the same she used for her stallions when they fought over her; it added an edge to the fight and helped the winner to perform well all night. It also provided a spectacular ending when the loser lost his load. 

Alexis enjoyed thinking about how to ramp and vamp her rival mares into an explosive performance of female competition.

Before the Battle

Alexis has planned meticulously for this decisive struggle between her rival lovers. In her “fighting cellar”, as she calls her gym, the walls and floors are covered with black padded matting used in fighting cages, the lighting is low. At the far end of the oblong room is a 12-foot corridor that leads to a storage cupboard. On either side of the corridor, metal frames that slope slightly from the walls; have been covered with the same black matting. It is here that Jayden and Kim will face off; then each will try to drive her opponent back against the matting and thrust her spur up into her rival’s womanhood.  On one wall hangs manacle, from which the loser will be chained to watch the winner taking her reward.

Reclining on her black daybed, dressed in a short black silk judo top and her gold and silver ball mask, Alexis nods at the two women standing in the main room, her basement gym, facing her. Like Alexis they are both wearing ball masks, Kim’s is cobalt blue accentuating her tan, Jayden’s is jade highlighting her green eyes and short, white, silk dressing robes and fingerless white leather tiger gloves. Simultaneously, Kim and Jayden shrug off their robes, revealing their lithe, taut bodies, evidence of the time each has spent training. 

Both women are wearing gauzy, expensive, black panties, that simultaneously cover and accentuate their sexes; Alexis had sent these with the harnesses. Jayden hooks a thumb into her panties and pulls one side down. Her poised sensuality is a declaration of sexual warfare on her rival and of sexual promise to Alexis. As Jayden elegantly steps out of them, Kim, not to be upstaged, rips of hers in a demonstration of sexual aggression.  Naked now, Kim thrusts her pubis forward as Jayden slowly tilts hers, both women are intently focused on the target for her spur. Flaunting their shaven pussies each woman shows her willingness to put her pussy in play. Alexis drinks in the contrast of Kim’s Latina dynamo élan with Jayden’s smoldering assured sensuality.  

They had all agreed that masks suited this dark combat and that the depersonalization was appropriate; as Kim had said, “This is all about pussy and who deserves Alexis’.” And as Jayden added, “It’s all about who knows how to use hers best.” Alexis betrays no favor, as she opens her robe revealing her pert pink-nippled breasts and her smooth pudenda. Calmly she says, “Spur fighting is the ultimate contest between two rival women. Kim are you ready to face Jayden, spur to spur, clit to clit and pussy to pussy?” Kim nods, her eyes flashing with fight lust as she thumbs her right nipple to full erectness. 

Turning to the green-eyed brunette Alexis asks, “Tell me, Jayden are you ready to face Kim, spur to spur, clit to clit and pussy to pussy?” Jayden bared her teeth and responded with a short jabbing thrust of her hips. With a cool smile Alexis responds, “Then ladies, it is time to remind yourselves what you fighting for.” Seated on the edge of the daybed, Alexis beckons Jayden towards her, shrugging of her black silk robe so that she too was naked except for her trademark black, silver and gold mask.

Alexis is stoking the fires before she lets them loose on each other. Arousing the sexual desires and the jealousy factor was the aim of this pre-fight ritual. A few weeks earlier she had encouraged her two regular, rival stallions to take turns pleasuring her before going cock-to-cock. The combined sensations of them tonguing and fingering her before being allowed to impale her in front of each other, boosted testosterone and got them as hard as iron. Also, seeing his rival up to the hilt in her injected a little extra spice into the clash of man-meat. Alexis loved to see their heavy weapons slick with her juice as they clashed, vying to win the right to first rut. She knows it will have the same effect on her female lovers.

With a nonchalant grace in a few strides, Jayden reaches the daybed; cupping the back of Alexis’ head with her left hand, she leans into her lover and soon their tongues are working. Jayden’s right hand caresses the curve of Alexis’ thigh and stroked up her side until it came to her breast.  Expertly rolling Alexis’ nipple between forefinger and thumb, applying just the right amount of pressure she is rewarded with a soft moan from the goddess. Even better she notes a jealous hiss from Kim. 

After a second tremulous groan from Alexis, Jayden is happy to hear Alexis’ stifled command, “Yes!” Releasing Alexis’ head, Jayden starts to trace her tongue down her shoulder across her breast and down to her naval. Alexis now raises herself on her elbows and flexed her torso, her perfect breasts lift towards the ceiling as Jayden moved to the foot on the daybed and bent in towards her target. Skillfully she saws her inside edge of her finger along the root of Alexis’ clitoris as her tongue parts her labia. 

Alexis’ sexual arousal at the prospect of watching two of her most skillful female lovers means that Jayden’s experienced tongue is rewarded by a deluge of goddess nectar.  Greedily the brunette works her tongue even harder as she increases the speed of her finger. Behind her Kim is both tensing with jealousy and thumbing her nipples at the sight of her sexual rival expertly bringing Alexis to a shuddering climax. The padded walls and floors absorbed the sounds as Alexis groans and bucks in response to Jayden’s tongue, who growls with lust and in part to warn her rival this is her territory.

It is Kim’s turn now. As Jayden turns to resume her previous position, she curls her upper lip in disdain at Kim, and shakes her full breasts defiantly at her rival as they pass. Alexis raises herself as the Latina arrives at her side; Kim takes hold of Alexis’ face with both hands and they kiss deeply. Reaching out Kim slides her right hand under the back of Alexis’ ankles and guides her legs up and back so Alexis can take hold of her ankles. The blonde’s pelvis is now slightly raised off the black leather, fully exposed to both Jayden and Kim who purrs aggressively at her rival before pulling the blonde towards her. 

As Kim moves down towards Alexis pussy, she waggles her pert coffee-colored backside at Jayden. The brunette clenches her fists and bares her teeth as she drinks in the sexual élan of her love rival.  Kim’s teeth nip a delectable morsel of inner thigh before she starts her attack. First, her tongue lashed against Alexis’ clit, then she stabbed it into her pussy and finally she circled the tight rosette of her tail. It was a routine that they had played out many times in private; Kim had chosen to do it now because she thought, correctly, that it would irritate Jayden. 

Alexis then directed what she wanted with single word commands. “Pussy” or “Clit” or “Tail”. As the blonde’s excitement increases, Jayden grows ever more infuriated by the highly erotic spectacle.  Repeated cries of ‘’Tail! Tail! Tail!” make her regret she had not focused some time there. As the wails of lust from Alexis as Kim works her magic grew, the angry brunette begins to leak. She bites her lip as she thinks how mercilessly she is going to make that Latina psycho-slut pay for trespassing. As she had noted many times, “fighting over pussy was always the worst…”


As Alexis’ orgasm subsides, Kim rises and turns towards her rival, first smirking and then scowling at Jayden, as she walks back to resume her place. Alexis, flushed and breasts heaving slowly stands to face the competitors. All three women are now visibly aroused: hard nipples, swollen clits and leaking slits. Alexis loves to watch two rivals fight over her, male or female; watching sexual lust for her spill into physical violence was a drug. Alexis was working hard to make sure this fight would really ignite, and she still had a little more ritual to fan the flames…

The Fitting of the Spurs

Coiled on a chair near the daybed are the two spur harnesses, each with hip-hoops, handles allowing the wearer’s rival to pull her close in. It was how many fights finished; each woman tugging her rival’s harness close in as, pubis to pubis and spurs tangling, each woman jockeyed frantically to find her rival’s slit and push the tip home. The tension is palpable as Alexis picks up a harness in each hand; their metal spurs deliberately positioned inwards as she let them swing into each other, the sound of metal on metal sent a thrill through all three of them. 

She also holds two matching black leather cone-shaped spur-hoods. Alexis, her voice catching, betraying her excitement asks, “So, did you both agree how this ends?” Both nod as Jayden responds coolly, “We both thought it would be best if the winner was allowed to go at the loser until she decided to stop.” Kim added quickly, “So, we want you to let us settle thigs with no interference, as long as one of us still wants to keep going.” Jayden rejoined, “Yes, don’t break us up, sometimes a rivalry just has to go all the way.” Alexis felt a surge of adrenalin, this was going to be a night to remember. 

As she had chosen Jayden to service her first, she beckons Kim to be fitted ahead of her rival. In typical Kim fashion, she strides confidently and, as she arrives at the now crouching blonde, she splays her legs, tilting herself as Alexis, level with her pudenda. The sight of her neat shaved mound and slightly protruding clit sends a spasm of lust through the blonde as she threads the leather straps between her thighs and around her waist. Aware of the effect, Kim gently rocks her hips, pushing herself close enough that Alexis’ tongue darts out, just tipping her “pink iron”.

Hands on hips, Kim slowly turns, revealing her magnificent behind to Alexis and stare coldly at Jayden who is watching, arms folded, smoldering with envy. Fastening the harness’s buckle behind her, Alexis caresses her buttocks and thinks how hot Kim is and how she loves to trib with her until one of them is either too raw or juiceless to continue. Alexis stands and tugs on the hip hoops to make sure the harness fits snuggly to hold the spurs in place during the fight. Now fully armed for the fight, Kim cannot resist jabbing her spur twice at Jayden, who in an aggressively defiant response tilts her pussy, and deftly using two fingers parts her labia; it is a lewd, direct challenge to Kim to try and take her! 

Moments later, Alexis is kneeling in front of Jayden, attaching the harness and admiring the curve of the green-eyed beauty’s thighs. Jayden combines sophistication and confidence in a way that Alexis always finds irresistible. She took no prisoners, in bed or in a fight, and she was as skilled with women as she was with men. Alexis found her a reliable confidante for exotic erotic experiences and she loved to push boundaries, new types of fight and sexual competition. After fastening the buckle and testing the hoops, the blonde moves back to stand so that the women were standing facing each other in a perfect triangle. 

Alexis steps forward between them, and in a single movement slides a small curved, conical, leather sheath over each spur. The two women will unsheathe their spurs as a sign of a readiness to fight. Taking hold of one hip-hoop on each woman, she leads them to the fighting zone, passing by the day bed at the mouth of the corridor from which she will watch the contest. She senses how much they both want this and hopes they can hold back until she has them both in place. Both the fighters avoid each other’s gaze as they follow the object of their dispute, steeling themselves for the coming clash.

The corridor was about six feet across but with the sloping walls it was about three feet at the floor. Originally Alexis had it built for cockfights, so that rival stallions could go cock-to-cock forcing each back and forth between the walls while keeping their weaponry on display in profile for Alexis (and sometimes a friend) to admire. This space will work well for a spur fight, allowing similar height females to remain standing, spur to spur. Each woman looks at the dangling manacle, knowing one of them would be fastened there to watch the prizetaking.  

They had both been hungry for access to recordings of a spur fights from Asia and Europe filmed in some of the exclusive female only fighting clubs there. Both had watched them repeatedly, the Asian fights were particularly savage, both women had also made a note of some of the prefight rituals captured in the films…Tonight, Alexis will act as mistress of ceremonies as well as prize. 

In unison, both women silently remove the leather sheaths, revealing the dull gleam of the spur. The erotic charge they felt as they readied themselves for this high-stakes, sexual duel is evidenced by prominent nipples and erect clitorises. In a sensual movement, Jayden runs a finger along her slit and proceeds to smear the spur with her juices. 

Looking intently at Kim she growls, “Bitch, I will hook you and scent your pussy with my juices.” Kim was already busy coating her spur in the same way and, pushing it high, she snarl, “Slut, your slit will carry my scent tonight!” 

They are both ready for their lover to start proceedings; and, after a brief pause, with a quiver of excitement in her voice, Alexis intones, “Ladies, adopt the fighting stance.” The two fighters lean in towards each other and holding out their forearms for the other to grasp. Looking down, each woman’s eyes lock on her rival’s upturned spur. Again, a slight crack betrays Alexis’ heightened emotion, as she asks, “Kim, Jayden are you ready to gouge and be gouged?” The ritual question is designed to force the fighters to confront the extreme nature of the conflict. Grips tighten as first Kim and then Jayden growled their assent. 

Swallowing hard, Alexis huskily whispers, “Touch spurs…” With a sharp intake of breath, both fighters, still holding each other’s forearms, push their pelvises forwards until the tips of the spurs touch briefly, making a faint metallic sound. Alexis let out a low, soft sigh as Kim and Jayden locked eyes through their masks. As they uncoiled and once more leant forward, Alexis was suddenly aware of how moist she was. The tiger gloves shift position, and thigh muscles tighten as each woman braces herself against the other’s anticipated move to push back her against the wall. 

This time her voice was firm, “Fight!!” 

Spur to Spur!

With a growl, both women lean hard into each other, hands moving from forearms to shoulders as they enter a classic trial of strength. For nearly a minute they strain against each other providing Alexis with a thrilling profile view of their taut physiques. The blonde knows that they will be fighting all out, trying to weaken each other before using the spurs. In an explosive move, Kim manages to throw Jayden back against her wall, she charges as Jayden drops to a crouch. Jayden had deliberately drawn Kim in with her feint, and as Jayden rises from her crouch, she hooks her right glove into Kim’s unprotected face. 

The blow rocks Kim and drove her back against her wall. The blow had struck her left cheek, grazing the skin. She gasps air into her lungs and stands firm to meet Jayden stepping forward, but swiftly the brunette shoots her fists into Kim’s breasts and face. Jayden’s aggression levels surge at the chance to do some more damage early in the fight. Having scored the first hits, she is determined to press home her advantage. She wants an early win, at least cost possible, in order to preserve her energy for her celebration with Alexis.

Jayden wallows in Kim’s pain, reveling in her grunts as the fists make contact. As her fight lust rises, she gives in to the feral sexuality that courses through her body.  Drawing on years of experience, Kim senses where Jayden’s instincts will take her. She decides to let her come at her. Absorbing the early blows, she lets Jayden push her back against the wall. It is Jayden’s turn to misread a feint. Kim let her come close, then drops back against the wall which she use to brace herself as she brings her knee up between her rival’s legs, avoiding contact with her spur. It was Kim’s turn to thrill to the cry of pain that issued from Jayden.

Kim does it again, loving the sensation of driving up between Jayden’s firm thighs, and connecting with her pussy. In response, Jayden pushes forward hard, crashing Kim back against the wall. The two powerful women are now locked together, struggling up against the black leather covering. Breasts bulge against each other and, as they press tighter together, nipples digging deep into rival breasts. 

Their position is too awkward to make good use of the spurs, yet in the crush against the wall each woman is working to bring them into play. Moments later their pelvises are stabbing and slashing at each other, the spurs occasionally catching on each other; they feel the heat of each other’s pussy reinforcing the sexual nature of the combat. 

The counter attack gives Kim a rush of adrenalin and a renewed sense of confidence; she relishes the sensation as she feels her “bitch-fire” ignite. Jayden also feels electrified by the violent sensuality, eliminating any inhibitions, the faint aroma of Kim’s perfumes and pheromones mingle intoxicatingly. Alexis is eagerly following every blow, identifying with the whichever woman is doing the hitting. She loves watching the aggression working itself out in front of her, hissing silently to herself, “Go on you magnificent bitches!”  

Kim thrusts Jayden back towards the center of the corridor; her aim is to push her against the wall and upwards, to bring her spur into play on her raised cunt. She underestimates Jayden who meets Kim head on, so the two women crashed against the wall, falling down in a tangle. Grunts of pain alternated with curses of frustration as they hit the floor; the smell and feel of Jayden’s muscular body straining against her, fiercely excite Kim. She lowers her mouth against Jayden’s neck, and tasting the sweat, bites hard. 

The fight lust now has had a firm grip on both women. Jayden reacts savagely, her teeth in turn working her rival’s shoulder, while pulling Kim’s hair in an attempt to free herself from Kim’s teeth. Both are now grunting in pain and rage, and reaching down, Kim sinks her fingers into Jayden’s full right breast and tries to roll her. The two sophisticated, intelligent women revert to a primal state, both giving full reign to their animal natures, locked in a combat for total victory and dominance.

The fight lust has also communicated itself to Alexis, who is drinking in this new phase of the fight. Her left hand flexes into a claw and she bares her teeth, mesmerized by the combat in front of her. Her right hand is working her pussy, and as Jayden responds to Kim’s attack by seizing a breast, Alexis lets out a sharp hiss of aggression. She wants a clear winner, one who would be able to make love as energetically as she made war! But she also wants them to take their time about it.

As they struggle on the floor, Kim senses Jayden is planning to roll her onto her back and decides to use the momentum to propel her rival into the same position. She pushes off from the wall and rolls over Jayden who then tried to drag the Latina over herself toward the wall. Kim manages to stop Jayden from rolling her onto her back by planting an elbow firmly into the black leather. Now on their sides, they both kick out and escape from each other’s clutches, each rolling herself back towards their respective walls, before standing to face each other. It was time to bring the spurs into play.

Spurs Seeking Slits 

After her indifferent performance at the start of the fight, Kim is now flooded with confidence. The adrenalin and arousal of this naked combat, in front of her disputed lover, ha sfired her with energy.  She was full of the conviction that she was a better woman. Kim raised her head and looked defiantly at Jayden. Both women were sweating and some of the scratches they had suffered had filled with red, though neither bite had broken flesh. Jayden returned the stare and bared her teeth. In response, Kim arrogantly cupped her breasts, and angled her pubis towards her opponent, offering herself as a target. Jayden thrust her pelvis back at the Latina, indicating she was ready to escalate their fight to the next stage.

There is a hush as Alexis waits expectantly for the women to close with each other. In a gesture of confidence, Kim invited Jayden to attack. She drops her arms and, opening the palms of her hands, beckons her forward with finger movements, indicating she should come and take her. Jayden, confident that she was Kim’s equal, wants to show the Latina that the strong way she started the fight is how she intends to end it. Jayden leaps towards Kim who opens her arms to receive her. The two women clinch as Jayden crashes Kim back against the padding, the impact spreading the Latina’s legs. Taking her chance, the brunette growled, tensed her buttock and stomach muscles and thrust her pelvis up against her rival. 

It is a physically powerful move, but Jayden’s spur glances off Kim leather harness; the spurs then make brief contact and glide past each other. As they pass, damp labia and erect clitorises briefly make contact, sending both women’s fight lust surging into the red. The thin layer of juice that each woman had smeared on her spur deadens the click of metal on metal. 

Jayden was now slightly off-balance after her powerful stabbing thrust; Kim seized her chance, and used Jayden’s momentum to twist her around so her back was against the wall. Grasping the handles over the brunette’s hips and, taking a step backwards, Kim pulls up hard. Next, Kim rams her spur towards the exposed pussy. The tip of the spur parts Jayden’s labia and then gouges its way along the length of her slit. Kim thrills at the close connection between them, Jayden opens her mouth silently, Kim sees the fear in her eyes as she waits for the bellowing growl of pain. 

The cry never comes, Jayden had managed to thrust back against the wall so that Kim’s spur, now slick with Jayden juice slides harmlessly past her clit, in turn exposing the Latina’s pussy. Both women’s hands grasp handles as they pull each other close, hips rolling, each woman jabbing wildly for her target. Locked pussy-to-pussy the pair move into the space between the sloping walls. Both women are now growling and snarling in their primal struggle. There is a flurry of thrusting and counter-thrusting, each woman seeking dominance, determined to drive her spur home, no matter what level of resistance she met.

Alexis thinks how evenly matched the two rivals are, as they give full vent to their aggression in an uncontrolled frenzy. Fixing her eyes on the flashing spurs, jabbing and occasionally connecting, she thought how intense the lovemaking would be with the winner. Nothing heightened sexual drive more than having to fight for a pussy or cock. 

But what if there were no winner? She imagined what would happen if they both managed to impale each other. Watching Jayden and Kim’s frenzied competitiveness and aggressive natures, neither would disengage. She pictured them, twisting and grinding their spurs deep in each other’s pussies, each suppressing her own pain, totally focused on gouging her rival’s clit! 

For a couple of minutes, both women continue jostling for dominance in the no man’s land between the two walls; hips rolling and jerking, as each frantically tries to drive her spur home. Time and again spurs click together, locking or grazing either side of the target; twice they lodge under their rival’s harness. First Kim, then Jayden rams her opponent back against the black padding, grunting and snarling, each trying to work her opponent up the wall, to expose her slit to the cruel curve of her spur.

Alexis is transfixed by the violence of the combat, her busy fingers working herself, as she occasionally rocks her pelvis, unconsciously mimicking the rolling and jabbing motions of her lovers.  She has been there herself, during the closing phase of a fight where evenly-matched women have lost all defensive inhibitions and are totally focused on scoring a decisive strike. She knows that for both Kim and Jayden, nothing exists outside their struggle, they are only aware of each other; thrusting her spur deep was all that mattered!

Each woman is trying to push her rival against the wall, the hooks clinked and occasionally the spurs tangled; grunts and growls accompanied each thrust, hips shifted and then locked as they sought the target, erect clits battle-hard but also vulnerable to rival’s steel. Another sharp jab from Jayden nearly strikes home but catches under Kim’s harness.  Taking advantage of the situation, Kim backs Jayden sharply back against her wall, pulling with the brunette with her. Dipping and twisting, Kim grips and jerks upwards on Jayden’s hip handles, raising her up while leaving the green-eyed beauty’s spur still lodged in her harness.

Alexis, mesmerized by the violent dance unfolding before her, senses what was about to happen. A veteran of such fights, her inner bitch now identifies completely with Kim. As the Latina pulls Jayden upwards and the brunette’s feet left the floor for a second, her thighs spreading slightly, exposing her pussy to her rival’s upturned spur, Alexis’ reflexively calls out, “Yes! Yes! Do it to her!”  As she feels the first contractions, she lets out a deep moan and her fingers are suddenly slick with moisture.   


Kim’s primal urges require no outside encouragement; with a low growl, she thrusts upwards as Jayden twists, trying to free her spur from her opponent’s harness. The spur parts the soft petals of flesh, causing Jayden to gasp in anticipation of what is to come. With an explosive animal grunt, Kim clenches her buttocks, driving the spur deeper into the moist slit. Jayden feels the cool metal slide past the root of her clit; almost immediately she feels the hot engorged spike of Kim’s sex meet hers. Stiff clits collide full-length, lodging in each other’s hoods, juices blending as the two amazons’ fight-lust aroused pussies meet head-on.

A wincing sigh escaped from Jayden as she feels the spur’s hardness. She is used to pain and pleasure; the frenzied plunging of a stud’s cock, a toy, the sawing pressure of skilled fingers, the lashing of steel tongue studs. Despite intimate embrace, erect clitorises, pert nipples and moist slits, locked tight, Kim is not her sex partner, she is her sexual rival. She is there to inflict pain on her, she has agreed to this fight with the intention of doing the same to her. In Kim’s place, she would be doing the same, and with relish. 

With a snarl, Kim lifts Jayden so her feet partially left the ground; she tensed and thrust forward and up, so that the spur drives deeper; she thrills to hear Jayden’s groan as the steel saws along the base of the brunette’s clit. Her rival twists desperately to bring her own spur back into play but it is too late now. Just as she has threatened, Kim is not going to stop until she is satisfied. Her base primal instincts had been enflamed by the sound of Alexis’ urging her on and erotic moan, as she thrilled to Kim’s victory. A second time Kim jabbed, and tightening her buttocks, and again she savored the sharp cry from the brunette.

Enjoying her dominance, Kim now rams Jayden hard against the opposite wall, her spur wedged firmly in place. She feels the elation of victory, knowing that Alexis is drinking in her potency as a fighter. Her swollen clit is still deep in Jayden’s hood, jostling her rival’s horn; as Jayden’s back hit the sloping wall, the Latina felt a sharp contraction as the feeling of victory coursed through her sex. As the brunette again absorbed the thrust of Kim’s cxnting spur, she felt her own clit retract as her rival’s remained rampantly in connection. 

Somewhere through frenzy of the fightlust, Kim now heard Alexis’ shout of encouragement echoing in her mind, “Do it to her! Do it to her! Do it to her!” Slowly rolling her hips Kim savors her control; she thrusts once, twice three times drinking in the brunette’s low moans. Jayden, gripping the hip handles that she has used to pull Kim in close, now tries to hold her at bay, as the spur relentlessly bludgeons and stabs. The brunette’s clit is almost fully retracted as Kim’s swollen horn butts against hers, each contact reminding her who the victrix is. 

Like a true amazon warrior, Jayden absorbs the punishment, she did not want to give her rival the pleasure of her pain. Through the mask she locks eyes with the Latina, her green eyes flashing defiance. In response, Kim rolls her pelvis before jabbing hard and deep enough to force a sharp cry from Jayden. Suddenly, Kim growls and went rigid; teeth gritted, she throws back her head and roars as an orgasm rips through her. Jayden’s groans joined with Kim’s, the brunette feels her rival’s sexual potency as the Latina’s juices sluice her pussy, drenching her as she comes. Jayden will now carry her rival’s scent all night, nursing her defeated slit as she watches and hears Kim enjoying the fruits of her triumph. 

As her last spasm subsided, Kim whispers cruelly into Jayden’s ear, “I won’t gouge it out, one day you can do yourself remembering me and Alexis celebrating.” Moaning softly, but showing the fighting spirit expected of a warrior of her caliber, Jayden hisses back, “One day I’ll rip yours out.” Kim responds with a final jab which the brunette takes, suppressing all but the slightest moan. Then, grasping the manacle mounted on the wall, Kim makes to lock it around Jayden’s left hand. In an act of defiance, Jayden snatches it, attaches it and locks it herself, denying Kim the pleasure of that part of her victory. 

Stepping back from Jayden, Kim arches her back and pushes her pelvis forward, jabbing the spur at her rival in a lewd gesture of victory. Then, turning to face Alexis seated on the edge of her daybed, her luscious torso and pussy fully on display, Kim slowly runs a finger along the underside of her spur. She languorously raises it to her mouth, savoring the combined taste of herself and Jayden. The blonde lay back as Kim mounts the bed, and straddling her prize she moves up so her pussy is positioned over Alexis’ head. 

Kim feels Alexis’ fingers trace over some of the grazes from the fight; she knows female warriors admired scars from spur fights and that she has raised her status. A moment later, she is aware Alexis’ tongue is running the length of her spur, tasting the heady combination of her and Jayden’s juices; next she feels the buckle on the harness being unfastened and hears it slither to the ground. As Alexis starts to drive her tongue into Kim’s moist slit, the Latina starts to surrender to what is going to be a night of torrid, noisy, exhibitionist love-making. 

As Alexis grasps Kim’s buttocks and pulled her tight against her busy, snaking tongue, the Latina turns to look at Jayden. She sees the brunette’s hand busy in her slit; pain not pleasure she hoped, knowing that the sight of her enjoying the blonde’s favors would light a desire for revenge. As she feels the first of many powerful orgasms, Kim decides to let her bitch-rival know how much she is enjoying her prizetaking. Her shriek of victory lust fills the room; green eyes flash in jealous rage as Jayden reruns the fight in her head – this time with herself as victrix.

The End

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2 thoughts on “Ultimate Duel: Sexual Rivals Settle It by Ellis Kent

    1. Ellis Kent says:

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment…all the three women in this story were fed this story in real time. There was not a dry gusset in the house! Try Gladiatices too…

      Ellis XXX


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